Jordan’s Still Got It: Dunks At 50!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It’s got to be the shoes, right?

Maybe not.

But Michael Jordan can still fly … at 50. He showed off his legendary hops for participants in his annual Flight School camp at the University of California at Santa Barbara Saturday, making believers out of all in attendance and beyond:

Maybe that comeback he spoke of during his Hall of Fame induction speech was more than just MJ’s equally legendary competitive streak talking. Perhaps he’s really … nah! He wouldn’t.

Or would he?

And I know this summer has been all about the Draft, free agency, summer league’s and basically the future of the game. But it’s nice to take a moment to appreciate the history of the game. For those of us old and lucky enough to have seen MJ operate in the flesh during his prime, that photo is a reminder of the one-of-a-kind talent he really was.

Even if you didn’t appreciate it at the time, it’s hard to ignore in hindsight.


  1. kazoomi says:

    MJ the best hands down and he played when you can put hands on you.

  2. Graeme says:

    The world still loves Michael Jordan. I hope to meet him in my lifetime. Legend

  3. mr. benzii says:

    I just turned 50 last week. I wonder if i can still rise above the rim.

  4. stalin says:

    Crazy how the kids in the background seem so uninterested … Smh …. That’s MJ… You should be watching!!!

  5. EconIndy says:

    If you ACTUALLY watched the video, what is more impressive is the lack of effort he used to DUNK…. With effort he might still be able to fly in from the baseline! 🙂

  6. Kantoti says:

    D’ya know how expensive it is to be in that flight school? so he’d better be ready (to deliver) when he’s asked to dunk!. Flightschool my A$$.

  7. Sedrick says:

    I dont know about you guys, but this video gave me an erection

  8. th4d says:

    he should put more authorota into it the next time, this isnt impressive at all. and give me some hangtime, make me believe

  9. JamJam says:

    Wondering the view, Jordan vs Lebron

  10. BamJim says:

    At present, MJ is as good or maybe grater than most of the NBA players playing in the league right now.

  11. okay says:


  12. g says:

    does dunking means you re great? i dont know MJ is the best to ever play but i doubt he can be dominant today

  13. Mike says:

    It won’t be long and that kid will be the last person alive to have been dunked on by Michael Jordan. Lucky!

  14. jfack says:

    i would pay more money to watch mj play today than i would pay to watch all of todays nba stars

  15. Fernando says:

    That’s soooo lame….

  16. Jimbo says:

    Someone made a comment about Bill Russell playing against 6’5″ centers. He also played against Wilt Chamberlain (in Wilt’s prime) and guess what… even though Wilt got most of the tip offs, and always outscored Bill…Russell won many rebound battles and most of the games ! When a man wins 8 straight NBA titles… he deserves to be considered the best to ever play the game. Jordan, Magic, and Bird fell short, and James’s chances of winning 6 more in a row……….

  17. Air Up Their says:

    My man still got it but chill out MJ b4 u go home with a kink in your back he’ll be talking to his self on the the way home saying (that damn kid made me dunk trying 2 test my skills I showed him hmm ah my back my back!) Lol

  18. lol says:

    lawl dunking on 10 year olds, Lebron best player of all time, 2nd Kobe, 3rd Jordan.

  19. IT HAS TO BE THE SHOES!!!, i dont know many 50year olds at that age who can still dunk.

  20. Kingjames07 says:

    Its a bird its a plane its mj idiots hands down second best player to ever step on the hardwood…aka LJ at #1 all day baby

  21. Truth says:

    According to this thread, if you can dunk in open space against a four year old you are qualified to play in the NBA.

  22. samgold35 says:


  23. dre says:

    every one who say this is nothing didn’t even play basketball because if they did they would have know dunking at fifty i very hard even if you are 6 ‘6’

  24. Casper says:

    big Love to MJ

  25. deevs says:

    imagine this for a commercial..
    Uncle Drew kicking some but on the court until another person steps onto the court for some action….

    Pepsi and Jordan brand crossover!

  26. funBaller says:

    I played ball till I hit 57…(sand lot/gym rat) & cramped up sooo bad…quit & admire those that do still play…bench players will kill ya…(for all those “neva played, can’t play,===

  27. loltrol says:

    his wearing nike’s :L

  28. nymano says:

    Bravo. So what? Fine, he’s 50 but it’s not like he’s in a wheelchair.

    I’m 5’10” and 37 year old. On a good day I can still dunk. Not like I used to, but still. So it’s not a big deal.

  29. Me says:

    Bill Russell? You mean the guy who played against 6’5″ centers. Gimme a break

  30. Antawn says:

    MJ is truly one of a kind, idolized him after Magic, soo happy to be as a kid in a generation where Magic, MJ, and Bird were on the Top of the Basketball World.

  31. Enough Said...... says:

    To all those 6’6″ and over 40 years old: I challenge you to dunk the way MJ did. It may not be a biggie considering how many players he posterized but as a big fan of his, 90’s basketball and 90’s Bulls it’s good to hear that he’s still healthy.

  32. Wade says:

    Don’t mess with the best…..or you will be layin with the rest…….no rings…..haha

  33. CoachHesam says:

    I’m 6 days younger than Jordan but I haven’t changed 1 bit from the time I was 18. I couldn’t dunk then and I still can’t dunk now, and that’s the plain truth.

  34. J says:

    DAMN!!! still provin he’s the GOAT

  35. J says:

    if u click on pic and look closely some people aren’t even watching!!! how dare they!!!

  36. J says:

    nice shoes!

  37. Bill Russel-The Greatest Of All Time, M.J. 2nd & many others to follow with Dr. J, Bird, Magic, & Robertson top 6……Nuff Said!

  38. Kobe says:

    what shoes does he have on? anyone know?

  39. win 4 more rings and play against Patrick Ewing and the dream in there prime then lebitch might be held in the same sentence as Jordan, but I don’t see bigs like pat or Hakeem coming anytime soon so lebitch wont be held in that conversation ever

  40. Michael Jan Andres says:

    LOL.everyone can dunk with that height

  41. Shady says:

    @natedogg662 – Amen

  42. King Gary says:

    Its just funny because people will defend this as a noteworthy article, but will rip on the one about lebron preforming jury duty… It’s offseason and its hangtime. And yes Lebron and Michael belong in the same sentence not just about the internet stories too. Don’t agree? Keep being ignorant and missing out one of the greatest of all time still in the making.

  43. Sin Gen says:

    Wow he should go and play in the all star celebrity game just to gauge where he is at the moment 😀

  44. amigo says:

    having a younger wife can make you feel strong.

  45. Joshua says:

    His royal air-ness will always live.

  46. Must be the off season says:

    Yep, off season ladies and gentleman.

  47. dwighthoward12 says:

    this is so cool when he is 50 and makes th\e comebac i think he will still be better than le bron

  48. Groshon64 says:

    Jordan at 50, still dunking, His airness is still the greatest of all time period.

  49. what is love says:

    i need to work on my ups can’t dunk and i’m 26

  50. Amused says:

    I’m more amazed that the kids in the background don’t care that the greatest player in is the same building as them, let alone playing basketball!

  51. OKC says:

    Also most people who are 6’6 and in good shape can’t dunk @_@. If any 6’6 person with good cardio could dunk then every neighborhood court’s rims would be ripped off. Oh and he is 50! Most 50 year old’s would shatter their knees.

    And he never claimed he was still able to play in the NBA, Sekou brought it up as a joke.

    I find it funny when all these forum trolls insult Sekou’s (or any of the writers) writing and choice of materials. What the hell do bball fan boys know about journalism?

    For example:
    “Exactly. What’s so good about it for us readers and fans of hangtime? Sekou write something that will is meaningful. We all know this matter…” -Jojo Lecitona

    What does that even mean!?!?!?

    • Jon says:

      There aren’t many 6’6 people, how many people over 6’2 do you see in public…really? I’m 5’10, it took me years of jump programs and squats,leg lifts, weight vests, to dunk…he’s 6’6..if I was 6’6 I would barely even need to leave the ground. Believe me if your 6’6 and have even a little athleticism you can dunk. You my friend, are an not smart so don’t pretend to know like you know basketball.

    • Jon says:

      I go to my local park and even the skinniest POS player that is over 6’4 can dunk. Go out and play basketball and see for yourself.

  52. alex says:

    Jordan: “Can I still Dunk? Are you stupid”

  53. rod says:

    shows he’s the best of his era, and greatest of all time on his prime

  54. OKC says:

    How is this not news worthy? You must not follow often because summer is usually pretty slow and I am interested in anything his airness does. Anyone complaining about this article obviously didn’t watching MJ back in the day.

    I call BS on the guy who says he is dunking at 54.5 (why would you include the half? we get it your old). I don’t know any 50 year old people subjecting themselves to this high impact game, let alone dunking.

  55. JD says:

    I’m 48 and 5’7″. I was a long jumper and sprinter along time ago in college and a high school basketball player. I had good hops and without dribbling could do a two-hand slam.
    I last was able to touch the rim at age 23.
    Age matters, and it is amazing that any 50 year old no matter their past or their height can still dunk.

  56. Swing says:

    Jordan is king!,, enough said

  57. wak9 says:

    i’m 6 foot 10 and i can’t dunk ) :

  58. BlackMussu says:

    Age is a doctrine used to control people.

  59. newyorksteelo says:

    The Greatest to ever play the game still dunking at the age of 50? Not surprised. Heck he might still be able to do it from the free throw line 🙂

  60. cp10 says:

    Landing would hurt..

  61. BlackMussu says:

    It’s scary. If he does come back, there’s going to be a lot of players posted up in a dark corner, because they are not going to be able to shine for a minute.

    • lakersfan4life says:

      Am amazed at BlackMuss’s comment, if he does come back. Come on he is 50 not 30….

  62. BlackMussu says:

    It’s scary. If he does come back, there’s going to be a lot of players posted up in the corner, because they are not going to be able to shine for a minute.

  63. Tom says:

    Half of those kids didn’t even see it. He must have dunked more than once that day. They must have plenty of opportunities to see Jordan.

  64. Tom says:

    That’s not a big deal 1. He’s Jordan. He floated from the free throw line, what do you expect? He’ll probably be able to do that at 60. 2. He’s 6’6″

  65. jae williams says:

    This isn’t really exciting news. He is 6’6 and still looks in decent shape. Its not like he is still dunking from the foul line! He is now dunking like a 50 year old that use to be able to dunk from the foul line. The fact that he can still dunk DOES NOT mean he is anywhere near NBA skill level! I’d be more impressed if he could put a half way decent team on the court!

  66. Nobody says:

    This just in: Jordan can still dunk on ten year old kids.

    • lakersfan4life says:

      Dunk on 10 yrs old kids and he is wide open, and like some say age don’t matter to do things like that, they are right, but stop Acting like he just dunk in an NBA Game and dunk on Shaq, he couldn’t dunk on Shaq when he was in the am not putting him Down but is not a big deal.

      • Uncle drew says:


        Skip to 4:00 when you saw enough how money schooled shaq all over the floor. LOL!
        Young bloods these days.

  67. Estonia says:

    age is just a state of mind, young bloods!

  68. Javier says:

    May I be the first to say… Who the heck cares?

    • you know it says:

      I do. Go away hermano.

    • Bocker4life says:

      May i be the first to reply, if you don’t like it then simply don’t click on it. People come on forums just to complain and bitch is soooo wack. You know you’re are now giving this post more views aaaand by posting comments you’re adding more fuel to people like me. Great job for supporting something u don’t like.

    • Game Time says:

      More ppl care about this than you, are you mad?

  69. Harley says:

    Uncle Drew has got some competition

  70. Oh says:

    How is this newsworthy?

    1) He’s 6’6 and BLACK
    2) He’s one of the best players that has ever played the game

  71. Nick says:

    But he isn’t sticking his tongue out!

  72. Willy says:

    I can still dunk and I am 54.5, so what just because you are short and fat at 43, who cares.

  73. Natedogg662 says:

    Hey even Dr. J still can dunk! Greatness never leaves its just on standby..