Clips, Nets Pressure Haughty Neighbors


HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — In every metropolis boasting a pair of pro teams in the same sport exists an indisputable historical hierarchy.

The Yankees rule the Mets; the Giants squash the A’s; the White Sox won a World Series in the past century, yet the Cubs own Chicago; and Los Angeles will bleed Dodger Blue no matter what name the Angels give themselves. The Jets fall in line behind the Giants and, of course, the Nets bow to the Knicks while the Clippers kiss all those Lakers’ rings.

“They have a great chance to compete for a title,” Knicks Sixth Man of the Year J.R. Smith, speaking of the intruding Brooklyn Nets, told reporters at his charity golf event. “But we’re still the marquee team in New York.”

True, and as mentioned above, indisputable.

But… on both coasts, the NBA’s two most valuable franchises are being pressured like never before by their once-laughingstock, suddenly serious neighbors. The billion-dollar Barclays Center and the Brooklyn Nets’ black-and-white color scheme have proven popular in the borough, while owner Mikhail Prokhorov‘s deep pockets [which could shell out upwards of $70 million in luxury tax alone after next season and could pose significant cap/roster issues down the road] have delivered a team that, on paper, looks to have surpassed the Knicks as title contenders.

One of the Nets’ newest members said Thursday it’s time for the apple to turn in NYC.

“Everybody knows how much I disliked the Knicks when I was with the Celtics, but I think it’s grown to another level,” Paul Pierce told ESPN. “I think it’s time for the Nets to start running this city.”

That’s not going to happen, but there’s no doubt the spotlight will shine brighter than ever on the Nets with Pierce and Kevin Garnett joining Deron Williams, as well as in L.A. where notoriously cheap owner Donald Sterling has seen the light in his advanced age, and where there’s now a three-to-one superstar ratio favoring the Clippers [Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, coach Doc Rivers] over the Lakers [Kobe Bryant].

If the upstart Nets and Clippers get off to hot starts and the Knicks and Lakers don’t, the establishment will be subject to a changing-of-the-guard, 24/7 news-cycle grilling.

In key measurements of popularity and franchise value, the Nets and Clippers are gaining ground on, if not stealing fans and dollars from, their virtually impenetrable big brothers. In 2012-13 merchandise sales, the Nets, who have long languished in this department, spiked to No. 4 [with help from hipsters taking to the color scheme] behind the Knicks, Lakers and Heat.

The Clippers checked in at No. 8 for a second consecutive season, not coincidentally the two seasons with Paul on board. And it was the Clippers, not the Lakers, joining the Heat as the only two teams with two players [Paul, 9th, and Griffin, 10th] ranked in the top 10 for jersey sales.

Attendance has jumped for both clubs, too. The Nets ranked 30th, 28th and 30th during their final three seasons in New Jersey, drawing barely more than a half-million fans in 2009-10. They ranked 13th last season, their first in Brooklyn, attracting more than 704,000 fans to Barclays [capacity 17,732], nearly 95 percent capacity, compared to the 780,353 that caught the Knicks at typically sold-out MSG [capacity 19,033].

After the Nets acquired Pierce, Garnett and Jason Terry in the stunning trade with the Boston Celtics and signed Andrei Kirilenko, the club announced almost a month ago it had sold more than $3 million in new full season tickets, bringing it close to burning through its allotment.

At Staples Center, where 16 Lakers championship banners hang, the Clippers officially outdrew their co-tenant in each of the last two seasons, actually playing to more than 100 percent capacity. Capacity at a Clippers game [19,060] is slightly more than a Lakers game [18,997] and the Clippers benefit from two home against the Lakers [both drew more than capacity — 20,179 and 19,768, while both games with the Lakers home games drew the usual Lakers sellout of 18,997].

All in all, the Clippers increased their total attendance by more than 118,000 from 2009-10 and by more than 50,000 from 2010-11, the season before Paul arrived.

It makes for a more valuable franchise. According to Forbes’ January valuation report, the Lakers and Knicks became the NBA’s first two billion-dollar franchises last year with New York valued at $1.1 billion and Brooklyn a close second at $1 billion.

The previously depressed Nets and Clippers made headway. Spiked by the move to Brooklyn, the Nets came in at No. 9, a 48 percent change from the previous year [when it ranked No. 14]. Forbes estimated the Nets’ value jumped from $357 million to $530 million. The Clips’ value increased from $324 million [No. 20] to $430 million [No. 18], a 33 percent change.

While all this won’t threaten the Knicks’ and Lakers’ air-tight thrones, for two long-wallowing and overshadowed franchises, these are rare power moves in a promising, and profitable, direction.


  1. its our time to shine, jason kidd– the promised land is finally yours to take in the name of the franchise that you forever inspire. my jason kidd finals home alternate is still ready to rock. my navy blue brook lopez rookie jersey, still moist from the tears of 2009, is coming with me on my trip to the finals. this is our time to shine, black is the new red white and blue.

  2. Meme says:

    who cares about money and points per game like said taonggrasa or what Sit Down said

    let me get this straight

    who ever plays teamwork are the best team……………….

    ……………………………go Nets 🙂

  3. Paul Pierce get out of here says:

    No matter what the Knicks will always be tops in NY. I’ve lived in Brooklyn most of my life and talk about it all the time with my neighbors. The Nets are cute, the whole Jay Z hooks up with a crazy Russian billionaire to start a team is cute and definitely has ABC citcom potential written all over it, but lets be real here. NYC loves its Knickerbockers. Ironically, we love them the most of any of our sports teams, despite the fact that we have the most successful franchise of all time residing in the Bronx. Its precisely because they haven’t won since ’74 that we love them so much. You just can’t replace that overnight, and you DEFINITELY can’t replace it with two players who are universally hated in NY (KG, Pierce).

    I don’t know where Paul Pierce gets off talking trash like this, who does he think he is? You’re in NY now, just shut your mouth and pray to be traded to the Clippers or back to Boston because this is not your city. You will never establish a legacy here, you will never be welcomed here. REAL New Yorkers – not to be confused with those hipster freaks who have invaded Williamsburg and Greenpoint over the last five years – know that the Knicks will always be NYC’s team.

  4. “According to Forbes’ January valuation report, the Lakers and Knicks became the NBA’s first two billion-dollar franchises last year with New York valued at $1.1 billion and Brooklyn a close second at $1 billion.” So what’s the Lakers worth

  5. knick4life says:

    Miami 1. Out of respect they are the champions. NYK 2. We already had offense now we have defense K-MART and MWP who brings defense and the clutch championship gene the rest of the teams 3-8 a mad scramble.Orange and blue skies .Just check the roster thtae deepest or one of the deepest beches in the league.I will leave you with this….You have been taped…KNICKSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPED. One more thing stop drinking the media koolade it bad for you not one person on that sports station had the Knicks making the playoffs hmmmmmmm.30 people were polled.Please do some investugation and think before you speak..

  6. xyz says:

    1. Miami 1. San Antonio
    2. Indiana 2. OKC
    3. Chicago 3. Clippers
    4. Brooklyn 4. Golden State
    5. Knicks 5. Houston
    6. Detroit 6. Denver
    7. Cleveland 7. Memphis
    8. Washington/Atlanta 8. Minnesota/Lakers/Portland

  7. Kamote says:

    The Nets are tougher this year. Sure KG, Pierce and Terry are old, but bringing them in could change the whole locker room of the Nets. These guys have thrown their egos for team play (Terry has had his ring with the Mavs), and if they buy in Jason Kidd’s coaching, they can sure bring Deron, JJ, Lopez and Blatche to their senses. NYK beat Boston last year because the C’s offense rely on these old guys. But now, you can rest these three and still have a good line-up in the court (DWill, JJ, AK47, Blatch and Lopez). The Knicks, or lets say the East will have their hands full next year.

  8. skills franklin says:

    GREG ODEN!!!!

  9. vernon says:

    The Knicks are still tops in NYC. The Nets know it also but what else are they supposed to say. They even look up to the Knicks. So much that they hired a Knick to coach them. No matter who they buy, they will always remain just the Nets.

  10. ac says:

    Paul pierce needs to shut his mouth. This will never be your city.


  11. CLIPPERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:


  12. HahaThunderUP says:

    As if the thunder will let someone takeover the west! Thunder will destroy your clips

  13. bigballer05 says:

    How dare some of u guys say the knicks are at bucks and hawks level. the knicks will make the playoffs at 4th or 5th seed no doubt.

  14. Jakes says:

    Pierce, Garnett, and Terry are old and AK47 was never really very good. The Nets threw their future away

  15. rodcav says:

    Nets , Knicks, Clippers, OKC, Spurs, Grizzlies are the top threats to Heat…but 3yrs of chemistry is the second most reson teh Heat 3peat… teh biggest reason…a health 100% Dwayne Wade, Wade was still a top five player last year at 70% health …the guys a warrior Heat 3peat

  16. taonggrasa says:

    NYK WILL BE BETTER IN OFFENSE, they will average more than 108 a game
    MELO = 28PPg
    Bargnani = 15 Ppg
    Smith = 16 Ppg off the bench
    felton = 14 Ppg
    Stat = 10 Ppg off the bench
    Chandler = 8 ppg
    Shumpert = 8ppg
    Prigioni = 5 ppg
    With this 8 player rotation they will have more than a hundred per game
    How about this persons below;

    Worldpeace will void what novak leave plus best defense
    Meta can shoot corner threes and defend post player plus perimeter players
    Meta about 6 PPg
    Martin of curz 4ppg


    • Sit Down says:

      I see 2 problems. #1, although it does say PPG, you cant expect them to do it on a nightly basis, what I mean is this: if Smith is 16 PPG, it isn’t always 16 PPG, it can also mean that one game he has 20 PTS then the next game 12 PTS, and if they all take that dip down on the same game, the 108 PPG theory will fail. #2 D-E-F-E-N-S-E, they are in dire need of it, and I know MWP is good at it, but not enough to cover most of the team’s lack of defensive skills.

      • truthbetold says:

        thats why the knicks signed MWP and k-mart to full term deals to help with the knicks overall defense. People think they still dont have enough but with shumpert and chandler on the floor helping out, knicks are pretty solid defensive team. On top of that, Melo and smith proved last year that they can also defend, although they gotta stay more consistent.

  17. taonggrasa says:

    1. NYK
    2. CHI
    3. MIA
    4. IND
    5. BKN
    6. DET
    7 and 8. Between ATLANTA, CHARLOTTE AND CLEVELAND. Washigton on no.10

  18. Lakers-Warriors-Suns. says:

    Are you guys serious?!?! Knicks will be top 5.

    • NYKALLDAY says:

      Finally something positive about these Knicks. Last year they were too old, and the Nets were suppose to be better. This year we have addressed our needs and added defense, toughness, and a few other scoring options. Of which I may add Tim Hardaway Jr. to that equation. He has the mentality and confidence to succeed in this league, and the NYK bench has gotten younger and deeper. Could we use a another BIG? Yes, but I don’t think we will be a 5th seed. I see possibly a 2 or 3 seed. If any other team would have picked up Bargnani, a 7 footer that can put the ball on the floor and shoot the 3 it would be genius. The Knicks get him and it was a dumb move. Other teams have improved, but so has NYK. (54 wins last year) But remember since other teams have improved, the other top teams have to play tougher competition also. IJS

  19. Simba says:

    As everyone overlooks the moves the Knicks made because they aren’t as flashy as the ones the Nets made. The Knicks had 3 problems to address coming into the offseason; finding another scoring option, getting more bigs to help spell Chandler during games and finding another PG for depth. We addressed the scoring option by getting Bargnani by trading Novak (3 pt shooter who only feels comfortable shooting when he’s wide open), Camby (couldn’t stay healthy for more than 1 week at a time last season), Q-Rich (signed at the end of the season as an insurance policy) and 2 draft picks (Nuggets have the rights to the 2014 pick so it didn’t belong to NY anyway and the next pick is in the 2nd round). So the Knicks got a potential 20 ppg 7 footer that can stretch the floor for basically nothing. The bigs problem has been addressed in numerous ways. Re-signing Kenyon Martin for the full season was great because he changed the Knicks trajectory mid-season last year. Getting Bargnani allows him to start alongside Chandler and push Melo back to the 3. Even if Bargnani isn’t known as a great rebounder or defender 2 7-footers will still be havoc for most teams to score over. Add in a healthy STAT and World Peace and you could have a bench frontcourt of World Peace, Martin and STAT. NY also signed Jeremy Tyler and C.J. Leslie for more frontcourt depth in case of injury. Finally the Knicks got Beno Udrih to sign for the veteran’s mininum and he’s a proven, champion PG with savvy court-awareness and a share the rock mentality. The Knicks main issue last season was health and as of right now they are 3 deep (quality depth) at all 5 positions and they got rid of most of the pensioners from last season. Add in a year of continuity and people should be wary of these Knicks.

  20. satyadeep11 says:

    Clippers will steam roll Nets. The Clips are really young and energetic, while nets have only earned old legs this off season trade. If we talk about experience that garnet and pierce bring to nets, Clips got their share of it through doc rivers. It will be interesting to see how they match up, on the court rather than on the paper.

  21. Andy says:

    Nets will not go very far into the playoffs. Think back to 2 years ago. Boston lost to Miami. Brooklyn this year has Garnett, Pierce (both 2 years older), no Ray Allen, and a point guard who is not as good as Rondo. How can they all of a sudden be so good that nobody beats them?
    Clippers were good enough to go all the way last year, if they didn’t have so many injury problems. If Griffen, and a few other players that had durability issues last season, can stay healthy they will roll into the finals without even having to play a 7th game. A healthy Clippers team, with the best coach in basketball, is going to be nigh on impossible to beat.
    My prediction: Clippers & Pacers demolish everyone to get to the finals. Series will go to 7 games and the winner will be whichever team has home court in game 7. 🙂

    • Sp00n says:

      i like how you forgot to mention the addition of Alan Anderson who’s a very good shooter, and the signing of Andrei Kirilenko. Rondo a better PG the D-will?? debatable, dwill never played with HOF’s so now we’ll see just how good Rondo really is. also, The team isn’t just KG and Pierce, it also involves Brook Lopez who is coming off his first playoff experience, expect him to play better specially with garnet there to mentor him. Sad sometimes i wonder if people actually think their thoughts through before they post em

  22. Miguel Silverio says:

    1. Miami
    5.New York
    2.Oklahoma City
    4.San Antonio
    8.Portland/Utah/New Orleans

  23. truthbetold says:

    I want to mention that knicks is still and will be a better team than the nets. Nets may seem like a superstar team on paper, just like how lakers were last year. We gotta wait till the season start and see. But overall, melo, stat and the knicks have been playing together for more than two seasons now. I’m sure they know how to approach the upcoming season.
    Hate to say Heat will still be #1 in the east, then IND, NYK, NETS. TOP FOUR. And the rest will be chaotic.

  24. haaan says:

    People are ruling brooklyn but Kidd is still fresh to coaching. He’s pretty much the x factor that can either make or break his team.

  25. Kevin says:

    Everyone´s always a superstar according to these guys. Really? Doc Rivers and Blake Griffin are superstars? So Griffin with no rings who hasn´t proven anything is labeled a superstar of Pau Gasol?

    • Sit Down says:

      Is Rony Turiaf a superstar over BG? Rony has a ring and I don’t even think you know him nor where he got the ring.

  26. Unkle Daddy says:

    So funny, neither will win their conference, and would people please stop acting like the Pistons have any shot, they’ll be lucky if they sniff a playoff spot.

  27. matthew mathis says:

    as a laker fan i don’t feel any pressure because we both went home in the 1st round.

  28. Name Me says:

    Like the commentator says on NBA2k “It simply comes down to Making Shots” and can Nets and Clippers get buckets in crunch time and when it really matters.

    Uncle Drew says “The game is about Buckets”

    • Sit Down says:

      CP3 + Doc = a legit chance to create a play that will almost always guarantee a bucket in the end of games.

  29. pundit says:

    i cant understand taking expired stars and sent guys like marshon brooks away. he’s young and going to be a good complement for deron and lopez. i agree that clippers run LA now, but knicks still owns NY. none of knicks or nets is going to finish top 3 in east. its HEAT, BULLS, AND PISTONS ( if jennings, smith, and monroe plays a good game )

    • ThunderUp53) says:

      Heat, Bulls, Pistons? You high bro? The pacers are going to be the real contenders for the East this year, with Granger coming back and all.

  30. micah says:

    @Captin obvious the ONLY thing obvious is that the knicks will be a top 5 seed. nobody else will bush them out of of the 5th seed. detroit and D.C are not top 5 teams Period. and clevland is a mess. theyve got on good player (kyrie) a SHOOTing guard who cant shoot. 2 power fowerds and a center who might not even play one game next year.

  31. abchome says:

    I couldn’t care less if they win the fans in their city. All I care is if they are good and if they can win it all.

  32. well... says:

    yeah, yeah. Same old song as last year. Knicks have a slightly better roster than last season and hopefully less injuries. Brooklyn threw money to get anyone available again, because that always works.

  33. hibbs says:

    the knicks have got to crush these guys

  34. Beedo360 says:

    The nets team is too old now pierce can’t run up n down that court with them young boys same with Garnett they may can score but can’t keep up I wanna see how this plays out

  35. Billal says:

    I’m a big fan of Lakers & Black Mamba. But can’t wait to c Warriors’s and Nuggets games : )

  36. Should be illegal 4 some 2 post says:

    Da yankees can shut down business today and will still always rule over da bum mets so stop dat talk now.

  37. SafeandSound says:

    As the article goes into these hierarchies for towns with multiple pro teams in the same sport, it’s important to realize a lot of these “secondary” teams (if you can call them that) have had their moments of success as well. The Sox won a championship, the Angels won as well, yet the article still states these are still considered primarily Cubs and Dogers towns respectively. Hell, there have been seasons the Mets have been a stronger team than the Yankees, but I guess some reporters were posting similar articles back then of how it was starting become a Mets town.

    That’s essentially how I see the Clippers right now. Even if they win a title, that doesn’t somehow undo the legacy the Lakers have had for decades in LA, and I have a hard time imagining that most of their fans will flock over tosupport the Clippers, even if they are currently the better team. And there is no doubt they are good, and I don’t think it’s surprising their appeal and merchandise sales have gone up dramatically since the CP3 trade. But all the same, LA is still a Lakers town. And despite how many articles try to tell us the opposite, I just don’t see that changing anytime soon, regardless of how well the Clippers may play this year.

  38. Eli Odell J. says:

    bread and circuses

  39. cunningpig says:

    When the Clippers have been the best team in LA for 30 years in a row, then we can start talking about who wears the crown. Until then they’re still just a flash in the pan.

  40. mortimer says:

    jets, mets, nets … gentle pets

  41. J says:

    personally I have the clippers finishing at 3rd in west and lakers finishing at 12th in west. the better team next season is the clippers you cant deny it. I’m not saying the clippers have always been better than the lakers but next season they will be

    I have the nets finishing at 4th in east and knicks finishing at 5th in east. there both gonna be great next season but on paper anyway I think the better team is the nets… only just. only just.

  42. J says:

    can’t we all just get along!

  43. Brazil says:

    Although im a Miami Heat fan, i believe the Nets have the potential to be a contender in the East, Pierce and Garnett are not only great players, but they can make your team play better! The Knicks have two great players in Anthony and Chandler, but they are both one dimensional players (i`m sorry melo, but you cant lead a team to a championship season). The Bulls are the real deal, with their point guard back. They are the the real Grindhouse! (thibs designed the better defense i`ve ever seen, and he made miami sweat last year, with nate running the point and Deng at the hospital!)
    About the Pacers… They have all the pieces together. If Paul George continues developing, he will defy James as the best guard/forward in the league, and they have a much better core than the Heat.
    All that said, i predict the East will be


    If Greg Oden manages to stay healthy, the Heat just added the final piece to their core… Interior defense, and REBOUND.
    If it happens… Threepeat is on the way.

  44. JamesNYKnick says:

    I just DO NOT get the fuss about the nets. They have taken 3 players from a Boston team who have done nothing recently and put them with a PG (Wlliams) who is not as good as the one they played with in Boston (Rondo). They are all now another year older, how and why does that make them contenders?
    Boston were bad last year, the Nets will be bad this year. To contend the Nets should have built support around Williams and Lopez…. not added 3 ego’s to take away from them!!!

    • LebronFan says:

      the new look nets have a considerably better bench all around than boston did last year or the year before

      • LebronFan says:

        and what do you think they’re doing by adding those three players to the team while keeping lopez and williams………………thats actually the definition of building around those players

    • Myk says:

      il take peirce over wallace
      kg over evans
      and terry as a bench
      plus AK

  45. Omar Prieto says:

    Mia 1st
    Bkn 2nd
    Ind 3rd
    Ny 4th
    Chi 5th
    Tor 6th
    Cle 7th
    Atl 8th
    Wsh 9th
    Det 10th

    • SB says:

      That wont happen!
      1st bulls
      2nd heat
      3rd pacers
      4th nets
      5th knicks
      6th pistons
      7th wizards
      8th cavaliers
      9th hawks
      10th raptors

      • Sit Down says:

        LOL, I don’t think the Heat will sit around and let the Bulls get 1st like they did two years ago. The importance of HC against IND and Spurs proved to them that they should really strive for that 1st seed.

      • LeBronAllDay says:

        I agree with Sit Down: Heat would not let the Bulls get first seed like two years ago.

        This is how the seeds for the eastern conference would play out ( using my opinion and stats)
        1. Miami Heat (my team)
        2. Charlotte Bobcats…….Just Joking #2 are The Indiana Pacers
        3. Chicago Bulls
        4. Brooklyn Nets (my hometown team)
        5. New York Knicks
        6. Detroit Pistons
        7. Cleveland Caviliers
        8.Antlanta Hawks

  46. Knicks fan29 says:

    Knicks are still a better team than the nets. Beat them last year 2-1. and KG Pierce beat them in the first round. even if the nets got KG and Paul Pierce there still no.2 in New York.

  47. Rain says:

    Nets had at least two straight finals appareances in the early 2000 so i wouldnt say that they ares tepping on anybody-s toes. NYK hasn`t had a great season since the spre houston era.

  48. dritonb says:

    haha one superstar?? pau gasol??

    • LebronFan says:

      since when is pau gasol a superstar? he wasnt even an all star last year, or the year before that.
      there are only a handful of superstars in the nba, lebron, kobe, dwade, melo, kd, westbrook, chris paul, dwight to name some.
      pau gasol’s not on their level.

    • Sit Down says:

      Pau Gasol is only a superstar in the Spanish league, I don’t know what in the world you see in him to even consider him a superstar

  49. dreadyjun says:

    East is weak. That’s why the heat keeps getting a free ride to the finals.

    • Pakyaw says:

      Doesn’t matter if the east is weak, still u have to beat the best team in the west.., and Miami did that back2back… Tsk,tsk,tsk, simple logic..

  50. danny says:

    Lakers still run LA

    • Sit Down says:

      They did not run LA last year and they sure as hell wont this year. The Clips got better while the Lakers took a big step backwards, mostly because of Kobe.

  51. NYC35 says:

    Nets is not the best in NBA if MIAMI and IND can beat them.Best in NBA means,they have to beat all the teams in NBA.And that would be MIAMI.

  52. 3 will says:

    knicks will make the playoffs but not the championship becaue the east got tougher this offseason.

    • Uby says:

      I don’t see why there is so much hype about the Nets, the Nets added 3 “old men” that previously played for the Celtics. The Celtics with Garnett, Pierce and Terry got beat by the knicks. So what’s different for the 2013/2014 season? Just a different jersey and club, right? Oh no I forgot they have a new coach – Jason Kidd. With Doc Rivers, the celtics struggled last season, what makes folk thing that Garnett, Pierce and Terry will be any better under an inexperienced coach?

      The Knicks are usually underrated and will prove to skeptics one more time that they are the King of New York!

      • Myk says:

        you talked about the coaching difference and kg peirce terry lossing to NYK last season. thats all true. But you forgot to mention their team now has d.will jj lopez and the rest of the nets…

  53. underdog says:

    Most skeptics are saying the Nets will be like the Lakers last season.. but I doubt that would be the case.. Lakers have no bench.. Nets have Terry, Anderson, Kirilenko, Evans, Blatche coming off the bench.. They can have any possible line-ups you can think of, any style, and be effective with it.. I see them grabbing the first seed in the East and maybe in the League.

  54. Kado says:

    I have a bad feeling that the nets will have terrible chemistry. They have a deep bench though.

  55. Eaham says:

    Heat wont three peat. Luck is about to runout playa playa

    • Sit Down says:

      Luck is not required this season, OKC is going to win the West. And if the Bulls can beat IND in the 2nd round, then the Heat will probably sweep or win 4-1 both ECF and Finals against Bulls and OKC, respectively.

  56. OKC35 says:

    Nets, they are The best team in NBA! Only MIA and IND can beat them.

    • Luis says:

      Says the person rocking OKC, smh

    • MHS says:

      OKC35? Sayin the Nets are the best then listing two teams that can beat them means the other two teams are better… #pumpthebrakes #learnfromLAL #yustups?

    • WHAT says:

      If they can be beat, then they simply aren’t the best team in NBA.

    • eli says:

      So how they the best..? Loll js

    • hnic4life says:

      I must know what some of you people are on 🙂 Ruling one team a champ and another out before a game has even been played. Oh to hell with logic, let blind fanboy-ism rule.

      No way in hell are the knicks a top five, as stated before in the east sure.
      One thing I’m not worried about is a 3-peat from the heat!


        You probably said that last year before the Repeat LOL. Or are you gonna say you predicted the Heat last year? You silly haters are starting to look ridiculous and desperate LOL.

  57. captainobvious234523 says:

    i see the knicks 7,8, or maybe no playoffs this year.

    • Kamil says:

      I see the Knicks being the number 4 seed, losing in the second round.

      Who knows.

      It may turn out to be true.

      • Akeem says:

        Knicks 4th seed, losing in 2nd round?That means the #1 seed loses to them in the 1st. Knicks at 5th seed lose in 1st to the #4.
        Pacers lose in 2nd to the Nets or the Heat. Only the Heat can beat the Nets and that’s not a given. Hawks goin lotto. Pistons, Wizards, & Cleveland round out the East, of course with the Bulls in the top 5.

      • KareemoftheKrop says:

        No 4th seed will play 5th seed. 1st seed plays 8th seed.

      • Akeem says:

        Kareem…1st plays 8th. Thanks for the correction. I am already in the 2nd round. Knick finish 4th or 5th, out in the 1st maybe against Chicago or Indiana.

  58. Jordan says:

    The Yankees didn’t “rule” the Mets this year

  59. Kimmy says:

    I agree Peafunk#6. Talk is cheap. Although on paper the Clippers and Nets are looking really good, you are right, let the games begin. I still think the Clippers are singing the same song, they just have a better coach. Blake Griffin is the key on that team. He needs to remove the mean face if he can’t defend himself. I still have my money on the Nets, Cleveland, Wizards, and Detroit in the East. These are the new breakout teams who will push Hawks, Milwakee and possibly Knicks out of playoff contention. Just sayin.

    • Possibly Knicks ? R u serious Knicks are still a top 5 in the league

      • Justin says:

        Top five in the league! That’s ridiculous. Maybe in the east but the west would eat them alive.

      • nba fan says:

        The only thing Knicks did in the offseason is upgrading their already great offense, but while doing that they got even more players who can’t defend. And I still can’t imaigne how you could make Stat,Smith, Bargnani and Melo score as well as they can when they will have to share time on the court.

    • Kamil says:

      Those teams will not push the Knicks out of playoff contention.

    • Yave says:

      Knicks always gonna be in top 5 east teams. Bucks Celtics and hawks gonna miss playoffs to Wizards Pistons and Cleveland

  60. PEAFUNK #6 says:

    all this is fine and dandy.but when the season starts may the best team win it all.and once is nice two is great but three is a charm.go heat!!!!!!