The MJ-Kobe Mirror Images (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Phil Jackson gets asked the question all the time: who was better, Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant? He’s always been very careful with his answers, usually sidestepping a definitive answer by comparing and contrasting their strengths and giving both men their due in his own Zen Master-like way.

But when you are trying to compare two players who, with the context of the moment cut out, are so similar it’s flat-out freaky, it’s easy to see why some people would struggle while trying to come up with a straight answer. Swap the Chicago Bulls jersey for the Los Angeles Lakers jersey and the moves and mannerisms are virtually identical.

If you didn’t know any better and didn’t know that MJ has busted through the door and into the basketball consciousness around the same time Kobe was shedding his diapers and getting potty trained, the mirror images of their respective NBA games would force you to do a double take.

Don’t believe? Just watch:

And if you missed Part I of the series, it’s here:


  1. Mark Clark says:

    Ya’ll crazy ya’ll must not understand b ball so what if Kobe copy mj moves as a kid growing up learning how to play ball you don’t copy or try and do your favorite player’s moves? If it works use it its making u a better player and Kobe didn’t copy just mj he studied all the great players moves and made it he’s own that’s what u do to become great look at lebron his posted game was sad but he trained with a legend meaning he had 1 on 1 lessons with LeBron to teach him his moves and how its done lol like come on Kobe did it him self study got legendary cause he is can’t bash him give him he’s respect

  2. Blogman says:

    i think both Kobe and MJ deserve the praise they each get. their work ethic was insane throughout their careers. but you cannot say its less for Lebron. that man has undergone so much scrutiny from the media, from the fans and probably himself at some points…and still pushed on to take the stage. the move to Miami was key to his rebuild as a player and a solid support beam from him. Miami gave him belief, Miami gave him acceptance, Miami made Lebron James.. two time NBA champion and MVP on numerous occasions. Gold Medalist. Legend in the making. and as much as people don’t want to admit, he hasn’t even begun to show his talent. he will exceed the likes of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Because he believes he can… and i do too.

  3. Steven says:

    Kobe will not get another ring before he retires because of two ppl Lebron and KD

  4. noggertz says:

    A lot of Kobe fans doesn’t know basketball at all! They are even arguing him as the greatest of all time when he’s not even close to being the greatest Laker ever to play the game! He just tried to be Jordan-like but in reality, he will never be like Mike!

  5. Raul Valladolid Jr says:

    The only reason their games are similar is because all Kobe did is sit back and watch Jordan do what he did. Jordan paved the way for Kobe. The is no debate Jordan is the greatest there ever was and the greatest there will ever be. Point blank period.

  6. Brain32 says:

    LET – IT – GO!

  7. SHAQFU says:

    There’s no way Kobe is equally good or better than Michael Jordan.
    Jordan was the originator. He got all of his 6 rings as the best player of his team. In the other hand, Kobe rode the Shaq-train for his 3 first championships. Not to mention he was still pretty much developing back then. Robert Horry, Rick Fox and the others kept him from being smothered at the defensive end of the floor.

    And for Lebron, he is a totally different type of player. Whether he would be recognized as one of the greats, it would have to wait at least 3 or 4 more seasons. The Heat went to 3 Finals in the last 3 years. If they can manage to keep their head straight and get 5 or 6 consecutive Finals appearances, he’ll have the right to be put on the same sentence with MJ. But honestly, in my opinion Lebron should be compared to the other MJ, Magic Johnson.

  8. unbiased author2222 says:

    Kobe is a great player, and a great talent. but like all everyone else in the league he’s watching film studying what MJ did. that’s why they’re so similar, what sets Kobe apart from the rest of the NBA is, he executes like MJ did, because hes got more time under his belt studying under the same coach MJ had, and watch more MJ film than most….what puts MJ ahead of Kobe, isn’t just the fact that he was all around slightly better offensively, but defensively MJ was a master as well, granted he as playing in time where the league was “soft” but still…i think at the end of the day MJ will be number 1, and kobe will be a very close number 2….both of which will be FAAAAAAAAAAAAR better than whoever falls to number 3…which i dont think will be lebron…just saying

  9. SALUTE TO SAS FAN says:

    All the debate proves nothing. Listen to phil jackson. Jordan will create shots, kobe will kept shooting until it comes to his way. Thats said by the person who knows them professionally. Stop hating these athletes, they were a gift to us. Just sit back and back up your team… /sigh children

  10. Winston Wynne says:

    Imagine a lakers vs miami in finals and how that Kobe guard leBron? LOL. I think he will be fouled out.

  11. nicholas says:

    co sign everything isac said above me

  12. nicholas says:

    kobe even chews gum like mike and puts the towel on his head like a hoody and puts one towel on his lap like jordan smh

  13. lowtech says:

    Enough with the Kobe and MJ comparison. 🙂 it’s an insult to MJ to compare him to KOBE, I mean come on guys. Kobe 5 championship,2 championship MVP, 1 season MVP. MJ 6 championsip, 6 championship MVP, 5 season MVP. Just an example, and by the way I forgot to mention. MJ never lost in an NBA Finals and All MJ’s NBA finals up to Game 6 only. This are just few things to mention for the comparison. So I think you guys get the point right. No point in comparing MJ to Kobe, Kobe got a long list of things to do yet, so I think that would shut up kobe die hard fans 🙂

  14. LBJ_and_KB_fan says:

    The difference between LeBron, Kobe, and MJ is that LeBron could defend any position, and can almost play any position (lacks height for the Center spot).

  15. All wrong says:

    Bill Russell is all time BEST!

  16. trizz2j3 says:

    great video im a kobe fan but mike is the G.O.A.T nobody did it better then mj

  17. Isaac says:

    There is no comparison, look at the accomplishments, titles, stats. No comparison none. Kobe copied Jordan while that is sad who can blame him for wanting to copy the best? But the biggest difference is Jordan could dominate the game on BOTH ends of the floor. Kobe is just a great scorer. The only thing Kobe got better is a outside shot. Jordan is better in the clutch and has made more game winning shots. Jordan also made his teammates better, Kobe on the other hand got spoon fed, great teammates, All Jordan had was Pippen. Kobe had some of the best Centers as teammates who did Jordan have? yet his team won one more championship then Koa and had Jordan not retired to play baseball whose to say he wouldnt have 8? And if Bulls Management wasnt such a dud whose to say he wouldnt have won more?

    Stop with the comparisons please, Kobe has a longer career then Jordan and still wont come close in stats or accomplishments. Just stop it. Kobe a great scorer. Jordan Great in so many ways

  18. Cole says:

    Attacking the rim, Defensively and IQ from a basketball perspective theres no question its Jordan. The only edge I give KB24 is the outside shooting/ability to get insanely hot. KB24 had 81 against the Toronto Raptors with single coverage defense?!?! And very generous officiating on pump fakes…Still an amazing feat though. More amazing? Jordans 54 against the Knicks in the 1992 playoffs down 2-0. Jordans era woulda been tougher on KB24. One can only imagine had MJ played in todays game with very generous guard officiating. Can you imagine Isiah Thomas today? Kevin Johnson list goes on and on.

  19. Greg says:

    Let people have their own opinions. You’re acting as if michael was a god.

  20. what is love says:

    kobe is a copy of mj the best copy ive seen

  21. zenmaster says:

    Don’t forget these two played in the same triangle offence of the zen master. so all the positioning of the players are the same in both of Chicago and LA offence. the only thing Kobe pulled of is the jumper Technic successfully than any other player which is same as MJ . but they are still no 1 and 2 no doubt.

  22. 0m3ga says:

    both are very similar as they play in similar positions and had been coached by Phil jackson. However, MJ did it first. mj also had a better team for the most part of the career and with the advances in conditioning in todays game, he had an advantage. Kobe did model his game on MJ but made it his own. As they say you learn from history which is commendable of KB. Not only did he learn from MJ, but he improved other aspects from his game. Overall MJ was the better leader and closed games when it mattered but i feel KB is a crazy scorer.

    Another interesting factor is how both adapted as they got older. We are lucky to have witnessed such legends playing. The future is very much interesting with Lebron to be in contention soon. His athleticism is ridiculous and is the new template of the ideal player of the future.

  23. Wilt The Stilt says:

    Moral of the story here? MJ and Kobe fanboys will be at each others throats all day and LBJ will always get a mention even when not in the subject matter x]

  24. Zach says:

    @Monstro Well Wilt didn’t have a shot clock in his day I’m pretty sure so…

    • Will_Dunk_4_Donuts says:

      Use Google. It takes two seconds to Google about the NBA Shot Clock. Stop making claims you can’t back up with facts. The shot clock was invented and used in the NBA well before Wilt arrived in the league.

  25. elior says:

    can kobe fly from free throw line…jordan hang in the air longer than kobe does

  26. yiatsi10 says:

    Jordan created a new model player in his ages and Kobe managed to reach the same level in this model .

    Lebron is also created a new model player nowdays .

    So Magic and Birds and all the great legends .That’s why all these guys are unique .

    Stop comparing dissimilar things .

    Do not be Haters ,everyone has a special place in our hearts .

  27. random says:

    After reading the comments, I still don’t know why some people say Kobe isn’t a top 10 player. He has done many things other basketball players can’t do. He may have had help from Shaq to win 3 of his rings, but didn’t they spend 4 years together before winning three championships? Did Lebron not need help from Wade and Bosh to win 2 championships? Isn’t Kobe’s average PPG is lower than Jordan’s and Lebron’s because he wasn’t a starter when he was drafted and he was never the first option to score until Shaq left? Was he not coming of the bench for the first part of his career? Sometimes I don’t understand people when they don’t even remember all of that happened. Kobe never started to learn to develop as a leader until Shaq left and he had no experience because he was never the first option. Sure he takes bad shots a lot of the times and puts the team in jeopardy of losing, but from the games I watched the past season, it seemed to me he learned to take better shots and trust in his teammates more often. He is definitely in my top 10 list for sure, but that may be biased because I grew up watching Kobe. Just my opinion though.

  28. themostimportant says:

    you know…the most important thing is..
    MJ and KB dont really care what you guys say…
    they dont want to be compared, why are you guys
    wasting time debating whos better?
    i am a kobe fan but no one will ever be better than MJ
    drop it.

  29. Luke says:

    It’s no secret that Kobe copied MJ’s game. Kobe is obviously one of the greatest players ever, but he’s still way of Jordan. Sick of seeing comparisons of the two.

  30. XBX says:

    Mike is leader, Kobe is follower~~ it’s just simply like that! Even Mike score 2 points in a game , he is still a leader, he acts like leader, he talks like leader, and he smell like leader! Kobe , he has ability to score 100 points per game, but he doesn’t have any charm to be a leader!

  31. Johnkester says:

    Identical. Problem is Kobe chokes in the Finals

  32. Devon says:

    Michael Jordan is obviously better maybe kobe can shoot but in their rookie yea jordan dominated how many memorable moments does kobe have 2 jordan i dont think he can match upand michael jordan kept on getting better and better

  33. jerm says:

    This Kobe mike argument goes no where because of so much bias on both sides so let’s just make a non bias statement about them both they are the best players of there era at the 2 guard position they are both elite on both ends of the floor they both have played with hall of famers and all stars no player ever won by themselves…..mike was a better athlete Kobe is a better all around scorer they both have had teams where the players defered to them to the point where they wanted the game in there hands period mike is number one Kobe is number 2 at least until he retires and his affect on the game of basketball sinks in at worst he is top 2 or 3 all time and with a game with the history of the NBA that’s not awful

  34. yono says:

    Back in the days there were 8–10 good teams in the leugue, now there are 12-16 good teams in the leugue with all 1 of 2 allstars,
    Wilt scored 100 in the days without 3second violation and he was above 7”0.
    MJ to me is the best player in the nba ATM, after lebron retires, it will change i think
    KB to me is the best scorer of all time, it’s easy to say he always took the last shot, but if you played yourself, you know the last shot is the most difficult, and he always had the balls to take it

    mj changed the game, because he copied multiple players into MJ, KB stole some MJ moves, they are both thieves, and both best of their era

  35. Julz17 says:

    Nah.. Robert Horry – 7 rings. MJ – 6 rings. Kobe – 5 rings. Now tell me who’s the best? haha! =)

  36. Joblo says:

    I will put this MJ/Kobe comparison to an end. Do you think MJ would have let Paul Pierce gets the best of him in an NBA final during his prime like Kobe did in 2008? Definitely not. On a side note MJ averaged 41ppg at the same age vs the Suns.

  37. Tpc says:

    Kobe si the best Michael copy.

  38. trip2 says:

    kobe is good , probably a top 10 player of all time but he’s chucker and overrated .

    as much as i hate lebron he’s the only one who can come close to be compared with MJ in terms of the best ever .

  39. Kyran says:

    Copying is easy! Inventing isnt

  40. ANONYMOUS says:

    Even though comparisons are never gonna stop, let’s not forget the FACT that if there was no Jordan, there would be no Kobe. I’m a huge Kobe Bryant fan ever since he came into the league, and lucky to have watched his whole career. Let’s be real though, who better to emulate or base your game on other than the GREATEST to ever play? That being said, Kobe will always be compared to Jordan, but Jordan was still better and that will never change.

    • why? says:

      haha really? like Jordan was the only player to ever play? like basketball would have never happened with out Jordan? oh please kobe would have found a different player to look up to. ever herd of magic? come on yes there would be a kobe and he would more then likely be just as good as he is now. that’s like saying there would be no Jordan with out dr.j LMAO….. I don’t hear any one saying that…. so ya just silly

  41. basket ball says:

    you people are all silly…. Jordan has 6 rings kobe has 5….. WHAT IF’s ARE JUST THAT THERE NOT REAL!!!!!!! Jordan is ONE ring better then kobe nothing else matters there almost the same player. is Jordan really THAT much better then kobe????? no he isn’t hes ONE ring better….

  42. alp says:

    i find it funny how kobe tries so hard to be like MJ… i mean it’s pretty evident he wants to be michael. if you watch a kobe interview from the past few years and watch a MJ interview kobe is even trying to obtain MJ’s mannerisms off the court which to me is creepy. Kobe made himself one of the greats by COPYING off the greatest to ever do it…. but he copied him well i must say, but there will NEVER be another jordan. NEVER

  43. Popoy says:

    this article showed that PHIL JAX is a GENIUS utilizing both players in same position.. same offense and almost same reaction of the defense.

  44. smallz says:

    I’d like to say Kobe won two rings, because Shaq obviously won the first three, Shaq even outscored kobe 😁

    • basket ball says:

      ohh god just stop. if kobe wasent there shaq would have ONE ring with the heat…. KOBE needed shaq and shaq needed kobe

    • basket ball says:

      and OF COURSE shaq out scored him they played inside out……. which means shaq was the offence and kobe the nuber 2 option…. study the game a lil more guy

  45. Scottie says:

    Kobe rarely shoots 50% or better when he scores 30+ Jordan shoots 50% or better for a career avg so who shoots better? 6 rings to 5 who won more? Jordan hold the record for most steals per game in a season so who D is
    better? Kobe is great and also the best in his era hands down but because his play mirror Jordan moves and he execute them don’t make him better

  46. RaveK says:

    THE FACT THAT KOBE AND JORDAN HAS THE SAME MOVES IN THE “SAME” SPOT ALWAYS IN THIS VIDEO, WAS because of PHIL JACKSON, same coach, same plays triangle offense, same position SHOOTING GUARD, Kobe polished his post with the help of OLAJUWON, and, Wilt scores 100 because there are no 3 seconds violation, KOBE played with a tons of injury, AND!, Kobe would have the same level with MJ if he is 100% with no injuries. even on his father’s age time

  47. BRIZZO says:


    • alp says:

      i think your wrong. i think kids are mad because lebron has been in the league for less time than kobe but has dominated the game in every single aspect of it, unlike kobe. i feel like lebron solidified himself the best in the league in 07-08 season and just ran with it ffrom that point on. yea ok kobe has 5 rings, but 3 with shaq who at the time was virtually unstoppable and dominated EVERY SINGLE TEAM. now im not giving shaq all the credit for these 3 rings but if he was NOT on the lakers with kobe…. kobe would only have 2 rings. Lebron on the other hand, ok YEA he has the “big 3” but in the playoffs last year and this year d wade and bosh really played in spurts and were NOT consistant at all. they’d give the team a good game, MAYBE 2 every SERIES. Lebron is just a natural born leader though, thats why he led these heat teams to championships and i think that this years heat team and maybe even last years heat teams were argueably 2 of the worst teams to ever win a championship. and i think that when it’s all said and done, looking back at his career all the lebron haters will realize all the work lebron put in for these two rings, i mean game 6 vs boston last year was a PRIME example of it. ONE guy single handedly destroying a team like that is rarely seen, and i’ve NEVER seen kobe have that type of performance in a game of that caliber, EVER. People take everything lebron has done the past years for granted just because he moved his talents to south beach, but after that first season bosh and wade have not been NEARLY the same dominate forces they were before the big 3. only lebron has kept up that high level of play and from time to time it rubs off on his teammates. Now im NOT saying lebron is better than jordan but he is LIGHTYEARS ahead of kobe bryant, who is easily one of the most overrated players in nba history.

  48. Sarko says:

    In my opinion the amount of points in one single game does not say that much about a player v.s. player discussion. For example: Drazen Petrovic (former Nets player) scored 112 points in YUBA (Yugoslavian Basketball league). This does not makes him better than Kukoc or Vlade Divac. Now, do not get me wrong, I am not saying that YUBA talent was as near as good as NBA.
    We should also not forget that basketball and defence in Jordan era was way harder and physical than Kobe’s era. Said all this, I do think that Kobe is the next best thing after Jordan. Just my 2 cents.

  49. be_serious_yall says:

    I see alot of people pointing to the 81 point game as proof of kobes superiority but its obvious youre ignoring the countless records of jordans kobe never broke. how about averaging 37+ ppg for a season? how about 10 triple doubles in 11 games? jordan was better hands down and if you think otherwise youre lying to yourself.

  50. TheSecondComingofJavale says:

    1) Kobe’s 81 was against the Raptors. Being Canadian, I can tell you how bad the raptors were/still are. MJ’s career high was against Larry Bird,McHale, and Parrish so i think Jordan did it against tougher competition
    2)Its Amazing how much Kobe must have studied Jordan to pick up his mannerisms and different elements, there turnarounds are almost copies, unbelievable

  51. Damian says:

    scary to see it

  52. DRAGON says:


  53. Ejay Martin says:

    Point blank Kobe is a better player than micheal

  54. Both are great says:

    I really don’t understand why the fuss over Kobe’s game emulating Michael’s. Throughout history, most kids that played basketball tried to “be like” their favorite basketball player. Most of us weren’t good enough to become pros, but that didn’t stop us. Many active players in the NBA add the moves of other players to their game. I am old enough to have seen both of them play10+ years. Both, at one point or another in their careers, were ball hogs.. At the end of the day, the numbers speak for themselves. Jordan shot 24, 537 shots over 15 seasons. Bryant has played 17 seasons and has shot 24,301 shots. It really doesn’t matter. To me, greatness from the viewpoint of basketball, is the defined as one who can consistently dominate his opponent, translate that domination into wins, and those wins into championships. Wins and championships require a team effort, but both Jordan and Bryant played integral parts in their team’s success.

    Jordan’s Career Stats

    Bryant’s Career Stats

  55. Pathetic says:

    Hahaha all of you people are just absolutely pathetic. These comments always provide some laughs.

  56. the coach says:

    Lets lay this to rest. There are 72 records in the NBA. Wilt holds 68 of them. And held career average of 45ppg. Numbers dont lie, people do.

    And do say anything about his height, because height were the case, every 7 footer dominate the court, and sadly they don’t. Not to mention he did this while Bill Russell was still playing, for you youngsters that’s the guy with 10 rings, now those are facts

  57. MHS says:

    If Kobe was MJ he would have 7 rings… You think about it…

  58. castor says:

    MJ – loved by his teammates and his foes, no other star neede to bring home the bacon, he makes the players around him stars. loved by his coaches. loved by everyone who doesnt even play basketball

    KOBE – (crickets chirping)

  59. Jeremy says:

    This is sad, they both are incredible, but for the one dude saying Wilt’s 100 means the Kobe’s 81 isn’t anything then your wrong. They both are amazing feats and it doesn’t make Kobe a ball hog as they won and made a high percentage. MJ lead his team to 6 straight titles. (He retired after 3 and retired but came back to win the next 3 also) you can say Kobe had no help and say the MJ had Pippen and others. Truth behind it all, they are both 2 of the best players to ever play the sport and that can’t be denied.

  60. N210707 says:

    Channeling my inner Charles Barkley, “listen LeBron Jsmes” is the best athlete to ever player basketball. Maybe any sport. He wasn’t born he was bred. He’s a freak! But his skill level can’t touch MJ’s or Kobe’s.
    Everyone always hates on Kobe cause he copy’s off of Jordan’s style. Why not? He’s the best!
    Kobe and MJ are the same player to me. MJ is just less selfish. Gotta give Jordan the GOAT cause he came first and paved the way for Kobe and the rest of the great players that aspired to be “like mike”.
    To me if you wanted to pick a team of all the greatest players to ever play. Jordan goes #1 and Kobe goes #2. They’re the best counters to each other. Would you really be mad if you missed out on picking Jordan and got Kobe?

  61. Banks says:

    Kobe can do it better!

  62. Overrated Kobe says:

    C’mon kobe fans, Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson stop comparing these two players. Kobe Bryant is the most overrated athlete. The only reason why the Lakers won two championships is because of the talents around him. Im not a Kobe Bryant hater, but I always get irritated everytime people thinks he will go down as top 5 player of all time. Yes Kobe Bryant is a great player only because he is a great scorer, and for me scorers are overrated, player like Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant. Michael Jordan is unreal player, not just a good scorer but also good defender. Combination of skill and athleticism. Yes Michael Jordan is a ball hog but this is the reason why his Chicago Bulls won 6 titles. (Insert Pippen) ………. Look at Lakers last season, they already got dwight howard but still had a bad season.

  63. Brandon says:

    So there are a TON of different opinions. We got the Kobe lovers/haters. The MJ lovers. The Lebron lovers/haters (like seriously get out of here), and the people who just don’t care. Well, I am from Chicago. I never really watched when Jordan played. I have seen highlights. I have seen his stats. He was GREAT! But, so is Kobe. We are talking about Kobe vs. Jordan. It should just be Kobe and Jordan. Jordan was amazing during his time, Kobe is great right now, and Lebron will continue to play well (for all of those on his nuts). Let’s stop comparing and just see as an individual how great these players are. Like seriously calm down.

  64. Gilbert says:

    Similar moves, but there is only one original and that’s Michael.

  65. mike says:

    kobe isnt half the baller mj was…its not even a discussion, he tries to mimic his airness but does a terrible job at it

  66. Juddah says:

    Did kobe leave the NBA and come back and won 3 straight championship? NO!

    Was Kobe given a defense like the Bad Boys did to MJ? NO!

    Was Jordan traded because he was not needed in his drafter team?? NO!

    Has Kobe won 6 Finals MVP and 5 Season MVP? NO!

    Did Kobe won 6 NBA championship? NO!

    Stats doesn’t really matter.. Hell if you have 100% percent shooting, yet you lose..

    Any way, was fascinated by the video though 🙂

  67. 1 says:

    nobodys better than jordan!!
    if kobe is not as good as jordan than y r people comparing lebron to jordan i feel lwbron is as good as kobe right now

  68. Jordan says:

    So who’s the copy-cat now? These videos also show that MJ is a great shooter. His game winning – and even championship winning – baskets are jump shots.

  69. Gary says:

    Folks check your historical facts. The game against the Mavericks before the Toronto game Kobe had 60+ points in the 3rd quarter and PJ shut him down. Kobe was pissed off too. He was on pace for 100 pts and Jackson, not the Mavericks would not give him the chance. Kobe highest scoring average season and I think they gave the M P to Nash? Ain’t that typical of the NBA.

  70. marco says:

    who’s better? Lebron. Magic&Larry&Malone mixed in a single player. I imagine everybody agrees that those three put together are better than Michael or Kobe or even Michael&Kobe.

  71. dommy lee says:

    Kobe #1 stop trying to argue ladies

  72. Narf says:

    I think it is sad how consumed people get this conversation. Who really cares?? The music in the videos makes Kobe and MJ sound like soldiers heading out to do battle and that their jobs really make a true difference in people’s lives. It isn’t like they are out feeding hungry children and helping the poor like Mother Thersea or something….people like that are the ones we should look up to!

  73. brandon says:


  74. G24 says:

    Attention everyone,despite of all your thoughts and complains towards the video and the comparison between Lebron,Kobe and MJ. Most of all your sayings are not 100% true since MJ maybe the Hall Of Fame but he also has weaknesses and so is Kobe and Lebron. So as i was saying, nobody is better than anybody because each player has their own play style. Though

  75. ubrok says:

    look at the title MJ-KOBE MIRROR IMAGES….
    if he got 1 more championship that the time you can tell….

  76. Dingo rob says:

    If you’re old enough to watch MJ games live, with all the drama and all the pressure…man…it’s like Lebron now but imagine him hitting clutch shot after clutch shot, lockdown defense and never losing a battle for years and years…MJ never lost when it mattered he always came through and would find any angle as a personal challenge. You wouldn’t dare say a bad word in an opposing city as a journalist if you’re fond of your basketball team…that fear was real as hasn’t been replicated…

    There’s lots more to say but words seem pointless, MJ is the GOAT no doubt about that, even Kobe knows that.

  77. Maher says:

    Haha that’s my mine..
    Kobemaher and jordanmaher..

  78. Cameron says:

    MJ is the best of all time. Not because hes more talented, skilled or intelligent. Both Kobe and MJ are bar none the two most skillful players in the NBA. MJ is the king of drive. His airness could leap over just about anybody and his athleticism is what made him a bit better than Kobe. Kobe has done all he can to match Jordan. In fact Kobe is the king of the mid range game. When you compare FG% and points and all that you see Jordan’s stats are better than Kobe’s because Jordan relied less on his mid range and outside shooting because he could Jam over anybody. Kobe being an insane athlete in his prime also did very well, but hampered by leg injuries stuck mostly to midrange game during his later 20’s which suggests the drop in FG%. Kobe was a stubborn player, knowing he was the best option for them to win, he took the majority of the shots. Besides his time with Shaq, Kobe never had another player that he could be confident enough to give the ball in late game situations. Jordan had Pippen most of his career and Pippen was incredible. Discrediting Kobe for his FG% and selfishness aren’t right because there are many teams that have people trying to put up 20 shots per game (Knicks, Thunder, any team with Monta Ellis) and not winning 5 championships. He’s had an amazing career and he continues to show that he is the most driven player ever with how hes handling the later part of his career. While Lebron is making headlines with his stats and wins, lets consider this: in 4 yerars if age or injury gets Lebron (knock on wood) , \will the lack in athleticism hamper his game? I believe so. I think it is Jordan and Kobe’s dynamics that allow them to be the players they are. Take away LEbron’s phenomenal transition game and all you have is an average shooter who can sort of post up and make open threes. Unfortunately that wont cut it for GOAT.

  79. 70's kid says:

    Kobe did a good job of copying MJ’s ground moves.. but up there in there in the AIR, man jordan is unique. like you kobe, we all want to be like mike. good thing you did’nt copy the tongue wagging 🙂

  80. Mario says:

    MJ= Original Version Kobe= Chinatown version jaajaja

  81. W/E says:

    Kobe is the best player ever, Lebron soon will be the greatest of all time and MJ is coming third.

  82. just DO iT says:

    Hey, people
    Michael Jordan has changed the game of basketball, HE made the revolution in the game. No comparisons with Kobe or somebody else; A.I., Kobe, T-Mac, V.C. – all used to learn from him. Remember that folks

  83. Dew says:

    Greatest will always be MJ. Kobe a close 2nd easily. Kobe still had Shaq which unless Kobe wins 7 titles, may never be first. MJ had a great team sure, but had to compete against Shaq, Ewing, Robinson, Olajuwon, Mutombo, Lambeer, Worthy Malone, Kemp etc with Longley Cartwright and Wennington down low. Bryant has had Gasol Shaq and Bynum. Bulls defense back then resembles Heats current D almost. LeBron making a case to be up there in top 5 within the next couple years. It’s safe to say all 3 are top 5 and maybe even top 3 all time. Some things go further than stats, which MJ will and always should be the gold standard of what defines greatness.

  84. LUIS says:

    kobe ist just a ordinary player who had 5 rings, drop 81 points, 4th all time score regular season, 3th all time score playoff, jordan says he its closer to him, but jordan its another ordinary player, decade player, at 34 years and today its a greatttttt great player, kobe haters says in 2000 iverson its better, later vince its better, later T Mac its better, nash its better lolz , lebron its better lol… soo yehh kobe its just a ordinary player 😛

  85. ken says:

    imitating others helps you to improve your self, and KOBE does it because of idolizing MJ.. and Now they are both Great player they made history… Fellow you dont need to argue instead admire them for their greatness Coz NBA is Just nothing without them.

  86. LUIS says:

    KOBE AND MJ the best of the best

  87. Kirin says:

    Of course they had similar styles they are both shooting guards with similar body types and efficient scorers

  88. Liquidcobra says:

    I see Michael Jordan….then I see someone that’s COPYING Michael Jordan. Does Kobe even HAVE his own style? Everything I see is him copying MJ. That video made that blatantly clear.

  89. Hamzah Azam says:

    Wow, Kobe Bryant is excatly like MJ, pretty cray if you ask me. the plays look EXACTLY the sameas each other #mindblown

  90. Nope says:

    MJ won all of the Finals MVP’s for the Bulls, and Kobe only won 2/5 Finals MVP’s for his championships.

  91. Devon says:

    Everybody has their own opinions so leave it

  92. SYDALE says:

    First of all… the 2nd greatest of all time is Magic Johnson…

    Second… It’s nauseating to watch Kobe copy MJ so much that he’d copy MJ’s body language, gestures, sticking out the tongue… changing his number to be close to MJ’s… getting a baldy… I mean, damn… be your own man…

    MJ copied from Dr. J… with all the dunks and crazy layups… and being dominant as a SG… but, you can easily tell the difference between the two…

  93. Devon says:

    You all are talking non-sense

  94. drew says:

    Wat u mean sooo what????? Wilt chamberlain has the most points scored in nba history. So what???? Kobe is right behind mj in points and i dnt see why he wont shatter mjs record for pts. He is 2nd in nba

  95. MaraviLLa says:

    You mean, you fail to point out that kobe bryant is the greatest copy cat ever!!! This wanna be Michael Jordan never had his own game!!!! He lived and breathed watching and copying countless of hours of Jordan’s moves and even mannerism… So, dont freak out Sekou Smith! Cuz they are not, and were never similar- Jordan is his own man, this clown just decided to emulate Jordan. Like many out there emulate Michael Jacksons every dance move, and most times they really do a good job at it! This is not freakish by any strech of the imagination, and you know it! So, STOP IT!
    These guys werenever similar… You know it, everybody knows it! All of that, that you just saw and compared on these vids, are about a frustrated guy trying too hard to be like MIKE!
    So, give me a break…

  96. JustKidding says:

    Obviously, Kobe is next to MJ. 24 comes after the 23. Haha :p

  97. basketball fan 101 says:

    the only person who can be in the same conversation as mj for GOAT ( greatest of all time) has to be kobe. no kobe will never be better than mj but he’s a close second and lebron can’t be in the conversation until he gets at least 5 rings

  98. NBA Rook says:

    Why is everyone arguing with each other ? Bryant & Jordan are the 2 best players that ever played the game.
    It was the Michael Jordan era, now its Kobe Bryant era… i wonder who’s next after kobe retires.

  99. ben says:

    first off the idot who said comparing kobe to jordan would be like comparing elvis impersonator to the real elvis you cant do that. both kobe and jordan are professionals and kobe bryant is the greatest scorer to have played the game and arguably best player ever as well as jordan.

    • Jep says:

      Kobe is the greatest ball hog of all time. If he is so good at scoring, how come he is setting a record for most missed shots ever?

  100. Bienb says:

    Kobe studied up on MJ’s moves. Saying one is better than the other is stupid.

    It’s like saying Einstein’s teacher is better in Physics (perhaps, could be, but no way to prove it since they never were in a contest against each other). What does evolution dictate?

    New players SHOULD be better than their predecessors. But predecessors should be respected for raising the bar. And fans of the game should learn to give respect where respect is due. After all, we can only wish to be so good…

  101. Bob Smith says:

    It is obvious that Kobe copied all of Michael Jordan’s moves that is why they look the same.

  102. Alvin says:

    MJ and Kobe shouldn’t be compared, unless both players shared the same team, and played against the same opponents. Sure, you can prove who’s better by comparing their career stats (MJ has better averages than Kobe I think?) but regardless, the difference lies on the fact that both players played in different decades.

    If you compare the 90s and the 00s and 10s, the style of basketball has changed, therefore it is hard to determine who is better. I read an article from Bleacher Report about comparing today’s NBA superstars to MJ – which is impossible. Paraphrase from the article, “MJ is the best during the 90s, Kobe is the best during the 00s.”

    At the end of the day, unless Kobe and MJ got drafted at the same year, and competed against one another until Father Time catches them, then you could compare them.

    As Skip Bayless said, “Kobe is the closest thing to MJ I’ve seen.”

  103. Calm Down says:

    Why can’t everyone just agree that both of them are great basketball players? I mean, does it really matter if someone thinks something different from you? Sheesh, people these days.
    (Though i will say, the above comments were rather funny to read)

  104. blaz says:

    How dare you compare Michael to anyone?! will these idiotic comparisons ever stop!

  105. MATT ZAZUETA says:

    Kobe is the man but MJ is also the man. Why can’t they both be the greatest in their own ways instead of one better than the other? I feel blessed to have been able to witness them play during my life. All of the negativity is not needed. You should all respect everyones opinion even if you don’t agree with it.

  106. Juan Kevin says:

    if Kobe play in Wilt era he can score 150 point,i know he is a legend or something but thats the truth(dont hate me)

  107. Investigate4You says:

    @charlie Jordan took 43 shots in a game and 45 in an OT game. Do some research at least before so that you can easily hide your bias. WOW! Jordan jockers and Kobe Hater cling to whatever dogma they can use to substantiate there view points but fact is Kobe is better in a few area than Michael and vice versa.

    This this article is far from absurd and the fact is his basketball skills are superior. All other stats a relative to the type of system run, coach and skills of his teammates which can greatly affect ones stats and championships. Kobe’s stats are lower in some aspects (by very small margin) because he was in the 2nd or 3rd option in his 1st few years and got the ball to go 1 on 1 with seconds on the shot clock and defenders rushing at him. He wasn’t the 1st option until shaq left! Plus when Kobe got the ball 1st, he’d usually get the ball back with the shot clock running down to seconds because his teammates weren’t shooters like John Paxon, BJ Armstrong, Steve Kerr etc. Kobe’s played with Shaq and Pau. MJ’s played with Pippen, Dennis Rodman, all 3 NBA 50 greatest players & Hall of Famers. Only Shaq 50 greatest player and future HOFer. So Haters stop hatting and recognize that we witness the second coming and possibly a better version sooner than you EVER thought!

  108. Trino23 says:

    Similar is no the word, copy cat is!!!!!

  109. don't ever compare Michael to Kobe!!! says:

    cmon man, stop comparing MJ to Kobe…

    Kobe is nothing!!!! (compared to michael)
    first 3 rings, those are Shaq’s rings…
    the next 2, OK, that was his time… but at that time, NBA has no other stars to claim the throne
    LeBron is still alone, Celtics are too old, Spurs are too old…

    but michael… all 6 rings belong to him, it was him to claim the throne… with the BIGS in that era, him (with scottie) wins it all, 3 times, twice!!!

    and IF michael did not retired 2 times, there’s no chance Kobe would catch his all time-points…. NO CHANCE, period!!!

  110. jordan is the goat says:

    Look alot of good points, but once again if u look at their careers from beginning to end, which kobe has bout two maybe three years left, you’ll have to remember jordan retired twice…believe me if u know basketball u would know that if he had never retired he would have won 8 straight chips…kobe was jus a kid and made alot of errors on the court that mj never did…as of lebron not in the same converstion right not so stop sweating him…yea he is the best player right now in the league but last time ive checked mj nor kobe had to go to a different team with other superstars to win a championship…jus saying…..

    • Jep says:

      At least Lebron was the best player on each of the two championship Heat teams. Those teams were Lebron’s teams. That’s more than you can say about Kobes first three championships……Just saying……

  111. lawrence says:

    Michael Jordan is the best player to ever step on a basketball court. Watching Kobe Bryant play reminds you of MJ, very similiar with their game. I want to see Lebron James play at the height of 6’6 and not 250+ lbs. Lebron is only as dominate as he is because of his size. If MJ & KB were 6’8 250+ lbs they would be much more dominant. Lebron has his own, MJ has his own and KB has his own. These are three different players, but have the same desire for winning and wanting to be the best to ever play. STOP HATING ON KOBE/LEBRON/JORDAN. Let’s watch Kevin Durant grow, witness because he’s the next great to be talked about

  112. Kevin says:

    Oh.I forgot to add..They both had Phil Jackson lol

  113. Kevin says:

    I will say this because I love the game.. Jordan dominated his era after Magic and Bird past the torch. Kobe dominated his era and now it is Lebron’s turn.. we always look for the next player to carry the league. Now all the comparisons to jordan and kobe..isn’t fair because they both took different paths to get to the league. Kobe didn’t even start right away. Jordan was known as a scorer and a ball hog for the first few years of his career, but hints the position Shooting Guard. Everybody says Kobe had shaq for his first three titles but you check the numbers year by year when they won those titles and you can see they needed each other. Now Jordan had pippen and even though pippen isn’t shaq, he dominanted on the difensive end and he could score and you have horace grant who was not trash doing work and shooters like paxson. Jordan may not have had dominant players, but he had pieces to get the job done. but everyone knows that if jordan didn’t have pippen, he wouldn’t have 6 rings and vica versa with kobe and shaq. Kobe was hated from the get go because people compared him to jordan and because he was so private. He is a student of the game and you have to respect what he has done. but they are very similar and I personally have been blessed to watch both individuals dominant and play the game of basketball.

  114. Sunny says:

    Sekou you need to give credit when credit is due.Some dude worked hard to put that together and you dont even give him a shout out!!

  115. uzi la says:

    im a kobe fan started loving basketball because of him but mj is better statistic wise and legacy wise, but at the same time theres nothing Micheal did that kobe cant do and kobe just does some of it a lil better and polished both are top 5 of all time

  116. sportstr says:

    11 Combned Championships.
    The two greatest Shooting Guards Ever.
    Anything negative y’all are throwin out there about either of these guys when it comes to their game is all just a joke. You are all sad, pathetic little people who need to not talk if all you’re going to do is spew negativity into the world. Mad respect for both of these players and every player in the league right now for working hard to pursue a dream that is extremely unattainable. To win One nba championship in your lifetime is an outstanding achievement and these two have a combined 11. Stop the hate and recognize greatness. Be thankful you lived to watch two of the best who ever did it.

  117. captainobvious234523 says:

    for the heat fan, sorry for you lol. the real ones i mean. those who started before the lebron james super multinational team.

  118. Jhun Donato says:

    Don’t compare MJ to KOBE, because its telling that you’re comparing the steel and a wood, and its obviously its far like 20miles far MJ to KOBE

  119. Fool says:

    Why are people talking about lebron James this is clearly a topic about kobe and jordan!!! Bunch of idiots get out of here you bandwagon heat fans you guys didn’t even know who the heat were till 2006 and they won there first title!!! And you guys still weren’t fans then till 2010

  120. Jay says:

    Seriously!! Who is better, MJ or Kobe?? Really, Really!! So disrespectful!!

  121. NBA Fan says:

    Jordan really good and Kobe really good. But now lets come to the present. Lebron is #1 (which i dont want) Durant is #2( which i want to be number 1) and Kobe is #3 . He’s still in the TOP 3 and he is getting older. Thats impressive but stil Jordan was old and still good. They are both awesome but we all know Jordan is a LITTLE bit better . Also they had the same coach to draw them plays

  122. moosterman says:

    And after 17 years we still compare these guys. Come on! These guys are both unique, and they both hate it when we compare them wirh each other. Sit back, relax and enjoy them game.

  123. Joe of NYC says:

    Is this news to you sekou?!

  124. WOW says:

    Who cares if Kobe Scored 81 points in a game? I mean come on wilt chamberlain scored 100 points in a game. can we compare him to Jordan also then?

    • David says:

      Yes, Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell can be compared to Jordan. If Russell was more selfish, his stats would be even more ridiculous, instead he was an awesome teammate from the start and won 11. Jordan learned this later in his carreer. Chamberlain could only do this for one season, but his game was ridiculous. If he had won more championships and been less selfish he’d be in this conversation now. oh, and Bill Russell also won a champioonship as player/coach – something Kobe definitely could not do, and Jordan neither. People need to study Russell and Chamberlain a bit more and remember that they radically changed the game of basketball.

  125. spittin says:

    in the last 13 years kobe made the finals 7 times he has 5 rings hate all u want but he broke all jordans records one by one and still breakin em . if kobe didnt have to share with shaq he would have most points all time

  126. MJ GOAT says:

    Kobe is the closest to MJ, and he will stay there. He won’t be replaced by LeChoke or anybody else anytime soon.
    MJ was the most competitive player that have ever played (ANY SPORT) and it will stay that way.

    What will always separate MJ and the rest – he has never lost an NBA FINAL! He didn’t any big trades to win finals, he didn’t need to rely on anybody else taking over. period.

    simple as that

  127. nate says:

    MJ didnt have to pove that he is the best. He just went out there and played hard and was and still known as the GOAT. It seems like Kobe tries to hard. When Kobe won the MVP in the all star game in his home town Philly, he got booed…He was a ball hog like hes trying to get MVP. Jordan just went out and played ball. How many MVP’s does Jordan have and how many does Kobe have and you still want to compare the 2?

  128. tekamotz says:

    kobes only second hand trying hard copycat,the only rerason why mj and kobe has an identical move is just becoz kobe idolizing mj’s move,kobe is only ordinary player compare to mj,lebron is better than kobe,its more make sense if mj compare to lebron,lebron is now chasing mj with 4mvp,and 2 finals mvp.whooooooooooooooooaaaaaa.

  129. tekamotz says:

    how do you compare mj 5mvp to kobe 1mvp,mj 6 finals mvp to kobe’s how many?????????????you better go to school sekou.

  130. Lk20z3 says:

    Without shaq kobe would have like 2 championships only look back at 2000-2002

  131. RNY says:

    lebron best of all time! those 2 are trash

  132. amauri says:

    It’s stupuid to compare Lebron to MJ or Kobe… he dont have heart or guts to do smt for example in 4 quarter, to take shot or smt … so his strenght is only in his body and that’s it.

  133. DW 21 Atlanta says:

    I keep seeing Kobe scores 81 He scores 63 points in 3 quarters What nobody say that same year he scored 7 points in Game seven Michael Jordan never was in single digits in the game 7 And you stick your tongue out it’s still all is more I can say you got the same game I just say you copied his gameMJ was on a few bad teams

    • A Brenard says:

      You claim to not take away, yet you still do. Contradiction. Anyway you are annoying, if you or anyone can do what Kobe did, then let me know. The NBA in Jordan time was physical, not competitive (handful of good players). The league in Kobe’s time frame had more competitive and better basketball players. It doesn’t matter when you score single digits, it only matters what you do after to prevent it from reoccurring. Can you score 10 points in an NBA game? Most great players have games as such. It happens, Yes, at the moment MJ is still number one and the flame starter, but he can only loose the title of number one. He will always be the one who got it down first for all dreamers to follow.

  134. Kobe Bryant plays like Michael Jordan because: 1) they are both shooting guards, 2) they have similar bodies, 3) they focus on the same type of plays, 4) Kobe watched MJ…a lot and learned from him.

    But to be honest: Kobe has played 17 seasons, Mike played 15 and these video’s are worth a total of 4 minutes and 37 seconds. I mean, seriously? You can probably make the same amount of video’s showing MJ and Vince Carter or MJ and Tracy McGrady or MJ and I don’t know, Ricky Davis?

    Kobe has always had the desire to be like Mike, and rightfully so. Who doesn’t want to be the greatest player of all time, especially when you play the same position and have similar bodies?

    So yes, Kobe has played a lot like Mike but he is no where near Mike when it comes down to legacy. So Kobe can pull off similar shots, lay-ups, moves, defensive stuff all he wants. MJ is the God of basketball, Kobe is at best a small Jezus.

  135. Reason why Allen Iverson and Dwayne wadE luv going at Kobe soooo hard..comparisons to MJ

  136. pleja says:

    I see definitely difference between this two. MJ has more athletic moves, faster, stronger and more consolidated. Rest is similar because it is result of their position, height and role which they played.

  137. you are all ... says:


    NBA is dominated by African americans respect!

    Jordan has darker skin than Kobe, he is more African American, sounds crazy? yes it is but think about it

    this alone is why he is better

  138. lakersfan says:

    kobe has a good work ethic. i think he watch videos of jordan over and over again. and as a kid when playing all by himself he copied jordan. dreaming to be like mike. he will go down as one of the best . (magic is the best) lol magic fan!!!

  139. BOOM says:

    Kobe copied Micheal’s style. A replica will never be better then the original.

  140. szewcu says:

    True Story… MJ-KB like Master – Student

  141. vincent says:

    yup, similar moves. except kobe is a beter 3 pt shooter. that doesnt mean that lebron cant arguably have a better career than either of them

  142. john says:

    Kobe and michael are both shooting guard and lebron is power forward clearly kobe bryant is the best shooting guard of all time

  143. Ace83 says:

    NbaAddict, you idiot. You obviously didn’t see Jordan’s last few seasons when his athleticism was less than Kobe’s is now but still put up huge numbers on a Wizards team with even less depth than the Lakers of late. Kobe is the nowhere near the greatest ever, he’s just a better imitator of Jordan’s than the rest of the imitators. He hasn’t brought anything new to the game, hasn’t changed it in the way the true greats did, like Jordan, Magic, Russell and Chamberlain, Robertson, etc. Kobe is probably the hardest worker in the league and one of the best jumpshooters in the league. But he doesn’t make his teammates better. Truly great players lift those around them, and this is what makes Kobe a very good player but he falls well short of greatness, whether the Kobe lovers want to believe it. Slow news day in the NBA and Sekou is just filling space but you sheep eat it all up. Sad.

  144. Abdel says:

    There is so much majic to the80’s earily 90s era, m.jackson m.jordan and m.tyson ,,,you cant duplicate any of them, what we have now is justin bieber , L.James …

  145. marko says:

    There is some similarity but Michael was stronger in the shouuders he had stronger pull,and bether handling in the air and hand motion,also bether foot work.I would say Michael was bether in allmoust every category in some precentage except 3pt,

  146. bill says:

    if kobe can come back from this injury and have an all star season and get a ring, i think i would finally consider putting him ahead of jordan.

  147. Collin says:

    It’s all in the rings. Chicago did well with recruiting players that worked well in their system. LA have had so many opportunitites with Superstar calibre players that should’ve allowed Kobe more than 5 rings, but unfortunately it didn’t work out that way. Whether that be a result of Kobe and his ways, who knows. What we do know is Jordan has 6 rings and Kobe has 5.

  148. J says:

    Jordan is better

  149. wow says:

    since Grant Hill’s rookie season people started asking questions “can he be next michael jordan” and to this day about every talented kid we can hear “can he be next michael jordan”.

    NOBODY asks “can he be next kobe bryant” or “can he be next lebron james” – that’s why those 2 are not even close to MJ

  150. J says:

    Michael Jordan is better period.
    at the end of the day kobe will have scored more than mj. but there is a bunch of reasons why mj wont be the lead scorer out of the 2. why? well…

    kobe has played more games (1239 to date) than Jordan (1072)
    Jordan missed 732 games in his career
    kobe so far has missed 107 that’s a huuuuuuuuuge difference and the biggest reason
    if Jordan didn’t miss all those games he would have been nba all time lead scorer

    but having kobe score more than mj doesn’t make mj any less of a GOAT

  151. Lakers says:

    MJ didnt invent those moves. Those are basketball moves that all great players should learn. MJ “copied” someone too.

  152. Michael says:

    The biggest difference I see between Kobe and MJ in the second video is Jordan was sooo much better at creating space on the shot. Yes they all look almost identical but look how much further away Jordan has the defenders. (Yes this does also come down to the defenders). But anyone who says Kobe is better cause he poured in 81 and Jordan didn’t, doesn’t understand that Jordan was not only great but made all his teammates better and trusted his teammates. I’m sorry but the same can’t be said for Kobe. Kobe is close but not better than Jordan purely for the fact Jordan had complete faith and trust in his teammates to take the shot if he didn’t have it. On too many occasions Kobe took the shot whether it was there or not. Jordan could of taken more shots but knew he didn’t have too because his teammates were more than capable. From what I have seen Kobe never had the trust it was more about him than the team. Championships are won by a team not one man. Just my opinion feel free to disagree.

  153. J says:

    damn!!!!!!!!! that’s scary

  154. 72-10 says:

    This is such a tired, pointless debate.

    Jordan is the best player to have EVER stepped on the hardwood.

    The end.

  155. markwolf says:

    This is my first time commenting on, but long time reader.. I feel compelled to respond only to bash how stupid this writer is. As good as Kobe has been, MJ is clearly the best. This Sekou writer needs to be fired and go back to school.

  156. Aram says:

    As Phil Jackson said it: Michael Jordan is bette than Kobe.

  157. Michael Bryant says:

    What???? Rondo88!!!!! Are you drunk? Or loose your mind? Lebron at the age of 28 got 2 rings 2 finals MVP & 4 MVP and now he is still playing but your kobe at the age of 28 got 3 rings 0 Finals MVP & 0 MVP and jordan at the age of 28 got 1 ring 1 finals MVP & 2 MVP so who’s better now? Lebron James hahahahahah

  158. I love NBA basketball says:

    I think Bryant and Jordan for the most part are equal, but at different times of there career it could be argued either way that one was better than the other, but I think Kobe at his best, was maybe better, I remember Kobe getting 61 points in the first three quarters of the game against Dallas, and the coach took him out, he could’ve had another 81 point or higher game that night, I also think the year that the Lakers swept the SPURS in the finals, Kobe and the Lakers were maybe the most powerful team ever, it was a younger and stronger Spurs than last year, and even an old SPURS team took LJ to 7 games, and were 30 seconds away from winning in the 6th game, but the Lakers destroyed the SPURS, and Kobe was a huge part of the reason why, but some people just can’t except that the great MJ has an equal, just like some people can’t except that LJ and Miami are not as dominant as the Lakers in there prime with Kobe, I hope KB and the Lakers come back strong this year and surprises the world of basketball, I can dream can’t I ???

  159. This article, and specifically the videos posted, are really stretching it. MJ is better than Kobe, it’s just that simple. Yes they deserve to be mentioned in the same conversation, and sure Kobe comes close to being good as MJ. But he comes close….he’s not there. And he never will be. The videos posted of their “identical moves”….you notice the moves are pretty simple ones, eh? Just a bunch of fade-away jumpers from similar spots on the floor. Why not show some of the spectacular dunks and other moves that MJ did which Kobe never came close to touching. Seriously. Oh, look! They both shot a fade-away jumper around the foul line!! Oh my god!! They’re identical!! Lame.

  160. Chicago! says:

    Kobe is indeed Jordan’s mirror image.
    Kobe Bryant is Michael Jordan’s legacy…

  161. Ed says:

    The compare with MJ will go on and on…

  162. Darius says:

    JORDAN #1.

  163. Rondo88 says:

    Kobe and Jordan is the best players we will ever see! I can promise you, LeBron will never shoot 81 pts. over 55% at the same time, EVER. LeBron will never hit 13 3 ptrs. in a row in a game like Kobe, EVER. He will NEVER be in a dunk contest and win back-to-back dunking titles like Jordan and he will NEVER EVER get six rings or five likw KB and MJ, EVER. Case closed.

    • blow21 says:

      Same discussion – different day – same result:

      1. MJ
      2-?. Kobe, LBJ, Magic, Wilt etc… (not in that particular order)

    • you are all ... says:

      Kobe idolised Jordan

      Lebron alone admits he watches JORDAN TAPES before his finals game, not Rusell, not Bird or Wilt, friggan Jordan

      Lebron is a great player, I would like to see if he can 3 peat or is it just 2??

      I predicted 6 mvps to tie Kareem and 4 rings over another 8 years or some ding

    • Will_Dunk_4_Donuts says:

      Wilt scored 100 in a game which is the all time scoring record in a regular season game. Neither MJ nor Kobe will ever match Bill Russell in NBA titles. He has 11. Nate Robinson has multiple Dunk Contest titles. As does Dominique Wilkins.

      See, I can bring up pointless factoids too. I’d rather wait and see how LeBron’s career plays out. And if I want to see Jordan, I’ll go watch Jordan clips online. I don’t need to see a bad impersonation of him wearing purple and gold. Oh, and here’s another thing LeBron won’t do. He won’t break the record for most missed shots in a career, which has stood for decades. It was set years and years ago when players couldn’t really shoot, but now Kobe has come to set a new record. So congrats to him. He’s #1 at something.

  164. NbaAddict says:

    Kobe modeled his game after Jordan. Plain and simple. He learned from the best, and refined it in his own way. He’s the best, hands down. Jordan ran on athleticism. Kobe has none left, and still gets it done. Don’t bring Lebron into this, because his a different kind of player all together. Kobe is the greatest of all time. For now.

  165. MichaelPhelpsCantSwim says:

    LBJ= choker, period

  166. Luke Yeaman says:

    Let me put this discussion to rest with one question ..

    Which would you prefer,

    The original painting of the Mona Lisa or an exact Photo Copy of the Mona Lisa?

    Game Set Match M. J

  167. Darrell says:

    Jorden is a legend.
    Kobe is a worror.
    Lebron is the future.
    Honestly it true the game has change since the 90’s, but giving all these guys credit for making history. All these guys took there team to finals doing whatever take, flopping, playing dirty, and even fighting. You watch those guys & see how much they want to win & they have there own reasons, but we also cant forget to give there supporting cast credit because without those guy all three if them would be ring liss. In ok lets be honest this blog is just over hyped Kobe and Jorden are two different players. The end

  168. REY MV3 says:

    This is so FOOLISH and UNFAIR to the part of MJ. First of all MJ’s attitude is way far from this SICK, SELF CENTERED and STUBBORN Kobe Bryant, I cant understand why they are keep publishing this kind of thing to kobe, Is this a fan of kobe?? who cant accept the fact this mean guy is already done. and we all know that it is because of SHAQ that’s why he taste a championship. He has one championship only as a total if you really look at his NBA career. Please accept the fact the now is LBJ’s time….. the KING is on the TOP…. The greatest player in the world right now and lastly the HEAT is ON………….. so Shut up kobe…. RETIRE…

  169. HISAIRNESS23 says:

    nuFF said…




    6 BY 6 = 6 TITLES
    30.1PPG AVERAGE??
    6 FINALS MVP..




  170. The reason Jordan never scored 81 is because the rules were so much different back then, and the game was more physical. Hand checking was allowed, and bumping also. Now the game rules are made for nba teams to score more. There was no dotted area under the basket either which favors the offensive player.

  171. Jimmy Buckets says:

    I can not get over how messed up Kobe’s personal life is….kinda like how he cant get over himself.

  172. 305boy says:

    The only thing kobe has over jordan is that 81 point game.. Jordan has 6 finals mvps , in the finals hes 6 for 6 never lost in the finals, better ppg, rpg,, fg%, more dunk contest trophies, the real original, kobe is a copi of jordan, please.. Yeah kobe is is one of the gratest to ever do it, but he did it coping jordans style and that my friend will always be visible for everyone to see.

  173. wooderson says:

    how is this news? Bryant has spent his life trying to copy Jordan anyone can see that. very poor mans version that’s all, cheap imitation. ive heard people do Christopher walken impersonations, doesn’t make them as good an actor as he is does it?

  174. Shane says:

    MJ watched (or at least heard about) Dr. J and put his personal spin on it… Kobe watched MJ… and “picked his brain when he met him… LeBron watched both… and Magic and all the others… each one might be the best of the time frame…. but it truly is difficult to measure their significance simply on stat sheets and highlight reels!

    Oscar Robertson was a 6-5, 205 point guard who averaged 30.5 PPG, 12.5 RPG, 11.4 APG over the course of 79 games in 1961-62 (his 2nd season), [cf. and but how many ever even heard of him? He never did it, again, but came very close on many occasions. By contrast, has anyone else ever averaged a triple-double since?? Considering the number of championship rings one wins is really a TEAM issue, one might call him the “G.O.A.T.” on the strength of stat lines alone…. in addition, I’d venture to say that his stats only declined because he spent so much time in court trying to prevent the inevitable NBA-ABA merger… cf.

    Just a thought, though….

    I love ya!
    God bless ya!
    Good night!

  175. the LOGO says:

    MJ should sue Kobe for copyrights violation.. totally patterned his game to the greatest MJ! MJ fade away and jumpshot way way way way way much better, smooth and galant!

    • why? says:

      LOL. no… he should be like wow this is the best tribute to any one who ever lived. this guy is trying to “be like mike” and hes almost doing it…. so many hatters this guy is a so called “copy” of Jordan and he only ranks a few spots behind him in the all time standings of EVERYTHING nba from stats to rings……

  176. Just a fan says:

    Still don’t understand why people compare Lebron 2 MJ. I always said Kobe is the closest 2 MJ. Very similar game. Lebron is more like Magic but more dominant. Nobody like him. Never has been never will be. Been watching bball since 1976 starting with Dr. J. Follow from HS thru the pros. Followed them all and still do.

  177. MrBasketball21 says:

    Im going to go nuts if i see another comment saying LeBron James is the greatest of all time or he is better than Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

  178. Jae says:

    Mj is the greatest there is no doubt kobe is 2nd!!! Now the bills played the bad boys of detroit and the crazy knicks thenlast teams that where a little bit similar were the trailblazers and the sacramento kings who the lakers had crazy battles against and they all beat each other up fights and all lakers did have it easy in the finals but in th western confrence playoffs they had there battles

  179. basketball fan says:

    its not so much about kobe learning moves from jordan its how hes able to do them just as good. and as far as the lebron comparisons go….lebron is a more athletic style player with not as much technical skill (footwork, shooting form, basketball IQ) as kobe or jordan not sayin lebron doesnt have any technical skill just not as much as jordan or kobe. and the killer instinct,which is much more than late game scoring, is another point where lebron falls behind when the heat are losing he continues to rely on his teammates who dont always deliver. he needs to show he can take full control of a game at any given moment it will make his legacy and his team bettter. im still not comfortable giving him full credit for his 2 rings although kobe and jordan had shaq and pippen they didnt have a 3rd allstar caliber player in chris bosh overall the whole teamup they pulled seems stupid and an easy way out of harder work

  180. Duv says:

    Boys (because that’s what a lot of you are). Jordan had Bill Cartwright, Will Perdue and Luc Longley helping him run the triangle offense! Enough said! Jordan is the greatest. Also, Olajuwon is up there before Kobe or LeBron. Mind you, LeBron will be number 2 if he continues going the way he is going. End of debate.

  181. LA24TilIDie says:

    Wow lots of Kobe haters as usual. The only thing that separates Jordan from Kobe is the number of rings he has. Other then that they are pretty much the same ppl

  182. jose says:

    what a BS! obviously if you look for the plays you will find them.. that said, even Lebron is “identical” to MJ…

  183. raMON says:

    What is this got to do with us?

    if you are the best, why not make an original move? are you a copycat?

  184. Jeremyc says:

    Micheal jordan is #1 and Kobe will be always be great . What kobe is doing at his age is incredible . Scoring like its nothing . The reason lebron is better now is because he’s in his prime and is way taller and stronger . Kobe in his prime is way better than lebron . This may be off topic but it’s true .

  185. I need a name? says:

    It’s the leg kick that makes their jumpers look so similar. Their ability to make fadeaways is amazing.

  186. Professor pacman says:

    To bring this conversation to an end how many players do u know in his late 30’s and can still dominate the game of basketball,and still be the number one player in the world and top of that lead his team Chicago bulls to get their 6 championship ring common guys case close right now nobody can even touch the goat Michael Jordan maybe Lebron but he lost twice in da finals already Michael da goat airness Jordan never exposed to dat experience every finals his in he wins and pls stop comparing stats with mike, koby,and bron cuz da reason they play da nba is to win da championship . Look at Malone, Barkley, Ewing, Stockton,etc… They all have good stats but no ring and mike got 6’s ring so end of conversation plus different era for mike much more harder era compare from today

  187. Zach says:

    Statistical probability.

  188. Jezreel_GWAPO says:

    Kobe is the upgraded version of MJ. Kobe’s style of shooting is not copied from the great airness but it is his own style of finesse . Kobe shots fadeaways better than MJ . Jordan strokes are just not as fascinating as kobe’s.

  189. Phil says:

    What everyone here fails to remember is Kobe wouldnt be able to replicate Michael’s move and have identical plays if it wasnt for MICHAEL. Kobe grew up on Michael highlights and fashioned his game on Michael’s moves!
    We all did. We all tried to copy Michael’s moves (without success) and Kobe is the closest thing to Michael but still a little short!
    The 81 points in a game is irrelivant! It just shows what a ball hog he really is and that Michael in the same situation would find the open teammate, especially at the same points (years played) in their career. Plus it was against one of the worst defences and teams in the league!
    Just because Wilt scored 100 points in a game does that make him the best ever? Everyone would agree that is not the case as he is hardly better than Michael or Kobe! So your more points in a game arguement doesnt hold water.
    Then there is also that intangible element to Michael’s game and persona. You cant put your finger on it, but somehow Michael always seemed to do things with more style, presence and sense of occasion. We all know it’s hard to describe but it exists. Just that something extra MJ had that no one else can replicate. As an example the gatorade commercial move against the lakers in ’91 finals. Dont know an equivalent kobe moment.
    If you were walking down the street and you had a choice running into either one on the street which guy are you going to choose? We all know the answer! MJ of course!
    So in closing, every other awesome talented player that has come since MJ has practised Air Jordan moves in the playground. They arent copying kobe’s game! Dont get me wrong. Of course kobe is an awesome player and undeniably number 2 in NBA history, but he is just that. Number 2.
    I’m pretty sure I have now put this debate to rest forever, but some of you will foolishly waste your time trying to convince yourself and the world otherwise. All I can say is Good Luck!

  190. JOrdan best says:

    Kobe is the best MJ imitator we’ve seen, but he’s NOT EVEN CLOSE

  191. Zzezao says:

    Who wants to compare Lebron to Kobe have to go back in time, and easily compare now, I want to see compare six years ago, until MJ clapped for Kobe, so we can compare your cycles end when you play, when they end their careers, be good and MVP, but the important thing and who won more championships and who has done more points, Basketball was done to make points, ball in the basket, the team that makes the most points and wins, then gentlemen, wait cycles run out!

  192. Heavy T says:

    They shoot the same cause kobe wants to be like Jordan so he copied his style of moves & play, just like kobe’s fade away jump shot was learnt from dirk doing it so kobe wanted to copy it as its almost undefendable. In 10-15yrs time we’ll be comparing lebron & possibly Durant to Jordan & kobe wont even be in top 5 GOAT

  193. Lysto says:

    What similarity? Kobe just copied Michael Jordan”s game!

  194. lbj says:

    kobe = jordan wannabe

  195. magic johnson says:

    kobe is probably at the same level as mike but did mj have to deal with a domination deteriorating injury late in his career
    the way kobe did this season. Now I find kobe to be better because if I don’t wanna sound like a know nothing bout the sport person who picks jordan because they saw an article that says best there was best there will ever be but still much respect to both

  196. downunder says:

    You can compare these two guys if you want though it seems a little unfair on Kobe, great player that he is. MJ did it first…..MJ created that style and prepared his body in order to show it every time on the court. A fiercely competitive showman and all round nice guy. MJ had better shooting percentages over his career right? So why is Kobe the better jump shooter? The similarity in the videos above are two guys of similar height,weight,build and athleticism. Two ultra-competitive guys that had the same coach. MJ is basketball.

  197. Jay L says:

    Kobe’s a copycat because he studied MJ’s game?! That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. MJ studied Dr. J…LeBron studied Oscar and Magic. Anyone who is a perfectionist and true artist about their craft will study those before them and perfect their game. Michael Jackson studied James Brown and I’m sure he did the “James Brown” better than the man who curated it. Stop hating on Kobe…if he’s not #1 he’s a verrrrrrrrrrry close second. Period.

  198. Ken Woods says:

    I think the whole point of this video flew over most if your heads. This was not a comparison to say who is better it just shows how close the games are to each other. Kobe most likely molded his and after MJ’s but who wouldn’t want to? He did things unmatched to anyone in the NBA. And i disagree that the NBA back then was tougher. There was a small amount of perimeter players who could athletically compete with MJ. Now the NBA is loaded with people who can match up with the better perimeter players except Lebron but that’s another story. Kobe is the best of his era and the same goes for MJ

  199. Don says:

    Most people don’t seem to realize…Jordan averaged more shot attempts per game than Kobe has through their careers…

  200. The Voice Of Reason says:

    Sekou Smith – to quote Moe from the Simpsons, “You’re an idiot”. Do you really think Kobe’s likeness to Jordan is ‘scary’, despite Kobe saying he idolised Jordan since he was a teenager? Like others have eluded to in this blog, you only copy the best and who better to want to be like than MJ? If that’s your idea of ‘creative writing’ then can I have your job?
    Also funny how similar everything looks when you can use slow motion video. MJ had unreal hangtime that Kobe never had. For all the Kobe fans, RELAX – Kobe is a true legend of the game and I believe Lebron will also go down as a true legend when he hangs up his shoes.
    You kids under 20 who think Kobe is greater than MJ need to realise how much the game has changed and why it is so much easier to score in today’s game. First is the obvious lack of physicality – dirty that is. Flagrant fouls weren’t around back then so no matter how bad they hit you, you got the free throw and that was it…YouTube ‘bad boy pistons’ or ‘New York vs MJ’ and you get the idea. Imagine Jordan’s same level of confidence back then, applied today knowing that if they became too physical they would get flagrant calls?
    One more major difference…Jordan’s absolute dominance of one on one situations forced the NBA to create a new rule…you can’t clear the keyway and allow 2 players to go at each other one on one on one side of the court.
    What MJ did for the game can never be repeated – simply because he already did it. This doesn’t take away from the greatness of Kobe or even Lebron but you can’t compare today’s game to 20 years ago.
    My biggest wish is that MJ never stepped away twice from the game – I totally understand about coaching changes and he obviously had personal reasons (dad’s death etc). But if only he had played right through to 2003 with no breaks – imagine a 19-20yr career and seeing his states, championships, MVPs etc.
    MJ also had an amazing dominance of the game that Kobe has had from time to time and Lebron occasionally has (much more last season of course than any other time prior in his career). The killer instinct that MJ had is very much there in Kobe but Lebron is still learning to develop that.
    As for @Another Heat Fan’s comment on MJ and Kobe’s work ethic compared to Lebron’s? Nobody can be at their level without intense training and commitment lol so that is just silly. At this point in time you can easily say Kobe and MJ trained harder than Lebron…they have more rings 😉

    • Matthew says:

      Lets not pretend Jordan was the only legend playing in those “dirty” days…. Kobe and Lebron playing in those dirty days would still be Kobe and Lebron… No doubt. If skinny Reggie Miller survived and was actually balling out of control than lets stop pretending the game was so rough you had to be a convict to play it…

  201. d dimez says:

    Mj is mj, but Kobe is the only player to be considered on the same level as Jordan but idk if kobe could get one more ring this debate could really get interesting

  202. Kimmy says:

    Apples and oranges. Both good, just different types of fruits….

  203. Joelwuu says:

    those videos dont show mj’s 5 mvp to kobe’s 1, or mj’s 6 finals mvp to kobe’s 2. Mj built and led his own team, kobe was drafted into a winning position. kobe’s great, but he’s not mj

  204. Kemba says:

    Who cares can’t we just embrace greatness

  205. cd says:

    MJ will always will be the best he done it first and each time he went to the nba finals he win, lebron an kobe last in the finals so you know mj is the greatest of all time. Kobe an Leron is up there but they is not Michael Jordan.

  206. Boge says:

    When 2 players take as many shots as Jordan and Bryant, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a clips worth that look identical. It’s just a numbers game.

  207. DeBrosh says:

    MJ did it his way! Kobe did it like MJ.
    They are both great. But MJ is better!

  208. Jay says:

    They are not similar, Kobe just grew up studying MJ and coping all his moves is just that simple and obvious.

  209. rich says:

    the only people ive heard say lebron or kobe is better then jordan are younger guys that never seen jordan play live and are just comparing youtube videos. im lucky enough to see all 3 play, and i can tell you without a doubt MJ is the GOAT…..kobe and lebron i will decide whos better after lebrons careers done

  210. Tarek says:

    This is very unprofessional from the author…
    Two random players in the same position with more than 30000 points will have hundreds of identical plays hands down.
    The case here is that he is comparing the ultimate player who created those moves with another legend who grew up like millions of others studying his game. Kobe simply did it the best while being great at the same time.
    I know a Jordan and Kobe comparison is always interesting and brings attention to the website but at least do it on better grounds not based on a silly Kobe fan video…

    • Game Time says:

      Really? Compare Karl Malone, Kareem and MJ. Outside of a spot up jump shot their moves are VERY different and you’d be lucky to find five instances of similar moves amoung the three.

  211. nelson says:

    MJ took home the trophies (championships and mvp) each time he was in the finals. NEVER LOST.

    Perfection and excellence.

    All other greats lost in the finals at one point in their illustrious careers – Larry, Magic, Kobe, Shaq, LBJ, Kareem, Wilt, Dr J, Hakeem, KG,TD, Russel, West, Baylor, Moses, …..

  212. John says:

    Kobe’s game is very, very similar to the 30 plus year old Jordan, with Kobe being a better 3 point shooter, and Jordan being stronger and smarter. The biggest differences between the two are when comparing Jordans athletic prime to Kobe’s. Michael Jordan was an amazingly gifted athlete with elite speed, jumping ability, strength, and creativity! His first step is unmatched in the history of the game of basketball. His explosive agility and creativity was a thing of beauty. Jordan in his early years was a much different player than in his later years. I think people are either too young, or forget how quick and explosive the 80s Jordan was. Having said all of that here’s the breakdown: Jordan was a superior athlete to Kobe. That is the biggest difference between the two!

  213. travis says:

    why compare the past against the present.. obviously the future is way better than past.

  214. Jim says:

    Click name for Kobe Countdown

  215. eLkapiTaN says:

    Its not about copying, its about finding a model on playing ball. Every child/player/person in every field – sports/music/etc. would want to excel and part of that is finding someone to whom one can look up to.

    Kudos to Kobe for having a great career, its so happened that he patterned his to the GOAT MJ.
    MJ was really on another level when he played, the defense would reset when he gets the ball, those were the days.

  216. GEORGE says:


  217. GEORGE says:

    If you’re comparing Kobe to Jordan and have to argue…I’ll take either one of them…GREATEST players of THEIR GENERATION is a better way to describe them two, just like now it’s LEBRON.

  218. vice says:

    Jesus people! what are you talking about? Jordan reinvented the game- he is on another level by far!

  219. jo says:

    Kobe molded his game after Michael’s … that’s why they are alike.

  220. dd def says:

    i’ve definitely seen similarities in mj’s and kobe’s playing style. both started out as explosive rim-attackers who with age refined their post and midrange games. i don’t think it’s ever been any kind of secret that kobe took a lot from jordan’s game. and to all the people who say “oh well jordan never dropped 81” i say to you, kobe never beat mj’s post season high score, in fact no one has. it’s still the league record.

  221. daz37 says:

    People forget the thin blue line between MJ and Kobe why are they so alike one good reason Phil Jackson. Kobe could not play that great for a while but Phil Jackson worked on him to make him like MJ as you can see their game is so alike but no one can beat MJ. Kobe was up himself he wanted to be better than MJ so he always tried to do something different by keep shooting feeling he was better scorer then MJ not playing team game like Jordan when his shot was not falling he do something else in team set people up rebound play defence. If u want more read Phil Jackson book sure show more prove about this topic.

  222. Nicholas says:

    Thanks to whoever did these 2 vids.

    To give a more “balanced view”, I’d request if he did a comparative vid of the bloops & blunders of Jordan & Bryant. Any chance of that?

  223. im MJ COPYCAT says:

    it only goes to show how great in terms of copying like chinese the black(teamcancer)mamba is !!!hahaha
    kb was ask who he idolize and answers magic!! cmon enuf wt stupidity.. ur game not even close wt how magic plays..truth is ur game is a photocopy of mj, every single move..u cant even pay tribute to the one u watch ur whole life!!! kb24 is great player but as a person??no way…

  224. wujiblog says:

    To me the video is showing me Kobe trying hard impersonating MJ.

    Kobe should be calling him Master Sifu.

  225. A Brenard says:

    For all the ignorant haters… .. . If it was so easy to “copy” Mike and be successful, then what happened to the millions including NBA players who buy Jordan’s hoping to be a fraction of a success? It’s not that Kobe copies Mike specifically, it is that Kobe studies and realises what worked for Mike and applied those same concepts to his game and even improved some. How many you can count on your fingers who can do the same in respects to Mike or Kobe? Give Kobe his props, he proved himself regardless of your negative and egotistical views. Also in a previous post, A guy stated that the same coach is a contributing factor to such an art of display, which is true to a certain extent. Both Kobe and Mike respect each other, so what are you fools debating?

  226. swastika says:

    that’s why he wears 24…..he’s just next to mj

  227. Martin says:

    Well I’ve always seen it as Kobe being pretty much a knockoff version of MJ

  228. Franck says:

    they are similar but also very different, Their careers are very different. Jordan without any hesitation was the better player but thats okay, Kobe was is pretty good, just I dont like his decision making much, Kobe is way more of a volume shooter then Jordan was, Jordan was in attack mode 24/7

  229. truehoopster says:

    Kobe has less air time and explosiveness than MJ, there’ll never be another Jumpman.

  230. Kane says:

    So much hate from people with “kingjames” “lebronisthegreatest” names. Figures…

    • justsayin says:

      Fairweather fans echoing the inordinate pride of one whose victories were more gifted than earned.

      That bandwagon’s due to plow into a ditch when he starts losing again. And how much luck can he have left at this point?

  231. RAMON says:

    Can we stop comparing every great player with jordan, cause everybody has there own style, even if kobe plays alot like jordan he still has his own style of playing. theres never going to be another M.J. just like theres never going to be another magic johnson or larry bird, cause everbody no matter how similar they might play, they will still have a style of there own. in retrospect, pippen was never a big scorer, but he would do anything he could to help the team win, and for that reason hes my favorite player of all time.

  232. You can have that says:

    Michael and Kobe are very similar, but Jordan was just more consistent and more efficient, that’s why the only player in mind that stacks up to Jordan is Lebron, but a the end of the day they are very different player with two different styles, unlike Jordan and Kobe with very similar play-styles.

  233. justsayin says:

    A copy is always less impressive than an original work. Mimicry does not require creativity, invention, or innovation.

    Give Kobe credit though – it does require focus, dedication, and buckets of talent to get anywhere close. Even if he falls short of MJ.

  234. Sid 6.7 says:

    Come on Sekou nothing better to write about…Yawn…Somebody should tell Kobe fans basketball is played on both sides of the court, MJ the better defender and rebounder

  235. Matt says:

    Efficiency. Michael always had it Kobe never has. Look at the all-time PER rankings and you’ll understand what I’m getting at here.

    When arguing who’s better than who we can leave out how many championship teams each man was a part of. Championships and rings are and always have been a team effort. Even if MJ only had 2 or 3 rings to his name he would still be an overall better basketball player than Kobe Bryant.

    If you break down clutch shots taken statistically Kobe’s always been average to below average when compared to other top players in the league. The only reason people actually believe he’s “clutch” is because the media has said it enough times and dumb people don’t care to observe statistics or facts.

    Now, is Kobe a great player? Absolutely! He’s one of the top 20 or 30 of all-time IMHO. Did Kobe do his absolute best to try and emulate his game after MJ’s? Certainly. Did he succeed? To certain extents he did, for sure. Was Kobe hyped up to be something greater than he actually is by the media? I definitely believe so. After MJ retired the media couldn’t wait to crown someone else the next best thing since Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant happened to be in the right place at the right time.

  236. Rosesrred says:

    everyone but YOU seems to know that Kobe patterned his game after MJ. it took him several years to fess up be he eventually admitted it. where YOU been dude,living in a cave?

  237. Not on Michael's Level says:

    Just because their styles of play are similar does not mean that they’re on the same level in my opinion…

  238. Dod says:

    jordan no contest, played in 6 finals won 6 as teams primary superstar… bryant, played in 7, won 5, 2 as teams primary superstar

  239. terence says:

    Kobe = Baby Jordan

  240. Sad... says:

    How quickly people forget…
    Most of you have only seen Kobe play live, and few have seen Michael.You cant compare stats then and now. Its a diffrent time and era. Please compare Larry and LeBron !??

  241. theking0522 says:

    One thing is for sure, you can compare Kobe with Jordan, but you can’t compare Lebron with ANYBODY. Lebron is unique, a freak of nature, a player that we WILL NEVER see again. Lebron is in a league on his own.

    • SuperSonic says:

      I remember when Vince Carter came onto the scene. LeBron reminds me of Vince Carter except he’s bigger/stronger.

    • Sit Down says:

      Put some muscle and meat on Kevin Durant and you got yourself a taller and better shooting LeBron…

      • AI3THEANSWER says:

        Easy for you to say that… If KD got more muscles it would likely mess with his touch. Why do you think most bigs have limited range? That’s what makes LeBron so unique, he has size and strength, but also has speed and can shoot like a wing player. KD is more like T-Mac in his prime, a knock down shooter with decent handles that allow him to drive (although he still turns it over too much).

  242. Marc says:

    I’ll just echo what Phil Jackson has said…Kobe is a magnificent talent that has duplicated Michaels game. He said he thought Kobe was slightly more athletic overall and a better shooter, but Michael was the strongest person he has ever coached and had huge powerful hands that allowed him yo do things with the ball that Kobe couldn’t. When pressed to make a decision he said just look at the career field goal percentage to make a decision (Michael higher).

  243. Alerk says:

    Okay jobs is a.copy cat but nobody can copy mj so well as he did

  244. Frank Lucas says:

    Plain and Simple…Kobe is copying Jordan’s moves and other HOFs’ moves

    He admits it almost everytime, if you pay attention to conferences

  245. James>Jordan>Kobe says:

    the reason why their games r so identical is because kobe mimics jordan’s game. Kobe tries to emulate jordan in every way from his moves to how he carries himself on the court to even how he bends over to catch a breather while someones at the freethrow line. Kobe wishes he was as great as jordan and it shows in his game. I guess its because of the early comparisons that got to kobe’s head.

  246. video proof says:

    First of all there are much better youtube video comparing the two. I am a kobe fan but mike was much more athletic compared to kobe. Without Pippen though mike would not be able to get ANY CHAMPIONSHIPS. Not to mention Phil was in his prime as a coach when coaching Mike.

  247. Simba says:

    Kobe’s game is similar to MJ’s because Mike was his favourite player growing up. Kobe patterned his game after him, took time to learn the intricacies of MJ’s moves which is no small feat. However Michael did his in an era where you could still handcheck players on the wing. MIchael did his in an era where it was universally understood that once you drove the ball there was no way you were gonna score without taking at least 3 hits from the defense’s big men. Kobe is a legend and will go down as one of the best to ever play but Michael is mythical. Michael revolutionized basketball and made it the global giant it is today. Michael retired in his prime and I bet if you ask those Rockets, Magic and Knicks teams that went to Finals the years he was out the league they’ll tell you that MJ could’ve won it 8 straight times. MJ’s stats are amazing but stats don’t tell the entire story. There was a dominance about Michael that made him terrifying even on the rare nights he would shoot 3-15 or something like that. So Kobe scored 81 points against a mediocre Raptors team. MJ scored 63 points in a PLAYOFF game against Larry Bird’s Celtics in his 2nd season. Just remember who MJ had to compete against to make a name for himself in the league. He came into the league in the middle of the Bird-Magic rivalry and quickly let them know that their time was running short. The most impressive thing about Jordan’s career though is that once he figured out how to win, he never lost again.

  248. Will says:

    He’s like MJ because He watched him and trys to immitate his gestures and movements obviously. He’s not as good sorry, Only one Mike. He cant dunk like him, or have his determination.

  249. jjamoretu says:

    if I am going to pattern my game after someone why not pattern it after the best ever? When Kobe came into the league yes he walked like mike shot fade aways like mike even chewed gum like mike. Not to mention he even interviewed like mike. he did it almost to perfection. he was a 17 years impressionable kid that chose to pattern his game after the best ever. Whats wrong with that. people hate on Kobe for that … guess what folks Mike does’nt have issue with it never has and never will… matter of fact mike has been in Kobe’s ear since he came into the league encouraging Kobe to keep doing what he is doing. look that up… So, if a 17 year kid patterned his game after the best b-ball player ever and neither of them have issue with it why the hell is everyone else having issue…

  250. Celtics says:

    Never been a Kobe fan. I grew up watch MJ from India. when cable TV was just starting around early 90s,.

    Kobe is a better 3 point shooter.

    MJ is a much better rebound, one on one defender and a much better play maker in the 4th quarters. Kobe tries to take the game in his own hands in the 4th quarter.

    MJ is much better leader and gets everyone involved to win the ball game. he understands and works with team mates better. (Magic and Larry were the best in that category)

    But lets just say this, If MJ in prime played with shaq, and next time around with Paul Gasol, Bynum, Lamar, fisher, Ron Artest. Sure he would have won more championships,

    Not sure, if kobe with pippen would have beaten the likes of malone/stockon, sun of barkley, knicks of pat ewing, indiana pacers reggie, kemp/payton…… for 2 – 3 peats. thats a question.

    so, MJ anytime. Not just kobe. Best to play the game in the history of NBA. Top 5 best athletes in the history of Pro-Sports. 48′ inch vertical. so i guess thats plenty of pointers.

  251. Dan says:

    I wana see a similar comparison video with george muresan and jebron

  252. Omniball says:

    Jordan is the most important player to play the game (that is as much as circumstance as it is about who he is)! Jordan consistency is one of the things that makes him soo great! His stats bare that out. Kobi’s inconsistencies is one of the things that makes him soo great. The best clutch shooter (partly because he has to be) as well as his 81pts and 62pts outsourcing Mavs for three quarters. As the Black Mamba I’ve seen him weave through 8 players (brake-down, cross-over, split, and draw contact [which wasn’t called] past all 5&3 twice) to make an easy layup?!? Something Jordan never felt a need to do, so we don’t know if he could. Kobi is more talented then Jordan that doesn’t mean anything there skill set is about the same (Kobi’s foot work in the post looks a little better in the past two years with help from Hakeem). Kobe stoled Jordan’s turn-around fade, that Jordan stoled and perfected.

    Bottom line: We called the Jordan Era while Jordan was in his last few years with the Bulls. (Post-Jordan era ended with the Shaq- Kobe Era) Right now, do we call this the Kobe era? Will we?

  253. bkn says:

    Kobe has put in a lot of time mimicking MJ so I guess they would look similar, but has never come close to being the total player that MJ was. The only reason Phil Jackson didn’t put this to rest sooner was because he still had to coach the Lakers. These Laker fans are delusional in thinking Kobe is as good as MJ. Magic couldn’t even make that claim.

  254. Brian Scalabrine says:

    I used to smack both of these scrubs around in my prime. Only Michael Doleac got the best of me.

  255. xyz says:

    I think it’s unfair to compare players that are still playing to the legends that retired from the game at least 10 years ago. I’m a Lebron fan, but I can’t say Lebron is better than MJ. Same goes for Kobe. Let’s wait ’til both Lebron and Kobe finish playing and then you can draw the line and see who was better. Kobe and MJ really have the same style, while Lebron is an all-round player, most similar to Oscar Robertson. The unique thing about MJ is that he did things that were never seen before at that time in basketball. he revolutionized the game. One can’t say that about Kobe or Lebron. That’s one of the main reasons why I think MJ will be regarded as the best of all time for years to come.

  256. Travis Best says:

    you throw this pile together in an hour? should have gathered way more info— than made this around the opener

  257. laf32 says:

    It’s like they are playing a game of horse.

  258. KingJames says:

    My gosh this kobe hype is obsessive, dude barely touches the top 20.

    • mx says:

      Exactly, Bryant is easily 1 all-time in most overrated players of all-time ranking

      • purcell says:

        U are definitely a clown….if u think kobe is overrated lol

      • Akeem says:

        Ok guys, put the crack pipe DOWN and just walk TF away.

      • mx says:


        There is nothing more obvious in this league that Kobe is overrated, you must be clown if you believe all this joking articles which overrating him all the time.

    • Kamil says:

      You kiddng me? Kobe is top 15 of all time.He’s not better than jordan (no one ever will be) but Kobe is a legend for the Lakers.

    • DeeBallGame says:

      Again like I said Kobe was listed #12 on Nba top 50 alltime n that was in 2008 b4 his last 2 chips so hes moved up…so get off that top 20 bs…

  259. JJ (Rockets Fan) says:

    People who say that Kobe is better than Michael are A) Laker fans and B) Not old enough or wise enough to remember just what Jordan was like when he played. There is a reason why the NBA grew in popularity around the world so much during Jordans reign. He wasn’t good, hell he wasn’t great, he was almost inhuman. Some sort of Mutant or something. Kobe is a great player, one of the greatest but he is not Jordan. No one is.

    • Michael Peloton says:

      Well said. Kobe is just a mere Demi god. Jordan is a basketball god. Kobe studied the moves of the goat. And why not they both played under the same triangle offense and under the same coach. Jordan studied all the moves, Kobe just has to learn it.

  260. streams says:

    Kobe from the beginning has always tried to mirror MJ..KEYWORD TRY. the moves may be the same the and all but MJ clearly was better. MJ never came off the bench his 1st 2 years KOBE did.. MJ won all the MVP finals and never lost a final..SHAQ took the 1st 3 from Kobe and he has lost 2 finals 1 with the most dominating player in the game (which MJ never had) another when it was KOBE’s team. Jordan didn’t score 81 because unlike the TORONTO RAPTORS (for crying out loud) JORDAN WAS doubled every that 81pt game Kobe played single coverage all night. Jordan was defensive player of the year and have yet to see Kobe host that award soooo Stop the Madness Please. I can do a mean Michael Jackson impersonation doesn’t make me the king of pop!!

  261. fishandtaxes says:

    Yeah but Jordan was better, according to the man that coached both of them to all of their championships.

  262. Abdel says:

    MJ would had 8 rings if he did not took two years least 2000 point more . Do u remmber Pepien playing after with the Rocket,he was an avrege player but with MJ he was good enough for top 50 of all time, anyhow i like Koby more than L.James and he is so close to MJ but no way better and it is still a great accomplishment.
    L.James for me is more like Shawn kemp but more skilled .

  263. abc says:

    one of the most striking similarity, everyone looks at them when they have the ball.

  264. no-hate says:

    ^^^ur comment has nothing to do with this article

  265. Dennis Big Tennis says:

    One of them is the greatest player of all time and the other is just a copycat. A gifted, no question about that, but still a copycat. No wonder his game looks so alike his idol’s game, whether one likes it or not.

  266. Stephisbeast says:

    One of the dumbest articles on this summer. My goodness… he did it, he put MJ and Kobe in the same sentence – this is how silly’s love for kobe has gotten. Get over it… the Lakers are nobody’s now.. unless your referees give them all the calls again like they did last season so they could make the playoffs.

  267. RC says:

    No doubt MIchael and Kobe are two best player that ever played this game. but I think Lebron will take over in few more years once he has few more rings or equal as kobe and Jordan. He will be then consider the best player of all time.

    • mx says:

      “No doubt MIchael and Kobe are two best player that ever played this game.”

      KB fanboy’s makes me laugh all the time.

  268. ed says:

    similar yes because one patterned himself after the other… only GLARING difference: jordan NEVER had a dominant/semi dominant 7 footer while winning his 6

    • DeeBallGame says:

      But he did have Pippen listed as a top 50 player of all time n Rodman also listed n arguably the greatest rebounder of all time…

  269. rfjhooper says:

    funny how no one mentions defense when comparing these two. Both elite. Best player of all time? Moses Malone!!!

  270. Andy says:

    Kobe can’t defend, he is just a shooter.

    • DeeBallGame says:

      Kobe dont defend now bcuz hes older n focus more on scoring but go check the stats n see how many years hes been 1st team all defense

  271. MG says:

    in my top 4 (opinion) kobe is a better shooter than jordan and jordan is a better close range scorer.
    kobe has better 3pt% and ft%. while jordan has bettewr fg%.

    #1 kobe bryant
    #2 michael jordan
    #3 lebron james
    #4 magic johnson

    • Common Sense says:

      better shooter with a lower fg%, OK…Kobe 45.4% vs Jordan 49.7%
      better 3% shooter that shoots 287 3 pt attempts per year vs. Jordans 140 attempts, yet Kobe 33.6% and Jordan 32.7%
      better free throw shooter? Kobe 83.8% Jordan 83.5% (wow…)
      Lets look at everything else. Jordan, 6 rings in 12 season before retiring. Kobe, 5 in 17 seasons
      Jordan 6.2 R, 5.3A, 2.3 S, 0.8Blks, 2.7 TOs, 30.1 Pts.
      Kobe 5.3 R, 4.8A, 1.5 S, 0.5Blks, 3.0 TOs, 25.5 pts…
      #1 a lot of people, including oscar robertson, kareem, bill russell, jordan, magic…blah blah blah
      #2lebron and other old greats like Jerry west, Bird, etc..
      #3 Kobe and a lot of other greats….
      Your list is way too new age…you probably started watching basketball mid 90’s…

      • common sense...? says:

        I’m just curious how you can put LeBronze up there with these “old school” players when he has such a long way to go in his career? If something happened to him and he couldn’t play anymore, his career as it stands is definitely not worth mentioning along side the “other old greats” you meantioned and definitely not above Kobe. Take your own advice and have some “common sense”. When did you start watching basketball the early 90’s? LOL

      • Ricky says:

        This was awesome !!!! This guy MG must be crying by now.. Jejee

      • pacer fan says:

        As much as I would like to reply to “Common Sense…?” “Common Sense” is right!
        So instead of disagreeing with you I have to agree with Common Sense. So here we go, in Common Sense style…
        Kobe 5 rings 17 seasons, 2XFinals MVP, 1XMVP, 45.4%FG, 33.6% 3’s,83.8%FT(yay..), 5.3Rbds,4.8 Asts, 1.5 Stl, 0.5blks, 3.0TOs(OK), 25.5pts
        Lebron 2 rings 10 seasons, 2XFinals MVP, 4XMVP, 49%FG, 33.7%3’s, 74.7%Ft(darn), 7.3Rbds, 6.9Asts, 1.7Stls, 0.8Blks, 3.3TOs(OK), 27.6pts
        Looks like if Lebron got injured and went out…He’d be just fine. Stats are better than Kobe and only 10 years in. Not to mention he just joined the Heat like when Kobe joined Shaq/Gasol. The only think Kobe lovers can say is the 5 rings and in my opinion Lebron is likely to get 3 more in 7 years…
        Seems to me Common Sense has plenty of Common Sense

      • Jojo Lecitona says:

        Good thoughts

      • Common Sense says:

        wow..thank you pacer fan…couldn’t have said it better myself. And “common sense…?” I’ve been watching since I was 5 years old in 1986. And I always watched the old school videos of the 70’s and 80’s. Jordan, Bird, Magic, Barley, Drexler, Wilkins, Dr. J, etc, etc always talked about the Greats that came before them, and this is how I always watched the game. Kobe is good but Jordan was his Master.

    • sick says:

      kobe #1 in wheelchair basketball maybe… Lol

  272. matthew mathis says:

    you know why they don’t do this to any else because the know kobe is the closest person to touch jordan. he just needs better shoes.

  273. Pata says:

    Bill Russell is the most successful player of ever!!!

  274. Adri says:

    LBJ is the greatest of all times

    • FabOlousflyboy says:

      Lebron never be clutch like kobe. He never wants the ball on crunch time

      • ANDY says:

        Yea thats EXACTLY what happened in game 1 vs the Pacers, and games 6 and 7 in the finals. GTFO here hater your making yourself look dumb. Not to mention last year against Okc. 3 finals and 2 championships in 3 years and to think this dynasty is only getting started. Not 4..not 5…not 6…. isnt starting to sound so farfetched now is it?

      • 215Ajax says:

        Dynasty? You got faith in Wade and Bosh? Ctfu you silly heat bandwagoner

      • Francisco says:


      • DeeBallGame says:

        @Andy Wade is on his way out…there is no dynasty…

  275. rfjhooper says:

    the fact that mj left the league for two years will hurt his legacy in this debate. If Kobe gets another ring and scores more total points (even if he has to leave the lakers to do it) then Jordan than he s better. Until Kobe retires jury is still out on this one. Impressive how high Kobes scoring average is at his age.

    • ANDY says:

      Kobe averaged 25.5 ppg for his career and is about to retire. That doesnt even put him in the top 10. If you wanna talk about impressive for age take Durant at 26 which is 7 all time.

      1) MJ 30.1

      2) Wilt Chamberlain 30.1

      3) Lebron 27.6

    • Kamil says:

      It also depends on the Finals MVPs.Even if kobe gets another ring he”ll have 3 finals mvps

  276. Reese Wills says:

    Mike is 1 and Kobe is 1A…..I give the slightest edge to Mike because of the 6 Finals MVPs and 6-0 record in the Finals

  277. no-hate says:

    haters are gonna hate

  278. reynol pers says:

    LeBron James is the best that ever played this game and he is not finished yet. Now I know blah blah blah

  279. Ziden says:

    dis iz reeley wired!!! Eye jest wonder how dis guy got all of dis in one video!!! Dis guy is reeley smart. Dis iz reeley free key, two. Eye wonder if Kobe and Lee Bron are jest a like.

  280. Jim Muncy says:

    If copying Jordan was so easy, we would see thousands of them in the NBA. Kobe learned from the best and was about the only person who could refine it to the level equal to, or maybe better than, the original. Who minimizes the accomplishments of Plato because he studied Socrates?

    • kobe4TW says:

      totally agree

    • AJ says:

      Good one!

      • The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog says:

        most of nba players want to have their own style unlike Kobe he wants to copy MJs syle. he wants to be famous with it. lol

    • Common Sense says:

      wells said but not even maybe better than. Jordan had way less years to accomplish what he did in the NBA and he took off time when his father was murdered. Props to Kobe, but he’ll never be even close to Jordan. But amazing player nonetheless.

  281. Alex says:

    Uhh Sekou, Phil may have been hesitant to compare them before but did he not too long ago confirm he favoured MJ over Kobe in his book? Absolutely sloppy, write about NBA issues not fan made videos please and thank you.

  282. Rishi Iyer says:

    Kobe learned all his moves and his mentality from Jordan. Plain and simple.

  283. standard says:

    is so ugly to see lebron.
    no style

    • The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog says:

      LOL! leave the man… he’s a champion and you? HS drop out
      he’s a millionaire and you? begging in the street
      he continous to inspire young kids and you??? LOL the only creation in the world only a mother could love LOL :-))))))))

    • Damien says:

      Man, I couldn’t agree more. So many people don’t understand LeBron is doing it on cheer force and physical domination, not on skills (although I have to aknowledge some) : I mean, he is skillful and a much improved shooter but he’s more like a big man with a superman’s body, playing at SF…

    • LakersWillWin says:

      LeBron’s game isn’t as “fancy” if you will as Kobe’s or Jordan’s, but he is a proven winner. Period. We aren’t discussing Bron here so hop off!

      • Adolf says:

        Kobe needs to get that 6th ring and tie M.j. ,and all thats going to do is make us eyewitness the greatness of these two iconic players and gods of the court. M.j is a great .I would not mine seeing kobe be his second coming. People need to take notice that it can happen.kobe Bryant has to give it his all ,like (M.J.) did his final N.B.A championship quest. where he conquer the odds and made it among Gods of the court. he sits alone.For being the greatest of his time. Kobe is the greatest of my time 2000 era.

  284. kinch says:

    this is very cool, and i completly agree there super alike as players, but im pretty sure over a 10-15 year career i could make T-Mac, Vince Carter, Dwayne Wade and many others look exactly like MJ in a 2 minute video.

    • Nate says:

      Exactly, these are basketball plays that many other besides Kobe have made. No doubt that Kobe is a great player and the comparisons to MJ make sense (position, size, style, etc) but this video is a reach.

  285. BGall says:

    Naaaaa, I see a student copying his teacher.

  286. Duhaduh says:

    I think it’s more that Kobe models his game after Jordan. If they came into the league at the same time, and were both still playing now, then this would be cray cray

    • Game Time says:

      How could that be? Jordan is the originator, and Kobe took most his style from MJ. So if they were both around at the same time Kobe would just be a high flyer with poor shooting.

      • Witness says:

        UM hes always mostly been that. Wouldn’t matter if they played in the same era or not lol. The dude shoots 45% career to MJ’s 50. Pretty big difference there. 45% for a SHOOTING guard really isnt all that great. KB’s always just been a volume shooter trying to take the hardest shot possible instead of going for an efficient one because the harder ones “look better” , their more “hollywood”. Kb’s a terrible teammate really. He’s always tried to mimic MJ all the way down to his personality even and his mannerisms and everything. Its pretty phsychotic really, going WAY beyond just trying to use someons moves. Its like he’s tried to take over MJ’s very being, and he failed miserably. To the KB fans thinkin he actual has a chance to be better than MJ your so wrong you have no idea. Even if KB got 8 rings to MJ’s 6 he wouldn’t be better than him LOL

      • ADizzy says:

        @wittness on dude u sound stupid oh lebrons shooting percentage is 42% OK um there are centers with a 76% shooting do shut up about that.

  287. SIC J says:

    LOL. Did one of the voices say Kobe is a better shooter? SMH…… Identical? More like Kobe is a cheaper copy cat. My thing is if you’re gonna copy someone, you better do it BETTER than they did. Kobe failed at that task.

    • AJ says:

      Another Kobe hater. Why are you on this thread.. Get lost!

      • The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog says:

        to stop this nonsense comparison kid! how can you compare two players when obviously the other player copied his move since grade one idiot. its just like comparing team USA to team China. LOL :-))))))))

    • malachi cook says:

      lol thank u for understandin mj’s better

      • Yes... says:

        MJ is better. Everyplayer watched MJ and learned from him. But MJ made his own moves and created new combos. He changed basketball forever…

    • ADizzy says:

      Kobe is a better shooter… Mj was a better defensive and teamwork player so…?

  288. This was pretty dumb. It felt like had a deadline for a creative piece and just threw this out. The repeated phrase of how scarily similar there hames are’ seemed exceptionally redundant and unnecessary as Kobe has said many times that he studied MJ growing up and modeled alot of his game after his, thus making the similarities not as mind-blowing as the narrator wanted to convey. I would love to see a proper comparison between the two, although growing up watching both i gotta swing towards jordan, in my opinion he was on another level. whatever the case, these clips and the dialogue was pretty stupid.

  289. Keon R. says:

    “If Michael Jordan is the original, Kobe Bryant is the remix baby!” -Jalen Rose

  290. Andrew says:

    We all know Kobe patterned his game to MJ’s

    • LakersWillWin says:

      I hope you don’t mean that as a bad thing… Why not pattern your game after the best, right?

      • Game Time says:

        Because another word for it is stealing.

      • BigBoy says:

        his game is like this because phil used his tutelage from coaching jordan. kobe didnt “copy” anyone.

      • DeeBallGame says:

        Right…n not to mention Jordan said himself the only player you can compare to him is Kobe…@Game Time its not stealing its borrowing…

    • FabOlou$FlyBoY...""KOBE24"" says:

      Kobe best ever!!!

      • At the end of the day there will always be that debate by comparison with kobe and mj and its simply due to there physical make uip being so similar and there play style is pretty tight! that’s what makes it exciting because its more the idea that there is another mj-esque player out there breaking records and doing something new and exciting all the while bringing us all to a point of bringin that other guys name up again and yes again…..the comparisons begin! Jordan is the greatest player ever to play the game of basketball and I think that at the moment that cannot be debated! I think that kobe is the greatest laker ever to play the game and the CLOSEST that you are going to get another Michael Jordan style basketball player, not the same but equally unique in some totally different ways! whats going to happen in another couple of years with the mention of leBron james if the heat are still winning and LBJ is still breaking records, still getting better and still being the best! he doesn’t look like Jordan or kobe he doesn’t shoot or move like them either and I swear I’m not a major lebron follower but he’s continued each year to up things a level and improve upon the year before. evolution knows no bounds!

    • Akeem says:

      Absolutely, and rightly he should. And it has worked. Other 6’6″ ish, athletic 2 guards take note.

  291. Inan says:

    And this is also most probably because Phil draw the same plays for both.

  292. Lebron is the greatest says:

    The reason plays look identical is because they’ve been coached by the same coach… Play the same position… Have the same athleticism.. And have gone through the same plays in training! Plus Kobe had years to copy and learn from Jordan whilst playing ball

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Don’t forget they’re both 6’6″

    • Nickolas Valdes says:

      @LebronistheGreatest couldnt agree more!

      • Knickfanforlife says:

        just stop comparing them it is so annoying why do we have to argue and call players bad they just dont have the talent that others do so stop arguing

      • smallz says:

        Lets not forget Shaq won the first three rings out scoring Kobe and winning the MVP 😁

      • ADizzy says:

        @ smallz on. Um the three championship’s would have never happened without Kobe do u know howmany eexcellent plays he did to save LA or work he did that was the shaq and Kobe team yes Shaw was better and also older than Kobe. And Kobe has been earned his ranking over Shaw so please shut up

    • alp says:

      Michael jordan was a better athlete than kobe bryant. hands down.

      • Jay says:

        What makes him a better athlete? Cause he jumps a couple inches higher, Kobe has the better footwork…

  293. RC says:

    Two of the best player of all time that ever played basketball game. legends 🙂

    • Carmello Solorio says:

      ^ I couldnt agree more

    • mx says:

      lol, Kobe is about 10-15 all-time so what are you talking about?

      • dd def says:

        out of the hundreds upon hundreds of people to play the game, 10-15 is still one of the best. so what are YOU talking about?

      • sick says:

        kobe maybe top 30

      • BigBoy says:

        lets say of shooting guard. they are 1 and 2 greatest of all-time hands down. who’s #1? kobe will answer that the day he retires. for now, he has some ‘unfinished business’ to attend to.

      • mx says:


        Yes it is, and big respect for Kobe, but calling him 2nd ever and compare to Mike is a joke.

      • DeeBallGame says:

        Actually n 2008 kobe was listed #12 of top 50 greatest players of all time n that was before he won 2 more chips so im sure he moved up in the top 10…@ sick on you just being silly…maybe top 30 that disrespectful

      • ADizzy says:

        @sick on… Are u stupid? Seriously no one cares what u rank Kobe lol!!!! Kobe is ranked in the top 10 at 7th place so get ur facts straight immediately

      • ADizzy says:

        @ dddef um have u played attention Kobe is the second best SG of all time what other SG is ranked higher than him? That’s right no one. It looks like u need to get some facts straight as well

  294. DA_TRUF says:

    kobe jumper better, thats y jordan never dropped 81.

    • charlie says:

      NO, Jordan never dropped 81 points because wasn’t foolish enough to take 40+ shots per game when others are wide open.

      • Long time Bulls fan - But a realist says:


        Go home Sekou Smith, you’re drunk…. Cocaine is a helluva drug

      • it’s not Kobe’s fault…it’s basically Kobe vs the entire Raptors team…he only had minimum offense from his teammates

      • LaBaby says:

        Go and look at stats and you will see Jordan has played less games than Kobe but has shot the ball a great deal more!

      • boston rules says:

        Don’t care, still 81 points and won the game and made history.

      • Will_Dunk_4_Donuts says:

        Wilt scored 100 in a game. That’s the single game REGULAR SEASON scoring record. Kobe fans can keep bringing up Kobe’s 81 point game, but he doesn’t even have the record. So pathetic.

      • Jay Gee says:

        “NO, Jordan never dropped 81 points because wasn’t foolish enough to take 40+ shots per game when others are wide open.” – Charlie

        Stupidest post I’ve read so far, get your facts straight. Jordan took 41 shots against the celtics to score his career high 63 points…and that was in a playoff game…which they lost. Jordan was considered a huge ball hog for half of his career, do some research before you talk my man.

      • Bulls says:

        81 points regular season game against Chris Bosh and the Toronto Raptors
        63 points 1986 playoff game against Bird, McHale and Boston Celtics. (we can’t compare players with just a game as a basis) Just Sayin’… Why don’t we just compare PER (Player Efficiency Rating), every season and career. Correct me if I’m wrong. The last time I checked it, MJ is number 1 while Kobe is on Number 20. Wilt hold the record for highest PER in a season.

    • pistonsfan says:

      nah, he (MJ) just never played in such a bad team that he had to score 81 points himself, and the league was also tougher in his time. he could score 100 points if he wanted to in todays NBA

      • Bunbury says:

        the league was tougher back then?? please. Jordan had white guys guarding him all the time. the league has never been more talented from top to bottom.

      • a c says:

        JAY GEE his career high was 69 pts. Google? Get your facts straight before you try to correct someone with you incorrect stats.

      • Realist2013 says:

        Jordan had reggie miller, mitch richmond, clyde drexler, dominique wilkens just to name a few d those guys are all in the top 50 all time. Forgetting he played against like what half the top 10 greatest shot blockers/defenders in olajuwon, rodman pre-bulls, ewing, mutumbo, david robinson etc.
        Be honest the league is so stacked more so in the east it doesnt make sense. A lot of “Superstars” today aren’t as good as the NBA second teamers of old let alone the Elite untouchables. I dont compare too many players but some arent to be at all.

      • charlie says:

        Funny how the Kobe fans don’t even try and defend him, they just call everyone else a hater, and to the idiot saying that MJ shot 41 times to get his career high of 63, so what, it’s not like he did that night in and night out like Kobe.

      • jim says:

        He had white guys guarding him because they’re the only ones playing defense. Mr Bunbury. You cannot compare talent of old to today. Putting old school players in today’s league that has better resources, trainers, conditioners, etc would only make players like Jordan even greater than he already was.

      • DeeBallGame says:

        Really he could score a 100 today wen players are faster n more athletic. ..he wouldnt b holding Stockton n guys who never seen a crossover…leave jordan n his time…didnt iverson show hom it was a new era

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      those are all plays and movements that lots of players share, including pierce, durant, t-mac in his prime, allen iverson, and many more.

      Frankly Reggie Miller had jumpers that were much more difficult and would probably make the shots above look easy.

      These videos don’t show the differences in style. What about all those hangtime plays Jordan could make that Kobe did differently? You want to convince me Kobe’s hangtime was the same as Jordan?

      And what about those games where Kobe’s selfishness would be a pro rather than a con? Where Kobe would have an off-night and still dare take the all of the final shots in the game to come back and win? Jordan wouldn’t do that on an off-night. He would try to work off his team mates, but he didn’t have the mentality and stubbornness to stay at it.

      There are differences between the two.

      As for Lebron, I don’t think you can even him compare him to either of those two. He is a breed of his own.
      While Jordan and Kobe are in-game killers who would do whatever it takes to win during the game (which usually means scoring), Lebron does whatever it takes before the game even starts. As a result, his work ethic, his strength, his all-around game is unmatched.

      Proof that neither one is better than the other, is that if you create a player with the best qualities of Lebron, Kobe, and Jordan, you would have a divine basketball entity, the true GOAT, something that may never exist…

      • LakersWillWin says:

        LeBrons work ethic is unmatched? I’m sorry, that made you lose all credibility. LeBron is the best player in the NBA hands down, but to say his work ethic is that of Kobe’s or Jordan’s? Now that is just silly.

      • Manuel Mendoza says:

        Another typical Kobe hater that doesn’t understand basketball…kobe hands down one of the best players to ever play the game and the closest to how Jordan played backed up by 5 rings…have to respect both players as two of the best

      • Will_Dunk_4_Donuts says:

        LeBron’s FG% has went up every year for the past 7 seasons. He started at 41.7% as a rookie, and is now at 56.5% Name me even one other player who has done that. He went from being a meh 3 point shooter to hitting 40.6% of his 3s last season. He’s added to his game every year.

        I’ve offered tangible evidence of LeBron’s hard work that has showed up on the court. Where’s your tangible evidence for Kobe? Hearsay and supposition? Kobe himself has said that he’s had the same moves since high school.

      • WHATTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:


      • Hi says:

        LOL! First of all, you named yourself “Another Heat Fan,” which is fitting because yes, you are another one of those dumb, delusional Heat fan who bandwaggoned 3 years ago when LeBron made that “Decision.” People like you don’t know great basketball when you see it. No, people like you have never seen a single game of basketball. You scrubs look at statistics and highlights on and judge players by that. LeBron GOAT? HA! That’s the most ridiculous thing about basketball I hear everyday. Obviously you don’t watch enough to see LeBron travel, charge, and flop at least 5-6 times a game. Obviously you’ve never seen Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant at their best. And obviously you didn’t know that Charles Barkley, the TNT goof ball, is actually a Hall of Famer until I mentioned it. LeBron’s work ethics is unmatched? LOL!!! Buddy, true great players in ANY SPORT put in all their hard work and practice BEHIND THE SCENES, not out in public. LeBron’s a joke in that category. He only practices when everyone is watching (ex: random videos of himself shooting half court shots). On top of that, he’s a total coward who likes to leave people guessing that he’s the best but never proves it. Why do you think he does all those fancy, acrobatic dunks IN GAME but never competes in the dunk contest? Why do you think he pretends to be a point guard but never participates in the skills challenge? BECAUSE HE’S AFRAID, afraid that people will see him for what he is. Now I’m not saying LeBron is a total scrub. Yes, he is good TODAY (not to mention media makes him seem more legendary than he really is), but if he were to play when some of the old school pros were at their primes, he would just be another average player like Horace Grant (I’m sure you don’t know who this is either LOL). Sit down buddy. You know nothing.

      • Dude says:

        First of all, this “Another Heat Fan” dude’s point is to compare Kobe and Jordan, and he was just pointing out that Lebron shouldn’t even be mentioned because he is a breed of his own. I don’t even know whats so hard to understand. MJ is the greatest of all time, Kobe’s somewhere near him and he plays like MJ, Lebron is not there yet but he is still in his prime and he is a breed of his own. Thats all. Whats so hard to understand? You say great players put in hard work BEHIND THE SCENES. YES. BEHIND THE SCENES. Then how in the world would you know how much work lebron put in to improve? “Lebron GOAT?” No one ever said that . What he said was “you would have a divine basketball entity, the true GOAT”, not “lebron is the GOAT”. And whats wrong with lebron shooting half court shots anyway? People are allowed to have fun man. And he did participate in the skills challenge TWICE. Oh I thought you are supposed to know that because you watch every single game each season. Sit down budd.

      • alp says:

        @LakersWillWin how are you going to say Lebron DOESN’T have the work ethic of say a kobe or Jordan? im 100% sure there are D LEAGUE players with that same work ethic of kobe or MJ, but it’s all about their ceiling of talent. I think Lebron’s work ethic IS unmatched because if you look at him when he first came into the league to now, he is a MUCH improved player and he has become everything most of you haters thought he wouldn’t. whats that? top 10 to ever play the game. but anyways, MJ made a huge improvement from first coming into the league to the end of his career. but kobe…. this is why i think he’s overrated.. coming into the NBA everybody knew he could score, and for 16, 17 years he’s shown everyone he’s one of the greatest scorers ever… but really though.. what has kobe improved DRASTICALLY since he came into the league like say a MJ, or LBJ?

      • Majic says:

        Man ur just another troll. LeBron would be average in 90’s and he is good today? I guess u ment he was average in 90’s when he was 4 year old and he is God Today 🙂 You want to compare players or positions? Want to go into statistics or want to talk about real skill the players bring into their team? How do you even want to compare Kobe and LBJ? Completly diff players. Its ok to compare MJ and Kobe but to be honest its always goin to be anybodys opinion on that matter couse when Kobe was starting, MJ was already finishing his career. Circumstances all 3 players where in at the begining of their career are completly diffrent, MJ had ok team which was gettin stronger every year, Kobe after few weeks in Hornets came to greatest team in history and had team who was straight away fighting for championship and LBJ for 6 years had to play on his own. Fact is that Kobe should have at least 10 rings today and he didnt even catch up to MJ, and LBJ will most likely have shot for another 3-4 (at least). I would like to see Kobe in the situation like LBJ had in Clevland for 6 years, he would probably be an average player frustrated to lose all time and would have no championships today.

      • DeeBallGame says:

        Just cuz he made a bigger leap from year one doesnt mean he has better work ethic…kobe’s work ethic is legendary. ..after the 2008 Olympics every player even Lebron said after seeing how kobe worked out n how often that they had to step their game up

    • ARE YOU JOKING ME?! says:

      Are you joking me? have you seen any of MJ’s games? He can freaking score on anyone. Even freaking 7’1 players… You don’t know anything you’re talking about.

      • Ryan says:

        And Kobe’s dunked on multiple times and scores over 7’3″ players as well. I don’t see how that proves anything…

    • Win says:

      81 pts. against the Raptors? lol…

      • Hi says:

        Why are you laughing? Are you saying that this was an easy accomplishment? If so, why didn’t any other guard in the history of NBA ever do this? The last time I checked, Chris Bosh was on the Raptors that year, and I’m pretty sure he was an important factor to the Heat championship this year. Also, in that game, the Lakers were down over 20 points at one point. As the leader of the team, Kobe needed to take over, which he did, and set a record that even Jordan never even got close to. Stop comparing Kobe’s 81 points to whatever amount you scored on your NBA 2k13. It was an amazing accomplishment that should be praised.

      • Dew says:

        Bosh had 0 points in the clinching game this year. Lol. Such a big factor. Bosh is just a flopping actor like the rest of the Heat. 6 flops on Miami to Spurs 0. Maybe only factor Bosh had was cheating to win.

      • Will I Am says:

        Yea 81 he did it while jalen rose holding him., Lol.

      • alp says:

        @Hi ok sure it should be praised but LET KEEP IT 100. it was a regular season game against the worst team in the nba at the time. it’s impressive but at the same time if you think about it… ANY SUPER STAR N TODAYS GAME COULD DO THAT to the worst team in the league. i’d take Lebron 46 and 15 night vs boston in game 6 over kobes 81 vs raptors any day and if we are taking which is more diffuclt it’s lebrons performance because going into that game he had EVERYTHING to lose, the pressure was at an all time high and he came out and put on one of the greatest perfomances we have ever seen in a playoff game, greatest ever in an elmination game in my opinion…

    • Michael says:

      Because MJ never needed to do so, and in fact he was not a selfish player like Kobe.

    • Victor Lebron says:

      Mj did not score 81 cuz Mj was never obsessed to be better than anyone he already knew he was the best,…on the other hand Kobe imitates him its no coincidence and most of his records were planned or looked after but he will never have Jordan’s heart or game at full level MJ at 40 still hit 40 who does that are u serious lol… if u know about the game u cant just say that Kobe put81 down against a mediocre team and shooting by himself all game long is better than Jordans 64 against the Celtics with no mentallity to break any record against the best team of that era…get serious man and stop the bs Kobe has always been under MJ’s shadow and every game he plays is orchesrtrated to be better than him but his time is gone now…..

      • bean says:

        Are you serious kobe has no heart no he was just watching magic as a kid jumpin around the livingroom and has always been a laker fan… And whats wrong wit kobe wanting to be better then mj it gives him a challenge…. We all got a challenge and someone we want to be better then….

      • Dee says:

        Ok he scored 81 against the worst team…what about the 62 he scored the game before against Dallas n did it in 3 quaters n set out the 4th…he might couldve gotten back2back 80 point games…n at dat time had a stretch of 7 r 8 straight 40 point games..a record

      • DeeBallGame says:

        Ok so he scored 81 against a bad team…its 81 points in the nba…n the game before that he scored 62 against Dallas in 3 quaters n sat out the fourth so its not a stretch to say he couldve had two straight games of 80+… n in that period he had a stretch of 8 r 9 straight 40 point games…

  295. Nate says:


    • UFO says:

      it’s an honor to be even in the same conversation with MJ, which to me, the GOAT. and yes, i am a huge Kobe fan. Did MJ score over Lakers’ 24 @1:52 2nd video? just saying

      • Tyron says:

        No, Kobe wore No. 8 while MJ was still playing.. 😉

      • Simon says:

        Yeah that bald white guy, yeah, that would be Kobe.

      • Will_Dunk_4_Donuts says:

        Kobefans insist on trying to put Kobe in the same conversation as MJ. They are the ones making these videos.

        But in actuality, its like saying an Elvis impersonator belongs in the same sentence as Elvis. Or a painter who can a reasonable duplication of Da Vinci’s works. It makes no sense to anyone not suffering from homer syndrome.

      • Will_Dunk_4_Donuts says:

        And for those who try to point to Kobe’s 81 point game in the friggin regular season, Wilt scored 100 in a game. So what?

      • Monstro says:

        @Will_Dunk_4_Donuts, you should know better than to think there isn’t a difference between Kobe’s 81 and Wilt’s 100. For one, Kobe didn’t have the Goliath size advantage over his competitors. He scored 81 as a guard from all over the floor that game.

      • Will_Dunk_4_Donuts says:

        The record book shows Wilt with the highest scoring game ever. That’s the facts. Scoring 100 is scoring 100. Talking badly about Wilt’s 100 is counterproductive, as it means that Kobe’s 81 is just as debatable.

      • Will_Dunk_4_Donuts says:

        … The record book shows Wilt with the highest scoring game ever. That’s the facts. Scoring 100 is scoring 100. Talking badly about Wilt’s 100 is counterproductive, as it means that Kobe’s 81 is just as debatable.

      • wow says:

        @Will_dunk_4_donuts Wilt’s 100 came with no shot clock, and I believe there was no 3 second violation in the rule book at that point in time. That makes a huge difference in the two games.

      • Will_Dunk_4_Donuts says:


        Making things up doesn’t help your point any. The 3 second rule has existed since 1936. The shot clock was introduced to the NBA prior to the beginning of the 1954-55 season.

        None of what you claim is true.

    • TheDogtor says:

      Meh is Mine.