Reports: Blazers Pick Up Guard Williams

From staff reports

One of the last remaining marquee names on the free-agent market, ex-Jazz guard Mo Williams, has found a new home in the same division.

As first reported by’s Ken Berger, Williams will sign a two-year, $5.6 million deal with the Portland Trail Blazers. The move keeps the versatile combo guard in the Northwest Division and adds another guard to a Portland roster that also features reigning Rookie of the Year Damian Lillard, rookie C.J. McCollum and veterans Earl Watson, Wes Matthews and Dorell Wright.

Portland had its fair share of trouble scoring off the bench last season and has attempted to address that issue by bolstering its bench with more guards and by adding big men Thomas Robinson and Robin Lopez in offseason trades as well.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry to see Mo go. He is a good player and a real leader. I guess we had to move him to let Burke develop. He is going to be handed the reins from the very start. Maybe he can turn out like Damian Lillard.

  2. Blazers Fan. says:

    I’m predicting 7th or 8th seed in the west.

  3. UtahJazzFan says:

    When Mo was on Utah, then I thought that he was really going to help us get somewhere because of the whole Cleveland LeBron thing. But deeper into the season, I realized that he is not a good point guard, and that he is not a good player in NBA. Good Luck Portland! Your Going to need it πŸ™‚

  4. Bud Abraham says:

    NBA Championships are today about being in an area players want to play in (Miami) and/or a great deal of luck in the draft.
    i.e. Portland getting Bill Walton; Spurs getting David Robinson/Timmy; Chicago MJ.

    Portland had their luck with Oden who fell to injuries.

    With a rich owner and a savy GM and seemingly good coach it is just a matter of time.


  5. lee says:

    i dont think this addition would help that much now the just have 2 many gaurds and the still only have 1 shooting gaurd and their pg is going to get most of the minutes now your just taking minutes away from other players i really thought this team would go after bynum he wouldve made this team a instant contender

  6. J says:

    whoever puts the ads on can u please take off the pain and gain ad its really annoying!!!

  7. J says:

    great backup PG

  8. Aircanada says:

    Rather than taking Lopez, Mo, they should have tried to lure Pekovic. Sure, he would be more expensive ( apparently he’s asking for 15 mil/year), but i reckon he would complement LA perfectly. They would be some 9 mil over salary cap with that move.

  9. Bob M says:

    C’mon, man. Mo Williams is a good player, but I’m not booking any playoff tix yet. Aldridge wants out and isn’t happy. He is going back down in the post because Robin Lopez and Myers Leonard are not playoff caliber defenders. I don’t believe that they are aggressive enough to make a big difference. Compound that with their youth, and that is not a good situation. Maybe in a few years, but LA will be gone in Free Agency.
    Al Jefferson would have been the FA pick up that would have made LaMarcus happy and been a big bonus to the young PG’s

    • Bigwes95 says:

      You talk about defenders, then you mention Al Jefferson? Robin Lopez is a better defensive player than Jefferson.

  10. Kei says:

    Seriously since when Mo was a decent pick up? He wouldn’t be an all-star if it’s LBJ. if he’s good he would have done something after LBJ left. Definitely not a game changer, just a role player.

  11. willbill says:

    kinda a crowded backcourt if CJ develops quickly. I’ve never been a fan of mo williams

  12. SouthsideTEAM says:

    Blazers are kind of like the Timberwolves and the Pelicans , they might make the playoffs, but doesn’t really matter cuz it’ll be a first round exit if they do. but it would be good experience if they do make it. Lilliard would probably see a matchup against either Westbrook, tony parker, cp3, or stephen curry(i really doubt warriors becoming first seed).

  13. Hp says:

    Blazers are a great team, since im from miami the heat take most of the attention but i follow every team from least to best and truly this was a good move in case lillard gets hurt mo can put up great numbers however rebounding is needed i believe a player who would do well there is hamed haddadi or even chris wilcox

  14. Jumppong says:

    Damian Llilard will torn his ACL.. and the rest is history

  15. Playoffs....maybe....hope so says:

    We just might get in the playoffs this year. Good moves by the blazers. The bench just got deeper.

  16. Trey says:

    In the East they are a playoff team. The West is loaded. Hou,SA,MEM,GS,LAC,OKC are all n 4sho the last 2 spots are open out West

  17. basketball intelligence says:

    mo is a freat pickup and can mentor damian

  18. Tikolo says:

    mo is probably just happy he got a job in the nba. hope he earn his money: good luck blazers

  19. Heat Hater says:

    Looks like a logjam at the guard spot. Someone will be traded or cut.

  20. will says:

    As long as Portland doesn’t hang on to that top 12 protected pick i’ll be happy. Another good move to ensure the Cats/Hornets receive that pick to bolster the rebuilding efforts…

  21. lol says:

    ac Blazers have the brightes Future in nba !!! Meyers is the best Young C Scorer in Nba watch him abit more n99b we have T-Rob a Beast guy Plus The best PG in Nba Lillard Cj LA wes batum we beat best teams with out bench last season now this season we fight for top 3 spot not just any 7 or 8

  22. lol says:

    wtf > Still doesn’t solve Portlands lack of size and frontcourt offense (outside of Aldridge). Portland doesn’t lack size LA is 6’11 Lopez 7’0 Meyers 7.2 and you talk about lack of size nice one ha !

  23. dd def says:

    i like this move. i mean sure mo ain’t the guy that turns a franchise around on his own, but he adds a solid and experienced player off the bench.

  24. ac says:

    2020: Stuff your face with burritos and laugh about the time in 2013 you thought the blazers would be good.

  25. Henrik Jensen says:

    Blazers is looking strong now:
    Inside: Aldridge, Leonard, T-Rob, Robin Lopez, Freeland
    Outside: Mo, Crabbe, McCollum, Batum, Matthews, D-Wright
    Point: Lillard, Watson

    Thats a pretty impressive group of guys, i will say 7th Spot in Next Years Playoff in West
    in 2014: 7th Spot Again
    in 2015: 5th Spot
    in 2016: 3rd-4rd Spot
    in 2017: Real Contender
    in 2018: Real Contender
    2019-After; Probably going to start rebuilding a bit..

    • ac says:

      2020, you stuff your face with burritos and laugh about the time in 2013 you thought the Blazers would be good next season.

      • Rocket to the Top says:

        2020: you’ll still be making less than all these players commenting on this website letting us know your life is sad and pathetic.

      • ac says:

        Wow! Is that the best you could do?! Pretty weak bro

    • BigBoy says:

      i like how you didnt say “Win Championship” during any of those seasons. smart because that wont happen for a long long time unless they’re going to get in the lebron james sweepstakes.

  26. Erick says:

    It makes sense. Olshey worked with him when he was with the Clippers. I guess the Blazers are trying to do what the Clippers did last year which was improve their bench.

  27. MoPete says:

    This might be the move that gets them the 7th or 8th seed.

  28. patrick says:

    Bulls are screwed now imo..i thot they were goin to pick him up..Thunder i thot we’re likely to make him an offer as well. With Mo Williams I thot the Thunder cud have had a shot at the championship..without him i do not think they do.

    • Moo32 says:

      Williams isn’t a game changer. To say that without him the Thunder don’t have a shot at a championship is ridiculous. They are still a great team with as good of a chance or better than any other team in the NBA to win it all.

      • Mark. NYC says:

        Mo is starting p.g playing back up. He is way better than ppl say he is, Even at his age he is ultra effective. He is also a big time game changer at times. Will repost during the season to back up my statement. Although it remains to be seen how much time he gets.

  29. steven says:


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  30. ac says:

    I guess this is a good move for them, considering he’s one of the only decent players left on the market. But he’s definitely not a game changer. Still doesn’t solve Portlands lack of size and frontcourt offense (outside of Aldridge).

    • deadmann1992 says:


      • Kit says:

        Ooh, burn…you sure showed him.

      • dd def says:

        yeah… we’re actually bigger than we were last year… but people don’t pay attention to the blazers. probably don’t even know we have a championship in our history hahaha.

      • ac says:

        Ok, what I meant to say is that you don’t have anybody good upfront besides Aldridge and I stand behind that 100%. I want what your smoking if you think Robin Lopez is the missing piece to your puzzle.

      • Rocket to the Top says:

        Size doesn’t mean skills. You’re relying on Robin Lopez who will give you 11and 5 a game, Thomas Robinson who is in his 2nd year and 3rd team for a reason, and Meyers Leonard who’s shown really nothing to say he will be a stallwort center for the Trail Blazers despite being drafted 11th overall. Reading comprehension and literacy are skills everyone should have. Idk why you missed the part where it said front court offense….

      • Derek says:

        “Reading comprehension and literacy are skills everyone should have.”

        And then you follow that with “Idk”…

        Irony at its finest.