2013-14 NBA Schedule Released Tonight

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS —Β Pat Riley was wise to trademark the term “three-Peat” all those years ago when he was coaching the “Showtime” Los Angeles Lakers to titles.

Riley, now the president of the two-time defending champion Heat, will find the road to Miami’s three-peat hopes laid out tonight on NBA TV (6 p.m. ET) when the 2013-14 NBA schedule is released. If LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and the crew have the energy to do it again, they’ll have to start with the 82-game slate released tonight.

The 1,230 game-schedule will give us the first look at the season’s marquee games on opening night, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day lineup. It’s a safe bet that the revamped Houston Rockets, with Dwight Howard co-headlining alongside All-Star shooting guard James Harden, will be included in that mix.

The schedule will also be posted on NBA.com.


  1. Reason400m says:

    Go Warriors!!!#Iggy

  2. MG says:

    go Warriors

  3. theking0522 says:

    I want Kobe ready for the start of the season. That way Lebron can kick his rear end twice, just last last year. Lebron owns Kobe!

  4. Byrd says:

    Lets go HEATS

  5. Sdot says:

    Lets go heat another chip for the city #3peat

  6. Sdot says:

    Lets go heat another chip for the city

  7. #HAAN says:

    Opening night:
    Nets @ Heat – KG and Pierce will see Ray Allen getting his second ring
    Rockets @ Warriors – Preview of what will be a most likely playoff series

    Thunder @ Knicks – 2 scoring champs go head to head
    Nets @ Celtics – KG and Pierce return to Boston

  8. qqdq says:

    cant wait for the season to start, so booring waiting for the offseason to end:/

  9. Fromholland! says:

    That would be a sweet Christmas gift!

  10. Anthony C. Perez says:

    I am waiting for the Miami Heat 2013-2014 82 game NBA regular season schedule for all 30 teams tonight at 6pm on NBATV. I hope that the Miami Heat start on October 29, 2013 at 8pm on TNT vs Chicago Bulls live from american airlines arena and the entire 1, 430 games scheduled to be played. Also, the Miami Heat will 3 peat as champions after the finals in june 2014. Let’s go Heat. 2006, 2012 and 2013 nba champions.

  11. ThatGuyMohamed says:

    On Christmas it should be..
    Bulls vs Pacers – Top 2 defensive teams
    Knicks vs Nets – Battle for NY
    Heat vs Thunder – 2 best teams
    Rockets vs Warriors – Settle the arguement of which team is better
    Lakers vs Clippers – Battle for LA

    • Juggernaut584 says:

      I agree with Pacers/Bulls & Knicks/Nets. However, for primetime games I would have to go….

      Rockets at Lakers – D12 returns to L.A.
      Spurs at Heat – Finals rematch
      Thunder at Warriors – West coast track meet

    • #HAAN says:

      The last two should be
      Clippers VS Warriors – fighting for 3rd seed
      Rockets VS Lakers – Dwight’s return on Christmas

      But I agree with your first 3

  12. i dont know says:


  13. Mike G says:

    My prediction for the Warriors this season is they finish 56-26 and will be the 3 seed in the Western Conference, Stephen Curry and David Lee make the All-Star team, Mark Jackson is in the running for Coach of the Year, and Harrison Barnes wins Sixth Man of the Year. If the Warriors stay healthy and everyone is there I see the Warriors playing in the NBA Finals vs either the Miami Heat or the Indiana Pacers. It will go to 7 games whoever they play, and the Warriors will be the 2013-2014 NBA Champions. WARRIORS! WARRIORS! WARRIORS!

  14. B Radd says:

    Picking up where he left off. Let’s get it D Rose

  15. Raph says:

    Need some Raptor games on National TV! They only had 1 last year and that was because of the Boston Bombings…

  16. Triston says:

    I hope the Sacramento Kings get some more national tv appearances on ABC,ESPN and TNT. Show the Purple and Black in Sacramento some love!

  17. Eldad says:

    Hopefully the pacers finally get some attention and be on national television more than once a year.

  18. truballer says:

    lets go oct 29th 2013/14 can’t wait!!–

  19. matthew mathis says:

    Lakers schedule always be the hardest. Definitely late in the seasons and close to the all star break.

  20. the black mamba says:

    cant wait!

  21. rondofan1 says:

    They put it off

  22. rondofan1 says:

    They put that idea off luckilly

  23. I wish the Knicks would sign says:

    Delonte West, Steven Jackson, and DeShawn Stevenson

    It would fill the roster with vets, and make the team a completely unpredictable WILD card in the playoffs

  24. Grang Tapes says:

    Is it confirmed that there is going to be advertisements on players uniforms this season or not.
    I sure hope that was just a terrible nightmare.

  25. Rondell says:

    Lets Go Heat!