Wizards’ Wall Working With The Glove

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Dwight Howard and other big men around the NBA haven’t been shy about approaching Hall of Famer Hakeem Olajuwon for tutoring in recent summers.

We haven’t heard much about the point guards finding a Hall of Famer to serve in a similar capacity, until now. And that’s one of the reasons why I have no problem with the Washington Wizards putting their faith in John Wall (to the tune of the reported five-year, $80 million extension he signed last week).

Wall plans on learning from one of the best in Hall of Famer Gary Payton, according to J. Michael of CSN Washington:

Wall still plans to hook up with Gary Payton, a Hall of Fame point guard who was one of the best of his generation, in Seattle before returning to train with the Wizards on Aug. 20. Plus, he had ample time to watch the nuances of Tony Parker as he led the San Antonio Spurs to the NBA finals and the Memphis Grizzlies’ Mike Conley, who helped his team advance to the Western Conference finals.

“Footwork also, just like catching the ball and working on pivots and stuff,” Wall said about what he has done this off-season in addition to refining jump shot. “Floaters. Watched a lot of Tony Parker throughout the playoffs and I see how Mike Conley added to his game after I went to two of his playoff series.”

Wall also is going to lobby coach Randy Wittman to allow him to do something else.

“Hopefully I’ll get an opportunity to post up this year,” he said.

That’s where Payton, who also stood 6-4 and could be too physical for opposing point guards, could help most. Like Wall, he wasn’t the best jump shooter to start his career but became a solid one. By his fourth season, Payton shot better than 50% from the field. He only was a career 31.7% shooter from three.

If Wall’s career is on a similar trajectory  to Payton’s at the same stage, the confidence Wall and the Wizards are showing in each other right now won’t seem nearly as far-fetched as it sounds to some.

“My main thing as a person, I’m not a follower. I like to be a leader,” Wall said during his news conference last week. “I feel like I would have had the opportunity to go anywhere. I feel like I’d be a follower trying to build a legacy somewhere else. I feel like I’m a person who gives my word and my commitment to where I started and that’s where I’d like to finish.

“We haven’t been to the promised land of winning a championship for years. I know we’re a long way from there, but that’s my main goal before my career is done, to win one here.”

Again, those are ambitious words from a youngster who has never been an All-Star or even been to the playoffs. But the fact that Wall is going down this path, in theory and in practice, bodes well for the Wizards and their fans.

Lots of guys talk about being leaders, of doing things the right way. Wall is doing his best to live it, to embody the leadership traits that an elder like Payton did when he became one of the game’s all-time greats.


  1. Bob M says:

    John Wall has done………………………………….. nothing. He hasn’t won in the league and his leadership skills are laughable. I can think of 10 other PG’s I would take over him. He is looking stronger and in great condition.

  2. Jordan says:

    Chris Paul, Tony Parker, and Rajon Rondo are easily the best pure point guards in the league. These other guys are nearly as good at distributing the rock. Also Goran Dragic and Jose Calderon are better at distributing than these other guys. So I would want them over any but the three at the beginning of my comment.

  3. Hippieisthegang says:

    How can GP help Wall with defense when there is no hand checking allowed in the game anymore? Its a totally dif defensive mindset than when GP was out there bodying up and locking guys down.

  4. ac says:

    Also, “Now what are the Spurs going to do?”

    Probably win the Western Conference again, if not another NBA championship. I’m from Brooklyn so don’t even think I’m a Spurs fan.

    Tank for Andrew Wiggins? You’re an idiot.

  5. B Radd is dumb says:

    Reading both sides I have to say that B Radd’s comments have gotten progressively stupider. “The Heat’s weakness was in the middle and still TP couldn’t orchestrate a plan to exploit even that.” NOBODY COULD ORCHESTRATE A PLAN TO EXPLOIT EVEN THAT. I’m not sure if you got the memo, but Miami has won the last two titles. By your logic, the top two PG’s in the league would be Jason Kidd and JJ Barea, since they were the last PG’s to beat Miami in the playoffs.

    AC’s point about efficiency is important. I know stats aren’t everything B Radd, but they count for a lot dude. Westbrook and Drose score a lot more than TP but TP’s FG% is far superior. Also, not sure what you mean about taking the ball out of Leonard and Green’s hands. Leonard, Green, Neal, and Splitter all had their best seasons last year. If I was ranking, I’d give

    Tony Parker
    Kyrie Irving
    Jrue Holiday

    • ac says:

      Hallelujah, somebody understands my point. Thanks.

      • B Radd says:

        “B Radd is dumb” and “AC” is definitely the same person. This guy AC is so Lame, now he’s just replying to himself. I think I’m just gonna move on from this topic. Sticks and stone dude, didn’t think fans like you existed, guess I was wrong. New york??? If you say so…

      • ac says:

        Nope, its not me! But great to know other people agree on your stupidity!

      • B Radd says:

        by other people, you do mean your other self right? All up in here, using different usernames making it seem like your a good conversation. Dude, your so lame. Go get yourself some personality and then come back and learn to talk basketball because you make for such a bad conversation and I’d pity you becUse I think your bipolar. Seek help or try Jesus. I can help you with basketball but that is all. For starters, hate to burst your bubble but Tony Parker is not the best Point Guard in the league. Accept it and move on. If you have a thing for him, then that’s your problem…can’t help there…

      • ac says:

        You can help me with basketball?!? Wow, thanks B Radd! I feel so loved.

        Yes, and clearly the reason why I’m making my argument is that I’m in love with Tony Parker. You saw right through me. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention, hopefully Jesus can help me with my gayness for Tony Parker.

        And no, that other person wasn’t me but you can keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better.

        I’m done with this. For the record, here’s a list from SI on the best pg’s and its pretty damn close to mine and BRadd is dumb’s.

      • B Radd says:

        Yeah, JJ was great! I remember that series like it was yesterday. Heart is what kept the little guy going. Without him constantly penetrating and attacking the middle I seriously didn’t think the’d pull it off. Man that was a great series. But that is what a PG does if he has to. Feed Dirk, and if that don’t work then attack ferociously the week side, at this point, it’s do or die. AC A/K/A B Radd is Dumb A/K/A Jordan A/K/A OKC…waitaminit… You were disagreeing with yourself…man…Cree-Peeeee…

    • B Radd says:

      You mean you copied SI, fiddled with it and claimed it as your own. Stephenie Meyer like…WoW…

  6. B Radd says:

    This guy AC is probably scratching his head how Brian Cardinal could possibly have a championship ring. Why George Hill? To bad, even if I tried you wouldn’t get it because stats is what you look at and not the importance of balancing production, moving the ball around or playing your part within the team. It can’t always be monster games if your George Hill. For Rose and Westbrook, it’s a must. Hill’s role is to distribute in a kindof role players role. Paul George need to create with the ball in his hands. He would be like a Derek Fisher so to speak. But you won’t see it in the stats but rather through the course of the game he distributes rather than what Parker does and that’s dominate the game holding guys like Kawai and Green down to limitted touches, not a good way to set them up for a finals appearance. You saw them struggle in game 6 and 7. Maybe in your fantacy league, stats is everything, but as far as I know, PG’s execution is a methodical process, Parker just goes out and play, playing no doubt with raw talent. He had monster games in the playoffs just came up short. Do you see what I’m saying, all that talent but short on the cigar. I think he has a good chance going back to the finals aas long as Westbrook isn’t present if they happen to face off in the post season.

    • ac says:

      You’re a moron.

      • B Radd says:

        Goodness… The Heat’s weakness was in the middle and still TP couldn’t orchestrate a plan to exploit even that. But that’s where I started scratching my head, did Pop’s get outcoached by Spoelstra? Spoelstra only has one play and that’s to give it to LeBron. Maybe the Spurs should just tank this season the way they did when they drafted Tim Duncan…oh wait, You have to win a lottery now before you can get the top choice, Andrew Wiggens. Now what are the Spurs gonna do? TP wasn’t even in the top 20 the year he got drafted, #1 PG in the league…sheesh! …and you are a box of rocks AC.

  7. Brian Scalabrine says:

    John Wall should fire Gary Payton and hire me as his personal coach. That way I can show him how to make it rain from downtown!

  8. Matthew says:

    Defense??? No one talking to Bruce Bowen?? Gary Payton got a lot of steals but lets not pretend he guarded the best perimeter player on the team every night..

    • GP says:

      Anyone who thinks people should talk to bruce bowen instead of GP really didnt watch basketball in the 90s. Go check how GP defended Jordan.

  9. ac says:

    @B Radd

    In the future, if you’re trying to “help,” help yourself by re-reading your work before you send it to the world. It didn’t make any sense.

    Tony Parker, even if he’s not first on your list, was easily one of the top three point guards last season. He didn’t just get them because of Duncan, don’t be an idiot.

    Your obviously a Bulls fan, but dude DRose hasn’t played in over a year and even two seasons ago he wasn’t healthy and his numbers showed. The last season that he was great was 2010-11 (when he won MVP). You can’t get tops on the list when you’ve been out that long.

    Westbrook is not better than CP3. You’re just wrong. Your right about Kyrie and Rondo though, so good job on that.

    • OKC says:

      Oh yes because you know what your talking about lol. Tony Parker the best PG in the league? You rank Tony Parker, Kyrie Irving, and Stephan Curry higher than Westbrook, when not a one of them can play defense at a high level. I think B Radd’s post made a lot more sense than yours.

      1. Chris Paul
      2. Russell Westbrook
      3. D Rose/Stephan Curry/Kyrie Irving/Rando

      Westbrook will be forever under-appreciated;23.2 ppg, 7.4 apg, 5.2 rpg, and 1.8 spg in 2013-2014 is just as if not more impressive than CP3’s stat line, even with his 3 to’s per game compared to CP3s 2 to’s per game. Also considering his recent injury is his first injury in his sports career (and he is expected to be playing by training camp), I would say he is probably the healthiest of the elite PGs.

      • B Radd says:

        Thank you OKC

        I just didn’t aggree with AC ranking Parker #1. Rose is the best PG in the NBA and ahead of Russell Westbrook by a hairline. Rose and Westbrook are expected to score because of shortage currrently in SG’s. CP3 has Blake who is a monster but equally matched against Zbo. Gasol is better than Jordan so the Clippers should have had the upper hand being that CP3 is the NBA’s best PG. Last time I checked Conley beat CP3, probably not by stats but stats fill in the blanks on a sheet of paper. Balancing your role as a PG is the trick as far as I see. Carmelo can fill the stat sheet easy but at the end of the day, whoever wins…advances. CP# is great but still, Rose and Westbrook go deep in the playoffs, CP3 simply doesn’t. Parker is a man made by the media. he’s not a top 5 player in my opinion. Only PG out there I think that will take #5 is probably Mike Conley and in he near future, Damian Lillard. Everyone else are pretty much average and should not be mention with the elite, so again

        #1 D Rose
        #2 Russel Westbrook
        #3 CP3
        #4 Kyrie
        #5 Rondo
        #6 Conley
        #7 Lillard
        #8 George Hill
        #9 D Will
        #10 Steph Curry

        and then Tony Parker

      • ac says:

        By the numbers, Westbrook is fantastic. The reason he sits just outside the top five is partly because point guard is easily the most stacked position in the league, but also because his decision making at times is still not on the level of Parker, Paul, or even Irving at this point. 23 ppg is impressive but he averages 19 shots a game to get that on 42% shooting. FG percentage is pretty telling for point guards because they are supposed to be the smartest player on the court and always make the right decision. Westbrook still has problems with this. Tony Parker averaged 20ppg on 15 shots per game and 53% shooting. Big difference buddy. A year or two ago I would not have put TP this high, but he led them to the finals this year. If you’re giving all the credit to Duncan then you obviously weren’t watching at all.

        Also, I’m sorry, but you can’t rank D Rose number one at anything right now! I’m trying to respond to you and BRadd at the same time because I have to get back to work. The guy missed all of last season, and the season before he was hurt and his numbers weren’t that great. This isn’t an opinion, its fact. Its a fact that he missed last season. Its a fact that his numbers in 2011-2012 were not nearly as good as his MVP season.

        And, no offense, but the fact that your including George Hill in this list only further proves that you don’t really know what your talking about. His monster stat sheet for last season: 14ppg, 3.7 reb, 4.7 ast on 44% shooting. But your right, he’s definitely better than DWill, Steph Curry, and TP.

  10. Kyo says:

    I think wall shoud train his jump shot a lot more. His balance and release are still not complete and still look bad compare to Iverson jump shot. his body balance seems not right and not smoot. Def is good to learn but not a post play for wall.

    And i thing TP is just a good PG if he dont have Duncan, to spurs Duncan is the man.
    For me Rose-Westbrook-Paul-Curry is a real deal. This 4 guard dont need any super star to lean on, they can create by them self.

    • UncleDrew2 says:

      what about irving? he ain’t have no superstar since the start of his career and there you see him putting big numbers and helping cleveland to be a better franchise

  11. ac says:

    I think Wall is great, but he has big holes in his game. He has the potential to live up to the contract he signed, and in that respect I understand why the Wizards made the deal. But he’s not yet at the level of the true elite point guards in this league. If I were ranking PGs it would something like this.
    1) Tony Parker – may not have all the stats that Chris Paul has but he’s got 3 rings
    2) Chris Paul – Enough said
    3) Kyrie Iring – If he stays healthy, he easily has the most upside in the league
    4) Stephen Curry – Knock down shooter and pretty good distributor.
    5) Derick Rose – Could be higher but we haven’t seen him play in two years
    6) Russell Westbrook – Still needs to work on decision making, but nonetheless one of the best
    7) Deron Williams – numbers took a dip last year and more importantly hasn’t looked comfortable since the Utah days
    8) John Wall – Needs to work on the jumpshot and defense, but made great strides in the second half of last season
    9) Ty Lawson – Great numbers last season, but not sure how much better he can get. Great player though
    10) Ray Felton – Quietly put up very solid numbers last season and served as the motor for a revitalized Knicks team

    • GenoGreen says:

      lmao felton? Jrue Holiday, Rondo, Rubio, Lillard, Vasquez

      • ac says:

        your right, i forgot about Holiday, Rondo, and Lillard. I still put Felton ahead of Vasquez and Rubio bc their numbers are similar and Felton plays on a winning team.

    • ac says:

      Ooops I left Rondo out! Forgot since he was out for most of the season. I’d put him at 5 (DRose slides to 6).

      • B Radd says:

        Seriously, AC… I don’t see anyone on that list that registers MVP, you might wanna put D Rose ahead of… Way ahead of Parker, who by the way has 3 rings because of Duncan, perhaps four if not for Lebron! So it would be like this, let me show you…

        1. D Rose
        1.00000000000000000000000000000001 Russell Westbrook

        2. CP3
        2.0000000000000000000000000000000000000001 Kyrie
        3. Rondo

        Who cares!
        Who Cares!
        Who Cares

        10. Steph Curry
        11. Who Cares…

        Hope this helped :- )

  12. Ziden says:

    Eye reely like gary payton a lot! He iz very good

  13. Smdh says:

    It’s funny to see da hate that comes from ppl dat obviously r limited in bball experience but read & watch and buy in to media outlook. First John wall is a good player. His steal were Down last yr cause he was hurt most of the yr. All he wants to do is get better and do it for da team dat choose him. Not everyone takes da short cut to da chip. Watching other pg & getting better. Good luck wall. And I’m not even a wall fan.

  14. J says:

    john wall averaged 1.8 steals in his rookie season. last season 1.3.
    still good but if he can steal more than that will take him to all star level (has to work on a few other things though)
    so working with a hall of famer in gary payton is a smart move
    gary payton will definitely help him in some areas most likely in steals and on ball defence.

  15. Jeremy says:


  16. Grapefruit Juice says:

    Even articles not about Howard start with Howard.
    Come on Sekou…

  17. B Radd says:

    Plenty of potential for this young core…Wall, Beal and Porter. Go get it John, it’s your franchise!

    Rajon Rondo is the closest anyone can compare to GP. Whaaaaat…. The Glove’s is my childhood idol! Payton baby!

  18. Lebron23 says:

    Always remember..to be a great leader first must be a great follower..now we can conclude that Wall will not be a good leader for what his perception is 🙂 hoping to change his mindset soon..

  19. Pete Medina says:

    My thoughts; this is a great thing for an amazing player like John Wall. He is a player that is going to be in the top five PG’s in a couple years. Also his newest contract extension is an outstanding thing for him and the team. His goals will likely happen for him hopefully he does what he wants to do in his career! Good luck Washington and John Wall!

  20. jOLAN says:

    I think this kid will be great in coming years. if drose had this kids confidence he might have been in the playoffs this past season (though i do respect drose not coming back before he is ready, but still).

    John wall really does need to learn to finish with his left hand though.

  21. Rambo says:

    theres a lot of hate registered to john wall above but i dont see why. i mean they guy is playing for a bad young team and hes done pretty well to be honest. hes becoming a more complete player year after year amd i think one day he could be a top five point guard

  22. slider821 says:

    I like john wall. good kid

  23. pdx says:

    And Damian Lillard training with Gary Payton doesn’t even get a mention. Guess that’s life in a small market that the NBA doesn’t care about.

  24. Kimmy says:

    You gotta love that JohnWall!! I’m rootin for the Wizards to make the playoffs this season. They could have made it, had Wall not been hurt.

  25. factmanz says:

    really it must be hard for players to listen all the almost rookies of what 20 22 years tell that they are the new big deal, big leaders, unique athlete claiming to be a legend, asking the legend statut, every year.
    fake generation

  26. factmanz says:

    “My main thing as a person, I’m not a follower. I like to be a leader,” Wall said during his news conference last week. “I feel like I would have had the opportunity to go anywhere. I feel like I’d be a follower trying to build a legacy somewhere else. I feel like I’m a person who gives my word and my commitment to where I started and that’s where I’d like to finish.”

    gangrened youth, they all want to be THE guy even when they clearly don’t have what it takes. They will babydestroy your franchise year after year, and the real franchise guy..go elsewhere win titles
    wall could make it, well. we will see. irving parker paul are the best, he is not in the talk yet. far from it. so yeah, big mouth, no playoffs, nothing.

    • chigchig says:

      and what does irving have?
      or what has he achieved in the league to garner him as a franchise star that can be in talks with paul and parker?

      • James says:

        Um….. an all star appearance in his second year. Two years straight of stat lines identical to Chris Paul. Actually improving his team’s record with NO help. Actually being a leader for his team. Team USA bids. And a 3pt shooting champion should be icing on the cake.

      • Justin says:

        Let’s not forget Rondo, Curry,Rose,Westbrook,Williams,or Conley! All these guys are better than Irving or Wall.

      • dd def says:

        i think there’s the established top PG’s and there’s a newer line of what likely will be the top PG’s. the will-be’s are Irving, Lillard, Wall. Irving and Lillard will be duking it out for young-blood supremacy while wall brings up the rear. not a shot at Wall, dude has game in spades, but i don’t think when the dust settles he’ll as strong as Irving and Lillard.

    • BULLS says:

      ?? ummm Derrick Rose? Westbrook? so much better than irving and parker.

  27. 0BLAZER says:

    The first one? Nice try. Lillard has been talking to GP for months now about some defense tutoring. Literally MONTHS ago, but okay NBA.com

    • BOSTONIAN says:


      • dd def says:

        source? damian lillard. he started talking about it all the time when the season was coming to a close. NOW though, he’s saying he probably will do some tutoring with the glove, but feels like it’s gotta come from within.
        so Wall, you’re a copy-cat lol. not a bad move to copy though, i know wall and lillard are becoming good friends through adidas basketball and usa basketball so he probably got the idea straight from the horses mouth as it were.

    • aces215 says:

      You tell them 0BLAZER. GP n Lillard both grew up in the same area n GP been mentorin him for a while now.

  28. ShawnKemp says:

    My main man GP! I would call up Stockton – alot easier to on ears.

    • JOKE!! says:

      Thumbs up for John Wall, man! This is why when he becomes great, he will be great! Unlike Lebron, who think he is a leader. But no one will ever forget that Lebron fought so hard but couldn’t win a championship until he followed CB and Wade to Miami. If you want to be remembered as a great player, you follow John Wall’s footsteps

  29. steven says:


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