So Stevenson Wants To Play With LeBron?


HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — It would be the ultimate form of “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” Only not as you think.

Remember, it was the pitbull-defense of DeShawn Stevenson who helped the Dallas Mavericks throw a wet blanket over a fourth-quarter-shrinking LeBron James. Those 2011 Mavs still stand as the first and only team to beat LeBron’s Heat in the playoffs.

It was also the last time Stevenson played an integral role in a team’s success. He hit key 3-pointers throughout the title run, but left Dallas a bumbling mess after the championship and headed to the Nets as a free agent before being traded to Atlanta as part of the Joe Johnson deal.

Stevenson, 32, is a free agent again after the Hawks waived him a few days ago, as Stevenson himself let it be known via Twitter:

Stevenson cleared waivers on Sunday and if the above tweet didn’t make it clear where he wants to play a 14th NBA season, in this tweet he actually makes a plea to the team’s best player to get him there:

Hey everybody wants to play with LeBron, including Greg Oden. Shane Battier did. Ray Allen took half the pay to play. Others have said, heck yes, they’d consider the Heat. But Stevenson’s outreach is intriguing (OK, hilarious) on multiple fronts, the least being the Heat’s relative lack of need for him. What’s amazing about the plea to help him get work with the two-time champs is Stevenson’s past loathing of LeBron.

Perhaps you recall this T-shirt Stevenson wore on the Mavs’ way out of Miami the morning after winning the title on the Heat’s home floor?

Of course, Stevenson’s disdain for LeBron goes way back to his days as an antagonist with the Washington Wizards. Back in the good, old days (2008) when the Wizards still actually made the playoffs and when LeBron still played for his hometown Cavaliers.

The best part of this ridiculous little feud between a career role player who started it by calling James “overrated,” is when it really jumped the shark by LeBron saying that responding to a negative comment made by Stevenson would be akin to Jay-Z acknowledging Soulja Boy.

So, of course, Stevenson invited Soulja Boy to Game 3 of their ’08 playoff series, which Soulja accepted. Jay-Z surprisingly countered by quickly recording a little number with lyrics dissing Stevenson and reportedly playing it a hot Washington D.C. night spot.

It is slightly interesting that Stevenson then went on to sign with the Nets, a franchise that boasted a minority owner named Jay-Z until the rapper recently moved into the sports agent arena. So who’s to say that Stevenson now can’t join his former nemesis LeBron in South Beach?

For LeBron, who posterized former Mavs pest Jason Terry after a monster alley-oop slam in Boston last season, surely he’s received hundreds of “LOL” texts on his Galaxy smartphone.

But hey, this is the NBA where amazing happens, like Stevenson wearing 2011 championship bling and not LeBron. And Stevenson should be happy with that because the odds of him joining LeBron in Miami are slightly less than Chris Riley hiring Soulja Boy to play at her husband’s surprise 69th birthday party come March.


  1. Eric Skinner says:

    I’m getting sick and tired of the Heat “Vegeta, what is the Heat Bandwagon power level?” “ITS OVER 9000!” and that’s being sarcastic, I appreciate good old fashioned team basketball, a.k.a. My Indiana Pacers, Paul George is starting to earn Lebrons respect, and he’s only getting better, I see a bright future for my boys if they stay together, and we got a coach who knows how to use our size, with Scola coming off the bench, I would take that front 3 against the Lakers front line (Odom, Gasol, Bynum) any day of the week to win, so don’t count my team out of the hunt, under the radar, took Heat to 7 without Granger, oh and do I need to remind you of George’s dunk that schooled the birdman, while sweeping past Lebron? THAT’S TAKING EM TO SCHOOL! Yes I know what happened after that, but hey, how many people can pull that off?

  2. what is love says:

    miami dont want you

  3. LPBL says:

    But I think the starter would be charmers, wade, LeBron, bosh, and oden even when he came in

  4. LPBL says:

    Heat is good the way it is

  5. DR BBAL says:

    ”You heat fans are ridiculus once Lebron punk tale leave then what are yall going to say.”

    thats the thing with miami, even if lebron goes away, its still a super team.

    That’s the reason i dont think lebron is THE NEXT MJ, mj had a great team, but not like lebron has now

  6. Andrew says:

    The Miami Heat are $30,069,429 over the salary cap. How many players can they possibly afford. Currently, the Miami Heat are the NBA’s best team, but they are on the downfall. In another1 or 2 years, the Heat will take a hard hit to their franchise, because of how much money they are spending. Plus, their roster is full, so they need to cut a few players before opening night.

  7. DJ says:

    You heat fans are ridiculus once Lebron punk tale leave then what are yall going to say.

  8. Seiko says:

    Sucha pathetic man. he’s making himself too funny to the people. Miami wont need him, if they take him, he probly get what? $5,000 for the whole season.

  9. Zach Chadwick says:

    tnis is great NBA drama better than sitcom and it makes me laugh out loud

  10. Lakers-Warriors-Suns. says:


  11. stan says:

    It should be illegal to sign players substantially lower than their actual market value

  12. Sean says:

    If u ask any basketball player in the league what they want the most between. Fame, money, titles the winner will always be titles

  13. ok says:

    I like what you guys are up too. Such clever work
    and coverage! Keep up the amazing works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll.

  14. No Regrets says:

    this is a no-story
    aside from that, Miami a has a number of weaknesses – peripheral defense being an obvious one
    they were good, but also lucky this year, where they could have easily lost a couple of series, including the finals
    Indiana had a dreadful bench, Chicago the injuries and the refereeing, Spurs couldnt finish it, when they gave the title away in game 6, and even game 7
    So the Heat will need to be better next year to win it all next year – I guess they expect their core players to play better, as they surely can – we’ll see, it looks to be an exciting season, sorry I meant playoffs 🙂

  15. Walter Allen says:

    We don’t need another forward we need one more big man, so Stevenson can go ahead and retire his career is over, go sale Cars or something

  16. NBAsecondmind says:

    lebron dont take his publicity. this guy dont deserve to be in such a elite team. to me more deserving to fill atleast the bench of the heat which thats what hes trying to do, because im sure if he join the heat he wont see game minutes. is like letting delonte west join the heat , feel me?. to me in my opinion i vote for a guy like tmac. he brough alot of exciment to orlando those years. he should return to the Sunshine state. i wouldnt mind & im sure he wouldnt mind filling the bench.

  17. John Williams says:

    He should sign with Okc or the Knicks

  18. John Williams says:

    This should not be news lol

  19. d willi says:

    lets get them boys heat 3pete

  20. blowthewhistle says:

    This would be a great pick up for OKC… someone to defend Lebron and open the floor with threes for westbrook and durant…

  21. Joseph Jovin says:

    we don’t him we have enough three pointer shooters Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, James Jones, and Shane Battier you should go to the knicks

  22. Matt says:

    I also want to sign with the Heat. Lebron, make ik happen!

  23. GEORGE B. says:

    In my opinion , Stevenson would fit in the HEAT ! we would be stronger cuz we’ve already got ODEN , & and if he is healthy ,The NETS have nothing on the HEAT,

    1st of all ,it will take time to create chemistry in The NETS roaster , remember what happened to the HEAT, they didn’t win on the 1st year that they got the BIG 3(BRON, BOSH & WADE)…things aren’t that simple on the court, + they dont have a great bench like the HEAT

    2nd – They have a Rookie Coach (KID) ,,,,ah common THE NETS do not freak me out!
    I think the Indiana Pacers & BUlls are better than the NETS in terms of Threat to do 2TIME NBA CHAMPIONS!


  24. blow21 says:

    He is a joke…

  25. J says:

    heat don’t need him

  26. STEVE says:


  27. Travis Best says:

    hand shake yo face !the perfect sniper mike miller replacement plus this dude play d – &&&& $$ vet min! heat finding ways to get better—-

    just need the knees of flash to last the season lolz heat prob still 3peat — they have the chosen one

  28. Go to brooklyn so that you can match up against lebron once again.

  29. Hi-Larious says:

    Well-written narrative of this feud and the episodes in it. Life takes interesting turns. LOL: “This is the NBA where amazing happens.”

  30. Jr says:

    Dang players takin a cut on their salery just to play with Queen James! Its like a bunch of 5 yr olds sayin “Give me! Give me! Pick me! I want a diamond ring. Who cares if I play beside the Queen!”

    Sorry dudes as it has been stated “diamonds are forever”, so once bow to the Queen u’ve lost ur honor.

  31. Aditya says:

    Go to my team lakers.

  32. I know you says:

    Stevenson is spy. I know. He is destroyer.

  33. jules76 says:

    All u Lakers haters need to shut ur traps….When ur team reaches their level (15 titles) then yall can say something. Just cus ur team wins a few rings doesn’t make them a historic franchise!!

    • dommy lee says:


    • ANDY says:

      Miami has been in the league only 25 years! How many teams have been around twice as long and cant say they have 3 banners???? Id say thats pretty historic….and dont worry theres plenty more championships on the way to south beach in the upcoming years.

  34. james says:

    First of all all the haters can say everything they want..but the only thing i can say is no team in the nba can beat the heat right now…some people say BROOKLYN CAN BEAT THE HEAT?????ARE YOU KIDDING ME??
    Brooklyn is very strong on papers but if you will ask me if brooklyn will make the EAST FINALS I DONT THINK SO…..

    • Moo32 says:

      Who is underestimating the Heat? They just won back to back titles, but as for your statement that nobody can beat the Heat, you are completely WRONG. The Thunder and Spurs definitely have what it takes to beat the Heat and personally, I believe that the Warriors and Pacers have what it takes as well. And, the Bulls and the Nets (yes the Nets!) will probably round out the top four in the east.

    • Bob says:

      Remember dallas beating them in 2011 finals? Yeah nice try.

      • ANDY says:

        Yea I do remember that, and I also remember the heat going 8-0 (11-1 in the big 3 era) in playoff series since then. That Mavericks defeat was the best thing that ever coulve happened to the Heat. It made them hungrier then ever and put their ego’s right where they needed to be. Everyone for the last 3 years have talked about beating Miami, but when it comes down to playoff time no one can.

      • Wade says:

        Thanks for having my back Andy.

  35. razorwolf says:

    i remembered this guy called lebron overated and now he wants to play with him! pathetic

  36. Nick says:

    Stevenson’s a bum! Personally, if I was Pat Riley, I’d sign T-Mac instead.

  37. wakaloooka says:

    We don’t need you!!!

  38. shaba says:

    no thanks. heat dont need or want Stevenson. hes a headcase and just chucks 3s. but good for him, finally realized the difference between a king and a pawn. BLOW THE WHISTLE

  39. NYC says:

    this dudes a clown

  40. Michael McBride says:

    Mike miller himself said JAMES JONES is one of the deadliest sharp shooters in the league. When he actually gets playing time he is a double team KILLER im baffled rashard lewis got minutes over him. EXAMPLE when the heat played the pacers James jones would have kept david west honest on the flip side james could switch jones or he could hold his own untill a double came.

    • Sophie1150 says:

      Yes, and I’m baffled Rashard Lewis is still in the NBA. These guys (Bryant included) made mega bucks and they should retire and make room for the young and hungry.

  41. Michael McBride says:

    MIAMI USE JAMES JONES you dont NEED no one else!

  42. Waco Sebastian says:

    The NBA is about trying to win. I respect him for trying to give up some money to chase his dreams. Players like that are willing to sacrifice to achieve their utimate goal. Go get um Stephanson!

  43. Michael Peloton says:

    Forget Stevenson. Miami needs a big man. Not another over hyped defender. Stevenson lacks the intelligence to comprehend miami’s defensive and offensive patterns. He will just destroy miami’s chemistry.

  44. Imagi says:

    Lakers is no more man. Including Kobe. Yeks! Need to retire now. His body no a robot ya know.

  45. heattALLday says:

    Lets get Mo Williams on the Heat !

  46. factmanz says:

    lol and caplan trying to make a desperate buzz with lebron, “hey ! lebron ! hey ! please lebron ! youhouuuu!! hey !! heyy !!! loooooook ! please diss stevenson now. pleaseeeeee i’m pathetic

  47. Us buck says:

    Stan you’re nuts!

  48. Kimmy says:

    I think he is desperate and will go anywhere, whoever will pick him up. Even the Hawks let him go, and they are mediocre right now. What about the Raptors, Sixers or yes, Lakers??

  49. lolz says:

    Even NBA players are jumping onto the Miami Heat bandwagon hahaha!

  50. 0BLAZER says:

    THE SKINNY: What a revoltin’ development this is. The Lakers are the Staples Center tenant scrambling to fill out their roster, while the Clippers have the telegenic coach and superstar players. But this is reality for the Forum Blue and Gold these days. Even if Kobe Bryant returns earlier than forecasted following surgery to repair his ruptured Achilles’, and even if Pau Gasol and Mike D’Antoni squash their problems from last season, this is not a team that can contend for anything as is. Nor will it have the millions upon millions of dollars people seem to think it will have in cap room next summer. The only way that happens is if it were to renounce Bryant, a free agent next summer with a $30 million-plus cap hold, and clear him from its books. That will not happen. – David Aldridge

    • Sophie1150 says:

      Good post. You summed up the has been Lakers. Dump Bryant and start rebuilding. I would love to see the Heat win their 3rd championship but they have to get past the Nets and Indiana. The West is a toss up. In a year or two, watch out for the Orlando Magic. This season will be fun.

  51. stan 242 says:

    mia is not james team its wade team an forever will be

  52. Martin says:

    I must say I really am getting sick of everyone wanting to go to the Heat, I mean this team is so overpowered you may as well cut 10-15 teams out of the league already, what happened to spreading the talent around? This is where the NBA fails, each season there is possibly 4-5 teams that may win the title, and this is where the NFL is a far better product than the NBA.

  53. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    Stevenson is BUM! We don’t want him in Miami ! I would rather take Telfair

  54. GamberT says:

    And I thought Heats haters would be licking they’re wounds all summer, oh well. Welcome back Haters although you never left. Go Heats, Go LBJ!!!

  55. wolky says:

    cheap bargaining!

  56. Rhedz says:

    Hat dont need stevenson…lebron doesnt need him in his team…stevenson whos overrated now??? Just go play in d league or go back to dallas and hang out with your old boss marc cuban azzhole…hehe…but seriously, goodluck to stevenson..but i think what he wants wont happen…As for the heat and greg oden..hope he stays healthy…Heat will really need him…itll be a waste to see a number 1 draft pick retire very early..Burn them all heat nation here we come !!!

  57. Gameon says:

    Glad the NFL season has started and overlaps the NBA season so we can see some real Competition, this is so pathetic

  58. mrG. says:

    @KingJames: Totally agree. A few years ago, when Kobe and Shaq played several finals everybody wanted to go to L.A. so did Malone and Payton, to win rings, same today with the Heat. How is this different? Everybody in this league has his eyes on winning rings. Things weren’t so different only you didn’t see it in tweets back then. If it wasn’t begging nobody would care.

  59. bodjee says:

    There is a thin imaginary line between Love and Hate! However hard as it may be, you can make someone who hates you to love you but it is almost impossible to make someone who doesn’t care to love anything at all.

  60. Germany says:

    Hello Mr. Van…haven’t you forgotten a very important piece in your rotation?? This piece was always very important, even more so now that M. Miller is gone. With this piece the won the Championship against OKC……….SHANE BATTIER……….So, the rotations are going to be very interesting. Miami is very versatile and will use this versatility to three-peat. If, Oden comes along OK, I think we will see Bosh more often at his natural position as a stretch 4. Miami will beat the Nets no matter what the have. 2014 Eastern Conference Finals Miami vs Indiana, again….Miami wins .in 7…..!!!!

    • Van says:

      Mr. Germany, I didn’t forget about Shane. You are forgetting how Shane was do irrelavant in game 7 against Indiana. He played zero minutes. He’s being very inconsistent. If Haslem plays great; Shane won’t play as much. He will play more when the play small ball. When they play Brooklyn or Indiana he won’t see the court. Miller will be missed but it’s not like he was in ths rotation all year. He was benched a lot like Shane because of their inconsistency. If Shane can play more consistent then that will make the Heat even better which is very scary. Shane will play more at the start of the season to give time untill Oden comes along.

  61. Trey says:

    This would b a good fit for the Heat. A defensive minded player that can make clutch 3’s. Either way the heat 3peat. There are plenty of loaded teams n the NBA. This how it was n the 80’s and early 90’s 8-10 good teams come playoff time it gets very intense. There all professional. Man up n play. Free agents r free to sign to any team that wants them

  62. Phil says:

    Stevenson must be drinking again. This guy embodied the mavs hatred of miami and lebron and now he wants to join them….hes such a scrub. But he is unemployed and no one needs him in miami. He should go to the celtics or something.

    I dont think the heat will three peat. They got lucky d rose was out and the pacers got better along w the knicks. Hell even the bucks look good. But brooklyn will win it. They have a super team and theyre huge. So much size on the nets. I dont even think the heat make the finals. Thank god.

    • KingJames says:

      @Paul: Dude just STFU. You dont talk like this about Legends do you?? Like Malone, Payton, Garnett, Allen, Wilt, etc. GTFO.

    • Van says:

      Oh Phil; u are such a hater. Really; they beat the bulls cause Rose wasn’t there. What happened before when rose was there. You better hope that Greg Oden can’t play the whole season cause he gets hurt. If he stays strong and healthy, and gets in nba shape come playoff time; the heat will 3peat extremely easily and it won’t even be close. They’ll sweep your Brooklyn nets. They beat the Nets anyways without Oden but it would be a lot tougher. Like I said you better hope he doesn’t stay healthy or I will quote Moses Malone fo-fo-fo-fo. Think about this 9 man rotation come playoff time. Chamers pg, Wade sg, Lebron sf, Bosh pf, Oden c– bench– Allen sg, Anderson c, Haslem pf, Cole pg. It’s nasty and u know it; the whole nba world knows it. They’d still have Rashard at 10 man jacking up 3’s. 3peat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If everyone stays healthy.

      • terrell says:

        well, i completely agree with you because the best flopping team in nba history with the queen crybaby will win it all again this season since there we tweets release by some nba person stating that the league is fixed for the heat win win it again next year!

      • hgfhjg says:

        how ignorant, the pacers flopped more in their series than the heat, the heat werent even getting obvious foul calls against the spurs or pacers. if anything the nba wants the heat to lose, i watched every playoff game i dont even like the heat. nuggets fan, plus stern hates lebron for ruining his plan to make cleveland relevant by leaving, thats why drose won mvp and cleveland gets 2 1st overall draft picks

      • green says:

        van get off the drugs mate ur getting excited about a guy who has played 82 games in 5 years the reason he picked miami is because he knows he can play big minutes and a full year oden will do nothing for the heat they got rid of miller the only guy that came up big heat wont make finals so get of the bandwagon the ride is over

  63. Neil Young says:

    This is not news. Write a post worth reading

  64. kuyabest says:

    I would love to see Stevenson play with the Heat.

  65. Eaham says:

    I get that everybody wants to play with lebron, but when you have wade and bosh in that tteam as well it does seem like everyone sees the Heat a s asure thing for a ring. I miss the dwade and lebron duels, and the kobe vs wade, hell I even miss bosh being cluth and carrying the raptors at times. Waht happened ot this league -___-

  66. kuyabest says:

    Oh, I will love to see Stevenson play for the Heat! NBA is like showbiz… and the show must go on. I do not see anything wrong with being to showbiz in the NBA. It helps the NBA to be more and more popular. There should be nothing PERSONAL! Go Stevenson go! Go to the Heat!

  67. the black mamba says:

    what a loser

  68. Darin says:

    Wow everybody wants to play for the heat what a joke its not even basketball anymore everybody just wants to have a ring lammmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeee so lets jump on the heat team and not play and earn the money just pay anybody who wants to join the team minimum wage 8.50

  69. jay says:

    Wow all he wants is a ring, pathetic. Begging LeBron to get him on a team, I have no respect for him anymore.

  70. wak9 says:

    Yeah we’ll take um. A suitable replacement for Mike Miller

    • WizKid says:

      Replacement for Mike Miller?…Him and Mike Miller are 2 totally different players. That’s disrespectful. We aint talking bout Battier…

  71. Paul says:

    I hate all those guys who are taking the easy way out. NBA is missing competitors. Players themselves are making the league pretty boring and easily predicted. Come on people, MAN UP! Us fans want to see some battles and not blow outs.

    • YYY says:

      Game 6 wasn’t enough? 40 minutes of Game 7 wasn’t enough? All the OT and double OT games in the regular season between many teams weren’t enough?

    • C Breezy says:

      Come on Paul. As game six taught you, no team is guaranteed to win anything. There is no ” easy way out ” There are, however a handful of teams that are serious competitors. I am a die hard Heat fan and now a Lebron fan because he’s on the Heat. The Spurs were one Ray Allen 3 away from a championship. If it was an ” easy way out ” as you call it, the Heat should blow out every team everyday. OKC , SAS, IND and BKN can win it this year . Heat are only thought of as better because they won last year.

  72. matthew mathis says: