Bryant ‘Shatters’ Recovery Timetable

Kobe Bryant sounds like he'll be ready to start the season.

Kobe Bryant sounds like he’ll be ready to start the season.

By Jonathan Hartzell,

The ruptured Achilles’ tendon suffered by Kobe Bryant on April 12, 2013 against the Golden State Warriors ended the star’s incredible late-season run. The initial recovery timetable was set at six to nine months. However, recent reports suggest he may be ready to return for not just the start of the 2013-14 regular season, but as early as training camp. While on tour in China, he told gathered reporters that the surgery performed was innovative and thus his recovery has been unique.

“The surgical procedure was different […] and because of that the recovery has been different,” Bryant told reporters in the southern city of Shenzhen. “The normal timetable for recovery from an Achilles, we’ve shattered that. Three-and-a-half months I can already walk just fine, I’m lifting weights with the Achilles just fine and that’s different. So we don’t know what that timetable is going to be. It’s kind of new territory for us all.”’

Obviously, this could just be Bryant’s pride and Lakers’ public relations getting in the way of the actual facts. A return to the NBA after only five months of recovery from a devastating injury seems ridiculous for any player and especially ridiculous for Bryant, who is entering his 18th season in the NBA and turns 35 years old on August 23. And the thought becomes absurd when you factor in the additional offensive burden he will need to carry next season with Dwight Howard gone.

But this is still Kobe Bryant. A freak (according to Steve Nash) and one of the most intense competitors sports has ever seen. He returned exceptionally from a knee injury which he received an experimental procedure for in 2011. So while it may be absurd to expect Bryant back from his Achilles injury so soon, it shouldn’t be a surprise.

His return, no matter how quick, should be handled with caution. The career of Isiah Thomas was ended at the young age of 32 by an Achilles injury and countless other players have seen their careers ruined by this injury. The most successful return from an Achilles injury was performed by Dominique Wilkins in 1992. The Human Highlight Reel was in the middle of another All-Star season with averages of 28.1 points and 7.0 rebounds for the Atlanta Hawks before his season was quickly ended by a torn Achilles’ tendon. Wilkins returned the next season to post the highest scoring season of his career with an average of 29.9 points per game. Wilkins has reportedly reached out to Bryant to give advice about the injury. Like Bryant, Wilkins’ main motivation during his recovery was “to prove all the doubters wrong” and he tells USA Today Sports that he rehabbed twice a day, everyday for nine months after the injury.

This is the type of commitment and determination many expect from Bryant this offseason. In an interview with ESPN Brazil earlier this summer, Bryant talked about his friendship with soccer star David Beckham who also suffered an Achilles’ injury in 2010. Beckham was able to return strong from the injury and continued to win championships, which is most likely the main motivation for Bryant, who will return to a Lakers team in dire need of its star next season.


  1. kobe ballhog says:

    Rise up on your own dude the only thing gonna rise in the lakers this season is the american flag before each game, the whole lakers with kobe is sinking faster than the titanic. wont take pay cut for the better of the TEAM, even after so many years so many millions still after his own, scoring stats whatever, maybe he will score 100 points this year and put up 100 shots as well.

  2. LakersAllDayE'ryDay! says:

    I am certain of one thing after reading most of these comments: THERE ARE SOME TRUE LAKERS/KOBE HATERZ UP IN HERE! Respect the Purple & Gold HATERZ…..Y’all must be full of envy because the Lakers keep rising to the top and Kobe continues to be GREAT, like all the other LAKERS before him! LAKER NATION, let’s give the HATERZ one clap, they are persistent in their efforts to be great at what they do! ALL DAY E’RY DAY! LAKERS!!!

  3. kobe ballhog says:

    Kobe will shatter the shots being put up this season, that what he will shatter lol, throw shots after shots just to get 30+ pts average this season, GBE Greatest Ballhog Ever

  4. Luke says:

    If he comes back this quickly he’ll other play to half his ability or just get injured again. Anyone who thinks Kobe is gonna come back better than ever and the Lakers are gonna have a finals shot is just plain stupid.

  5. Bob M says:

    Haters… hahaha. He’s in his 18th year, he has lost step, some verticality, has to get some German treatment on his knee because traditional medicine can’t fix it, and, now, has an Achilles injury. The Lakers were a disorganized and inconsistent team last year, and KB24 was gunning old school. Be objective, look at the facts. If they make the playoffs, it will be a miracle of God Almighty.

  6. Bojeezy says:

    All you haters keep hating. I will always be a Kobe and Lakers fan. You got to respect what Kobe has done last year. He gave it his all and got the team to the Playoffs even with Dwight Coward disappearing in some games. It was a mess for the Lakers last year as a team with Pau on the bench it made the strenghts that the Lakers have uelsess but I am hopeful they can pull it together and improve.

    The Lakers Organization has always been able to pull the impossible to make this team one of the elite teams year after year. Even when we weren’t as good as other teams, it was still fun to watch them because how competitive the teams were. Ex. Nick Van Excel and Eddie Jones era.

    I want to see Kobe play again like I would want to see D.Rose or Russell Westbrooke play again. If you all wish for them to reinjure themselves then you all aren’t real basketball fans.

    I don’t know how far the Lakers will go this year but I will still watch because this is my team and that will never change.

  7. Freida says:

    Let Kobe come back early but he may very well injury the achilles heel again and that will be the end of his career.

  8. Us buck says:

    No real NBA fan should ever want to see someone injured– even Kobe! Although I believe LeBron is the best, I still wish Kobe the best. My wish is that LeBron and Kobe would play against — not with — each other in NBA Finals!!!!

  9. M, JORDEN says:


  10. KTS says:


  11. KOBE says:


  12. people please stop hating. would you hate me if i didnt do what i did to get 6 rings? me, well yes kb is the closest thing to myself. lb. lild, anddrose are very, very good players. but didnt need extras to win a ring. you may not like kobe. so why like me so much. even after all this time ive been away from the game.cant understand yall. bet some of you so called fans of mine cant even play basketball. im 50 and can still take on any of these low lve players in this new nba. like LB,KB,DW,BD,DR,AND ANY ONE THAT CALLS ME UP. I OWN MY OWN TEAM YES WINLESS.BUT YOU CALL ME GRATE, HELL KOBE IS THAT ONE. EVERYONE STOP HATING. THE TWO MJS REPORTING.

  13. ronmitch says:

    Lakers fans better wait and see before getting excited about Kobe Bryant return. Nobody can predict if we will see the old Kobe return or the Kobe who’s been robbed of his quickness and his jumping ability, something Achilles injuries take from players.

  14. pacquiaoverated says:

    he will just put up more shots than ever in his career, wanna add more to his scoring stats, greatest ballhog to ever played the game

  15. heat will fourpeat says:

    at Jpoet. we all wish we were our my player characters. thats y we create them

  16. Julius says:

    He offers a small child to the gods everytime he gets injured (and calls it unique surgery)

  17. petermac44 says:

    Great News from one of the hardest working athletes ever, keep up the good work. For all the people speculating on HGH or whatever this is one perfect example of why those drugs were designed- I hope he and everyone can someday use these as a medical advantage to help keep them healthy not get sick on the junk. These guys are the ultimate project on which these drugs are the perfect training grounds for breakthroughs not only for athletes but anyone suffering a severe injury. I doubt Kobe would risk it and the NBA doesn’t need any other drugs with all the players not getting tested for Marijuana already hmmmm maybe they will find a good use for that drug too….

  18. Gillsy says:

    Well some of these new treatments for injuries are amazing. Here in Australia one football player was back playing 12 to 14 weeks after after snapping a ACL in his knee they used a donated Achilles’ tendon to repair the knee.

  19. Shawn says:

    This is why Kobe is and will always be the “IRON MAN”, a trun worrier. He’s not about the money, he’s about the sport that he loves. I’ve been a Lakers fan since I was 10 yers old and I have to say that Kobe has been one of if not the toughest players I’ve seen in a long time. GO FOR IT KOBE…..

    • qq says:

      Thats why he gets 30 million? If kobe doesent take a huge paycut next season he will never get that 6th ring

  20. Kobe says:


  21. LakersAllDayE'ryDay! says:

    Hold Up! Join Him (LBJ)…. more like, let me go join two other all-stars to help me win a championship is what LBJ did… No doubt Lebron is a great player, but please don’t make him out to be the greatest ever…. or the next best to the best, whomever you feel that is. Yes, he is an awesome dunk highlight, but his career is yet to be defined by two championships… there is talk that the self proclaimed king has taken over the league now, not so fast. KB24 is yet to be done. I wonder what the HATERZ excuses or complaints will be when the LAKERS, w/KOBE as the leader on the court, win another championship(s). Go ahead, y’all got time to muster up some hateful comments on KOBE, but in the meantime, I’ll be getting ready to add another emblem on my Lakers Championship Jacket… oh yeah, sleep on the Lakers next season, but don’t wake up crying because Kobe is on a double decker bus holding another Gold trophy to add to the Lakers other 16…. #LebronMustWaitHisTurn #TheBlackMambaStillGotVenomInHisVeins #LakersAllDay

    • Rick says:


      lol typical lakers fan before every season. although i like kobe and his toughness, i really think he wont be able to add another championship to his resume. he’ll most likely still have 5 rings when he retires.

      • LakersAllDayE'ryDay! says:

        @Rick: TYPICAL LAKER HATER! Yes, I’m a typical Lakers fan,not the band wagon, just jumped on the ship yesterday fan… I stay in full support and remain faithful to the team that is hated by many, and yet, still loved by many more. I laugh @ all these blogs, comments, and articles criticizing the Lakers, and the career of Kobe… I might seem more an optimist than a realist Lakers fan, but I DO WHAT I DO BECAUSE I STAY PURPLE AND GOLD ALL DAY E’RYDAY! It doesn’t bother me when doubters, oops, let me correct myself: It doesn’t bother me when HATERZ Hate on the Lakers, it’s SUPERSTAR KOBE BRYANT, or the LakerNation. Because the Lakers faithful like myself and Jack Nicholson knows that sooner or later, all you HATERZ will be envying the Purple and Gold Parade for their 17th Championship (and counting)… while your team, who knows and I don’t care for, is on the fishing trip somewhere with the TNT NBA broadcasting crew! And as a faithful, the Lakers will win another NBA Championship Title, and Kobe will don his sixth NBA Championship ring on his other ring finger before his playing days are a wrap! SO HATE ON HATERZ, the LAKERS and KOBE are not yet done celebrating down Figueroa, we are just on hiatus for a few seasons. Just enjoy the ride, and wait til next season, y’all be shocked out of your shoes when the LAKERS DO WHAT THEY DO BEST…. HANG CHAMPIONSHIP BANNERS FROM THE RAFTERS OF STAPLE CENTER!!! (Sorry Flippers, Division Banners Don’t Matter! One is good enough for your practice facility, next season is LAKERS SEASON, AGAIN!!!)

  22. LakersAllDayE'ryDay! says:

    By the way, all you kids who are the ESPN generation, listen up: as a Lakers fan, followed the Purple and Gold since my favorite B-Baller MJ, no not #23… I am talking about the Best Ever #32 —-> “Magic” Johnson! You don’t refer to the other MJ as “Air”, whereas if Earvin Johnson is simply known as MAGIC, simply because he created Magic on the floor for Showtime! Anyways, I want y’all to stop hatin’ on KB24 because he is GREAT! EMBRACE what you see from one of the BEST that has ever played the sport of basketball in the NBA. Michael Jordan has put up bad shots, missed shots, and yet he is still considered great in the minds of Laker Haterz. No knock on #23, he is the torch bearer of the league during his career, arguably the greatest ever…. BUT!!! Do not bash on KOBE because he has taken at times (and I do admit I cringe when KB does) some tough, contested shots and missed them. He isn’t perfect, but I APPRECIATE his DESIRE, DEDICATION, AND DETERMINATION to be the BEST KOBE he can be to help his team THE LOS ANGELES LAKERS, be successful. All the greats who ever played, I’m sure they have that willingness to take the tough shots, to seize the moment, and to take over a game when his team is struggling. Yet, Magic, Larry(in his more discreet way), Michael, and Kobe are the ones who took it to a whole other level. There may have been others, but Michael and Kobe are similar in that they want to be the ONE who wins/loses the game on his shoulders. That is fearlessness, competitiveness, and greatness. KOBE is NOT MICHAEL, and MICHAEL is NOT KOBE! Different eras, different circumstances, slightly different rules to the game, but the same DNA! Don’t make arguments based on numbers, because put them on the same court at the height of their primes, I would love to see them face each other, but like Shaq said in one of his rap songs, I put my money on the LAKERS ALL DAY E’RY DAY! So with that said, EMBRACE the rest of what you see from KOBE BEAN BRYANT… he is the best during his time in the NBA, and he will be the driving force that will lead the LAKERS to another Championship, or two, or three… as long as he is in Purple and Gold! Stop Hatin’, too much hate in the world and on KOBE and the LAKERS! LOL.

  23. TKS says:

    Nope I beg to differ. People wanna play with LeBron cause he’s a freak of Nature. Jordan right!? Greatest to play the game, said he has the perfect NBA body; 6’6 225lbs and could out jump/score/play anybody… LeBron 6’8 260lbs he’s just bigger,stronger,faster then him. I respect Jordan BIG time for NBA hustle. But James, always been a fan and always will be lol. Players just loves to play alongside the Bro lol. ANNND no he does not need superstars, in reality Shaq won Kobe his 1st 3 rings so in fact Kobe Sits on just 2 rings himself and in both cases he did win MVP those 2 time he did it himself.
    LeBron is now on Par with him(Kobe) 2 rings 2 MVP finals. Face the Facts Kobe is an awesome player, love watching him, BUT LeBron is the one everyone wants to play with HES JUST THE PERFECT EXAMPLE OF “Can’t bet ’em, Join ’em” in LBJ’s case JOIN HIM!! (:
    Happy reading bud

    • Da fuq did I just read? says:

      You can’t just take rings from someone it doesn’t work that way. I guess MJ didn’t win any since he always had Pippen or Rodman. And LBJ is the epitome of “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” by leaving his team and joining two other all stars. Kobe never had two other stars like Lebron does.

  24. LAKER KING says:

    I see I’m late to this party…however I’m gona shake a tail feather or two. KOBE is the man, Let me repeat. KOBE is the man. Its absolutely ridiculous how much people dislike this dude. You should like this dude like you like Sony electronics, or Mercedes Benz or like Versace shades, like Air Jordan gymshoes. He is the best the game has to offer us. You cant teach anyone how to have a killer instinct. Either you have it or you don’t, and no man playing the game has more killer instinct than Kobe Bean Bryant. Period. It’s really nothing more to compare. Well wishes to the anchilles. Laker fans we gone be good…I mean afterall we usually are, no matter the circumstances. As far all this hate, we embrace it as motivation.

  25. nate says:

    D Rose take note

  26. earl graves says:


  27. DAVID says:


    • Jonny says:

      LaBron James is the best right know, and he will win more championships than Kobe, because he is a team player, and not selfish like Kobe.

  28. Sandy says:

    He’s not the best player now and never will be anymore. All seasons he has complained about this and that hurting, playing an hoping everyone will feel sorry for him. Would be hell to be on the same team he is because he yells at everyone that makes a mistake but forgives his own! Very selfish player.

  29. jty7271 says:

    Not sure if ‘shatters’ is the best word to use for his recovery, since that could be what he does to his body if he comes back too early from a torn achilles.

  30. TTKIN says:

    Ridiculous? Same thing was said about Adrian Peterson.

  31. jty7271 says:

    Not sure if ‘shattered’ is the best word to use, since that might be what happens to his body once he tries to come back too early from a torn achilles.

  32. Should be illegal 4 some 2 post says:

    Media driven opinions I love it. Bron is da best? Why? Cause he is who da NBA chooses to be. U take him off da heat and with wade and bosh they r still a championship team. So how is he MVP. Smh take melo of da Knicks… Lottery. Take cp3 of da clippers….. Nice team to watch but no playoffs. I can keep going. But da NBA has cheapened and watered down awards and da ring itself. Cause if wat they say is true then bron will be MVP for the next 6 yes. He will do wat he did this yr so wat will change. Jordan would never go play wit magic to get a ring he would wanna beat him. Bron showed dat he is a robin not a batman by going to the heat. Kobe bean is a warrior period. I hope he doesn’t rush back but only cause he needs to be 100%. and yeh… He is da best player in the league. And I’m not a Kobe fan but u gotta respect him and his place in da game. NBA pushed him till a lol white girl in Colorado. Lol now all there eggs r in bron & kd basket. Funny they already had t-shirts thunder/heat finals. Lol till Westbrook got hurt. Noooooo da league is not fixed. Smdh. But real players fight on anyway. And Kobe is one

    • ozz says:

      should be illegal for u too post goof. You watch this years playoffs, Lebron is well deserved champion and MVP

  33. Jordan says:

    Kobes situation is different from many players. He is expected to be the NBA champion king for the Lakers organization. Even if Kobe comes back, I don’t honestly think that there would be a chance that he could sustain the playing level that he has in the past. He probably is only here this year to see what the future holds for him. If the Lakers organization struggles, he is going to most likely retire. Kobe has been the role model for many people but, could he continue to be the stand up heroic guy for the Lakers. Lets wait and find out…

  34. hr2323 says:

    He is all about himself. Not a team player. If things are going good then he is happy. If things are going bad, then he starts pointing fingers at everyone but himself. Know this…. he will never be better than MJ and you can be sure that in the end the KING will be considered better than Kobe.

  35. J says:

    he’ll be back for the start of the season and he will dominate!

  36. J says:

    Wilkins averaged 30.3 in 86 season that was his highest not 29.9

  37. james says:


    • Adam says:

      Because Lebron needs a lot of superstars to win a championship and he wants other players to follow his path – switch teams and cut short the line to win a crown. That’s why a lot of players want to be with Lebron, to win a ring as quickly as possible by joining s team with a lot of superstars.

  38. kobefan says:

    As a kobe fan I wouldn’t want him to come back that fast I rather him be 100 percent then rushing it just to probably play a couple games and probably getting injured in the same place.

  39. jfack says:

    there are people ive learned not to doubt. kobe, mj, ali are all guys i would never say “no you cant” to.

  40. D-Rose says:

    You have a guaranteed pay, WHY PLAY?

  41. tempurafriedbacon says:

    I knew it, that injury wasn’t as serious as it was portrayed to be. It was all for show so the Lakers can say that Kobe recovered earlier than expected. Lakers will always be Hollywood, scripted!

  42. Gary margo says:

    This is mr Kobe Bryant,not Jordan,Wilkins,Lebron,isiah Thomas ,I repeated again this is mr kobe Bryant ,yes the best! Everrrr!

  43. LA-Suppoerter@Manila says:

    Even I don’t like the Heat.. It didn’t come to my mind or to wish that Lebron/Dwayne/Chris get injured.. YOU DO NOT deserve to be even a fan.. I salute all those Kobe-Haters nincompoop.. They don’t even know what they are saying.. FAKING an injury???? What for??? You haters are just afraid of LA getting into the top.. GO LA!! GO KOBE!! Make him pay for leaving.. Hey Lebron, Chris, Rajon.. We are waiting for you next year..

  44. Gary margo says:

    Kobe is a beast! Get over it lebron James fans!

  45. Jim says:

    Or click my name to bookmark site and keep up with scoring record countdown after each game (updated within the hour of each game).

  46. Michael McBride says:


  47. John Williams says:

    Best competitor of all time, even though I’m a LeBron fan, Kobe’s mentality is like none other

  48. BIGMatta23 says:

    FACTS are so important, instead of spewing out whatever you think is right maybe you should be checking them first Dominique has twice averaged over 30 points per game….how is exactly then does averaging 29.9 after his injury count as the highest scoring output of his career????

    • Larry says:

      He meant the highest scoring average UP TO that point in his career. Not over his entire career.

  49. Adam says:

    Sekou Smith, writing about Kobe Bryant? Wake me up I must be dreaming. Go back to writing about Lebron James and the Miami Heat, Sekou. You’re losing your touch.

  50. trinifan says:

    i love reading these posts…but it seems some of these so-called basketball fans are really just team affiliated or player affiliated….i give respect to players always….when teams lose important players due to injury…how can any true basketball fan rejoice….the trash talk is cool to a point but if u truly have respect for the game, you would be delighted to see kobe come back and contribute to make the league more exciting….

  51. MinneLakers says:

    Wow what a superstar.. I remember the days when a player still plays if he can still walk or smile and can still win crucial games… Nowadays players stop playing if they got a little booboo…

  52. ruggedry says:

    Man all these Kobe haters are just fans of the sport an could never make it in the NBA Keep Cheering Your just cheerleaders who pay to see the game an pay to cheer LMFAO

  53. kobe lover says:

    kobe like jordan? i dont think so… hes just a jordan wanna be… hahaha… lakers are pathetic

  54. TKS says:

    YES!! Come back Kobe, just in time for MIAMI HEAT’S 3peat haha


  55. Jim says:

    Kobe Countdown – goggle it

  56. Kimmy says:

    I think it’s in very poor taste, to wish Kobe gets hurt again. Although I’m certainly not a Laker fan, and just think he’s talking/being optimistic as always, let’s not deny he’s a very hard working basketball player. I’d rather him than Derrick Rose whom I believe, could have gone out on the court and played, but chose to sit it out. Be fair!!!

  57. Pascal Somers says:

    Kobe is and will stay the player that reminds me the most of Michael Jordan… He is the Black Mamba and his bite is still fierce at his age – Someone else noted that Bryant is one of the last of a dying breed … totally correct – with guys like Lebron-Durant …ect I think Kobe is under rated … Had his replica jersey from day one because you could see how special he is GO BLACK MAMBA AND BRING HOME THE CHAMPIONSHIP !!! YOUR BIGGEST FAN FROM BELGIUM

  58. Lebron iZ DeezD says:

    lmao devastating injury? and he’s walking just fine in 3 months and working out….. hmmmmm this sounds like a rally for Laker fans to stay committed to Kobes legacy….. but homeyboy ain’t gon match MJ like he always thought he would and just like y’all laker money bandwagoners thought he would too HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!
    The Lakers are a fail come this season…. all thanks to Kobe, so he can stat stuff all he wants this season but he won’t be coming across a 6th ring. Swallow that Kobe D ryderzzzz!

  59. stan 242 says:

    jordan is the best ever kobe is good nah but a new king is here james an kd will have to but in some work to take dat spot early or wait his turn

  60. wakaloooka says:

    Steroids?? Nahh Just Kidding the guy is special.

    • mick says:

      well go on and test him… but i require tests on wade, lebron and everyone else too. lets see how many of them are on PED’s. just like in the NFL… i’m sure the Tour de France riders are clean as the sea by comparison

    • al says:


  61. Yuval Achituv says:

    i dont care what he cares about regarding his recovery… I am just a fan who enjoys his game like crazy and cant wait to watch him back out there doing what he does best !

  62. Estonia says:

    I dont get it. why wouldnt everyone just respect that he is one of the greatest leaders we have ever seen and a true warrior. His desire is to play the game of basketball and lead his team to another playoff run. Im not saying that long playoff run will happen for shure, but he desperately tries to do it, and i have a lot of respect for him for doing that.
    And by the way, thats coming fron the diehart Celtics fan

  63. Jerson says:

    What Do u mean he’ll have to carry the team’s offensive load now that Dwight Howard is gone? Kobe Bryant carried it with him being on the floor last year. Doesn’t make a difference offensively. Specially since Pau Gasol will have more space to operate and will get be the second option on offense, he’ll get more touches.

  64. JO says:

    I still rather watch Kobe than Lebron (pushing people, fouling) or Durantula (wingspan…). Kobe is the only one so far that came close to something like Jordan. Kobe is Kobe and that is the bottom and top line.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      so you disregard Durant for his Wingspan? you know who else had a long wingspan? Michael Jordan! I would much rather watch a team player than Kobe chucking up ridiculous shots because he doesn’t trust his team mates I have great respect for Kobe and what he has accomplished, but that comment was just not well thought out

  65. Clyde says:

    He is the best

  66. BMW says:

    yesterday here in Hong Kong, he just said not sure the actual date for return.

  67. epiphoniii says:

    Kobe Being K O B E

  68. kobe is extremely sharp when it comes to his discipline and work ethic…it doesn’t surprise me one bit that hes coming back much earlier than expected. As for the fool who said his injury was exaggerated…just do us all a favor and never post on here again.

  69. basketball fan broome says:

    i want to see this LIVING LEGEND play but not at the expense of his career, cause if he ruptures the same archilles tendon, you would doubt he’d return to basketball and RETIREMENT would be imminent.
    take your time KOBE, we want to see you play

  70. Patty says:

    Kobe, Donot allow anyone to push you back sooner than you are suppose to come back.

    Get healthy first before returning.

    You are the Greatest player in the NBA today.

    • Van says:

      Not really Patty; not today, not the past two years. Let’s be honest ok . His time is up but he is still a great player, he’s not even number 2. Number 2 isn’t going anywhere and he’ll be number one soon.

    • Wait.....what?! says:

      Greatest in the nba today? In which alternate universe?

    • Francisco says:


      • Larry says:

        By closer, it’s meant the 4th quarter. Not just the final 24 seconds. And Kobe is one of the games best 4th quarter players.

  71. Jpoet says:

    Come on guys don’t be so hard on Bermir. I mean after all from that comment alone tells us all he lives at home in his moms basement, plays 2k all day wishing he was actually his my player character. Lol you gotta love people like him….KB24 all day.

  72. BigBoy says:

    #BlackMambaArmy #RiseLA #GOAT #AllinWithKobe

  73. Money Mike says:

    Nice touch, Bermir… The Kobe fanboys are out in force 🙂

    • KC says:

      What you don’t get is that Bermir’s comment was disrespectful. Sure, Bermir was trolling, but saying that someone is faking a serious injury is just disrespectful when it’s just as obvious it’s not true. Even as a trolling comment, I would rate it 1/10. Good trolling is subtle, and involves comments could actually be taken seriously by the naive. Bermir’s comment was just outrageously stupid and inappropriately disrespectful. (In case you don’t know what I mean by that, to smear a person’s character with untrue statements is morally wrong.)

      • Wait.....what?! says:

        Holy mackerel…I thought the grammar police were bad enough. Now we’ve got the trolling police to enlighten us on just how to troll properly. +1 to you sir. You just won life.

  74. JD says:

    Obviously, brain-dead butt-heads can still type! My evidence? Read Bermir’s post. Everything I’ve ever heard about Kobe personally is that he’s an arrogant SOB, but there’s never been a more doggedly determined, hard-nosed, hard working competitor than him and he will be back before all previous estimates. For all of you wishing him to return too early and reinjure himself, well…you’re just a bunch of Kobe haters and not true basketball fans. Why else would you want one of the games future legends to hurt himself again and cut short a brilliant career?

  75. JORDAN IS THE GOAT says:

    Kobe is pullin a Derek Jeter here. Telling everyone he is absolutely fine, hes gonna come back and hurt himself more. He is old and not gonna repair that easy.

    • Usaf says:

      Thats why u loose every year. Drafting kobe at 1 lol

      • sweet says:

        Sooooo…braft KB and you’ll loose, but this same old player shut down Lebron twice(back to back) in allstar game…….same old player who came back from knee injury missed how many games?????????, yet if he had played last game of the season would have had another scoring title…….but go ahead young man(Durant) here’s a gift OLD yeah right lmao

  76. Joshua Williams says:

    its a torn Achilles how can you exaggerated that lmfao get out of here Bermir

    • Eaham says:

      Apart from the achilies tare, every other injury in Laker Land is as real and exxagerated as Paul Pierce;s knee injury during the playoffs in 08 lmao

  77. sam keshmiri says:

    bermir r u stupid or just ugly

  78. Jimmy Buckets says:

    Hahah I do hope he plays early and tears it again

  79. jtgv1 says:

    KOBE BEAN!!!!!!! With this news ill have no prblem drafting him #1 in my fantasy league even if hes a month or two late at least i know hell be 100%

  80. Bermir says:

    Kobe, as usual, exagerated the injury so that later on everybody can admire him for his ´miraculous´ recovery and exceptional toughness…

    • MD QasQas says:

      Yeah because the doctors lied when they said he torn his achilles smh what an idiot

    • VinceNL says:

      Yes, he faked a torn achillies. You’re brilliant.

    • JP says:

      you’re dumb as hell. can’t exaggerate a torn achilles. an ankle sprain maybe, but not this. and he gave credit to the new procedure, not how “amazing” he is. once again, an idiot as usual exaggerates how much they know about the sport so that later on they don’t seem as dumb when they’re proven wrong.

      • jdavis says:

        I’ve ruptured my Achilles and it didn’t have surgery. I continued to work my regular job on my feet all day, with a limp of course. I was walking fine within a few months. By the time I was better, my insurance kicked in. Go figure…lol. Anyway, it all depends on a person’s body, really very little to do with the person.

    • allen says:

      how does one exaggerate a ruptured achilles?

    • TURNUP says:

      You talking about Paul Pierce?

    • Wow... says:

      An achilles tear is nothing to exaggerated about.

    • RT says:

      How can you exaggerate an achilles injury? Once it goes, you have no feeling or ability to walk whatsoever.

      Kobe’s played through broken bones and sprained ankles, so that’s why nobody is very surprised he’s doing his best to come back sooner, and hopefully, stronger than before.

    • KOMANDIRA says:

      Go and tear your Achilles tendon and prove it is no big deal then …

    • Ryan James says:

      How can it be exaggerated? He gave his all just to get the final playoff spot and Lakers got in not just the 8th spot but the 7th. Why should he waste his efforts and fake his injury? Sometimes, think before you hate. You just can’t accept that someone can recover from an injury. Jordan was injured in his second year as a Bull, came back from that injury, was it faked as well?

    • I watch TV says:

      Because your calf muscle totally is a useless muscle. It’s a torn achilles not a starined tendon. Most people aren’t going to recover as quickley as he did. I don’t even care if Kobe comes back I just want you to sound dumb, for not seeing a uncommon career threatening injury such as a achilles tendon rupturing as “oh he is just exaggerating because he wants attention”.

      • Jonny says:

        I had a torn Achilles tendon while jogging, and I’m still having that excruciating pain and have stopped running. My doctor, tells me that I may still take more than 2 months to heal.

    • GuEsT says:

      If I could down vote you I would!

    • Grammar Police says:

      I think he’s trolling. I hope he’s trolling. This because I hate to see hate-inflicted blindness.

      • Grammar Police says:

        It’s kind of like exaggerating a rope torn in two. It’s either torn or it’s not.
        Oh my god that rope’s so torn. It’s more torn than the pants in a fat yo mamma joke.

    • why would kobe fake an achillies injure, miss the playoffs, just to get publicity.

    • santi says:

      yeah, he faked the injury and sat out the whole post season…for people to like him more then they already do? you think he really cares what people think about him. He does it for him, his family, and the lakers.

    • yave says:

      He aint Paul Pierce in the 2008 Finals baby!!

  81. matthew mathis says:

    ALL IN FOR LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A LEADER.

  82. Tony says:

    Kobe is the last of a dying breed, where players actually cared about the game,

    • marcelo says:

      YEAH…… thats why he has a 30 million salary…. -._-

      • RT says:

        He’s earned it. He brings in lots of revenue for the Lakers, and has done so for the past two decades.

    • CW says:

      Kobe cares about Kobe — The game just facilitates his caring about Kobe……

      • KC says:

        Not completely true. Kobe cares about Kobe, yeah, but you can tell from the way he talks about his childhood inspirations, about the all-time greats, and from the way his eyes light up when he talks about the game that he cares about basketball. It’s not just a vehicle for fame with Kobe; he respects the game, and long after Kobe retires I bet he’ll still be a fan.

    • KunJayMaster says:

      Caring about the game has nothing to do with the player he is. The breed that you are talking about is that of players who want to master the game or certain aspects of it. You have the Ray Allen, Jordan, Lebron, Kobe etc…Players that are obsessed with greatness players with those drives only come every 7-10 years. Maybe others can’t get there due to injury or what not, but its pretty rare.