Cuban Shares Video Shown To Dwight


HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said he’d share with his team’s fans the recruiting video the team produced to woo Dwight Howard during their face-to-face free-agent meeting a month ago, and now he has.

On his, Cuban wrote more than 3,000 words explaining his personnel decisions of the last three seasons, from dismantling the 2011 title team to why he insists trading franchise rock Dirk Nowitzki is not an option. He offers opinions on the collective bargaining agreement and differing approaches to team-building, how Dwight would have fit in Dallas and the club’s high-profile free-agent misses these last two summers.

Embedded in Cuban’s missive is the two-minute, eight-second, comic-book style video that he, coach Rick Carlisle, president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson and Nowitzki showed to Howard while meeting in Los Angeles. The video takes Dwight back to his infancy, a baby delivered from the stars, “a hero and future MVP” to a loving mother and father in 1985 Atlanta. Howard grows from “humble beginnings,” his path to greatness “defined by effort and commitment.” The animated Howard is then shown succeeding in a Mavs uniform, fueled by “his burning desire to win” and having “fun doing it.” He embraces “new allies” (Nowitzki) and “new ideas” (from Carlisle) to become “the most dominant center of all time.” Howard and Cuban are then shown lifting the Larry O’Brien Trophy. A 2014 and 2015 championship banners hang next to the franchise’s lone title in 2011. And finally the video states, “Being a Maverick doesn’t end with the Hall of Fame,” as Howard is shown wearing a Superman cape, “Being a Maverick ends with… Global domination.”

In the end, Howard apparently believed taking over the world could be accomplished quicker as a member of the Houston Rockets.

Here’s a sampling of Cuban’s takes:

On not trading Dirk: “Our culture is one of the reasons I won’t trade Dirk. When you turn your team upside down and try to figure out what the culture of the team is, you take the greatest risk a team can take.  Dirk sets the tone for our team.  He works as hard, if not harder than anyone.  He helps our younger players understand what he expects and what they need to do to excel. On the court he is selfless.  He would rather not have to score a point if we would win the game any way.  He would rather pass the ball and let anyone else score than be forced to take the shot. Until its the time of the game where we need a point. Then he is ready to step up as often as we need it. But he knows, that his impact on a game is far more important than any averages or what appears in the box score. That mindset. That selflessness. His work ethic is something I want to be in place long after he has retired.  But to do that we have to transition with him, not in a void.”

On Dwight fitting with Mavs: “Let me address here the inevitable question of Dwight vs Mavs culture.  We saw it as somewhat of a risk, but felt like because Dwight by all appearances and checking we did,  is a good guy and with our support systems we believed we could make it work.  if not, he was obviously a very trade-able asset.  But, as everyone knows, we didn’t sign him. He went to the Rockets.  I do have to say the meeting with Dwight was very interesting. He is a smart guy. Much smarter than people give him credit for. He is also a very, very good listener.  Unlike most people, he spent far more time listening than talking.  And he had the best response to an opening question that I have ever heard from a player, or anyone for that matter.  When we asked him what his goal was, his response was very specific ” I want to be Epic” .  Which was a perfect lead in to the video we created for him. Would i do it the same way again ? In a heartbeat. Why ? Because in the NBA, like in the non-sports business world,  you have to take chances in order to be rewarded.  You have to be smart and you have to be more than a little lucky.”

On team-building strategy under today’s CBA: “What I do know, at least what I think i have learned from my experiences in business is that when there is a rush for everyone to do the same thing, it becomes more difficult to do . Not easier. Harder.  It also means that as other teams follow their lead, it creates opportunities for those who have followed a different path.

I see quite a few teams taking what appears to be the same approach to building a team.  I can understand why they are taking this approach. In the current CBA the value of a player chosen in the draft can be considerable because of the defined contract terms.  And if you put together some great young players, it is very enticing to want to keep those players together for a long period.

But I also know that even if you have the worst record in the NBA, you may not get the top pick and even if you do, there is a material chance you pick the wrong player , or it just happens to be a draft when there are not any IDENTIFIABLE superstar potential players at the top of the draft.

In other words, while it may be popular, I think the quantity of teams taking the same approach makes it more difficult to build a team in this manner.”


  1. Bucks 4 Life says:

    Worst NBA idea since the creepy Brooklyn Knight. Basketball and superheroes don’t mix. The fact that someone (Cuban) paid several people to make this only for it to fail (Stay D12 hashtag Billboards, etc.). Stupid stupid decision. I hope you read this Cuban. Dwight Howard shot down your poorly made Shark Tank pitch video.

  2. Jared Eschberger says:

    That was so stupid. I bet he laughed his butt off!! I love the mavs but mark Cuban just lost alot of cool points with me. D12 wanted to win and that video showed nothing about winning.

  3. Marcelo says:

    Howard for 3!? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL this is the funniest part on this lame video…

  4. Karlo says:

    The only reason I can think of for Cuban actually publishing this cartoon is because great businessmen can admit when they make mistakes 😉

  5. danny says:

    And Dirk will leave the mavs next summer mark Cuban is just destroying his franchise

  6. HtownAllstars says:

    i think its funny that in the video the big shot is still being hit by Dirk. glad he came here to Houston though, him and james will be dominant together. NBA CHAMPS 14!!!

  7. Dean says:

    Cuban has no idea what he is doing. That is two years in a row he failed to get his desired free agents, D-will and now Dwight. I disagree, and strongly believe he should trade Dirk. Dirk already said he wants to win, and at the end of his contract he would consider his options. Dallas in its current roster is totally screwed, they are stuck with Monta, and Calderon for some time now. Neither of these guys have proven they can help a team win.

  8. NRG says:

    This video is an insult to Tyson Chandler. Seriously? how much A*S kissing has been involved here? ….next to this childish video. Zo this is how from now on, owners will try to get the players they want? WAUW..
    Open your eyes dude. This one is even worse than “The dicision” with thanks to Pat Riley.

    I do have to admit, you gotta have the balls to do such a thing or be insane.
    Respect for beeing honest about everthing. A lot of GM and owners could learn one or two things from you.

    Still… the video… OMG.
    Good luck with finding the right Guard and Center for the next 15 seasons.

  9. will says:

    im a mavs fan. dirk, cuban, matrix. VC, and carlisle fan. however,that video was fugly!!!

  10. Armando labaut says:

    Mark Cuban for Cartoon Network president, be carefully Walt Disney lol!!!

  11. Tim T. says:

    What are you haters talking about? Seriously, Cuban drew a picture of where Howard came from, where he wants to go and how the Mavs will help get him there. You tell a person what they want to hear, which Cuban did when it said that Howard got to where he is on DNA but also hard work. That feeds his ego. You also let him know you will be his boss, as they do by saying embracing new ideas. Watch it again and learn.

    This is well done. The little details (like the Mavs logo in the air instead of the Batman logo), the big picture message, only a pro like Cuban can pull this off. You can see his finger prints all over it. The last time I checked, Cuban was more financially successful than everyone on this thread combined, so sit back and learn something people.

  12. Armando labaut says:

    Howard had no future with Dallas ,I m a heat fan , pat rally not only knows how to move his money, but his players futures too, Cuban is a business man , but he doesn’t have what it takes to forge a dynasty on the nba, Howard made a very good move going to Houston .

  13. tory says:

    I think Cuban released that too start a cartoon series on Cartoon network., called ” no one wants to play for me” . co writers ; Dwight Howard and Lamar Odem.

  14. OKC says:

    No 6’11 guy is going to be the best center of all time =/. Hakeem was only 6’10-6’11 and he had the best post moves anyone has ever seen… and he STILL isn’t considered the best center of all time.

  15. Johnny Smith says:

    I did not realize Howard had white parents and was born white and then evolved to black,,,,,,,,

  16. hobs says:

    how on earth did Dirk allowed this to be presented???? seriously cubes???

  17. george says:

    this was just ridiculous….what the creators have been thinkng????

  18. Jelani says:

    I actually really liked it. With Dwight Howard’s real domination that you guys have been missing, he could possibly grow to be the best, or at least most recognizable center of all time.

  19. natan says:

    he is a good magic

  20. jmk says:

    A perfect fail, I think they got everything wrong. And sharing it with everybody, the biggests mistakes of all. My goodness gracious what a load of…

  21. Aram says:

    It shows the Mavs culture. They’re just joking. It’s just business presentation for Cuban. LOL.

  22. Savannah says:

    I agree that the video was cheesy and laughable. But what were they supposed to say “the 2nd or 3rd greatest Center of All-Time” or “we might win Championships!”? Of course, they tried pumping him up and making him feel like the best player that’s ever lived or will live. Because that’s what your supposed to do when you are trying to get a guy to come to your team!!! You’re not supposed to say “you have no work ethic, don’t want to win, very immature, and by the way do you want to sign a contract with us? (Smiley Face) Duh……

  23. Guapa says:

    comeeeee oooooooooooon…….. it has to be a fake video, it’s not that I care ’bout cuban at all but…. comeee oooon!!!! it was this vs The Dream?… coooome oooooon

  24. J says:

    that video stunk!!!

  25. Jimme Beans says:

    This video is the worst thing I have ever watched. The greatest Center of all time???? Are you kidding me. This guy would get 4 points and maybe 6 rebs a game in a series against Shaq at the same age. An aging Shaq was able to put in work against Howard. Shaq from 1999 – 2005 would score 40+ a game against Howard no problem.

    Funniest part of the video is hearing the commentator say ” Howard hits a 3…….Howard hits another 3″ This guy will never hit 2 three pointers in a season let alone back to back 3’s.

    • Rocketman says:

      You have got to be kidding Shaq! Hakeem schooled him everytime even Shaq admitted in his interview of 5 greatest centers ever Hakeem is the only one he couldn’t get into his head! As an old man Hakeem schooled Shaq and Shaq is over rated.
      He is not Wilt Chambelain,Bill Russell,Kareem Abdul Jabbar or Hakeem.I even think Moses Malone and Elvin Hayes were better then Shaq!

  26. mortimer says:

    You can talk about animation when drawings are actually animated … here it’s much more a slideshow ! style is awful, i hardly recognize Dwight face at first and i mean come on ! the whole concept is just ridiculous !

  27. Bill says:

    Howard doesn’t want to be known as Superman. He doesn’t want to be compared to Shaq. He doesn’t like the pressure of becoming the best center of all time, or of being on a team that demands a championship from him. That’s why this video was bad.

    • Ash says:

      well said! this video wasn’t well thought out…

    • qdqqs says:

      He hasn´t even deserved the shaq comparing yet, shaq dominated every game and won championships and even mvp award, all dwight has to stand for is couple defensive player of the year award and some allstar games. I hope he gets a fresh start in houston and becomes the player he`s supposed to be

  28. Matthew says:

    He should have made it an actual cartoon… with actual animation… not a powerpoint slideshow..

  29. simon says:

    poor mark cuban, he has a good player and a championship team before, but he leaves them all.

  30. Abdel says:

    That would worked if D12 was 10 years old

  31. W/E says:

    lol at Cuban,what a silly video, the guy seems pretty stupid after all, he got real lucky when he won the championship 2 years ago LOL

  32. aj says:

    Howard for three? HAHAHAHAHA

  33. Marcus A says:

    That was probably the cheesiest tactic in the history of free agency!!! Its no wonder he chose Houston. Lol! Didn’t Cuban make his fortune with computers/internet? He couldn’t get better animation ot graphics for that piece? I know it was comic book style but geeeesh, cheese wiz. I hope that wasn’t there big “let’s woo Howard with this” idea.

  34. Nic says:

    The video is Mavericks attempt to recruit Josh HOWARD!

  35. blazetheendlessblaze says:

    Even more cliche than Howard’s response, “I want to be Epic,” is Cuban’s thoughtless video.

  36. Lesro89 says:

    they should have shown him the graphic used to dismiss the Lakers from the postseason by TNT, with Dwight as the “Tin Man” from the Wizard of Oz.

  37. LOL says:

    hahahahahahhahha cant stop laughing!!

  38. Mladen says:

    This must be a joke. No way this is real. Or did they think that Dwight is such a child and that he would like it as it is? This video would be a lame intro for attracting a high school talent. C’mon Cuban, get back to Earth. You fly too high (2011) and you are landing real low now. For third straight year it seems. Get your act together and start building a real Mavs team that can compete.

  39. GoMavs says:

    He is known for his Burning desire to win… WHAT!?
    Be the most dominate center of all time… Seriously?

    I’m having a hard time taking this vid seriously.

  40. Ace says:

    Wish you the worst!

  41. JeffX says:

    Having trouble not puking. Caplan drew the short straw on having to do this story. Would’ve went something like this, “Oh c’mon boss can’t someone else do it.” . Mind you the line, “Howard apparently believed taking over the world could be accomplished quicker as a member of the Houston Rockets”, should have been finished with “if they put nuclear warheads in then.” Global domination, HA, of what! Cuban has some pretty funny stuff laced into his cigars.

    • jty7271 says:

      I thought it was a fun cartoon, but Mark Cuban does seem a little naive when it comes to basketball. I guess that’s why he stuck with Don Nelson for so long.

  42. the Baron says:

    Wow, I am an original Maverick & MC hater, but I loved this one! This video really appealed to me. I guess D12 has had tough decision. Nice job though.

  43. G... says:

    Video was pretty cool

  44. Grievous56 says:

    Seems to me the Mavericks thought Dwight was either a child or a hippie. Didn’t work out, right? ;D

  45. Javier says:

    That was the worst thing I have ever seen. As if the Dallas Mavericks Harlem Shake wasn’t awkward enough.

  46. Vinícius Andrade says:

    “He’s known for his burning desire to win.” Hahahaha. I literally laughed out loud. Well, just one more reason to NOT take this video seriously.

  47. jonathan says:

    childish persuasion for a big baby. so glad warriors didnt sign him

    • the Truth says:

      If the Warriors did sign Dwight you’d be praising him right now! It’s only because he didn’t sign with your team that you’re calling him a baby. Baby or not, Dwight is still one of the best centers in the NBA right now and just about any team would be extremely happy to have him.

  48. Phil Jackson says:

    man that was awful

  49. hdsnake867 says:

    I’m starting to rethink my feelings that Mark Cuban is the smartest sports businessman alive. That cartoon was lame and even though I don’t like Dwight Howard and I think that his level of immaturity would allow him to appreciate those 2 minutes, he was probably highly offended by it. On the other hand, maybe it was all just a dig at Big Baby Dwight. Now Cuban will be able to say, “Houston, you have a problem.”

  50. Ken_MIA says:


  51. Name(required) says:

    I like how the video was about Dwight, and then had Mark Cuban holding the trophy, sporting the champ hat and smoking the victory cigar.

    • Rocketman says:

      That will be Les Alexander, Daryl Morey, and Kevin McHale smoking that cigar while they defeated the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference championship game and then upsetting the Miami Heat for the NBA title just like Hakeem use to spank teams every night Dwight Howard finally found a home and by the Way Hakeem will work with him to develope his game while Howard gets easy baskets from the Beard! Dallas like the Lakers its time to rebuild! You know out of 3 Texas teams only the Rockets can say they won back to back championships not even the Spurs can claim that!

  52. NBAfan says:

    Am I the only one thinking that video might be the biggest reason Dwight chose NOT to be a maverick?

    • ??????? says:

      You’re not the only one. That video was cringe-inducing. The persuasion techniques they were using seemed childish and obvious.

      I also liked the not-so-subtle hints at controlling his attitude. “By embracing new ideas” and such.

      Just awful.

    • FOKILLO says:

      your not the only one

    • TheStarMiddleschooler says:

      This is RICH,
      I mean, The Mavs think if they got Coward, they will win 3 championships.

    • Shaddap says:

      If you think bout it…the mavs made such a stupid presentation. The guy is being criticized world wide for being childish and lacks the desire to compete. Then they throw in a cartoon? and a bunch of remarks that clearly contradicts the obvious 2014, 2015 champs? in your dreams

    • Eli Odell J. says:

      tey say Dwight’s a good, evangelical Christian… well.. I cant see any true Christian thinkin of himself with such ego… that’s… pretty out there..

    • yea says:

      if he had been persuaded by this video;;; wow. I would’ve lost all respect for him.

    • the Truth says:

      Did they Mavs serve popcorn and soda to Dwight wihile he enjoyed the short film about himself and the urealistic forthcoming championships with Dallas?

    • Cuban says:

      It looks like the Mavs front office used the same sales tactics those timeshare people used on me, I almost shed a tear when I saw ma and pa holding baby Dwight.

      • The Truth says:

        “You are getting veerrryyy sllleeepppyyyyyy! Cose your eyes and count to three, when when you wake from your deep slumber you will be wearing a Dallas jersey holding a trophy while smoking a cigar. ONE, TWO, THREE PRESTO………”