2013-14 Milestone Watch

By Jonathan Hartzell, NBA.com

The 2013-14 NBA season is less than three months away and excitement levels are already high. LeBron James has his eyes on a third straight championship, Dwight Howard will try to prove doubters wrong, and the Brooklyn Nets aim to make a deep playoff run with their new squad. But for many of the longtime veterans in the league, this upcoming season is a chance for them to further etch their names into the record books.

Here are seven players who have milestones in their sights:

Kobe Bryant – Points, Assists, Free Throws

Kobe Bryant is close to passing Michael Jordan in points.

Kobe Bryant is close to passing Michael Jordan in points.

Bryant will face his biggest challenge this summer as he attempts to successfully rehab from a torn Achilles’ tendon suffered in mid-April. But when he does return, he’ll have multiple milestones in clear sight. The most important milestone for Bryant is points as he needs only 676 points to pass Michael Jordan for third all time. It will take Bryant nearly 300 more games than Jordan played to pass His Airness, but that doesn’t diminish the milestone’s significance.  Bryant also needs 113 assists to become only the 30th player in NBA history to reach 6,000 and 532-free throw attempts to become only the fifth player to attempt at least 10,000 free throws. The other four who’ve done it: Shaquille O’Neal, Wilt Chamberlain, Moses Malone, and Karl Malone. That’s okay company.

Kevin Garnett – Field Goals, Minutes, Rebounds, Blocks

Kevin Garnett is close to many major milestones.

Kevin Garnett is close to many major milestones.

It’s easy to understand how one of the most dominant players in the league for the past 18 seasons is on the verge of multiple milestones. He needs 363 field goals to pass Moses Malone, George Gervin, Dan Issel, and John Havlicek for 11th all time. After playing 58 minutes next season, he will pass Wilt Chamberlain for sixth all time to join the elite company of Moses Malone, Elvin Hayes, Jason Kidd, Karl Malone, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Then he’ll also need 399 rebounds to reach ninth all time and 30 blocks to reach 2,000 for his career. All four of these milestones are attainable if he stays healthy and soon he’ll be able to add Hall-of-Fame inductee to his list of milestones.

Steve Nash – Assists, Turnovers

Steve Nash is nearing elite company.

Steve Nash is nearing elite company.

The almost 40-year-old Nash is close to two significant milestones for next season. He is only 86 assists away from passing Mark Jackson for third all time and he needs just 90 turnovers to move into 10th all time. The turnover milestone may seem like a bad thing, but it shows its importance when you look at the nine players who will be in front of him: Hakeem Olajuwon, Isiah Thomas, Kobe Bryant, Artis Gilmore, Julius Erving, Jason Kidd, John Stockton, Moses Malone, and Karl Malone. It doesn’t get much more elite than that.

Andre Miller – Assists

Andre Miller has quietly neared 8,000 assists.

Andre Miller is quietly near 8,000 assists.

Miller has been one of the best distributors in the league for most of his 14-year career, but his lack of flashiness has caused him to be consistently underrated. However, if he can collect 44 assists next season he will reach 8,000 for his career and join Gary Payton, Isiah Thomas, Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson, Steve Nash, Mark Jackson, Jason Kidd, and John Stockton as the only players to reach the milestone.

Ray Allen – 3-Point

Ray Allen is close to another 3-point milestone.

Ray Allen is close to another 3-point milestone.

Unlike all of the other milestones mentioned, Allen has already reached the top of the statistical category and now he’s just extending his lead. It will take a good season for him to make 143 3-pointers, but if he does he will become the first player in NBA history to reach 3,000 3-pointers and it’ll make his record even more difficult to pass.

Paul Pierce – Points

Paul Pierce is nearing a huge scoring milestone.

Paul Pierce is nearing a huge scoring milestone.

Pierce’s first season outside of Boston could be a historic one if he is able to score 979 points to reach 25,000 for his career. Only 21 players in NBA history have reached this mark and Dirk Nowitzki, Garnett, and Bryant are the only active players to get there. It would an incredible accomplishment for Pierce who has faced and conquered many challenges during his 15-year career.

Jason Terry – 3-Point

Jason Terry is close to a historic 3-point mark.

Jason Terry is close to a historic 3-point mark.

Many people fail to notice how prolific Terry’s 3-point shooting has been throughout his career. But with only 78 3-pointers next season he will pass Jason Kidd to become third all time and join the special company of Reggie Miller and Ray Allen. Consistency has been the key for Terry as his rookie year was the only season during his 14-year career in which he shot below 34 percent from 3-point range.


  1. Lakers-Warriors-Suns. says:

    Lebron’s next milestone : flop 100 more times to beat Chris Paul and take 1st place. It’s a very tight race!!!

  2. Sandesh paudel says:

    Ray Allen is ready to make NBA history for 3-pointers.looking forward to his 3000’s

  3. kenny says:

    Jordan 497 fg percentage Kobe 454 fg percentage look it up if you don’t believe me

  4. Jefongs says:

    Basketball all stars always compared to Jordan to Jordan to Jordan uncounted times that makes him more great greater and greatest. Well, Its our chance to enjoy watching these stars how they will be playing this coming season,

  5. carlos cg says:

    i just don’t get it… where is mentiened field goal attempts or shoots needed for kobe to achieve the points milestone? the author just mentioned he needed 300 more games to reach it… calm down everybody! MJ is GOAT, and nobody denies Kobe is a great player too by his own merits.

  6. lee says:

    i think the clippers are going to be alot better next year the need depth behind the pf and center posistion but other then that their stacked at every posistion and this team looks ready to row after adding some outside defenders and 3 points shooters the should be alot more scary next year i see the clippers and the warriors moving up the rankings i think the warriors are a better all around team but dont have as much star power i dont know if the thunder will be able to stay at the top with westbrook out i see them having a slump season at the best it would be great if the could get a high draft pick and grab a good center who fits in with their scheme for once i think the rockets will be good and the t wolves will be alot better but the warriors thunder clippers and t wolves all oome down to health
    t wolves
    dont really know who will be the bottem 2 butit want matter all 6 of these teams have a legit chance at going all the way next year i dont see the t wolves doing much in the playoffs but i think the will get there next year i hope we see the clippers vs the bulls in the championship game no i dont think the heat is going back unless oden does something i dont think he will stay healthy

  7. t says:

    just want to say have you seen the teams kobe has played on Jordan never had player like shaq that demanded the ball a lot

  8. yolo says:

    I think all of you can stop comparing him to MJ, mj is the GOAT no doubt, but it doesent change the fact that kobe is a great player and this is a major acomplishment. Kobe will go down as one of the all time greats, but jordan is and probaly always will be the Greatest of all time.

  9. basketball fan broome says:

    offensively these 2 are in a league of there own, we should be making the argument on whos a better ALL ROUND player, especially on the defensive end.

    What are your thoughts

  10. kilbil says:

    Jordan vs Bryant to settle the score…
    Bryant scored 81 in a game which is 2nd in history and if he can play a few more years healthy he could potentionally lead NBA history in points…
    If the rockets don’t make the finals this year I would love to see Kobe vs lebron in a finals matchup!!! Epic!!!

    • Kamote says:

      But MJ did have a career average of 31ppg, most in the NBA at par w/ Wilt. He even once had a 37ppg year. If he just had played all those four years he quit at the prime of his career (2 years after 1st 3-peat, 2 years after 2nd 3peat)… how would you think his stats be? his rings? his awards?

  11. Jim says:

    I would still rather have Tim Duncan than either of them

  12. J-Short37 says:

    Kobe is just a ball hog, over shooting, no team chemistry player, no one want s to play nor likes him etc.
    I don’t know how can a player like him have fans yelling his name in other arena’s, wearing his jersey, be the highest paid player for a great franchise, have HOF players calling him a first ballot HOF player, current players calling him one of the greats of the game, still demands a double team at 18 years in the league.

    Some things just don’t match up, respect great players while we can, none of these guys including MJ are perfect lets enjoy them playing the great game we like.

  13. J-Short37 says:

    Man great players for their own eras in my opinion, with that said no stat can measure greatness or respect a player gets from other players. If Kobe gets to 30K congrats to him and keep it moving People want to debate who was better, but truth be told MJ did not win all the time, yes in the finals he played in he won but people seem to always over look his playoff losses where he did not make it to the finals. And even Shaq would admit that him and Kobe needed each other. No matter how much people try to draw up some type of way to diminish Kobe play on the court he will still come to yours and my town and the crowd will be wearing his jersey, players still double teaming an 18 year player, just be honest the man is one of the greats of the game,not the best but you have to respect game.

  14. Alex says:

    Let’s all just agree Kobe Bryant and MJ are both great players

  15. spittin says:

    kobe started young strait out of high school. yea jordan went to college but when kobe came in the league he didnt start he wasnt as good in the nba as he was in high school. he was a kid. jordan was already grown he had more experience and he was mature. he didnt win until he got with pippen and phill . jordan was the star no star was there he had more role players then kobe but he shot like he wanted . kobe had shaq there already having the spotlight. you have to be a great player to steal the spot light from shaq in his prime becouse he is the greatest center. kobe did just that . he was better then shaq and thats why the lakers made a choice trade shaq and keep kobe.. and he did it again with out shaq . honestly kobe could have 7 titles becouse he been to the finals 7 times thats half of his nba career n he scored 81 in one game which i was at. ive never seen a greater performance the lakers were down and after a time out kobe took over he also had 64 points at the end of the 3rd againts the mavs and there whole team had 63. he sat out the 4th jordan has always been loved kobe has always been hated. why tho

    • Inamo says:

      – Kobe was chosen over Shaq because Kobe was still about to reach his prime while Shaq was already in his decline (last injury-free season was winning the title with the Heat). Good call by Buss, but they could’ve won a couple more together if not for the power struggle they had which led them to lose the Finals against Detroit.

      – Kobe was on a scoring tear without Shaq… 81 pts, 5 or 6 consecutive games of 40+ points, etc. — but LAL wasn’t that much of a threat for the crown.

      – Kobe didn’t make the playoffs 1st year post-Shaq… “left” his team against the Suns a year after in the playoffs… whined the next year that he wanted to get traded if the management wouldn’t give him All-star team mates… LAL got Pau — who was the best player, along with Dirk, outside the US — for peanuts (but one turned out to be good because it became Marc)… then BOOM!!! Championship!!! Kobe did it ALL!!!

      Not much hate on Kobe really, its just that his accomplishments are somewhat tainted on how he got his rings — its much like how non-LBJ fans would always use the Decision (teaming up with Wade and Bosh) in disregarding his 2 rings :).

  16. James Bond says:

    Blake Griffin should be on there for amount of FLOPS

  17. Jimmy Buckets says:

    Bron your wrong…Kobe HAD more opportunities playing with shaq. Teams came into a laker game thinking one thing..How are we going to stop Shaq from absolutly destroying us inside. That approach left Kobe with many opportunities which helped him become the overrated player that he is today.

  18. Inamo says:

    MJ stopped for a total of FOUR years in his prime. He has the best PPG average along with Wilt in NBA history. And he’s done it at 49% FG percentage (which is at par with LBJ, who plays Forward). And yes, he also didn’t start to play in the NBA at 19 years old.

    If he hadn’t quit all those years, he would’ve topped Kareem’s all-time scoring title, would’ve won more rings, would’ve padded all his other stats (both defense and offense), would’ve won more MVP’s and other awards… and this conversation about having another GOAT or at least anyone nearing him would just be plain stupid.

  19. Bron says:

    MJ did do more in less time.. But Kobe played with Shaq for 7 or 8 years so he didn’t have the opportunity to score early in his career since it was a battle between him and Shaq for Alpha dog

  20. Kitsbasketball says:

    Not surprising to see the former celtics on there..

  21. Sean says:

    I think the best shooter is Stephen Curry.. He is still in his early years in the franchise and he has made more shots than anyone could have.(3-point shots)

  22. marlon green says:

    Let’s just stop it with all the MJ is the greatest socring machine and is the GOAT of all time! MJ has not scored 100 or 81 points in a single game! And he has not EVER averaged 50 points in a single season also like great Wilt. Now you want to talk about scoring machines? What do you call that. I’m so tired of all you MJ fans overlooking other scorers greater than him. Just give credit when credit is due. Make sure you do your homework before you start calling one person the best player of all time and best scoring machine etc.

    • Bigmatta23 says:

      who has the highest career scoring average in the NBA??? not Wilt, not Kobe… Michael Jordan.

  23. God of the Nba says:

    all these milestones and no more championships.

  24. natan says:

    kobe is better

  25. ken says:

    kobe is a good player but mj is a legend

    • Too may blind Laker Fans here. Kobe is a great player but arguably not even in the top ten greatest of all time. He’s not even the greatest or most valuable player in his generation. As someone else stated before he isn’t even the greatest player to wear a Laker uniform.

  26. Lee says:

    Man, I am so sick and tired of all of this GOAT BS!!! Yes MJ was a great player and great leader too championships – yes Kobe has had a lot of rings… but if rings where the scale for greatness Bill Russell is the GOAT. But basketball is a team game and if you want to say who is the GOAT in all aspects of basketball its Larry Bird – the only player who has MVP finals MVP Coach of the year and Executive of the year.- he is GOAT basketball mind. Not physical skills on the court but all round basketball IQ. Kobe is a great scorer but look at his indiscretions off the court???? What did we all forget??? The magic and Bird era was pure team ball. The greatest individual ball player of all time is Jordan but the greatest team players are Magic and Bird. And for all you haters out there LBJ will be known as a great team player. Kobe has 2 rings in my eyes cause the first 3 where all Shaq and 1 of those rings he has was cause Perkins got injured. At least Jordan fought for all of his rings. So you Kobe fans need to start appreciating all the game has to offer.

  27. kobe ballhog says:

    Kobe the best bgallhog ever that is, stop comparing him to jordan, there is no comparison at all, kobe isnt even better than the big o, magic or bird. ceing a player that just throw shots after shots doesnt make one a true legend.

  28. stellarmechanic says:

    I was lucky enough to have seen MJ and Kobe play live. what a treat. Now , I need to see Lebron play in person.

  29. sports fan says:

    MJ is viewed as the greatest by so many coaches, players, & fans all around the world. Not everyone can agree to say Kobe is the best Laker ever, not even Lakers fans. Also, it’s not just the stats. MJ as a leader is on a higher level than Kobe and Magic as well is a much better leader than Kobe. I’m not a Lakers fan but in my mind Magic is the greatest Laker ever – therefore since Kobe can never be the greatest Laker ever by unanimous vote he can never be viewed as being greater than MJ. In fact some former NBA players can make a solid case that Magic is greater than MJ, but I’d still take MJ. The milestone that Kobe will reach will be a great accomplishment. Even though it will have taken him longer to reach it, I agree with the writer that the significance of reaching that milestone shouldn’t be diminished because scoring that many points is no easy task. And to be able to play that many seasons in a row is very rare in itself & that’s what will allow Kobe to reach that milestone. MJ will be very proud of his son ….. or defective clone ……whichever is true.

  30. Drake Remoray says:

    No Duncan on the list? He’s at a point in his career where he should break some records next season? At least move a couple of spots in some all-time rankings. Isn’t he second in all-time playoff wins or appearances?

    • Lee says:

      Man the problem with the NBA its all about the Lakers and MJ – I am Celtics fan but I love the spurs in the west great team – the league is too caught up in individual players and their records – however Robert Horry has more rings than Kobe and MJ – and a team like the spurs cause they weren’t showtime or his airness no attention is shown. Its a shame. Really hope the Spurs can make it again great team.

  31. Clyde says:

    Kobe`s milestone by the landslide) Black Mamba delivers

  32. RyAn says:

    i know mj and kobe have different greatness on their own, but i do believe they have both basketball fundamentals..
    and to think how great mj is? yeah, kobe also has that same path as well ^_^

    Must Watch.. here are some of the evidence.. they have both Basketball Fundamentals. 🙂
    kobe and mj! my idol in basketball 😀

  33. the black mamba says:

    i am coming haters and il be stronger than ever and prove yall wrong

  34. Robin says:

    Good Luck to KG,Ray and Paul

  35. Shax Ally says:

    Kobe is so fantastic

  36. MJ is G.O.A.T, but Kobe is definitely the 2nd G.O.A.T

    • Shaq says:

      always 2nd, will never be the 1st, coz he’s chasing to be like MIKE
      if only he aimed to be just KOBE, he will always be 1st and thus have the
      chance to unseat MJ as the G.O.A.T. esp if he learned to play team ball
      w/ Shaq, how rings do you think the 2 have now? Yeah, thats Kobe’s
      greatest failure …..

  37. Ako ,Ikawk says:

    I’m Mj fan ,it takes me awhile b4 like’n Kobe I don’t like Lbj.great people have their on time,just love the game.

  38. Nowitzki41 says:

    This shows how underrated Andre Miller has been his entire career,

  39. Filipino Idiot says:

    Only 90 more turnovers for Steve Nash to move to 10th overall of all time! Great Milestone.

  40. Marcus A says:

    If Bryant needs 300 more games to get the same amount of points Jordan has, then how isn’t the milestone diminished? Lol! It’s no different than an olympic sprint. Each runner will EVENTUALLY cross the finish line, but the gold is awarded to the one who does it quicker, as it is a more impressive achievment. Duh!

  41. NO WAY says:

    There is no way that these players today could take the beating physically that MJ took…..A lot of the Flagrant fouls that players get ejected for these days were just regular fouls……you take that into account, and MJ’s point total is more impressive….to me….then Kobe’s. However, Kobe is still an unbelievable talent……if you have to be second greatest, what better person to be second to……in this sport anyway

  42. Jpoet says:

    You guys crack me up throwing out mathematical equations to break down stats…lol it’s not that serious. Personally speaking I think Kobe is better because I feel he has more elements to his game than Jordan did, but that’s just me.

  43. Omar says:

    I don’t know why everyone failed to mention that Kobe was also the second scoring option behind Shaq for many seasons also. MJ was always the number one scorer and never played from the bench in any season. That’s about six seasons where Kobe wasn’t the focus of the offense.

  44. superlolo says:

    This is so childish that everyone is trying to compare who is better that who. Kids arguing who’s better, Mom or Dad. Why can’t we enjoy all these Greats that we have seen and cherries the fact that we are part of the greatness they became. Kobe is No Jordan as Jordan is No Dr J. Last time I look, the author’s subject is about MILESTONE. It is not about IF’S, BUT’S, MAYBE’S, PROBABLY’S and so on, and so forth’s. Stats are not the only accurate way to define greatness. So many non stat factors in, considerations are added to include in Greatness.

  45. Mothebeast says:

    Kobebetter then mj

  46. antonroy says:

    MJ is a legend.
    Scaring thought that the Bulls could (and most likely would) have won 8 years is a row, if MJ didn’t pursue his baseball dreams. He is second to none. Lots of great player – only one GOAT.

  47. antonroy says:

    MJ is a legend. Period.
    Scaring thought, that the Bulls could (and most likely would) have won 8 years in a row – if MJ did not pursue his baseball dreams…

  48. Estonia says:

    Funny that most of these players have been a part of the celtics at some point of their respectable careers

  49. krolgolisza says:

    I can not say who is better, but Phil could. and he clearly said that Jordan had something which Kobe will never have. in my opinion it means that Kobe was not able to manage the role what Phil Jackson have given to him. In case if he could, he would to have at least 9 championships (I am speaking about connection between Shaq and Kobe). this was the bigest lost of Kobe.

  50. TTKIN says:

    Nash’s turnovers aren’t a big deal. during his entire tenure in PHO, he was the only one handling the ball. Of course youre going to have more turnovers the more u handle the ball.

  51. You people need to learn to read more carefully. He said he will need that many shots to catch Jordan. He is not going by there shot attempts at this point in time. Kobe will need many more shot attempts to reach that total. Kobe isn’t the most efficient player so how many shots do you think it will take him to get there? Just to clarify, in a conversation that includes Kobe Bryant it is beyond stupid to call anyone else a ball hog. Kobe is a black hole that destroys offensive flow on possessions. Kobe is a great player yes but he has never at any point been hands down the best player in the league. There has always been a solid argument for someone else being better from year to year. Face it without the refs Portland and Sacramento would each own one of the Laker’s titles.

  52. frank says:

    i think and i say i because is my view that kobe bryant is as great as mj the both have acomplish thiunks that the rest dream of mj fgp 6 rings kb 81points still going up in all time scorer so stop comparing but to me kb is great no doubt

  53. Superdamo says:

    Writer doesn’t diminish Kobe’s accomplishments. It’s just that whenever Kobe’s stats is compared with MJ’s, MJ’s stats will ALWAYS be far more superior than Kobe’s in whatever angle you look into. Numbers don’t lie bro 🙂

  54. fanbouillezoui4 says:

    for ray allen, the 3pt line is closer than before, so yeah.. if next year they put the 3pt line a 5 meters, i’m sure the record will be broken in 5 years, again.
    excellent shooter yes but this record is unfair for the others

    • Jojo Lecitona says:

      Idiot. Whether 3 pt line is nearer before than today it doesn’t matter the game is evolving man. Durung the early days its more on offense nowadays defense is the name of the game. So straighten your thoughts

  55. Pipsqueak48 says:

    People fall to look that Kobe played behind Eddie Jones his first 1 and a half or I think 2 seasons. Had he not who knows where he would be, maybe long past Jordan but who knows…

    • justsayin says:

      And if MJ hadn’t retired for two seasons to play baseball – in his prime – he would’ve been neck and neck with Karl Malone for 2nd all-time scorer.

      We wouldn’t be hearing excuses about (the quite excellent) Eddie Jones, either.

  56. bruno says:

    I you count the washington 2 seasons its more than 300 games.

  57. ody says:

    Sorry but M.J. is not a FAR superior player than Kobe. He is superior but not by much

  58. L.A. B says:


    • Ballto3 says:

      You based that claim on FG attempts??? I’m a Kobe fan and I still think Kobe shoots more and is a bigger ball hog. remember that Kobe tries to continue shooting to get out of cold streaks

    • Jojo Lecitona says:

      So as bryant. He too is a ball hog

    • Game Time says:

      Yeah Kobe hasn’t shot more than Jordan, but he has missed more with less shots LMFAO!

    • justsayin says:

      Weak competition? In the 80s/90s? The Bad Boys Pistons would take you to the floor taking that smack. Btw a PG like KJ wouldn’t be guarding MJ. In terms you would understand – YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BASKETBALL!!!

      ahh, captastic

      • PeteC says:

        Umm… weak arguement. Yeah, let’s not forget Jordan got handchecked almost his full career and there was no restricted area. The rules have changed to favor offensive players a lot…. and Kobe has played much more in those systems. Jordan was always driving in amongst the trees…. rarely do you see Kobe getting swarmed in the same way Jordan did … in EVERY … single game. Not only that… but you are still basing this through all of Kobe’s prime years…. Jordan had a few years with the Wizards… and a comeback year that he didn’t play so hot in…. take those out of the equations… use only their prime years and stats… this is a whole different arguement entirely and Kobe is light years away. I’m just saying if you’re implying to twist Kobe’s numbers in favor of him winning this debate, Jordan’s got a lot of numbers that can be manipulated too…. Now, the real deal here is… outside of all the numbers… Jordan built this game on his back, had all the pressure of making this game HUGE… and had a personality so large when the NBA was literally small potatoes that no one in pro ball will ever see a player elevate the game the way he has. He will always be the greatest for all he’s done for the game, and with all the pressure he took. If you’re a Kobe lover out there too… at his age, his injury is fairly serious… I don’t wish bad upon anyone, but I don’t know if he’ll come back the same.. something to think about…

  59. Kurtinaitis says:

    Rubbish, both of them. Michael BEASLEY is the GOAT 😉

  60. Ash says:

    Kind of a player that goes under the radar, but Antawn Jamison needs 42 points to have scored 20,000 points. That’s a pretty good effort for any player if you ask me.

  61. Philippines FIBA Asia champs says:

    Let’s just stop talking about MJ vs Kobe. Kobe still has maybe 2-3 years more to play. Let’s just admire these great players who will soon retire and leave the NBA to the new stars.

  62. CL says:

    Kobe Bryant – 1239 games, 24301 FGA
    Michael Jordan – 1072 games, 24537 FGA

    1239 – 1072 = 162 games, not more than 300. BTW, although Kobe has played 162 more games, Jordan attempted 236 more field goals (FGA)! Please help me understand how does a writer who works for NBA.com get this wrong??? MJ is the GOAT, but there is no need to exaggerate the facts to try to minimize KB’s accomplishments. As matter of fact, a more appropriate apples-to-apples re: the total points comparison is not games played, but FGA.

    • Adam Sandler says:

      He’s 676 points from MJ now and has 236 field goal attempts to catch him. So if that’s how you wanna do it then MJ still smashes Kobe. I’d look more into points per game and shooting percentage against field goal attempts. May even bring Kobe closer, but no doubt MJ still a far superior player.

      • who cares says:

        Who cares about attempts man, at the end of the day Kobe has a chance to have more rings and more points then jordan. MAMBA ALL DAY BOY

      • MJROcks! says:

        MJ did more in less time. The Supreme G.O.A.T.

      • Tien says:

        He just said MJ is the greatest of all time… Hes not saying Kobe is better than him… LOL Kobe hater

      • WOW says:

        MJ is not a “far” superior player, he was better, but Kobe isn’t that far off. Even MJ knows this…hence the reason he always praises him when he is compared to various players…
        Kobe also gets a lot of points for freethrows so you can’t really say he has x amount of attempts to get there. Kobe also has a slightly better 3 point percentage even tho he has shot waaaaay more three pointers. Jordan made a lot of close to the basket buckets, Kobe’s range is far greater than MJ. Once Kobe has the points its better to compare based on averages..

      • chandler says:

        Sure, MJ is better and is the GOAT, but Kobe is a close 2nd and is the closest thing we’ve seen to MJ as quoted by many of the greats like Magic, Reggie Miller, Shaq, Tim Duncan, and even LeBron James himself, even though LeBron may have something to say to that in a couple years as he’s making a statement. Lets say that Kobe makes 46% of his shots out of 236 FG, thats roughly 109 FGs. Say 19 of those are 3s, so 90×2+19×3 = 237. Four hundred-ish points away at the same FGA isn’t bad at all. Now, are we factoring in free throws too? Because that would contribute something to it. Like I said, MJ is better, Kobe is the close 2nd.

      • G says:

        CL has a point. The writer doesn’t know math. Get out of here, Adam Sandler.

      • Matt Grey says:

        What if Kobe does it in less shots? 300 3pters in a row and a heap of free throws

      • Svilen Atanasov says:

        Even if Kobe does not reach MJ’s record, his accomplishment to be so close to MJ’s score proves he is one of the best. I am a hudge MJ fan, but we should admit that Kobe is the closest alternative of MJ.

      • i3lance says:


      • fanbouillezoui4 says:

        jordan is the ultimate scoring machine. he started a lot older than kobe, has 2 “end career”,less games, a higher PPG and % and more shots

      • Young says:

        It is not about whether Jordan is more superior or not.
        It’s about the writer posting facts which are untrue and deceiving. (300 and 162 is almost 100% difference!)

    • ABN says:

      If u add the 82 game this coming season you’ll be at 200+ and the article clearly says “nearly 300” not more than 300.

      • Game Time says:

        Yeah I don’t see how all these people missed that. Wait, yes I do. Overzealous Kobe fan mad that there’s a blemish in another one of Kobe’s comparisons to Jordan.

    • Laker4Life says:


    • Lansun says:

      Well said CL!!!

    • agree.. says:

      I agree and I also wanted to point out the first few seasons that he came off the bench for the lakers. – less minutes – less field goal attempts.

    • JimmY says:

      I understand the confusion, but I believe the author was referring to the number of games it took MJ to reach the milestone, not his total number of games played.

    • Imeano says:

      Even though the game remains basketball, every decade within the league as a whole, the sport evolved in many ways that stand out from the previous. Offensive and defensive styles take place, sports medicine improves the athletes abilities, GM’s and businesses dictate trades…on and on, etc. “GOAT” is genius. Keeps money and mouths revolving.

    • PSR says:

      Might wanna check those stats. No way MJ can have a higher shooting percentage and have more attempts than Kobe. That’s mathematically impossible.

    • Just Saying says:

      Mj took 2 years off to try out for baseball … Mj didnt even enter right after highschool if im not mistaken.. 6 championship and more clutch compared to kobe, they are not trying to minimize KB accomplishment, it’s just MJ accomplishment is at another level thus giving him the GOAT title i’m a Lebron fans hands down, but IF Mj didnt stop for baseball he might have 7-8 championship and might even reach 30k points, correct me if i’m wrong at any point, thanks

    • OK where u got those stats Google, people please these writers have degrees and have
      the NBA office stats to use while u got Google and plus if he was to put bull it would be caught by the editor so sit down and relax. Just read damn article and have a opinion stop trying to look smart

      • Tim NBA Fan says:

        That statement is so naive and borderline obnoxious. Online databases are verified. And articles frequently have errors. Catching errors isn’t trying to “look smart”, it can be helpful and keeps the writers and editors on top of things. A correction is at least as important as an opinion. BTW, CL’s math is off. 1239 – 1072 = 167 not 162. I’m not making a correction to “look smart”, just pointing out a fact.

      • BigBoy says:

        well actually some of these writers for the HTB make plenty of grammar mistakes and misspells. so obviously the editor(s) either dont look at it or dont pay attention themselves. you guys are supposed to make this look believable and official.

    • Jason terry didn’t know u shot like that how far Kyle kover is and in 15 years it will be. 1 ray Allen 2. Klay 3.Seth 4. Reggie 5. Jason

    • WaterForYou says:

      Kobe stans are always looking for an avenue to reduce the gap between Jordan and Kobe. Jordan is far superior. Every stat, basic to advanced, illustrates the differences between the two. And the margin widens when you compare their best seasons.

    • mario says:

      dude you must be enlighten. you only posted their season games not including playoff games LOL MJ played 1,251 times while bryant took 1,459 games to make it 208 more games than MJ plus the fact that he needs more 676 more points to break the record of AirJordan if you divide it by 27 (current PPG of KOBE) it will add him another 25 or 26 more games to break MJ so 208+25= 233 games to break MJ. research more before you talk fanboy :)) LBJ>KOBE anytime anywhere

    • Glenn says:

      MJ didn’t feature in the top 10 turnover experts either! MJ forever!

    • Kevin says:

      By the way, just check the milestone Kobe as accomplished yet, you will never say again “MJ is far better than Kobe”