Wizards Sign Wall To Extension



HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The Washington Wizards building their franchise around John Wall went from theory to reality the moment Wall’s signature went on that five-year, $80 million extension the two sides began working on recently.

That time is now, according to Michael Lee of The Washington Post, who reports that the deal is done and will be announced Thursday at a news conference.

Wall hasn’t made an All-Star team yet and the Wizards haven’t reached the playoff since he was taken with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2010 Draft. But the Wizards believe he is the key to their future and are paying him accordingly. Wall’s new deal will not start until the 2014-15 season. But Wizards’ general manager Ernie Grunfeld is making sure that the linchpin to the Wizards’ future doesn’t have to worry about free agency any time soon.

The Wizards found out last season what life is like without Wall when they sputtered to a 5-28 without last season while he was recovering from a left knee injury. They finished the season 24-25 with Wall in the lineup. He posted the best numbers of his career in those final 29 games, averaging a career-high 18.5 points and 7.6 assists while shooting a career-best 44 percent from the floor.

With Wall as the ringleader of a young core that also includes fellow lottery picks Bradley Beal and Otto Porter Jr., the Wizards are poised to make a move up the Eastern Conference standings next season.

Signing Wall through the 2018-19 season with a maximum extension might seem like a risky move to some without more evidence that he is going to be the type of player that can lead the Wizards into the mix at the top of the Eastern Conference standings. But the Wizards are avoiding a load of extra drama by avoiding restricted and unrestricted free agency with a player they have much invested in already.

They’ve seen what a healthy and motivated Wall can do, what sort of impact he can have on a team that ranks among the best in the league defensively. As his growth and maturation process continues, the Wizards are clearly focusing on Wall’s immense potential with this extension.

Wall is the first member of his Draft class to receive an extension but probably not the last. The Sacramento Kings have reportedly engaged the representatives of DeMarcus Cousins, Wall’s college teammate at Kentucky, in conversations about a deal for the talented big man. There is an Oct. 31 deadline for players from their Draft class to receive extensions.


  1. Truth says:

    No smart good player stays with the Wizards if they want to win. No NBA team has won a championship w/o free agents. No legitimate free agent star has wanted to play for the Wizards and they don’t want to pay for a free agent. As a result, the Wizards always have been and will be the worst team in the modern free agent era. John Wall took the money because he doesn’t have faith in his talent to test free agency next July. He should have tested free agency and tried to go to the Lakers. Oh wait, the NBA would probably make the Wizards match another contract if he was restricted like they did when Juwan Howard was going to sign with the Heat when the new arena was being built because they didn’t have any other franchise players to remotely draw fans. Beal and Porter are at best average NBA players.

  2. Clyde says:

    LOL @Jennings

  3. It was a risky move but the Wizards needed to go through with it as they would have had to start over again if they had not. They were something like 5-28 without him and 24-25 with him.

  4. Matthew says:

    John Wall is not a true point guard and usually scoring guards do not lead teams very well…. even after saying this John Wall is worth every penny. He is an exciting young player who is steadily getting better. If he develops a balanced game like some of the big name point guards, he’ll be underpaid at 80 mil.

  5. Marcus A says:

    I don’t think health is a question as he’s young and will get stronger, ala Derrick Rose. However, unlike Rose, (an MVP dethroned only by injury) Wall has yet to advance his team anywhere near the playoffs which Rose has done since being drafted. I get that they were basically a .500 team when he returned, but he has to show more than a “stretch” of talent for that kind of moolah. Even if he averages the points that netted this contract, he won’t even be an all-star because of the list of pg’s he’s behind. (Rose, Irving, Rondo & D. Will) I like Wall but he’s one more playoff miss fron being over paid.

  6. Karlo says:

    earned, not given!

  7. will says:

    john wall is worth that contract. demarcus ain’t.

  8. martinex says:

    Wall’s a great player but I don’t like these lifetime contracts. Anything can happen in 8 years and then what?

  9. INEED$$$$ says:

    Great decision Wizards, John has the potential to be one of the best points in the league. Look what he did to the wizards season after he returned from injury (25-26). Plus the wizards will make playoffs this year so seems like a good decision looking down your franchise player.

  10. idk says:

    john vall is worth 80M

  11. J says:

    yes! terrifically smart move! he will be a top PG for years to come

  12. Bossbarbercmoner says:

    Best player on that team since Jordan ball out n show out wall is a stud needs Lil help n motivation

  13. Kamote says:

    Wow, 80M!?!?

    I’m not saying Wall isn’t worth franchise pay, but I hope the Wiz have tried to save some money to lure secure their other stars-to-be in the future (eg. Beal), and at the same time also have that flexibility to lure veteran FA’s in the next few years. The Wizards right now aren’t even in the position to be sought after by high-quality role-players. Well, still best wishes for the franchise.

  14. YoYo says:

    Wall is a great young player, with blazing speed and out of this world athleticism and a very good PG already and still have room to improve, those that dont think he deserve it are just blind, Beside if they dont lock Wall up now the Laker and many other big market team gonna offer him an even bigger contract come next summer free agency…Smart move Wiz, smart move indeed….

    • GW says:

      agree. Wall has that potential and if his mindset isn’t there to step up accordingly the wizards can stll trade him in 2 years. He’ll always put up good enough numbers across the board to have teams interested. what the wizards want and need isn’t only stats but the maturity and leadership to take them to the next level. That’s when hed be a 20m player

  15. What they should have done says:

    they should trade him while hes hot.

  16. rudeboy says:

    john wall is not worth 80 million

  17. Money Mike says:

    John Wall has the Wizards on the palm of his hands. They believe in him, let’s just hope he delivers during these upcoming 6-years contract extension.

  18. STEVE says:


  19. Kimmy says:

    He deserves it, and the Wizards, with Beal/Wall combo will make the playoffs this season. Stay healthy everyone!!

  20. Trey says:

    They are definitely building through the draft like Okc did. Wizards have a solid team. Your gonna c Was Det and Cle battling for those 2 bottom spots.

  21. CW says:

    There are players that just play for the paycheck & there are players who want to win…I guess that this shows what type of player John Wall is. The Wizards have been pathetic for decades. What serious player would choose to play there?

    • aaaaaa says:

      For the second half of the season, the Wizards were basically a playoff team. With the moves they’ve made this summer they’re probably like a 6-8 seed. Wall has just been given the keys to their car, and will be leading this team for a while now. Here, he is the go-to guy on a solid young team that will be going great places in the relatively neat future.

  22. pg14be says:

    good job Wizards, smart choice !

  23. Damian Udensi says:

    John wall does not deserve such an amount of money for 5 yrs.Hoping to build around this guy could be a costly mistake for the Wizards.He is an average Joe in the Nba.I doubt that Wall will rise to the occasion.We have seen this before in Arenas.Another heart breaking experience for wizards fans.

  24. fsdp says:

    are u guys kidding me? 80 M$ for John Wall? Man, the Wiz never change!

  25. wall says:

    He shouldn’t have done it that long and if they can decrease the money it would be better

  26. Kiing sid says:

    I am happy for wall. He just needs to be more serious and he can go far…..Good luck Wall !

  27. R-Dawg says:

    Wall isn’t worth $80 million yet. I hope the Wizards gamble pays off.