Hang Time Podcast (Episode 127) Featuring Rockets Play-By-Play Announcer Craig Ackerman

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Leave it up to Rick Fox to skip out on his own birthday party on Episode 127 of the Hang Time Podcast.

Perhaps it was for the best, since we spent quite a bit of time discussing his least favorite subject of this free agent summer: Dwight Howard and his moving from the Los Angeles Lakers to the Houston Rockets. (Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni still can’t wrap his head around Howard leaving for Texas.)

While Rick is already on record as being a bit put off by the way Dwight handled himself with the Lakers and with his departure, Rockets play-by-play man Craig Ackerman couldn’t be happier with how things played out.

His phone has been ringing like crazy since Howard joined the Rockets. And things will only get more hectic the closer we get to training camp and the start of the 2013-14 season. He gives us some quality insight on what the Howard era of Rockets basketball will look like from an insider’s perspective and waxes on all things Rockets [sorry Rick].

We also break down the latest news, notes and happenings around the league, including a recap of what we saw during the Las Vegas Summer League, USA Basketball’s mini-camp in Vegas, Brandon Jennings and his fresh start in Detroit and the teams on the rise and fall after a wild July of action in free agency and trades.

You get all of that and so much more on Episode 127 of the Hang Time Podcast: Featuring Rockets Play-By-Play Announcer Craig Ackerman …


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  1. LA-Supporter@Manila says:

    Of course LA is doing well.. They are really thanking DH for leaving.. Now they can be a team.. Just hold on LA fans.. We just have to wait for a year.. LA will still be a contender as loang as Kobe can come back and be as good as he is..

  2. Kareem Reid says:

    If Dwight is healthy, the lakers will regret losing him. Houstons roster seems to be a better fit… they have enough pieces to resemble the 09 magic… only difference is the rockets already have an all star I Harden… excellent combo… Now the lakers are in trouble this season… what is the starting 5… are they really going to start kaman and gasol… that would funny because the coach didn’t want to start both howard and gasol… do you start nick young or wes johnson at the 3… and is the back court healthy… too many questions and I dint even mention that they can’t play defense. I would how mike uses his style of play and puts paul at the 5 maybe the duke kid starts at ur 4 wes or nick at the 3 kobe and nash in the back court… lets see what happens

  3. Rocketman says:

    Sekou thanks for the great job you do and thanks for showing some love to the Rockets. This was a great interview yes the west has gotten better but I have to say I think the Rockets are in the top 3 in the west.I hope they can keep Asik as well and I do see the Rockets against Memphis and San Antonio using the twin towers! Not only will their defense be good but now they can play up tempo or half court grind it out as they have the ability to do both. I think if the Rockets can upgrade point guard and the 4 slot they will be in great shape.I think the cast of players here are better then Orlando and to be fair this is the west we are talking about not where the east has two dream teams and the rest well need I say more. The Rockets may have to play together for 1 year but going into the 2nd year they could win a championship.How can you stop a team that is loaded with snipers from the 3 point range and a low post presence.Think about it for a moment they only need one or two players to be feeling it from downtown but if you have all of them hitting who is going to stop them! And Okc is a very good team however Rockets exposed weakness in their interior and I think teams can beat them yes Westbrook is good and Durant too. I think Howard made the right choice and will finally focus on his career and Houston will show him all the ,love he needs and no Kobe Bryant to deal with either!

    • Jay says:

      Idk about top 3 in the west for the Rockets, I’d say top 7 at least but 3? I dont think so. Most of their sharpshooting was done by Harden, Parsons, and Delfino. Delfino is inconsistent and obviously gone and Lin lost his hype after New York. The Warriors are looking much better than the Rockets since they got to keep Thompson and Barnes and obtaining Iguodala. These two teams though are probably the most improved in the west and they’ll be fighting hard for top 5 in the west.

    • ac says:

      I’m a Knicks fan, so I really have no bias here, but I am pretty excited to watch the Rockets in action. They aren’t going to be dominant from day one, its going to take time to develop the chemistry between Dwight and Harden, really Dwight and everybody actually. But they have all the talent to win a ring and with McHale at the helm I think they will continue to get stronger as the season moves on. OKC lost a bit of scoring with Martin gone and its unclear where they will make that up plus San antonio is a year older (though you can never count them out). Memphis hasn’t really added enough to push them beyond the conference finals in my opinion either. I would love to see a western conference finals battle between any two of the Clippers, Rockets, or Warriors. Any combination of those teams would be an awesome series to watch!

  4. PW says:

    Dwight Howard’s back injury is the reason Dwight did not perform when he was with Lakers not because of Kobe Bryant. He frustrated himself but most people blame his frustration on the city, the system, the coach, and teammates. I understand Dwight is struggling to be at his physical best but he needs to be tougher. True kobe got ego issue but he never make excuses and he played through almost all of his injuries. I wish both of them the best of luck next season.

  5. Matthew says:

    D12 made the right decision. L.A. might have won one more title. Wiith Houston the sky is the limit. He’ll draw big name free agents as well that will want to sign with a contender. There bench will improve the next few years..

  6. SubZero says:

    where are all these HATERS coming from????? There are more teams out there than the Dang Lakers. Just DH12 made a personal decision to jump ship from the aging Lakers, doesnt mean he’s a sellout. Thats why they call it FREE AGENT…….meaning he can go anywhere he feel comfortable.

  7. Radwan says:

    I dont understand why people think Lakers are so bad. Lakers biggest problem was defense andthe fact they were so slow. But they added a big man in Kaman who wanted to come and wesley and Nick are young players who can score. Nick Young loves LA so I wont be surprised if he has a breakout season. Plus Pau finally gets more touches.

  8. Shane Clark says:

    Dwight Howard is a sell out and he drags teams down with his ego and negative attitude just like he did in Orlando befor he left and the whole time he was in L.A I’m glad the lakers got rid of him because now he can drag another team down go Huston NOT hope Dwight screws u too

    • Rocketman says:

      You know what drags me down is Kobe Bryant’s big ego and he thinks he is Michael Jordan! The Fakers I mean Lakers are like any other team it’s time to rebuild!Know why Phil Jackson didn’t come back? Jeopardy the answer is he only coaches teams that win championships and Lakers are not at that level right now! And Kobe and his bunch of Faker buddies will never be the real showtime Lakers of the 80″s!

      • Jumpman2114 says:

        Don’t let your hate toward a certain team make you look or sound ignorant. To reach any level of success as an competitor you have to have a certain edge. Kobe learned from jordan and patterned himself after him just like Jordan did with Magic and Dr. J. Nobody complained when the Lakers had to rebuild around kobe when he was in the prime of his career. Phil Jackson wanted to come back to the lakers, but the lakers chose to go in another direction. Dwight Howard has every right to play wherever he wants, but after a while you have to look in the mirror and evaluate yourself. Respect greatness and understand that there are different players for each era.

  9. Jimmy Buckets says:

    “least favorite subject of this free agent summer: Dwight Howard”……and you wrote another article on him, Good Job