The World Peace Wake Up Call!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — An alarm clock would have worked just fine.

But Metta World Peace doesn’t do conventional very often. In fact, who else but the New York Knicks’ colorful forward could deliver this timely wake up call to young Josiah Andres (at the urging of Josiah’s dad, Michael Andres):

Knicks super fan Spike Lee would have preferred something a little stronger … something along the lines of this

But Metta (or is it still World Peace?) has plenty of time to perfect his routine.


  1. Donna G. Odom says:

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  2. Kimmy says:

    Ha Ha Ha. But the bottom line is, no matter who he is calling himself these days, the New York Knicks made a good move by acquiring Ron Artest. He works hard, has a good basketball attitude these days, minds his own business (and he has a lot to mind), and will show enthusiam right from the start and will be agood team player. What more can any team ask for? I wish him the best this fall. At least he got away from the Lakers. They stink. Let’s give him credit for that (even though it was their choice, still their loss if you ask me).