Top 10 Stat Lines of 2012-13

By Jonathan Hartzell, for

If you look near the benches after every timeout, and especially after each game, you will see a floor littered with stat sheets. Usually these white pieces of paper show pretty unremarkable lines for players and instead are used to gauge the team as a whole. But on some nights, individual stat lines stand out from the rest and allow us to see who is truly outstanding.

Here are the top 10 stat lines of the 2012-13 season:

10. Nicolas Batum, Portland Trail Blazers

December 16, 2012 vs. New Orleans Hornets – 11 points, 10 assists, 5 rebounds, 5 steals, 5 blocks


A 5/5/5/5/5 stat line is incredibly rare in the NBA, with it only occurring 15 times since the 1985-86 season. But the feat Batum accomplished against the New Orleans Hornets of 10/10/5/5/5 is an even more uncommon stat line with Jamal Tinsley in 2001 being the only other time it has occurred. Batum is the prototypical player to accomplish this type of box score with his all-around game which allows him to have the length to block shots as well as the speed to steal. The Trail Blazers won the game 95-94 over the Hornets thanks to a game-winning jumper from Damian Lillard.

9. Samuel Dalembert, Milwaukee Bucks

February 5, 2013 at Denver Nuggets – 35 points, 12 rebounds, 17-21 FG


This game came out of nowhere for Dalembert. The Bucks big man saw only six minutes of playing time in the Milwaukee’s previous game and the only reason he got into this game against the Nuggets was early foul trouble to Larry Sanders. But Dalembert jumped on his opportunity and exploded for 35 points on 17-of-21 shooting. He made his first nine shots and finished the first half with 21 points on 10-of-11 shooting. Dalembert did a great job, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger fluke game from anyone this season.  The Nuggets beat the Bucks 112-104.

8. Carmelo Anthony, New York Knicks

April 2, 2013 at Miami Heat – 50 points, 2 assists, 2 rebounds on 18-26 FG and 7-10 3P


Anthony put on a scoring show against the Miami Heat, who were without LeBron James and Dwyane Wade in early April. This game could be higher on the list if Anthony collected stats in anything else besides points, but he didn’t. It was Anthony’s third 50-point game of his career and his first since 2011. The Knicks defeated the Heat 102-90.

7. Nikola Vucevic, Orlando Magic

December 31, 2012 vs. Miami Heat – 20 points, 29 rebounds (11 off., 18 def.), 2 blocks, 3 steals


The last day of 2012 was a special one for Vucevic as he became the first player to score 20 points, grab at least 29 rebounds, and block 2 shots since Dikembe Mutombo in 2011, and only the fifth player to do it since 1985-86. This feat becomes even more special when you factor in that Vucevic is just 22 years old. It shouldn’t be a surprise to see him put up lines similar to this more often as his career progresses. The Heat defeated the Magic 112-110.

6. Zach Randolph, Memphis Grizzlies

December 4, 2012 vs. Phoenix Suns – 38 points, 22 rebounds, 3 blocks, 15-22 FG, 8-8 FT


This was the only game Randolph reached the 30-point mark all season and he decided to also grab 22 rebounds while he was at it. He is only the third player to accomplish this box score of at least 38 points, 22 rebounds, and 3 blocks since 1985-86 and his 15-of-22 shooting was the best shooting night of his career. The Grizzlies beat the Suns by a score of 108-98.

5. Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder

January 18, 2013 at Dallas Mavericks – 52 points, 9 rebounds, 21-21 FT


52 points is special, but what Durant did at the free-throw line is what’s incredibly rare about this box score. A perfect night from the stripe with more than 21 attempts has occurred just two other times since 1963-64. Even though Durant benefited from the game going into overtime, his ability to draw fouls and consistently connect at the line is a rare combination. Durant led the league in free-throw percentage last season at 90.5 percent while also being second in free-throw attempts. The Thunder beat the Mavericks 117-114 in overtime.

4. Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers

March 6, 2013 at New Orleans Hornets – 42 points, 12 assists, 7 rebounds, 14-21 FG


Bryant has collected at least 40 points and 12 assists only twice in his Hall-of-Fame career. And he did it in back-to-back games last season. The first occurrence was this game against the Hornets, where Bryant erupted to score 13 of his 42 points during a 20-0 run to lead the Lakers back from a 25-point deficit. He played like classic Kobe and forced many to momentarily forget the disappointment of the Lakers’ 2012-13 season. The Lakers defeated the Hornets 108-102.

3. Joakim Noah, Chicago Bulls

February 28, 2013 vs. Philadelphia 76ers – 23 points, 21 rebounds, 11 blocks


Take a moment to look back at Noah’s box score again. A 20-20 game is impressive in itself, but you get an historic box score when you also add in 11 blocks. This 20-20-10 feat has been accomplished by only Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaquille O’Neal, Shawn Bradley, and, now, Noah since 1985-86. And of that group, Noah blew them all away in shooting percentage as he went 8-of-12 shooting and 7-of-9 from the line. As Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said after the game, “He was spectacular.” The Bulls beat the 76ers 93-82.

2. Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors

February 27, 2013 at New York Knicks – 54 points, 11-13 3P, 7 assists, 6 rebounds


This could easily be labeled as the game which Stephen Curry emerged as a star in the NBA. His 54 points is the fifth highest scoring game for an opposing player in Madison Square Garden and the four players in front of him are a special group: Michael Jordan, Rick Barry, Wilt Chamberlain, and Bryant. And none of those four players also recorded 7 assists during their scoring outburst. He was simply in another zone and it was a privilege to watch. This box score would be No. 1 if the Warriors did not lose the game to the Knicks 109-105.

1. LeBron James, Miami Heat

February 26, 2013 vs. Sacramento Kings – 40 points, 16 assists, 8 rebounds, 14-23 FG


The most incredible thing about this box score from James is it doesn’t seem too remarkable for his standards. However, a stat line of 40 points with at least 16 assists and 8 rebounds had never occurred in the NBA before this game. James benefited from his opponent being the hapless Kings along with teammate Dwyane Wade pouring in 39 points. But neither of those factors should diminish the remarkable statistics he collected in late February to help the Heat beat the Kings 141-129.


  1. kenny says:

    It doesn’t matter what James does they say hes the best when a lot of times he isn’t and I’m tiered of them givimg him the MVP when Durant deserves it

  2. xtian says:

    LOL on LBJ @ #1 with 2 OT to get that stats, I would rather have Noah on that spot since he blows out the previous stats with Shaq, Hakeem and Bradley, or S. Curry or N. Vucevic. I will consider LBJ on the number spot if they will include the stats for FLOPS for a huge guy and they so called “KING”. 😀

    I am not a hater of LBJ, it is just I don’t like he FLOPS in very obvious situation and it destroys the game. I know flop is a strategy to draw a foul specially in critical situations but if you considers LBJ as your “best NBA player in the League or World” , he shouldn’t do that kind of act and he is big enough to make a move to make him more better player. Too bad for NBA having like this.

  3. JURA195 says:

    funny how LBJ and Kobe’s stats are almost identical but their rankings are not somewhere near…. hmmm… LBJ stats isn’t not that remarkable as they said… had Kobe played for an extra 10 mins, that is 2OT, then LBJ’s stats wouldn’t be that impossible… its annoying but as long as its LBJ, they always find a way to make it sound extraordinary… >_<

  4. Devin says:

    Spencer Hawes and his near quadruple double?

  5. Quentin says:

    I think that noah, randolph, or dude form orlando with the 29 rebounds should be number one not crybaby lebron! people don’t understand how hard it is to get over 20 rebounds in an NBA game!

  6. T mac says:

    john walls 47-8-7 game against memphis should be here , he dropped 47 on tony allen

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  8. Paul Verano says:

    What??? With similar figures, Kobe should be on the top b’coz Lebron got his stat from double OT while Bryant in just 48mins. Come on…

  9. Jeremy says:

    Curry should be number one on this list. This is about stat lines, why say he is only number two because he lost the game while Lebron had double OT. Curry tied the 3 point record with 11 threes so thy can’t mention that. Noah’s with 11 blocks should be second. Lebrons is t to great, first ever but played have had 40-15-5 games before. Just not like that. The ‘king’ gets to much for being the ‘king’.

  10. glennO says:

    too bad curry turned it over twice in the last minute when he could have nailed some game winning shots and gone for 60

  11. stormlag says:

    Maybe “Mt. Mutombo” played in a backyard game in 2011…

    I’m fine with LeBron getting no.2 or 3 with that stats but what Noah did a “FRIGGIN” 21-23-11 stat…
    They also won that game. Man I believe that LeBron the best right now but Noah mostly deserves it…

  12. Alfy says:

    Noah should be first.

  13. Prawilnytruskulowiec says:

    Lebron 6x in a row 30+pts and over 60% shooting and 26/16/8/7 someone from Detroit should be No 1-2

  14. PHBULLSFAN says:

    Joa should be No.1

    23-21-11 is just too sick!

  15. You can`t put up numbers if you foul out says:

    to all of you “lebron did it double overtime” people, you need to stay out of foul trouble and in the game for 48 minutes +5 +5 for the two overtimes to do it…

    and please go get yourselfs a life… it is quite funny to see people who probably never did anything in their lives debate about the lenght of top atleths manhoods… :)))

    o kobe is way better!

    no lebron is the king!

    no curry is the best especially beans curry…

    and so on…

    i would like to see the “dream team” of constant trolls play the dream team of the most hated ones

    don’t click my name and crew against,



    you lowlifes trolls would loose against kobe and lebron and two random old ladies and sponge bob even if they wouldn’t be allowed to cross half court…

  16. Rizzy says:

    If Lebron had just scored 39 instead of 40 the game would not have been noticed that much.

  17. Dan!!! says:

    My Man Batum should have no 1, please a 5 x 5 dont get done offten.
    better then james, curry and noah put together

  18. coolitdude says:

    should put it this way.. James the underservingly number one… Noah’s game is the fans’ top poll for sure. ok lets see what next season brings…

  19. Jimmy Buckets says:

    I feel like you missed nate robinson

  20. erick says:

    James had to accomplish his stat in a double overtime game … doesn’t deserve number1 and neither does curry cus he lost that game…joakim shouldvebeen number1

  21. dirty d says:

    LeBron may have got the number 1, yes noone did it before, I was at that game, i noticed it failed to mention that it was a double overtime game, but Noahs is mentioned as an overtime game??? LeBron had like 6 points at half time and was back to his normal self after the half, he did miss some free throws at critical times from memory, and at the end if you saw the box score it didnt seem like he dominated as the stat line suggested. Tyreke Evans made a terrible decision at the end of the game, but Marcus Thornton shot those games into overtime and the double overtime. It is a great line and yeah, noone has done it before, but it took him double overtime AT HOME. AGAINST THE KINGS!

  22. Justin says:

    Rondo had 44-8-10 in the ECF last year and he’s 6-1. Noahs 23-21-11 blocks is way more impressive than Lebrons 40-8-16.

  23. Roderick says:

    Nicola Vucivic… that guy is going to be a crazy good player. Wasn’t he a rookie averaging a double double? No one even paid attention to him this season.

  24. Brick says:

    You forgot Cousins’ 36pts 22reb 3blks on the final day of the season.

  25. VP says:

    Wow of course Lebron was number 1. His was third at best, I’ll take Noah’s fat triple double with BLOCKS over that any day. Or Curry’s rainmaker game.

  26. John Doe says:

    Golden state lost the game & besides Lbj is coming off of two straight titles,two straight mvps & a gold medal in the olympics with mvp in the olympics…only other player to EVER do that was jordan……

  27. dnm1 says:

    Batum did 5 by 5 which is incredibly difficult to achieve and he’s the last one on the list…. Ridiculous…

    • coolitdude says:

      Batum’s all round 5×5 easily beats the scoring efforts of KD and Melo, which could easily be repeated season after season, but certainly not a 5×5!

  28. Derek says:

    It’s not talking about best performance. It’s talking about purely the top 10 stat lines. Lebron is #1 because his STAT LINE had never been done before in the NBA.

    • coolitdude says:

      i hate to agree with you but it’s true what’s this article is trying to send its message.

  29. ForTheLoveOfTheGame says:

    I for one am getting a little tired of the Kobe and LeBron comparisons gents. Kobe is without a doubt one of the greatest players of all time. LeBron is the best player in the league today. Two completely different styles of play at two completely different roles and positions. LeBron’s basketball IQ and athleticism are truly out of this world and he will without a doubt be one of the greatest. But to compare the two is ridiculous. Kobe is coming up on his 18th season in the league. Is it fair to compare LeBron at his prime to Kobe in his twilight? At 10 years in the league Kobe averaged about 35/5/5. You will argue he is a ball-hog and he took a lot of shots. But do your research. LeBron took just about as many shots as Kobe did and averaged about 8 ppg less. LeBron did however have about 3 rbs and 2 asts more per game than Kobe but I will take 8 ppg more and a championship as a leader of a team that doesn’t compare to the Heat “Dream Team.” Are we really going to make the argument that Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum, although 7 footers, are comparable to Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in the ’05/’06 season. “I would take Pau and Bynum over Wade and Bosh” said Nobody Ever. Quick, someone find an instance in NBA history where someone averaged 35 ppg or more and won a championship. Oh wait, the only person I can think of is Jordan. Fine, someone name a player other than his Airness to do it. Forget the teams, Kobe or Jordan for that matter shouldn’t ever be compared to LeBron. Different eras of basketball and clearly different positions. I will say that James will be the greatest SF/point forward to play the game. He is even reshaping the face of basketball. But you can’t compare James’ all around game to a scorer. There is nothing to compare here.

    • ForTheLoveOfTheGame says:

      Wait.. not even Jordan averaged 35+ ppg and won a championship. Must have just been the mamba

      • AllThatAction says:

        The lakers lost in the first round when Kobe averaged 35. He did that before they got pau.

    • Justin says:

      If there is nothing to compare why did you just write the biggest paragraph of all time comparing Lebron and Kobe?

  30. Mike says:

    Joakim Noah should be #1 on this list!! 11 blocks has been done by only a few high caliber players!!! He is one of the best enters in the league if not the best!!!

    • Mike says:

      Not only 11 blocks but it was part of his triple double!!!!! Also where is Spencer Hawes’ incredible performance this past season?!?!?!

  31. daveycr says:

    NEWSFLASH: LeBron’s a BioGenesis patient and doper. Anthony Bosch got busted, so did MLB’s A Rod. This is a HUGE story that is glossing over. LeRoid should be investigated for the evidence and testimonies on record thus far. Dude is a cheat.

  32. JeremyL says:


  33. rondo says:

    too bad last year rondo got 18-20-17 owns everything here

  34. corey says:

    I just wonder why enes kanters 23 points and 22 rebounds didn’t make this list?

  35. David says:

    First Stat line of its kind

  36. Jonas says:

    Yeah! it should be Curry or Noah to take the 1st place. Curry manage to shoot 11 of 13 from 3, that was pretty sick even they have lost and also Noah’s 20-20-10 performance. but man! (i dont really hate LBJ but) Lebron manage to make that stat within 4 quarters plus 2 overtimes!! kobe’s comeback performance is way better than that.

  37. tbanks316 says:

    Some say Lebron didn’t deserve the number one spot, but apparently you didn’t read. 40, 16, 8 has never occured in an NBA game (according to the author).

    When you do something that hasn’t been done, it goes down in history. All the other performances have been done before.

  38. Me says:

    irving should be the number 1 he owns lillard 😛

  39. anonymous says:

    in the Vucevic slide, you said the last player to get 20 points, 29 rebounds and 2 blocks was Dikembe Mutombo in 2011.
    Mutombo retired in 2009.

  40. HZ says:

    LeBron James > Kobrick

  41. Julian says:


  42. Mike says:

    How about DeMarcus Cousins dropping 36 pts, 22 rebounds, and 3 blocks in the final game of the year against the Clippers? It shouldn’t be #1, but considering its just about the same stats at the #6, and much better than the 35/12 from Sammy-D, it should be on the list! Come on, Sacramento is making a come back in this league Maloof free. Time to stop ignoring them! Ps, Cousins also had a 31/20 game earlier in the year

  43. rhoan says:

    Joakim Noah should be the number 1 not Lebron!

  44. DRUMMERCASH says:

    I’m a true Kobe fan, but I’m an nba aficionado before that…as the writer of the article should be likewise. It is truly disheartening to read that Kobe’s start line is taken so lightly, being that LA was getting handled by the Hornets w/ D12 on the court. Being down by “25pts”, that’s “25 frig’n pts” until Kobe ‘Black Mamba’ Bryant “single-handedly” won the game. LeBron was #1? how? why was DWade’s contribution of 39pts not placed in the stat list? How much were the Heat down n their game vs the Kings? They weren’t. Kobe should be #1b/c LA was down 25pts & He did it by himself along with Meeks who did not score anywhere near 39pts to win the game. It’s obvious that Kobe is more unappreciated now than ever b4; He is undoubtedly among the greatest players ever to play & he will arguably go down as the greatest Laker & NBA star ever.

    • Dee says:

      I’m 100% certain that this is the Top 10 Stat Lines of the season. It doesn’t say “Your favorite player’s stat line should be first”. Nor does it say “Top 10 Stat lines ignoring the stat line itself and paying more attention to the circumstances of said line”. It hasn’t been done before. It sets a new mark. That in itself is what made it the #1 spot. Stop whining.

  45. Bonds21 says:

    LeBron’s stat line was look even better if it wasnt for Wade. Lets not forget Wade had 39 points that game aslo. Imagine if Wade was struggling and LeBron was forced to take over he would’ve dropped 50+ points that game and the Heat won and the Warriors didn’t…

  46. Vladi says:

    I think Joakim Noah’s performsnce was insane!!

  47. Tim says:

    Actually, you’ve forgotten the post-season in your comment about Noah’s triple-double and 20-20. Duncan did it in the finals in 2003, getting eight blocks as well.

  48. LeBronIsMyIdol says:

    Ok , LeBron is clearly number one because that stat had never occurred in NBA history . So , if you would have read it and thought to yourself , clearly it would seem obvious why he is number one . Best person playing on the planet right now . Period .

  49. Laurenzo#8 says:

    Lebron on 1? He had a similar stat line as kobe. But 1. kobe did it in a regular game, lebron needed double OT .2. Kobe did it 2 games in a row!
    Kobe is the best ♥

  50. demetrius says:

    Jordan 1 and 7 I meant

  51. demetrius says:

    LEBRON IS THE BEST EVER at the end we all will know he took a team full of role players to the finals Jordan or Kobe couldn’t do that they both failed badly Jordan was 7 and 1 in playoffs before he got help Kobe went to a team that had shaq he was the best center period give lebron that I bet he will win more than just two finals MVP while having 5 rings Kobe so obviously shaq was the best help that any of these players had Kobe is only good because he take so manyhots if lebron had Kobe style demanding the ball he can easily average 40 lebron had best record in the league with Cleveland then he leaves worst team ever Jordan leave his team one year they still make playoffs pippen average 24 lebron is a beast bigger faster stronger then both so will last longer watch out he is a team player unlike Jordan and Kobe he is more likeable so he will go further in life in his career so SIT BACK AND ENJOY HIM MAKE HISTORY

  52. mighthor says:

    if i remember correctly tim duncan also had a 10-10-10blocks game

  53. Marko says:

    James no 1? maybe if it was only regular game, not 2ot..
    Noah and curry are no 1 and 2

  54. and1probask says:


  55. and1probask says:


  56. It is always lebron says:

    NBA – where marketing happens

  57. J says:

    I am still ticked that the warriors lost that game!!!!!!
    all of those were great, great performances
    batum’s 5X5 is rare
    dalembert out of nowhere
    Anthony and curry and Durant pouring it in
    29 rebounds is insane!!! by vucevic
    z-bo low post monster!
    joakim doing something special
    kobe being kobe
    lebron being lebron
    just some great performances

    great article!!!

  58. Dantheman says:

    I don’t think Mutombo played in 2011.

  59. Sheed says:

    What about Rondo’s back-to-back triple-doubles. Not a regular stat either!!!

  60. freak says:

    melo put up 50 with out a dunk or layup all jump shots no point in the paint that’s sick never seen it done ever!!!

  61. Pau Gasol says:

    kobe should not be included, if you keep throwing shots after shots like take 30 shots a game you will definitely have stats to show for. ballhogs should be banned

    • toki says:

      and yet lebron has more shot attempts than kobe…………..

      • Beto Estrada says:


      • crazymaso says:

        Lol what…….?

        Can’t tell if this is trolling or not, honestly.

        2012-2013 Stats:

        Kobe – 1595 FGA (20.45 avg)
        Lebron – 1354 FGA (17.8 avg)

        I don’t even know why I looked up specific stats. I thought it was one of those things that everyone knows, sort of like how 1+1 = 2.

  62. Chrisbasketballguru says:

    1. Noah 2. Curry 3.Vucievic (just based on how hard it is to get that many offensive rebounds) 4. Lebron 5.Kobe or Randolph

  63. Jon-jon says:

    If the “Curry’s game” was a play-off game with the series tied 3-3, or home court advantage on the line, will the stats be something great?? especially on the part of Stephen Curry himself?? its like a cake without the icing… and for Joakim, not to disrespect, but even Shawn Bradley did it?? I mean Brad was good, but he likewise did it. It was a slim advantage for LBJ, it was all a matter of THE win and the ONLY one who made it (stat-wise).

  64. Portland says:

    Kobe Bryant vs portland is the best stat in the year. Come on give me a break!

  65. Nice statlines although Carmelo’s and Durant’s is just points.

  66. Johnny Blaze says:

    Honorable Mention: Monta Ellis Drops 39 againts Olando Magic, March 17, 2013, Scoring 25 points in the 4th quarter.. ending with a stat line of 39 pts, 5 ast, 6 rebs and 3 steals, shooting 59% from the field and 83% from 3. check out the video…

  67. Kobe’s stats are pretty nice too.

  68. DONT CLICK ON ME!!!! says:

    Nice statline by Joakim Noah.

  69. yemikills says:

    Wow, Joakim Noah had a nice statline there.

  70. olan says:

    kobe NO.1 nobody beat kobe,,

  71. finesty says:

    @macca32 “Hall of Fame CAREER” he didn’t say he’s in the Hall of Fame. Those are obviously two different things to say. take things into context instead of trying to jump at something to scrutinize

  72. Michael McCloud says:

    You seemed to have forgotten Kobe’s near 47 point 5×5 against Portland. 47pts, 8rebs, 5asts, 3blks, and 4 stls. They also won the game.

  73. Bruno Neves says:

    Curry’s performance was completely outstanding. And, more timportantly, it happened against nothing less than Knicks at Madison Square Garden, the greatest basketball stage in the world. It doesn’t matter if Golden State, a talented but inexperienced team, didn’t win the game; Curry made history, and this is reason enough to make it the greatest performance of all season.
    Jeez… Sometimes, criteria make things so stupid.

  74. WOAH says:

    What about Nate Robinson’s fourth quarter against the nets?!!

  75. john says:

    Kobe Bryant is the greatest active players every one…..Lebron won 2 championships because has the best team and has wade.

  76. erik says:

    Way to leave out the kings like always.
    Boogie: 36 pts 22 rebs 3 blks 3ast

  77. maccca32 says:

    So Kobe is in the Hall of Fame already. Not picking on Kobe, cause he will be there one day, but more the author. Factual reporting would be nice.

  78. Ash says:

    Vucevic with 11 offensive rebounds and 29 overall… that’s just redonk.. However Steph Currys 11 3’s against NYK was unbelievable.

  79. Mahmoud says:

    What about when Kobe filled every stat against Portland???? He had 48 points that game and played 48 minutes

  80. BOOTS says:

    Lebron should start working to get more points into 50’s cause deron williams got more than him by 1 point

  81. Aamir says:

    Kobe did that in 4 quarters, it took lebron 6 quarters… KOBE > lebron

  82. gary says:

    manu ginobili´s game 6 against miami, 8 turnovers

  83. Eren says:

    1 curry 2 noah 3 kobe 4 durant 5 lebron

  84. Adam says:

    Of course Lebron James would land in Number 1. Sekou Smith wrote the article! duh…

    • Whatever... says:

      Just a personal OPINION, bro. These are blog writers, not journalists. They have biases just like we do.

      • Adam says:

        My point exactly. It’s media bias that made Lebron James famous and overrated. Regardless if you are a blogger or journalist, when it comes to writing an article based on statistical facts, you should stick to the facts and not opinion. In this case, the writer’s ranked Lebron number 1 becuase he is biased towards him. Check out the other players mentioned in this article, they have basically done a better sinlge game statistics/performance than him. So please don’t give me that cr_p. Just my personal OPINION…bro.

  85. manie says:

    What this stats forget to mention is how many minutes did they play. Most people would have sick number if the game goes into double overtime. In that case if you get number like this in a 1.5 hours game its not that impressive

  86. Dion says:

    nba ppr in full ffec. def not 1 any any sense. maybe 5. maybe…

  87. Jermin says:

    #2 and #3 on the first place and #1 and #4 on next spot.

  88. Someone says:

    if it’s about unique stat lines there’s also Kobe’s 47/8/5/3/4 vs. Portland

  89. TheAll-Star136 says:

    That’s why the NBA is the best league in my opinion.

  90. fda says:

    They forgot Deron Williams’s game. 42 points and broke the NBA record with 9 threes at the half

    • NJ_Nets says:

      You’re right, I thought the same thing. That was an NBA record, and it wasn’t just nine 3’s in a half… he went 7 for 7 in the first quarter, was 9 of 10 at the half, and finished with 11 3’s for the game.

      Also, what about Reggie Evans game where he had 26 rebounds and 22 points.

  91. Dale Cooper says:

    Actually, when I read Bron’s stat line I was like ‘I mean, I guess that’s a pretty good game’, but then trying to imagine literally any other player putting up those numbers and reading that no one else ever has….that really is an incredible stat line.

    • somedudepostingsomecomment says:

      Funny how Lebron and Kobe’s stats are pretty much identical but Lebron gets the #1 spot…i feel curry with 11-13 3p and 54 points should be at #1 easy

  92. jeff says:

    Can’t count the number of times I went ‘wow’ while reading this. Not to sound too 90’s, but I love this game.

  93. laaa says:

    Nikola Vucevic and noah should get the top spots,

  94. Nick Jones says:

    Of course LeBron is #1 -.- he always is no matter what. It’s getting annoying. He should be #3. Curry and Noah’s performance was obviously wayyyy better.

    • warren says:


    • ThatGuyMohamed says:

      You are just another hater. Even if Curry had the 40-16-8 game he would have been number 1 because it is better than a 54 point loss. James deserved it because he had the best performance.

    • Stinger says:

      Lebron Created a stat that has never existed before.. and ever though it was against a scrub team.. those scrubs score 126 pts.. and took them to double overtime on top of the lebron almost averages a tripple double with 28 8 8, so again.. this doesnt really seem spectacular because of the person doing it.

      • Curry or Noah should be FIRST says:

        LeBron did it on 30 points per 36 minutes. That’s not very spectac. CURRY SCORED 54 POINTS WITH 11 3 POINTERS. THAT TOO HAS NEVER BEEN DONE IN ANY NBA GAME. They intentionally didn’t mention it. Stop being a LeBron Lover.

  95. devonte says:

    Seriously Lebron did okay against the Kings! Curry balled out on the Knicks.

    • Curry or Noah should be FIRST says:

      LeBron scored 40 in 48 minutes in a double OT game. So per 36 minutes, that’s only 30 points! wooow -.-

  96. Dude says:

    The Knicks won but Curry by FAR had the best performance! Just incredible to watch.

  97. mesiu says:

    Noah’s 11 blocks with 20-20 game. That’s sick!

  98. basketball is life says:

    Lebron deserves to be number 1
    -said no one ever-

    • Jason says:

      LOL how was LeBron number 1 on this? No wonder people have drifted away from the NBA..

      • Learn befor you speak says:

        one of the dumbest comments iv seen. what he did for number 1 has NEVER been done…… and people have drifted away? LOL!!!!! numbers have only been going up sense lebrons draft………. sigh some peoples kids…

      • ray says:

        Sure, but then again, who EXACTLY had 23-21-11? Or maybe 20-20-10 with as high percentages as Noah did? No one. Point is, I’m sure someone else had a 40-15-5 game. They just needed to find a way to make LeBron’s seem more special than the others’.

      • ray says:

        and then again, how many minutes did LeBron play? That stat line is NOT special given the number of minutes played. Who cares if he was the only one to make that in history? I’m sure Curry is the ONLY ONE to score that high with that many threes. Why not mention these, huh? this is getting stupid NBA. stop praising this king of yours…

      • Marac says:

        And they didnt said that LB traveled 6x in this game with no whistle… shame

      • i_love_LBJ_haters says:

        stupid haters…geez!

    • To piss you off says:

      Lebron deserves to be number 1

    • you don't appreciate basketball says:

      LeBron deserves to be number 1
      -said LeBron’s millions of fans worldwide-

  99. asdf says:

    Nikola Vucevic 20 pts 29 rebounds, thats pretty sick!:D