Oden’s Comeback Destination Due In Days


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — His workouts complete, his guests leaving in some mixture of intrigued and wary, sidelined center Greg Oden could choose the NBA team with which he’ll attempt his latest comeback as soon as Monday, one of his agents said Friday.

Six teams are believed to have scouted the 7-footer — the No. 1 pick in the 2007 Draft who has played a total of 82 games in six years due to multiple knee injuries — in workouts in Oden’s native Indianapolis, including Miami, New Orleans, Sacramento, San Antonio, Atlanta and Dallas.

Agent Bill Duffy declined to reveal details, but said contract talks have ranged from general conversation to more specific terms, as the teams consider both the rewards and the risks of signing a premier talent whose body, thus far, has been unable to withstand the rigors of NBA play.

“Physically, he’s awesome,” Duffy said Friday afternoon. “We’re very happy with where he is. [His health and impact are] going to depend on monitoring him and his minutes.”

Oden, 25, has not played in an NBA game since Dec. 5, 2009. Four days earlier, in his final full performance for Portland against Miami, he had 13 points, 20 rebounds and four blocked shots in 30 minutes.

In 61 games in 2008-09 and 21 the next season, Oden averaged 9.4 points, 7.3 rebounds and 1.4 blocks in 22.1 minutes while shooting 57.7 percent. He has had three microfracture knee surgeries, which might dissuade teams from offering more than a veteran’s minimum salary, perhaps with appearance-driven incentives.

Another of Oden’s agents is Mike Conley, Sr., whose son is a point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies and a friend from their days together in high school and college. Mike Conley Jr. told Sean Deveney the Sporting News this week that he thinks Oden, in spurts, might be able to help a team.

“I expect him to come back and be someone who in short periods of time can dominate a game,” Conley said. “Just let him build up and get back to himself. I think it would be a little unfair to put him out there and give him 40 minutes.”

The NBA has a checkered history of players who have managed to return from career-threatening injuries. Miami president Pat Riley recently talked about players such as Kurt Thomas and Zydrunas Ilgauskas, both of whom were hampered for several seasons by foot problems, yet revived their careers through rehab. Guard Shaun Livingston, now with Brooklyn, is another whose NBA days seemed in 2007 after a leg injury captured in a gruesome YouTube video.

But Oden’s teammate in Portland, Brandon Roy, was unsuccessful in a comeback attempt last fall with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Houston’s 7-foot-6 Yao Ming ultimately was forced into retirement at age 30 in 2011 by chronic foot fractures.

The best spot for Oden to land? That likely depends on a team’s balance sheet, its risk tolerance and its commitment to patience and modest results. The teams showing interest in Oden run the gamut, from the NBA’s two-time defending champions in Miami and perennial contenders in San Antonio, to lottery teams last season in New Orleans, Sacramento and Dallas. Atlanta, too, is in the midst of an overhaul and shopping.

Portland, the team that drafted Oden over No. 2 Kevin Durant six years ago and paid him more than $23 million for the equivalent of one season’s production, apparently is not interested. Curiously, a team missing from the list of six is Phoenix, which has one of the most respected training staffs in the league that’s been a draw for ailing players such as Grant Hill and Jermaine O’Neal.

Should Oden reach a deal with Miami, the spotlight on him will be hotter than with any of the other five. He’ll risk being seen as something of a front-runner, as he would to a lesser extent with the Spurs. Then again, Miami took a similar flyer on Eddy Curry without much clamor and facilitated Chris [Birdman] Andersen‘s return as a valuable contributor who never rocked the Big Three boat of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

Any of the teams lower in the pecking order — the Pelicans, Kings, Hornets or Hawks — could offer more modest expectations. And if Oden were to stay healthy and help one of them, he might find himself with more supporters nationally and globally than he would by jumping aboard the Miami or San Antonio bandwagons.

“We’ve looked at all the scenarios,” Duffy said Friday. “There might be less pressure if he tries this with a team that’s rebuilding. Then again, the quality of the medical staff will matter. Maybe a winning team has chemistry that’s good or his role would be clearly defined.”

Oden’s choice, assuming he picks from among multiple offers, will affect not only his NBA future but the number of people rooting for him to have one.


  1. zgillet says:

    Just use PEDs Greg, apparently the NBA doesn’t care.

  2. Bradix says:

    Greg Oden is a better rebounder, shot blocking ability and they can score better.To taste championships ring,Oden will choose depending champ Miami Heat. A team will organize and teambuilding.I think Lebron James,Dwyane Wade,Mario Chalmers, and Chris Bosh happy to play Greg Oden a better center on the court.I hope Oden can taste Championship ring with Miami Heat…Go Go Greg Oden for your success.

  3. cavsfan1993 says:

    i think the spurs would be the best place for oden, they have one of the best head coaches in the history of the game and a great reputation for taking big men from good to great. Who would Oden learn more from? Birdman or Duncan? the choice is obvious. Both towns have great weather and your money goes a lot further in Texas than it does in Miami beach. Plus i hate the heat.

    • Jay says:

      I hope Greg Oden will sign with Miami Heat… they same similar faces with King James…To taste a sweet championship..they play along the court Chalmers ,Wade,James,Bosh and Oden

  4. NbaGuru says:

    After reading these posts I am now convinced that he should go to SA. I hate them and they are extreeeeemely boring to watch. I can’t argue with the facts though, and the facts are: Duncan can mentor him and he can play less, He would have time to both get health and improve as a player. He would have a chance to win a title next year and be the man in 3 years. Hard things to argue though i would prefer he go to miami or my beloved pacers.

  5. NbaGuru says:

    Two things. If he comes back go to miami he would get 10 -15 minutes all season and proubably bump up to 25 situationally in the playoffs. If he does get fullyhealthy he would be a superstar. Remember what he did to noah and horford in college. He destroyed them. He does not have a degenerative condition like roy so stop the comparisons. If he plays he plays, any new injury would be new. No acl or patella tendon tears. He is just brittle. I agree phoenix has the training staff but, things like that can be duplicated. I’m from indiana and will always root for him and i also would love for him to get a ring before even instead of durant.

  6. KURT COBAIN says:

    Oden’s path and future on the Spurs seems to have the best fit. Over the next two seasons, he would be working on his game and health to become the impactful player that he can be. He would have the best player to learn from and best coach in the game. Life after Duncan, Oden could easily move into the starting role and form a nice tandem with Splitter. He, like Duncan, would be another number 1 pick and could be the face of the franchise to build around. He would have the best PG in the game with Parker for the next 4 possibly 5 seasons. If for any reason he goes down and can not play, the Spurs go into rebuild mode and hope to get some good draft picks to build around Kawhi and Green. Oden has the ability to provide Duncan-like numbers if he were to take over in 2 seasons, so the Spurs would remain contenders which should be a great incentive for Oden to want to be there. None of the other teams can even come close to promising that. No one knows if Miami will be intact by the end of next year or if the Mavs will have the ability to sign ANYONE. Rebuilding teams are not a good option as he wouldn’t have the rehab or time needed to improve. The only rebuilding team that makes sense is Phoenix due to their miracle workers they have down there. They kept Nash healthy and rehabbed Grand Hill into a formidable player, even at close to 40 years old. Spurs or Suns should be the only teams on this mans list.

  7. tret says:

    Hmmm,i really think Miami could use a little help from G. O.
    I think he needs to start into the miami heat (not in the starting line-up).
    Yeah right, rebound should be the help unless HE IS 100%.
    We know,his body is still not an NBA body.
    He needs to be tested in the NBA which is a physical and advantegeous (means taking advantage of your injury as your weekness).
    He is lucky that it’s not 80’s or 90’s.
    Anyways,the fact is that G. O. is still a PROJECT.
    He needs to play 2 -3 years more until he’ll know what will be his capabilities and role.
    He won’t learn much on the Miami heat (sorry but learning from Udonis and Bosh won’t be enough).
    Teams that needs a project are:

    1. L. A. Lakers. Well,i think Pau Gasol still has post moves and was a positioner inside the paint.
    2. Charllote Bobcats (or shall i say Charllote Hornets). It’s just one man, PATRICK EWING.
    3. S.A. Spurs.
    4. Orlando Magic.

    But still,i think Miami Heat can give him an advice.

  8. JimboJJM says:

    Oden doesn’t need to big minutes. If he plays over 20 per game it will end his career in one or two years. Miami would be very tempting, a chance to get a championship ring, but his goal should be to play more than a couple of years. Therefore he needs to go to a team that does’nt have a pressing need for a big to clog up the middle like Miami does. Plus the fast game that Miami plays wouldn’t fit into his game. New Orleans has a young team that has potential, but Greg will be called on too early with more minutes which will be risky. San Antonio will provide Oden with an opportunity to improve his game under the guidance of TD and Coach Pop will not take any chances with this injury prone big. The Spurs medical program is second to none, look how they have helped Duncan with his bad knees. Duncan will team Greg how to play defense and rebound by mastering the art of positioning and not relying on his leaping ability. That means less wear and tear on his feet and knees. Miami’s defense depends a lot on athletism, not moving well laterally. If Oden wants a ring now, sign with Miami, if he wants a longer career with a bonifide shot at a ring, sign with SA.

  9. Bob says:

    He should choose the Heat. Oden defensive presence and lack of superstar ego would make him a good pick up. The Heat have very little post production, especially in rebounds. If Oden can add blocked shots, protect the rim, and a few boards, the Heat would have solved a major problem. I’m not a bandwagon Heat fan, but I do think they are real hard to beat.

  10. Kamote says:

    Spurs would be his best choice. Oden right now would just want to play again. Not much on getting minutes or piggy-back riding to get a ring. With SA, he can play behind Duncan, Tiago and Diaw. He can work his way back into form the whole year as SA’s next big man project. And it would also be beneficial for him to learn from TD’s fundamentals — basic, boring, non-flashy moves that still gets great results, that despite TD’s age, he’s still one of the elite big men in the league.

  11. Ced says:

    The Pellies! Who else???

  12. Kareem White says:

    GREG should choose MIAMI! excellent fit for the team and him they will be ready for any team . They need his big
    dunk everything mentality and so easy blocking shots ability and if that happen s Miami Heat will REPEAT AGAIN CHAMPIONS.

  13. MDHL says:

    Debería elegir Miami Heat, pues su carrera puede ser corta y un título sería gratificante para él. Por otro lado, el equipo de Miami Heat, le exigirá a partir de los playoffs. Especialmente contra equipos puntuales que tienen jugadores altos.

  14. Michael Peloton says:

    Miami has to re-tool. Indiana was able to get scola. Miami is in need of a big man. Oden can provide inside presence if he is healthy.

  15. yo says:

    Oden will fit with the spurs more than any team becuase he will get a chance to learn from who has played at the 4-5 going to miami he has no one to faithfully to help him out now you will have 2 bigs on the floor at all times now u can mix match your D against any team if he joins the spurs now we loaded with more weapons inside and out the heat have no big man that dominates the paint Bosh is tryin to become an outside shooter,i would take that all game cuz he gon have to bang down low at some point the spurs are prime to get rgt back to the finals the heat just lost a player that kept them in the series and thats mike miller i dont think most of u guys pay attention to signings the spurs are the deepest team going into 2013
    Num Player Pos Ht Wt DOB Prior to NBA/Country Yrs
    16 Aron Baynes F-C 6-10 260 12/09/1986 Washington State/Australia 1
    3 Marco Belinelli G 6-5 195 03/25/1986 Fortitudo Bologna/Italy 6
    45 DeJuan Blair (FA) C 6-7 270 04/22/1989 Pittsburgh/USA 4
    15 Matt Bonner F-C 6-10 235 04/05/1980 Florida/USA 9
    25 Nando De Colo G 6-5 200 06/23/1987 Saint Catherine, France 1
    33 Boris Diaw C-F 6-8 235 04/16/1982 Pau Orthez/France 10
    21 Tim Duncan F 6-11 255 04/25/1976 Wake Forest/U.S. Virgin Islands 16
    20 Manu Ginobili G 6-6 205 07/28/1977 Kinder Bologna/Argentina 11
    4 Danny Green G-F 6-6 210 06/22/1987 North Carolina/USA 4
    Livio Jean-Charles F 6-9 217 11/08/1993 France R
    5 Cory Joseph G 6-3 185 08/20/1991 Texas/Canada 2
    2 Kawhi Leonard F-G 6-7 225 06/29/1991 San Diego State/USA 2
    1 Tracy McGrady (FA) G-F 6-8 225 05/24/1979 Mount Zion Christian Acad. HS (NC)/USA 16
    8 Patty Mills G 6-0 185 08/11/1988 St. Mary’s (CA)/Australia 4
    14 Gary Neal (FA) G 6-4 210 10/03/1984 Towson/USA 3
    9 Tony Parker G 6-2 185 05/17/1982 Paris BR/France 12
    11 Jeff Pendergraph F-C 6-9 250 04/29/1987 Arizona State/USA 3
    22 Tiago Splitter C 6-11 240 01/01/1985 Saski Baskonia/Brazil 3
    Deshaun Thomas F 6-7 215 08/28/1991 Ohio State/USA R

  16. Curtis says:

    Spurs, I remember Popovich benched his starters and had the NBA all mad. lol. Just saying that Pop will do what is best, pressure will not get to him. Add that with all the veterans he will get to play with and improve and I say it is good for him. At some point Miami would pressure him to play more, can’t blame them, but it is not best for Oden. Plus the team atmosphere in San Antonio makes the game clearly about the team and no one person, more supportive.

  17. jarthur31 says:

    Clayton is the only one here who makes the most sense with great arguments in favor of either team. The man is probably a lawyer in real life.

  18. Hafa adai says:

    Sacramento kings!

  19. daryl says:

    I love Oden. Good luck, young man!

  20. whoopers says:

    Oden should go to Miami. That team lacks natural Center. and

  21. POP says:

    some like hot.go heat. get your ring greg

  22. James Herring says:

    How would he be a front runner if he joins the Heat? Because it’s not the team you chose, as a 50 year old NBA fan I am so sick of old sportswriters. Where are the young sportswriters with talent?

  23. Sam Patching says:

    Everyone saying he should sign with Miami or San Antonio to help get them over the line are showing exactly why he won’t go to one of those teams – he doesn’t want to be ‘the missing piece’.

    My money’s on Pelicans. Small market. Low expectations. Rotation already set regardless of his signing and a nice connection between him and Monty from the PDX days.

  24. Sam Patching says:

    All these people saying he should go to the heat so they can “win another title” are showing exactly why he won’t go there.

    Expectations will be far too lofty for a guy who hasn’t played competitive ball since ’09.

    He’s going to a small market, if he wanted to ring chase, he would have already signed with MIA.

    • James Herring says:

      Everybody is chasing a ring this is not the 80’s where you sign with a team and stay with them for 10 years hoping to win a championship wake up

  25. razorwolf says:

    he’s gonna sign in miami trust me limited minutes as bosh back up the heat just gonna need him in the postseason the most not in the regular season cause for sure miami will gonna make in the plaoff even without him..limited minutes thats what he needs to protect his knees

  26. ronmitch says:

    Wow! Such hi hopes for a dude who hasn’t played ball in 4 years. A dude who looks at a Basketball court and gets injured.

  27. Damian Udensi says:

    Oden should join the Miami heat, period.The Heat organisation has all it takes to make his career blossom.They know how to manage his minutes without putting too much pressure on those knees.Take whatever they can afford to offer you at this time and in 2014 you will have so many elite teams begging for your services with lots of cash.Bro, I wish you the best as you make your difficult decision.Don.t get fooled by money at this time.It will surely come in 2014.You can take my word to the bank.

  28. caloyski says:


  29. Jim says:

    Oden’s path and future on the Spurs seems to have the best fit. Over the next two seasons, he would be working on his game and health to become the impactful player that he can be. He would have the best player to learn from and best coach in the game. Life after Duncan, Oden could easily move into the starting role and form a nice tandem with Splitter. He, like Duncan, would be another number 1 pick and could be the face of the franchise to build around. He would have the best PG in the game with Parker for the next 4 possibly 5 seasons. If for any reason he goes down and can not play, the Spurs go into rebuild mode and hope to get some good draft picks to build around Kawhi and Green. Oden has the ability to provide Duncan-like numbers if he were to take over in 2 seasons, so the Spurs would remain contenders which should be a great incentive for Oden to want to be there. None of the other teams can even come close to promising that. No one knows if Miami will be intact by the end of next year or if the Mavs will have the ability to sign ANYONE. Rebuilding teams are not a good option as he wouldn’t have the rehab or time needed to improve. The only rebuilding team that makes sense is Phoenix due to their miracle workers they have down there. They kept Nash healthy and rehabbed Grand Hill into a formidable player, even at close to 40 years old. Spurs or Suns should be the only teams on this mans list.

  30. Dew says:

    Simple, SA would easily be the best choice for the big guy. Best thing here for him is he could develop, rehab, and make sure his minutes are held in check. Pop is the best at making sure his players are not overworked and ‘stay’ healthy. The shape Duncan and Blair were in last season should be incentive enough for Oden to want to get into that kind of shape again. Not to only mention his rehab, his game would get much better learning from the likes of Duncan, Diaw and the incredible staff in SA. Miami is not a good fit as they would need to rely on him to play more minutes than he probably otherwise should. In 1 or 2 years if Oden can get on the floor and play 25+ a night, I would say Miami would be a perfect fit for him as he would make a huge impact if he was capable. He is no where close to that kind of production right now. By the time if he is impactful, IF, the big 3 in Miami could be no more due to free agency. If they dissolve that after this season, Oden would be relied on to play 30 mintues a game as soon as next year. Not a smart move for him at this stage in the game. Miami would only be a REAL option if Oden wants to get himself a potential ring going with Miami. That is the only incentive for playing there. But then he curbs his potential of becoming a better and impactful player and sets his career back which is not a smart move. SA has the tools he needs to become a complete player while also becomming a more stable player less prone to injury. Not to mention, they were close twice to being this last seasons NBA champs, so he would have a shot at a ring there as well which seems to be a nice add on to the already listed benefits. Spurs should be a no brainer.

  31. jahzain benjamin says:

    oden probably wont have a long career so better he choose the heat and try win a championship. there wont be any pressure in miami.

    • be Objective says:

      you’re the only one who thinks Oden will not be pressured when he joins Miami. strange isn’t it?

  32. Kei says:

    If Oden wants to have a long career maybe he ought to give Phoenix a shot. Look at Grant Hill, Penny hardaway, Vince carter.

  33. Clayton Ho says:

    This article has a ton of conjecture. All of these teams will be offering the mid-level exception and not much money – hence not the highest expectations. Further, the spurs have big men that will be getting the bulk of the minutes. In addition, if he went to Miami its because HE WOULD NOT be the core part of the team. Where as going to a rebuilding team could make interest in him higher.. As for the front runner argument – umm, nobody thinks that Greg Oden is looking to just jump on a team to win a championship – hes going to a team that will let him develop slowly and not force him into the games (thats why big time contender such as Miami and the spurs are the front runners because they dont need him to compete). For Oden its all about limiting his playing time and having a good training staff that can help him strengthen the muscles in his legs to limit injuries – its all about limiting the injuries, to suggest otherwise is ridiculous.

  34. busa-boss says:

    san antonio would be the best place for him…he will play 18-25 mins a game in rotation for duncan/splitter/diaw/baynes/bonner…he will not be force to be a dominant big man on the spurs roster and can learn about getting healthy and fit on tim duncan…td21 will be his mentor and he can look up to as a leader.
    in miami he will be force to run, rebound and back on defense immediately because that is their known game and it will be a big risk for his knees…but the heat is searching for their third straight championship which is definitely good choice also if he joins this team.

  35. B Radd says:

    If healthy, Oden can be a starter with the Wizards where he can help young talented core in Wall, Beal and Porter. He will backup Nene or vise versa at the 5. If Okafor is still with the team at season start, Washington could be a Wildcard and even a Darkhorse depending on the toughness of their Front Line.

  36. tetsuo697_2 says:

    The reason Miami has had any trouble in the past at all is because of teams with a good big man. If Miami gets Oden to stay healthy for a whole season if with limited mins Miami will dominate this year.

  37. Cesco says:

    Please, go to the Lakers..

    • Kei says:

      If he wants to reinjury his knee he can go bowling. Lakers? Without ko”me” at the start of the season oden might need 35 minutes a night. Lakers are done, go home lakers fan boys or bandwagon OKC/miami.

  38. CantStopMEnow says:

    For me if he’s really want to go out there for a comeback I would say he goes for Spurs. Look what they did to Blair from injury prone to healthy the only problem with Blair is his size for that Center spot in which Oden can give. Oden going to miami because they are the former champions? good luck for oden look at miller now who got an amnesty because of simple back problem that miami staff cant handle. But its up to him if he really loves his career as a baller

    • Tony says:

      Are you an idiot? The Heat amnestied him because they were going to save 17 million. It was a business decision not a basketball one, plus the Heat did well in monitoring min for players all season including Miller, Allen, and Birdman.

    • Kenny says:

      A simple back problem? That is the funniest thing I have read on this thread!

  39. Chris says:

    Timmy please call Oden just like how the Dream recruited Howard. We could use his size in San Antonio and just like what Matt Anderson said its a good move for Oden to join the Spurs

  40. Mannan says:

    Oden will only destroy the Heat’s team chemistry and I guess he would blow up his knees again. Not a good pickup for an injury prone player

    • Game Time says:

      How did you determine that? If he somehow manages to play and stay healthy and coming off the bench for 15mins a game it could be a big impact for Miami. The big if is health. Spo has integrated Allen who was starting for Boston into the bench and look at the results. Also with Birdman. I doubt having to find 15mins for the center position would be hard.

  41. tetsuo697_2 says:

    If Greg Oden joins the heat thats gonna be there golden ticket to a three peat… Watch

  42. Mark says:

    New Orleans Pelicans!!

  43. Superstar says:

    ,,much better if he choose spurs,, i know he could be better there,,,we all know that coach popo knows how to disciplined best players like him..

  44. Thunder says:

    If oden would sign with the thunder then the thunder would be complete

  45. JerrellJohnson says:

    Greg Oden should sign with the Hawks he wouldn’t have to play a lot of minutes 20-25 min he would start at Center and will play a little PF in and out have a lot of Bigs to choose from
    Al Horford PF/ C 6`10
    Paul Milsap PF 6`8
    Elton Brand PF/C 6`9
    Pero Antic PF/ C 6`11
    Lucas Nogueria C 7`0
    Mike Muscala C 6`11
    Greg Oden C 7`0
    A lot of Big man to rotate around in the system of Mike Budenholzer

    • Kenny says:

      In no circumstance will Oden be expected to start…and if he is, he should run away from signing with that team as fast as possible.

  46. be Objective says:

    Can we have more opinions here not coming from a Heat or Spurs fan? or not from the other 4 teams? Thanks.

    I’m not a fan of any teams mentioned above. IMHO, he should be in good hands with SA. mainly because of SA”s low-profile-reputation on getting things done, so that he won’t be pressured. and they’ve a got a Tim Duncan who could mentor him along the way. Greg will benefit from this organization. I pity the man who’s got real talent. He deserve another chance, and has to make the most out of it. Good luck big guy.

  47. Nathan says:

    In my opinion, Miami would be the worst place for Oden to go. The Heat do not have a go-to big man they can count on right now, with Bosh being streaky and a weak rebounder. Haslem is almost worthless and way too short. And Birdman is way past his prime, and already has to have is minutes monitored. Oden does not have a leader at his position he can look up to and play behind like he would with Duncan in SA, Al Horford in Atlanta, Chandler in NY, etc. If Oden goes to Miami, he’ll be brought in with pressure. He’ll be brought in at a position the team is in need of the most. I know they are the champions, but they did not win easliy. The Bulls, who are laced with big men, gave them trouble, Roy Hibbert in Indiana almost capsized their ship single-handedly, and they had quite a bit of trouble getting past Duncan and the Spurs, again because of a lack of inside presence. And you can’t immediately put that kind of pressure on someone like Oden. Put him somewhere where it wouldn’t make sense to be counted on immediately.

  48. New Orleans Rebuilding fan says:

    Pelicans will be the best choice personally, now that they are having a good rebuilding process on their team. A lot of young people there and bright future awaits..

  49. ryan says:

    Maybe he should go to chicago….they got enough bigs to cover for him…if he does well he gives bulls front office trade options in the future by unloading one of their bigs for a better return ( boozer for a shooter )..or maybe warriors…they allready unloade beidrich who was a flunk….go to houston and avoid majority of attention…back up dwight H…learn how to play the big man game below the rim with Mchale as a coach…He shouldnt go to Heat…they only got 1 year left with an effective big 3…after that attention will move to Odens production which would be unwarrented. either way…good luck to him

  50. HeatSince95' says:

    Miami best choice for Oden since their staff mainly from that 06 championship had to watch the minutes of thier veterans so its not much a difference plus Pats there to give advice!

  51. J says:

    heat! heat! heat!
    perfect fit!!!

  52. Basil says:

    “We’ve looked at all the scenarios,” Duffy said Friday. “There might be less pressure if he tries this with a team that’s rebuilding.


  53. TheAll-Star136 says:

    Greg Oden should sign with the MIAMI HEAT.

    If he signs he would help Miami Heat, he would help the Heat in rebounding. The Heat were ranked 30th in rebounding, He would be help the Heat if they face the Bulls and Pacers who are known for rebounding. He would be very comfortable playing at center with Chris Bosh who struggled on that spot last season. Chris would obviously play better at power forward. If Greg’s knees give him limited time, the Heat have Chris Anderson to back him up who plays very well coming off the bench or Udonis Haslem. The best thing is that he would play with the 4 time MVP and a team that is on their way to a three-peat.

  54. Matt Anderson says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to say he would be jumping on a bandwagon in joining the Spurs, he’s be a peripheral option and get his minutes of the bench. Expectation on him personally wouldn’t be astronomical and he’d be able to learn from one of the best big men of all time.

    Another attraction for him in SA is the rotation and health strategy that they have, they monitor minutes and injury situations with intense scrutiny and in Oden’s case that would only be a positive. I would imagine that would be the most obvious and helpful choice in terms of his career.

    Miami would be a distraction from his rehab and would perhaps expect far too much from him immediately with their rebounding troubles and lack of size, whilst any of the lower playoff teams will be expecting him to perform as a star centre and produce big minutes and a core to a team. That’s maybe too much for him at this stage in his career with the injury problems.

    The smart move for him personally is SA.

    • Nathan says:

      Absolutely agree 100%. As I stated in my comment below, he needs to join a team where there is veteran leadership in place. Duncan won’t be there for too much longer, but Oden will at least have 1-2 solid years with him. That doesn’t exist at his position in Miami. He needs to go somewhere where he won’t be counted on immediately.

      • Kenny says:

        Come on people! No one is going to have lofty expectations of him. They all know his history, and will treat him with extreme care. The main factor for any team is whether they feel he is worthy of the risk of paying the veterans minimum. If they feel that he can eventually contribute to their teams goals, they will offer him. If he is lucky enough to be able to choose between Miami and San Antonio then he will likely be treated the same as he would anywhere else. If he can only play every few nights at about 5 to 10 minutes for any squad and spell the starter, and take up space, then the gamble may be worth it. If his health eventually allows him to play more by the end of the season, then they have made progress. And in a year or two, he is able to play even more consistently, and longer stretches in a capacity of a modest impact player…then they would have essentially stolen a lottery pick for little to nothing. If he completely returns to a level in which he starts, then he may be the greatest come back story of all time. But in my opinion, that is a risk worth taking in any situation. And I for one, wish Greg Oden the best of health, and even if he ends up in Miami as a dominant Center with likes of the big 3, I will be happy for him…not so much for my Pacers, but none the less happy for him.

  55. Shawn K says:

    I believe Oden will choose to sign with the Miami Heat. I’m not a Heat fan, but it would be the best place for him to get a feel for the game again and to test his knees. And, on the Miami Heat’s roster, he would have to play many minutes like he would on a rebuilding team. He could play probably 5-10minutes a gams starting out and gradually go from there if his knees hold up. While I personally don’t think Oden will EVER be healthy and that him and Brandon Roy will suffer the same fate(early retirement due to injury), if he can ever get back to playing condition, he might finally have a decent career as a backup center for a contending team. Just my opinion though.

    • Are you for real? says:

      I agree but either the Heat or the Spurs is the best team for him. On both those teams he will not get a lot of minutes which is exactly what he needs as said. With the spurs he can learn from Duncan but on the Heat, he will feel more needed and has a shot at the title in a career which may not be very illustrious. Can’t blame him either way.

      • but at least if he joins the heat he could have more rings than kevin durant lol

      • forreal says:

        i would agree spurs or heats in serious need of a big though so if hes playing time will go up depending on his production if that happens i dont see his knees holding up. but he might not mind risking it for that ring. spurs how ever have time duncan which if he plans on a full come back he can learn from and i think no mater what his production is playing time will be the same because they have duncan one of the all time greats. spurs were a minutes away from that ring last season so he will still have that shot.

        i dont understand how a player that has proven nothing but having an unhealthy body gets decide to play 1 or the other though i wouldnt pick him up at all. leave him to those teams trying to get over that hump.

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      I agree that Oden might end up like Brandon Roy. That’s why its the best case scenario if he goes to Miami and can stay healthy for atleast 1-2 years, then he has a chance getting a ring before ending up like Yoa Ming. forced to retire due to injuries