Report: Wall, Wizards Close On Extension


LAS VEGAS — John Wall is still in the formative stage of his NBA career but the Washington Wizards believe the best is certainly yet to come for their star point guard. The next step, of course, is working on a long-term extension for Wall, a process that has progressed rapidly.

The two sides are reportedly close to a deal for five years and $80 million. Wall, who is in town this week for USA Basketball’s Men’s National Team mini-camp, Β and the Wizards could have the deal locked down by Aug. 1, according to’s Marc Stein.

The sides have until Oct. 31 to come to an agreement on an extension or Wall would be a restricted free agent during a loaded summer of 2014. But that’s a scenario the Wizards are clearly trying to avoid by offering Wall, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2010 Draft, a monster deal.

Wall, 22, dazzled the second half last season, returning from a knee injury to average 18.5 points, 7.6 assists and 4.0 rebounds in the final 49 games of the 2012-13 season. Wall is the linchpin to the Wizards’ franchise revival and the this sort of contract is proof that the Wizards are convinced that he is indeed the franchise player they thought he was when they drafted him.


  1. kek says:

    80 mill alot of money for a guy who hasnt stayed healthy for an whole season yet

  2. Eli Odell J. says:

    well God bless, time to earn it

  3. Kareem White says:

    Wall is a awesome player i like watching him play when he’s mad unstoppable

  4. Kris says:

    I got to see him play on Thursday in the blue/white USA Basketball scrimmage game in Las Vegas and he blew me away! So maybe a person involved with the Wizards was there and saw what I did.

  5. No Name says:

    If Joe Johnson can get a max deal, than J-Wall can def get this 80M extension. J-Wall is much better than Joe Johnson ever was / will ever be.

  6. 3R says:

    Believe me, I was one of the Wizards fans who was hesitatingly excited about John Wall being our #1 pick. I knew about his athleticism and talent, but just didn’t know if he gave a damn. The first two seasons did nothing to change my feelings about our selection and actually leaned towards letting his contract expire. However, what I saw in the second half of last season was what I hoped to see, but again is it just a matter of getting hot or is there something more? After researching (yes huge Wizards here) and seeing videos/reading articles about John Wall, I can honestly say I believe the kid wants to be great, point blank. He just looks so apathetic at times that it’s hard to believe. He really wants to be the best and I think will take it personally with comments like he is not a top 5, or even a top 10 PG in the league–which is laughable to me to those who disagree. Signing him to this max contract extension will only fuel him not because of the money, but bc of all the doubters that will say he is no where near worth that much money. Well guess what? He is and he will be one of the top players (not just PG) in a few years max. Don’t believe me? I know it’s hard to imagine, but just wait and see.

  7. Willie Black says:

    The Wizards should sign John Wall last year you really started seeing his development at controlling his speed and playing within the flow of the game. He and Bradley Beal should be a backcourt to be reckon with for years to come and if the Wizards keep adding pieces to go with them then this team future looks very bright. I beleive that John Wall will have a monster year he will make his first all star team and lead the Wizards to the playoffs this year mark my words!

  8. v says:

    wizards like to think or have people think they are a top team in the nba; similarily they operate like their counter parts her in the cd area – they get people to come out and see their teams go most of the way -erhaps a playoff or two then go back to the way they played in the beginning of the season. all dc sports is for the looks and hype the management is highly pID WITH LITTLE REGARD FOR THE PLAYERS. you can always count on excitement just to keep people coming back an wishing for the next season on hope that never materializes.

  9. lee says:

    if he wasnt injured so much he would be a top 10 pg in this league

    d rose
    d will
    j wall
    i might put him ahead of d will if he could stay healthy but that goes for everyone of these guys none of them have been healthy lol

    • CelticsFanBruh says:

      Actually Westbrook has been fairly healthy. only injury that forced him to sit out was a bonehead play by a d-league caliber PG

  10. achtung says:

    only the heat , spurs , okc , pacers , and maybe rockets and nets have some chances to win a championship , so there is one question , what are these weak teams doing in this league when they cant win a championship , whats the point of it they are wasting their time, are they just using as a team that will fill better teams schedule , so john wall ”the franchize player” signed 5 year contract so he can keep wizards at 12th place in the east and there is an excuse its a rebuilding project , haha , but at the end its all business and nobody cares about some bobcats or pelicans , its a show and its watchable and money is coming

    • CelticsFanBruh says:

      Only one team can win it all each year. Look at the Mavericks. They didnt win their first title until 2011. Basically what Im saying is, every team is given a chance which is why bad teams get lottery picks. It depends on management. Look at the CLippers, they have had talent to compete but cant get it done because they are one or two FAs away and made bad moves.

  11. Reblogged this on UnSportsMenMic and commented:
    I was never sold on the John Wall draft pick. I think my Wizards picked a PG a year to late (wrote an article about it ). I just don’t know what he has shown to warrant such a great deal. I know you pay him to keep him because you want to lock him up ala the NFL and QB’s right now, but I think the Wiz should have made him prove himself on more year.

  12. pd says:

    this ball players make way too much money for nothing.. there are some guys in my neighbor hood who plays ball way better then some of this nba players

  13. J says:

    he should stay they are gonna be great in the coming seasons

  14. underdog says:


  15. underdog says:

    another player off the boards for the Lakers next season…

  16. Snadra says:


  17. heyshomy says:

    Worth every cent.

  18. Nore says:

    Okay i got the idea of offering Wall a big contract now to convince him to sign long term to avoid that he would become a restricted free agent but hes not even in my personal Top 10 PG in the league right know, so 16 Mill per year seems a liitle bit to much for him, even when washington thinks that hes their frenchise player …

    My Personal Top 5 PG:

    1. D, Rose
    2. Russel Westbrook
    3. CP3
    4. D. Will
    5. Rajon Rondo

    And there are plenty of runner ups like Kyrie Irving, Mike Conley, Jeff Teague, Tony Parker, Holiday, Ricky Rubio, Damian Lilliard, Steph Curry, Ty Lawson, George Hill, Brandon Jennings and of course John Wall.

    So right hes in the mix but i consider at least Kyrie Irving, Tony Parker, Steph Curry, Ty Lawson and George Hill to be better than him (its only my personal thinking) so hes not even a Top 10 Point guard in this league.

    hes a good one – don’t get me wrong, but 16 Mil per Year? he should sign that Extension as fast as he can before some people get their minds right …

    • tobeey says:

      George Hill better than John Wall? c’mon son! Even Ty Lawson isn’t better. he’s really good but not on the same level as john wall

      • Nore says:

        Well of course this is just my opinion, but i really think that George Hill improved much last season. Hes a very good perimeter defender, which i like much when your good at it as a point. And his stats increased heavily – also in the playoffs – check it Indiana won against miami in the games when he was at his best. So well to my mind i would certainly pick him over Wall. And Lawson is just an underrated beast. I don’t want to convince you of my opinion but the fact that Wall has been way to inconsistent (and i don’t mean the times when he was injured) put him down from my top 10 List. And of course this shouldn’t count but he has also been injured to often already – i wouldn’t count on him. Don’t get me wrong, i wouldn’t have anything against it if he proves me wrong but i highly doubt it. Peace

  19. justsayin says:

    I’d rather he signed with a good team, like the Bullets.

  20. bball247 says:

    I am from Alexandria, VA and went to many BULLETS games as a kid cheering the team while waiting for the inevitable loss. I remember Ledell Eckles, Doug Overton, Never Nervous Pervis Ellison, John Williams, Darrell Walker, & the aging Moses Malone et al (the worst of the Abe Pollin years). … Then I remember the years the Bullets thought they could buy an aging vet and hope them into a superstar again…Mitch Richmond, Rod Strickland, and even Jordan on the Wizards. I remember Rasheed Wallace, Tom Gugliota, Weber, & Juwan Howard as young budding players the Bullets/Wizards either traded or let go to free agency instead of developing players and investing in keeping them. I remember questionable lottery picks (Tom Hammonds, Calbert Chaney, & of course Kwame Brown) I love seeing the Bullets – it is still hard to call them the Wizards as it is the corniest name in the NBA and the Bullets is nostalgic for me – finally develop a young star and then invest to keep him!

    • Rocket33 says:

      I’m with you and I remember each and every one of those names. They need to be called the Bullets again that’s for sure. Funny that the guns in the locker room incident happened as the Wizards. Anyway, I’m impressed with the moves they have made recently and the potential for this year. Wall, Beal, Porter, Okafor and Nene will make a solid starting lineup. Should be fun to watch. Them and the Jazz (can’t believe I just said that).

  21. he should resign with the wizards…their future is looking bright…they can be able to win games just because of fastbreak points…thats how fast their backcourt is

  22. dee says:

    There paying a guy who cannot stay healthy that much money? What idiots.

  23. DCNATIVE says:

    Im a DC native. I am tired off losing, if we can beat the Heat, we can get A RING!!! If we can bet Lakers we can get A RING!!! if we can beat Thunder we can get A RING!!!… We have been Re-Building so much we should re-build the whole Gallery Pl. lol but seriously, we need some winners, do some TRADES, SIGN SOME FREE AGENTS THAT WANT A RING!!! SO WE CAN HAVE PARADE. THEN AFTERWARDS OUR SKINS & NATS WILL BRING A SUPERBOWL & WORLD SERIES WIN CELEBRATION TO THE CITY.