Colangelo Ready To Introduce New Blood Into USA Basketball Program


As Summer League wraps up, it’s time to turn our attention to USA Basketball.

The Men’s Senior National Team won’t be playing in any tournaments this summer. They qualified for next summer’s World Cup by winning last summer’s Olympics, so they’re not sending a team to the FIBA Americas tournament that begins Aug. 30 in Caracas, Venezuela.

But managing director Jerry Colangelo and head coach Mike Krzyzewski aren’t taking the summer off. Instead, they’re bringing 29 young players to Las Vegas for a mini-camp that begins Monday and concludes with an intra-squad scrimmage on Thursday (9 p.m. ET, NBA TV).

USA Basketball 2013 mini-camp roster
Player Team Pos Age YRS
Ryan Anderson NOP PF 25 5
Harrison Barnes GSW SF 21 1
Bradley Beal WAS SG 20 1
Mike Conley MEM PG 25 6
DeMarcus Cousins SAC C 22 3
Anthony Davis NOP PF 20 1
DeMar DeRozan TOR SG 23 4
Andre Drummond DET C 19 1
Kenneth Faried DEN PF 23 2
Derrick Favors UTA PF 22 3
Paul George IND SF 23 3
Gordon Hayward UTA SG 23 3
George Hill IND PG 27 5
Jrue Holiday NOP PG 23 4
Kyrie Irving CLE PG 21 2
DeAndre Jordan LAC C 25 5
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist CHA SF 19 1
Ty Lawson DEN PG 25 4
Damian Lillard POR PG 23 1
Doug McDermott Crei. PF 21
Greg Monroe DET PF 23 3
Chandler Parsons HOU SF 24 2
Larry Sanders MIL C 24 3
Marcus Smart Ok. St. PG 19
Klay Thompson GSW SG 23 2
Dion Waiters CLE SG 21 1
Kemba Walker CHA PG 23 2
John Wall WAS PG 22 3
Tyler Zeller CLE C 23 1

It’s an opportunity for the players to make a positive impression on the USA Basketball staff, and for the staff to develop thoughts about next summer’s roster, which could include players from last year’s Olympic Team.

To preview the mini-camp, spoke with Colangelo, who first broke the news that the Bulls’ Taj Gibson was a late scratch with a sprained ankle. That leaves 29 healthy players – 27 NBA vets and two college players – for the four days of camp. What would you like to get out of next week’s camp?

Jerry Colangelo: Let’s go backwards, first. Let’s go back to Beijing. We had our Olympic roster and we weren’t sure what would take place in 2010 for the World Championship. As it turned out, we got an entirely new group of young players, who did an outstanding job. That was really a great effort in Istanbul to win that, with guys who went on to have outstanding seasons after that performance there. Then in London, in turned out as I expected, that the roster would be made up of probably half and half of the World Championship team and the Olympic team.

So now, as we look to ’14, some of the younger Olympians have indicated they definitely want to play next summer. So this roster for the World Cup primarily could come from this group plus a few players that we had that won’t be here. [Stephen] Curry and [David] Lee are just two names that have been involved with us in the past and are out because of injuries and rehab. And Kawhi Leonard, who was originally part of this group – we knew right away that he would not be able to [participate] because of rehab during the offseason this year.

So, primarily this group, a few others and some carryovers from the Olympic team in ’12 will make up the roster. So this process is to take a good look at this group of roughly 30 and come up with some determinations about the people that we would consider moving forward, in terms of selections for next summer.

But we’re not going to select the players from this camp. This is another preview. We also have the next NBA season to look before we select a team. In 2010, you started with 20 players in training camp and eventually pared that down to 12 for the World Championship. Do you expect to do the same next summer?

Colangelo: It’s pretty hard to speculate what we would do. If we did that in the past, that’s probably our M.O. It’s hard to get down. It really is. So many players are close to one another. So the more we can see, the better it is. And it’s better for them too.

The good news is this thing is purring. The machine is going extremely well. The players want to be a part of this, as evidenced by all of this participation. And the pipeline is full. All that’s evidenced by how successful our junior teams are. The 19-and-under team that just won the gold medal is a terrific team of young talent. So they just keep coming, and as long as the players continue to aspire to be a part of the USA Basketball program, we’re in good shape. This is a four-day camp with 30 players, including nine point guards. Will guys have enough opportunity to make an impression?

Colangelo: Oh, we think so. This is going to be a lot of scrimmaging. We think that’s the best way to look at a group like this. Obviously, we’re going to put in some of the stuff that we use.

By the way, with Tom Thibodeau and Monty Williams coming in, they have to get assimilated. So part of this camp is everyone getting reacquainted and (for the first time) getting acquainted. And so it’s good to keep indoctrinating younger players into our program and our system, on the court and off the court. On each of the last three rosters, you’ve had three NBA point guards and three NBA big men. Do you think you’ll continue using that formula or do you take it year by year?

Colangelo: It’s year by year, but what we do have is great athleticism with our players. We have a lot of wing players. We have a terrific number of point guards.

If you look at the roster we have in this camp plus the carryovers at the point guard position, that’s a very, very competitive position. But we have a lot of twos and threes also. There’s always been a shortage of bigs. You go with your strength and start with that. When you bring these guys into the gym, do you learn a lot more about them than when you’re watching them during the NBA season?

Colangelo: Oh yeah. It doesn’t take a genius to look at talent and know who can run, jump, shoot, defend, etc. But it’s all the other things, how people relate, how they articulate, how they get along with one another, how they relate to us. So this is all part of the process. I think it’s really important to do exactly what we’ve been doing, because it seems to be successful and it’s what we believe in. So how does a player make a positive impression on you next week?

Colangelo: In our minds, what players do on the floor and off the floor are equally important. How they get along with one another, how they relate to the coaching staff, how attentive they are in our meetings…

I’ll give you an example. Paul George last summer was on the Select Team, getting our Olympic Team ready. We saw a lot in Paul George. This kid was really coming. And of course, that translated into a terrific year in the NBA season. But throughout the season, he was quoted as saying things about what he learned during his time with USA Basketball and how much he wanted to be a part of it. So it works both ways.


  1. The only players I respect is Kyrie and PG, these yound bloods ain’t ready yet, Pick up some veterans or USA team is too weak for Int’l team, are you kidding me?

    but anyways I’ll start

    John Wall
    Anthony Davis
    Demarcus C.

    But still I still can’t believe USA team has turned to this, dissapointing.

  2. ezequiel says:

    and kobeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. Vin says:

    Lol they said they would bring a few back, prolly like KD, James Harden, and one to two other superstars that can carry the team.

  4. The G.O.A.T. says:

    PG Smart
    SG Hayward
    SF Kidd-Gilchrist
    PF McDermott
    C Zeller

    Young and hungry. They will get the gold for sure. Just throw in Otto Porter as a sixth man.

  5. Spemanz says:

    so many dumb ppl here, read the article. they are just watching possible players for 2014. some of the olympic team will still be there

  6. ralph fleming says:

    Paul George, kyrie Irving and maybe kenneth faried are the only ones who has proved they belong on the any olympic roster. I only saying kenneth cause he is a rebounding machine, and once again spain is gonna be loaded with big men.

  7. Wuut says:

    My lineup would we:

    Irving, CP3, Russel Westbrook
    James Harden, Paul George
    Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony
    Kevin Love, Anthony Davis
    Dwight howard, Greg Monroe

  8. Wuut says:

    Hey guys, this is only the minicamp to select which newcomers will be elegible for joining team USA among with the superstars right…

  9. Kamote says:

    PG – Irving, Lillard, Conley
    SG – DeRozan, Thompson
    SF – George, MKG
    PF – Faried, Davis, Favors
    C – Drummond, Sanders

    I know this team hasn’t that much shooting, but these are the most athletic bunch the team can have (sorry, I’d choose the C’s than with DeAndre). These are still young kids, with Conley being the oldest I guess. If DEFENSE is infused to this team, this would be a team that would be like the ’92 team. No need for any player to take volume shots… just dominate on D and run.

  10. coreyon says:

    George- k Thompson
    Parsons- gilcrest
    Anderson- Monroe

  11. Orik says:

    PG: Irving, Conley
    SG: Thompson, Beal, Hayward
    SF: George, Parsons
    PF: Monroe. Davis, Anderson
    C:Cousins, Drummond

  12. Filipino Idiot says:

    No Championship for Team USA, they don’t even have a superstar on their team. Spain or Argentina will blow them out and teach these young blood a lesson.

  13. jtgv1 says:

    Upon review i forgot to take into considerations members from the last squad that will be in there so heres the revised squad.

    PG- Irving, Paul, Westbrook
    SG- Curry George Kobe (lol i dont know what they are going to do with Dwade cz you kno hes getting a spot if he joins)
    SF- Lebron Durant
    PF- Love Melo
    C Howard Davis

  14. jtgv1 says:

    This is the team i believe should go:

    PG- Irving, Wall
    SG-Thompson, Derozan
    SF-P.George, Barnes
    PF-Faried, Monroe
    C-Cousins, Davis

    Last 2
    Lillard and Parsons

  15. brayton says:

    no roy hibbert…….smy

  16. john says:

    i think this has got to be the most versatile team:
    irving PG
    lillard PG
    wall PG
    thompson SG
    derozan SG
    p george SG/SF
    barnes SF
    faried SF/PF
    anderon PF
    davis PF/C
    cousins PF/C
    monroe PF/C

    • coreyon says:

      Lawson is better than all those pg and parsons is a better shooter than barnes and sanders is the better defender m gasol would kill cousins and monrow

  17. ac says:

    Don’t understand how Kyrie Irving is on this list considering that he’s an Australian citizen? Maybe he has dual citizenship. Either way, I wouldn’t replace much about the USA roster except to add him, Steph Curry, and Paul George. The rest of this list is wack compared Lebron, Melo, and Chris Paul!

  18. Melomvp says:

    I dont think kobe, lebron or cp3 will be back for the olympics.. Westbrook, blake, durant, drose,

  19. Rolo says:

    1. Kyrie, Wall, Lawson
    2. Beal, Thompson
    3.Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Harrison Barnes
    4.Faried, Davis
    5.Monroe, Jordan

  20. paetoja says:

    pg Wall, Lawson Kyrie (his d is still really really bad)
    sg Klay Thompson Demar Derozan
    SF Paul George, Parsons
    PF Davis Faried Barnes (better as a small bal 4 than actual 3)
    C Cousins , Sanders ,

  21. byron says:

    you people did not read the article

    “So, primarily this group, a few others and some carryovers from the Olympic team in ’12 will make up the roster. So this process is to take a good look at this group of roughly 30 and come up with some determinations about the people that we would consider moving forward, in terms of selections for next summer.”

    lebron, durant, rose, curry, byant, wade, westbrook, howard may still be included in the final line up.

  22. Alex says:

    My ideal 2014 USA Team would look something like this:

    PG- Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Stephen Curry
    SG- Derrick Rose, James Harden
    SF- LeBron James, Paul George
    PF- Kevin Durant, Kevin Love, Blake Griffin
    C- Dwight Howard, LaMarcus Aldridge

    • Josh says:

      Finally someone with a ball brain! Everyone else commenting on those players in the camp are obviously not living in the real world! Why on earth would they take Parsons or Faried at PF when you Love, KD, LBJ. Honestly do you think Team USA would leave them out lol?

  23. John says:

    a) No one who’s commenting seems to have read the article and understood that the 2014 squad isn’t going to be composed of just these players. In fact, I find it unlikely that it will take more than 3 players from this squad. Stop acting like team USA will be strictly these players and no one else.
    b) There sure is a lot of competition at the PG spot. Damian Lillard, Kyrie Irving, Jrue Holiday, Ty Lawson, not to mention several other less impressive PG’s, plus next year they’re all gonna have to compete with the other PG’s who weren’t invited to this camp. The camp is pretty unremarkable at each position that isn’t PG.

    • Keith says:

      Ah finally someone with a Brain!! It took a while to get there – any combination of players from that list would fail to medal, however thanfully for all the other stupid responses Team USA management realises that too, 2 or 3 guys tops from this will play plus the other additions and you guys should be safe for gold, so long as Lebron says yes.

  24. YP says:

    Brook Lopez?

  25. hmm says:

    the roster is good… but i dont think id ever get tired of watch the lebron,melo.rose,kobe,durnt,westbrook,howard, etc etc teams.. that is like witnesing greatness. This team will still no doubt win it all but still… would love to see th dream team 2.0 have another crack at it. also no blake griffin on the team? hmm

  26. Tyrone says:

    John Wall
    DeMar DeRozan
    Paul George
    Greg Monroe
    DeMarcus Cousins

    (Wall and Cousins are the only two that would have significant chemistry)
    Paul George is the best player on the list
    DeMar is the best SG, regardless of what the people that dont watch raptors say.

    Kyrie, Jrue
    Waiters, Klay Thompson
    Barnes MKG

  27. Schmo Harawitz says:

    What about lebron, durant, melo, kobe etc?

    • AL says:

      The play for the olympic team. This team doesnt play for olympic medal. They may play nest year though.

  28. Myke says:

    This is the team i’m predicting will be put out there at the end of the day..
    Starters Bench
    PG- Kyrie Irving 6. John Wall
    SG- Jrue Holiday 7. Klay Thompson
    SF- Paul George 8. Harrison Barnes
    PF- Greg Monroe 9. Chandler Parsons
    C- DeMarcus Cousins 10. Anthony Davis
    11. DeMar DeRozen
    12. Kenneth Faried
    These coaches really have to make hard decisions though.

  29. Nba101JB says:

    PG: Ty Lawson, Damian Lillard
    SG: Klay Thompson, Bradley Beal
    SF: Paul George, Chandler Parsons
    PF: Derrick Favors, Greg Monroe
    C: DeMarcus Cousins,Tyler Zeller

  30. From Serbia with love. says:

    John Wall Kyrie and Conley would be best for pg-s realistically against international team Lillard loses a lot of balls and isnt a great shooter. Wall has matured ALOT will be a beast next season. Kyrie is a great scorer-pg and conley can play good defense and all of them can handle any international pg.
    Klay Thompson Curry for SG
    Paul George and Parsons and Kahwi Lenard SF
    Anthony Davis, Faried
    Jordan, Cousins.
    That would be the best team from these guys who could play on international level i guess. If Cousins keeps a calm head this would be the best team.

  31. James says:

    This team is going to be garbage. They will be like the team with AI, Marbury, etc.

  32. RH says:

    Roster is stacked with point guards, but kinda short on lights-out shooters. Obviously Klay, but that’s it?

    • aaaaaa says:

      Plus there’s a lot of good, but not great big men.

    • oiguo says:

      What?!? Kyrie just won the 3pt contest, Bradley Beal and Dion Waiters are ridiculous jump-shooters, and Paul George, Ryan Anderson, and George Hill are good shooters as well. Time to watch some teams other than Golden State…

  33. Rayver says:

    PG: kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard, Stephen Curry

    SG: Klay Thompson, Demar Derozan

    SF: Paul George, Chandler Parson

    PF: Kenneth Faried, Anthony Davis, Ryan anderson

    C: Cousins, Jordan

  34. Austin Thomas says:

    Back to the real topic. I think the new batch of players combined with the current rocks stars we already have will do just fine

  35. Austin Thomas says:

    To the idiot who said Kobe almost cost us the Gold in 2012, Stop posting comments. You speak like a Kobe hater instead of someone who loves the game. Kobe is one of the GOAT and no matter how many idiots like you who post stupid comments about him, this fact will still remain. Yes I am a die hard Lakers fan and yes I know Kobe has not been perfect throughout his career, but no player has been

    • oiguo says:

      what he did before that doesn’t change make his actions during more tolerable, unless you’re a kobe/laker fan

  36. Kevin says:

    There are so many Kobe haters in the world. He must have costs a lot of y’all a lot of money and much heartache. I feel bad for all of you Kobe haters!!!!!! He has really impacted your life. It’s crazy how someone always brings him up and hates on him even when he’s not even part of the story. So sad, so sad!!!!

  37. Derrick says:

    1. Kyrie, John Wall, Ty Lawson
    2. Derozan, Klay Thompson
    3.Kawhi Leonard, Paul George
    4.Faried, Favors, Davis
    5.Drummond, Jordan

  38. Brendon says:

    A Good lineup:
    PG: Kyrie Irving
    SG: Klay Thompson
    SF:Paul George
    PF:Kenneth Faried
    C: Greg Monroe

    and this is just one of many possible scenarios. i think damian lilard could fill that 1 or 2 spot just as well. But i think paul george pretty much completes this team. and the last two positions have endless scoring and defense with any one of these young men.

  39. Michael Peloton says:

    The players are not battle tested. They will not fare well in international competition. They will definitely be beaten.

  40. Chris says:

    I don’t understand why Steph Curry isn’t on this list

  41. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    “The Black Mamma Jamma Mamma Mamba Mommy” Kobe Bryant nearly cost TEAM USA the GOLD MEDAL in the 2012 Olympics.

    These days, the Black Momba takes summers off and will probably be injured or retired by the time the summer 2014 international tournament arrives, anyway.

    Thank goodness. Heck, Bryant might even retire next season if he finds he can’t recover from major injury.

  42. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    Whatever you do: NO KOBE BRYANT on TEAM USA

  43. Amir says:

    ^ This guy thinks Tristan Thompson is a shooting guard…

  44. The Current Team Canada Team Would Beat The New American Team

    1. Steve Nash ( 2 Time NBA MVP, Lakers, PG)
    2. Anthony Bennet ( #1 Draft Pick NBA, Cavaliers, Power Forward)
    3. Andrew Wiggins ( #1 Draft Pick NBA 2014, Boston Celtics, Forward)
    4. Tristan Thompson ( Clevland Cavaliers, Two Guard)
    5. Joel Anthony ( Two Time NBA Champion, Center, Miami Heat)
    6. Kelly Olynyk ( Boston Celtics, 6th Man, Center).

    Team Canada Is Dangerous.

    Mr. Wayne ‘The Great One’ Gretzky.

    • Skyler Johnson says:

      That’s ridiculous. Steve nash is way too old to keep up with someone like Kyrie Irving or John Wall.
      Anthony Bennett is strong, but compared to Andre Drummond? He’s a baby. Same story for Tristian Thompson, he’s underdeveloped and raw. Certainly talented, but he’s no comparison to the dominant American forwards. Yeah he isn’t a guard so I’m pretty sure you legit have no idea what you are talking about and probably just looked up Canadian baketball teams.

      Really? Are you trying to make a case for Joel Anthony? He might be a two-time champion, but so is Juwon Howard and he barely played for the Heat. That shouldn’t even count.

      Olynyk is like a raw, young, soft, weak, slow Dirk Nowitski. Sure he can shoot but he still would get eaten alive by Kevin Durant or any power/small forward Team USA puts on him.

      Wiggins is literally the best player on that roster, and he doesn’t even compare to 1/4th of anyone on the roster for this team. Dion Waiters can lock him up.

      You only listed 6 players. Find a real roster here pal.

      • aaaaaa says:

        I agree, but Olynyk isn’t raw, he’s very talented in every aspect. Very similar to Pau Gasol.

      • B Radd says:

        Whose Dion Waiters? …look like Wiggins is going # 1 next year and the best in any draft since LeBron, pretty bold prediction but those are the facts so why don’t you do a little thinking before be flappin at the gums…

    • Rajon Rondo says:

      Don’t forget there’s still Myck Kabongo, Cory Joseph, Kris Joseph, Andrew Nicholson. They’re all decent role players lol. They’ll get silver since there’s no way they’re beating USA.

    • two guard? says:

      tristan thompson is not a two guard 🙂

    • Joe says:

      pretty presumptuous that the celtics get wiggins. For all the changes in the east, i still expect the celtics to make the playoffs over the pistons or bucks

      • NBA King says:

        Really? now that pistons have J Smoove, Chauncey billups and Andre Drummond will be back from injury. the boston Celtics are tanking this season to help brad stevens grow into a good coach and help him transition from college ball to the nba. Celtics wont make the playoffs.

    • B Radd says:

      if Kyrie, Varejao and Bynum continue to miss time due to injury. A 3rd time could be a charm for the Cavs. This Andrew Wiggens could land with the Cavs. That said, Cleveland could be a championship contender for years to come.

  45. YoYo says:

    PG- Kyrie Irving, John Wall, Lawson
    SG-Hayward, DeRozan
    SF-Paul George, Parson
    PF-Favors, Davis, Faried
    C-Cousins, Sanders

  46. Esteban says:

    They are gonna fail. I can’t believe they are going for a very young team to compete with Argentina, Spain and more.

  47. B Radd says:

    PG Kyrie Irving, Damian Lilard and Jrue Holiday
    SG Klay Thompson and Gordon Hayward
    SF Paul George and Harrison Barnes
    PF Anthony Davis, Ryan Anderson and Kenneth Faried
    C DeMarcus Cousins and Larry Sanders

    Guaranteed World Champions! Don’t even 2nd guess these picks. They’re the very best at theit positions as we speak, Hands Down

    • Ty Lawson says:

      I would probably swap out Gordon Haywood for DeMar DeRozan

    • RH says:

      Swap Conley for Jrue. Shift George/Barnes to SG to replace Hayward, then add Parsons at SF. Cousins sounds good on paper, but I expect him to be a headcase. Probably better to put a Detroit big man (Monroe/Drummond).

      • B Radd says:

        Conley won’t even make 2nd string. George and Barnes are sized pretty well at SF. I don’t know why Parsons is even in the discussion. He’s just another Media Built, Paris Hilton like, Popular for no apparent reason celebrity athlete. Wait when it all comes down to it and see where he stands. Cousins is a headcase, but a talented one. Managing Director Jerry Colangelo and Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski will be a positive influence on him and he is a gifted athlete that can do it all. Drummond and Monroe aren’t quite there, seasoning will tell there story in the future.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually like 70% of these players need the ball in their hands to do something

    • hahaha! really?!? I bet you haven’t seen teams like lithuania and croatia play lol

    • coreyon says:

      chandler parson is way better barnes

    • oiguo says:

      I would take dion waiters or Bradley beal before Gordon Hayward, plus andre Drummond should definitely be on this team as well

      p.s. for a laugh go check out andre Drummond dunking on chris brown

  48. great lineup….lets see what this team can do

  49. oatestwder says:

    i thought Kyrie was Australian? isn’t he listed as an international player?

    • NewsFlash says:

      Kyrie Irving is a DUAL CITIZEN, meaning he has both USA and Australian citizenship. Ever heard of Joakim Noah? he has multiple nationalities and chose to play for France. Since Kyrie hasn’t played for Australia, he’s eligible to play for Team USA.

      The more you know…