Hang Time Podcast (Episode 126): Hollywood Dreaming For 2014!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — A week after the biggest names in free agency decided their own futures, you’d think we’d have moved on to talking strictly about the Las Vegas Summer League and our impressions of the rookies we’re finally seeing in action.

With so many players on display in Las Vegas all week, there is no shortage of observing. But we’re not completely finished with the free agent topic around here, not with one of our own feeding the hype about the free agent summer of 2014 and the bounty it could bring one particular franchise in Los Angeles.

That’s right, Rick Fox is ready to dream about the Lakers’ dream scenario of LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, would-be prized free agents next summer, joining Kobe Bryant in yet another “Big 3” for the ages — an idea floated by the fine folks at ESPNLosAngeles.com.

(Dwight who?)

It sounds like a plan, a grandiose plan that would require so many chips to fall the Lakers’ way that we couldn’t let Rick get away with trumpeting the idea without a little scrutiny from his boys.

We couldn’t let that one fly without a rowdy debate about the chances of such a union ever happening. We also had to battle over the one remaining hot topic in free agency: What’s a talented young point guard worth?

Brandon Jennings still doesn’t know for sure where he will play next season. We examine the dilemma facing the restricted free agent and the teams that might be interested in pursuing him but have yet to make him an offer the Milwaukee Bucks can refuse.

You get all of that and so much more on Episode 126 of the Hang Time Podcast: Hollywood Dreaming For 2014 …


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  1. pacquiaoverated says:

    Kobe is the greatestballhog that ever played this game, most overrrated player ever, I’m glad dwight left the lakers coz he will not flourish by having a ball hog and putting up 30shots a game, he is just after individual stats.

  2. Lakers4life says:

    If Melo wants to win a ring he’ll have to go to the Lakers. Knicks won’t win unless Amar’e plays like he used to and J.R. Smith will have to be better with his shot selection. In advance bring Melo and Amar’e to The Lakers! Although I would feel bad for J.R. Smith 😦

  3. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    I’m going to have fun booing the Lakers as they fail to make the playoffs. It would be a good thing because there are one too many Laker fans that “riot” or cause violence after Laker games (whether it’s a win or a loss).

    Keep the Lakers out of the playoffs forever; this will ensure fans around the world are safe.

  4. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    New York is the biggest market in America. Carmelo Anthony will remain a Knick for a LONG time.

    And Lebron James? He would look rather ridiculous in that goofy “Barney the Dinosaur” John-Cena-Looking purple and YELLOW uniform. He looks way cooler in the Miami Heat and even looked cooler in the Cavs uniform. Lebron already won 2 legit NBA Championships. Why would he leave Miami? Plus, he has the possibility for more Finals appearances in Miami. If he joined a violent city like LA, he would have no chance at future Championships.

  5. Unkle Daddy says:

    This will never happen and who would want it too. Kobe and Melo would be like oil and water on the floor together, worse than him and A’mare.

  6. leng says:

    Lakers miss out on Chris Paul. Wrong move for Lakers. Kobe retire they done.

  7. bob says:

    Lebron wants to be the best ever!!!! Doesn’t make any sense Lebron helping Kobe getting more Rings!!! think about It!!!!

  8. bob says:

    LOL, James will not give Kobe any ring!!!!!

  9. Dreaming says:

    David Stern will come back from retirement and veto their free agency choice to bring LeBron, and Carmelo to the Los Angeles Lakers. 😛

  10. Jon says:

    Does the nba commissioner have the power to veto a contract signing? i know he can veto a trade, but in the case of free agency.. what would happen?

  11. kermit the frog says:

    Better not Mr Lebron and Mr Carmelo. You will waste Your time in L.A. and Kobe

  12. lee says:

    you sound like a girl acting like you dont care that dwight just broke your heart but deep down your scared and miss your big tall bf

  13. lee says:

    also kobe needs to retire everyone is tired of hearing just shut up all ready know one wants to play with you are for the lakers that has been proven already

  14. lee says:

    dont get me wrong i think it would be smart off lebron to leave miami because dwade is getting old and bosh isnt working out as bad as i hate to say it he should prob go back to clevland you have irving the stll have varejo and the just signed byum plus the have trade peaces and also have a young gaurd there missing 1 big peace and that could easily be lebron i dont blaim him for leaving and i wouldnt blaim him for coming back maybe the best thing he did for his state is go away for 4 years just to comeback and win 1 with them and after all of this miami will have plenty of cap room to start all over but dwade is old the will want to bring him back and pay him to much just like the spurs did ganobli

  15. calcius says:

    Melo and Kobe on the same they will probably play with 2 balls

  16. Jorge Guerrero says:

    we need to get Kevin Durant as soon as posible…get Kevin Love, and Roy Hibbert…

  17. Denholm says:

    adding big names to a roster does not make a champion team, building a team that can thrive off its players strengths and work together to minimize their weaknesses is what makes one, the sooner that the lakers realise that adding two ball dominators will not help them at all, the sooner they will rebuild.

  18. manie says:

    there isn’t enough balls on the court to accommodate those three in the same court it would be a wast of talent. we might even see the first NBA fight between team mates during the game

  19. Jokūbas says:

    LeBron would be able to suit in this “BIG 3”, but I can’t imagine how other two egoist individualists (Kobe and Melo) would share the ball.

  20. Zerotonine says:

    Personally, I feel trades like these would ruin the whole competition in the NBA. It is not really exciting anymore if the teams with the money buy up all the good players. If the best players are spread over several teams you get a more surprising and exciting competition. I enjoy it when some other team that has never won a championship, wins one. Besides if there are only stars on one team, other players will stay benchwarmers and will maybe never get a chance to flourish. I liked how Denver, Memphis and Indiana played last season for example.

    And this whole article reminded me of the sign Pacers fans were holding up during the conference final against Miami; ‘built, not bought.’

    • theholyspectator says:

      thats the reason why these new cba rules and taxes have been applied to teams…but hey if a team can fork up the money aint nothing wrong with that, i do see your point about it not being fair but, hey who cares?! its about makin money, creating entertainment and having fun…welcome to the nba..the days of teams doin the whole lets fight for one another and win a title, are long gone..until the nba is done with mega stars (ex. lebron,melo,bryant,durant,etc) you will always have super teams..thats what the nba is now..super teams win championships..or gives teams a super high percentage of winning a title..teams like indy and bulls golden state will never win until they adopt the same formula…and players see that, team management see that, the smart ones who want a ring badly will go to other teams and join forces and go for a title run..youll start seeing this happen more and more..some of these players make so much thru endorsements/off the court that they can take less money..

      now as far as lbj and melo joinin kobe in lakerland? lol…not happening..melo wouldnt go back to workin with dantoni..lbj would rather go to cavs or knicks than la…kobe is stuck in la and is talkin about not takin pay cuts…hes not a team player. if he couldnt as a team captain work it out with dwight aint no way he gonna be able to share the ball with players like a melo or lbj…i think lakers really are done here…time to blow it up and rebuild from scratch..the idea of selling players to “hey we are a championship team, have been for years, we are hollywood, bla bla bla” its not workin anymore..players rather go to teams that have mega stars and increase their chances of winning a ring, that is fact…RIP lakers ive been sayin this all day..some people just dont see the reality when its right in front of them

  21. LeBron All Day says:

    LeBron has a 5 year contract so he won’t be a free agent next year. By the way, LeBron would most likely resign with the Heat. Plus LeBron wouldn’t like to work with a Ball Hog like Kobe.Point be proven: LeBron James will stay on the Heat after his 5 YEAR contract ends in 2015.

  22. mortimer says:

    “There’s no way, with hindsight, I would’ve ever called up Larry, called up Magic and said, ‘Hey, look, let’s get together and play on one team,’ (…) In all honesty, I was trying to beat those guys !”

    Michael Jordan

  23. NBA Fan says:

    Why would you put three players with egos on the same team? All of them will try to score 30 points a game and the team would actually be worse. This roster wouldn’t get to the NBA Finals.

  24. jesus says:

    u dreaming. never goingto happen. why would lebron join the lakers. lbj went them to have less rings mot more.

  25. Ball hog says:

    top 3 ball hogs in the same team no way…

  26. Pedro says:

    I don’t think James would go for that. But Melo is another history. Yes, he’s the face of the Knicks but you guys forget about the $$$ part. It’s business all along. Denver didn’t even blink to get rid of his contract and add some pieces to make a nice playoff push 3-4 years ago. The Knicks have 3 big contracts in Melo, Amare and Chandler. Come next year and they’ll have to pay big in luxury taxes if they keep this core as it is. Sounds like crazy but is very doable.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      New York is the biggest market. They can pay Melo whatever he wants. Plus, Knicks are a contender.

      Lakers? They’d have to fire Bryant first. Then, they may be able to afford someone like Melo.

      Lakers are constantly paying huge luxury taxes. They’re worse off, financially, than the Knicks.

      Sorry, son. Melo could lead the Knicks to the Finals next season.

      If he went to some dump like LA, he would squander all Championship aspirations. Plus, he wouldn’t get paid as much as he would in NEW YORK.

  27. #RealTalk says:

    LOL you all are funny. It’s all for show! The Lakers organization is the greatest organization of all time, and I AM NOT a lakers fan! Hate em! But what i do know is how smart they are. Everything that happens this season, every rumor, EVERYTHING will be to distract everyone from seeing the true plot. Mark my words! Lakers will have an aweful season, and along the way, everyone will be talking about it. Kobe will appear in the media here and there and talk about what they need to do, but it will “never happen”. Than, all of a sudden, they’re right back on top. How? They’re goin in on the Andrew Wiggins sweepstake! YES i said it! But they don’t want anyone to know this along the way. They know what they need to create another dynasty and that THE NEXT BIG THING! Kobe’s window is closing. Still plays at a high level, but even fanatics have to agree, time is running out. You think the Lakers can or will live with being in the NBA shadows for a couple years? NEVER! That is why they know they need to think of the long term, not just one or two more for Kobe, although it may happen with this kind of acquisition next summer. Again, mark my words, SEASON WILL BE TANKED!

  28. Nick says:

    Kobe gona avg 30+ this year Melo will stay in ny

  29. lakers hater says:

    Lebron james is never going to play with kobe.

    Neither is carmelo

    together never

  30. CHEWITT1984 says:


  31. Raiderjoe says:

    I believe they can make it work very easy, because they all want the same thing in life and thats to be champions.

  32. Knicks fan says:

    Simple MELO will never go to LA he hates Mike D’ Anthony #theend

  33. LA-Supporter@Manila says:

    LA-Haters are here again… Don’t shiver too much.. You know that LA can make it happen.. So better watch out.. I was the first to comment here but you keep on removing my message.. Maybe the moderator is also a LA-Hater and Miami fan..

    LA Lakers starting five for 2014-2015

    Rondo – Bryant – Anthony – James – Gasol

    LA 2014-2019 Champion..

    • LAKERS says:

      ur giving us all a bad name

    • Jojo Lecitona says:

      You are crazy. Why would you link the heat with you as a laker fan? Not all LA – haters are heat fans. I am not a kobe fan but that doesn’t mena to say that I am a LAKERS hater. Dude you’re a typical I_ _ _T.

  34. Paparox says:


  35. LAKER KING says:

    I really hope Carmelo Anthony is the piece they add in 2014…maybe a long shot to ask them to bring back Lamar Odom and maybe even give Brandon Jennings a 2 yr shot with Nash as the veteran back up. After losing Dwight ” I wana be the man Howard” and Kobe’s anchilles in the same year who would think this team still isnt in a bad position. We have just added some key back ups with Nick Young and Wes Johnson..young talent. Nick could even be the starter if he steps his game up. Laker nation we definately aren’t on the part of the rollercoaster when you put your arms in the air, but its still going to be a great ride, to get through, you have to go through. No struggle, No progress…we all can agree 2014 is right around the corner. Let’s get ready for this 3 three year run, Kobe gotta get one out of three…sorry but that seems not only realistic but thinking about how good Kobe is…it really starts to seem easy.

    • Jep says:

      Nick Young could be a starter if he steps his game up? Craig Sager could be a starter if he steps his game up!
      Lebron and Melo are not going to the Lakers because neither of them need Kobe for a run at a championship. They need pieces that complement their own skills.

  36. LakersFan says:

    It would be the worst combination EVER to have Kobe, Lebron and Melo on the same NBA team. Three alpha male type egos would be pure toxic. Lebron’s grown to be a good salesman with the whole “team player” image he built over the past couple of years, but behind the facade he is still craves all the attention. Melo is just Melo. And Kobe just wants his way and will never give up the Lakers throne. Not to mention how unlikely the combination would ever happen anyway, as it just doesn’t make sense for all parties, both logically and financially.

    • nba fan says:

      Hey u guys forgot they all played together on the US Dream team, nothing is impossible now in the league.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Plus, it wouldn’t make intuitive NBA sense. Melo and Lebron are small forwards! Yes, Lebron can be considered a PF/SF hybrid. But, Lebron primarily plays SMALL FORWARD. This enables players like Melo and Lebron to handle the ball a lot around the perimeter.

      Starting Lebron James at PF instead of SF would not work out optimally.

      Plus, to make something like this work, Bryant would HAVE TO take a paycut. Lebron and Melo are far superior players. Paying them less than Kobe Bryant would be utterly ridiculous and would NEVER happen.

  37. Manu NBA says:

    Nah man i really don’t see this happening… i beilieve the Lakers have to do the same as the Celtics, trade (which i think will never happen) or wait for Kobe to retire, and then rebuild a new Lakerland Era of talent, Bron and Melo? Damn that’s dreaming big and it could actually work out if they add some great pieces around them.. but with Kobe around i think the Dwight episode would repeat again.

  38. vss says:

    your dreamin dude

  39. clirim says:

    Sekou, you’re an idiot…

  40. California Dreamin' says:

    There wouldn’t be enough head room for Melo, Lebron, and Kobe though the Lakers will undoubtedly get some good pieces. I have a question for you guys, do you think Kobe will be willing to take less money next year than he might be able to get with consideration to rebuilding and age? You can’t buy championship rings. Rick Fox might have some insight on this having played with the Black Mamba

  41. I M My Own Fan says:

    This is “NUTS”… Anthony is a New Yorker, he grew up in NY and should not (hoping for it) betray his own people. Although, I’m from NYC, I really don’t care much if he leaves or stays. As for James, he’s been labeled as a traitor about his “decision” for leaving Cleveland. He worked so hard to win his two rings and earn his reputation back. Why would he want another blow to his legacy? As for Kobe. he always have considered himself as the greatest active player, why would he back off from a max salary? I thought he said “I would NOT take a pay cut”. Where’s the pride in that? I guess as great as he think he is, he can’t make it out on his own. Where’s that loyalty to your team James? (a team where you won 2 rings) Are you really going to betray them like your hometown?

    • Jojo Lecitona says:

      What betrayal are you talking? Nba is not just basketball game. Its more in a business side. What do you think team owners are thinking? They don’t just spend money for nothing

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        Lakers spend money for NOTHING. They had a 100 Million team payroll last season (by far the highest in the NBA), and they were one of the worst teams in the NBA.

        They continue to sign players, even though Bryant puts them into luxury taxes. Spending all that money FOR NOTHING. The Lakers will likely finish seed 15 next season. Even if they cheat again.

        WHERE ARE THE LAKERS GETTING THE MONEY TO SPEND? THEY MUST BE COOKING THE BOOKS! Fox Sports Networks doesn’t even locally televise LA LAKER games anymore! They’re on some Time Warner TV station that gets piss-poor ratings!



    • Lol says:

      If i was a cavs fan id be really offended by u talking bout betrayl in the miami context lol. & speaking of cavs i wouldnt be surprised if lbj eventually goes back to cavs now that they have a decent squad going on. nothing would repair his reputation as him winning a ring for the cavs at the end of his career. as for kobe it seems to me very counterintuitive that he d be on board with lbj joining in. melo – ok but melo & lebron? kobe s not from this friendly generation. i dont see him teaming up with a guy he was constantly compared with – and if the management goes with it regardless, i dont see it working out.

  42. banks06 says:

    HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! in your dream LAKER NATION! in your DREAMSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! pft! ugh!

  43. Aram says:

    This is simply UNTHINKABLE.

    • Lol says:

      Honestly i dont think and dont want it to happen. Then again i didnt think lbj was going to go to miami. nowadays NBA s got jokes

  44. Aram says:


  45. zak says:

    Two ball hogs, one team.

  46. Inception says:

    keep dreaming

  47. medmate says:

    if everyone thinks, that the lebron/melo to lakers is a far fetched joke, why are we talking about it so much? this podcast was the first time i heard something reasonable regarding this trade rumour.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      New York is the biggest market in America. Carmelo Anthony will remain a Knick for a LONG time.

      And Lebron James? He would look rather ridiculous in that goofy “Barney the Dinosaur” John-Cena-Looking purple and YELLOW uniform. He looks way cooler in the Miami Heat and even looked cooler in the Cavs uniform. Lebron already won 2 legit NBA Championships. Why would he leave Miami? Plus, he has the possibility for more Finals appearances in Miami. If he joined a violent city like LA, he would have no chance at future Championships.

  48. Olegre10 says:

    Next summer Big 3 for the Lakers? Poo Gasol + Bynumb + Shaq, or you guys can fantasize about Kareem coming out of retirement to make it even more viable

  49. heat fan says:

    haha , man kobe and carmelo means lebron and rest just watch them shoot lol, ball hug tagteam action 😉

  50. religiously says:

    stfu sekou smith this is not even worth talking about now

  51. Jimmy Buckets says:

    STOP deleting my comments because they are negative toward Kobe. You need to understand that he HAS ruined the Lakers….and that the whole Bryant family is the biggest piece of trash on this planet. I like many others who have worked for them know how he acts when the media is not present, and believe me it is not pretty. So please let me speak my mind on how this man ruined one of my favorite sports teams.

    • Calling your Bluff says:

      uh… 5 championships 8 all nba defense league MVP one of the best players of all time ruined your team how? Im not a Laker fan btw but your pulling words out of your butt. Also i don’t believe you worked for him. I work for Bill Russell and he’s a nice fellow. See how easy that is.

    • Rudi says:

      take kobe out of the lakers team right now. what’s left? the lakers need kobe, or else they wouldn’t be the lakers.

      • Denholm says:

        exactly what needs to be done… kobe is a virus, he is ruining the lakers reputation, soaking up their salary cap, and as his skills decline but he stubbornly continues to demand to be the centrepiece of the franchise, the team will take longer to return to prominence…. because unfortunately for laker fans, they are going to be a bottom of the barrel team, and you cant stop that by throwing money at it.

    • Jojo Lecitona says:

      I agree wuth you. Even my comments regarding kobe and in some cases on the media are being deleted. Where is the fair play

  52. pepe says:

    Melo is good reason for LAL. lebron with kobe is not succesful step.
    I think lebron stay with Wade in Heat for long time. there´s a chemistry…..2/3 rings
    kobe career 5/7 rings…. he need it, Melo also need a ring 0/0………………damn

  53. Micahel Jordan FLAVA says:

    KOBE Bryant wants to persuit his 6th championship do tie Jordan…….But i think is over now…….if he wants Lebron and Melo out there its mean that is ready for not being the leader of his team…..Lebron gonna be the Bosssss of LA…..Cobe Jordan is > than you and than life man…….halla from angola

  54. joeblove says:

    can’t think of a bigger car crash than those three getting together. You’d need the Dalai Lama at the 1 to keep everyone in check

  55. Arcek says:

    Yeah, right! Big 3 for the ages… in the category of the biggest and most expensive bust in the history of NBA. Two of the biggest ball hogs in NBA(Kobe & Melo) plus LeBron who likes to have the ball in his hands as well. The ball wouldn’t move at all. Add the lack of quality big men and you have the one of the worst teams in the NBA despite paying the biggest money in the NBA

    • Brandon sabot says:

      Just like how everyone said that bout the heat which proved wrong an went to three championships an got two rings so rethink that statement…… Kobe is going to hand the leader roll to melo an Lebron is just the bonus if the deal happens watch an see 4 champions for lakers in the next 6 seasons

      • Jojo Lecitona says:

        Kobe to hand the lead roll to melo and lebron is just a bonus? Are you kidding me?

    • Zen Master says:


  56. c2 says:

    LA does not need Lechoke!

  57. Aquila says:

    it’s time for Kobe to chase the 6th ring yea we got one of ours back Farmar…..