Blogtable: Nets Or Knicks In The East?

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Week 38: On lottery teams | Playoff wins: Nets or Knicks | Playoff wins: Rockets or Spurs


Who wins more playoff games next season: the Knicks or Nets?

Steve Aschburner, Gotta go with the team that got a heart transplant: the Nets. There is no how, no way that Brooklyn — on its home court against a banged-up, undermanned Chicago Bulls squad in the first round — loses Game 7 if it has the leadership and intensity of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce in its locker room and on its side. Then you add a highly motivated Andrei Kirilenko as a retro Swiss Army knife, not required at this stage to log heavy minutes, and for such a tiny price (as if that matters there)? I don’t see the Knicks as having done much of anything to get sharper, more focused or more dangerous. I think the Nets double New York’s postseason victory total, easy.

Fran Blinebury, The Knicks won their first playoff series in ages, flamed out in the second round, and the response was to trade for the soft Andrea Bargnani, re-sign J.R. Smith and then steal faded Metta World Peace from China or the Arena Football League. The Nets get Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Jason Terry and Andrei Kirilenko to go with Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez. It’s the Nets by a mile.

Jeff Caplan, I think — I think — this is a slam dunk. The Nets will win more playoff games. They’ve got All-Stars at the two key positions, point guard and center (Deron Williams reverted to All-Star form in the second half) and then you bring in the savvy of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to a starting five that also includes Joe Johnson. The stunning signing of Andrei Kirilenko really strengthens the bench. I can’t say the Knicks got better this offseason. Metta World Peace can help defensively, but he’s no Ron Artest at this point.

Scott Howard-Cooper, The Nets. The Knicks will be interesting, but Brooklyn has positioned itself better for postseason wins. But this is from a guy who thought they had a chance for a long run a year ago, and still believed during sluggish periods in the second half of 2012-13 that the Nets could be the second-best team in the East.

John Schuhmann, Brooklyn, because they will have the better defense. Both teams had below-average defenses last season, and though the Nets were worse, they did more to address the issue – with the additions of Kevin Garnett and Andrei Kirilenko – than the Knicks did. New York could put together a solid defensive lineup or two, but still has too many non-defenders in its rotation (particularly with the addition of Andrea Bargnani) to believe it can get back to being the defensive team it was in ’11-12.

Sekou Smith, The Knicks have two clear advantages over the Nets and that’s in the coaching department. Mike Woodson is far more experienced than Jason Kidd and Carmelo Anthony plays for the Knicks. But the Nets have the advantages basically everywhere else and that’s why I think they win more playoff games next season. Both of these teams have the tools to make it at least to the Eastern Conference semifinals. The Knicks, while built for success in the regular season, struggled to get past the adversity they faced last season. The Nets, if Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are healthy, have a crew built for success in the second season.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blogThe Nets. The Knicks will win more regular season games, but the Nets strike me as a team built to win in the postseason. I just hope there’s some point in the regular season where Nets coach Jason Kidd has to activate himself for a game or two.


  1. ok,ok,ok-so between nets & tricks-even though i’m GreenAllDay-clearly the nets will win more playoff games than tricks by far. Go Celtics!

  2. Celtics for sure-GreenAllDay baby! 🙂

  3. caloyski says:

    Brooklyn and Indiana are the top 2 seeds in the east

  4. Pepe says:

    I don’t booking care about who is the Chosen-one between Nets or Knicks : At the end of the day ,or better , by May-June 2014 the all s…in their pants when they find themselves facing the Multi-Champs , the Mighty HEAT and the King

    ha,ha ,ha ,ha

  5. On paper I would say the Big Five are easily the most talented starting line up in the entire league. However, Lopez coming off his most productive dominant season just had surgery on his right foot for the third time for a bent screw; maybe the doctors should use a titanium alloy that doesn’t bend on a sixty million dollar athlete. Three out of five are past their prime. The Knicks have been riddled by injuries every year during the playoffs, so I think the question will boil down to who’s healthy come playoff time. I think both teams would beat Miami in a playoff series if they remain healthy, and that’s what really matters.

  6. knicksfan33 says:

    knicks because they beat boston last year in the playoffs and bostons main weapons were kg, pierce and terry . so the knicks would easily win.

  7. Jay says:

    It all depends on how Bargnani & World Peace fits into the rotation (which I am eager to see) and how healthy the Knicks are come postseason. With a healthy Stoudemire, Carmelo, and Jr Smith, along with suitable role players in Bargnani, Chandler, World Peace, and Felton the Knicks have actually put together a solid experienced team. Just have to see if they can stay healthly.

  8. stephen says:

    dear heat fans. stop it. name 5 players on your own team outside of the big three… and dont look it up. heat fans are the worst fans on basketball since nj housed a nba team.

  9. Ben says:

    Knicks will be better, but only just. Its going to be an exciting and nail-biting push for the playoffs.. Pierce and Garnett are a bit old now, and NY locked them up in the playoffs, guys shot below 40% all series. Lopez is just as soft as Bargnani, And of course Amare will be back, when he did play last year, he shot at a very high percent and was so efficient. Not to mention Carmelo…

  10. philhankenson says:

    If the question posed is “Who wins more Playoff games?” I think that is highly dependent on who each team plays in the playoffs. If both Knicks and Nets play eachother then the Nets are favored to win, at least on paper (we still need to see how they work together as a team). But if the Nets somehow windup playing Miami early on, the Knicks may have a shot at winning more playoff games. That being said, I would be routing for the Nets over Miami and hope they prove me wrong.

  11. john says:

    MELO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    guys till last year there were so many people critisizing lebron now what ..the same happens with melo nex year and coming years

    he is the real deal …

  12. mortimer says:

    ah ah ah the most laughable thing i ever read on ! there’s no point asking as the nets won’t even make it to the playoffs !

  13. heat will fourpeat says:

    look at the nets starting five. and then some fellas will give the heat trouble for having a big three. hmmph!

  14. B Radd says:

    Watching these 2 play is way better than counting sheep the minute you tune in…

  15. y2jerichoholic says:

    Nets would destroy NY in a 7 game series, but they would probably lose against the Bulls, Pacers or Heat.

    • john says:

      why do u think so ????

      • Akeem says:

        Nets can win it all. Didn’t they sweep the Pacers last year? It took the Bulls 7 games and a Jordanesque performance from Robinson to beat the Nets last year. AK47 is the X factor who can defend the 3 position, Mello, James, with shot blocks at the rim to back him up.

  16. Badgers says:

    The Knicks will finish higher in the regular season but the Nets are more built for the slower defense orientated playoff games

  17. J says:


    I change my mind

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  18. J says:

    that’s tough……….mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………………mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    knnnnnn no nnnneee no mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  19. Celtics will win more games next season.

  20. tapecity21 says:

    dont count out the knicks they have done nothing but slightly improve this offseason and with the nets they will finish in the same spot they did last year. ill admit im a really biased knick fan though haha

  21. reno 24 says:

    Knicks ALL DAY!!!! last year the nets were considered better than the knicks and who won the division? As for on paper being the best team…..just look at the lakers last year an allstar at every position and if it weren’t for the refs helping them out against sacremento at the end of the season, they may not have even made the playoffs. As far as defense goes, shump, chandler, and artest is better than any defensive unit the nets can trot out there.

    • john says:

      shumpert will rip both defensively and offensively …he shud have got confidence in offense after the monster dunk in the playoff’s against pacers ……

      chandler shud get back to his 2011-12 game.

      ron artest he is definitely a good piece added to the knicks but i hate him due to his arrogance on the court ….he does not have any sporting spirit.

      if he involves in elbowing i wil ldefinitely boooo him at msg nex year thoug h iam a knick fan .

  22. Booger says:

    Are you guys crazy?!?! Knicks all day! Knicks have a major advantage -Carmelo Anthony! You guys are forgetting that my Knicks breezed thru the celtics. We beat the heat 3-1 and 1 of the games without Melo in which we won by 20.. The only reason why the Knicks didn’t make the eastern finals is because the ref’s gave our series away to the pacers. The only person who gave Melo trouble defensively was Ron Artest who we just signed.. I smell a bunch of bandwagon nets fans on here..

    • theholyspectator says:

      lol delusional fans man, cant beat em..and dont wanna join em…regular season basketball and post season basketball are two totally different types of basketball…to bring up the regular season wins against the back to back champs doesnt make any sense…melo has yet to win a ring and has been in the league as long as lebron has…in fact last season was the first time melo won a playoff series…if celtics had rondo it woulda been a different story, and im not a fan of knicks or celtics…bottom line is knicks still dont have that 1 more additional piece to take them over the top..the nets are loaded with hall of famers and dudes who have a ring..knicks dont have any of that…knicks messed up when they signed amare to that ridiculous contract and as an end result cant bring in that additional piece to put them over the top…had amare been that 20 and 10 guy he was in phoneix, no question we woulda saw miami vs knicks for the ECF..not the case now tho…JR was a no show…and melo would have random streaks then cool off..and thats about it, teams now a days have to have big 3 need 3 scoring options to make it to the finals now a days..or a team with solid consistent guys…and which of the two ny teams have that? the nets…so based on this formula nets over knicks..just plain simple logic..and LOL @ the refs giving the series away…riiight..

      • Daniel Caheim Garner says:

        Yeah um Carmelo went to the western conference finals against the lakers know your facts before you speak I’ve been a Melo fan since I could speak so just know if you disrespect his game or him I will have a comeback

      • john says:

        Please know what u r talking about melo first time in playoffs are u kidding dude ,,, he played 2 playoffs with knicks only ….

        earlier he played western conf finals when he was with denver

  23. theking0522 says:

    The Nets by far. Their starting 5 is going to be great and remember that Johnson didn’t have a great first season. He will be better.

  24. Alex says:

    Nets look great on paper. Last year no one picked the Knicks and look what happened. Time will tell…

  25. newyorksteelo says:


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  28. B Radd says:

    Who cares…

  29. Shawn K says:

    Even though Garnett and Peirce are getting old, I think the Nets will beat out the Knicks. The Nets roster flows better, they’re a real team. The Knicks roster consists of Carmelo and Amare as their stars. BUT both those guys need the ball in their hands to be the star and to put up good numbers. Therefore, their playing styles don’t workout together most of the time. For that reason, I think the Nets are better than the Knicks. Not many teams can say they have a starting lineup that can compare to Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Paul Peirce, Kevin Garnett and Brook Lopez. Sure, you can argue that Joe and Paul will be like Carmelo and Amare in the fact that they both need the ball to succeed. The difference is Joe and Paul are better team players than Carmelo and Amare which is why I think they’re better. Just my opinion though.

  30. The Knicks may win more games during the regular season, because that is the way Woodson coach, but come playoff time the Nets will make the most noise, and I made this statement with lots of pain, because I am a die hard Knick fan.

  31. kuyabest says:

    Both remain non-contenders in the East. Cleveland will be better!

    • UFO says:

      If Andrew Bynum and Varejao can play 60 games with Irving next season, then yes. Cavs will be a playoff bound team, and make Miami pay on the first round of playoff.
      But better than Knicks and Nets? I dont see that coming yet.

    • cleveland MIGHT be better…but nets? a non-contender? if you look at their starting 5….AND their bench! they’re the best team ON PAPER alone…and they might even be the best on the floor….they won’t have chemistry issues cuz KG, Allen and Pierce won it all in their 1st year together!

      • Pepe says:

        Nets and its bunch of Old Fellas1111Cavs and Bynum…….Guys,be realistic: Miami HEAT 3-peat

        Get on our wagon while still having a Chance!!!!!

        Haters !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kamote says:

      bynum will be down again before the season ends (when was the last time bynum completed a whole season?). so… no.

    • stephen says:

      have you ever seen a game of basketball before?