Report: Knicks Leading In Chase To Sign Ex-Laker World Peace


From staff reports

As of Friday morning, Metta World Peace was no longer a Laker, having been waived by the team under the NBA’s amnesty provision.

A day after that transaction took place, World Peace was at his World Peace best, telling’s Dave McMenamin that he didn’t want any NBA team to pick him up once he clears waivers. (In case you missed it over the weekend, World Peace told he wanted to either play in China next season or try his hand at arena football).

But whether or not World Peace wants an NBA team to sign him might be a moot point. As Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reports, World Peace could find himself in the league next season … and with his hometown team:

Metta World Peace is expected to meet with New York Knicks executives in Las Vegas within the next two days, pushing the free-agent forward closer to an eventual contract agreement with the Knicks, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

The Knicks are the strong frontrunner to sign World Peace to a veteran’s minimum deal of $1.4 million for the 2013-14 season, sources said. A possible deal could include a second year with a player option, league sources said.

World Peace – once known as Ron Artest – grew up in the Queensbridge section of New York and attended St. John’s University.

World Peace went unclaimed in the amnesty waiver process and become a free agent on Sunday evening. No team placed a bid for him, leaving him free to sign with any team in the NBA except for the Los Angeles Lakers.

While a reunion with the hometown NBA franchise is still in the cards, that trip to China (or one just across the Staples Center hall to the L.A. Clippers’ locker room) could be in the cards as well, writes Chris Broussard of

Metta World Peace wants to play for the New York Knicks, according to a person close to the veteran small forward.

World Peace cleared waivers late Sunday afternoon, making him an unrestricted free agent. A source told’s Brian Windhorst that the Knicks, who can offer him part of their taxpayer mid-level exception [roughly $1.7 million], already have reached out to the former Los Angeles Laker.

While the Knicks are World Peace’s first choice, he is also holding onto the Los Angeles Clippers and China’s Shanghai Sharks as possible teams to join next season.

World Peace spoke Sunday with Yao Ming about playing in Shanghai, a source said.

Knicks coach Mike Woodson said Sunday he welcomed a potential addition of World Peace.

“I know his name has been surfacing out there,” Woodson said in Las Vegas, where New York has a summer league team competing. “I can coach any player. I coached guys from 18-, 19-, 20-year-old young men, and built a team in Atlanta, and that’s tough for a first-time coach. So I experienced that, and I don’t think there’s a player I can’t coach if he’s willing to be coached. … If anybody comes to this team, they’ve got to understand it’s all about team, man. It’s not about individuals here, it’s not about me as a coach. It’s about the New York franchise trying to win an NBA title. If you understand that, then we’ve got a chance.”

“I like his skill sets a lot. I think a lot of teams have liked his skill sets over the years. He does a little bit of everything.”

New York, Los Angeles, China … the world of Metta World Peace continues to spin at its own pace — as usual.


  1. Talios Vdranic says:

    Artest should go where all Wife Beating/Fan Smacking/Cheap shot hitting (Harden) players go…


    NY (and the rest of us Knickerbocker) Fans don’t want or need him…


  2. LemW says:

    World Peace will go to the NYKnicks because he’s from Queensbridge or the LA Clippers staying at Staple Center with a championship team.

  3. Even Though my Favorite player is Stephen Curry, And GSW is my favorite team… He would fit best with knicks.

    Starting Lineup:
    PG: Raymond Felton
    SG: Iman Shumpert
    SF: MWP
    PF: Carmelo
    C: Tyson Chandler

    Backups : Andrea Bargnani, Pablo Prigioni , Probably Nate, JR Smith , Kenyon Martin, Stoudemire, .. WE Winning this year

  4. kl says:

    If anybody comes to this team, they’ve got to understand it’s all about team, man. It’s not about individuals here, it’s not about me as a coach.

    i think Melo didnt get the memo

  5. chitown says:

    Considering they got Andre Bargnani, who can’t do anything except score, they need defensive help on the bench. Metta is that guy. This move would be good for the Knicks, but I still think the Nets are better at this point. Felton<D Will. J.R Smith<Joe Johnson Pierce<Melo. Stoudemire<Garnett Chandler<Lopez. Knicks bench Jason Kidd.

  6. whoosh says:

    Ron Artest is within probably the last couple years of his career. If the Knicks can sign him to the minimum, I say do it. JR Smith and Ron Artest can share that position. That way if JR has an off-night then maybe Artest can help us out. Or if we want to play small ball, we can do a lineup of Felton, JR, Melo, Artest, and Chandler. Artest, although slower, is still a decent defender; esp in short stretches. It could help with teams that are dominant at the wing; such as Miami with Lebron/Wade (when Wade is healthy and not crying about getting the ball).

    The worry is his attitude. Will he be appropriate with his own teammates and ALSO his opponents. We all saw what JR got with a minor elbow. Imagine what Artest will get with that same elbow and his history. That isn’t something we want to see.

    He is certainly worth the risk however at the veteran minimum. I’d welcome the guy. Martin who I never liked and I thought has an attitude issue was great for the Knicks. I see no reason why Artest wouldn’t be too.

  7. vern says:

    Actually Trayvon was also “standing his ground”. He wasn’t the one to confront anyone, he was confronted by a overzealous wannabe cop. Didn’t identify himself just confronted.

  8. SYDALE says:

    He should go back to Chicago…

  9. king laker says:

    METTA was a good choice to amniesty for now we need to get younger

  10. Jill says:

    Artest has anger problems. He needs help rather than trying to join other clubs. Just remember the incident with Harden and you will think about the importance on this issue. If he joins NY, hopefully he would not be a liability. Players like him should be always under the eye of the NBA officials.

  11. Big Al says:

    Knicks should get MWP, start him at SF. Melo remains PF, then Chandler at C, Prigioni at PG, and all they need to do is get a proper SG (should have been Monta Ellis, but oh well).

  12. John Wayne says:

    World Peace Speaks To Yao About Playing In Shanghi Hahahahahahaha GTFOH.

  13. Hello i am kavin, its my first occasion to commenting anyplace,
    when i read this post i thought i could also create comment due to this brilliant post.

  14. ball don*t lie says:

    Many thanks. So he gets $1.4 (or 1.7) to play in New York in his home town on a team with some damn fine talent. A group of hard nosed no nonsense players where he should fit in just fine – Spike Lee must be having wet dreams.
    Washington Irving would be writing about these new Knickerbockers if he was alive – the nouveau riche aristocracy. The New Yorker’s Sporting Scene must be working overtime and adding staff.
    I see a new ERA developing, Fracking gas and playoffs in NY – it doesn’t get any more American than that.

  15. CHINA MAN says:

    Piston should sign him to bring peace in detriot

  16. KNICKS TAPE says:

    This would be a great move for the knicks! Become a little more defensive. They have the offense, and now they will have another player who can lock down on D.

  17. Jay says:

    China? NO! go to NY!

  18. Freida says:

    JR Smith, Kenyon Martin, MWP what a nightmare. You remember when supposedly Kenyon Martin encouraged the team to wear all black to show the death of the Celtics in the playoffs. Now you add another guy MWP. I hope they will be playing basketball and not partying at night.

  19. the black mamba says:

    good luck dawg

  20. ball don*t lie says:

    Many thanks. So he gets $1.4 (or 1.7) to play in New York in his home town on a team with some damn fine talent. A group of hard nosed no nonsense players where he should fit in just fine – Spike Lee must be having wet dreams.
    Washington Irving would be writing about these new Knickerbokers if he was alive – the nouveau riche aristocracy. The New Yorker’s Sporting Scene will be working overtime and adding staff.

  21. love muscle says:

    Its all an ingenious plan to have MWP talk Mello into signing with the lakers next year

  22. Sheed says:

    I Like the way Woody’s thinking. Hope this will happen. MWP and Nate to the Knicks, also bring Kenyon back

  23. mikepl says:

    LBJKIN6JAMES.. do you really think boston would send rondo for gasol?? give me a break

  24. yolo says:

    Bring your defense to new york:)

  25. john says:

    If Ron Artest becomes a knick, they will win a championship this year!!

  26. JOEGAR says:


  27. J says:

    go to pelicans or pistons

    or go to clippers just to anger the lakers ha ha ha

  28. knicks fan says:

    The knicks would be a great choice for metta to go play don’t forget not only will he be playing with Tyson chandler a defensive monster shump isn’t to bad on the defensive end and metta can shoot 3s so with him spotting up it helps on both sides of the court plus he could retire in NY where he is from..and the nets aren’t that relevant to me just because they signed paul pierce and kg I don’t even think they will make it through the season to compete for real in the playoffs and Melo will still be a problem for them

  29. LA-Supporter@Manila says:

    Kobe, Rondo, James, Bosh, Gasol.. Starting 5 of Lakers @ 2014.. GO LA!!

  30. Jimmy Buckets says:

    He is not relevant…. ironically neither are the Lakers. Nate the great should have full page articles on about his free agency not MWP

  31. i wish kobe goes to portland because they need him if they get him they ahve a shot at a nother title and metta should go to new york even if melo and him fought and chandler and metta almost got in a fight they might win

  32. if it was kobe lots of teams would be after him he is a champion but metta should go to either blazer or la clippers brookleyn new york

  33. Lakers4life says:

    Sign with the Clipps. They are good already!!!

  34. Ateampooh says:

    If mwp joins the knicks him and tyson Chandler will be force to be messing with on the defensive end.

  35. Ozzy says:

    I think he should sign with the rockets. They need at least one 4. The thing between Harden.. I think Harden would like him to be with him instead of against

  36. Ziden says:

    I like medal world piece…. i think he is realy good! I hope he goes to the mavs, because medal world piece is fitting in the mavs system

  37. Me says:

    knicks need rondo or melo might go to LA next year when hes a free agent

  38. josh says:

    @JasperMia, you could not be more correct. In fact he will get less touches in NY as they also have J. R. Smith which will help him at the defensive end. Add Chandler and Amare to the mix and you would be crazy to even throw him the ball lol

  39. Sid says:

    I love that people even consider the nets to be better than the knicks. Remember when people criticized the Knicks for being too old? Except the old players were their ROLE players. For Brooklyn, their key players are all old. Garnett? 37. Pierce? 34. Joe Johnson? 32. Kirelinko? 32. Terry? 35. And deron Williams is almost 30. The only young player they have who’s any good is brook lopez. And Garnett and pierce will probably retire after this year. And they’ve given away all their draft picks so this year is the only chance they have.

    • chitown says:

      Knicks aren’t much better. In the 4 games the Nets and Knicks play against each other, I say each team wins 2. A 2-2 season series seems reasonable because I think these teams are equal. Knicks have Carmelo and JR. Those two will give 20+. Bargnani will be solid off the bench and he can chip in 10+. Chandler and Shumpert can give 10+ as well. MWP will give 5+ because he wont get minutes. Felton will give you 15+. That’s 100 points right there. The Nets are similar. Brook Lopez will give somewhere around 20+. KG is declining and will take on a lesser role in BK but he can give 10-12. Pierce can give you 15+. Johnson will give 15+. DWill will give 15+. Jason Terry can give 5-10 off the bench. AK47 can give 10-12. That’s around 100 points as well. These teams are equally matched. In the end, it comes down to coaching, health, and chemistry.

  40. Glenzki89 says:

    I Think 4 MWP Go To The Team He Think He Most Deserved. I Think For My Opinion He Must Go To Brooklyn Nets They Need Him.

    • chitown says:

      They don’t have cap room or room on the roster. They already have Kirilenko. MWP wouldn’t get the minutes. Im sure he wants to go to contender in which he can actually get minutes and produce defensively and offensively. Get your facts straight.

  41. IlUvNBAFrom Philippines says:

    I Think MWP Better To Go To Brooklyn Nets They Need Him Than The Other Team.

  42. Akeem says:

    NY, Miami, Indiana, or Chicago…these teams are going to need some help against Brooklyn. Don’t let him join the Nets too…OMG!!!

  43. oh wow says:

    odom about to join the nets!, good move!

  44. NY Down Under says:

    Can you imagine a line up of :
    Nate Robinson
    Jr smith
    Metta World Peace
    Kenyon Martin
    + Another.
    That would have to be the scariest most high energized line up i ever saw.

  45. RafaelMercedes says:

    he is a good defensive player, because if a player is scoring to much he can put his elbow in his face (ask Harden), and I thinl in the East there is a lot of team where he can play

  46. CW says:

    The Knicks need another egotistical head-case — A perfect fit for a team that just doesn’t get it…….You don’t win championships with a bunch of high-profile pieces that will never fit together.

  47. Pidorashka says:

    Ron’s definitely not new and very well fit to a big stage and after all, NY and LA has always been two biggest stages (read markets) of the NBA, so he’d fit right in. Besides, none of them Knicks plays no D, so they need Ron Ron prolly as much as he needs them.

    On the other note, China. Like fo real? Forget about it.

  48. jul3z says:

    Ok so WMP, JR Smith and possibly Kenyon Martin damn NY bad boys in town

  49. ball don*t lie says:

    how does the salary thing work? I read someplace the Lakers were required t pay him $6-7 after amnestying him. No offers so he becomes a free agent. If he goes to the Knicks he gets the min salary $1.4 mm. Does he get to keep the Laker money?

    Seems like there may be a disincentive to play in the NBA and that why the talk of China. Thanks.

    • yolo says:

      Yes he gets the money from the lakers and the knicks(if he signs) so he will have a nice payday no matter what he does:)

    • Nykl says:

      Yes he is guaranteed that laker money

    • Van says:

      Yes he keeps the lakers money

      • ball don*t lie says:

        Many thanks. So he gets $1.4 (or 1.7) to play in New York in his home town on a team with some damn fine talent. A group of hard nosed no nonsense players where he should fit in just fine – Spike Lee must be having wet dreams.
        Washington Irving would be writing about these new Knickerbockers if he was alive – the nouveau riche aristocracy. The New Yorker’s Sporting Scene must be working overtime and adding staff.
        I see a new ERA developing, Fracking gas and playoffs in NY – it doesn’t get any more American than that

    • Keniv gercinoz says:

      Yes, the Lakers havecto pay him the 7.7 owed on his contract. They save money (about 80%) against their cap. So, Meta can stand to take an ostensible pay loss in the Vet’s minimum from the Knicks because he has 7.7 coming no matter what does.

  50. MackDaddy says:


    Isnt that where NBA player careers go to die after no longer being relevant in the NBA?
    MWP is “close” to that, but I dont think he’s there yet. Give it another year or two Meta, THEN go to China.
    China will always be an option later. Playing for an upper tier NBA team wont be.

  51. sh*? real says:

    What about trayvon martin who was just standing his ground

  52. JAMES says:

    I am not sure if he cold even fit in with the clippers, but who knows, world peace off the bench not a bad concept

  53. reunite says:

    amare studimire should go to the lakers or get rudy gay and his expiring contract

  54. adam d. says:

    he should go to the knicks ,they would have a greay addtion to their team

  55. Hilo Dan says:

    The time with the Lakers has been good for Metta World Peace. He’s played well and has avoided the “look-at-me” stuff that marred his earlier work. I think the Knicks would be a good spot for him, and definitely for the Knicks, who seriously need a player who understands that there are two ends to a basketball court and that good players use both of them.

  56. I think he should go to brooklyn….with kirilenko and terry already on the bench if world peace would be there….that just means they would have a VERY DEEP roster! not to mention teletovic which is a pretty decent player off the bench

    • Akeem says:

      As a BKLN fan, I would love that, but he wouldn’t get the playing time. Also, I think teams under the cap get 1st shot at him. Teletovic won’t get much time himself. AK47, Terry, Blatch and Evans are your main bench guys. Livingston will see some action.

  57. Superman says:

    the only reason they look to sign him is to avoid there players getting elbowed by him

  58. shaba says:

    it would be a funny turn of events for him if he decided to stay in LA and join the clippers.

  59. World Peace to China? WUT? says:

    Wait whut….. Why would MWP go to CHINA? I mean, i know maybe he wants to dominate on offense or something, but seriously, there are still some teams that would pay him more than he would get in china o.o

    • Get yo facts straight says:

      He would be getting the minimum deal of 1.4 million… That is less than he would get in china

      • World Peace to China? WUT? says:

        Hmm okay, thanks for clearing that up for me lol

      • Keniv gercinoz says:

        The Lakers are required to pay him the 7.7 million owed to him this season. Plus, 1.7 or so from the Knicks puts him over 9 million for the season. A Chinese team may pay him more than 1.4 or 1.7 but that he’s make enough million by now to play for a combined total of 9.4 or so in NYC.

    • BigBoy says:

      wasnt an italian team trying to pay kobe like 8mil a game? obviously mwp can get some money overseas.

      • Tristan says:

        Why would MWP go to china he has a better chance with NYK and and if NYK did get Metta the Knicks would have a better chance at getting a championship plus New York was his hometown

    • John Lowden says:

      Remember, whatever Mr. Peace does, he will still his money from the Lakers, whether he plays in NY or China. However, if he plays for KNK’s , will his pay there reduce what the LAL has to pay him by that same amount ?

  60. JasperMia says:

    Metta will fit right in with New York. He has been playing for years and not getting a lot of touches, so playing with Carmelo won’t be any different.

  61. LA-Supporter@Manila says:

    BAD LA!! I do not support LA on waving Ron..

    • Which choice would you make says:

      It was either Kobe or metta

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        They honestly should have Amnestied Kobe after D12 decided to leave LA and Kobe should’ve taken a year off to heal 100%, then the Lakers should have traded Gasol to Boston for Rondo, then by next summer they would be able to sign Kobe & Melo with Rondo.
        Whoever the Lkaer gm is should be fired.

  62. Kimmy says:

    He should go to China.. For World Peace