Mavericks’ Plans Change At Point Guard


The Mavericks have gone from the enviable problem of not having enough minutes after initially making investments in four point guards to possibly opening training camp with only one proven player and a rookie as the lone backup.

summer-league-logoDays after appearing ready to move into 2013-14 with free agent Jose Calderon as the projected starter and two other signees, Devin Harris and Gal Mekel, contesting for reserve minutes with first-round pick Shane Larkin, the Mavericks are down to Calderon and Mekel.

Coach Rick Carlisle said it is too soon to know whether Larkin will be ready for camp after fracturing his right ankle in a final practice before the summer-league opener here. But plans to sign Harris, once the Mavs’ point guard of the future before being traded to acquire Jason Kidd, were tabled after it was learned Harris would need surgery to repair a toe injury. Reports indicated the sides could try again for a reunion when Harris is closer to returning.

“Guys get hurt and they do get better,” Carlisle said. “It’s bad timing for Shane because this would have been a great experience for him, the Vegas summer league. But we’ve got 2 ½ months to get him better and that’s going to be our focus. He had three or four days of practice before he got the injury, so he’s gotten a little taste of it and he’ll be fine because he’s a great athlete.”

The Mavericks also agreed to terms with Monta Ellis and could play him at the point.

Mekel was signed to a three-year deal after spending the last five seasons in Italy and his native Israel, which followed two seasons at Wichita State. The 25-year-old NBA rookie, very good running the pick-and-roll, may immediately step into a prominent role for a team in win-now mode.

“It’s part of the business,” Mekel said. “It’s really bad for Shane. It’s not a simple injury. But it’s part of the business and if I get an opportunity for that, I’ll be ready to step in and take it.”


  1. Big newt says:

    Get rid of Harris, he’s garbage. Get rid of Shawn and Vince there time is up, and get Greg Oden and let B Wright back him up, plain and simple

    • Shawn K says:

      I think they also need to get rid of Dirk. He still has talent, but he is getting old and is starting to fade. Cuban should let him walk and start rebuilding next summer.

  2. theholyspectator says:

    mavs are done lol..dirk needa bounce and join some stars to get a shot at a title..thats what all the other players are doing..cuban clearly has flopped

  3. jmac32 says:

    In honor of the NBA Draft, take a look back at the historic 1999 NBA Draft here!

  4. B Radd says:

    What is Mark’s next move? From 2011 NBA Champion to… And now Calderon… …a Monta Ellis??? I’m dumbfounded and can’t seam to understand why Dirk’s biggest compliment playing side by side next to is not with him right now. Since playing in the playoffs since 2006, I’ve became a very strong and emotional supporter not seeing where exactly the Mavs were weekest the most. I only realized it “after” they won the 2011 NBA Championship with Tyson Chandler at the 5. Now, after all that was said and done, the Dallas Mavericks are now a mediocre team that may have won that Championship out of pure luck. They were put together unknowingly and no real plan set to win it all. Again, what is Cuban’s next move?

  5. PIpsqueak48 says:

    The Mavs only hope now is to rebuild. They aren’t attracting any big names with an aging Dirk, Vince Carter who looks like he could draw social security benefits, and Monta Ellis who throughout his career hasn’t reached his full potential. The Mavs need to start phasing away from the Dirk era, and try their luck with the lottery.

    • Shawn K says:

      I agree. The Mavs have an aging roster which makes big name free agents stay away. While the Mavs will probably keep Dirk until he retires, I think they should move on to start rebuilding when his current contract expires(I believe it expires after this season). If they let Dirk walk, they open up approximately 20m in cap space, which could get you either a big name free agent, or can get you a couple of good players to start rebuilding around. I think Mark Cuban should let Dirk walk, either trade Shawn Marion or wait for his contract and start rebuilding with the cap space that is freed up by letting Dirk and Marion walk. I doubt Mark Cuban will ever let Dirk walk, but he is old and starting to fade, Cuban needs to start rebuilding with young talent and get rid of the aging players.

  6. Craig says:

    Screw more guards, we got the Calderon/Monta combo with a few rookies backing them up. SF, Vince and Marion is perfect. then the problem is big men coz we only got Crowder and Dirk. Forget about Harris, Monta can always play a bit of point like he did in Milwaukee and Vince can slide to SG, i actually think that would work better then Calderon/Monta, more height +monta gets more of the ball. Why waste money on Harris? He is completely unneeded when we dont even have a listed Centre… i think that might be the real issue. Someone like Pekovic or Asik would be amazing, coz really Dalembert in the starting lineup is asking for a 2014 lottery pick. +Harris would only be taking minutes away from Calderon.

  7. J says:

    stick with calderon and harris at PG

  8. nz nba fan says:

    Monta at the point could be an all-star creating move, he’s the type of player that needs the ball in his hands to spur not only his own offense but the rest of his teams as well. To be truly effective though monta needs to do something about that defense, my god. Good luck mavs, unfortunately you’ll need it. ..

  9. Hunter says:

    Lets get these boys signed. If all signed we can get back into the playoffs ad maybe Cuban could pay a little luxury tax and we can contend for a title in the final year of Dirk.
    GO MAVS!