Celtics Thank Pierce And Garnett


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The departure of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett from Boston will no doubt be a painful one for Celtics fans who had grown accustomed to championship runs and high drama from the backbones of the franchise.

The Celtics, as an organization, took the high road with their classy farewell gesture for the stars they traded to Brooklyn in this summer’s blockbuster deal. A full-page ad in the Boston Globe praised Pierce and Garnett for their years of service, hard work, dedication, leadership and “Banner 17.”

Celtics boss Danny Ainge knew he had to begin the rebuilding process in Boston by moving Pierce and Garnett after Doc Rivers left for the Los Angeles Clippers. The full-page ad might not be the closure on the Big 3 era some are looking for, but it’s a classy start!


  1. PEAFUNK #6 says:

    Iv.e read all the comments and we all have our own opinion.an reading these ones are great ones.people are.putting down ray Allen.hes Know Traitor. hes a N.B.A. champion. K.G. eat rays shorts. better luck next season K.G.Peace!!!!!!!

  2. Denholm says:

    as disappointed as I was to see ray allen leave the celtics when he did, he deserves to be part of this tribute, they wouldnt have been so dominant without him.. It was the big 3 not the big 2..

  3. renz_garnett says:

    kg and pierce is a true loyal player.. they know what is best for boston that’s why they agree with the trade.. they knew that celtics need to rebuild.. and it starts with them.. not like ray allen.. who signs with another team just for himself.. now like kg and pierce who sign with nets for the good of celtics..
    salute and proud to the two of you..

  4. LemW says:

    Pity AD: Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. (sorry you were traded to the Brooklyn Nets)
    Thank You AD: Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen (Winning NBA Title 2008)

  5. MaraviLLa says:

    The should have done that, some time around the beginning of the 2013-2014 season.

  6. Geezcats says:

    what about doc? he should be in the poster. ray ray, as great as he was, left on his own terms. kg and especially pierce were sacrificial lambs of a rebuild.

  7. Daniel says:

    lmao ray allen wasn’t thanked ahaha.

  8. David says:

    I bleed green good or bad



  10. I AM CELTICS PRIDE says:


  11. teyobsz says:

    Allen’s presence as a celtic did more damage than Pierce.. He should be in the poster. MORE BAD KARMA TO THE CELTICS NOW>>>

  12. J says:

    *sad* *tears*

  13. thunderup says:

    ray Allen didn’t leave they didn’t want him o he left he felt the bad vibes.

  14. aldrin cultura says:

    I salute Pierce and KG for sacrificing so much for the celtics francise qnd for the fans, They play hard and full gear to bring another history of the team..I’m not a die hard fan of boston but because of them i’ve learned to love the celtics team and appreciate anything what they do in court…KG i’m your biggest fan since then when you are playing in minnesota..My biggest dream is to see you face to face and have a photo, signature and a remembrance from you hope you read this..

  15. raftroch says:

    Weirder would have been trading them to the Lakers, for Gasol and MWP!

  16. Simba says:

    Yes Ray’s departure wasn’t as amicable as KG’s and Pierce’s but at the end of the day Boston doesn’t win that championship in 08 without Ray Allen. Boston doesn’t even get KG to sign with them without Ray Allen being traded there in the first place. The team’s success and continued deep postseason runs from 08-2012 don’t happen without Ray Allen. Can’t forget Doc’s contribution either. So regardless of if they came to an agreement or left screaming “f… Boston” at the end of their tenures, their loyalty during their stint with the team should earn them a spot alongside KG and Pierce in this ad. All this coming from a Knicks fan.

  17. Matthew says:

    Hawks need to sign all the summer league players and just tank a few seasons

  18. james says:


  19. anthonny says:

    Paul Pierce has been the face of the Celtics for 10 plus years,i think it’s unfair for him to be traded just like that…but anyways,that’s NBA life,I’m sure Paul and KG gets to live with it now that they’ll be with the Nets.I’m also hoping the Celtics retire numbers 34 and 5 soon as they decide to call it a career.

  20. P0T7000x says:

    Shane Larkin to Toronto to develop his game for Marcus Camby and New Yorks 2014 first rounder recieved in the Bargnani trade and allocation money to dallas !!!!!

  21. P0T7000x says:

    more like Boston Celtics tank Pierce and Garnett but thankyou anyways…

  22. Gillsy says:

    I agree Doc should be in the picture too

  23. Gillsy says:

    At the end of the day KG and the Truth are 2 of the best players of all time espically KG his stats are unbelievable. While being one of the most versitile playrs ever. But Ray left not only did he clash with Rondo but he was pissed that he lost his starting position to Bradley. Still the best 3 point shooter of all time though. The Heat would now be not having this last ring if it wasn’t for him.

  24. painter33 says:

    Ainge is a disingenuous snake. Hurt by being traded by Red Auerbach, he vowed to one day get his revenge on the Boston Celtics. His whining this year about Bird and McHale not being traded was clear evidence of Ainge’s petty and jealous neurosis, and trading Paul Pierce, especially, and Garnett gave him the satisfaction he could not ever have achieved otherwise. This small-minded tool should be run out of Boston for what has turned out to be a personal vendetta. Robert Horry got it right when he threw the towel in “coach” Ainge’s face. Respect is earned, Danny, and you don’t have a shot at getting it.

  25. tallin1245 says:

    These guys will forever bleed green.

  26. These guys will forever both bleed green.

  27. na says:

    Just because ray went to the heat doesn’t mean he shouldn’t get recognition, he is amazing, i’m a heat fan he should’ve been added to the ad as well as Doc Rivers. If they weren’t there they might not have gotten those rings!

  28. na says:

    KG and Paul Pierce were and still are great players, the deal was a loss for the Celtics two revolutionary players that still had more juice,

  29. Doug K says:

    Why are people bashing KG about leaving? At least he’s leaving for the good of the C’s future. Basically he left the Cs some picks and some bonus Nets players. What did Ray Allen give? Not even a sign and trade like Steve Nash gave the Suns. Just an ad that was ignored in the newspaper.

  30. melo4life says:

    15 years and that’s what The Truth gets? A newspaper add?! So sad to see what the league has become. No loyalty… #Theuglytruth

  31. Ritvik Chandrashekhar says:

    But, there’s one thing I don’t get. Why didn’t Kevin garnett use his no trade clause. Maybe the organization asked him to waive it for Bostpn. IDK.

    • steagle says:

      That’s exactly what happened. Ainge appealed to KG’s loyalty to the franchise and asked him to waive the clause so that Boston could truly focus on rebuilding. KG would never have gone to another team otherwise, he made that clear when he signed his last contract. As for Pierce… that to me is the real sad part of this deal, I know it helps Boston as an organization to free up money to rebuild, but he really should have finished his career there. I can’t help but compare him to people like Kobe, Dirk and Duncan, 3 lifers who will never be traded by their organizations – so why Pierce. Oh well, the NBA is a business plain and simple and this was a business move, nothing us fans can do about it.

  32. Ritvik Chandrashekhar says:

    They will be missed. Ah, the glory days when Doc was making the calls, and RayRay and The Truth were hitting daggers, and KG and Rondo had those amazing connections. The big ticket brought so much intensity. This will be a tough loss for us to swallow. Thank you Paul and Kevin. For some of the best times of my life. Hopefully, you will come back to retire in Boston, like how Billups went back to Detroit. #TheReturn #GoodLuckinBrooklyn #Thx4allthehardwork #BleedGreen

  33. Schoowow says:

    Ray Allen was my favorite Celtics player of this generation, Parish was my favorite in THAT generation. KG is my 2nd favorite. I also liked Leon Powe, Nate Robinson and Tony Allen. I never liked Perkins, I do have sympathy to Rondo and Pierce, but it will not feel strange for me if they play against Celtics. It is different with Allen and Garnett, and only with these guys. These 2 came to become Celtics and there is where I feel it most deep. That’s it guys, I wonder how many feel the way I do.
    I think this franchise was worth more than one C. I cried out loud that Doc was killing the trio running blindly after home court advantage, rather than limiting their minutes and allowing them rest. I love Doc, he’s a great person, but I am upset with him for misunderstanding that his trio were over 30 and trusting them for playing without home court advantage, yet healthy.

  34. K says:

    Ok here’s my question, doesn’t this trade between Boston and Brooklyn resemble the same activity the Lakers went through last summer? PP & KG were great players, (notice I said were). Just like the Lakers last year when they signed an old Steve Nash to go along with an older Kobe Bryant and an aging Pau Gasol, the Nets are getting an old PP & older KG. Both of these guys are at the end of their careers, just like Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant. The biggest thing for the Nets this year since their putting all their championship hopes on two players deep into their 30’s is can these two players stay healthy?

    • steagle says:

      Well, speaking as a Boston fan you have to admit Brooklyn has more talent than just these two guys. They have a top-5 point guard in Deron Williams, who will undoubtedly lead the team in scoring (though his production will likely go down with the scoring of Pierce). They have solid role players in Jason Terry and Andrei Kirilinko. And perhaps most importantly they have the league’s most consistent center in Brook Lopez, now an All-Star. That’s four All-Stars in the starting lineup – similar to Boston’s 2008 crew. If either Pierce or KG gets injured, Brooklyn does have the backup firepower. They won’t be nearly as dangerous, but still a playoff team.

  35. kaelvision says:

    The reason why people demonized Ray is because they were in the ECF just a year ago and he signed with someone else.
    Now Doc’s gone, and Ainge was clearly rebuilding the team.

    Ray left when they still had somewhat of a shot and they still thought they could make a run for it.
    It’s obvious it’s not happening now and they respected the two veterans enough that they’re not going to drag them through a rebuild.

    • New Yorker says:

      Let’s be real here. No, they didn’t have a run in them. And Ray was coming off the bench to… somebody. If I was Ray and I was at a point of my career when I’d be coming of the bench I’d rather the person starting in my position was D-Wade. One of the best 2-guards ever.

      • steagle says:

        Wrong, they had every chance of a run if Allen stayed and Rondo didn’t go down with an ACL. After those two events there was obviously no way Boston was going to compete in the ECF again. From 2008 to 2012 there was no counting out the Celtics, they proved that veteran experience can take you anywhere in the playoffs. Anyways, Rays decision to go to Miami was just as much to snub the Celtics for talking about trading him as it was to win another ring. It was a statement move – he could have gone to any team, he chose Boston’s biggest rival. Not a coincidence.

  36. mortimer says:

    I agree with some of you ! where is Ray ??? good news for Boston they’re leaving : what the point keeping them just to witness their decline ??? just the right time to rebuild !!! Only sad news is they’re going to the Nets … what a joke of a club !

  37. blakskorpion says:

    funny how ray allen doesn’t get a piece of this… ah, well.

    • steagle says:

      The big difference here is there was no bad blood with Pierce & KG and the organization… whereas Ray battled with Rondo and had a personal animosity against Celtics management once he was being discussed in possible trade scenarios. Ray left to go to Boston’s biggest rival as a statement against Boston (and sure, to win another championship is a nice bonus). Pierce & KG on the other hand had no intentions of leaving even during a rebuild, they only did it at the behest of Danny Ainge and management, to free up room for a new young team and to seek out another ring with someone else ready to go the distance. Pierce & KG left out of loyalty to Boston. Big difference.

  38. Julio Andrei Herrera says:

    You know what would have been better than this ad? Not trading them and re-building on the go. Danny you really messed it up this time but I guess he can say that he was the one who put it all together to begin with so it was within his right to destroy this team. Here comes another 15 years of nothing!

  39. M says:

    I think Pierce and KG should stay in Boston. Specialy Garnett could be very usefull, helping young big players develop. Who knows, maybe as player-coach? So many season in nba, great experience, leadership, and respect along players. They both could help new coach (they are almost the same age) built new team, young players need veterans.

  40. Jr Nets Fan says:

    I am very excited about this trade because i am a nets fan since day one. They were great in BOSTON and hope they are just as great in BROOKLYN. Its now or never next season. We have a legit championship team right now with our 5 starters and now our bench!

    LETS GO!!!!!

  41. LOLOLOL says:

    where is my ray allen in that poster hahahaha

  42. Eric says:

    Wow Brooklyn is the new heat lol

  43. Anthony says:

    The NBA is all about business. It hard to take in that KG and The Truth will NOT be in green. Good luck in Brooklyn.

  44. Rageclick says:

    Pierce should have started and ended his career is boston. Policies and Luxury Tax and Salary Caps make it impossible for any player to play out his whole career on a team if he is an all star caliber player. Sad. It would be weird seeing Pierce in a jersey other than a Celtic uniform,

    • CP403 says:

      The Truth will re-sign with the Celts after his contract is over in Brooklyn and he will retire a Celt. Bank on that. HIs number will be in the rafters.
      KG on the other hand…He will have his number retired we just dont know if it will be a Minny 21 or a Celt 5

  45. Polak from Poland says:

    TRUTH BIG GREEN TICKET:-) -THANX GUYS FOR bringing back Celtic pride #34 #5 4LIFTIME:D

  46. Erlo says:

    Loved these guys playing for the Celts. I hope they do well in Brooklyn. Can’t wait to see them back at the Garden (even if they do crush us! 😉 )

  47. Another Heat Fan says:

    lol what about ray allen? he did do alot of damage as a celtic…

  48. Andy says:

    kudos for PP & KG

  49. mharon bayabaya says:

    i have a mix emotions to my fave game in this planet nba..players come and players go same as with the coach..i love this game! cant wait to see this coming season……sigh

  50. Hello says:

    Ok, this is what I don’t get. KG betrayed his fans by opting out of his contract and going to the Nets, he had to agree. But when Ray Allen did it, the C’s fans hated him?? Smooth moves. Ray should definitely be on that poster.

    • PIpsqueak48 says:

      KG didn’t opt out of his contract….KG didn’t leave for the Nets the Nets wanted KG and Danny Ainge made it happen, along with Paul Pierce. They couldn’t have gone if they didn’t want to, as they did have no trade clauses…..

    • lol says:

      dummy kg waived his clause because he wanted to help the team rebuild, paul pierce agreed with that too so they went to the nets for a few picks and players. BUT ray allen went to a rival and he didnt left anything here

  51. YoYo says:

    BTW KG and Pierce choose to leave because their contracts have a no trade clause, unless they are willing to leaves…So technically they wanted to leave too…

    • New Yorker says:

      Ohhh snap! Right you are sir. So are people going to hate them like they did on Allen? Probably not, because they don’t understand how this business works.

      • KGFAN says:

        KG had a No Trade clause, Pierce didn’t. Bos just didn’t wanna his contract anymore. They were looking to get rid of him anyway if he wasn’t retiring. KG only waived his clause because Doc left. He didn’t wanna rebuild either and he only went to the Nets because the league wouldn’t allow them to go to LA with Doc. The Nets were the destination for Pierce so the notion was always to try to move them together. So technically there are more factors here than the situation with Ray…

    • CP403 says:

      You do realize that only KG had a no trade clause (there is less than 5 players in the league with NTC) and he waived it because Celtic mgmt asked for him to do so. KG being the pro and die hard celt he is chose to help the organization by speeding up the rebuilding process. The only catch for him was for the Truth to be part of the package or he was to be bought out so that KG didnt leave Paul on the Celts alone.

      This is something much much much different than what Benidict Allen did.
      I dont blame Ray for leaving the Celtics at all since there was issues with Doc and Rondo plus they shopped him around several times, but to go to the Heat was a slap in the face to the Celtics and his former teammates took it even worse than what Ray thought they would and rightfully so.

      • YoYo says:

        Heat are their rivals indeed but Nets are their division rivals also…Not only they will get beat by conference rivals but to they gonna get beat by division rivals is about same degrees of…KG clearly wanted to go to a contender and that was one of the main reason he leave also and maybe a chance to get back at Ray team and a shot to beat out Ray for next year championship…

      • YoYo says:

        Just saying Ray should be in that thank you poster cus he carry a heavy load when they won that championship, so many points he put up, clutch treys that saved them, they wouldn’t have won anything if Ray wasn’t there he deserve it…

  52. lee says:

    everyone new this was coming soon especially when allen left for miami then rondo went down doc wanted out it was going to happen i think the will wind up getting rid of rondo 2 honestly the have 2 many smaller gaurds green is a good player but other then green and rondo idont see much i think the center the traded for from gonzaga will be a differance maker for years to come i think he will be a top 5 center in the next 2 to 3 years and be top 1 or 2 in 5 thats how good i think he will be he needs to work on his rebounding and defense and be more polished in offense but witha good coach that all could happen if this team could manage to get a good pf and keep rondo green and crawford the might be able to become a playoff team again if the get in this year it will be a 8 seed but that depends alot on rondo

  53. YoYo says:

    So when Ray left they demonized him, but when they trade KG n Pierce they thanks them…LOL

    • Gameon says:

      left and traded are two different things. Ray choose a rival duh!

      • YoYo says:

        KG n PP contracts have a no trade clause, they have to agree to leave for them to get trade, so they wanted to go anywways…Go read up on their contract clauses…

  54. Bet says:

    They deserve tad more than just a full page ad. Celtics should retire the jerseys after they retire.

  55. Fefe (Nets) says:

    As a Nets fan for life, I’m glad to see them coming to Brooklyn (+Jason Terry & AK47).
    I can cope with KG not being a Celtic anymore because he was also the Wolves best player of all-time. Pierce was the true franchise player and I wished him to retire as a Celt…but they traded him. Especially to the Nets (a Boston rival)…I am glad he is with my team, but for basketball it would have been nice that he finished his career with the only team he has known since entering the league.
    Anyway, Go Nets & PP!!! WIN NOW !

    • Shawn K says:

      I agree, I’m happy to see KG, Peirce, Terry and AK47 go to the Nets. I would rather see KG with the Clippers(I’m a Clippers fan) but it’s good that he gets to go with afew teammates to a the Nets. with a starting lineup of;

      PG-Deron Williams
      SG-Joe Johnson
      SF-Paul Peirce
      PF-Kevin Garnett
      C-Brook Lopez

      The Nets could make a deep playoff run

  56. jun says:

    how about ray allen. the sick behind the back against sasha vucecic for the lay up. poor Ray, Danny dont ever think that. not a core. But for a big three to be unacknowledge. His only part of a Celts and Thats why all his career also disaster, maybe much better he goes to softball.

  57. Henrik Jensen says:

    Best of Luck on winning a championship or a pair of them with Nets Guys, allways be in my heart, We Bleed Green but we understand that you won to win a championship, so i will follow you for the next couple of years, then chancing back to cheer Celtics for full power !

  58. Evan "Celtic Pride" Connor says:

    Goodluck to 2 truly inspiring players. Great role models and ideal citizens for the Boston community to embrace. They excelled together and achieved what they never could alone by sacrificing the ‘I’ for the ‘we’. Get yourselves another ring in Brooklyn!

  59. Sim says:

    I still believe Ray Allen should be in that poster as well. Celtics would have not won without Allen. All those clutch shots and 3 pointers to lead comebacks. I agree his departure hurt many fans but, his presence and his contributions should not be overlooked. The team did try to trade him and he just never got a long with Rondo who i believe cannot dominate the scoreboard by himself.

    • Jojo Lecitona says:

      I agree. Without allen the last ring of celtics should have been lakers’s

      • lol says:

        well he doesnt deserve he betrayed the celtics by going to a rival team

      • Tony says:

        Ray Allen hit one of the most memorable shots in NBA Finals history to tie the Heat/Spurs Game 6 matchup. What a great player. I taped all the finals games and I watch that play almost everyday now.

        What a shot!
        What a shot!

        Maybe if Pierce, Garnett, and Rondo had treated him better Allen would have made a shot like that for the Celtics.

        Ray Allen’s THE MAN.

    • He should be idk what was Rondo problem but he should have been at times he was the second most important player during their ring run behind kg

      • allen iverson says:

        so pierce ? the third important or the fourth? haha lol ! he was the finals mvp

    • cristian says:

      Allen is a traitor. Traitors don’t get love.

    • D-nice says:

      I agree! Ray left cause he was always in the trade talk, so before being trade to a bad team he put himself into a position where he still had a chance to win!

  60. artifex says:

    The return of KG and Pierce next season in Nets jersey will be the most weird about it.
    I have no doubt they’ll get a very! warm welcome before the game but within, I wouldn’t know what to do:
    If Olynyk is able to put a monster block on Garnett or if Pierce beats the clock hitting a 3 – either way: should you applaue or what you do?
    It’s just gonna be strange…

  61. CELTICBOSS says:

    Paul Pierce and kg deserved another few years with the c’s in my opinion. They are some of the all time great players and I hope they are remembered as celtics

    • New Yorker says:

      I agree. And you know what, when a player leaves he’s a bad guy, a traitor! Like Ray Allan. But if they get booted out… I mean traded they are heroes… that deserve an ad in a paper. NBA and NBA fans are hypocrites.

      • GErGER says:

        That’s business and trading players in getting ready for rebuilding mode in understandable unlike players who are not resigning for sake of being with a better team not to mention, to a rival team. BOBO mo eh noh?

      • Tony says:

        Yes, the old Master/Slaves mentality. If the slave is traded to another master, its okay, but if the slave runs away, he is to be hunted down and made as an example to other slaves (NBA Players).

      • Robert says:

        They didn’t get booted out idiot. If they wanted to stay with the Celtics they could of. They waived their no trade deal cause they wanted to help the celtics with their future team. Plus they knew they would be in a championship contending team again.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well when someone like ray who was like a brother to pierce and garnett got up and joined their nemesis, it kinda makes you angry

      • it’s a different thing when you get traded as opposed to signing to your nemesis as a free agent