Report: Teague Signs Bucks’ Offer Sheet

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — First it was Larry Drew, then Zaza Pachulia and perhaps now Jeff Teague, who will leave Atlanta for Milwaukee.

Drew, the former Hawks head coach, no doubt played a significant role in the Bucks adding Pachulia in free agency and certainly instigated the Bucks’ presenting Teague, a restricted free agent, with a reported four-year, $32 million offer sheet that has been signed already, a deal first reported by Yahoo! Sports.

The Hawks have three days to either match the offer or Teague will rejoin his former coach and teammate in a Bucks uniform. The Bucks have a restricted free agent point guard of their own in Brandon Jennings. The two teams had discussed possible sign-and-trade deals involving the two players, and veteran free agent guard Monta Ellis, but those talks never produced a substantive deal.

A two-year starter, Teague averaged 14.8 points and a career-high 7.2 assists this season for a Hawks team that made a sixth consecutive trip to the playoffs. While he doesn’t carry the household recognition that Jennings does, due mostly to the way Jennings entered the league (after a year of post-high school work in Italy), he’s every bit the athlete and arguably a more polished player at this stage of their respective careers.

Teague, 25, is also two years older and certainly sturdier at 6-foot-2 and 190 pounds, nearly 30 pounds heavier than Jennings. The fact that the Bucks and Hawks explored trade opportunities says something about the value both franchises placed on their incumbents. You can debate which one of them is the better player right now, as plenty of fans and pundits have already, but Teague is the only one with a signed offer sheet today. And the fact that it’s from the team Jennings has started for the past four seasons speaks volumes not only about that debate but also about what sort of market there is for restricted free agent point guards this summer.

While neither one of them is considered to be among the elite at one of the most crucial positions in the league, the Bucks’$8 million a year offer to Teague indicates they believe he’s more than capable of replacing Jennings and providing an upgrade at the position. His familiarity with Drew’s system also gives the Bucks an inside advantage that wouldn’t be there otherwise.


  1. BEVAN says:


  2. yoloolol says:

    I feel bad for ellis and jennings, two dumb kids who think they are superstars, Ridicilous!

  3. Unkle Daddy says:

    I Hope the Hawks pick up Jennings and Ellis, I think they could be better here than in Milwaukee if we play the right kind of ball, they need to run something like what Adelman ran in Sacramento, you listening Budenholzer…

  4. lol says:

    good move jeff teague is more consistent

  5. jameelevans says:

    Jennings is already better than Teauge. But the point is Jennings is immature, selfish and not to mention HE DEMANDS OVER 12 MILLION A YEAR just because Ellis will be getting that. So if Teauge is mature then he is a great upgrade for the locker room.

  6. Steffon says:

    Brandon Jennings need to learn About a year ago When he said he wanted to test the water About going to a big market teams That’s something you just don’t say He has to learn To just keep your mouth close And as for Ellis He should have never turn down that deal from the Milwaukee bucks What a stupid move

  7. BEVAN says:


  8. Shawn K says:

    Are the Bucks planning on trading Jennings?!!! Anyone hear rumors/know anything about it? Or are they just trying to get Teague to backup Jennings?(I don’t think Teague is a backup kind of player, he’s a starter caliber player.. when he gives 100% effort)

  9. thisamateurguy says:

    the problem with jennings and ellis is that they are very good players, useful for any team, but not at the price they want.
    there is a crazy overrating hype with that new generations who have won nothing, they think they deserve franchise players salary because swag an tattoes but they are role players, key players in a team with a lot of keys,maybe.
    but they are not THE player.
    buy a man at a price, sell him at the price he thinks he is.. you will be rich (proverb from idk where)

  10. JimmyJazz says:

    I like what the bucks have done. Teague & Mayo are a better all round backcourt than Ellis/Jennings.

  11. Nore says:

    Much Money for Teague … Don’t get me wrong he’s a solid point guard but no doubt the likes of: D Rose, Russel Westbrook, CP3, D Will, Rondo as my personal Top 5 and even Steph Curry, Kyrie, Tony Parker, John Wall, Conley, Ty Lawson and Lilliard are all better than him! So he’s at best (no offence to himself) the 13th best point guard in the league – at best!

    Of course 32 Mill for 4 Years is still something else than 107 Mill what CP3 got but 32 Mill or 8 Mill per year is still much money for Teague. I would have offered him 24 for 4 Years or 6 Mill per year. That would have left Millwaukee with a little bit more cap space to sign a replacement for Dunleavy who left them to join the Bulls.

    Not a Bucks fan at all – just sayin …

    • Shawn K says:

      I (personally) rated him inside the top 20(at times). Sometimes it seems like he just doesn’t care about the game, or that he’s just being lazy. I think he could use a change of scenery, but I don’t think being a backup to Brandon Jennings will help Teague get “that fire” lit under him. When he plays his best basketball, Teague is no doubt a starting caliber PG, but as I said before, at times he seems lazy and uninterested in the game. I could be wrong(I’m not trying to offend Teague, and I’m sorry if it seems like I am) but I think 32m for 4 years is a bit much for a guy that might not give 100% every night. I think Teague would be good on the Mavericks. I know they already have an INSANE amount of point guards/guards in general, but Teague could either start and have Calderon back him up, or he could be backup to Calderon(but still have good minutes) and he could learn from Calderon. I think Calderon is the perfect player to get Teague playing his best basketball every night. Calderon could also help make Teague a better player all-around.


      • artifex says:

        I DOUBT the Mavs are interested to pay Teague so he can learn. It’s not that they have a long time aging PG, and look to bring in a new one to continue the work (that once was thought of Roddy B, but unfortunately never worked out).
        But even with half the Guards on the Mavs roster I don’t see him fit in.
        They only need one good center.

  12. Eric says:

    Jennings is 2 years younger, with the right coach he can be better than Teague…

  13. Kimmy says:

    I’m glad Teague got signed w/ the Bucks and I wish him well. He needs a change from the Hawks and the Hawks need to get Ellis. Let’s go Hawks!

    • James says:

      don’t get your hopes up too high it just says he signed an offer sheet that the Hawks can sign at any time but it would be good to get Monta onto the team

  14. sp says:

    Jennings, Ellis, ridnour, OJ Mayo, teague,,
    wow it would be nice to start with those 5 ..
    5 basket balls provided

    • artifex says:


    • Jonathan says:

      It wouldn’t be good if you want to make playoffs cause know one there would grab rebounds and teams will kill them in the paint and the only really thing they could do is shoot 3’s and go fast break

    • lol says:


      • AS*TEAGUE says:


        you don’t get what sp is trying to say do yah?! what he mean is start those five with 5 separate balls! with SARCASM!!! GET IT?! IT AIN’T GONNA WORK WITH THOSE FIVE THEY ARE ALL BALL HUGGERS..

  15. ehehrh says:

    Didnt Jennings say that his work is not complete in Milwaukee?

    well it seems like it is.