Billups Agrees To 2-Year Deal With Detroit


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Brandon Knight is going to finishing school for NBA point guards without ever leaving the Detroit Pistons’ practice facility.

No one should be happier to hear the news that former Pistons star Chauncey Billups, The Finals MVP in 2004, is returning to Detroit on a two-year, $5 million deal, as first reported by Yahoo! Sports.

Billups, a five-time All-Star, was the ringleader of a Pistons crew that was dominant in the Eastern Conference for a five-season stretch from 2004-08. After being traded from Detroit to Denver, he helped guide his hometown Nuggets to the 2009 Western Conference finals alongside Carmelo Anthony. Last season, he helped Chris Paul and Blake Griffin lead the Los Angeles Clippers to the best season in franchise history and their first Pacific Division title.

His return to Detroit, though, represents a homecoming of a different kind. Billups made his name with the Pistons, going from a journeyman existence early in his career to one of the most well-respected players in the entire league.

Pistons boss Joe Dumars has already added Rasheed Wallace, who also starred on those teams with Billups, to the coaching staff. And Billups will not only play a vital role in the backcourt rotation, but perhaps his greatest value will be as a mentor to Knight, a talented young point guard who will learn plenty from a player like Billups.

He’s nearly a decade removed from his greatest moments with the Pistons, but he proved last season that he’s still got plenty left in his tank. He returned from a torn Achilles (suffered in February of 2012) to play in 22 games this season, averaging 8.4 points and 2.2 assists while playing 19 minutes a night.

The Pistons signed Josh Smith to a four-year, $54 million deal Wednesday, solidifying a frontcourt rotation that also includes budding young stars Greg Monroe, Andre Drummond as well as Kyle Singler, Jonas Jerebko and second-round pick Tony Mitchell.

What wasn’t clear until now is what they were going to do to fortify the backcourt rotation after veteran point guard Jose Calderon left for Dallas via free agency. Adding Billups softens that blow and gives the Pistons a significant upgrade in the leadership department.


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  2. J says:

    yes it will help knight alot
    pistons are gonna be great

  3. Mrdjice says:

    From the looks of things, The Pistons are light years away from the terrible season they had last year…..and with the new signing of Billups man that takes pressure away from a young guard…but lets be clear….in all of what the pistons have done so far with the new signings and having a good core of young talent on the floor, I just know y’all don’t think they are done just yet……do the names Rondo or Gay ring a bell….if not just watch…..they are a 5 or 6 seed in the east now with the talent they have, but with another good move then …..LOOK OUT!!!! The ceiling is still rising for them

  4. jayzie says:

    since we got chauncey, let’s get rip as well

  5. Pops says:

    Big up to Mr. Big Shot, he and Wallace will help guide the youngsters in Detroit.

  6. lawrence says:

    i predict they will be the 7th seed in playoffs 🙂

  7. UL Man says:

    Good move from a leadership perspective but still does not address the Piston’s needs for consistent point guard and shooting ability. Billups is at the very end of his career and will struggle to even get on the court due to injury. I am just hopefully that Siva makes the team and gets a chance to learn from Billups as he is the only man on the depth chart with the skills to fill the pg role in Detroit….

  8. Kamil says:

    Even if he sits on the bench all year, he is a good locker room guy.

  9. 313 resident says:

    bad move..smith bad move..cheeks bad move..billups bad move…so what he can help with Knight if thats the case they shouldve hired him as a coach not a player..Pistons need wins..I predict them back in the lottery and Dumars will be fired..they have no chemistry and 3 players that play the same spot..Joe D thought Stuckey was the new Chauncey so he broke up the team and that move failed Palace is empty…this team will be 10th in the east…

    • lol says:

      wow what a hater! every move the pistons do are a bad move, i would like to see you in joe dumars place

    • True Blue Piston says:

      I guess living in Detroit makes you very pessimistic. Seriously? You don’t have anything positive to say about the Pistons?

      So let’s try this again: Smith is a dynamic young player who will give us one of the best front courts in the years to come good move… An experienced coach and player that has shown a quality record of helping young guards improve (russel westbrook, iverson, iguadola) good move… Billups has had some recent injury issues but his leadership and his proven credibility on the court are worth way more than the 5 million he’s getting paid good move… No bench? I would agree that it’s not an established bench like other great teams, but they do have young talent that keeps improving in brandon kinght, KCP, Jerbeko, Singler, and the nice rotation of big guys in our starting front court.

      I would agree that they really don’t have chemistry right now, but that’s because they don’t have an identity. Bringing in guys from the bad boys in Wallace and Billups helps remind the pistons of the “time to go to work” attitude that made the pistons so successful in years past. And with the a coach like cheeks who emphasizes defense, it definitely meshes with the pistons identity of blue collar, hard knocks defense that needs to be re-established. The pistons don’t have a true superstar, but that’s not how the pistons have won before, The true blue pistons won through defense, hussle, and teamwork.

      “this team will be 10th in the east”. Now I know your not being serious.

      • 34yr fan says:

        …..What??? the ‘bad boys’ ????? That was back in the 80’s and early 90’s…….NOT ten years ago!!!

    • Lakers4life says:

      Shut up. Really you make no sense… Bad move…. Bad move…. Yeah right.

    • Pops says:

      I predict you will change your tune in the near future. Billups will teach the backcourt and Wallace will teach their talented bigs. In a couple years the Pistons will be good again.

    • Rocket33 says:

      Darko Milicic – Bad move. Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon – Bad moves. Trading Chauncey in the first place – Bad move.

      Now… Brandon Knight, Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond – Good moves. Josh Smith – Good move. Bringing back Chauncey to mentor Knight – Great move. Coach Cheeks – Great move.

      As a long term Pistons fan it’s been tough watching the last few years. But I’m finally starting to see some things coming together. Monroe is already solid and Drummond and Knight have great potential. Stuckey has had his chance and either needs to be moved or used as a scoring punch off the bench depending on what KCP gives in his rookie season.

      I think with Knight at the point they really need a more defensive minded (Tony Allen type) 2 guard. Singler is OK at the 3 if you can’t upgrade. Smith at the 4 and Monroe at the 5. Drummond is then the manchild coming off the bench. Should be plenty of minutes for Smith, Monroe and Drummond at those two positions to keep them all happy.

      Knight is the primary PG. Billups will rest him and play heavier minutes when the young kid is not playing well.

      I think this team should be looking at the playoffs. Maybe as high as 6 seed.

  10. Shawn K says:

    This is a pretty good move for the Pistons. Some of you might not agree, but Billups can help mentor Brandon Knight and help improve his game to the next level. I think Billups will be an instrumental factor in Knight’s development, and if it get to the point, an instrumental factor in Knight(possibly) emerging as a star for the Pistons. I’m no Pistons fan, I’m not a huge fan of Billups or Brandon knight. But I like seeing teams bring in veterans to help their young guys step their game to the next level.

  11. Bad move Detroit….bad move

  12. the black mamba says:

    good for billups.

  13. Savvys says:

    He brings a lot to the table in terms of leadership and off the court coaching. If there’s anyone who Brandon Knight can learn to run a team from while still getting your own, it’s Billups.

  14. john mark navarro says:


  15. Andylx says:

    Great to see Billups with the Pistons again. The Piston are going to struggle with chemistry.

  16. SportsChump says:

    No offense to Mr. Big Shot but he sure does get paid a lot of money to do nothing these days.