Parsons Ready To Bond With Dwight


ORLANDO, Fla. — Chandler Parsons
was back in the old neighborhood Thursday, having returned from a recent trip to Cabo San Lucas and happy that his Rockets unpacked new teammate Dwight Howard in his absence.

“It’s great, it’s exciting and I think we have a lot of the pieces to do some good things next season,” Parsons said during a visit to the Orlando Pro Summer League.

The second-year forward said he kept in constant contact with Howard during the recruitment process and was part of the Rockets official party along with teammate James Harden and team officials who met with the free agent center for dinner on June 30.

“I was talking to him a lot during the whole thing and I had an idea it was going to happen,” Parsons said. “I was in Cabo with my girl and some friends when Dwight made his decision. I can’t exactly say I jumped up in the air for joy, but I was happy that it turned out the way it did. I think he made the right decision for himself and for us.”

Parsons said he plans to be in Houston on Saturday for the Rockets official welcoming for Howard at the Toyota Center and then will travel with some of his teammates to Los Angeles to work out with Howard.

“It’s not the kind of thing that you can just throw together,” he said. “It takes time to build chemistry. You have to play with each other as much as you can and so the sooner we can all get on the court as a group, the faster it will happen. I can’t wait.”


  1. cp3 epic basketball says:

    my prediction of the west
    1. Spurs- Leonard is becoming a all-star
    2. Clippers- not OKC cause there lost Kevin M. and need a center and need to step up and Clips got doc, deadly shooters and a great bench
    3. OKC- even they lost KM they still a good defensive of team and WB and KD are both great
    4. Rockets- they got D12 but J lin need to improve like when he is in knicks not golden state and i think jame H and D12 will played great
    5. Golden State- got better defensive with iggi (sorry with the spell) maybe swith with Rockets
    6. Twolves- if heathly
    7. portland- got TR and DW 8. lakers- Kobe hates to lose ( I HATE KOBE)

    • Rocketman says:

      Spurs had their day they are a good team but can Duncan and Ginobli stay healthy all season and perform in a 7 game series and have 2 days off until the next series.It’s all about match ups the Spurs were lucky to play LA have 10 days off play Golden State which that series could have went either way play Memphis and then 10 days off before playing Miami if they play in series with not many days off I don’t think they can hang Parker is in the top 5 of point guards but Duncan makes the difference.Their bench is going to have to perform and play serious minutes so Duncan and Ginobli don’t flame out.Leonard is up and coming player but being a Rockets fan I would rather have Parsons who was drafted in the same year.Spurs are weak on the second unit for a big man should Duncan not be ready to go.Yes Okc is the favorite Durant is a great player however Rockets showed some defincancies on OKC. Rockets are young but Garcia made Durant earn his points. With D12 in the mix and the ability to play inside out I think Rockets match up well with Okc.The Clippers are going to have to play Defense to be serious contender but Doc Rivers is a great coach.Golden State and Portland are on the rise again many factor injuries,match ups,team chemistry are all factors I still like Houston’s chance better with D12 then before.

  2. Rocketman says:

    I think Houston will need 1 year of playing together to make this work.I live in San Antonio and use to live in Houston but still a die hard Rockets fan.All I have heard is La and San Antonio media bash Dwight Howard! Let me tell you something Howard is going to surprise some people.He is going to have Hakeem and McHale which is going to make Howard into a beast in the paint. I hope Houston can keep Asik I love his defense and you can never have enough big men in the middle. I think Lin is a back up at best not sold on Beverly as a starter but love his game.Houston needs a point guard who can control the tempo of the game. Maybe Harden should be the point and get a shooting guard.Chandler Parson’s I love his game and work ethic very underated player. With Howard Houston will be able to play half court or they can run as they have the greyhounds to do that too.
    This will be a very dangerous team. Yes OKC is the favorite in the west but with a dominant big man in the paint and the ability
    to hit 3’s that could be a problem. The Clippers are a highlight team unless they make some changes and yes they now have a great coach in Doc Rivers. Golden State and Portland like Houston are up and coming teams in the west. I don’t think Houston is done yet I can see them making another change or two in the future.I would like to see them get Corey Brewer on Dejuan Blair as I think they can compliment the team as well.

  3. BuD says:

    People actually think you can put 2gether a team and win, but no it doesnt work like that, I think the rockets will have the same outcome as last year.

    • Heat says:

      Heard of the heat?

      • Rocketman says:

        Lets see if the Heat win that many games in the West! I don’t think so. LeBron is a good player but not great if he was he would have never left Cleveland! He is not like Hakeem who had a marginal cast and still dominated year in and year out. Rockets won back to back titles and didn’t have all of these future Hall Of Famers Ray Allen, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and Battier and Rashard Lewis could start on many teams as well. Even LeBron stated their is luck involved they are lucky they didn’t loose in game 6. And for all you Faker fans I mean Lakers who is to say LeBron might not want to play with Howard and the Beard!

    • justin bahlawan says:

      Actually thats exactly how it works. Look at the heat. And if u think there not gonna be better than last year then u know absolutely nothing about basketball.

  4. iivviiccaa79 says:

    Parson has good sense of humor..

  5. J says:

    Houston will be great

  6. lee says:

    i see them as a 3 are 4 seed maybe 2 1 if westbrook dont come back right i think memphis will take a couple of steps back the clippers rockets and warriors will be better i also think portland will surprise a couple maybe get a 8 seed

  7. bballfan777 says:

    I really like Parsons game. He and Harden have a very high bballIQ and both will be able to enhance their game playing off each other through Howard. Hopefully Lins role and playing time will be minimal. If Lin can’t hit the spot up consistently with this offense he may be traded sooner rather than later.

    • rook says:

      Last year was kind of Lin`s rookie year, and he had an OK season. Lin is a good pick and roll guard,having dwight this year will help him alot on defense, he seems to put in alot of work on his shot so far this off season. And if he does what he does best, driving, penetrating, being aggressive, I think he will do well this year.

    • IM back bro says:

      who cares about parsons. Dwight is statistically the best center to ever wear a Lakers and ROckets uniform. NOBODY can agrue against it. U think someone is betyter? prove it

      • justin bahlawan says:

        U cant say who cares about parsons he is a huge part of the rockets and one of the best defenders in the game. And I love that we got Dwight but Hakeem olajuwan is the best center to ever play the game. Don’t tell me Dwight is better than Hakeem??

      • Rocketman says:

        Right on Hakeem is in the top 4 all time great centers and the dream shake and offense as good as it was doesn;t compare to Bill Worell and Calvin Murphy at the time blocked by Olajawon and Calvin Murphy get that out of here. Nobody but nobody except the great Bill Russell patroled the paint like Olajawon and his foot work.Just ask Kevin Johnson as Olajawon ran the length of the floor blocked the shot and kept it in play! Just ask the big mouth Charles Barkley who talked a lot of trash and in game 7 saw Mario Ellie hit that 3 and the kiss of death! Michael Jordan Dr J.,Magic Johnson and Hakeem those 4 players could dominate a game need I say more oh but I must Shaq yes Hakeem schooled him too!

    • David says:

      Lin’s numbers was slightly better than Raymond Felton of the Knicks; so he was a little underrated due to high expectations this past year.