No Rush For Rockets To Trade Asik


ORLANDO, Fla. — In space of a week Omer Asik has gone from being out the door as one step in the plan to land Dwight Howard to a key part of the rotation as the Rockets go from summer fantasy to real contenders in the Western Conference.

In a land where everybody is always happy, the 7-foot center would be packed up and shipped out by general manager Daryl Morey in order to land the third league in a Big Three setup in Houston while letting Asik continue to blossom on another contender.

Of course, everybody isn’t always walking around whistling in a state of bliss, which is why Asik is probably going to have to suck it up, at least for a while.

For one thing, Rockets coach Kevin McHale is more than a bit tired of coaching Munchkins the past two seasons in Houston and wants all the size that he can get along with Howard on the front line.

“You can play two bigs,” McHale said. “You have to get spacing, and your small guys have to make sure that your small guys follow that. Omer had a great year for us. He became one of the top centers in the league.”

That is the big part of the problem. After averaging 10.1 points and 11.7 rebounds, Asik is arguably one of the top five centers in the NBA and doesn’t want to spend next season as a 15-minute-a-game backup. Yet the history of the game when it comes to contenders shows that 15-minute-a-game backups can be simply invaluable, especially when they’re playing behind a guy with chronic back problems. Playing Howard and Asik together for anything except short-term defensive situations doesn’t seem practical or doable, despite McHale’s hopes.

While the trade-happy Morey might have been inclined to swap out his backup center if he was going to get the anything like Josh Smith in return, he’s not going to make a deal just to appease Asik. The other complication is that Morey would have to find a deal where salaries match up and also on a contender, which is where Asik wants to go. Then he’s got to get back a player who will have as positive influence on the Rockets as Asik in his 15 minutes per game. That’s a pretty exacting task.

Asik is either angry, disappointed, frustrated or some other adjective to have finally have gotten his chance to play significant minutes in Houston last season, only now to find himself pigeonholed again as a reserve behind not just an All-Star, but the main star up on the marquee.

Yet there is no reason for Morey to trade Asik now for anything less than a premium return. That premium is not likely to come any time over the summer. If there is a team that feels a need to make a significant move and pay a significant price, that won’t happen until just before the start of the season in October. Or more likely in February at the trade deadline. That’s when Morey will get presented with his best options to further improve the Rockets. Odds are that’s when Asik moves.

Barring an injury to Howard that puts him back onto the court full time, there’s no reason to think the stifled young big man will get any less disappointed or frustrated with the situation by the season opener. But as far as happiness, the truth is Asik will have to wait.


  1. yololololo says:

    If Asik wants to start for houston in the shooter, he has to develop a midrange game, cant have him and howard on the floor together when either of them can shoot jumpers.

  2. What do u guys think? says:

    i think asik and jeremy lin and a couple of picks can be traded for a really good pg with playoff experience, maybe rondo possibly?

  3. tworealtall says:

    IF YOU roccets fan remeber when sampson and akemm was both on the floor playing come now it could work and will work well dont believe me just watch

  4. zamiLo says:

    Asik to Miami. Pat might be planning it already. Problem solved!

  5. Mark says:

    Coming from a bulls fan who watched Asik backup Noah with a problem. Now Asik gets to do be a backup and Howard and get paid more money doing it. whats the problem. Howard is more a offensive threat the Asik point blank. If i’m Houston I play Howard and Asik like the Lakers played bynum and Gasol. Use your quick players to get up a great some points on the board and then put in Asik at the 5 and Howard at the 4 and clog the paint. That simple.

  6. TTKIN says:

    Howard wanted to be:

    The face of the franchise
    Be a post up big man
    Stop running pick n rolls


    Harden is THE guy. They made that clear when they got him last year.
    Howard cant post up, he gets stripped. Plus Houston isnt a slow-paced team (theyre actually the fastest paced team)
    Good luck not running pick n rolls with Lin on the team.

    Howard going to Houston makes as much sense as him staying in LA. Kind of makes me laugh. They still wont win anything.

  7. seanpwnery says:

    If you *had* to trade Asik in a situation where both teams mutually benefit, the only sensible trade would be to Atlanta for Al Horford, a true PF. ATL gave up Zaza, and Asik would slot in as the starter, leaving Johnson at the PF there. I wouldn’t exactly oppose a Asik/Lin for Horford/Korver trade either but I don’t think it’s financially possible for the Rockets to take both on.

  8. Kal says:

    Asik could make a great 6th man but all and all i think he gotta go. Rockets need more depth at other positions in what is becoming a small ball league. there has to be a decent SF or PF out there for a quality rebounding center like Asik.

  9. lee says:

    wow howard is a 6 11 almost 7 foot and dont know if you watched his dunk contest but athletic as well i think the should trade asik for ryan anderson i also think the shouldve tryed for chauncy billups he cans hoot 3s gaurd the 2 and would be a good veteran presance to play 20 minutes a game behind lin and the beard steve novak would be the perfect 6th man for this team if the got ryan anderson he can play the stretch 4 as well as sf then sign a guy who can back up howard and you would have your team id go with dalemboret he doesnt seem to want a starting role anymore he can still block shots and rebound and is athletic enough to get lobs when his heart is in it plus he has already played in housten and the could play him and howard together in defense situations this team should be easy to put together now chauncy has already signed but this team still has trade exceptions

  10. Tom says:

    Trade Asik for Andrew Bogut!!!

    Asik wants out and wants to play for a contender, he’s getting paid 15 million on his 3rd year.

    From what I remember Bogut is getting paid around that same dollar amount, AND he’s injury prone (leaving him perfect as a back up playing 15 minutes a game)

    Plus, Asik doesn’t have much of an offensive game, which can give David Lee the proper space to work. I think this would be a great win win for both teams. Bogut would be a great back up to D12.

  11. William says:

    I guess McHale believes that he can play Dwight and Asik together. Noway he plays 15 mins as a back up and Morey might be waiting for the right trade (I like Ryan Anderson from New Orleans).

  12. Oath 2 b-Rad says:

    B-Radd you know what’s the go for the rockets. Dwight wouldn’t of been the right pick, when Asik had had a good season when harden arrived. All we needed was a new pf like b rad said, that can just get rebounds, decent amount of points and couple of blocks. Although it would be good if Dwight played pf and Asik C, which would work better possibly?

    Dwight stuffed the lakers, I hope he doesn’t stuff us!!

  13. anthonny says:

    Miami needs a C,I think Asik can fill up the void.

  14. zach says:

    i dont understand why houston doesnt go after somebody like lamarcus aldridge from portland, they can send asik and thomas robinson to portland for aldridge and almost line up salary wise, throw in a draft pick or two and it would help both teams seeing as portland desperately needs a big man,

    • justsayin says:

      They already traded T Rob to Portland – regrettably.

      Would like to see Aldrige w Rox or Bulls.

  15. yoloolol says:

    Cant really blame him for wanting to leave, he is talented player, so that he wants starter minutes is easy to understand.

  16. whatsup says:

    they better signed josh smith for less money and some other player , asik was doing his job really good , good luck with dwights 40 % free throws

  17. J says:

    play him at PF
    if not trade for……………..derrick favors or triston Thompson or even serge ibaka

  18. Brad says:

    I think OKC should try to make a trade for Asik, Perkins is rubbish and we really need someone that can defend and rebound while putting up a few points as well.

  19. Tony says:

    We all remember San Antonio with their ‘twin towers’ approach, and also Gasol/Bynum and Gasol/Randolph, but there’s one thing you’re missing: a jump shot. D12 has absolutely no jump shot to speak of. Asik has a slightly better one but it’s no where near the ability of both Gasols and Duncan. D12 is a true center, not a PF, and nothing like Duncan. They don’t call him Mr. Fundamental for no reason; his game is rooted in the basics. As such, he has tremendous offensive talents. D12 does not, and he functions on brute force and power alone with no offensive talent to speak of.. Asik is also a true center. That’s exactly why it’s a problem, it’s a dilemma of spacing due to both big men having games that revolve around being 5 feet from the basket. Putting either big man at PF would be a catastrophe and no coach in the NBA would ever think of doing that. What the Rockets hope to do is retain both of them and convince Asik to play limited minutes as a backup to D12, which is never going to happen (which I’m happy to say significantly harms their title contention chances).

  20. medmate says:

    asik for humphries makes sense

  21. yoloo says:

    Trade Asik for stoudemire:) Rockets need a PF and knicks need a rebounder.

    • PIpsqueak48 says:

      That would be aweful. Amare can’t play on a team with a star studded roster as seen from the last two seasons. The Knicks should trade him yes but not to Houston, god Imagine Amare trying to contend for points and rebounds with Harden and Dwight while trying to recuperate and build from his injury. Amare’s career is looking like Juwan Howard’s, and any chance to rebound is for him to accept his role and hope he can build up to where he once was.

  22. Maori Nash says:

    The difference between Duncan/Robinson and Asik/Howard, is that they could hit a jumper on regular occasion. Asik and Howard can’t shoot for nuts. Both rely heavily on put backs and close to the hoop moves. There will be zero spacing. Can’t wait to see Howard fail. The Rockets will trade Asik before the deadline I bet.

  23. Chris says:

    i honestly have no clue what Asik has again’st dwight but if he wants out that bad, if he is a solid player rockets can probably find pieces that will help them for Asik but dwight is a good shot blocker but he is what…6’9″ with shoes on? he is not that big of a center i think they need asik along with dwight to man the pain idk if dwight can do it alone

    • aaaaaa says:

      Asik is 7 feet I don’t know what you’re talking about, but either way this year he was a monster on the boards and proved he’s good enough to be a starter. If I were him I’d also be pissed too. Yeah, getting Dwight was still an upgrade for the team, but I completely understand where he’s coming from. Also, I think the Celtics should look into getting him. They have an excess of solid players (shooting guards in particular) and Houston kinda destroyed their bench to get Dwight and the Celts need a starting center.

    • WTF r U talking ABOUT??? says:

      see dwight videos.. b*tch please

    • Ozzy says:

      U r right.. D12 is a very athletic PF without any offense skills.. Asik is a real center and he is open to progress more than D12. They need a good coach who can make them play together at least 15 mins./ game

  24. im Kobe the best ballhog says:

    Remember San Antonio playing twin tower? TD and Robinson? they won the championship.
    Memphis do well playing Marc and Zac together.
    I actually think playing Asik and D12 together will be good. D12 can actually play PF, like how TD did when Robinson was still playing.

    • wayne says:

      “I actually think playing Asik and D12 together will be good. D12 can actually play PF, like how TD did when Robinson was still playing.”
      haha What a funny joke~ A guy like D12 who can’t shoot the ball well can actully play PF ~roltf=]

    • DWade Fan Since the baron davis shot says:

      Marc and Zac can both shoot. D12 needs a jumper and asik needs offense. Don’t even start with TD and Robinson man

    • Dieter says:

      Tim Duncan has a better jumpshot, better post skills, he’s smarter and more a team player than Howard and Asik, so I don’t think we’ll see the same succes in Houston. A guy like Lamarcus Aldridge next to Dwight would fit alot better.

    • just sayin' says:

      the thing is though, TD at the 4 has the skillset. as far as i remember, he has a cash money 17ft off the backboard jumper.

    • yoloolol says:

      cant really compare dwight and asik to them, They both could actully shoot jumpers, Asik and Dwight can not. and TD and Robinson are some of the greatest to ever play the game.

    • Dan says:

      Thing is that Admiral, TD and M.Gasol, Zebo are all able to hit the 15-18ft jump shot. So when one is getting post position the other big steps out to create room. Both Howard and Asik have no outside shot whatsoever, so they will be in each others way when posting up.

    • justsayin says:

      Hey did anybody mention the jumpshot yet!?

      To be fair not all fours are stretch fours.

      • bojtiwah says:


  25. James says:

    Looks like Asik is going to be better than Howard on the same team.

  26. SUper Girl says:


  27. B Radd says:

    Geeeeez, I’m starting to think this Daryl Morey guy really has no clue what he would be doing to a team with a disgruntled player on it. He is just frustrating this player by holding on to him where your now rolling the dice with his moral to play the game with his heart rather to play it just to show up because he’s being paid to do so. If the guy doesn’t want to be there, then cut him loose. Their are plenty who would gladly play in his spot, give more to the game and help win games and fill the stat sheet. GM’s like Daryl Morey endup screwing a ball players future because of constantly moving people in and out of the roster. Rather than goin for a player that they actually need they double up on a position where they really did not need to improve. The truth is Asik was already in sync with the team they already had and that Josh smith is who they needed at that PF position. That’s why Dwight really shouln’t have been their priority. Now if Josh wasn’t what they needed, JJ Hickson was available before getting picked up by Denver. Gosh, that’s one reason why I don’t get what these upper management guys think because whenever they pickup a player, I don’t see the need within where the weekness of the team exists.

    • Ben says:

      So your answer about what to do with someone who is frustrated is usually to immediately end whatever relationship (professional/personal) you have with them?

      Sometimes concerns have been addressed. Just because Asik wanted out the split second Howard signed doesn’t mean he will still want out in 12 months time If they manage to make Howard and Asik work very well together and Houston is very successful as a team.

    • Rockets Fan says:

      Goodness, you must not have watched the rockets last year or ever, to make such comments. Asik is an offensive liability and Dwight is better than he is defensively and offensively. It’s a no brainer! Houston was stacked up at the PF position, especially playing Greg smith as a Center, so Josh Smith was no good to us solo. All in all, as a GM, you have to have contingency plans if your star acquisition has an injury risk, and thats Asik. Asik got a contract that no other team was going to offer him, he stands to make 15m+ next season, so he has been rewarded well with houston as well as his development and cash are concerned. The least he can do is be patient to see how it works out before demanding a trade.

      Read up on facts and dont judge those in the GM seats, you’ve got NO clue from the outside looking in. Watch the sport and appreciate it for goodness sake.

      • CW says:

        Any comment that starts with “goodness” is not worthy of much consideration. My God, the comment even ends with “goodness”………………….

  28. Lakers4life says:

    Good luck with Howard. Seems like they’re gonna treat him like a king. Lol.

  29. The floor won’t be spaced very well with both of them on the court at once, but they’ll matchup wonderfully against teams like Memphis and Utah.

    • bojtiwah says:

      there is no problem with that…McHale can put them as starting 5,just like Hibbert&West…West plays as PF but meanly he played as C…its just the ego..if these 2 Cs,working each other then,there’s a chance to be a championship contender…NO DOUBT…

      • sort of... says:

        West have a good mid range game. Both Asik and Howard struggle once they are outside 8 feet. Put them with 3 shooters and the lane is still clogged. Give Howard 30 minutes a nigh (for his back) and let Asik get 18 behind him. Asik could play 12 more minutes next to Howard. That leaves 36 minutes for the platoon of young 4’s on the roster. It won’t always be pretty, but it could work.

      • but imagine the rebounding the rockets are gonna be getting