Kobe Will Have To Follow KG, TD And Dirk


HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — Is Kobe Bryant delusional? Could he actually become a detriment to the Los Angeles Lakers rebuilding their roster into a contender?

If he’s serious about what he said on Wednesday, then the Mamba will be both.

“I’m not taking any at all – that’s the negotiation that you have to have,” Bryant said to Lakers Nation on Wednesday. “For me to sit here and say, ‘Oh yeah, I’m just going to take a huge pay cut.’ Nah, I’m going to try to get as much as I possibly can.”

Kobe was asked if he’d take a huge paycheck, possibly even accept the veteran’s minimum of $1.45 million for the 2014-15 season and beyond. His contract expires after next season. It’s ludicrous to suggest Kobe sign for the vet minimum. But it’s logical to expect him to take what would be considered a “huge” pay cut from the $27.3 million he made last season and the $30.45 million he’ll pocket this season.

At the end of the 2013-14 season, Kobe will have made close to $280 million through 18 seasons, and that’s before tallying up all those endorsements.

Kobe’s a natural-born capitalist and there’s nothing wrong with that. Only it doesn’t compute at age 35 and in this salary-capped NBA. The man who stared-down Shaquille O’Neal and factored into potential anchor Dwight Howard walking away will only shrink the Lakers’ expected $50 million in cap space in the summer of 2014 if he goes after “as much as I possibly can.” If Kobe covets a sixth title, he won’t.

If he’s more consumed by winning scoring titles, he will. But we know the ring is the thing.

And so Kobe will ultimately take that huge paycheck, up to $20 million less than this season. The precedent is already set. Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan took the salary hit for the good of the team and Dirk Nowitzki has already said he will follow that blueprint when his contract is up at the end of this season.

“At this point of my career, it’s all about competing and winning,” Nowitzki, who will surpass $200 million in career earnings this season, told ESPNDallas.com in May. “It’s not about money. Obviously, [Mark] Cuban took care of me for a long, long time. I always tried to pay him back by playing hard and being here for this franchise, so I don’t think we’re going to fight over money. I want to compete over these last couple of years. That’s going to be the goal.”

Garnett, Duncan, Nowitzki and Kobe all were or will be 35 in the final year of their whopper contracts. Here’s a look at Garnett’s and Duncan’s dips in salary:


2011-12 salary: $21.2 million

2012-13 salary: $11.57 million

2013-14 salary: $12.4 million

2014-15 salary: $12.0 million


2011-12 salary: $21.2 million

2012-13 salary: $9.6 million

2013-14 salary: $10.4 million

2014-15 salary: $10.0 million (player option)


2013-14 salary: $22.7 million

2014-15: TBD


2013-14: $30.45 million

2014-15: TBD


  1. Cripple Rapist says:

    Ballhog On and Off the court… watch your lakers at the bottom in standings… let’s say 10-72….. @ Shawn Lundy LBJ on lakers??? Not gonna happen…. Keep dreaming or just pray to your kobe god…. Lakers organization is dumb… picking mike no D’Antoni over P-Jax??? bring nash and howard to lakers so kobe can hog the ball??? Useless… All lakers can do now is to empty their rosters…. trade everyone, acquire d- league players… It doesn’t matter… the ball will end up in kobe’s hands anyways…. give kobe his max contract again let’s say 130M$ to satisfy him… and don’t forget to give the ball to him in every possession… problem solved…. same results but much more cheaper…..

  2. Big Al says:

    Unlike the other three, Kobe hasn’t deteriorated as much. He is still the league’s best shooting guard and only LeBron probably deserves to be paid more. And the fact that Lakers management are too dumb to sign bad players and let go of useful ones, Mamba may as well take the maximum. Or if he agrees to a pay cut, he should be given a say on who’s in or out of the team. The only reason to accept a reduced salary is if he can increase his chances for another championship, which, unfortunately, won’t happen anytime soon.

  3. kr1s says:

    Kobe is a businessman. He’s socking money away in his “future divorce” fund. Maybe now, maybe later on. A man’s gotta live after the ex gets half…

  4. Shawn Lundy says:

    Kobe take the pay cut I would sign a 3yr deal worth 20 million and go after the likes of Melo and James with 30 million left in 2014

  5. Unkle Daddy says:

    Kobe is a douche if he thinks he’s gonna get another max contract. Some one would sign him if he still wants to play I’m sure, but it won’t be as a starter for the Lakers. He knows no one is coming to the Lakers to help him before his current contract is up, so he’s gonna keep the money (not a bad idea on his part). People were attracted to the lure of the lakers franchise, not playing with Kobe. That lure is dying, slowly or already dead. This puts a damper on a sixth title though, sorry KB you’ll still be second best behind MJ.

  6. Timothy Bennett says:

    This is what i think should happen if la wants to be contenders again:
    amnesty kobe, get 1# draft pick nxt year, rebuild nxt freeagency period with melo and bosh, get rid of dantoni, and trade pau an nash

  7. kenny says:

    I like it that kobe won’t take less money I don’t like these players that take less so the big market teams can get a monopoly of the best players the NBA is not as good as it was before all this started teams like the Thunder get screwed over on these deals of players going to big market teams for less money just to make a supper team

  8. marty says:

    Not surprised at all..One of the best scorers ever however the greats don’t just shoot.In my opinion great players do whatever is needed consistently and have high accountability especially in losing moments.

  9. Sophie1150 says:

    Bryant does need to retire and yes, he is a whiner. He was gifted genetically (thank his parents) and I suspect his ex-teammates would not have anything positive to say about him other then Fisher. Lakers have a rough road ahead and I feel for their devoted fans. Bryant retire to Colorado and let the Lakers start rebuilding while the Clippers become the darlings of LA. Go Rockets and in 2 years, watch out for the Orlando Magic.

  10. St. Lou says:

    Please proofread your own article! Every time you write “huge paycheck” instead of “huge pay cut” it’s confusing as hell.

  11. teamgreen says:

    i don’t think MJ accepted a paycut. and you know how kobe thinks. LOL

  12. grave says:

    No doubt kobe is not aiming for rings at all now he realized that its impossible for him to get another championship… #reality.. its all about moneeey

  13. stephisbeast says:

    It’s steph curry’s game now. Move aside kobe and james. Kobe needs to retire and stop whining so much on twitter.

  14. Robert says:

    Anyone that listens to the sound bite will realize that this reporter is irresponsible. Kobe was speaking in tongue in cheek. Also, what he said is absolutely correct from a business perspective. When the time comes Kobe will take a pay cut. You will see.
    This guy is just trying to stir up the Kobe haters!

  15. Robert says:

    Thanks for taking Kobe’s comments: completely out of context. Another example of your responsible reporting.

  16. Nbaguy says:

    It’s over for the lakers and its about time. Miami is the new Dynasty to follow and we will all learn a few things about being a team from this organization. The family and loyal organization that we have is great to see while you watch everyone else just trying to get on the same level lol. Kobe should take a little cut to help them out especially when he going to not be 100%. He thinks he can do everything by himself but that’s just to boost his huge ego he has to fill. So even if he loses he will say I did what I had to to help them win just didn’t have the help. And everyone will continue to praise Kobe about being the best. Sorry but by the time Lebron retire he will be the best because he don’t have a flaw no more in his game. He does everything for the heat and still gets paid less than joe Johnson lmao and Kobe and nowitzki such a shame

    • theholyspectator says:

      very true…its a team sport man, if kobe is that serious about another title you will eventually have to take less money..thats just how its going to be! kobe aint about them rings…and as long as he keeps talkin like this, aint no superstar coming to help you…lbj wont leave miami, and if he did would def not go to miaimi, hed rather go to cleveland or if melo decides to leave hed go to knicks,…and if melo was to leave the knicks lol, that would be another drama filled season in la…ultimately la has flopped, lakers arent gonna win anymore…the run is pretty much over..rip lakers!

    • And 1 says:

      Ha, ha that is funny, Lebron need it Bosh and Wade to be on the map (championships) and Lebron has flaws: jumpshot, 3point shots and I dont believe he is gonna improve on that, he is 28, isnt he ? Young kids improve. He is an amazing athlete wont take that from him but I do admire him taking less money.

  17. widgetcy says:

    How can anyone compare Kobe Bryant With KD , Tim Duncan and the Dirk Germaniski ? Kobe is way better than anyone of them so he deserves his money from any point of view.

  18. Mr. Spencer says:

    Lee, you just don’t understand what drives the Mamba do you? Not in his prime, and can’t hit clutch shots anymore, do you hear yourself. Kobe is still better than over 90% of the players in the league, who at 35, still plays at a elite level. Obviously Lee
    you don’t understand the full greatness of Kobe, or else you wouldn’t said what you said.

  19. Mr. Spencer says:

    If i were you guys, i wouldn’t sweat over this paycut thing. The more you fret over it, the more miserable you’ll be. Do you guys really think, that mamba will hurt the team intentionally, just because he said that he won’t take a paycut, doesn’t mean he’s hurting the team. If you guys take that serious, yall naive. As far as yall saying if he gets ring number 6, he’s no mj or won’t make him better than mike. If he gets ring 6, it will tie Mike, even with Shaq, with 3 rings as lakers leader. You MJ fans are so insecure of Kobe, i feel sorry for yall. One things for sure Kobe is a leader, scorer, clutch player, and winner like Jordan, so he has those capabilities to lead a team to a title, which he’s done in 09&10. And Kobe still has a chance to do something that Mike never did, win with another coach, besides Phil Jackson.

  20. keshab says:

    kobe is a great player and gives respect to all felow nba players but if he has a samller salary then the lakers could bringe in someoen good (not steve nash and dwight howard ) they need someone who can work with kobe both steve nash and dwight howard had a chance to make lakers a legendary team but they didnt perform to their ability because they all play by them self so the lakers has to find someone who can work with kobe (if thats possible)

  21. keshab says:

    kobe is good but his salary is ridiclious. lebron is staying at heat with a low salary because he wants to stay at heat. he dosnt care about the money he wants to enjoy the game

    • bunbury says:

      COMEONE. LeBron cares about the money. please don’t make absurd/senseless comments.

    • Thomas Greene says:

      Lebron signed a 90 million dollar shoe deal before he stepped foot in the nba. On top of that he in his 2nd contract. Lebron is racked up dont b a fool

  22. lee says:

    kobe is not in his prime anymore he is still a game changer though but he is also selfish he wants all the credit andhestays on his teams bad side i dont see kobe hitting clutch shots anymore havent for a while he wantedto put it all of on howard and thats why howard bolted no body wants to be told theirdoing bad by someone who isnt performing their best either i dont see many players going to the lakers or the mavericks but i think the mavericks have a better chance to be honest and everybody who thinks lebron is going back to clevland stop smoking crack he is staying in miami i think bosh will wind up staying 2 i think bosh and wade will both take pay cuts and miami might try to bring in another player to help them out more carmelo anthony might stay in new york but i have no problem seeing him going to the mavericks

  23. Jovan says:

    It seems everyone wants to bash Kobe Bryant and call him selfish. I’ve never seen a guy more devoted to just the game itself. Kobe probably should take a pay cut but lets also understand why he would think about not taking one. I mean lets be honest Kobe plans on retiring a laker and if the lakers offer him a limited amount of money that still respectful to his game…he will probably accept…this is horrible writng..kobe is thinking rings..wait till 2014

  24. iivviiccaa79 says:

    he said that his initial negotiation position is he wont take pay cut, it doesn’t mean that eventually he won’t do it…

  25. Pay Attention says:

    Should of amnestied Kobe’s 30mill and re-signed him at a realistic price. Cuban knew it, we all knew it but Kobe just plays the “legend” card and everyone gets too scared. How can one guy take almost half of the salary cap!

    • PIpsqueak48 says:

      Exactly! Kobe needs a jolt to make him realize that if he realistically wants another ring he needs to take a cut. Maybe this season father time will turn against him and he will realize that he needs to take a cut so the lakers can bring in more talent.

    • bunbury says:

      i’m not sure if a player can re-sign with the same team after an amnesty. nevertheless, the Lakers won’t do it. amnestying your best player could hurt the team in the long run– superstars in the future will be reluctant to sign with them. kobe is one of the best and popular players of all time, and gets amnestied??? not a good thing. there is a lot of laker’s fans out there simply because of him. right or wrong, it’s a fact.

  26. iiiii says:

    He can take a veteran minimum and still make more money than most players in the nba on endorsement deals=) but ofcourse hes not gonna do that, im just sayin

  27. WAYNE says:


  28. WAYNE says:

    I’m a die heart Lakers fan and Kobe will always be the best but when he goon we are going to need our other stars so Kobe got be a team player we need these rings baby we need a big man and a another scorer to help Kobe so lets get Khalif Wyatt

  29. J says:

    kobe wont go too low he might go down to 15 million

  30. Chris says:

    If he gets a sayin what happends with the 20mil he leaves on the table, then this would be an option… But look what the Lakers did with Odom, Fish and Metta… None of these trades would have happened if Kobe would have it his way… So why give them more money to waste???!!!

  31. Chris says:

    you guys are all missing the point. kobe isnt getting a paycut for ring, because MJ never did. YA HEARD?!

  32. baklasikobe says:

    they cant make it to playoffs

  33. Willy Spurd says:

    280 MILLION he has earned in 17 years! Thats sick! Why doesn’t he buy the Lakers? How much money does one person need anyway? Whats his story? Is he a generous donator to charities, etc…? Where does he keep it all? He seems fairly low key kind of a dude. Unreal. I like Dirks comments, and look at Timmy D and what he has done. Take a look at the league salaries and see where Timmy Duncan fits in. I think he will be the 4th highest paid on the team this year. Greedy Kobe, you gonna lose again, nananananana!

  34. Nando says:

    He will take the pay-cut in 2014 knowing that it guarantees him atleast 2 more rings…

  35. miguelamor22 says:

    Look at the HUGE pay cut Timmy took, he’s making less than half and still on the all NBA first team. That’s some G ish right there. I don’t even really like Tim Duncan, but he gets mad respect no doubt.

  36. kobeisgay says:

    they cant make it to the playoffs

  37. mental1981 says:

    All you guys asking Kobe to take less are out of your mind. Teams are using their amnesty programs left and right to cut people who used to give their teams so much effort, all because this is a BUSINESS!! Its about the bottom line. There is a lot of money to be made out there and these are Capitalists, from the Commissioner to the Owners, so why should the players be any different. He has nothing to prove in breaking himself down for another ring. It won’t make him better than Jordan, and he will be no less great if he doesn’t get it, so ride your contracts out and take what you can get. I ain’t mad atcha…

  38. Pops says:

    Kobe is one of the best all time and his stats prove that no matter if you like him. But the fact that he is making almost double what the Heat’s big three make (individually) is ludacris. If there was no salary cap then more power to him because he makes the lakers a lot of money, but the thing you can’t buy is time and legacy and if he wants to add to his he should do some shoe commercials and consider his team and take 5 million a year. Imagine who they could recruit next year by leading by example. You guys feel me?

    • Laurence says:

      Yep, Kobe is trying to squeeze LA and he’s deluded if he thinks he can carry the Lakers on his own. The guy has too much pride and ego, but not enough money – according to him!

  39. crizerd says:

    kobe ta

  40. HonestGuy says:

    Sloppy writing Jeff, replace “huge paycheck” with “huge paycut”.

  41. D says:

    Kobe stop being selfish. Take less money, you might not even be the same player you used to be and your 35

  42. kei says:

    Kobe told D12 to play through injury because it’s all about championship in LA. Then he said NAH I’m not going to take a pay cut so the Lakers can get better players. pff! If Jim got backbone, he should’ve Amnesty Kobe instead of ronron and let D12 becomes the new francise player.
    What’s Kobe fan boys didn;t see through was Kobe drove Shaq out, cost them a few rings on the way and now drove D12 out, probably make LA doom for the next 10 years.
    An injured D12 still better than a selfish kobe. Can’t wait for a healthy D12 stuffing Kobe’s face next season.
    Enjoy the sunset ride, kobe fan boys.

    • Jojo Lecitona says:

      I like that. Kobe is the most selfish, self centered and name all negative adjectives in the game of basketball. Jim should really think about his lakers not kobes lakers.

      • t-rob says:

        An injured,cancerous personality like Dwight is better for the Lakers than a surefire, first-ballot HOFer who brought 5 rings to the city of LA? Makes so much sense!

  43. pain18 says:

    I hope that answers why wade and cb4 wont wear the purple and gold..
    still not sure bout bron and melo though..

    #Love his game,hate the man

  44. TigerStripes says:

    A Tiger doesn’t change his stripes. Kobe is one of the best of all time I can easily admit. But simple math dictates Lakers will be mediocre if they have to pay one person half the salary cap and still lure a “big name” to LA. Someone who sues his mother and then tweets about it obviously is about self first. I thought the Lakers hung themselves last year with Kobe’s contract then Nashs contract. Dwight was smart to bolt. Kobe is telling the LA nation the famous Joe Pesci line “…F#$k You Pay me!” If he did it to his mother what loyalty do you expect to the fans or his team. That’s why LeBron is the greatest player in the NBA. Skill plus the belief in T.E.A.M. (together we all achieve more); what Doc Rivers got the Celtics to buy into (Bumuntu) . Kobe bought the Jordan lie “there may not be an I in team but there is an I in win” . Money and even rings aside as a person Kobe has a questionable legacy in my opinion.

    • TigerStripes says:

      Ok that’s T.E.A.M. (Together everyone achieves more). Lol

    • MR says:

      All true! But you need to underline that LeBron is CURRENTLY the best player in the NBA. Plus he decided to take shortcut by going to Miami packed up with starts.. He’s definitely great player but not the best in all time NBA history.

  45. Roy says:

    You guys are still hating Kobe. You guys need to ask God to forgive your evil ways!

    • Rky says:

      you guy should ask your mom before sending that kind of message!! god??? who’s this guy? a new member of the pelicans? this is a basketball article and forum!! what’s your point with your religious stuff? tssss keep your fuppin evil ting for you a!

  46. qqdq says:

    dont think a paycut will hurt kobe, dude is loaded:D

  47. I’m willing to bet Kobe will sign something in the 4-year/$58mil range. He’s going to get paid regardless of what we think. As long as it’s not a max contract, then the Lakers might still have a chance. Who knows, maybe he’ll change his mind if or when he is no longer playing at the same level.

  48. MA6 says:

    Yeh kobe should take a paycut so they can get bosh and melo
    lebron n wadd aint leavin