Can Lakers Go California Dream Teaming?

ORLANDO, Fla. — Imagine it’s June 2014 and the Heat have managed to duck enough times to survive another championship parade with all of their heads still attached.

There’s a posh meeting room inside a swank Beverly Hills hotel and the heavily muscled security guard keeps stepping aside and opening the door for the guests who arrive one at a time.

Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

When they’ve settled into luxurious leather chairs and opened bottles of overpriced imported sparkling water, an NBA general manager arrives and points to a blank yellow legal pad in the middle of the conference table and five pencils.

“You guys divide it up anyway you want,” says Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak.

The Lakers are back. Instant Dream Team.

OK, maybe it’s not quite that easy. Or maybe it is. After all, to paraphrase Chevy Chase from a long time ago, they’re the Lakers and you’re not. And always will be.

Having salary cap space in Milwaukee, Charlotte, Salt Lake City or maybe a dozen other places in the NBA is just that — space. In L.A. it’s a magnet.

Walk the sidelines and the hallways of the Amway Center as the rookies and long shots of the Orlando Pro Summer League pour their perspiration all over the practice court, and the consensus is that even in the wake of Dwight Howard’s departure, the return to prominence of the league’s most glamorous franchise is no sweat.

“Don’t even think about them going into a long period of losing or mediocrity,” said one NBA general manager.

“For other teams losing Dwight would be a crippling blow,” said another. “They’d have to retrench, rethink their position and go into a long-term rebuilding plan.”

That’s the Celtics, where boss Danny Ainge decided to move on from the era of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce and brought in 36-year-old Brad Stevens as coach/midwife for a new incarnation.

The Sixers new GM Sam Hinkie is stripping his roster down to the bone by trading All-Star Jrue Holiday and letting Andrew Bynum walk. It will be at least a couple of years before the plan bears fruit.

The Jazz and GM Dennis Lindsey have made no secret that the payoff is over the horizon as they enter a season where youth will be served from the menu no matter how difficult it might be to swallow at times.

“You don’t do that if you’re the Lakers,” said yet another GM, “because you don’t have to. OK, everybody has to take a deep breath for next season, but then they’re right back in it in a year. And if you don’t think they can think big, big and bigger, then you haven’t been paying attention.”

Who thought Miami was going to be able to reel in all of James, Wade and Bosh in 2010?

Why would LeBron even give a thought to teaming up with Kobe? Because it would actually add to his legacy to resurrect the Lakers and to be clearly defined as the lead horse pulling the wagon.

Why would Kobe consider it? One word: rings. Especially after spending a difficult season literally getting his legs back under him following the torn Achilles’ tendon and having the Clippers’ glare becoming blinding and annoying.

Wade? Anthony? Bosh? Didn’t those gold medals glitter just as bright from the Olympic experiences?

All five of them could even wear their old Team USA jerseys.

Let everyone else plot and scheme and draw up their recruiting pitches for the free agent lollapalooza of next summer.

All Kupchak and the Lakers need is an empty room and a legal pad.

“You guys divide it up anyway you want.”


  1. I Don't Know My Name says:

    Unless the Knicks pull of a championship, or attract a huge star to themselves, Melo’ is out, LeBron, Wade and Bosh won’t leave. Pat Riley is to smart to let them do that. And if Melo’ goes to the Lakers, it will be the first time their will be a jumpball between two guys on the same team.

  2. gelobee says:

    How bout Lebron teaming up with DRose and signing to Bulls next free agency? isnt it also possible?

  3. gelobee says:

    Pg- Irving
    Sg- Wade
    Sf- Bennett
    Pf- James
    C- Bynum

    what a starting line up, if Cavs can make it happen after 2014 season.

  4. cp3 epic basketball says:

    lebron rather be with cp3 then kobe

  5. Ibrahim Saifullah says:

    No way. LeBron loves the heat. Wade spent his whole career there. maybe melo for the rings and maybe bosh cuz he’s underestimated. NBA would become soo boring because of “big threes” and all that. it will become one sided

  6. Samson says:

    I am a die hard lakers fan and kobe needs to shape up because no 6 rings for the next four years is bad and hope god heals your injury

  7. Cripple Rapist says:

    What??? LBJ DWADE MELO???? I guess lakers or kobe lover Aka Fran didn’t learn anything about Allstar EGO… Lakers do have a BIG problem… 1 is kobe 2 kobe and 3 still kobe… He didn’t want to face the reality that somebody is better than him always putting himself above anyone else, He doesn’t want to share the spot light to anyone, and Definitely doesn’t want to handover the KEY for the future of the franchise… No he won’t… Never do a pay cut, never ever share the ball… That’s why key player left lakers uhm D12 cough…. WHo is on the right mind wants to play with kobe, If they are winning kobe gets all credit, when they are not he points his finger at you…. So fran piece of advise , stop writing sports article while under the influence of DRUGS…. You’re too obvious!!!!!

  8. Ruben says:

    I don’t see how these can happen and honestly I think it wouldn’t work, ok Lebron can play in every position off and def and you can put him in the low post besides Bosh, but seriously all these guys prefer the perimeter including Bosh that if you see the Heat now-days he is a terrible rebounder considering his height, it will be missing a real center in my opinion.

  9. John says:

    Why always Crhis Bosh? he’s not a true center, either a good one; there’s better in the league… he was just good in Toronto cuz they didn’t have any good players (overrated)

  10. danoamano says:

    The Laker-land inflated salaries might fit on a single legal pad, but the collective egos wouldn’t fit in the entire Staples Center. Aint gonna happen….

  11. Robert says:

    The author needs to check the history books. The belief that rebuilding is nothing for the Lakers but something for the Celtics (presumably as the author states because they got a new head coach) is based on nothing but author prejudice in this case.

    For the record the Celtics and Lakers have met a record 12 times in the finals. The Celtics have won 9 of those finals match-ups. The Celtics have the largest margin of victory in a post-season game: 131-92 (how sweet it was). The Celtics have hung more banners overall than the Lakers.

    The Lakers have an aging star and not much more. The Celtics dumped their two aging stars, too late in many people’s opinion, and are fully on the rebuild. Plagued with injuries since 2008 the big three never were fully in play, then Allen left and it was the Big Two and a roster of rotating injuries.

    The premise that the Lakers can just wave a wand because they are the Lakers pushes aside the other most storied franchise in the league, the Boston Celtics.

    And I agree with a lot of comments: no way this is happening, could happen, or would happen. The author must be a homer.

  12. flea says:

    Lamar Odom – Kenyon Martin to LA!!!

  13. whaaa says:

    lebron promised heat fans not one, not two, not three… so forth we all know what it is. and i’m pretty hopeful that he will deliver. if the heat win again this year, and i do think we will – lebron will try to do something neither kobe nor jordan did: fourpeat. and we all know with his beastly abilities he will be able to.

    i think what is going to happen is that lebron, wade and bosh will opt out of their contracts, and they will all consider getting even a more pay cut (because they are the least selfish trio in the history of sports) and try to add another star to make this heat dynasty something unforgettable. besides the heat has something the lakers once had, and that is pat riley. there is no way riles is letting lebron and wade walk. and considering his romantic and loyal character you can put bosh in that group as well. people keep hating on bosh, but real heat fans love him as much as they love lebron (wade is obviously something else) – and ultimately what matters is what the fans think and they want to see bosh. they want to see wade retire in a heat jersey rather than ending up like paul pierce, which is a huge disgrace. i would rather overpay an old wade and lose instead of letting him wear another franchise’s jersey.

    • just sayin' says:

      except a 4peat is not the longest consecutive championships by a player, that honor belongs to the great bill russell with 8. besides, james’ game is more comparable to magic than mj.

  14. D-nice says:

    Lakers are always counting on taking other teams all-star player every year, whether they are old or young. That is their problem now. They never take a young player and develop them into a star or a decent role player. I don’t think they will get any of those players mention in this article. For one, none of those players want play with kobe! Two, Lakers need to come up with another marketing plan than “Its L.A!” you Dwight didn’t fall for it!!!

  15. mike g says:

    Nice. “Dream”

  16. lots of sick pople says:

    All of you have things twisted. It is kobe that won’t sign with lebron and wade. D12 is no where on those guys level and neither is nash nor Paul. And don’t get me wrong im not saying that they are not good players. Kobe like Mike would rather beat lebron and Wade before joining them. People always seem to forget that kobe was no where near his beast level when Shaq came to LA. Kobe was just talented young player but when he started to grow to superstar level he wanted to be the MAN and beat the other superstars and not join them. So get your facts straight. Even Wade showed sign of frustration in the playoffs when he said that he wasn’t involved enough.

  17. The sad truth is that this scenario IS possible.
    The “BEST TEAM THAT MONEY CAN BUY” will be back, unfortunately…

  18. Kobe says:

    I won’t take a paycut fyi,

  19. melvinquinones says:

    I regret wasting my time reading this blog.. Be realistic, this will never happen. Kobe will never accept being a team on which he is not the #1 guy. He may talk championship, but he is wants the all time scoring title even more. Love or hate, he is a selfish player, it is all about him, which is why he is done winning championships already…

  20. William says:

    The LA Lakers will see another title it will be Kobe last ring he will past MJ or tie MJ & it will be King James 4 ring with the Lakers. I did tell some friends in 06 that. D12 will be a Lakers but I didn’t say for how longlol

  21. Brian Scalabrine says:

    Imagine its June 2014 and I’m sitting at a Red Lobster with Fran Blinebury, enjoying delicious jalapeno poppers and two for one Amstel Lights. He tells me that the Lakers are going to personally ask me to come out of retirement to play with an all-star team that includes Mark Madsen, Michael Doleac, Christian Laettner, and several other uncomfortably tall clumsy white dudes like myself. I’m so excited that I spill spinach and artichoke dip all over my shirt, causing the hostess to point and stare. Meanwhile, Fran Blinebury is doodling on a yellow legal pad and contemplating ordering a chicken quesadilla. Then, suddenly, the hostess comes over with the check. Fran and I instantly take out our credit cards at the same time and put them in the sleeve together saying “You guys divide it up anyway you want.”

    It’s that simple……..

  22. DoItNOW says:

    This would make sense if all these players still want rings and im sure they do.

  23. Fred Garvin says:

    They pay people to write this drivel? This type of talk should be left on a playground where kids ask “could Wolverine’s claws cut thru Superman?”

  24. Rob (from Paraguay) says:

    I simply don’t see it coming. It’s way impossible to have them all in one single team, I guess they won’t leave tons of money just like that, I don’t think the NBA would allow that either (unfortunately they control everything as they want). I don’t see Melo leaving NY (he loves his city and he earns a lot of money, he loves New York’s spotlights) besides that he’s just waiting for a good trade that could bring a few stars to NY so they can carry NY to a ring too. His will is to not leave NY and win a ring for NY, no one else for. Also I don’t think Miami’s Big 3 is leaving for the Lakers, even if you offer them that factor that you said (they would ‘redeem’ LA) but they also know that they can win as many rings as they want at Miami because they already found what they needed on their first season when they lost on Mavs (Chemistry). They know that is easier to win rings at Miami with the roster they currently have than go to LA and build something new with Kobe and his franchise. The big 3 is comfortable at Miami, they won’t leave. Melo neither will leave NY. Period. Kupchak is afraid that the Lakers’ future ain’t so bright, they’re falling apart right now and he knows that (they lost Howard and Artest). He’s promising stuff he knows he can not bring up.

  25. pat riley me says:


  26. TTKIN says:

    Hahaha and Dwight left. Hilarious. he saw the Lakers and Rockets and of course the Rockets are better right now, but like the writer said, what about in a year.

    Howard chose to go to a franchise that hasnt had a contending team for almost 2 decades (u can try saying the McGrady/Yao dynamic was a contender, I’d call u wrong, they never came close).

    He also chose to give up on a franchise that has the most rings of any team in the last 50 years (dynastieS, as in plural), and the team that has rebuilt over and over again successfully.

    Remember before Pau? Everyone thought the Lakers were another first or second round exit. All of a sudden they get the most skilled big in the game, by giving up the worst 1st pick in history and a prospect who wouldnt be NBA ready for years.

    Howard’s idiocy has brought many many smiles to my face the last 2 or 3 years haha.

  27. No Regrets says:

    oh, come on – don’t play the lakers fans like this, it ain’t right lol
    but seriously, unless mitch pulls something really spectacular in 2014, kobe’s fault or not, he should go
    this year was a series of management mistakes

  28. darkknight31 says:

    reading this article just made my head hurt! I have three word for the writer “DON’T DO DRUGS”!!!

  29. Mr. Realistic says:

    Instead of writing stupid irrelevant articles about the NBA that have zero% chance of coming to fruition why don’t you send an application to Disney and based on your wild imagination you can probably write for them. A more actual approach will be about how the Lakers aqcuire John Wall next year and maybe Chris Bosh.

  30. Ed says:

    Heaven on earth!

  31. joao says:

    please watch the final USA & SPAIN and see who decided the among then….

  32. johnny says:

    Good one

  33. nasty thug says:

    What a joke

  34. Bugs Bunny says:

    What drugs is writer taking?

  35. bobby says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAAHAH Only a pathetic laker fan could write this. We all saw the ”appeal” lakers have when Dwight snubbed them after they were practically ready to give him a BJ just to keep him there. And guess what, he still left. Just for a sec let’s imagine that Lebron wants to leave a team that brings him rings (not just a single ring)….. why would he want to team up with that old geezer Kobe and join a team that is rebuilding? Also he would want at least 30 mil per season, Melo would want the same, hell even Kobe would want a huge piece of the pie……. what’s gonna be left for DWade and Bosh? Or you think they’ll play for their big love for the lakers? Man this article is a joke.

  36. Peter Wells says:

    This would be possible if the Lakers have no bench whatsoever. If D-Wade wanted to leave Miami he wud have left for Chicago, so he wont go anywhere except Miami or Chicago & I doubt Melo would take that big of a cut on his wages. If this were all possible then as a Heat fan id be in dream land myself, considering 3 of those players are already in Miami

  37. Denholm says:

    another L.A. pipedream, the lakers are in a downward spiral and the longer it takes for management to realise kobe is the worst thing for the future of the franchise, the longer it will take for them to get back to prominence, just nut up and rebuild like a normal damn team, instead of searching for people to be bought in the hopes of staying there.. IT WILL NEVER WORK! now step aside as the new era of non laker dominance arrives.

  38. Tyler says:

    Please no. That would break the NBA. I watch to be entertained by good competition, not too watch an all star team blow out the competition.

  39. Jose says:

    Why Melo, who wanted badly to play for the Knicks now that they are his team would leave them? Lebron and Amare’s contract are going to expire on 2014. Lebron is staying in Miami, leaving for Cleveland, or going to the Knicks. Lebron is all about his image. Bringing a championship to NY can do more to his image than winning a few championships for the Lakers will ever do to him. Winning a championship for his home town can bring redemption and make him a hero in Ohio again. So for Lebron is Miami, Cleveland or NY in that order. LA is just dreaming. Bosh probably will go to Houston. Wade is retiring a Heat, and Kobe should retire now while he can still leave “on top” of his game.

  40. ur as me says:

    Why not get the whole Olympic team and they wear their Olympic jerseys but don’t get Anthony Davis

  41. 2ringz says:

    so the loose of Dwight hit soo bad that the lakers can dream like Even old ladies who dont watch the NBA know this is impossible. BUT dreaming is good tho. im sure Wade and LeBron saw this post and was like.. TRUE!! (2chainz voice)

  42. justsayin says:

    I am dissapoint.

    Oh – Blinebury.

  43. chubbena says:

    what did you have for breakfast?

  44. marty says:

    Not gonna happen, LJ does not want anything to do with with KB or MJ..In my opinion those guys try to marginalize his talents and accomplishments..FANTASY!!!

  45. marty says:

    Not gonna happen, LJ does not want anything to do with with KB or MJ..In my opinion those guys try to marginalize his talents and accomplishments..

  46. Loutheque says:

    Still dreaming? Labron,Dwayne and Bosh are staying put. It would not make sense for them to join Kobe and Melo in LA. There is only one basketball and too many Alpha Dogs to share it as they did in Miami!!! Dream on

  47. Bring the HEAT` says:


  48. Bring the HEAT` says:

    Frank,did you smoke something? ‘Cause I want to try it too :))

  49. Ali says:

    Why would LeBron HELP Kobe get another ring,,, These guys are enemies… Plus Kobe doesn’t need other superstars to win… WE NEED SCRUBS ON OUR TEAM!! #LAKERNATION

  50. 1078lee says:

    Some people are paying attention and some are not. Only reason I believe this could happen is new cba. League made it were this is possible in todays game and players like Lebron will be honored to play with Kobe. Why not get all the help you can to succeed in the NBA. Use their system to get those jewels. Lebron not dumb as DH. It make sense.

  51. Penguin says:

    That would become a Laker team without any soul.
    That’s why we need teams like the Spurs, the Mavs from a couple years ago or the Thunder.
    teams that are BUILT.
    Not teams that are bought;
    The Laker team of this year, with their aging heart and soul is a team I’d rather root for than a ‘Dream Team’. nightmare team more likely. Come back Stern and overrule it.

    • just sayin' says:

      the only reason that stern was able to overrule the chris paul trade was because the owner of then new orleans hornets is the league itself. had it been already sold to the new owners, stern wont be able to do anything about it.

      and by the way, all the comments about this article, i believe the writer was able to get what he wanted. reaction from readers. it did state dreaming, so why not dream big. i just cant believe that he didnt even put dirk as a 6th man.

  52. BMelo says:

    Bosh lawl

  53. jonny says:

    except that dwyane wade said he wants to retire a heat and the idea of alll of them going into the lakers makes no sence, to me at least.

  54. Heat fan says:

    Back to my other comment. I don’t think LeBron is leaving either. I’m leaning towards them getting another Ray Allen level player because Mike Miller and possibly a couple others will be retiring soon. It could depend on Mario Chalmers development though because the Heat are inconsistent in the PG spot. I don’t see LeBron automatically going back to Cleveland though. I think he has a better chance at staying with the Heat or going to a completely different situation. Also, if Miami wins 3 then who is to say they won’t go for a 4th straight?

  55. Heisenberg says:

    A dream that will never ever happen. Lebron and Kobe being teammates. Kobe and Carmelo is a possibility. They’re good friends.

  56. Heat fan says:

    LeBron is not playing with Kobe. Wade not leaving Miami ESPECIALLY to the Lakers. Sorry, but the only place he would have possibly played for was Chicago if LeBron went there…but we know what happened and we know Wade pushed for the Heat so I say he’ll retire in a Heat uniform. And carmello is not an ideal player for the current Heat. I would say a more likely scenario is that LeBron leaves or they stay, but take another pay cut in hopes to bring another Ray Allen or perhaps Chris Bosh level player.

  57. NeilBenz says:

    This will never happen, so why write about it……this is a rubbish article…..

  58. garbage says:

    it’s surprising that articles of this garbage quality can make it onto this is complete speculation on the authors part and has no speck of evidence to back up anything he says. simply imagining what if… LOL. hey I can make articles like this all day. hire me too.

    If the Lakers can’t sign those five guys, they will go back in time to bring back legends David Robinson, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and Scottie Pippen. Why would all these players agree to travel through time while taking huge paycuts, putting aside their humongous egos, and diminished roles? because.. it’s a chance to join the LEGENDARY LAKERS led by LEGENDARY MIKE D!

  59. Tone says:

    This is pathetic. It’ll be an entire year of hypothetical scenarios. Hungry for clicks with short, shock-factor Titles. Journalism is dead.

  60. Larrylaker says:

    The lakers will do as much as their misaligned front office allows . Mitch is the man but restained by a baffoon named jim buss! Come on jeanie you can do it!!! I live and breath purple and gold but Jim buss is the nightmare we laker fans have to wake up to have!

  61. Bryan says:

    Is there anyone that actually believes this will happen?

  62. Kloddz says:

    So who’s gonna play point?

  63. RMR says:

    Can anyone say NY Post?

  64. Rhedz says:

    I think bosh will go to lakers with koby, nash and pau..wade will retire cuz of injury and bron will go back to cavs because theyre gonna beg for him…and cavs will have their 1st championship. Lakers will go down and so as the heat. And bron will have another run for the championship and thatll be it. 3 rings for bosh and wade, 5 for koby 6 for mj, 4 for bron bron, 1 for melo and 1 for kd and westbrook. And yeah davis will get 1 too after the lakers take him. Drose will get 1 too and will retire cuz of injury. Bynum will get one and so as irving along with bron bron. Dwight will go down in history as one of the most dominant centers who never got ring. Lin goes back to new york and harden will go to lakers to replace kobys vacant position…

    Thats all folks…the future of nba in 8 years to come.

  65. BoyBlue says:

    Sure, I heard Iron Man, Thor and Spiderman want to sign up too.

  66. r says:

    blinebury is just a huge dreaming laker fan. miami is the new destination. people come to play with lebron and the reigning crew of champions. melo will be drawn toward miami. and as long as they keep winning championships. these starts will take less and less money.

  67. renz_garnett says:

    do you think stern will let this happen.. he did not let chris paul happen to lakers last summer.. so no way this will happen

  68. Robert says:

    This is stupid. Did they force you to write about the Lakers? That’s what it sounds like here…

    If not, you should question whether or not you are in the right profession.

  69. Chow says:

    Dumbest. Article. EVER.

  70. CLIPS RUN LA says:

    Clips going to run LA, it’s the young bucks time at the top.

  71. MR says:

    The league blocked Paul’s tranfer to Lakers. Why wouldn’t it block any other superstar going to LA? Lakers brought howard and Nash. Nothing good came out of it. Reminds me times when Lakers had Malone and Payton. Basketball is a team sport. I sometimes wonder if Kobe care more about rings or his personal stats. Recent years showed he basically thinking more about the second one…

  72. KnicksFan says:

    This article reminds me of that old MJ cartoon movie… SPACE JAM…..MAybe Aliens take over the Houston Rockets….and they have to win or the earth as we know it will be destroyed….. MJ becomes the new coach of the TEAM EARTH….Obviously the writer is in Colorado..where they just legalized Marijuana….. or he has some other MEDICINAL problems in LA….

  73. KnicksFan says:

    This is interesting, but a little overboard. .. Lebron, Kobe,Melo… maybe …..Kobe, Bosh, Melo, maybe,,,,

    If LALA gets big Hollywood deal, Melo could join Lakers, IF wad retires and Miami dumps Bosh, Lebron Might go to Lakers….then retire with Cleveland…. try to win rings in Miami,LA, Cleveland……he would have turned around LA when they needed it, and brought a ring to Cleveland ( after a lot of kissing and making up)…..

    He would have to be recognized as THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME…. if he achieved this. Rings with 3 teams…including his HOME TOWN…..

  74. wes says:

    Dream Team????? No Longer….. Lakers are the team of the past and Kobe needs to retire for he is washed up and NOT MVP anymore….He’s a senor citizen in the NBA……FACE THE FACTS there are many teams that in 2014 your gonna see some surprises and Lakers are not one of them… Now look at the Clippers, Thunder, Heat, Spurs, Warriors, Grizzles, Pacers. You my friend are dreamin a creative article about the washed-up Lakers that have turned into a Mississippi Mud Hole……..LOL

  75. Howard says:

    In a nutshell, this article illustrates what is wrong with the NBA. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and even on the league’s website, people muse and fantasize about the creation of a super-team that will annihilate all comers and ruin competitive balance. If such a thing were to occur, this improves the game how??? I mean everywhere other than LA? Why not just have one team in the league and declare them champions? Wow…that would be so AWESOME, think of how good that team could be!!!!

  76. Justin says:

    That’s not going to happen. There’s no good reason for James or Wayde toes be Miami.

  77. Derek says:

    Please stop trying to promote this super team idea like every media member.

  78. F.A says:

    A more reasonable dream team would be:

    kyrie , kobe , melo , pau , anthony davis

    coach: Phil Jackson

  79. gorgeous888 says:

    No one has even considered who would be coaching this supposed new Lakers – certainly couldnt be D’Antoni as he cant handle egos at all! LeBron will leave the Heat and maybe take Wade along with him but not sure its going to Cleveland guys other teams have been sniffing around the two of them for a while……… Agree Melo has to leave Knicks as Amari contract means he is going nowhere and they do not feed off each other. Melo is unhappy there too for other reasons…..

  80. flying rajin says:

    hate to see this happen…period!

  81. Gbailey says:

    Sounds like a slow news day to me….

  82. Zendrio says:

    I don’t care about an opinion of a basketball columnist who doesn’t even know that Wades first name isn’t Dwayne.

  83. los says:

    Why is this even an article?

  84. zirboman says:

    if they do it I’ll stop watching the NBA

  85. NBAAusralia says:

    Isn’t that called the American team…..

  86. MoPete says:

    You’re an idiot.

  87. seanMoney19 says:

    i agree i think kobe would never team up with lebron, i think mello will probably stay in Ny im just not sure how serious he is about winning yet. wade will retire in mia and i think bosh will definitely leave, maybe nets to replace kg, rockets, spurs to replace timyD, thunder to show kd how to get over the hump, or wizards to try keep john wall in town. food for thought.

  88. Micah says:

    Just give them all the trophies already so we can just watch basketball

  89. Micah says:

    If this kind of s**t happens, I’ll be off this league for a loooooong while

  90. Stefano says:

    LBJ and Carmelo (+ Kobe) are enough

  91. Lj says:

    would be beast team though if it happened

  92. Paco Taco says:

    No way will D-wade and Lebron James leave the Heat. Keep on dreaming about your fantasy team….

  93. John says:

    Unless next years salary cap is being raised to $120 million, no, LA isn’t going to bring those 5 players together. Unifying these 5 players, plus fielding a roster of 7 other guys whom presumably make the league minimum, is going to break the existing record for largest NBA payroll by at least $10-15 million, at a time when the penalty for running a payroll that high is 4 times steeper than it’s ever been before.

  94. Pucleberry Fin says:

    Pfffft…Obviously written by a Lakers fan.

  95. J says:

    nonsence not happening kobe with lebron?!?!?!?!?and Carmelo?!?!?!?!?!?and wade?!?!?!?!?!?!?and bosh?!?!?!?!?!? not happening
    they’ll prob get 1 maybe 2 stars but not the lot for a ton of reasons
    cap space, chemistry/ego/personalities, kobe and melo aint going cheap(lebron,wade and bosh might)you’d have no depth cause you cant sign anyone else, playing time and it sounds silly wade and bosh off bench?!?!? whoever thought this idea up needs to stick it back in their head

  96. Tony says:

    This article is just silly… another proof that the media is the reason why so many athletes get hated.

  97. ce4ko says:

    Totally agree that this article is the dumbest I’ve ever seen. Pure fiction…

  98. Mental1981 says:

    Nice Fantasy but Jim Buss will not allow it. He ain’t his daddy. Plus, Kobe will never play on a Franchise team where he isn’t the show. As we’ve seen, he doesn’t make a good sidekick. That’s why Howard left. He didn’t feel like Kobe was ready to hand over them keys.

  99. Alex says:

    Maaan, you have been playing NBA 2K13 too much. LeBron would never team up with Kobe. Even if that’s available financially, it ain’t gonna work. LeBron would have to be the leader of the team and just can’t see Kobe playing the supporting role. He has 5 rings and I don’t think he will sacrifice his pride to get another one…

  100. EMjay says:

    ain’t gonna happen. all four of them? that’s totally ridiculous! i’d rather get ‘melo only because among them, he have what it takes to be s laker. those big three, i don’t think they have a plan to leave miami soon.

  101. BronFAN says:

    Lebron should think about going back to cleveland, and finnish what he started there, he got a young supertalent in irwing(by far one of the most entertaning talents to watch in the nba) He got a bynum(if healthy) and verejao to crash the boards. and talents in waiters ,bennet and Jack(wich is even better than his starting PG, when he was there last time) I really believe he would win some championships with the cavs, If he chooses to go back there.

  102. aintgotnoworries says:

    are you on drugs LeBron will never join Kobe cuz all he wants is more that what kobe has y would he help him get more rings?

  103. Thompson says:

    What exactly does this mean? Especially after spending a difficult season literally getting his legs back under him following the torn Achilles’ tendon and having the Clippers’ glare becoming blinding and annoying.

    The Clippers are a damn good team, a really good team with Doc at the Helm.

  104. everblazin says:

    if this happens I won’t watch another nba game ever!!!

  105. Ka says:

    HAHA typical Hollywood, please get over losing Dwight and move on with your lives please………….

  106. Pops says:

    Slim pickings on headlines for the summer. I can’t wait till the season gets started…It will be interesting to see what Lebron will do next year and what the future Heat roster will look like. The Heat have shown Lebron he will have help and for that reason i don’t know why he’d leave a comfortable situation. Jordan got his first championship at 28, just something to think about.

  107. Don't be fooled says:

    The NBA and its writers know very well that this would be impossible. However, they also know very well that the NBA market may have taken a hit with D12 leaving the most loved team in the league. They certainly don’t want that. That would mean a huge loss in engagement by Los Angeles fans and all Laker fans around the world. So, what does the NBA do? A smart move: it creates a dream story for Laker fans to remain engaged in the NBA brand even after hitting a “loss”. I don’t personally feel that losing D12 was a loss for the Lakers team per se, but it definitely was for the Laker market. Kudos, NBA. As an MBA student, I can appreciate your strategy here.

  108. Lestath says:

    Ridiculous article. Period.

  109. Ronjay says:

    why would miami big 3 leave miami?. if they can make history win it 4 times or redeem if they didn’t win again..
    why would melo leave new york. Melo-chandler-bargani with amare salary of the books on 2014 they can sign another some quality free agents.
    No superstar wants to go to LA..

    • YYY says:

      What do you mean by “make history win it 4 times”? Many teams have won 4, and if you mean 4 straight, then the Celtics won it 8 times in a row in the 60s so it wouldn’t be history.

  110. Stephisbeast says:

    This is the most ridiculous article i’ve read in a long time. Dear writer: give up on writing articles.

  111. CM says:

    It wont happen. As long as wade is in miami, lebron will stay as well. Wade is the reason Lebron came to South Beach. Wade sacrificed the team lead scoring to win championships. Kobe will never let some else take over anything what so ever in LA. Even if Melo did end up in LA, Kobe will never be the second in command. Send Kobe to another team, then maybe Melo might come, but until then, it just wont happen.

  112. MHM 35 says:

    This was like the article that envisioned P Jax coaching Miami.

  113. NBA says:

    I this actually happens I swear I am not going to follow the NBA again until this nonsense is resolved.

    • YYY says:

      It wont, but if it does its not nonsense. If the Lakers do make it happen, it would be great planning and negotiating by mitch k.

  114. Cole says:

    Obvisiously wrote by a Laker fan

  115. swossh2411 says:

    Its a Long Shot…but they bonded well in the last 2 Olympics…So who knows anything could happen.. NBA is BIG. so this will BIGGER…. . who would have thought LBJ will go for HEAT… it proves one thing, it happen before. so it could happned again. its just matter of when.. NBA is business. and LA is LA no matter others say… but meantime let us dream…. wake me up when 2013 -14 seasons ends

  116. Fakers says:

    No superstar in his right mind will ever team up with Kobe. Only reason Gasol is still there is bcoz probably he doesn’t get it when Kobe berates or undermines him. Pau is like “por que por que?”

  117. Put Andrew Wiggins in this group says:

    I think the Lakers are going to be one of the worst teams in the West. Unless Gasol and Nash play like they’re closer to 30 than 40. This would be the best thing for the Lakers.

    • Chris says:

      Chances of them being one of the worst teams is slim. They might be middle of the pack, but I suppose injuries could make them a little worse than that. I see them just missing the playoffs unless they play better than expected.

  118. samah says:

    If lebrons leaving he’s going back to cleveland – clevelands lining up the team as best they can with bringing in bynum at centre. The whole cleveland team have something on their side that the heat doesn’t have – age and huge potential to win championships for the rest of lebrons career – he’s in his second phase of his career – he’s thinking long long term.
    Playing for cleveland in his home town where he visits so often seems like the obvious choice!

  119. Daniel says:

    Are they dividing up the MLE between them? Dwight’s leaving seems to mean that from this point forward they have $20M+ less over the luxury tax to work with. They had a taxpayer MLE, and so signed Kaman. They amnesty MWP, and lose the amount of his salary to work with in the future since they’re still in the luxury tax territory and already used their one exception on Kaman. When Nash retires in two years, they might be back under the taxpayer line so could have a full MLE. I guess it’s the $5M the top free agents decide on how they divide it up so that they can be a Laker.

    • Kris says:

      They will have cap space since all of their contracts except nashs will be expired next season, will give em a chnace to sign three max players similar to Miami when they got dwade lebron and bosh with only mario chalmers on the roster

      • YYY says:

        Make that one max player, since kobe wants the amount of two max contracts in one.

      • Chris says:

        Kobe will sign at around $10-12 mil a season. He’s saying he won’t take a pay cut to set the standard for negotiations. They’ll be able to sign two max contracts or they won’t re-sign Kobe.

  120. Shane says:

    LOL!! This would be a good article on another planet…haha!! Actually, nice to read something amusing.

  121. HonestGuy says:

    If LeBron leaves Miami, I think it’s for Cleveland, to “make up” for leaving them, and try to get them a championship. Going to the Lakers would make him the most hated for sure.

  122. pain18 says:

    Bron and melo might consider..but not wade..hopefully not bosh too.. Let bron walks if he really decides to(wont be too surprise)..use the extra cap for a decent 5..
    A healthy dwade and bosh will do..

  123. Rom says:

    Kobe refuses to take a pay cut, therefore this would never happen, as it shouldn’t. I’m a die hard Lakers fan and would love more than anything to see us win but if Lebron were to come to L.A., I would forever denounce the team. Melo to the Lakers along w/ another star such as Kevin Love is much more likely

  124. Randall says:

    This is the most ridiculous article I have ever read.

    • Emmanuel Stalling says:

      Agreed. Sounds like the words of a person with nothing to say who had to fill a spot. But hey, it’s the offseason.

  125. James says:

    One guy that want these players to get on the Lakers team the most is……………………………………Mike D! Still trying to get his first ring. This would be the easier coaching ever for him.

  126. sea pea says:

    Bosh will leave his team because he gets no respect playing for the Heat. All the others will stay on their respective teams.

    • Mark says:

      The Knicks are handcuffed with Amari’s contract so melo will leave

      • ac says:

        You don’t know what you’re talking about. NYK can offer melo 30 million more than any other team on the open market can.

  127. ac says:


    This is the stupidest article available on Hangtime in quite awhile. While we’re musing at scenarios that have zero chance of coming to fruition, why not throw A-Rod, Mike Tyson, George Bush, and Mick Jagger into the room as well, just so we can get a little satisfaction? If you don’t have anything relevant to write, then write nothing.

    Everybody whoever reads this

    • Spot on says:

      So true. Dumbest article.

    • Krishawn-MIA says:

      Wooooow I was thinking the exact same thing, this article is a bunch of trash!!!!!

      • chandler says:

        Thank you. This article has a literal 1% chance of happening. It is possible, but what are the chances? As a Laker fan, the spotlight doesn’t always have to be on LA. Write something relevant. Lakers aren’t going to be that amazing this upcoming year and I’ve grasped that. Like the guy above me said, if you don’t have anything relevant to write about, write nothing.

    • MHM 35 says:

      Wait, I did see them in a room together!

    • jonny says:

      Calm down alright! It’s just a blog! Simple math wouldnt allow for a team of all of them together.

  128. Nate says:

    Don’t quite get this ‘They’re the Lakers’ business… People seem to forget the lockout and the new rules put in place to PREVENT the Lakers from using their fat pockets to their advantage. It is not just the tax penalties but also the other aspects (no sign and trades, taxpayer MLE, etc.) People need to understand that this is a different NBA.

    • Mark says:

      Actually with only Nash on the books even with the new CBA the lakers can resign Kobe and 2 max players

      • TNT says:

        Another interesting note. If Kobe or Pau were to take the minimum, LAL would have their bird rights. This means that they could sign four(!) max contract players, then pay Kobe or Pau 10 million the next year. Scary stuff. That is why it cracks me up that ESPN is like “Whats wrong with the LAKERS?!” Nothing. They will be feared again in one year.

      • YYY says:

        Lol if you think Kobe is going to take the minimum your an idiot. He wants the money more than he wants to play with good players. I wouldn’t be surprised if they signed him to a 3-year $90M deal because that’s what he wants.

      • skrutz says:

        Kobe is a huge burden on the team with his salary, and said he wouldn’t take a veterans minimum. He could ruin any chances of a good deal. How could such an insanely filthy rich “team player” not take a cut to help actually sign other decent players…

    • Chris says:

      The Lakers still have prestige, as does LA. Some will bag on the negatives of LA but it’s still a destination where players will be drawn to. When you make as much money as these guys do LA can be a fun place to call home. And it’s a big market where the franchise will still make more profits than other markets – even if they have to spread the wealth. They’ll still be able to spend a little more in luxury taxes if they choose to with the lucrative TV deals they get. They just have to share some of that with the other teams.

      They might not have the same draw as they used to, but it’s still one of the top 3 destinations in the league where a guy would want to play simply because of how success they’ve been since the early 80’s. Lots of tradition there, great weather, glamorous lifestyle, and plenty of other revenue opportunities outside of the NBA salary. It’s a great place to build up a brand. It’s not the only place that is a big draw in the league, but it’s one of the top destinations.

  129. James says:

    this is y i said Dwight didnt choose the long term goal. The Lakers are differ compare to the Rockets. They always try. They tried to get Dwight even it didnt work, but at least they tried.

  130. Loki says:

    That’s kinda funny actually.. I’ve heard the Rumors regarding Melo and Lebron but I’m sure Wade will retire with the Heat and I highly doubt Bosh would be their first choice.

    • James says:

      Dwight Howard would’ve been in this meeting and he would be able to tell you whats up with the meeting..had he stayed with the Lakers

  131. Jonny says:

    Dream on. No body in his right mind would like to team up with Kobe.

    • James says:

      Everybody on the USA olympic team were.

    • MHM 35 says:

      That’s one of the most idiotic comments I’ve heard.

      You can say perhaps that those 3 wouldn’t want to, you can say Dwight didn’t want to. You can’t say no one wants to accurately.

    • YYY says:

      No “star” in his right mind wants to team up with kobe. Dwight did for a short time, then realized it was a mistake. Shaq did, then realized it was a mistake. It’s always a mistake, but sometimes they get a guy who is blinded and wants to play with him.

    • Chris says:

      Yeah, Artest was hating the idea, so was Gasol. Those guys couldn’t stand playing with him. Nash probably thought Kobe was going to retire before he signed on. CP3 was so upset about the vetoed trade that he threatened legal action before the Clippers pulled off the trade, I’m sure that was because he didn’t want to play with Kobe.

  132. Lakers-Bulls says:

    This is brilliant and frighteningly accurate too. I feel slightly disgusting being a Lakers fan, we just keep reloading and reloading in ever more spectacular fashion. It’s almost unfair to the other teams. Almost 😀

    • TrueNBAFan says:

      Lakers have been struggling for 2 seasons already, and this next season doesn’t look any better. As a Laker fan you call this article brilliant and accurate, when in reality it’s a pathetic scenario that has a 0% chance of happening. Lebron’s goal is to be better then MJ, he wont get there winning more rings for Kobe, and Wade would probably retire before he left the Heat. The Lakers could realistically get Bosh cause he’s not that amazing, and they could possibly get Carmelo (though he would be a nightmare to pair up with Kobe as both are celebrated ball hogs especially if they’re down in crunch time)… but they have no hope of getting Lebron or Wade.

      • damu31 says:

        first of all, the lakers will not go that route of getting melo or lebron…why in the hell would lebron leave miami….they need 2 get younger, go and get john wall and cousins and build from there with the black mamba period!!! everybody keeps saying amnesty kobe or don`t re-sign him…those people got 2 b on crack,he`s still playing at a high level and look at how fast he iz recovering…nobody has ever got back on track that fast!!! i was born and raised in south central and born and raised a laker fan 4-life!!!!

      • meow says:

        damu no one is saying kobe isn’t a valuable player, but not a 30 mil cap hit valuable. and that’s when he is healthy, which he isn’t. and he wont even take a pay cut, how selfish is that

    • Chris says:

      The Lakers have been able to reload quickly because they can attract quality talent and pull off big trades. They are not going to build a dream team next year, they are going to target a rising star that has the potential to be a super star in this league (but probably isn’t one yet). Everyone is stuck on the glamorous options, like LeBron and Melo – two stars I don’t think will be looking to change teams next summer unless something drastic happens to their teams this year that scares them away from staying. The Lakers want someone that hasn’t fully blossomed yet. Maybe they get one big name star and a second guy that has shown flashes. It’s not going to be a dream team like this article and every other article suggests. But it will likely be a solid team next summer.

  133. spicytysie says:

    LeBron will not get mixed up with Kobe.