Blogtable: Best Offseason Transaction?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Week 37: Dwight’s choice | Smartest early-offseason move | Summer League must-sees


Which offseason transaction will look most brilliant next spring?

Steve Aschburner, Andre Iguodala will help Golden State tremendously, and my hunch is it will show via an exciting regular season, a top-four seed in the West and a strong postseason run of two, maybe three rounds. Jarrett Jack played well for the Warriors last season but Iguodala can help facilitate their offense, too, without Jack’s occasional ball domination. And Iguodala can defend the league’s most dangerous wings, especially with the bonus motivation he’ll have from that contract-reneging thing Sacramento did last week.

Fran Blinebury, Toss a coin: Doc Rivers to the Clippers or Andre Iguodala to the Warriors.

Jeff Caplan, Andre Iguodala with Golden State. For the same reasons Denver loved him last season, Mark Jackson and the Warriors will love his experience on a young club, plus his size and rugged defending on the perimeter, a big-time need. Golden State ranked in the bottom half in the league last season giving up more than 100 points a game. Also, Iguodala really improved his 3-point shooting with the Nuggets as the season wore on and if that continues in Golden State then look out.

Scott Howard-Cooper, The Rockets sign Dwight Howard. He will be healthier than last season with the Lakers, which is important. And he will be more engaged than last season with the Lakers, which is everything. He knows he can’t float through long stretches like before. D12 with issues was one of the best centers anyway. Howard with a renewed determination could be everything Houston hoped it would get. That gives him one season without the emotional drama.

John Schuhmann, The Indiana Pacers were one game from knocking off the Heat (and lost Game 1 at the buzzer) this year. Indy’s starting lineup outscored the Heat by 46 points in the series and was strong offensively all season, but their bench was absolutely awful. Along with the return of Danny Granger and the continued development of Paul George, the additions of shooters C.J. Watson and Chris Copeland could be what gets the Pacers over the hump.

Sekou Smith, It’s hard to top the Los Angeles Clippers swiping Doc Rivers from the Boston Celtics at arguably the most critical juncture in franchise history to date (Chris Paul bolting for greener pastures in free agency would have had a far more devastating effect on the Clippers than anything Dwight Howard‘s departure will to the Los Angeles Lakers). But there is one transaction that sticks out. If Indiana Pacers boss Larry Bird is right about Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce having plenty left in their tanks, the Brooklyn Nets could very well be in the middle of the championship mix next spring. 

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: How about Utah trading with Golden State for Richard Jefferson, Andris Biedrins and Brandon Rush? And did we mention they get another first-round pick in 2014? I know it’s not a great trade from a basketball standpoint — it’s odd when you give up no players in a trade and don’t really improve — but with free agents Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap also gone, Utah now seems committed to youth next season. So, we’ll see a lot of Trey Burke, Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter, and they’ll lose a lot of games. But two first rounders in the prospect-rich 2014 Draft could make a big difference.


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  2. kenny says:

    The Nets they are a real threat to the Heat as long as they stay healthy and don’t underestimate the Pacers

  3. renz_garnett says:


  4. Goonis says:

    Nice shout out to the Jazz

  5. MA6 says:

    Ray allen n birdman back to miami
    3peat heat

  6. yotamo says:

    its funny how they say DH12 to the Rockets is the biggest move made this off-season, ive heard that before when he dealt to the LAL. JUST SAYIN. 🙂

  7. Melvin B says:

    Forgot to mention Brooklyn…If Joe Johnson and D Will can grow some heart over the course of the offseason, (CHI clearly exposed them last year) then they might have a serious chance to win the East. KG is a made guy, you know exactly what you are getting from him. I’m sure Paul Pierce feels he has a lot to prove. Will be interesting to see how he comes out next year(In shape? spent the summer sulking and eating that BKN cheesecake? lol)
    NYK: going nowhere…unless! Chandler can develop some kinda offensive game AND get back to his DPOY form on the other end. He looked WEAK in the playoffs last year. Melo and JR Smith both have to come in on point, and Bargani…idk about him. He has shown signs, but never consistent. They also need to get younger point guards/bigs. Ray Felton is a big piece for them, hopefully he can come back in shape too! Homie gains weight quickly

  8. dododo3 says:

    i dont understand why cavs isnt mention here.
    pg drew
    sg waiter (lil wade)
    sf trade varejao for a decent SF
    pf bennet
    c bynum

    sixthman jarred jack
    role players : trade tristan for a shooter and a lockdown big man

    all that adds up to a championship contend in 2-3 years

    not forgetting about the king whos returning.

  9. Andylx says:

    Jack played 29 minutes a game and Curry was playing a little bit too much. Barnes will be taking Landry’s minutes but he will be ask to work on his low post game. There are plenty of minutes for Iguodala. Iguodala role will be a point forward role, with Klay and Curry running off screens. Best part of Iguodala’s game is his ability to create his own shot and be part of a team. Warriors will can now match up with any team in the NBA. They can go big, strong, athletic, fast, small ball, half court or defensively. Mark Jackson will make this rotation work.
    The best part is losing Biedrins and Jefferson’s contracts. 2 players with crazy contracts.

  10. Pilot mathius says:

    Lakers is ma favourate team,bt i don’t see them in the championship race next season, Lakers depends much on Kobe bryant,He is a good player but Lakers should sign more powerfully player to help Kobe

  11. Pilot mathius says:

    I think Indiana gonna perform well in the coming season,bt am too much worried about Lakers,they are soo quit in the transfer market.

  12. Eric says:

    when D12 is happy an healthy he can dominate in Houston, but I think Iguodala will help Golden State tremendously.
    the warriors are the team to watch next season, they fight for the the first place with the clippers, spurs and maybe the thunder

  13. Joshzilla says:

    Spurs signing Belinelli for two years/re-signing Ginobili for anther two years. Perimeter scoring depth added to a team that took the Heat to seven games in the finals is scary. Parker, Ginobili and Duncan still have plenty left in the tank. Tim Duncan will most likely see Tony Parker retire. Tim Duncan, with his skill set and vast knowledge of the game would still be a double-double threat at the age of 50 and with how the Spurs manage their players exceptionally well by (faking injuries) resting them on road trips he could easily play for another three or four years yet. Manu would not have signed on for another two years unless he was guaranteed he’d be playing with Parker and Duncan for the duration.

    Go BULLS!!!

  14. ehehrh says:

    id say cleveland has done a very good job, getting bennet, Jack, clark, and bynum(impossible to say how good he is right now)

  15. J says:

    oviously there’s d12
    iggy to warriors will be impactful
    Bynum to cavs
    tyreke evans on pelicans
    smith to Detroit

    also a bunch of non superstar aquisations like Copeland or Dunleavy

  16. NbaGuru says:

    i meant to say josh smith. All the howard talk went to my head.

  17. NbaGuru says:

    Josh howard to detroit or D12 to houston. Andre Drummond is D12 east for those of you who don’t know and the european player is tony Kukoc. Watch the clips of these guys. Add howard and detroit is the most athletic team in the league

  18. Melomvp says:

    Clips, and golden state or piston. If only kg and pierce are 3-5 years younger maybe will say Nets but they are bit old and nets dont have enough bench suport or lets say they dont have bench support

  19. nyguz says:

    birdman stays with the heat, the best no-move

  20. dfgdfg says:

    the best move is probably KG,PP, and Terry to Brooklyn. They might be old, but they are still huge threats on the court. They already have Brook Lopez, who was AMAZING in the playoffs (unfortunately his team was too heavy for him to carry), Joe Johnson and D Will. Having PP, KG, D WILL, B Lopez, and J Johnson on the court for the final minutes of a game is scary…. I’m not a Nets fan but I have to admit that this team is a huge threat (if they can make it to the playoffs healthy)

    Top four teams in the East will probably be Miami, Indiana, Chicago (if healthy), and Brooklyn (if healthy)
    not too sure about the Knicks….

    • dfgdfg says:

      I mean….great move by Brooklyn only if they can make a good playoff run… before PP and KG really run out of gas or before they leave.

  21. W/E says:

    If D12 is healthy and plays like pre injury then yeah Rockets made the best trade by miles.

  22. Kamote says:

    GS made a really good deal in getting Iguodala. If the key players (Curry and Bogut) would be healthy all year, then next year would be a great year for GS. Iguodala, aside from a do-it-all player, won’t disrupt much the offense, but will definitely help on D, which coach Jackson would love. Looking at the bright side of losing Jack, GS can now afford to play Steph, Klay, Iguodala and Barnes as multi-position players (the luxury the Miami 3 has) to create mismatches. A solid back-up PG and SF would help though. The best part, they’re able to get rid of Biedrins, Jefferson and Rush, who actually didnt help much last year. I just hope they could pitch to veteran role players to fill-in the bench they’ve lost.

  23. Afewmore says:

    What about a sign and trade deal to bring Ginobili over to the Bucks the and send over Monta Ellis as a legitimate scoring threat off of the bench or even paired with Tony Parker?

  24. SteamRickroller says:

    Im my opinion, it’s a tie between Andre Iguodala to Golden State and Josh Smith to Detroit

  25. TheAll-Star136 says:

    Iggy and the Warriors

  26. Roy says:

    My heart says Dwight Howard to the Rockets is the biggest move, he’ll probably be fully healthy by the start of next season and he’s the best defensive player in the league by far so adding him to your team immediately boosts all your defensive stats by a ton of rankings. Same with 3 point shooting.

    But, my eager basketball mind says Doc Rivers to the Clippers is the best move. The Clippers are the best team in the West now I think, with a top 3-5 (your call) coach guiding the team this season I think they can make the West finals. I’m not even a Clipper fan, but you have to respect Doc and Chris Paul (Best overall PG in the NBA, Rondo is a better PURE point guard though).

    I think the Spurs will fall off a bit because of father time, OKC won’t be much better, Russell will never be the same player after a knee injury like that, at least not this season, and the rest of their roster isn’t going to get much better. I don’t see Ibaka or Perkins making much of a stride. Golden State is looking very scary though.

  27. theking0522 says:

    I think Howard to the Rockets. The Rockets were 8th seed last season. They will be fighting for the first 3 seeds next season. Parsons is a great player, Harden is excellent, Lin should improve and Howard is a great defender. The Rockets are going to be a great team. I am not saying they are going to win the West before I see them playing together (remember the Lakers were supposed to be the world champions right now with their super team), but they can be a dangerous team.

  28. sid says:

    The best move was D12 to Houston for sure!
    But not as u think – it was the best for the Lakers! If they could move O’Antoni the same way – they can have a chance 2014/15 again!

  29. reaaly? says:

    Knicks getting Bargnani …. NOT! smh

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      I would take Bargnani over Novak,Camby, & Maggette ANYDAY! Im pretty sure those 3 combined only average half of what Bargnani averages in PPG.
      Its about time the Knicks cleaned up all the garbage on their bench, they just need to sign Metta World Peace, & resign K-mart and they should be much more improved next season.

      • Weemes says:

        have fun over there in new york. Ujiri juat keep playing this dumber than bricks knicks management. Do you know how relieving it is as a raptors fan to even get quentin richardson, novak and camby for a guy who will avg 10ppg if that on 43% FG% and thats based on the idealism that barg will play better in NY. 10mill for that top notch defense. I guess defense was a 1 season philosophy in NY.

  30. PIpsqueak48 says:

    I think one of the best moves was Big Al going to the Bobcats. They may have over paid for him but what he brings the Bobcats could never have or probably will win in the lottery. Also I think the East has balanced out so that now almost every team is competing for a play off spot, not just in rebuilding mode. The West is shaky though with all the moves but the team that will win the West top spot will either be a team that has remained intact like the Thunder (possibly but K Mart leaving doesn’t help) or a team that made a good move in free agency and their chemistry is great, like Iggy to GWS, and no not like Houston, Dwight Howard still is going to have issues and as we saw does not blend in well like Iggy did in Denver.

    • Chad says:

      Big Al is a great offensive scorer. Unfortunately, he gives up those points on the defensive end.

      • Dan says:

        They can probably make up for that with Biyombo who is all about defense, i think this move really balances out the Bobcats frontcourt. It also relieves some of the pressure on Kemba to put the team on his back scoring wise.

  31. ghjk says:

    Brooklyn geting a True Warrior in Garnett and 2 guys who can take big shots at any time can make them fly next season.
    Also Clips adding Rivers and Gentry (dont forget him!!!) would make a big difference. They dont have 1 great coach but 2..

  32. chitown says:

    Andre Igoudala to the Warriors is a great move. However, it does hamper Harrison Barnes development. Barnes has potential to be one of the best forwards in the league. He will have t provide the energy. The move is good because Andre Igoudala does not have high maintenance. He doesn’t demand the ball. He plays within the offense by doing whats best. He chips in anyway he can. He will fit in perfectly with Mark Jacksons style. Stephen Curry has another running mate to go along with Klay Thompson. Igoudala is good defensively with his long arms and aggressiveness. Which is good when they play the Thunder with Kevin Durant. He will spark the team and potentially bring them up to the top 5 in the West.

    • Shawn K says:

      While I agree on everything you said about how this is a good move for Igoudala and the Warriors, he will be their defensive anchor on the perimeter while Curry and Thompson provide the scoring, but I have a bad feeling it might make Barnes unhappy. He is a very talented player with A LOT of potential(like you said, he has the potential to be one of the best forwards in the league) but he deserves a starting role. So now that the Warriors have Igoudala, and put Barnes on the bench on the bench, I’m afraid he might become unhappy with the amount of playing time he will receive coming off the bench. It might get to the point where he might even request a trade, who knows?! That’s all speculation on my part, but you never know.

      • Terrell says:

        Harrison Barnes may become unhappy but at the same time he gives the Warriors another option of the bench. He will become their sixth man but it’s gonna come down to what type of guy he is. I’m sure they talked to Harrison before they made the move and you might be surprised to find out that he was okay with the move. If it helps the team move one more step closer to becoming true contenders then I’m sure he won’t be selfish if it hinders the team.

      • Dan says:

        Im not so sure they have asked his opinion. He might be sixth man, but think about James Harden and the Thunder and what it brought them.
        James is now a superstar with Houston, same type of thing will probably happen with Barnes. Barnes has shown he can become a good defender, good rebounder and finish around the rim, but his biggest plus is that he is a WAY better 3pt and freethrow shooter than Iguodala.
        I really dont get this move, i guess losing out on Dwight made them panic and just sign a big name.