Report: ‘Birdman’ Won’t Fly Heat’s Coop


From staff reports

On Jan. 20, the Heat took a flyer on Chris “Birdman” Andersen, signing the free-agent center to the first of two 10-day contracts. By Jan. 30, Andersen, who was amnestied by the Denver Nuggets prior to the 2012-13 season, had a season-long deal with the defending champs.

Come playoff time, Andersen more than proved his value to Miami as his defense, hustle plays, tenacity and more helped spark the Heat off the bench. He had a stretch in the East finals where he made his first 15 shots and was critical in a Game 1 victory over the Pacers. His play was vital to Miami repeating as NBA champs and, as the play above shows, he came up with some key plays in a Game 7 victory over the Spurs in The Finals.

As such, Andersen became the offseason free-agent priority for team president Pat Riley and coach Erik Spoelstra, and as Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski reports, will be with the Heat for one more season:

Chris Andersen – the famous Birdman – has agreed to a one-year contract to return to the two-time defending NBA champion Miami Heat, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Andersen played a telltale part in the Heat’s championship run, signing in January and immediately impacting the Heat during a 27-game winning streak that turned into a prelude to another NBA title. The Heat were 37-3 in the regular season with him.

Andersen, 34, was spectacular in the Heat’s Eastern Conference finals series against the Indiana Pacers, making 15 consecutive shots.

In less than 15 minutes a game, Andersen averaged nearly five points and four rebounds for the Heat. He also gave Miami a formidable and physical presence around the basket.

Andersen played 32 games for the Denver Nuggets in the 2011-12 season, before the Nuggets used the NBA’s amnesty clause to waive him. He’s played parts of 11 seasons with Denver, New Orleans and Miami.

And as’s Marc Stein and Brian Windhorst point out, Andersen re-signed with the Heat for less money than he likely would have commanded in the open market:

Anderson could have commanded longer deals elsewhere, but sources said he couldn’t bear to leave such a good situation in Miami, where he emerged as the Heat’s best big man after joining the team in January.

The Heat had made bringing Andersen back an offseason priority but are limited somewhat financially because they are facing a $30 million luxury tax bill this upcoming season.

Andersen’s return, coupled with the decisions on the options of free agents Ray Allen and Mario Chalmers, ensures the Heat’s core players will be together for another title run.


  1. Lakers4ever says:

    Birdman? Best big man? Where’s Bosh’s name? Come sign long term with Lakers and you’ll see Lebron there a year later! (Though I must admit that by signing Kaman, they certainly won’t make this move)

  2. iivviiccaa79 says:

    Birdman is cool but,
    why doesn’t Heat seek out for some cheap big man, maybe in Europe or something?
    could work out fine for them..

  3. Bob says:

    This new CBA will be a problem for the Heat this year. The Heat are pretty much strapped for cap room, and the Pacers, Bulls, and Nets have really upgraded this off season. The Heat needs Birdman, but they need some length. The way to beat “small ball” is with athletic tall players that defend well and dominate the boards. It’s still true that rebounds win games.
    With all due respect to Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem, the Heat are tolerating under-performing players with good salaries. Bosh has trade value and should be dealt to fix the size problem up front. Al Jefferson would have been a more along the line of a player they need to get to keep the ring (s). Shoot, I’d trade Bosh for Asik (and a little more) in Houston.

    • yoloolol says:

      Agree! But I understand that the Heat will make a run at this 3peat thing with the same guys. but Asik would be a good fit for the Heat, bigman that can defend, block and great at rebounding. And his offensive game is improving,

  4. Alex says:

    Great move for the Heat. Now maybe they can try to sign Sam Dalambert or maybe DeJuan Blair.

  5. 3peat says:

    3 peat coming!!! GO HEAT!!!

  6. Lebron iZ DeezD says:

    Homeboy gon come in next season DeezDDDDD

  7. BoshDilemma says:

    Heat are set and again all depends on Bosh. I think game 7 might have been his best game. He didn’t score yet he rebounded, played D, and didn’t take one 3 although he was in the hallway talking about his points doughnut. . Heat probably would trade Bosh if they could but who wants an 18 million dollar guard/small forward disguised in a 6’11 body. Luckily Riley could bring back Bird. They have Verando in summer league and will see if his rebounding and shot blocking ever carries over to NBA from college. Heat have to trade for or develop a big man besides Bird who consistently scores in the paint

  8. nun ya binez says:

    everyone is saying heats need a big man…but what u all aint seeing is that dey kow dis….butttt….they are also looking at it like dis…with a big man in the centre….how will lebron and wade get it….cuz a big man will clog the lanes…..which means lebron and wade have to turn into jump shooters…that’s why wen they play small they play bettercuz they spread the floor with 3 pt shooters and let lebron and wade go to the ring…..wit a big he’ll prevent that….which means heat has to change there pace and game to a post playing team and less transition or attacking team…their half court game will change….remember wen j orneil was there wade had a hard getting in…..what dey need is a good rebounding which birdman provides…if they get a big man he’ll have to come off the bench wen lebron goes to the bench to give wade a scoring hand….wade is my boy…heats is my team from since wade joined it….but he is aging and his game to become more posting….

  9. Freida says:

    Yeah! Need him. They just need a 7′ and they will be complete, since Bosh doesn’t like to play center. Bosh did come up in the playoffs when absolutely needed.

  10. Shawn K says:

    Good to see Birdman stay in Miami(I’m not a Heat fan, but he is a good fit with them). I think Miami should start him and see how he can handle 30+ minutes. I think the starting lineup should be;

    PG-Norris Cole(he’s a better defender than Chalmers. Chalmers can score off the bench with 15+ minutes per game)
    SG-Dwayne Wade(obviously, and Ray Allen off the bench give a three point threat like no other)
    SF-Lebron James(Battier would also be good off the bench. he’s a good defender with range)
    PF-Chris Bosh(Miami needs to keep Bosh inside the arch, no more crazy/unnecessary three attempts)
    C-Chris Anderson(he is a better center than Joel Anthony all around. with 30-34minutes, Anderson could contribute a lot)

    Any one agree/disagree?

  11. lakerslakerslakers says:

    good move, lebron needs all the help he can get

  12. ene be a says:

    Heart vs Cavaliers in the first or second round , tha will be great to watch.

  13. ene be a says:

    Great, now get oden.

  14. liam says:

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  15. theholyspectator says:

    heat need one more big man, someone who can give them 12-15 minutes, thats all they need..just to keep the opposing team scrambling and guessing…otherwise miami is set for the 3 peat..dwade needa go to a remote tribe somewhere in the heart of thailand and get some herbal healing, do some shrooms/lsd , something to get his body 100% again…we only saw really 3 dwadeish games during this past years playoffs…that cant happen…everyone on that squad has to elevate their game..but seriously heat 3 peat, still dont see a legit team beating them, if the spurs couldnt do it, no one can.

  16. gdun says:

    Great choice

  17. bo says:

    will I like birdman but not planning to watch nba for a few years. game 6 makes me think of 72 Olympics refs were better than guys in game 6 refs. I might have missed seeing some other fouls in series. but when announcers are saying it is a foul. nbe got to get better officials in last last minutes of games.

  18. Patrickmarc says:

    Parker and Ducan couldn’t play right when Birdman was on the floor.
    David West was frustrated as well.
    I am sure he can score much more for his team.
    Good deal for Miami !

    • Anonymou says:

      Please, Duncan abused Anderson and Bosh in the post. If i remember correctly birdman almost fouled out in one of the games. Get your facts right next time

  19. FrankL2010 says:

    Pat Riley is just a kind of BOSS the rest of the NBA team should have. Decisions are always for the best interest of the team. Can Lakers do this? I’ve been a Riley fan from the time he was with Lakers and I just can’t understand why the Lakers let him go. I was hoping Mitch would make a move to sign Birdman but I guess, he just TOO SLOW to decide

  20. theking0522 says:

    Great news!!! This guys plays hard. He will see more minutes next season because this year he was coming of a year off and took some time until he got in playing shape. I am pretty sure that he is working hard this summer to have a huge season and put himself in position to get a good contract after next season. He block, rebounds, can finish around the rim….Birdman, Birdman!!! It’s time to fly

  21. mahmoud mousli says:

    In my opinion/fact, Birdman is the rudest, scariest, and the worst player, plus i cant believe how he didnt get ejected when he pushed hansbrough i was really pissed because that was like the stupidest call ever he give the victim the flagrant, oh my GOsh! tHIS SO PISSING OFf I HATE Chris Anderson.

  22. yamel says:

    he’s the perfet defend for miami i’m happy they get it back is going to be better with him in the lineup

  23. Oscar says:


  24. malakititi says:

    Heat is such a team with the family like environment.Birdman might be earning more in other teams but preferred to stay with the heat. What is money anyway when you’re not happy. Right Dwight. Pat Riley, Erik Spoeslstra and of course Mickey are examples of excellent managers.”HUMANS” – C’MON FLY WITH ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP BIRDMAN.

  25. KImmy says:

    Love the Birdman! Good news! And I’m impressed he chose “happiness” over money. Well, by happiness I mean another possible championship. And I’m not even a Heat fan.

  26. a great player he is. I think we should give him even more credit than some people like to. he hustles, but clearly has an intelligent mind on the court.

  27. asdf says:

    heat roster a pretty much set now if bird signs. I hope they dont amnesty miller.

  28. MiamiHeat says:

    I’m glad the Heat retained Chris Andersen. He’s a perfect fit for their system bringing so much energy from the bench.
    Birdman Birdman! #Heat3Peat

  29. allaroundballer says:

    Big 3 my *ss, credit to miami exc for hired allen and birdman

  30. Heats Fans! says:

    Go get it! #HEATSNATION

  31. Michael Peloton says:

    The Birdman is an excellent pick up for the heat. Kudos to Pat Riley the brain thrust of the Heat. The nba teams forgot about the skills of the Birdman. The Heat did not. That is why they are champions.

  32. Tomcat78e says:

    Wise decision for Miami. Birdman’s impact was pretty obvious.