Report: Lakers To Amnesty World Peace


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The Metta World Peace era in Los Angeles has apparently come to an end. The colorful Lakers small forward could be the first casualty of the Dwight Howard decision to go to Houston with the Lakers prepared to waive him, according to Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register.

MWP, formerly Ron Artest, has been a staples in the Lakers’ lineup for the past four seasons. He played the hero in Game 7 of The Finals in 2010, knocking down the clutch 3-point shot (above) to help the Lakers survive the Boston Celtics at the Staples Center.

But he’ll exit in the fallout of a lost season and free agent summer that saw the Lakers strike out in their recruitment of Howard, who chose to chase his championship dreams with the Rockets instead of sticking around to see if he and Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Steve Nash, MWP and the rest of the Lakers could get it right during a second season together.

The Lakers are cutting ties with MWP on the same day they agreed to terms with center Chris Kaman on a one-year deal to help shore up the frontcourt rotation with Howard out of the picture.

There is still a hole at small forward, though. MWP was one of the only regulars to make it through the 2012-13 season healthy for the Lakers. He played in 75 regular season games, starting 66 of those. At 33, he surely has a few good years left in him. They just won’t be with the Lakers.


  1. Ron says:

    .Come to sactown Ron-Ron.come home to kings again,Bro.

  2. Lakers4life says:

    If MWP goes to South Beach… I’ll join the bandwagon! Lol.

  3. Alex says:

    What about a ronnie brewer to add some ath and def?

  4. DAK says:

    kareem needs to come out of retirement to show DH he can outscore & actually hit free throws better, even at his old age, lol

  5. billybob says:

    Jim Buss just made himself the little Danny Snyder of the NBA.

  6. noyb says:

    Jim Buss is S-T-U-P-I-D! Color LAL D-O-N-E until he’s out.

  7. flea says:

    L.A. LAKERS!!!!!!!

  8. hyderlaker says:

    I think someone should fire mitch. He had so many choices of getting good and young players instead he gets some old and not so much skill full players.And on the other side he gives up one of the most best defender in the nba!!! Who does he think he is jim buss will not be happy.

  9. vincent says:

    i hoped he would eventually get black close to his houston playing level, but i guess hes just declining. smart move by lakers, go get a better scorer at SF

  10. XtrolledX says:

    Oh come on guizzzzz, just give peace a chance… ;D

  11. MJfromOKC says:

    Rocket is trying to speak from Asiks point of view I think.

  12. kobe says:

    Jim Buss has no idea what he is doing…Mitch to is over his head…they bring in the wrong coach and the signing of Kaman makes no sense…and now they let Artest go..only defender they have besides Kobe..what is the identity of this team..long year for us…

  13. mayo says:


  14. Swedish says:

    This was a great move for the Lakers. MWP is way past his prime and has been more of a detriment than anything else for the Lakers for the past two seasons.

    Everyone knows his shot has been struggling, but it goes deeper than that. His entire offensive game is a liability for any team he’s with. Every time MWP touched the ball on offense last season I cringed because I knew he was going to hold on to the ball to long while the shot clock ran down and either throw up a forced shot or lose the ball when attempting to drive. He seriously has some of the worst handles I’ve ever seen. He couldn’t even handle a fast break situation. I can’t even count the number of times he botched a fast break by turning the ball over, missing a point blank layup or inflicting an offensive foul.

    His defense, too, is not where it used to be. His legs are just gone. He can’t keep up with any wing players and always resorts to fouling them when they blow right past him. He has a little more luck against power forwards camping out in the post, like Boozer, but if they have even a meager repertoire of post moves (unlike Boozer), MWP can’t give them much trouble, and still has to resort to fouling.

    Bottom line, the Lakers are a much better team without MWP and I’m thanking the basketball gods that they finally got rid of him.

    • Swedish says:

      Also, for the people crying about the Kaman acquisition, just stop it. Kaman is a super solid center, and a great role player. He can rebound, he can block shots, he can d up any other center in the league, and best of all for the Lakers, he won’t need any plays called for him (cuz with Kobe, he wouldn’t get any, right Dwight?). He will be a great addition to the Lakers team.

  15. kei says:

    Oh, another nice move Lakers! This will get rid of some of those Lakers fan boys. D12 & Ron gone. Perhaps an early retirement for Nash? Wait till Kobe demands “another” trade like he did in 2005 or early retirement as well.
    Woho! It’s just good news after good news for the Lakers! Don’t you all agree?

  16. LakerFan, KobeHater says:

    The Lakers can win because of their cap space. And taking out Kobe from the team can boost their chances. The Lakers are done not unless Kobe retires. As long as Kobe is there, nobody wanted playing for the Lakers. Kobe will never get a 6th ring, he used to have one, but then he lost his wedding ring to his ex-wife. Haha!

  17. Shawn K says:

    While i do feel bad for Metta, this is a good move for the Lakers. They free up some much needed cap space to get better players. Best of luck to Metta.

  18. JB says:

    are some of you NBA fans im seeing comments that are just to dumb, to be honest kobe had one of the best seasons all around in his career he is done bcuz he got injured tryin to lead his team to the playoffs? and your dumb if you think kobe is sitting out a full year he will be back by early Dec. kaman was a good move he is a true 5 that can rebound, alter shots, he has more post moves then howard and can use both hands, he has to just stay healthy and motivated and its only a 1 year deal. Gasol can play 5 but defensively he is to soft which is why the 4 is his best bet. mwp had some great moments but he is not worth the $ but im with another person who said lakers dont need to just throw away a whole season always try and get some good product so that the fans dont turn on you. im mad that the lakers let clark go i feel he was the perfect SF and up and coming player. its still early summer and still some free agents that can help but right now lakers might be worse off then last year at this point in the summer.

  19. W/E says:

    They HAVE TO get rid of Kobe btw, hes the main reason nobody wants to play for the lakers the guy should retire.

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      EXACTLY! Kobe is hurting the team at this point, he needs to join up with kevin Durant in OKC and let the lakers rebuild like the Celtics are doing.

  20. Pacquiaoverrated says:

    just remove the overrated kobe ballhog, no team will succeed with a ballhog in tow, thats what bringing the whole team down.

  21. Joshua Greenfarb says:


  22. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    What cracks me up is this Kevin Ding guy calling Ron Artest a “sweet guy.” Ha! Isn’t this the same Metta World Peace that injured James Harden with that infamous elbow to his head? When one thinks of Artest, the adjective “sweet” doesn’t exactly come to mind.

  23. RocketMan1055 says:

    new poster fixin to show my knowledge of the game lol

  24. disgustingexampleofhumanity says:

    If Kobe wants the ring he should resign his current contract and take the minimum annual salary scale payment and free up the resources.

    Do it for the glory, not the money, set the example, cement your legacy.

    He has realistically got 2 seasons left in him, put the whole franchise on your back and go out in a blaze of glory for that fairytale ending.

  25. yeykobe says:

    lakers are going to win no more than 30-40 games this season, cmon… almost all offence based on kobe. they suppose to be focused on comming draft to look for young pieces, mabye trade someone to get top5 pick i dont know, but will be strange not to see lakers in playoffs, anyway good luck lakers.

  26. sohojay says:

    Lakers please hire Phil Jackson and Jen Buss! Lakers are falling apart.

    Removing the only guy who gives you good defense with Kobe out isn’t the most strategic move.
    Who are they trying to make a play for?

    I don’t get the move?

  27. Brian Cook says:

    Thank you World peace for the entertainment you provided to us Laker fans. We will never forget your performances. Now I guess the Lakers are going to war. There is no more Peace!!!!

  28. MWP/MVP says:

    This just in.. MWPeace takes his talents to South Beach!!!

  29. A.J. says:

    In a week or two, Miami’s 2013-14 Ray Allen.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Yeah right. Ron Artest has an ugly-looking shot.

      I admit, though, it might be a good idea if Miami signed him, for defense. Cause Indiana is making it to the 2014 NBA Finals.

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        Cause now Lebron James apparently is starting to take summers off just like Kobe Bryant does every year. It’s up to the Pacers to take full advantage.

  30. flea says:

    Lakers should sign

    Jeff Teague
    Lamar Odom
    Andrew Bynum

    and be CONTENDERS!!!

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Bynum looks like he’s going to take another year off. Bryant may want to consider doing the same.

  31. dreadyjun says:

    Blahblahblah. Just shut up already. If you are all smart you would be a coach or a GM in the NBA. If you are good then you should be playing in the NBA. Too many experts. Just let the Lakers do their thing. They will come good in time. They always have.

  32. Kevin says:

    How ironic would it be if he signed with the Pistons?

  33. Matthew says:

    Metta World Peace will go play for Miami now!!!!… Someone had to say it and no, I’m not a Heat fan. BUT I will jump on a bandwagon if it’s headed to the right place. CHEA!! GO HAWKS!!!

  34. BIG WHITE says:

    In his prime possibly the greatest one on one wing defender of all time .

  35. Drago says:

    Artest may be a small time punk but he played for the Lakers like a machine last year he even broke his knee did surgery and came way to early just to get to the playoffs.Firing a player that gave so much for that team is disrespectful.

    • dave says:

      And who knows what type of damage he did coming back so quickly. I wonder if his knee is messed up, and they just dumped him. Yes, I could see MWP feeling disrespected

  36. Lakers4life says:

    The two best teams in the NBA are going into rebuilding mode… Although Lakers still have a bit of juice left in the orange. I feel like it will take the C’s a prolonged amount of time than more people think they will. Since the Eastern Conference is stronger. But they WILL be a championship team again.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Uhm, they’re NOT the two best teams in the NBA. There’s a difference between present tense and past tense, you dolt. You can argue and live in the past that the Laker and Celtic franchises are the two best in NBA history, if you want to. But the two BEST TEAMS in the NBA? WRONG.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      And BTW, the East Conference is still weak. Boston will likely barely get into the playoffs again. The Pistons signing Josh Smith? That doesn’t mean Pistons will make the playoffs. I doubt it.

      The Lakers, however, will not make the playoffs. That’s my opinion. They shouldn’t have been in the playoffs last season, anyway. The West Conference is going to be strong and deep again. It appears, for instance, that teams like the Pelicans are leapfrogging the Lakers in 2014 and beyond. Not only did the Rockets upgrade but Thunder will have a healthy Westbrook and Dallas will have a healthy Dirk. Lakers can’t compete with these teams.

  37. J says:

    I loved him as a pacer and a laker *sad*

  38. ueuqw says:

    Im norwegian, so im not sure what amnesty means, does it mean that the lakers buys metta out off his contract?

  39. Mamad says:

    How could they let Earl go!!!

  40. mat j 951 says:

    sekou is talking non sence as always

  41. erik spoelstra gf is hot says:

    artest should go back to pacers for more toughness

  42. 2e says:


  43. TrueNBAFan says:

    The Lakers finally take a step in the right direction, and all these Lakers fans are crying about it? lol Ron Artest is a cancer, he cost the Lakers more games then he helped them win last season. He’s not worth $30 million, all you Laker fans hating on your team’s owner, yet he’s finally done something right to help your team.

  44. best says:

    trated nash for lowry and ross for defende

  45. amadilo says:

    reply for ? and cpthinde Gr8 simply means great do u get it now

  46. Unkle Daddy says:

    He should have been amnestied as soon as he changed his name to metta world peace. “His Momma call’em Ron, I’ma call’em Ron”

  47. DR says:

    After KB24 retires I’m predicting a long drought from the lakers, sort of what the Knicks have been for the past 10 years (excluding this past season).

  48. DR says:

    Its so weird that the lakers are no longer the team players want to sign with. Seriously, it used to be that everyone wanted to play for them. smh, it’s a new era i guess.

    • Matthew says:

      It’s not LA, it’s Kobe and them other bums…. People want to make a name for themselves.. not make Kobe look even better.

  49. yomama says:

    Everyone repeats after me, ” The LACKERS will be in the lottery next year, 15, 16, 17,…..” Amen!

  50. lol says:

    wow things are looking real bad for the lakers…

  51. DXLV REBEL says:

    Now that they finally getting rid of MWP
    they should start looking at Paul millsap and David west
    before they get a new contract

    Lakers so far are just old and weak players
    they need some youngsters that attack the paint

    Nd if they don’t lakers is going to be more boring than the spurs are
    In others words non-contenders

  52. Jeeven says:

    lakers are a joke. this is too funny.

  53. L for.... says:

    …Oh and umm…MWP you can win another one in MIA playing along side the best player in the world….just a suggestion

  54. CW says:

    The Lakers are now the Bobcats —
    I’m luvin’ it….

  55. Truefan says:

    Even if lakers and celts are put to together they wouldn’t be contenders. Times changing, for now..

  56. peoples elbow says:

    Nooooooo.The peoples elbow has been dismissed….doesn’t Jim and Mitch know MWP was our secret weapon to stopping James Harden and the rockets…He would have probably rocked bottom Dwight this upcoming season…We are left with no defense. I gues Mamba will have to do it on his own and probably break his own 81 point game record.

  57. Lake says:

    @ Ells44 you cannot change the contract, meaning you cant lower some1s salary and btw players care too much about money

  58. Aus bball fan says:

    The lakers are in deep trouble. Should of amnesty metta world punch before dwight signed with houston. should of tried to get atleast d12 or josh smith but missed both and picked up kaman?? wat??? now you amnesty metta??? what are you thinking LA. All eyes must be on wiggins but its not like that is a definite anyway. Agreed jim buss would be turning in his grave!!!
    Still a few good pickups to salvage some sort of pride for next season. Monta or brandon jennings i personally think jennings would be a much better pick up and will play with kaman and pau well with a legit inside out game and can help with dantonis run n gun style and can play the 2 while kobe is out. They really need a small forward with a defense first mindset but i dont feel there is any left. Pekovic would of been a way better pcik up than kaman!!!

  59. Raoul Cruz says:

    Thank you MWP/ Ron Artest for the 2010 NBA Championship. we wish you all the great luck where ever you go. I am sad to say now i dont know if i will support the Lakers this coming season as for kobe take a year long rest cause your effort is just a waste if you play this year no way the Lakers will win nor going to the playoff. Jim Buss is ruining the franchise along with Mitch (Kupcake) Kupchuck! so long my dear lakers this year i wont support you i hate to see this coming with the great franchise i honestly like the way Boston is doing you can see where they’re goin in revamping their franchise unlike Jim Buss & Kupcake there is no light on the other side of the tunnel.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Boston won 2010 NBA Championship. Lakers cheated in rigged games to win a false, paper Championship.

      Boston won 2008 and 2010.

      You know it’s true. 🙂

  60. LAisAmess says:

    @peteymusic. LAMO! “Blake is pesky but so is a cold sore”! True indeed. The Lakers begin tanking when they signed Nash who doesn’t fit with Kobe at all! Truth is Lakers management has to gradually tell the fans we are done with this whole roster. They won’t lose on purpose. Just biding time to end Kobe’s ridiculous contract and make moves in free agency next year. LA should bring back Luke Walton just for the Great white hype effect! Nash, Blake (Kobe ‘s replacement), Walton (wherever he is), Byron Mullens, & Gasol for the starting five! Bring back Sasha, trade for Kris Humphries (a Kardashian connection in LA…priceless), and sign/trade Ryan Anderson to pick up up some of Kobe’s. Tickets would sell like hot cakes! Then get Wiggins in draft.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Luke Walton??? Yah, do that! Bring back the worst player in NBA history. Ha!

  61. oh nooo says:

    i would love to see D’antoni leave.

  62. Geary says:

    MWP to the Clippers!!!!!

  63. Art says:

    Maybe they should change their team from Los Angeles Lakers to Los Angeles Losers’……..

  64. Amnesty = Peace says:

    Maybe MWP can go back to the Rockets (though his contract is rather big).

    I’ve wanted to say I am glad he fought through his mental health issues, and at the same time is using his star power to help make social change on the problem.

    Anyway, not knocking MWP at all, but the words “amnesty” and “world peace” go together rather well. In fact, amnesty sometimes contributes to world peace? …

    • Granny says:

      Houston is RICH. If they get MWP, Houston will go to the top. Houston should grab MWP.
      Laker Fans don’t buy Tickets to the Games, Let Jim Buss know that he can’t make money of you, and get rid of the best players.
      Let’s see what happens if no one is at the Staples center for open night. Give Jim Buss what he deserves.


    Que ya se le olvido a Mitch Kupchak que los Lakers son por tradición un equipo ganador, al que le deben de aplicar la amnistia es a él. Kupchak es el problema, necesitamos alguien que vea por el equipo.

  66. TheUnknown says:

    it seems pretty sad for MWP, but finally the Lakers realize that we’re going to have to rebuild. I’m kinda still scratching my head over the move to trade the developing talent of Ariza for Ron Artest (i know they wanted to bully the All Star SFs, Lebron, Melo and KD) but Ariza was developing into a great piece in the Lakers offense and defense and to watch him be picked by Houston to be the new “star” and then watch his downfall was terrible. Lakers need to develop players and keep young players on, Kobe era is not going to last forever and now we are getting hit by those draft picks given up, and young players traded for veterans or even the Vets signed other than a good young player, *cough* Steve Blake and Chris Duhon *cough* theres usually better young players on the free-agent list but constantly its the old Vet that gets picked, its like the Lakers have a requirement “30 and over” other than the rookies or usually rookie since our other draft pick is usually gone to someone else.

  67. MC says:

    Lakers are in rebuild mode. They should get rid of Kobe. Lets be honest, he is simply not worth what he is making anymore ($$$). His best chance at another title run is to get a pay cut and use it to get more talent. However, ain’t gonna happen. The guy can’t share the ball, can’t expect him to share anything else.

  68. nibo26 says:

    i am sad that the lakers organisation are not taking the fans to heart yes its a business but atleast try to make moves that we as fans can appreciate and make sense off. at the end of the day its us fans that have you all where you at today. unless you guys have a really good deal coming up.we are proud fans and dont want to see our team at the bottom of the table. all respect to kobe and pau but we need all the help we can get. this is as honest as i can get as a true laker fan i support the organisation but remember we are here . lakers for ever.

  69. bench says:

    What are the lakers management thinking? signing Kaman for 1 year and giving Clark?, Dont beg for dh hes a dwightmare, instead you should get josh smith as a defensive big man, kyle korver as a shooter and jeff teague for pg, whats going on Mr. Buss and Mitch, keep on believing d antoni and you can never be at the finals again nor at the playoffs.

  70. cahotelguy says:

    Strictly money move …Lakers not going anywhere but down so dump WP salary save luxury tax .They going go with what they have than dump everyone but Kobe and NAsh (if they can do trade Nash too)next year .. reload free agents next year .Pau lands in Minn,Golden State,or maybe OKC all close to winning championship for draft pick ..Top 3 in next year draft all better than anyone including Kobe
    Lakers now same boat as Celtics they have aging stars that will only get you to middle standings and last playoff spot .
    They have no draft picks and above luxury cap they are worse shape than MAVs and Celtics which both have to retoolbut Mavs got space and Celtics got picks in great draft .and free agent space..
    You have medicore team even when Kobe back ,I expect Nash and Pau have better years than last but no small forward or power forward very weak bench , Kaman is rent a year player 10 pts and 6 rebs would be been better to gone to Spurs ..

  71. jxflight says:

    OOOUUUCCCCHHHH! this up-coming season is gonna be a DISASTER!

  72. notalakerfan says:

    The apparent debacle in la la land may just be part of a well calculated plan. If they have their way it may be checkmate in favor of the fakers. Either way i know that d12 n co will take care of business. LETS GO ROX!

  73. Eli says:

    Why not amnesty Kobe(just like Mark Cuban said)…his healing process is still not a sure shot that he will play this year…30 million dollars…he may plan to come back this season but i personally doubt it…remember he is already 34-35 years old and the healing process is quite slow and when he comes back he won’t be the same again….let him do a “Larry Bird”, he should retire and not think about the money…and if he feels that he can come back, then the lakers i believe is still open for him to come back to…they just need to dump his salary to get young and also marquee players.

    • Al says:

      actually, if they were going to amnesty Kobe, they should have done it already cause they could have signed chris paul, then howard stays! glad hes gone though….

  74. DUBS ALL DAY says:

    Go to the warriors!! I welcome his defense and tenacity

  75. LA-AllTheWay@Manila says:

    I just don’t get it.. Why META???????? Waive BLAKE and get a good supporting PG for Nash.. Get Bynum back…..

    • Granny says:

      I like that, Blake is afraid of playing with the Black guys unless someone on the team is white. He needs to go. Andrew B is waiting for the Lakers to give him an offer. Nash was good. but his back is keeping him from giving his best. Keep MWP and get rid of Nash, Blake, and Pau.

  76. Heat Hater says:

    Lakers cannot re-sign MWP this year.
    Strange to sign Kaman if they are truly tanking. Maybe they are planning to trade him now, or later, so as to obtain draft picks for next year’s bonanza. Or they just want to make a show up until the trade deadline. I hope it ends up being good news for Laker fans, at least eventually.

  77. Vlad says:

    MWP should just go back to the Sacramento Kings and play as hard as he can and help the Kings make the Playoffs because of his energy, it will make everyone play like that and when the Kings play with a lot of energy, they are really hard to beat and if nobody can beat them, that means Playoffs for the Sacramento Kings

  78. pete says:

    Fail for Wiggins

  79. get nick young for the small forward

  80. bob says:

    Lakers will fall to last place 15th seed 20-62

  81. Feekin says:

    Rockets is grate to add anther! Artest is so Laker over with and it never. Don’t never! Wher wod he go?; LOL

  82. Jackson Phil says:

    KB will teach him how to play basketball.

  83. D.C. Andrews says:

    This is why I affectionately refer to Jim Buss as “The Short Buss” i.e., what he rides to work every day. Why the legendary Jerry Buss decided to hand the reigns of a legendary franchise to this walking clown costume, family or not, is beyond me. Until he sells the team or steps down as the one in charge of ruining the franchise, the Lakers are doomed to the bottom of the barrel in the west, and even Kobe can’t keep them afloat.

  84. Ells44 says:

    Can’t the Lakers still resign him on a lower contract and avoid the luxur tax implications of paying his existing contract?

    He still gets the money, the Lakers still get the player but avoid a luxurt tax penalty along the way…

    • BigBoy says:

      if an amnesty takes place i think the team would have to wait a full year before resigning that player

    • BIGMatta23 says:

      NO! Now hes amnestied he cannot play for the Lakers for 2 years.,. They still pay him though. He can sign anywhere else and get 2 paychecks, whatever the new team pays and the balance of his amnestied contract being paid by the Lakers.

    • Derek says:

      The Lakers cannot resign him for the year that they amnesty him. MWP may sign anywhere else he wants. If they want MWP back, that will have to wait until next season. The rule is there to prevent teams from amnestying players just to resign them at a cheaper salary. I think it’s a good rule.

    • Bruce says:

      Can’t re-sign a player your team has just amnystied. You must wait a full season. Any team other team in the NBA can sign him now. Although I’m not sure he will take it, considering he was thinking of starting his own reality show this year.

    • Nope says:

      You can’t resign a player after you amnesty him. He has to play for another team, and can’t get traded back there either. Have to wait until that contract is done.

  85. Craig says:

    Lakers will trade off everyone, win 25-35 games.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Time for Lakers to finish as #15 seed — dead last in the West Conference where they belong.

  86. jon oh says:

    lakers are gonna have to trade kobe for some young player to look out for their future lol

    • BigBoy says:

      trade kobe pau nash d’antoni for harden lin asik and mchale. haha good luck dwight

      • rocketshtx says:

        you wish, why would the rockets ever trade actual young talent for the aarp squad. not to mention that your trying to throw in the most worthless coach in the nba. hopefully you were being sarcastic.

    • nbaWiz says:

      kobe ain t going anyWeRe ever

    • jose says:

      Trade kobe haha ur so funny they will never trade him he is the face of the lakers

  87. squala96 says:

    Why are the Lakers letting go of the small forwards? First, Barnes, now Metta, what the heck? Part of the reason why I like this team is RonRon. When Kobe is gone, my support will be, too. Sorry, but this team is falling apart, gradually switching places with that other LA squad many people laughed at. Jerry Buss must be turning in his grave right now.

  88. mukallong says:

    they should’ve amnesty Pau too….

  89. ryan24 says:

    mwp get out 2 lakers

  90. Lake says:

    please kobe take the full year off ! like D- Rose

    • Larry says:

      Cant take the whole year off. He much older than Rose was with injury. Rose still has a long career in front of him, Kobe only has a few years left, and only 1 or 2 more productive years. Lakers will do fine. Kobe is gonna come back with the “we dont need Howard attitude”. Kobe, Pau and Nash. Not a bad veteran core to work with. Look what them “old” Spurs did this year. They were 5 seconds away from being champs, and did finish as Western Conference Champs.

  91. Lake says:

    Wonder where World Peace would go? Pacers? Knicks? Nets? Clippers? Rockets? Lakers are tanking meaning losing on purpose.

  92. Jill says:

    Waive KOBE. One year injured the next year will be too cautious to play due to injury relapse, b y then he is too old.

    • nbaWiz says:

      Waive KOBE

      • Me says:

        Doubtful that’ll happen but its possible, I mean after 15 years with the Celtics, Pierce was traded and wasn’t allowed to finish his career by playing with only the Celtics.

  93. Trey says:

    Maybe they can go back and get Ariza. He’s younger more athletic and better shooter than World Peace.

    • lakersfan4life says:

      Free Agents that can help us, Corey Brewer, Trevor Ariza, Mo Williams, Jason Maxiel, Jamison, Odom, Mareesse Speights , Matt Barns, Baarbosa, Dejuan Blair, Keyon Dooling. Toney Douglas, Monta Ellis, Randy Foye, Dahntay Jones, Andrei Kirilenko, Shawn Marion, Kenyon Martin, Timofey Mosgov, Gary Neal, Nate Robinson, Ronnie Turiaf, Mo Williams, Reggie Williams, Brandan Wright and Nick Young, All this are solid Players that can help the team.

  94. Jon says:

    Thank you Artest/Metta for helping with #16. True warrior right there. He knew this was coming, so this won’t exactly be heartbreaking news for him.

  95. W/E says:

    lol…the lakers are in self destruct mode, they r gunna hit the bottom this season. The worst is yet to come when nash retires and Pau leaves, they r gunna be in HUGE trouble.

    • lakersfan4life says:

      Next season might be better for us, the only thing to do next is to Fire Mike D’;Antoni, and go after Phil Jax. 2 Reason why DH12 didn’t sign, 1 Mike DÁntoni and 2 Jim Buss. But we will have a better season than Last one. To soon to give up in out team.

    • Granny says:

      They are already in trouble.

  96. WOW says:

    There will be no defense on this team at all. NONE.

  97. Chris Szczepanski says:

    Sad to see MWP go but not a surprising move. I would love to see his eccentric and hilarious personality thrive at another organisation!

  98. Gillsy says:

    I don’t understand this one, why would you wait for a few days after losing the Howard sweep stakes, to get rid of Peace. If it was me wouldn’t it be better to get rid of Peace earlier as to have more of an avenue to sign other players like Smith to start reshaping the roster before everyone with talent comes off the free agent list and maybe have a better pitch to Howard. And why sign Karman when you have Pau. Or is he going to be shipped out soon. Oh well they maybe hoping to land Wiggins to play small forward.

    • Dan'o says:

      Smith, though talented is like John Travolta’s cancer in that movie Phenomenon- it gave him super-telepathy but killed him shortly after… I agree with your former point, but MAN I’m glad Smith didn’t end up on my (LAL) squad

    • lakersfan4life says:

      @ Gillsy, Paos position is power forward not a center, He can Play both but he is more productive on his original position, Plus Kaman and Sacre will be sharing minutes, plus we just got a Power forward in the draft to replace MWP, am sad to see him go, he was a big part on last couple championship for us, Best wishes to MWP.

      • Nick Jones says:

        Pau is definitely a Centre not a PF. Look how much better he plays in the post as a 5. Kaman will be backup/rotation and no more.

    • JH says:

      The Lakers don’t want to commit to any long term deals hence the 1 yr deal for Kaman. With the exception of DH, they weren’t willing to sign anyone to anything longer than a 1 yr deal. Amnestying MWP just saves them from paying some luxury tax.

    • Larry says:

      @Gillsy….The lakers didnt want any of the free agents available for this year. All the big free agents wanted long term deals and LA wants to sign somne big names next summer free agency. They are saving money and getting ready for next year. They will clear cap space and only have one year contracts this year. Hence the one year deal for Kaman.

  99. Jackson Phil says:

    Next season will be KB

    • Granny says:

      We need Phil and Jeannie; get rid of Jim,
      Jim Buss have made a laughing game of the Lakers.

  100. CornHole says:

    MWP/Ron Artest legendary playoff run in 2010, always put forth the effort… forever a Laker!

  101. What they should have done says:

    They should have amnestied Pau, went after Chase Budinger, Brandon Jennings and Pekovic

  102. Ball Don't Lie says:

    Chris Kaman? He’s really not that good of a player, they would have done better putting their stock in Robert Sacre but seeing that the Lakers signed Kaman for one season shows that he’s just a stand-in until all the holes on the Lakers roster are permanently filled. As for Dwight Howard everybody keeps saying that he made a good move from a “Basketball” standpoint because he wants a championship NOW! Good luck with that in Houston. The Rockets have a good team but they’re not winning a title. Oklahoma, L.A. Clippers and San Antonio all have good teams and didn’t win titles so it’s safe to say that DH made an immature move skipping town to sign with Houston. I personally think he was better off working out the kinks in LA and being patient because we all know the Lakers will have a lot of leverage and major pull next summer. They will be able to put together and build any roster they want… a roster more dangerous than Miami and one that I’m sure will be way better than Houston’s. Everybody keeps saying DH couldn’t handle the pressure in LA but if you ask me he has even more pressure because now he absolutely “HAS” to win a title with the Rockets and he has to win a title before the Lakers do!

    • BIGMatta23 says:

      Go talk to Kobe buddy…

    • Big Kev says:

      Wrong. The Lakers are out of the picture long term.

      He’s signed up with Houston for an opportunity to play for a title. Anyone who says Houston can’t win is dreaming. They’ve got a young, talented core which will grow.

      Kobe is getting older. LA’s days of riding his abilities are coming to an end. Anyone who says otherwise simply have to look at the fact they were chasing Dwight as they’re next Franchise player.

      I’m not saying the Lakers can’t rebuild but I will say it won’t happen like it has in the “Kobe Era.” Simply because Kobe was a big reason players wanted to be in LA.

      If you want to play at Staples, as a player, look for the Clips in the years to come.

  103. arsh says:

    Lets Go Knicks and Bring MWP

  104. babaloo schneiderdoink says:

    Sacramento would welcome you back Ron-Ron… jersey number is even still available. Solves our gaping hole at small forward and keeps monta ellis away!

    • Vlad says:

      Agree!!! The Kings need to offer him right away because we need a defensive small forward that can shoot 3’s really good! With him back, we will have a good bench and good starting 5 and that means playoffs!!! Hopefully haha

  105. richmond says:

    kim paolo te must sign with the lakers

  106. chad hugo says:

    there goes the last of bit of defense the lakers MIGHT have had this year…lakers D will be horrible to watch!

    • peteymusic says:

      No Joke! His shooting was off last season, but you can always count on him to play as hard as he can. Who’s gonna guard the perimeter now? Nash? Blake is pesky, but so is a cold sore. not going to be a good season at all.

      • lakersfan4life says:

        We need Ariza, Dantay Jones, Maybe resign Jamison he is not bad of a defender, Ariza or Dantey Jones are very good deffenders, But I hope we don’t let MWP go, he has a few good years left as a solid defender, what about Jason Maxiell.?

    • BigBoy says:

      lou amundsen, dj augustin, roddy beaubois, dejuan blair, corey brewer, aaron brooks just naming a few guys still on the market. bunch of guys who can help LA now that they have cap space to go for a couple more.

  107. lool says:


    • Inherited Wealth and Power says:

      Why ? Because the team is run by a CHIMP, who just happened to inherit the empire his father built.

      Dwight Howard acquisition, Sticking it to THE coach (Jackson), D’Antoni hire … Goofy decision after goofy decision. Disaster after disaster. AND he has a ‘Yes Man’ who executes his master’s dreams.

      Do something Kobe Bryant !

      Wake up Jeanie Buss !

      • lakersfan4life says:

        That’s the only problem with the team, Jim Buss and Mike D”Antoni, I hope Jeannie Buss gets Marry soon with Phil Jax that way he can take over the team and make Jim Buss a HOT DOG

  108. wila says:

    we hate you Jim.

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      You Laker fans are funny,…Lakers are DONE! They need to rebuild with young talented players. & they need a new young coach. Kobe needs to join another team if he wants that 6th ring, The lakers are DONE SON!

      • You're funny says:

        Typical Heat fan since 2010..

      • bunbury says:

        Kobe should follow Lebron’s lead and take the easy road— Kobe should take his talents to Florida to join Wade, Lebron, and Bosh. enough said!

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        Kobe should seriously consider changing teams if he wants that 6th ring.. If he went to OKC to fill the need that they have had since Harden left, it would be a perfect situation for both OKC and Kobe, Westbrook/Durant/Kobe (Big Three)

      • wila says:

        like hell, he’ll leave the lakers. he aint lebron that left the team that he promised to get a ring. haaa

    • Granny says:

      Jim Bus don’t know he has a good player, he is just dumb to let Metta World Peace go.

    • Miami Heats says:

      But not OKC. Durant = pointer, Wess = pointer, Kobe = low percentage pointer. Kobe will stay lakers till he retirement.

  109. DNice says:

    Metta should go back to rockets and stick it to the lakers and show at least he can play with Dwight! lol

    • TrueNBAFan says:

      I hope the Rockets aren’t stupid enough to waste money on Ron Artest.

    • Larry O'Connor says:

      No way Ron is going to the Rockets after the elbow he threw to Harden’s head!

      • Marcin says:

        ust like rodman could not go to chicago 😀 i was impossible and it happend so Ron will probably change his sex, go blonde, grow a beard… 😀

      • Rocket33 says:

        Marcin beat me to that comment. Well not all the extra stuff but playing along side Harden like Rodman did with Scottie Pippen. And to me the move actually makes sense. They are set at the 3 with Parsons. But MWP could reinvent himself as a rebounding and defensive 4 like Rodman. And as he’s already getting paid by the Lakers I’m sure they could pick him up for cheap.

      • vursatal says:

        That would be funny, but you remember Kobe and Ron used to fight all the time when he was with the Kings

      • vursatal says:

        That would be funny, but remember Kobe and Ron used to fight all the time when he was with the Kings. They turned out ok lol

      • Joel belza says:

        Thats right, freakin dirty player but called him self world peace

  110. Rockets says:

    I feel for MWP. it’s cool either way with Houston. Gr8 to add Dwight but not so gr8 to no longer call my team. Just want to do my thing out there and establish my own home ground.

    • ? says:

      Someone please explain what Rockets just said.. it makes no sense.

    • Arjay45 says:

      But Howard is all. They make the team on home. We will call it for MWP. Do you have yours in Houston? It’s there for the team.

    • Rockets ???? says:

      one confused man right there???

    • dave says:

      high as a kite everybody … goofballs

    • APHX10 says:

      So Rockets feels for MWP. He’s happy for Houston with or without Dwight, but now that Dwight has gone to Houston, I think he’s not that much of a fan of his that he can’t call the Rockets his team anymore. So he’s probably taking his talents to South Beach and supporting Miami from now on or maybe wherever MWP ends up.

      Am I right Rockets?

      • artifex says:

        Ahhh, double neglection is something a lot of Americans seem to have trouble with…

        Despite this, he sounds like a wanna-be-impersonification of Omer Asik.
        Happy for the Rockets to land Howard but he (Asik) wants out, since he doesn’t want to play behind D12.

        But doesn’t sound as if this is the real Asik.

    • Vibez says:

      What the hell did you just write?? Are you talking to yourself, or are you talking to yourself as howard? Did you forget to take your meds, maybe?…

    • Cup Cakes!!!!!! says:

      sometimes you go one way or the other… either way, something some from it. one team will play … but another will win tomorrow (if not today)

    • Sam want Pinoy or Indo girl says:

      think Rocket was saying
      “I’m feel sorry with MWP. That will be cool either way Rocket will sign him with any contract will take it.. GR8 “Great” for additional with Dwight on team. great to hear, if my team will no longer need him. My team just want to do the best for they’re franchise to establish the team to be contender”

      *I hope this the better explanation… LOL