Coach (Rasheed Wallace) Don’t Lie?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Jason Kidd isn’t the only former New York Knicks veteran to trade in his locker room stall for a spot in the coach’s locker room. In what has to qualify as the best news perhaps of the entire offseason, HT fave Rasheed Wallace will soon be announced as a member of the Detroit Pistons’ coaching staff under Mo Cheeks.

Wallace is in Orlando for summer league action with the Pistons and was spotted in the gym at the Amway Center this afternoon with a polo shirt on with the Pistons’ logo on the upper left side. Wallace helped the Pistons become an Eastern Conference power and won a ring in 2004 and made another trip to The Finals in 2005.

He’s expected to work with the Pistons’ young frontcourt core of Greg Monroe, Andre Drummond and Tony Mitchell, hopefully imparting some of the same wisdom he did for guys like Jermaine O’Neal and Zach Randolph when they youngsters in Portland playing behind a then-All-Star Wallace. Both O’Neal and Randolph went on to become All-Stars after being tutored by Wallace, who saw his season and likely his playing career come to an end this season in New York when a stress fracture sidelined him.

Wallace’s presence could be a huge boost for Pistons’ free-agent pickup Josh Smith, who has agreed to a four-year, $56 million deal with the team that cannot be signed until Wednesday. For all of the hype about Wallace’s technical fouls and run-ins with officials over the course of his career, he’s been lauded by many who have played with him as the ideal teammate and one of the smartest players to come through the league in his era.


  1. Marco29 says:

    Question is: will he collect more technicals on the bench than he did on the floor? He will probably set a new record.

  2. Pacquiaoverrated says:

    now the pistons gonna get a new record of their own! most technicals called on a coaching staff! yay!

  3. yoloooo says:

    maybe he can teach drummond how to shoot atleast 50% from the freethrowline:D

  4. J says:

    hey u I thought I’d just say to u that the………mmmm………what was it……………………………………………
    BALL DONT LIE!!!!!!!!
    that’s it

  5. jovzam2003 says:

    I’m a sheed fan since he joining portland, good move from detroit binging sheed..It’s game time.

  6. B Radd says:

    Monta to the Pistons?

  7. SheedisAballer4life says:

    Cheeks knows what he is doing!!! Rasheed is a baller’s baller, I love him coming in to help young big men ball in the city he helped win a championship. I am not a Pistons fan by any means, but…. Go Pistons!!!

  8. DeAntae Bussey says:

    I was just talking to my brother about how I’m going to miss sheed and his antics. He was my fav player coming up as as a kid in Detroit. The pistons are in the playoffs next season. I’m slowly starting to forgive Joe D for Darko.

  9. Tret says:

    Now can i say

  10. Bojeezy says:

    I wonder how many technicals he will get while being a coach. lol. j/k. I think any team would love to have an NBA Champion as a coach. I don’t know why more teams don’t do it. I am guessing not every great player could be a great coach as well but getting former player like Sheed or Jason Kid on the bench can get a young group to play the right way. It is like having a NBA Veteran mentor younger players except you don’t have to worry about them getting injured.

  11. Mark says:

    He’ll be an intimidating presence as a coach o_o

  12. Drago says:

    Well he was the perfect PF of his generation and beyond.A guy like that is useful on any team.I wonder if he has aspirations to become a head couch his technical would be legendary xaxaxa.Im sure he would be a great couch.

  13. Dennis says:

    now try and recruit Billups! Then acquire Hamilton!

    • Geriatric says:

      While Dumars is at it, he could bring back Ben Wallace, see if Lindsey Hunter wants to run, ask Isaiah and Rick Mahorn to give up broadcasting and I heard the Microwave’s hip isn’t popping out of socket. Kyrie Irving could direct the ad for buying seasons tickets as the Pistons get the old squad back. Seriously did you really say bring back the Billups & Halmilton backcourt. Billups is coming in (if at all) to mentor not give major minutes… Wait… I just heard Dumars signed Rodman and Dumars himself hired a trainer to give it another try!

  14. Darryl Ramey says:

    Always been a Sheed fan. Always wanted to see him on the Lakers. Good Luck Sheed.

  15. Handzon says:

    I really like this move. Bringing Sheed back to be part of the coaching staff to help mentor our young boys.

  16. IDK says:

    Good pick up for the pistons.

  17. Unkle Daddy says:

    Even as a part of the commanding body instead of a soldier on the front line he’ll still be a warrior. Best move Detriot has made in a long time.

  18. Ronald Balla says:

    BALLLL DON’T LIE GO PISTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. EspressoBean says:

    Don’t forget Cheeks used to coach Sheed in Portland.

    • Kiko says:

      I was thinking the same thing, and despite the Blazers reputation at the time they were a very good team; I’m very excited about this addition and ready to see some old school bully basketball.

  20. Elias Prince says: