Open For Business On Free-Agent Sunday


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — There are still potentially two big fish available in a shrinking free-agent summer pond. And while Sunday saw no concrete offers for either Andrew Bynum or Monta Ellis, the general sentiment is that things could change dramatically at either time for one, if not, both of them.

The Atlanta Hawks and Denver Nuggets are reportedly interested in acquiring Ellis, who can slide into a specific role in either location. The Hawks need to restock their ranks with impact players and Ellis, a legitimate 20-point scorer, could add immediate punch at shooting guard. Denver has a hole to fill where Andre Iguodala worked last season and Ellis could also be a fit there.

The market for Bynum’s services seems to have taken a familiar turn in this wild free-agent summer, and that’s to Texas, where the Dallas Mavericks are looking for a frontcourt anchor to pair with Dirk Nowitzki. They had their sights on Dwight Howard, of course, but since that didn’t work out they’ve had to work down their list. Now Bynum appears to be in their sights, though they are cautious about his knees, as any team would be at this point.

That said, some folks believe a surprise team could win the Bynum sweepstakes.

This one could get really interesting before it’s all over.

Making things even more intriguing is what will happen with incumbent Rockets center Omer Asik, who reportedly wants no part of playing behind Howard and has asked to be traded. The Rockets have no intention of trading him, according to, making for an extremely intriguing next few days for any team desperate for a center.

Free agency is only a week old but there are already tons of wrinkles. As for the other business that went down Sunday, here are some of the highlights:



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  2. Blazers Fan. says:

    We’ll miss you in Rip city J.J. Good luck in Denver!

  3. Monta to Denver with Foye back up Ty and Miller traded will be rings on ring on rings.
    Yes im talkind multiple championships… not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7 mark my words

  4. payroll department says:

    kaman gets us back to the playoffs next year and who knows maybe the chemistry built thru this past year and the end of the dwightmare along with gaining a new hungry veteran we can very well be back in the conf. finals trying to over the hump its not about individual talent but collective talent ….. five guys on one accord, thats the power of the fist dont get knocked out boy

  5. payroll department says:

    what u guys have to understand if u understand the game of basketball is that its a team sport and chris kaman is a team player and that will always benefit a club like the lakers who need guys that will be solid day in and day out , while chris kaman is no superstar lets not underestimate his ability to show up and play hard he wants to play for the lakers and will leave it all out on the court for the team i think the lakers have made a good move in light of losing the nbas best center and kaman will fit well with pau and what we do here in LA i have always been a fan of kaman hes a player like many in the nba who may not be flashy but are productive his career avgs are 12pts 8 reb while those arent great numbers in a league that has seen less talent in the center positions in recent years , those are starter numbers for a center . considering the talent of pau and whats available i think the lakers did well in signing kaman to fix the whole D12 left and who knows maybe this was the move to rejuvenate kaman’s allstar potential, he may admire much more than D12 playing with the most championship winning player in the NBA today Kobe “black mamba” Bryant and by the way i never liked the idea of D12 playing with Kobe, winning and losing jus dont mix

  6. King James says:

    LA fans keep on dreaming! its free to dream!

  7. bojtiwah says:

    If O Asik leaves then it would be a different Houston Rockets…Just try to take out that ego and play alongside with D Howard then you will have a chance of an NBA Championship Ring…Whats the reason why you dont want to play with D Howard???such a non-sense thing,isn’t it????EGO MY FRIEND,just try to build a chemistry…just for this season,if not working then you may leave next time around…

  8. Ramil says:

    Kaman is not a right decision

  9. Luc Chocron says:

    Hey Lakers maybe older but so are the Spurs and look where they went, Kaman and Odom, would be sweet with Meeks and Jamison. and Artest, still solid team.

  10. Ivan says:

    Trade Omer Asik to the Knicks for Andrea Bargnani

    Howard needs a 4 with outside shooting skills. case closed!

  11. Matthew says:

    Bynum and Ellis need to go to ATL now…. My hawks are dying a slow and painful death.

  12. lee says:

    i think the should trade asik for ran anderson and sign billups to back up lin he is a good veteran presece who can shoot 3s high iq and plays solid d for his age the would still need to add a couple of defenders but thats easy to do kerlinko is a free agent id also see if i could bring dalemboret back to the rockets if the can get him cheap great defender cans till get the alley oop at his age could sub for howard and ryan anderson if the could bring in those 3 guys i think the rockets have a legit chance at a title thats also if everyone stays healthy lol but id bring in those 3 veterins and then a couple of young guys who can play minutes if the get injured and learn behind them plus all 3 of those guys can play d are a good leadership and dont care to come off the bench

  13. zulu says:

    Not feeling any comments made by the boy with the Jersey look. Shut up and facilitate. You seem to be trying to force your way onto a level of Ernie Johnson or Matt Weiner.

  14. Kimmy says:

    Monta Ellis to the Atlanta Hawk, please. We need him badly. We could also use Asik as a center and move Horford to forward position. What does the Hawks team look like? I’m confused…..

  15. lutz says:

    i like all these wiz kids using the “aarp” reference, considering that the aarp pertains to retired persons, and the statement is being used to describe a team of old players, that aren’t retired. Quite the sound statement to be made by such original internet surfers

  16. Cefri says:

    Lakers should make a run for steph jackson. Perhaps steal odom from clips, if jamison decides to leave them. Though lakers will be the oldest team this season, but by heart, they will make a run on the coveted trophy!

  17. Clementi says:

    LA lakers fan
    Is Chris Kaman good?

  18. Original Knicks Fan says:

    Last thing the Knicks need is another old center with injury problems, back up or not. Knicks to pursue a trade for Asik. I love Tyson but he’s getting Hollywood, and dude didn’t show up at all in the Playoffs. Granted he was sick and hurt, another defensive big man who can bang inside and rebound like Asik would be great. Idc what anybody says we need to trade Stat. Informed Knicks fans know, Stat was brought in as a star to sell tickets, not to win championships. Knicks need to get younger, tougher, players with heart. Who understand their role. Build around Melo, Shumpert and Chandler. Everybody else is expendable. Knicks can be a contender now.

  19. qqq says:

    rockets should trade asik for a good shooter, ryan anderson maby? that trade shouldnt be impossible.

  20. Jumppong says:

    Bring Back Bynum to L.A..

  21. rafuuu says:

    if lakers has a void in 5 position…why not get bynum again instead of kaman???

  22. B Radd says:

    Monta to Chicago! Derrick and Monta is the one two punch most needed right now in Chicago. With Noah as the anchor and big Booz as the enforcer, they can be #1 if they all came together the way they did before Derrick went down in the 2012 playoffs. it’s time they start thinking of a small forward starter and move Luol into a reserve position. Corey Brewer can be that guy. He played alongside Joakim Noah with the Florida Gators and won back to back titles. He would be a good fit with the Bulls.

  23. pej says:

    Get Kaman Lakers and you have twin tower.

  24. joel says:

    man I hope Denver get ellis

  25. L.A ryan says:

    plzzzzz back baynum 2 L.A and got monta ellis plzzzzzz L.A???!!!

  26. J says:

    Bynum and ellis will go soon maybe tomorrow
    Denver should start javale and hickson backup faried
    Kaman should be making a lot less than he was go to wizards maybe

  27. Peanut Butter says:

    Since the Warriors lost Carl Landry, they need to go for another talented big man off the bench to play some minutes, and I reckon either Chris Kaman or Omer Asik would be a good fit. Also since Jarrett Jack has left, Warriors now need another backup PG to help score and if Curry gets injured.

  28. Keko123 says:

    Hollins is a solid backup for the clips. Hickson is a good move for Denver and with Gallo and Chandler running the sf spot, the loss of Iguodala won’t hurt them so much. Bynum is a risky path for every team, that thinks about getting him and Kaman to the Lakers….sorry, but that would be only the worst in a series of bad decisions….what happened with this franchise in a couple of month?…I don’t get it

  29. Basketballlover says:

    Cleveland! take Omer Asik!!

  30. denzel says:

    Houston Rockets center Omer Asik to Los Angeles Lakers

    • Wildstyle05 says:

      I think the Lakers wasted to much time and efford on Howard letting other good player get signed by other playoff teams ready to make that jump or get a shot at the Finals Jim Buss needs Phil Jackson more than he thinks to turn this once proud team around but when you lose good young players like Earl Clark , Shannon Brown , Andrew Bynum, Trevor Ariza , Ramon Sessions, and Lamar Odom even if Lamar aint as young as some of theses other guys he was still a good system fit player for them they need players who fits the Laker style of play players like Monta Ellis, Gary Neal, Elton Brand,D.J. Augustin,
      Samuel Dalembert, Toney Douglas,Brandon Jennings, Darius Morris .

  31. John says:

    Fire D’ANTONI get GEORGE CARL ! and get either KAMAN or BYNUM back take the risk and play again ..

  32. Karlo Garcia says:

    Lakers adding another old player LOL

  33. flying rajin says:

    kaman is a good center not compare to bynum and howard..

  34. RH says:

    Ryan Hollins would dominate defensive end. Not many people dare to turn their back on him.

  35. LA-AllTheWay@Manila says:

    Just bring back Andrew and get Ellis.. Is it possible? If Boston can trade their coach, why does LA can’t?

  36. glyceman says:

    yes, the injury-plagued chris kaman is the answer for the lakers. they’ll be champions once again

  37. lakerfan says:

    Kaman to the LAL?? sounds good, coach D’antoni nest season… still can’t think of it,!! damn,,,,

  38. Unkle Daddy says:

    OKC you need bench help (and starter help for that matter) contact one of this guys, Billups, Young, Augustin, Kirilenko, Foye, Morrow, Barbosa, Brooks, Mullens… You need to bring in a point guard, move Westbrook to the off-guard and trade Dirk away from Dallas. Get a move on it.

  39. Unkle Daddy says:

    Asik should play beside Howard, not behind him. I would love to see Ellis in Atlanta, but I think Denver is a better fit, he needs to run and gun. Dirk still needs to leave Dallas.

  40. Monta Ellis to Denver and we wont even loose a beat! Make it happen Denver. Get Ellis.
    Denver is a 60 win team with Ellis. Who can stop a starting lineup of…
    Ty Lawson (whoever we trade Miller for)
    Monta Ellis Brewer(he’ll be back)
    Gallo(after injury) Wilson Chandler(will do great with shaw as coach)
    Faried Anthony Randolph(its his year) Arthur (In case Randolph is Randolph)
    Mcgee Hickson(Great energy off the bench)

    This team will be much much better than last year. Who needs Iggy! George Karl was a bad coach, he played favorites.
    Monta Ellis is a beast

  41. cpthinde says:

    People may not notice, but the Nuggets are very deep at the big man positions…..and if the Nuggets could possibly get Monte Ellis…..they are right back where they left off with the other top West teams

  42. cpthinde says:

    People may not notice but the Nuggets are very deep with big men…..if they could possibly get Monte Ellis, they are right back in business with the other top West teams

  43. LA-Supporer@Manila says:

    Trade D’Antonni for Brian Shaw..

  44. LA-Supporer@Manila says:

    Just bring back Andrew.. Kobe do it plsssss.. Add Ellis too..

  45. Bigmenmoves says:

    Like what Nuggets did. McGee is an athletic phenom that can block shots and rebound with with an albeit lets say questionable bball IQ. Hickson adds a traditional power forward game who is a smart player and can pop from 10-15 out as well. With a healthy Galanari move Chandler to 2guard with Ty Lawson and that’s a quality starting unit Brian Shaw can lead. Faired can give mad energy off the bench subbing for either starter. I don’t see why Rockets can’t move Asik to 4 and play along side D12 like Spurs old school twin towers. I think Kaman to Lakers helps Gasol and Kobe play their natural game. Only problem is Dantoni as coach!

    • BigBoy says:

      asik and howard cant start together because both would clog the lane for the 3 others (parsons, harden, lin) who all like to drive. neither has a mid-range jumpshot whatsoever so they have no choice but to clog the lane. this is why i think asik wants out, he doesnt want to hurt the team hes on if both the starting bigs cant shoot a jumper.

      • Anon says:

        Did you really just say Harden and Parson have no mid-range shot?!? You clearly know nothing. Asik wants out cause he feels disrespected, he’s a legit center that got his shot to start in Houston after playing back up to Noah, now his team gets a “better” center? Obviously he wants to leave, Rockets showed they have no faith in him and his potential.

      • SmoothMM says:

        @Anon: I think he was referring to Asik and Howard not having a mid-range game, so Asik and Howard would have to “clog” the paint.

      • You're an idiot says:

        Anon he was talking about d12 and asik. Both of them have no mid range shot. He wasn’t referring to harden and parsons. And I agree that asik just wants what’s best for the team and thaat is to trade him for a more versatile pf that can stretch the defense pretty well.

    • Vante says:

      Denver has way to many post players I think Randolph will get traded to much to get them all the minutes they want

    • Rucker says:

      Well said man well said.
      Wins all round for everyone.
      I think OSIK just doesn’t like Dwight howard, but surely D12 can play PF, although it would change the whole run n gun 3 point shooting offense that Houston have adapted.
      I say move Osik and Jeremy Lin for Rondo.

      • lol says:

        lol shut up

      • lel says:

        so, your point of not moving howard to the 4 spot is it would change their run and gun 3 point shooting offense. so you suggest to get rid of a decent (and i’m using this word loosely) 3 point shooter in Lin for rajon rondo? who has no jumper what so ever? solid point there brah!

      • Irony says:

        @lel Rondo has a better jumper than Lin, not to mention Rondo is a better slasher/facilitator/rebounder and pretty much everything than Lin

  46. jonski22 says:

    YeS, the Lakers get Chris Kaman..the Lakers now are a legit contender in the West…2014 Championship here we are!!!!

    • BigBoy says:

      lol was that sarcasm? they’re adding another guy in his 30’s are they trying to build the AARP nba team??

    • Van says:

      Jonski jeep dreaming

    • MackDaddy says:

      Contenders for what?

      Oh man, I hope you dont mean winning a ring?
      Because they are barely contenders for the playoffs, let alone the Finals.

    • Lakerschump says:


    • lakersfan4life says:

      I think we should go after Greg Odem, or Aaron Grey, But my 1st choice would Be Bynum, I didn’t Like the Idea For him to got traded last Year, But if Bynum is not willing to sign him, I think Kaman will do just Fine.

      • moultonhawk says:

        No children, next year is another waste of time for the Lakers, no one is getting over a year deal. Clippers, Rockets, OKC, Spurs out West a little Denver, that’s it. Only Nash has a contract longer than next year. Us Lakers fans have another year of misery. It’s 2014 when the exitmet will be back and the Lakers will be one of the top 5 teams in the NBA again. Clippers irritate me cuz they are doing this in our building with IMO the best coach in the NBA Doc Rivers.

    • Bruiser Brody says:

      Loss Angeles Lakers, 2014 AARP Champs!!!

      • CrazySupra777 says:

        Lakers wont make the playoffs this year…the rebuilding phase should have started this summer

    • Blazers Fan. says: