McHale: ‘We Can Play With Anybody’

ORLANDO — Kevin McHale
isn’t throwing down the gauntlet to LeBron James and the Heat just yet.

But now that he has Dwight Howard in his arsenal, the Rockets coach believes his team won’t have to back down from anyone in the NBA next season.

“We’ll see,” McHale said of pairing up Howard with James Harden in the Houston lineup. “I’m just looking forward to putting this team together, and then we can play with anybody.”

McHale sat slumped in a chair on along the baseline to watch a team of Rockets prospects and young veterans beat the Sixers in the Orlando Pro Summer League on Sunday.

The Rockets won the sweepstakes for the seven-time All-Star center when Howard chose their four-year, $88-million free agent offer — which includes an opt-out clause after the third season — over bids from the Lakers, Mavericks, Warriors and Hawks.

According to their Hall of Fame coach, there is virtually no reason that Howard would even want to think about leaving Houston after all the big things the Rockets could accomplish in the near future. His team may have finished No. 8 in the playoff seeding last season, but McHale thinks his Rockets are now right in the mix at the top of the Western Conference based on what Howard can deliver.

“I think it’s a great situation for our young guys and our team,” McHale said. “I’m excited.

“When he’s physically right, (Howard) goes out there and dominates the game in a lot of ways. He’s a unique guy. He can score 10 points and totally dominate the game. There’s only a few players in the NBA who can do that. He can get 10 points, hold down the paint, block six or seven shots, get 20 rebounds, roll hard.

“He can get people shots without touching the ball because he rolls so hard and is such a target that everyone clamps in and the perimeter guys make shots. He’s going to add a great deal. James loves to pass and loves to drive and kick. We move the ball pretty well as a team and he should fit in pretty well with us.

“His ability to control the paint on the board and in the defensive end is going to create a lot of (fast) breaks for us.”

Through one turbulent season with the Lakers while recovering from back surgery and then incurring a shoulder injury, Howard still averaged 17.1 points, 12.4 rebounds and 2.4 blocks in 76 games. But he has told McHale that he’s now feeling fit again.

“You’re a finished product the day you retire,” McHale said. “Up until then you’re always doing something. In the NBA you are always evolving and changing. I think Dwight is in the process of evolving and changing.

“He says he feels way better and healthier now than he has been. His back is healthy. I just anticipate him coming in and being the most dominant center in the league.

McHale said he was never worried when word began to leak out that Howard might be having second thoughts about deciding to sign with the Rockets on Friday evening.

“When Dwight was flying from Colorado there was all of this about it being 50/50, and he was a little upset,” McHale recalled. “He said, ‘I didn’t change my mind.’ I had a pretty good feeling. We’re just looking forward to getting going and working with him.”


  1. Echo Again says:

    It’s naive for you to think you determine who is a true NBA fan. No lol straightforward statement. The Lakers are mediocre not because of my opinion but because of the ridiculous contract he was given. Kobe ‘s salary is half the salary cap. Simple math and the market dictate LA can only bring in mediocre players as long as they are carrying Kobe’s contract. If you think it makes good basketball sense to have Nash and Kobe on same team then I don’t question your fan level just your basketball IQ. Kobe won with catch and shoot, or one dribble pop guards who just bring the ball up to initiate offense. With Kobe on the court all offense goes through him and he’s Damn good at it. Add Nash and we saw its a waist of his talent to walk the ball up and move off screens. Rockets have the players and the coach ( emphasis on coach) to integrate Howard in ways a Dantoni system doesn’t. Kobe willl miss half if not most of the season. If you think Nash, Blake, Meeks, Gasol, Kaman & whoever else will compete in the West then who is naive?

  2. radicaltexas says:

    It takes more than just a big name, or even a few, to make a sound basketball team. A lot more….Don’t care who you are.

    And anyone who says the Rockets will or wont be better than a specific team isn’t a true NBA fan lol.

    • Echo says:

      Just because you post it twice it doesn’t make it more profound. Rockets will be better than Lakers next year even if Dwight plays D-League then rehabs his jaw from laughing at all the haters! Lakers are done until they 100% rebuild (that includes Kobe)!!!

      • radicaltexas says:

        Obviously I didn’t mean to post twice lol.

        And you’re naive if you think you can predict anything as of yet…Don’t be surprised if you find yourself choking on those words just like Lakers fans did a few months ago.

  3. radicaltexas says:

    It takes more than just a big name, or even a few, to make a sounds basketball team. Don’t care who you are…

    Anyone who says the Rockets will or wont be better than a specific team isn’t a true NBA fan…

  4. Heat fan says:

    I think the 2009 Orlando Magic was the worst team ever to reach the Finals. They only got there because the East opponents could not solve the problems Dwight provided for them.
    You say Dwight should work hard? He is the strongest, most athletic, best defending center in the league, he has not born so, he works on it.
    You say, he is a crybaby? He played 8 years for a team that was dead last the year after he left them. No one wins alone, and no one likes to loose.
    Overrated? Dwight is the best defensive player in the league, and you do not give credit for that. Before his injury there were topics, who would you built a team around Lebron or Dwight. Center is the position where you can impact the game the most, and Dwight is a big difference maker. He will make the Rockets a much better defensive team and probably they will be more effective on offensive too.
    Dwight will smile a lot next year, Houston fans will too, and all the haters will have to find an other target to hate.

  5. EDog231 says:

    How can fans say Dwight is Like Yao ming ??? If you are a Rocket fan you can easily see the difference between Yao and Howard. More mobilty more athleticism and on top of that more strength. Yao was pushed around Dwight can stand his ground. As for T-Mac yes he was a great fit for Houston but he had no supporting cast around him. The team depended on him too much and eventually got hurt and got tired of always carrying the team. The new Rockets of today are young talented and have the drive to become better. They can challenge any team in the league and most of all can shoot from the three point line. All they were lacking was a Center to take the pressure off of Harden , Parsons, Lin and Delfino and give them enough time to set. Now the Rockets can do that and teams will have to decide who they want to hold. Leave Dwight open or near the Paint your gonna pay and on top of that if he develops a mid range and gets better at free throws he will be a big factor when it comes to closing out games. Yes he needs to improve on his free throws but that can be perfected just as any player can and Dwight is no exception. I want to see Dunks down low if not I want to see rainbows from the three point line. Go Rockets, Go Dwight I dont care what anybody says every player can learn and like McHale said you have perfected your game when you retire. ( Or something like that).

  6. @JD says:

    “One more time: It all looks good on paper! Howard going to the Lakers with Nash, et al, looked good on paper last year too.”

    Not really it only looked that way to delusional Lakers fans to other fans around the NBA it looks questionable Lakers looked old before that trade and the trade didn’t change that fact any.

    Mark my words Lakers won’t make the playoffs this next season it’s not happening in fact they will probably have a atrocious record this season and knowing Kobe will probably just try to tank on purpose for draft pick hopes and be more selfish then ever from a team chemistry aspect to pad his career stats.

  7. Doubt says:

    If you doubt Harden and Howard your in for a rude awakening they both create opportunity for one another with their offense and defense and the other starters are solid as well even the bench has a couple players that should be able to aid in there efforts Beverley is agile and shows promise Garcia is a good pure shooter.

  8. JD says:

    One more time: It all looks good on paper! Howard going to the Lakers with Nash, et al, looked good on paper last year too. The Rockets are younger, (arguably) lengthier, and more athletic, but nobody can predict the chemistry and the health of all the players involved to make the Rockets a championship team. The Rockets will finish better than 8th in the West, but will not make the Western Championship game. Not in 2014.

  9. E-DUB says:

    I am a HUGE “ROCKETS” fan, yet I still have that gut churning feeling if this was a wise move by DA genius GM MO$$$ D. Morey. Hopefully Diva Howard will give the organization a serious chance b4 he starts to whine & mope, and have “injuries”… Let Olajuwon take him to the court and show him a few “DREAM SHAKES” and work on them free throws.
    You must convert on the charity line and DIVA 12 seems to have to much pride to take advantage of anything that’s FREE.
    He will take ur money and walk/run out on U, and throw a coach or 2 under the bus w. a teammate as things don’t start
    running through HIM.. Man, as i put this down I’m just hoping H-TOWN can get back to being a threat in the WEST.

  10. ERIC M says:

    oh and the reason the lakers failed last year? kobe bryant

    . i guarantee they probably would of done much better without him

  11. ERIC M says:

    hey dont diss the clippers , even the heat didnt win it all the first season they got there dream team in place .
    the clippers won the pacific division last year . for the first time ever . so you cant take that away . blake got hurt during playoffs .
    rockets were surely one of the best in the west last year and more fun to watch than 95% of teams anyway .
    way better than mcgrady ming days . i dont know if the rockets lineup change will do them good or not but they
    had to take the gamble .

  12. Rhedz says:

    Okey, last year lakers had howard with p.gasol, world peace, bryant and nash…but there line up was just as good as how it was written on paper not in real life. So this new line up for rockets at the moment is as good as how it will be written on paper…they need to work with alot of things…team chemistry surely will be a number one factor to consider for them to contend and hopefully drama wont affect this team especially now that howards on board. The coaching staffs great…they have fresh legs mixed with vets and superstars…ego check is also important…goodluck dwight…but yeah…work hard cuz the heat aint gonna give it to you easily..same with spurs, thunder and warriors….

  13. lakersfan says:

    Kevin Mchale…don’t be sure…Dwight STINKS!! of course you can play anybody because you need to play against all the teams…

  14. […] There’s a lot of work to do in Houston, but McHale was not backing away from the idea of the Rockets as contenders in a conversation with Fran Blinebury of […]

  15. Drago says:

    Houston is not going to win anything with that team,they shoot to much and they have a loot of turnovers witch is sudden death in the playoffs even if you are the first seed.Howard is going to bring something to the table on defense but they are in for a treat when they see how bad his post game is.Harden is a great player and a superstar but he has a loot of turnovers and he is not that reliable. The other guys are good but not better than any other playoff starter out there.I don’t believe they can beat the Clippers,San Antonio OKC or Memphis in a 7 game series even Golden State is going to give them a run for their money.My picks in the West are the Clippers OKC and and Memphis San Antonio is going to run out of luck probably xaxa.

  16. Justin says:

    @ Gordy B.

    Aside from what some Rockets fans have already said about T-Mac and Yao, it’s important to consider two things:

    1. Parsons has potential to be a superstar or borderline superstar in the near future. If he lives up to said potential, that would give us 2.5-3 superstars with our other two starters being solid or better.

    2. Even without Dwight, we were good enough to be a 6th seed level team last season. Just getting a year better, and without Dwight, we’d likely be 4th-5th seed level next season. So with that extra year of experience and Dwight, I think it’s a fair prediction to say we’ll be 2nd-3rd seed level or better (IMHO we’ll be 2nd seed level). That unquestionably would give us a legitimate shot at making the NBA Finals, if not winning it.

  17. Not-Jim-Parsons says:

    My only concern for the Rockets is their bench, their bench wasn’t bad last year it was just filled with too many young guns, they need to get some veteran shooters out there with some experience, why they let go of carlos delfino, I’ll never know!!!!

  18. LiftOff says:

    OKC will be great, but not as good as last year without as much scoring from the bench.

    Spurs will be great, but not as good either, because their main talents are getting old. Will they be able to keep up?

    Lakers are poo.

    Clippers will also be legit, but I’m not putting my money on them.

    Houston could already compete with everybody but the very best. Now they have Dwight, who seems to be as focused as ever with a fresh start and healthy back/shoulder. We’ll see.

  19. tapk69 says:

    Tmac and yao ming never really played together healthy. Tmac had back problems since he arrived the rockets and Yao Ming had foot injuries so you never saw them healthy .
    And without T-mac or yao i dont really remember they won 22 regular season games in a row in 2007-2008 .

    Im sure this is the best thing to happen to howard , harden and the rockets in years and i bet every houston fan is crazy about their team potential . Finally a team to win the west and create a dinasty like the Lakers and Spurs

  20. Trey says:

    Of course the Rockets can play with anyone but it’s gonna b tough 7game series the West is loaded with teams. All the top 8 can match-up. Look out 4 golden state. Lakers with kobe soon 2 b 35. U just know they gonna pick up some pieces rite? They east are still beast of the league. Heat get a nice 7ft big man move Bosh to the 4 and that’s a 3peat!

  21. JimD54 says:

    Ask Kevin Garnett, Kevin McHale will be the best thing basketball wise to ever happen to Dwight Howard, and Yes, D12 and Hardin will be better than Yao and TMac ever were……

  22. Kimmy says:

    This is Dwight’s 3rd basketball team. Everyone deserves a chance to find where their “good fit” is. I think he will have great chemistry w/ his teamates in Houson, just because of the type of players and the coach in Kevin McKale. LA Lakers have bad chemistry even without Dwight and the coach Diantoni makes it even worse. Although Houston will be a contender, they cannot and will not be able to make it past the OKC. Sorry.

    • Loki says:

      OKC is overhyped. One trip to the finals and everyone acts like they’re the greatest team to ever play in the west. Until they get rid of Perkins, I can’t take them seriously as a contender, they’ll never beat Miami without a player that exploits their weakness and Perkins just isn’t good enough. Everyone says only reason spurs got the finals was because WB was gone, and mentions how they beat them the season before.. Don’t forget miami ate the thunder alive and SA pushed 7 games. Ultimately San Antonio screwed themselves with some bad last minute regulation plays game 6, if the thunder had faced Miami there wouldn’t have even been a game 6. It’d have been Miami in 5

  23. mikamks says:

    After all said and done, you still beat the Heat!

  24. Lexius says:

    Ohh my goodness!!!


    C – Dwight Howard
    PF – Terrence Jones( 3pt % is 263% shooter)
    SF – Chandler Parson ( 3pt % is 38.5% shooter)
    SG – James Harden ( 3pt % is 36.8% shooter)
    PG – Jeremy Lin( 3pt % is 33.9% shooter)

    SUBS :

    C – Omer Asik ( 12.3 pts and 11.2 Rebs)
    PF – Greg Smith
    SF – James Anderson
    SG – Francisco Garcia
    PG – Patrick Beverley and Aaron Brooks

    OK I am subscribing GAME TIME next season for sure !

  25. Joseph Balbi says:

    If Dwight Howard pours his heart and soul into the Houston Rockets and becomes a great teammate and the Rockets get one more good big man, coach McHale can guide them to the NBA Finals. They can be a dominant team for the next 5 to 7 years.

  26. celentano says:

    Yeah! Houston future with this roster they have to be happy making first round,maybe second round and that’s it for 3 seasons.Than between those periods you wil see Howard asking to be traded , Dwightmare all over again,to predictable!
    Very funny in fact! As for the Spurs season 2013 was the last finals they play’d together with the same 3 old stars,could’nt finish they’re game 6 got crushed at game 7 with stupid coach decisions>>>>>>>>>>Timmy.It’s over for them even when they placing themself first before play-offs tip off!

  27. Alvin says:

    Chandler Parsons will have to be major for Houston, that is all

  28. FromCan says:

    SPURS still the team to beat in Western Conference. Houston might reach 2nd round and that’s it.

  29. wilpat_18 says:

    Lets go Rockets ready to take off, give them the blast that we wanted for a very long time.

  30. J says:

    great article!!!
    they are gonna be great that’s for sure

  31. Matthew says:

    A motivated HEALTHY Dwight Howard is a game changer no matter who the opposition is. Whether its Kobe, Lebron, D.Rose it doesn’t matter. Now add any amount of talent around him and you have a great chance to win it all. After saying all that, they are not guaranteed anything in this league. Also why is everyone leaving ATL? Wow. Lets go Hawks!!!! Do not get Monta Ellis… we do not want one dimensional players. We want all around two-way players that are hungry.

  32. 0917vince says:

    “They can play with anybody.” Doesn’t necessarily mean you can win those games. 10 points? Was it just me or did DH want to be the focal point of an offense, 10 pts is not really focusing it yes? McHale is a Hall of Fame player can’t say much about him being a coach though. DH has gotten a few coaches fired before, wouldn’t think this one as any different. hey stan, where you at? just sayin…

  33. WinorGoHome says:

    as the Orlando fans told the Lakers who had acquired Howard. “You see his muscles and his media hype and cheer….but just wait till you see the actual Cancer which is Howard.” They were right he is a drama queen and a quitter, so Houston i say the same thing “Just wait,” I don’t wish anything bad to them as they made a smart business move and in a way hope for the best…but Howard will show you the type of cancer he is.

  34. julian marquez says:

    The rockets are my favorite team yet they still lack the 4 spot. Hopefully DMo will show up next year

  35. BooThisMan! says:

    Lakers need to look no further than management and ownership like Magic honestly said talking about the Buss predesecor. Dantoni over Jackson was idiotic and firing Mike Brown without giving him a chance after hiring him was stupid and impulsive. LA fans need to accept the Lakers messed up the Lakers. D12 was smart to bolt.

    • spicytysie says:

      Exactly. I’ve never been a fan of Dwight, but I’m glad for him. The Lakers are the Dallas Cowboys of the NBA.

  36. 007 says:

    Watelse is he suppose to say that his team can only match up with some people in the NBA. I am not buying the hype with D12 but I am not selling it either.

    If Mchale changes philosophy from a high possession 3pt shooting team to a low possession time controlling pick and roll sort of style I do not see why they can’t match up with anyone in this league.

  37. Podanky says:

    I think Howard will be a great player for Houston. Kevin McHale should be able to make that happen. Howard will play his own game in the paint and McHale will teach him some BIG MAN MOVES

  38. Keko123 says:

    When all pieces fit together the Rockets are likely fighting for homecourt advantage next season, but I think its all up in the west, with the Clippers, Warriors, Spurs, Grizzlies, Nuggets and Thunder also in the mix
    in the east there is still no team that can beat the Heat in a seven game series, but the west will be very exciting….simply love for the game

    • MackDaddy says:

      No team in the East can beat Heat in seven games?

      Were you even watching the playoffs this year?
      Indiana pushed them to the brink and Granger wasnt healthy.
      Chicago gave them fits, and they didnt have Rose.

      Unless Miami gets a quality center (or anyone at 4 or 5 who can play proper back to basket tough ball), they are going to struggle against these teams again, because both those teams have solid inside players.

      Bosh is a soft 4. Cant bump and grind inside because he’ll get snapped. It’s just not his style.

  39. Roger says:

    Dwight Howard is over rated.He will never win rings like Kobe because he isn’t mature enough to win them.

    • Bigmenmoves says:

      “Win rings like Kobe is funny”. Kobe won rings with Shaq! Then won rings with Gasol and company. When it was Kobe’s team with the likes of Luke Walton getting a lot of PT Lakers got bounced and Kobe whined about no support and threatened to leave. Funny how LA fans forget Kobe’s tantrums. Nobody wins rings alone yet Dwight went to finals with role players. All the Dwight hating is comical. Howard can run the floor, protect the rim, and rebound like no other big man in the game. I can’t comment on his maturity level and don’t care. He is a beast on defense and commands other teams defense to respect his roll off the screen. A game changer without question!

    • Really says:

      How is he over rated if he led an entire magic team to the finals with no stars except for him?

    • WESTERN BOY says:

      Your right bro, He doesn’t have the heart like Kobe does… See what the WC looks like
      1. OKC
      2. SAS
      3. LAC
      4. HOU
      5. GSW
      6. DAL
      7. MEM
      8. LAL

      Lakers might be swept in the first round, but so do the ROCKETS man! Curry and IGGY will just Run them out of the GYM…

      • Matthew says:

        Howard lacks heart but he makes up for it in STATS. Just give him a few “hearty” players around him and he’ll be alright. Maturity is something that develops over time. D12 is still a ginormous kid but McHale plans on changing that. Legends have a way of talking.

      • Jason says:

        Yeah look at golden st. Record last season against the rockets!!! It was ugly!! The spurs old age, will fall a bit!! I think okc probably will get the 1 seed, but 2-5 is open between clips, rockets, warriors, then spurs!!!
        Dallas, and Lakers? lol Denver will finish a head of both of them!!

  40. Roger says:

    That is alot of money for a guy who can’t make a foul shot.

  41. SPURS just acquired BELINELLI.

    They still have the Big 3, Kawhi leonard, Danny Green, Tiago Splitter and a great bench.

    We’ll be there again next year !!!

    • rods says:

      lets’s see because eventually they will still sit down for several minutes. that time the team with deeper bench players will prevail. the bench players were the biggest problem in LA lakers last season.

    • Jason says:

      Love how much money y’all gave splitter to be on a poster,getting stuffed, and dunked on!!! Great contract, then y’all throw another 7 mill a year to ginobly!!! lol
      Duncan will not win another ring in San Antonio again!! But good like throwing 16 million a year to 2 guys that aren’t worth half that!! I can just remember Barkley whispering Ginobily……

  42. Olegre10 says:

    ‘up-and-coming’, fun to watch, likely a top 4 contender – that’s what the Rockets are set for now. D12 – lots of highlight plays and quite a number of quality performances – vast majority of them during the regular season and most of them are likely to be against the bottom half teams. Come playoffs – the ball in Harden’s hands, him trying to make it all, averaging 25+, and the Rockets quietly going fishing in the 2-nd round. Because Harden’s FG % is likely to be in the top 30-s. Or esle 🙂

    • Game Time says:

      Rockets are a lot like the Clippers now. Young guys who are fun to watch and still developing, but a real lack of experience and defense. I think however if these two teams keep their current stars for the next 2-3 years they will be the new leaders of the west. Right now OKC and SA are still the top dogs to beat, and the Warriors are easily the 3rd best team in the west.

  43. LAisAmess says:

    People truly reveal their bballfan IQ when talking about last year’s Lakers. The Steve Nash signing was idiotic. Nash thrives in a Dantoni style system only! For him to push the ball and control tempo makes it mute to have Kobe on your team. For Kobe to be Kobe he needs to direct traffic and the ball making it pointless to have Nash on your team. A catch and shoot one dribble and pop point and can play d was ideal (Fisher) . But Dantoni needs his style of all offense and no defense players. Dantoni was a horrible hire to coach Kobe with Howard on the team. People blame Howard when that roster was lucky to make the playoffs with Kobe injured or not. Shaq throwing shots at Howard is just Laker sour grapes. Dwight was smart to leave a team where the only selling point is what happened back in the day. In this day Kobe, Nash, Gasol and Metta are all in decline. Rockets have players ( Harden and Parsons) who haven’t even peaked yet and a coach who knows how to play through big men to win! Smart move D12.

    • spicytysie says:

      Moot, not mute.

      • LAisAMess says:

        “Greatest linebacker since Joe Montana… I meant Joe Mantegna”. I guess Nash dominating the ball would make Kobe silent on offense. Nice grammar lesson!

  44. Richard says:

    Howard is just tailored fit for Houston’s offense, and will improve significantly their defense. It’s up to the management to fill out the rest of the roster with complementary role players to play off the talent they have. They should also trade some of their bigmen for another guard who could fill in if injuries occur..Speaking about what is the right choice he made over the Lakers, absolutely! Lakers has too much ego.. The coaches and players just don’t co-exist.. They made the worst out of great players, Nash and Howard, even Gasol… It was always about Bryant,.. He just can’t wake up to reality that his age is creeping over him. That is why MJ will always be greater, because MJ adapted and change his approach offensively and defensively to suit what his body is capable of doing. And it was efficient.

  45. KobeB24 says:

    Lakers made a great run ending the 2013 season, twas when they started to improve their chemistry. if not only kobe injured his Achilles they may have a decent opportunity to lead the west, And howard’s supposedly second year with lakers will make them a great contender should kobe recovers while kupchack tries his best to bring some missing pieces.

  46. tony says:

    Ironically, from what Mchale said here he isn’t likely to give Dwight the first option touches he wanted in LA; he basically admitted that Dwight isn’t the most refined post offensive player as for the entire interview he only emphasized on his defensive ability. The touches probably still go to Harden, and I can see the same drama in LA happening all over again, though probably not as bad, since Dwight probably knows too that he can’t afford to have drama on him to hurt his rep anymore.

  47. Nick says:

    It’s amazing to me how you people can compare the experience Howard had last season on the Lakers with that of any other team! Lets see now. What if Harden fractures his leg (I certainly do not want any of this to happen, just an illustration), Asik comes down with Plantar Fasciitis, Lin has abdominal surgery, and Parsons has knee trouble resulting in late season surgery?! Not to mention Howard recovering from back surgery. I doubt the Rockets would have made it into the playoffs under those circumstances as the Lakers did (heck, they didn’t make it into the playoffs healthy!). How can anyone – especially Howard – use that season as a measuring stick except to say, wow what could we have done as a healthy team? I think he has poor mentors and advisors, and made a big mistake.

    • OK honestly I think he made the right decision Howard would never be able to handle the expectations on and off the court, media and fan pressure that would come with being the number one player in that yellow and purple because Kobe is going to be gone soon. Lakers fans be honest why would he say in two years Kobe Nash arrest would be gone and the Lakers don’t have any talent to replace them with. At that time Howard would be playing for lottery picks instead of rings. Howard has a chance to play with a all star in harden, improve his post game and become a great with his coach and hakeem. And earn 88 millon and if the team can’t make the jump as a contender he can opt out in two years going on to his third leave and join a contender or take a pay cut to add more players.

    • Bigmatta23 says:

      Dwight thought about that for several days and at the end of each night would fall asleep shaking and sweating thinking of Kobe Bryant jacking up brick after brick after brick, being a general bore and being quite possibly the worst, most self involved person in the NBA…

      • MackDaddy says:

        Who the hell would want to play 2nd fiddle to Kobe on HIS Lakers?
        It’s not a selling point hearing Kobe say “I’ll teach you how to win”.
        It’s more like “I’ll tell you what to do… on my team”.

  48. Craig says:

    Clippers have better leadership, they will hack DH and force them to the line. Clippers will be the team in the West, but Miami again to take it all.

    • CW says:

      The Clippers are all show and quickly wilt (not Chamberlain) in the playoffs — That is not going to change any time soon. Next year is once again OKC & SA flipping a coin into the finals

      • spark199 says:

        I agree kind-of. The Spurs are a little to old for this game. I know we said this last year, but we saw how they struggled playing the minutes. I don’t think they can pull it off. But I believe that the OKC can bring it to the Championship. The clippers just need that good shooting guard to make a championship team.

      • blackfire030 says:

        I agree with you as far and San Antonio they were a free throw away from winning it all but you overlooked the fact that OKC lost their 16 ppg guy off the bench two years in a row and Durant showed he cant do it all when those guys go out the game its gonna be trouble OKC should have kept Martin that was a mistake the only teams I worry about are the Grizzles and Spurs other than that its open season on the West

    • spicytysie says:

      You guys are going to feel silly when OKC and SA are at the top again next year.

    • ryan says:

      Haha. Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordans freethrow %…. enough said lob city. You just came off a record amount of wins last year and fired a coach. Doc is a good coach but only brought one title home with an all star line up…. not going to happen

  49. SHAQ says:

    Listen up Big fella (i aint calling myself), if u can’t do it in LA, U can’t do it nowhere…

  50. josh says:

    Great team but I just don’t think they will be able to beat the Pacers or the Knicks or Miami if they were to get through the West (which is going to be difficult to get past the Clippers and the Warriors. I don’t think the Spurs will be there this year. Their tank will be empty from this years gruelling playoffs.).

    • Jason says:

      The Knicks?? lol keep dreaming!! Miami,Indiana, Brooklyn, and even Chicago with rose coming back will be better then the Knicks!!!
      West will be closer bunched!!

    • Game Time says:

      I honestly think right now the Warriors have the best team…on paper, but their two main players are injury prone. If they can get through the season without major injuries to Curry or Bogut I see them taking the west.

  51. simsingh says:

    dwight howard is such a baby we didnt need him

  52. Steve says:

    I just don’t think they are going to win a championship that’s all I have my opinion

  53. David says:

    Well good for Dwight he final jmade a descent decision . Lakers hopefully will learn a bitter lesson on management. Anytime you have a star player leave your organization after one season while clearly not being use the right way. You have to ask the right question of why in the world will you hire a coach, whom record of wins fail tremendously in comparison to any other note worthy coach. As much as I’m a die hard Laker fan I just can’t see Kobe winning another Championship with the coaching system they have in place D’Antoni has to go , Nash has to go , Blake has to go .

  54. lavelle says:

    He doesnt gaurantee them anything. Ask the Lakers^_^

  55. Bird33 says:

    I’m not a Dwight fan by any means…he annoys me. However…just a reminder…Herman Munster was one of the best low post big men to ever play the game. Having D’Antoni or Kupchak make predictions is a little different than a guy who arguably played on the best front line of all time….look it up…’86….before the watering down of expansion…..Herman may know a little more than those two idiots in LA.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      I wouldn’t call Kupchak an idiot. D’Antoni yes, not Kupchak. I do agree though Mchale could have played on one of the best front lines of all time though. That’s a tough one.

    • spicytysie says:

      Damn straight. No one is trying to christen Dwight’s Rockets as the new best team of all time, so why all the negativity? As a basketball junkie, I hope to see him develop with McHale. It will be good basketball.

  56. CW says:

    Herman Munster should keep it shut until they actually show it on the court….Remember the 2012-2-13 Lakers?

  57. Walt Davis says:

    I don’t know if the Rockets are contenders. I can’t make a prediction without seeing the product on the floor. They have a nice talent base that’s all I’m willing to say .

    • Jason says:

      That’s a great post!! Even though I’m a diehard Rockets fan!! I know even with the D12 signing coming to a group of Parson, J hard, and taking some stress off of Jeremy Lin!!
      plus all our impressive young talent playing in the summer league!!! Specially Terrence Jones, and of course 8 fouls Beverly!! lol I like his hustle/effort, and his great upside on both ends!!
      With that being said, they need to bond, and practice together, and show us fans that they can do it!!

      • ed123w says:

        rockets are just terrible if it wasnt for harden the bobcats would be able to sweep the rockets during the regular season

      • HardRock says:

        There is no room for baby and whiny in Houston. Dwight, make sure to leave all your drama in LA before you step your foot on Houston ground. There is no chemistry in a one-mad team. Theres no way a new guy should take over the face of a franchise. Don’t listen to the franchise promise and believe what the media tells you. Houston aint no Orlando. It’s a TEAM game.

  58. Sirron Kyles says:

    I agree; the chemistry that he will have in Houston with his other teammates will be a lot better than he had with the Lakers for one will help make them and he a Champion. Houston has the talent to math-up and beat any team in the NBA regularly.

    • Gordy B says:

      I don’t see what the hype is with Dwight going to Houston. He’s a good player but the rockets have had teams with Yao Ming and Tracy Mcgrady and they didn’t do anything. A duo of James Harden and Dwight is not better than T-Mac and Yao Ming.

      • spark199 says:

        I agree. We can look at teams like the clippers and the OKC. They both have a duo team but they still can’t win. Durant + Westbrook > Howard + Harden. Paul + Griffin > Howard + Harden. Dwight can’t score with purpose and he can’t will his points.

      • julian marquez says:

        But they didn’t gave a third wheel like Chandler Parsons and a good pg like j lin. Better the raefer Alston and….who? This team will produce and become even more exciting.

      • it was a different story…during T-Mac and yao’s time they were surrounded by old people…this core is very young and nowadays its hard to find a legit center in the NBA

      • jo says:

        I disagree

      • htg2828 says:

        Yao and tracy never played one game in the playoffs together..each year one of the two was would of made a difference..u dnt have to believe the hype (ur not a fan) but best believe the rockets will be an elite team as long as we stay healthy..#htown

      • ryan says:

        Yao went out in the second of the playoffs or they would have beat the Lakers. They took them to game 7 without Tmac and yao. The Lakers won the title that year. Next

      • Jason says:

        Obvious your a rockets hater!! Because A the TMac/Yao combo did great when they were healthy!!!
        B they never had this kind of young talent around them, nor the depth they have now!!
        So go back to your Mav/flaker site to post, where intelligence is a rare option!!!
        Real Rocket fans knows we just went from a sub par team, to a special top 3 seed team in the west in just 8 months!!!
        all thanks goes to our future GM of the year D Morey, and les Alexander!!!
        PS last year 18th pick Terrence Jones looked like a beast in his first summer league game so far with 24/12!!!
        #GO ROCKETS!!!

      • Jg says:

        Neither one of those guys played at the same time in the playoffs one was always injured

      • MackDaddy says:


        Over hyped because of a huge fan base in China. Otherwise, there is NO WAY he would have been considered an AllStar.
        Ming over Shaq on starting center allstar ballots? Oh please.

        Howard is a better center Ming. I dont like him as a person, but he’s definitely got more skill than Ming.

      • Rockets says:

        it’s cool to add Dwight, not so cool can’t no longer call it my team. Just want to do my thing out there.