Warriors Take Another Step Forward


HANG TIME WEST – It was the first two rounds of the playoffs all over again, with the Warriors a blur of action, unpredictability and unspoken statements about the future, only this time with enough crowd noise to blow the lid off more than Oracle Arena. Try the entire Western Conference.

Golden State was going hard after Dwight Howard, weighing trade options, digging for cap space in a final push Friday before his planned decision, planned being the operative word with any Howard expedition. And then: Andre Iguodala.

Brilliant. Better than coming away with Howard, the glitzy result but one that would have reduced the Stephen Curry impact and threatened team chemistry while potentially costing additional players in a sign-and-trade.

Trading Brandon Rush, Richard Jefferson, Andris Biedrins and first-round picks in 2014 and 2017 to the Jazz for Kevin Murphy to clear the cap room to sign Iguodala could become the no-look pass of the 2013-14 season.

The Warriors are coming off a trip to the second round despite injury and inexperience and just added a versatile veteran who makes them better on both sides of the ball. Without costing them anyone from the rotation. And saving about $11 million in salary next season.

The loss statement is misleading – they also had to renounce Jarrett Jack, a major contributor off the bench, and Rush would have had a prominent role if not for tearing two ligaments in the left knee in his second and last game. But still. The Warriors were considering high-risk moves of dealing Andrew Bogut and Klay Thompson or Harrison Barnes, among others, if that’s what it took to land the finicky Howard in a sign-and-trade and instead got a lot better while barely touching the core of a roster that pushed for the Western Conference final without coming close to its potential.

They got better.

The Nuggets, one of the teams that finished ahead of Golden State, got worse by losing Iguodala without compensation.

The Jazz, one of the teams that finished close behind, won’t get better off this deal for at least one season and maybe two.

It probably means a move to the bench for Barnes, impressive showing by a rookie in the playoffs or not, but he should be as visible on the wing as shooting guard Thompson and Iguodala as the successor at small forward. With Iguodala’s versatility, especially as a standout defender, the three could play together.

The Warriors need to find a reserve point guard and a backup center with Festus Ezeli expected to be out until approximately midseason after knee surgery, but David Lee, Curry, Bogut, Iguodala, Thompson and Barnes is a very good first six. Getting Iguodala, while also hitting the Nuggets hard, is another step forward.


  1. daekeena says:

    I believe iggy needs to come off the bench. Klay, steph, barnes, lee, amd bogut are the perfect starters. I cant belive we even got rid of rush for this clown iggy anyways

  2. OldBlueEyes says:

    The Warriors have agreed to terms on a three-year deal with big man Marreese Speights, a source tells Marc J. Spears of Yahoo Sports (Twitter links). The final year of the deal is a club option, tweets Sam Amick of USA Today. Marc Stein of ESPN.com (via Twitter) first reported that a deal was close. The guy is 6’10” and 245….great replacement for Landry.

  3. NBAfan says:

    GSW has a strong starting five accross the board. I think Iggy should start at SF and bring all that unselfish versatility along with Steph’s and Klay’s long range shooting and Bogut’s and Lee’s inside presence.

    This starting five is probably the most balanced in the league. Now it’s just up to the players to work together and step up when needed…very excited for this Warriors team!

  4. OldBlueEyes says:

    Warriors need a backup center….Jermaine O’Neal comes to mind. Love the Iggy deal…Warriors can go small ball with Bogut, Barnes (4), Iggy (3), plus Klay and Steph and run opponents off the court. In fact, I see that as the starting 5.

  5. Deegzy says:

    Iggy will be starting over Thompson, the way I see it. I’m not saying Barnes is better, in fact I see them pretty equal as of now. However, people tend to forget Iggy’s natural position is at SG due to his great length and size, and I feel like that is the deciding factor on Barnes starting rather than Thompson. (And no we are not getting Landry or Jack next season, we had to renounce them in order to get Iggy, plus they both have already signed elsewhere.)

    • daekeena says:

      Klay and steph plays off eachother so for him to come off the bench to iggy would be stupid.

  6. snub says:

    NO NO NO….iggy is overated i would rather keep jack and let barnes be the starter and for 8 millions they coulda had josh smith instead and would garantee them being contenders….the team did not upgrade they stayed the same jack was a great piece

  7. Lance T says:

    Why do we need a backup center? When Bogut is on the bench, we can move Lee to center, move Barnes to PF. At point – thought we were going to give Bazemore a chance? We also could give our draft pick a chance to be our backup.

  8. warriorsfanforlife says:

    ok i think igning andrew bynum will. make the warriors. a 2 seeded team he can defend well on da paint hes young still staffing line up is as follow


  9. YayArea says:

    I think Barnes comes of the bench, but the Dubs will put a small lineup in a lot and Barnes will get plenty off opportunities. Losing Jack hurts, but his contribution is replaced by Iggy. Think about it. Iggy can handle the ball well, slash, make things happen, and score if need be. Jack does all of the same things without the rebounding, defense and size that Iggy brings. The one that hurts is losing Landry. We need to find a backup big man. But overall, a great day to be a Dubs fan.

  10. Chief keef says:

    The loss of Jack and landry will affect them but they should be fine with guards like Will Bynum and Devin Harris and big men like Samuel Dalembert and Chris Kaman available. All those players they should be able to afford and will fit well on thier team maybe even Eric Maynor or Mo Williams will sign for cheap

    • Moo32 says:

      I agree with signing Kaman. He would be a good fit for the Warriors. I still think that the Warriors should Seth Curry and have the Curry brothers play together. Although, even if they signed Seth, they would still need to find a backup PG for next year who fit the role better. Losing Jack is unfortunate, but signing Iggy lightens the loss.

  11. Lil Safari says:

    This the way I c it…
    PG- Stephen Curry
    SG- Klay Thompson
    SF* IGGY
    PF- David Lee
    C- Andrew Bogut
    I don’t want Harrison Barnes coming of the bench because the guy is a monster. But 48 million???… the guys there for a reason

  12. ladislau says:

    I’m still trying to know who will go to the bench, now that Iguodala is there. Barnes or Thompson??? One of them might want to leave.. Who knows!!!

  13. Aussie Icon says:

    PG: Curry
    SG: Iggy
    SF: Barnes
    PF: Lee
    C: Bogut

    No need to move Barnes to the bench, At all.

  14. krespino says:

    The Warriors are the team to watch.
    Everybody’s favorite for a jump is now the Rockets, but getting Howard and losing Asik… we’ll see if things will work out as hoped.
    Howard’s personality might be a drawback. Howard always makes teammates feel unhappy.

    The Warriors should not lose Jarrett Jack !!

  15. Dan says:

    PG – Curry
    SG – Thompson
    SF – Iguodala
    PF – Lee
    C – Bogut

    Barnes (should still play 30+ minutes at 2-3-4)
    Ezeli (midseason)

    PG and C are obviously the priorities right now.

  16. Jono says:

    I can not wait for next season! go the Dubs!!

  17. LAKER FAN says:

    right now, they are conteders on the west! Iggy is a lockdown defender, while curry and thompson are 3-point snipers. With Bogut on the C – he doesnt need many shots like howard, he do everything – asists, blocks, rebounds, take charges and have better basketball IQ

    • GSW fan says:

      as a warrior fan i am glad howard the clown is going to houston. bogut is pretty good and we dont lose our young core. pretty sure jack will be back. and j.j. hickson as the back up 4.

  18. damen says:

    this is as good a pick up for the warriors as anything. i see it as
    pf-David Lee
    C- Bogut
    6M- Iggy
    He could play that back up point gaurd or shooting gaurd or small forward role he could be a sixth man like Ginobli was. Then you got Festus Ezeli, Kent Bazemore and Draymond Green coming off the bench too. Im serious Iggy in a sixth man position would be astounding especially if they could add another pf to come of with him

    • ron says:

      sorry you don’t pay a guy 12 million a yr, to be the sixth man! lol

    • wayne says:

      Iggy is not coming off the bench. The dude is gonna be making $48 mil. There’s no way he’s the 6th man. Plus he’s brings more to the table than Barnes and Klay.

  19. Grang Tapes says:

    I am a Lakers fan first, Warriors fan second, but Dwight leaving doesn’t mean as much to me as this. This is an awesome pick up for Golden State. Curry, Thompson and now Igoudala, RUN TMC version 2 (better name to come, hahaha). Wish them all the best next season.

  20. W/E says:

    Get real, Iggys number speaks for themselves, the guys performance is always below average for some reason, GS wont be any better with him in roster.

  21. Kimmy says:

    Acquiring Iguodala is a good thing for this team. Jarrett Jack however, deserves to start, not be on the bench. I think he will land with another team, maybe a younger team, where he can be a starter and grow. Best wishes to him.

  22. hERHdWnH says:

    PG – CURRY (Offense)
    SG – KLAY (Offense)
    SF/PF – IGGY (O/D)
    PF/SF – BARNES (O/D)
    C – BOGUT (Defense)

    6 – LEE/JACK(if re-sign)

    • wayne says:

      Klay played pretty goox defensively last season. There’s a reason he gaurded the opponents best offensive players most of the time.

    • Chief keef says:

      Why would an all star power forward come off the bench for an unproven second year player?

  23. littleteapot says:

    Why not have the starting 5 be Curry, Thompson, Iggy, Barnes, Lee?

  24. FL says:

    good chance for warriors to be deep!!!.. now they need a better center..even if it’s not an all-star but a bigmen who can defend in near the rim…
    I don’t like bogut now..his fragile…

  25. J says:

    terrific move! they couldn’t have done it better
    barnes as 6th man
    iggy starts

    starting 5
    PG curry
    SG Thompson
    SF iguodala
    PF lee
    C trade (bogut for someone more reliable)


  26. Vash says:

    Iguadala is a much better addition to the team than Dwight Howard, who has behaved like a petulant child for many years. May be he will mature in Houston, but the Warriors are better off with a player like Iggy.

  27. Kole says:

    Nedovic is great option for a reserve point guard, Warriors will be a team to watch in next season…

  28. Grapefruit juice says:

    Wow, think about it:
    PG: Stephen Curry
    SG: Klay Thompson
    PF: David Lee
    SF: Andre Iguoadala/Harrison Barnes
    C: Andrew Bogut
    Plus Jarrett Jack, Festus Ezeli and Carl Landry on the bench.
    Warriors look like top 4 seed in the west for me.

  29. Steffen says:

    As a Lakers fan you forfill me. Glad your out.

  30. Deandre says:

    Why don’t the Warriors try to get Chris Andersen aka birdman as a back up center he will thrive at roaracle and can offer worthy minutes off the bench

  31. And1 says:

    Iggy was a better acquisition than Howard since we did not loose our core. Now we have more cap room, we can still resign Landry and if we get another back-up center like KMART for cheapo

    • Shawn K says:

      I don’t think Landry will re-sign with Golden State. I’m not saying he won’t, I just think he is going to look to play for a championship team(I don’t think the Warriors are there yet). I’m guessing he will sign with either the Lakers, Clippers, or maybe he follows Dwight to the Rockets. But as far as the Warriors go, they have a very good roster. I believe the starting line-up will be;

      PG- Stephen Curry
      SG-Andre Igoudala
      SF-Harrison Barnes
      PF-David Lee
      C-Andrew Bogut

      Key reserves: Klay Thompson, Jarret Jack(if he re-signs), and Draymond Green.

      I think the Warriors are in for a good season.

      • Jim H. says:

        If Landry wants to play for a championship team he won’t be signing witht the fakers.

      • wayne says:

        I disagree with you. I think this move makes the Warriors contenders. They need to add a back up big man but tho. This team is gonna be hard to handle.

      • Dosh says:

        Sorry to burst your bubble Shawn K, but the Warriors don’t have the money to afford either Landry or Jack… That is the only reason why both won’t be back next season.

      • Worrier says:

        It seems that Landry is going to the Kings so I would guess he’s not looking for a championship ring any time soon.

      • Shawn K says:

        No worries “Dosh”, you didn’t “burst my bubble”. I thought the Warriors would try to trade Jefferson or Beidrins to free up cap space to re-sign Jack, but I knew that Landry was as good as gone. I still think that the Warriors will have a good playoff run now that they have Igoudala.

    • it’ll be interesting to see iggy and barnes play together

    • Nash says:

      It’s lose*, however, two different positions are suppose to be discussed. You are unable to judge the two due to the position difference. Howard is top in his Center position as Iguadala in his.

    • dsgggggg says:

      i hope that landry will come back, but im pretty upset that jack is gone. iggy is a good ball handler but im not so sure that he’ll be able to lead the young guns of this team like jack did.

      • wayne says:

        I disagree with you. I think this move makes the Warriors contenders. They need to add a back up big man but tho. This team is gonna be hard to handle.