The Non-Dwight Action Of The Night


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Dwight Howard made the biggest splash of the day, night and probably the entire free agent summer of 2013 by choosing the Houston Rockets. And you are free to weigh in on his (in)decision and where it ranks in recent memory among summer spectacles.

But he wasn’t the only free agent to firm up his future Friday.

Plenty of his contemporaries were busy solidifying their respective futures with teams around the league. Keep in mind none of these deals become official until July 10, when the league’s moratorium on signing new contracts and finalizing proposed trades is lifted.

Some of the other notable activity from the first and likely wildest Friday night of free agency:


  1. Lol says:

    Hi. My name is COPELAND. And my motto is: IF YOU CAN’T BEAT THEM, JOIN THEM! hhahahahaha

  2. t mac says:

    really want monta ellis in dallas

  3. DET says:

    Everyone who want ring sing with Miami.

  4. Damian Batista says:

    Imagine if Dwight went to Miami and he’ll win his first ring and he’ll be happy

  5. Tony says:

    If J.Smith go to the Rockets……..They will be tough!!!!!!!!
    C -Howard

  6. NYK221980 says:

    Ok so now we lose the only compliment to JR Smith.. To INDY.. Wow!!! Talkin about Upper MGMT Failure.. As a Knicks fan im boycotting for the return of Stu Jax… atleast he knows how to gather a contender.. This is becoming dreadful.. Feels like a Wizard fan

  7. Dennis says:

    Nooooooooooooo! We lost Copeland!

  8. nyckid says:

    Maybe Monte Ellis should go to atl

  9. Benj says:

    I completely disagree with the facetious comments about Atlanta. Looking at their team last year compared to now: horford and milsap can totally play together as a 4-5 tandem, which is quite good- you have a backcourt of Jeff Teague and Lou Williams when healthy- korver- one of the best 3 point shooters in the game right now, and at the present moment a beast in josh smith at the 3. Right there, that is a good lineup- id say 4 behind Miami Indiana and Chicago- but better than the AARP squad in Brooklyn and better than the other joke in new York. Now if they trade smith like I think they should, that is a ton of cap space to make a bold move for a good guard in the back court of maybe replace a 3.

  10. commentator says:

    josh smith should go to LAL they need him and get rid of the coach get George Karl this team would be like the lakers 3 years ago only this time shaq is josh smith and nash is fisher

  11. Kimmy says:

    Wow, I think Atlanta Hawks so far are making good signing and trading decisions. But where and who is going to be their “star” or “stars?” Don’t see it yet. Lets go Hawks!!!!!!

  12. Kym says:

    Howard is a wanker. He has issues. Maybe he didn’t get enough cuddles…joking. LA doesn’t need him. They’d be much better off looking for role players that can support Kobe and each other just like San Antonio or Miami or Indiana. Just my opinion anyway. My team the Knicks have had some serious problems over the years…don’t get me started on them…lol

  13. Matthew says:

    if the rockets get josh smith too… i don’t even want to think about that. ATL building around Paul Milsap?? I mean him and Al Horford play exactly the same. Is Kyle Korver that great a shooting guard!?!? Let’s go Hawks!!! Whats the highlight factory without highlights??????????

    • steagle says:

      I seriously doubt ATL is done. Millsap is more of a replacement signing and not a put-all-your-chips-on-the-table signing. I have a feeling they will be making a strong push for one of the available PGs or SGs before the summer is over.

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  15. seanMoney19 says:

    i just wonder if i were some of these better players would i sign to the places they signed. they dont make since but i guess its all about the mighty $ instead of rings.

    • unknown says:

      howard has a great chance of winning in Houston, and if they bring in smith! you got LIN, HARDEN, PARSONS, SMITH, HOWARD. look what the rockets did this past season with the beard and parsons.

  16. J says:

    that’s some good moves there

  17. Smiley says:

    Jose Calderon ain’t bad, pretty good actually, but dirk and the mavs are still in for another dark season unless cuban can find some more light.

  18. lakerfan says:

    It’s time to bring back Bynum! He is better than Dwight..and get rid of the coach!!

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  20. Tucker says:

    I’m so happy the Jazz let Jefferson and Milsap walk. It’s time to let Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter loose. Kanter could end up being a great low post scorer and rebounder alongside Favors who’s also a good rebounder and a good defender.

  21. jhjkldaf says:

    Dwight dwight dwight, exactly what you wanted huh, the world to revolve around you