Busy Saturday Of Free-Agent Deals


HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — Plenty of free-agent action swept through the Association on Saturday, headlined by power forward Josh Smith going to the Detroit Pistons and cashing in on the type of contract he’s dreamed about.

Others also reached verbal agreements with new teams, but keep in mind none of these deals become official until Wednesday when the league’s moratorium on signing new contracts and finalizing proposed trades is lifted.

Some of the other notable activity from Saturday:

  • Earl Watson agreed to a one-year, $1.4 million deal with the Portland Trail Blazers.


  1. DMAC says:

    If I was a sell out …… Oh man oh man …. I just told the homie’s two days ago the Lakers should pick up D.Collison – Been watchin the youngsta since the (u)CLA days and he’s from So-Cal (I.E. in the house – baby baby) . ig ups to the slipper’s – they definitely have turned the tales in the last 2 years ( a lot of that is thx to David Stern) . CP3 get to run Purple and Gold – and the story takes a different turn . ANYWHO – can’t belly ache over past spilled milk . PURPLE&GOLD —- BABYBABY

  2. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    Good move because Darren Collison is a good PG. They may need him, in case Chris Paul decides to leave the Clippers.

  3. Monta Ellis is still a free agent. Why aren’t teams going for him. I understand why not Milwaukee but other teams why not? . Brandon Jennings hasn’t been offered as far as I’ve heard. orlando magic should offer him something. Id welcome him to start over Jameer Nelson. The only thing I’m thinking is the fear of overpaying Jennings. Ellis though scored over 20 PPG. Why not take a shot on him? I’m thinking the Bobcats should offer a deal to Ellis. I’d love to see Monta Ellis and Al Jefferson and have a young core of Kemba Walker, Michael Kidd Gilchrist and Cody Zeller.

  4. miguelamor22 says:

    I’m kinda choked at GS. Ya Iggy was a nice pickup but he won’t be able to suppliment the 30+ ppg they’ll lose from letting go Jack, Rush and Landry. Iggy probably won’t be able to get you over 17 ppg and 6 apg in the playoffs the way Jack did plus Landry was one of the best backup PFs in the league. Rush was nothing that special before he got injured but he could shoot the longball and could get you 10 points off the bench. Besides Barnes, who’s gonna come of the bench for the warriors? Ya Iggy’s an upgrade on defense but is he really worth it? I’m not sure these moves have really make GS a better team. Only time will tell.

  5. Lakers4ever says:

    The Mavs shouldn’t have stuck their hands into Devin Harris. He’s old and won’t be useful to the rebuilding team which has quite a lot of veteran presence already. Unless they sign him to trade him (twice Devin has been part of a trade for big stars. Devin to Nets for JKidd, and Devin to Jazz for DWill)

    • basketball intelligence says:

      Harris is not old. at 30 he is in the prime of his carreer and will be very important to the mavericks success in the next couple of years, regardless of whether or not he starts.

    • Mavs4thewin says:

      The Dallas Mavericks should persue trade and acquire bigman like Javale Mcgee or Joakim Noah for depensive and rebound purposes!

  6. Shawn K says:

    I’m really happy that the Clippers signed Collison. He might not be as good as Bledsoe was, but I think Chris Paul will teach Collison a lot as a player and help him grow and become better. All the Clippers need now is a SF to start and have Dudley back him up and they’re set.

  7. ben says:

    cheap offer for collison

  8. Dean says:

    I agree with Darren Collison making a good move going to LAC, but yea he definitely is worth more than that. Hopefully he can redeem himself after being forced to take part of the blame in Dallas’s collapse last season. Is it just me or should the Mavs be more focused on next year free agency and not just trying to desperately round up players this year. Harris for muliyears and same with Jose, I don’t get how this team will be better than last years. Get rid of Mark Cuban!

    • miguelamor22 says:

      What do you mean “Get rid of Mark Cuban”?? He owns the team smart guy. Who are you talking to??

  9. 007 says:

    Darren Collison to Clips great move. Doc Rivers really is a doctor a point guard who I feel is better than eric Bledsoe at least more experienced. A better shooter jus as good a defender gives up a little in the athletic department but solid starting guard you have coming off the bench.

    Can’t wait to see what else rivers has in store because I feel griffin will not be part of the clippers this upcoming season.

  10. Keko123 says:

    Collison as the new backup for the clips is a very good move!!!
    It seems like the Clipper management will have a offseason “without” a bad move, silly trade or free agent bust….I’m speechless…

  11. CrimsonWarrior says:

    Dallas is quietly putting together a quality back court

  12. Confused says:

    Its pissing me off that the Lakers aren’t making any moves, I understand that they might be waiting for 2014 but come on! The Clips are locked and loaded

  13. Toris says:

    Im just ready to see my Charlotte Hornets make some moves… C’mon MJ get us to the playoffs!!!!!!

  14. Robert says:

    Why can’t the utah jazz sign anybody they supposedly have the money to why don’t they instead of picking up expiring contracts

    • dmh says:

      It is obvious that they want to sort and develop what they have. Favors, Kanter and the gang were not going anywhere with the veterans that they had. The best bet is to turn it over to the youngsters and let it grow. Favors has allstar potential and was held back by Jefferson and Millsap. Kanter isn’t bad either. The 2 guard situation in Utah has been a rotating disaster with little continuity. If Burks and Hayward develop then that is best longterm for the Jazz. If they don’t then they are easy trade chips later on. Trey Burke was NPOY at Michigan. If he can develop there may be the next coming of Stockton and Malone between Burke and Favors.

      The only way the jazz are going to find that out is if they dump all of the veterans and let their team grow. With the new CBA the only sensible way of doing that is to fill their roster with expirings that sit on the end of the bench and have no future in Utah and ULTIMATELY…. Let the kids play.

      • ueuqw says:

        Hayward has allstar potensial nodoubt. Hes got a lot of skills with the ball in his hands. And he is by far my favorite jazz player

  15. wak9 says:

    Bad moves by GS. By not resigning jack or landry they lost a lot of depth. Also taking a younger sf in Barnes out of the starting lineup and replacing him with over rated igguadola, not a good move. Now i see why this team has missed the playoffs so much in the last 20 years. Very poor management. The fans of the bay deserve better.

  16. Ken from toronto says:

    celentano I agree totally.. I don’t get why Nash got a 30M contract when Fish is more healthy. Give them a chance to prove they could win and if it fail blowup and rebuild….

    Mitch get us the old Lakers Squad, give the Fans what they want..

    Phil Jackson “Coach”
    Sasha “Defense pess”
    Farmer “gritty PG”
    Shanon brown “Bench energy”
    Odom “Talent”
    Bynum “Best center today if healthy, he prove by winning the ring for Lakers”

    *** Isn’t this a good bench?

  17. Ken from toronto says:

    Why does it seem like the Lakers are the only Team not making any moves? Mr Buss is well missed! The kids are not aggressive as they should. The Clippers looking like the LA Lakers organization now. It’s seems to me the Lakers are quietly sending the rebuild message. I think that’s primarily why Dwight Howard didn’t sign. If Dr. Buzz was alive then Howard would sign because the head of the Team would have a clear vision. Kobe sorry you got hurt trying to prove to Dwight Howard you can still win and now he failed every member of the team who played there heart out last season. Kobe wouldn’t have got injured if he wasn’t playing extended minutes trying to make Dwight Happy. All Dwight did was fumble the ball and bad turn overs. Lack of focus and stability and no go to move will be his biggest problem in Houston. To all fairness James Harden is a different kind of player and talented. He will probably be the best teammate for Howard because he will break the defense and give Howard easy shot or dunks. In the end the Lakers are the loser in the season.

  18. hourocketfan says:

    Rockets & Texans!!! Twouston, Texas!!!

  19. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Wow very interesting moves even if under the radar for some! This were very surprising at the Draft, and then now in Free Agency! Crazy shape up in the league. Go my Nets in 2013-2014!

  20. JC says:

    Houston 2013-14 world champs.

    • Van says:


    • artifex says:

      The last time I heard such bold words was when Lakers signed Dwight Howard and they ended up 8th seed 1st round sweep. However, Houston …. wait they signed Dwight Howard… What does that tell us about their chances…

  21. celentano says:

    Buss trow’d the Lakers under the bus, he wasted money on wrong coaches + with Coward certainly that’s is a fact !
    Jim is not a real team boss material acts like a spoiled kid,my poor Lakers!!!

  22. flying rajin says:

    whats up with mavs? all deals point guards? the same minnesota is doing….!? I don’t get it?

  23. BIG WHITE says:

    please tell that kevin hart look alike no nothing about basketball sekou im done reading his blog he knows jack about ball …. OK …. PEACE

  24. celentano says:

    Now is the moment to get Bynum back i hope Mitch convince Buss to go fast possible after him before he staying with Philly or go to another team.It’s better to pay some luxury tax than staying without a talent center like bynum(better this risk than have nothing in place) who bin already to the finals with Metta,Gasol,Kobe bean that’s the real champions core from 3years ago.Maybe chase Odom i think he still has some scores to settle only this time back with his old crue +the combination with
    Nash,meeks,Sacre maybe Jamison and the rest too.That’s not bad at all,at least with Bynum & Odom back.I thought that Odom he’s a seven feet guy, the Lakers having 3 towers back.Put the old crue back again they are ring hungry for sure.
    Get them back Mitch, give them a last try when Nash is still with the Lakers!!!

  25. I don’t really know what Collison is up to, last year he was unhappy dallas cuz he insisted to be player and now he signs with the clippers which automatically makes him a bench player and gets a two year deal…which is not a lot for a player with his skill…does he really think he can win it all in LA? lol!

    • BigBoy says:

      bet he could have gotten at least a full 2mil for 2 years going to miami (not saying it like im a bandwagoner but if hes trying to ring chase that is probably one of the 1st teams you think of)

      • MJ says:

        Or he couldve gone to a team like orlando that desperateley needs a PG and picked up 6 million for 2 years. I agree that he is crazy to join a team like LA cause he will get automatic bench riding

  26. ftg419 says:

    Collison $1.9 million for 2 years? his production is nearly the identical to Jacks..i know its up to the player rather he signs or not but i think he’s at least worth 4 million a season if Jack is worth 6 plus

    • BigBoy says:

      exactly what i was thinking ftg. i thought it was 1.9m each year but its for his whole 2yr deal. are you serious? the guy’s not even worth 1mil a season? if he signed with clips to chase a ring i guess i understand but he shouldve tried a bit harder to make his money. he’s definitely worth 4 or 5 mil a year like you said

      • chigchig says:

        he asks for more money and the clips dont take him and he goes to another sh1tty team that doesnt reach playoffs for more of a wallet.

        I reckon he saw the chance to learn from CP which was his best year and has a chance at a deep playoff run.. good career move for him.. he balls out behind cp and gets the bledsoe type love, then if they do win (dont thin kthey will but they will at least be in the postseason) and he has a good showing then teams will covet him more

  27. Gee says:

    The best move in my opinion Jeff Pendergraph(the guy on Indiana who was gonna kill Norris cole lol) signing to SA..Dude is 6’9 with good ball handling skills..with pop leadership it can turn out to be a good acquisition ..dude has upside

  28. Michael Peloton says:

    Crazy pre season player movement. We just want to see every team re tool and get better. Better teams translate to more competitive and exciting games.

  29. Jalen Steve says:

    I don’t for the life of me understand why the Pacers didn’t go for maximum value by reacquiring at least one of its former players who were obviously available on the cheap. Darren Collison, Mike Dunleavy, Jr., and Josh McRoberts all would have filled roster needs that were apparent on July 1. They didn’t do poorly mind you with C.J. Watson and Chris Copeland, but they could have re-acquired all three former players with known commodities and still remained under the luxury tax threshold, which was their mandate from ownership.

    • MJ says:

      I agree. Colisson could fill backup space in Indy with George Hill at front, and Dunleavy Jr. could put pressure off Lance Stevenson. Indiana also needs to trade Danny Granger to make cap space since Paul George tore it up this season

  30. J says:

    lots going on today I particularly like:
    Jarrett jack as back up to irving
    landry to kings he should start
    zaza is good for back up
    Garcia staying with rockets is a good move

    • BigBoy says:

      yeah i think delfino should have gone back to houston as well. they only waived him to free up cap space for dwight’s contract but he probably took it the wrong way like they didnt want him anymore

  31. Grapefruit juice says:

    After terrific move of getting Iguodala Warriors take a step back. No Jarrett Jack means less depth, more pressure on Steph & Klay and finally lack of his (Jack’s) calm plays, even under great pressure.

    • Bsdamonsta says:

      Keeping jack would’ve been big, but at least they didn’t get rid of Barnes for a sign and trade

    • BigBoy says:

      iggys quicker, more athletic, can facilitate, and is like 4 inches taller than jack. the only thing jack had on iggy was the consistent jump shooting but thats why they have curry and klay and iggy is known for some clutch jumpers himself even some 3s

  32. Pflow3000 says:

    I believe the Mavs improved more by subtraction than anything else. The Collison and Mayo experiment just didn’t work. Plus dumping Roddy and Cunningham is an improvement even before signing any free agents. Would have been sexy to sign big name free agent but that’s how the game goes.

  33. Matthew says:

    Nobody is signing with the Heat which means they cannot afford anybody else.

  34. ventilator says:

    good move by collison he goes for the win , he could’ve get more money from some other teams unlike josh smith who goes to losing team just for money

    • Bsdamonsta says:

      Josh smith, Andre Drummond, and Greg Monroe together gives Detroit one of the best front courts in the east. Pretty good start

      • Alex says:

        Smith is a bonehead and Drummond has the potential to be one still if he’s influenced wrongly…plus despite his talent Greg Monroe had one of the worst +/- in the league. I don’t think it’s all its cracked up to be, they’ll struggle to make the 8th seed

      • DetFan04 says:

        Agreed. And with some solid development from our young guys and some solid play from our rookie sg, we could have a dangerous squad. A lot of things have to go right for that to happen though so I won’t get my hopes too high. But there definitely is real reason to be optimistic for us Piston fans now.

      • yeah…pretty solid frontcourt for the pistons

      • BigBoy says:

        3 guys in the frontcourt that cant shoot? clog up the lane so the guards cant operate, smart!

      • BigBoy says:

        in terms of talent and post presence, yes the are possibly the most dangerous front courts in the east. but in terms of offense, theyll make it extremely difficult for the guards.

    • jay says:

      sounds like you more or less have something against the city of Detroit. petite tend to forget that championships have been won here and one of the greatest teams to not have a legitimate superstar and win a championship came from Detroit. Any team that is rebuilding is going to have subpar seasons but it takes players willing to take a chance to help a team regain poise. then we have a-holes like you that would rather everyone go to the same team and then have that team be expected to win championships instead of it being a true competition. f-ckin’ idiot