Rockets’ Morey Lands (D)wight Whale


HOUSTON — Ahab and Moby Dick. Snoopy and the Red Baron. A Kardashian and a camera.

Talk about your classic chases through history.

Daryl Morey landed his (D)wight whale and finally has reason to throw up his hands and gloat, if not plan ahead for even more elaborate celebrations down the line.

In getting All-Star center Dwight Howard to pick the Rockets in the free-agent lollapalooza, Morey not only won the big prize, but also earned vindication for what was often characterized as a quixotic quest to land the type of player that could put Houston back into the conversation for an NBA championship.

Now in less than eight months, he has pulled James Harden and Howard into the boat and Morey is still sailing on with attempts to trade for wing man Josh Smith.

For a Rockets franchise that has not sipped from a champion’s cup in nearly two decades and has won just a single playoff series since 1997, it is heady stuff, like pulling a vintage Rolls-Royce out of a ditch.

Howard becomes the latest in a line of elite big men to play for the Rockets, the linear descendant of Elvin Hayes, Moses Malone, Ralph Sampson, Hakeem Olajuwon and Yao Ming. It was, in part, the urging of Olajuwon that nudged Howard toward his decision. But more than anything it was the maneuvering of the roster and the salary cap by Morey that convinced Howard that this was the place that he could establish himself as not only a highly-paid All-Star, but a true winner.

Howard forced his way out of Orlando because he didn’t believe Magic management was committed to doing all that it took after he led the team to The Finals in 2009. He turned his back on the Lakers after one miserable, tumultuous, underachieving season, probably because of the age of his key teammates — Kobe Bryant (34), Steve Nash (39), Pau Gasol (32) and Metta World Peace (33). He couldn’t risk what the Warriors would have to give up in a trade to get him and going home to play in Atlanta was never a real option.

What Morey has done — and is still working to supplement — is to put Howard back in the middle of a young roster where he can be the sun in the center of the solar system, yet feed off the 23-year-old Harden, who positively erupted as an elite level scorer last season.

This is a Rockets team that won 45 games last season by playing a pedal-to-the-medal offensive style and will continue to try to score in transition. But Howard gives them an interior force at both ends of the court and they will shift toward those strengths.

There is already talk of Howard resuming his offseason workout regimen with the Hall of Famer Olajuwon, the Houston icon and deliverer of the only two championships in franchise history. But the truth is that Howard’s game and his style and his physical skills are nothing akin to Hakeem the Dream’s. The key partner — and possibly one difference-maker in the decision — is coach Kevin McHale, a Hall of Fame member himself, who is generally regarded as one of the best big men in the history of the game and possessed unparalleled footwork in the low post.

Now, of course, the burden is clearly and squarely on the back of Howard to produce. If he thought the pressure of playing in the Hollywood spotlight of the Lakers was great, now he must live up to his four-year, $88-million price tag. He said he would choose the team that gave him his best chance to win championships and now that bill comes due with interest. See: LeBron James, summer of 2010.

It was all of these ingredients that Morey mixed into a stew that he was willing to let simmer for as long as it would take to get a plate this full. Constantly swapping draft picks and contracts and assets for six years, he went all in with a hand that for the longest time it seemed only he believed in.

After two years of a soap opera/clown show that traveled from coast to coast, Howard should be hungry as well as driven.

As recently as a year ago, Howard sent word out that he was not the least bit interested in helping the Rockets rebuild from the ground up. But that never even made Morey stop for a second to blink, and it was before the GM pulled a rabbit and Harden out of his hat four days prior to the season opener last October. Even when Howard went to L.A. and was presumed to have found his place among the pantheon of Lakers center, Morey pushed on. Now he has turned the equivalent of a pocketful of beans — Kyle Lowry, Kevin Martin and Jeremy Lamb — into Howard and Harden, two members of the 2013 Western Conference All-Star team. It could turn out to be the greatest tandem trade of all time. Thank you, Sam Presti.

This is a once-proud franchise that had fallen into disrepair and disrespect following the retirement of Olajuwon, the dark ages of the Steve Francis Era, the crumbling of Yao’s feet and ankles and the wilting of Tracy McGrady’s spine. They had already changed coaches three times in 10 years. It was on that treadmill of mediocrity that one guy chased his plan, his hope, his goal.

Daryl Morey finally landed his (D)wight whale and now the real fun begins.


  1. junskie@13 says:

    Big move for D12, again team Rockets now is the powerful line.
    F5–Howard, Harden,Lin,Parson,Aisk.

  2. Dwight-whale is a Dirtbag!

  3. MJfromOKC says:

    I think this puts Houston around number 5. They need to figure out how to make this work. Little to big or vice versa has always been threatening as long as the players doing it are good and they have support. James Harden is good at developing 2 man game, I saw him do it with Nick Collison at OKC.

  4. javier Hernandez says:

    Houston is not a contender for a championship look at OKC and San Antonio new York Miami Indiana the rockets will probably make a playoff run but not win a championship

  5. NBAisMylife says:

    mark my words, jeremy lin will never be able to take a team deep in the play offs. They Lack a presence of a solid point guard

  6. LemW says:

    Correction @Dave you said
    ‘If Howard didn’t want to join the team that took away his chance at being a champion, when with the Magic in the finals in 2009. Then he would have viewed it as never playing with the enemy. But that’s not the case, maybe he figured last year when signing with LA, ” if you can’t beat them, than join em.” So he committed then but has now jumped ship. ‘

    This past season Dwight Howard never sign with LA Lakers but he was traded. Dwight Howard never had a choice.

  7. LemW says:

    Oh, Kobe don’t share the spotlight!

  8. LemW says:

    The main reason Houston Rockets sign Dwight Howard is Coach Kevin McHale.
    1) McHale humor – matches Dwight Howard humor
    2) Boston Celtics legacy – Multiple NBA titles plus Allstar
    3) NBA ex-power forward – big man
    4) Minnesota Timberwolves experience
    5) Intangible: Larry Bird shadow
    Other reason James Harden.
    If Dwight Howard sign with the LA Lakers, he would be in Kobe Bryant’s shadow.
    Even when Kobe does not play, Kobe’s still case a big shadow.

  9. Dave says:

    The Big question now what will the Lakers do now that Dwight Howard is gone? Here’s the deal with Howard. Howard is a big strong guy that could play at a high level if his mind is in the game. He solely an inside defensive dominant presence. He was the key to stopping Lebron James and the Cav’s back in 2009 in the eastern conference finals to advance to play the Lakers in the finals. His inside stance of clogging the middle, contesting and altering shots, blocking shots and getting key rebounds. Both offensive and defensive rebounds are vital. Getting inside offensive rebounds is essential for easy inside second chance points put backs. That’s what Pau Gasol is doing, just cleaning up the boards adding easy points. But Howards overall game is a C rating. His free throw shooting isn’t much, he doesn’t have an outside shot for anything, out of 10 players selected by any team, Howard really belongs in the 6th or 7th spot. There are several centers that have a solid stronger overall game than Howard. Both Gasol brothers are better, Tim Duncan is better, Kevin Garnett, Roy Hibbert, Tyson Chandler are all better players. Don’t be surprised when Kobe Bryant attempts to reach out at two key centers Tyson Chandler. Chandler’s unhappiness with last year’s 1st round elimination didn’t sit well with him. All because of (Hot Dog) Carmelo Anthony. So the same results will occur in New York next year, Anthony’s ego will be the same. If Chandler does have a change of heart then, maybe he may want to return to his college area of Los Angeles. Marc Gasol will be a high interest in now. Can you see both Gasol brothers playing the inside, experience with youth. Well we’ll see.

    Dwight Howard is the Jay Cutler in football, if you get in his head, it’s over, and it shuts his game out. But if Howard can mature and play with a one sided mind of playing hard core basketball, then he could be a major impact with his new team (the Rockets). Howard just wanted to be appreciated by the Lakers management, players, and fans.

    If Howard didn’t want to join the team that took away his chance at being a champion, when with the Magic in the finals in 2009. Then he would have viewed it as never playing with the enemy. But that’s not the case, maybe he figured last year when signing with LA, ” if you can’t beat them, than join em.” So he committed then but has now jumped ship. The Lakers surrounding veteran cast tried to encouraged Howard to stay. He just wanted to be needed with a high priority of value. If Howard really wanted to, he could have easily (man-up) over all the talks of this and that, and play a high level of basketball. But he does play soft, Kobe is just one of the five best that called Howard out, Jordan and Magic would have done the same by letting him know. In sports, they are Champions, then their losers. Not sure if Howard will ever be a true champion, not so sure if he really wants it. Some players are pushed into playing basketball because of their height, and their heart is never into it. Howard’s entering his 10th year, not so sure how far the Rockets can get. You know the Lakers will play the Rockets tough, the Spurs will give it another go. I can see the Rockets getting in the top 5 though.

    Now that Lebron James and company have won it again, it probably has Kobe Bryant on the edge of his seat. In Bryant’s short congratulations to the Heat for their second title, it was a joke. It’s all a mind game, if he didn’t congratulate the Heat, it would be on his part of rejection. Even though Bryants hates the fact that the Heat won again, it looks better by his reach out on the Heats title win. Bryant wants to hurry up the off season right to playing again. If Bryant stayed healthy in the season, then the Lakers may have had a shot in beating the Spurs. And who knows what would have happened. We could have seen a James and Bryant showdown. It would have been nice to see Jordan vs. Bryant in a finals, but we did have a chance to see (Air) Jordan vs. (Magic) Johnson, two of the best five players in history back in 1991. So for Bryant in his last statement about his ankle getting better is a message to Lebron James and the Heat that he will be bringing it, and be back this coming season. On this current day Bryant’s ankle is getting stronger and stronger. Medical science has advanced better than ever this day, in repairing athlete’s injuries from ankles, to knee surgery, to all sports injuries even in football.

    For Bryant’s thinking before about a possible Phil Jackson return. Jackson is the only coach that could have put a strong hold on Dwight Howard in mentally getting and making him prepared. Jackson’s demeanor by coaching players as men, would have eased Howard. Jackson wouldn’t go for any inside altercations that would affect the team’s morale. The players wouldn’t even present any problems to the table. Howard would have been held in check by a silent and humble Jackson. Jackson’s presence would bind the team. Howard and Bryant would have gotten along just fine, and the rest of the team wouldn’t have had any inside or outside distractions. Players could just focus on playing basketball as a successful bunch.

    So far this coming year, its looks like Mike D’Antoni is back. I guess Phil Jackson’s comments on who’s the better overall player, on picking Jordan over Bryant, was a bit rough for Bryant. Bryants isn’t too fond of Jackson returning now. That’s why Jackson is out of the question and was eliminated from returning, because Kobe Bryant is running the front office, and has been. I get it, Bryant has the clout (juice) to make some decisions. What he wants he gets, the firing of Coach Brown, the addition of getting Steve Nash and Howard last year. But as fast as a decision with Howard came, it over just like that. Bryant really wanted Howard to stay, it improved the Lakers chances of being a finals competitor, and for Kobe maybe catching Jordan for that 6th ring. That’s why in entrusted in Howard in the first place.

    Now that the Lakers priority Howard is gone, next on Bryant’s list is Steve Nash. Nash’s job is not safe. Bryant would have liked to win the ultimate with Nash and cast, but it didn’t happen. So his mind is racing on what’s the next step, plan B, plan C, etc. Nash is not safe because of all the games he missed due to several small injuries. Most injuries linked to aging. Plain and simple if the Lakers could get Rajon Rondo or another good point guard then we could see Nash departing from LA. They are just a few guys that could fit that role. Jason Kidd just retired, and would never consider playing for LA if they reached out to him. He would never play for the enemy. Kidd’s get back at the Lakers for that sweep in the 2002 in the finals when with the Net’s, came three years back when Kidd helped the Mavericks sweep the Lakers ending their 3 peat attempt. Deron Williams is locked in with the Net’s and is creating his own legacy. Chris Paul has resigned across the way, so he’s locked in. Bryant can’t seem to win without ex. Laker Derek Fisher. Bryant should have posted a picture of 5 time champ Derek Fisher than Gasol. Perhaps Bryant may contact Fisher on the matter, but I doubt that Fisher has any love for Bryant after he cut him Twice. If Howard would have stayed it really put pressure on Nash. Nash’s job is a little safer now, but who know Nash’s fate. Stephen Curry could be a prospect as well. Bryant career is nearing an end so he is getting more desperate each year.

    If the team can get another better big man, just maybe we’ll see a James vs. Bryant match up come net year. We will have to wait, only time will tell.

  10. theking0522 says:

    hahahhaa. It is sooooo funny to see Lakers fans trying to say that Howard is worthless now he sign with another team. THEY WANTED HIM. They wanted him badly. Gasoft is the only 7-footer in the Lakers team now. Kobe will miss half the season and the Lakers are going NOWWHERE again….Ohhh by the way…..Kobe is getting ZERO rings from now on. There is a new sheriff in town. His name is Lebron James. Whine so more Lakers fans. LOL

  11. GoMavs says:

    Adding weight to a team doesn’t guarentee anything. Players have to play together and play like a team. Rockets fans don’t get your hopes up too high. I also think that Dwight Howard is very overated.

  12. OKC FAN says:

    If they get J smoove this team is gonna be awesome for throowing lobs in NBA 2k14 and is gonna be an amazing team IRL.

  13. G Money says:

    Lakers waiting on 2014? Who yall think yall gonna get??? The King?…. LeBron AKA LeBane is Heat for life #3peat

  14. Johnny says:

    Dwight Howard is the most overrated active player in the NBA. He can’t even shoot a free throw or a mid range shot.
    Hopefully Olajuwon gives him a lesson or two on fundamentals and how to really play the center position.
    I give him some credit in his decision though, who will want to play with Kobe?

  15. Sid says:

    1. San Antonio 1. Heat

    2. Rockets 2. nets

    3. Clips. 3.pacers

    4. Thunder. 4. Bulls

    5. Warriors 5. Knicks

    • bulls2013 says:

      THE NETS!!! NUMBER TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are going to be the highest a 5th seed. Miami, Chicago, Indiana

  16. jerlukbst says:

    I love the Lakers but with Howard leaving it is now time for the inevitable: Rebuild the franchise. Give Kobe the entire year to rehab and dump the entire roster for younger talent. Aim for 2014 free agents and a high draft pick. 2013 is lost for the Lakers. They should play their cards right and focus on a 2014 run.

  17. Dave says:

    If D12 grows a pair, this team is going to dominate

  18. bulls2013 says:

    If the Warriors had the space to keep their players and Howard then by far Golden State would have been the best place to win a championship, BUT that’s not how it works. You got to shed salary to add a max player. Now the Rockets will have to get rid of Asik now which in my opinion having Asik and Howard as your too centers on a team. WOOOOOWWW!!!!! Harden and Howard is a better one two punch rather than Kobe and Howard.

  19. zygimantas says:

    I wonder if H will leave rockets next year ;D

  20. Fundamentalist says:

    Dwight Howard’s decision not to return to lakers simply confirms himself a coward, a critic which I hardly believed when i first heard it. Hence, what makes it worst is the inclusion of idiocy and arrogance into the equation. But anyway, he is who he is, it’s what makes him unique. It’s a blessing in disguise though because without him Lakers would become a championship team again. Team chemistry was badly affected when he joined.

  21. I heard asik,Lin, n white are going to be traded anyhow Lin its worthless but asik could stay n play as a back up

  22. SumyungGuy says:

    This is a great signing w/ the addition HOU is trying to trade for JOSH SMITH. I’m not sure how the cap would work but things would get real interesting to see if RONDO ends up in HOU after the deal for JOSH SMITH falls through. DANNY AINGE and KEVIN MCHALE were teamates in BOS also it was MCHALE who sent KG to BOS. One hand washes the other.

  23. sid says:

    I am so far a bit dissapointed that the lakers did not prep for the possibility that Howard quit – Gettin a nice PG or what’s with Millsap (maybe one of the best FW out there) – hhmm would be nice to get Kevin Love next season – Pau is actually the better ofensive Center (sure on defensive end they are doomed now, but it’s not OAntoni’s Thing anyway (no D cause he know nothing about Defense)) – put Kobe on amnesty frees some cap space – if they can hire a few 1 year contracts – prep for season 2014 – Anyway Howard did not Show the Determination People expected from him – better he is off – would not have worked out in LA anyway. Man O’Antoni – that kid now in Boston was available, Doc Rivers was free, even Brian or Phil could have been hired to get Kobe one or two more shots – and they still stick with O’Antoni – I am not a big fan of what Management is doing right now – hope they have a backup plan.

  24. Jack in the Box says:

    There are a lot of sour grapes comments about Howard leaving the Lakers, I am not a Howard’s fan, but basketball is a team sport and what about the other 4 players that played with him. Howard can play for a champion, if he just had players playing with him and not “PRIMADONAS” worrying about their status like Kobe and others.
    Howard was trouble even before he joined the Lakers, special to some “PRIMADONAS”.
    It looks like Shack had the same problems at the Lakers.

  25. elite says:

    whats going to happen to omer asik now

  26. Smiley says:

    Props to the rocket GM for salvaging this franchise. Although the biggest catch of Morey’s life is certainly Howard, his best and finest catch would still be Harden until Howard proves otherwise. But I think the most shocking and unbelievable catch is finding a suitor willing to take Royce White.

  27. No Regrets says:

    Good move for Dwight and Houston, will be exciting to see what they can do next year
    Lakers, they only have themselves to blame. They let Kobe run their team for his benefit the last few years, and now there will be a price to pay . .

  28. Vash says:

    Congrats to the Rockets for landing Howard. If Morey continues on this path, he is going to win the Executive of the year trophy at the end of the new season.

  29. bobby says:

    this is all result of the moronic son’s decision not to hire jackson. he has to lose money to learn a lesson.

  30. J says:

    woo woo yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes woo woo woo yes woo woo woo yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes woo woo woo yes woo woo woo yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes woo woo woo yes woo woo woo yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes woo woo woo yes woo woo woo yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes woo woo woo yes woo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. lakerfan says:

    Rockets still not sure of winning crown because Howard always whinning! depends on the coach also..

  32. Daniel says:

    I think Dwight more and more looks like a gold digger. He didn’t have any interest to be part of a rebuilding process with the Rockets last season, but now when they actually showed potential, he gladly jumps on the band-wagon. Will he do the same once the Rockets prove themselves not to be as good as many had hoped?

    Remember last year? When everyone thought the Lakers would win it all, and MWP stated that they aimed for the Bulls 72 win record? Well, that didn’t pan out, but I can see how Howard would have thought that a situation like that would be ideal for him.

    Dwight Howard is a talent-less player that can only play defense and rebound the ball. College players and Rookies have better post-moves than him. For him to have played in the league for such a long time, it’s a joke that he hasn’t been able to develop more of a low post game at this point.

    I’m glad the Lakers don’t have to deal with the Dwight-Drama any more. Time for them to rebuild and think ahead. No Dwight means less problems for them going forward. I’m glad he chose the Rockets.

  33. […] Ayer la gente estaba esperando a qué equipo se iría Howard, lo que no me esperaba es que con el movimiento de Golden State por Iguodala el involucrado fuera Utah, ya que tuvimos que renunciar a  Paul Millsap que fichó por Atlanta Hawks por dos años para recibir de la Bahía de San Francisco a Brandon Rush, Richard Jefferson y Andris Biedrins (sus contratos en total suman 24 millones de dólares). […]

  34. LakersFan says:

    I pity all these Lakers Fan trying to put down D.Howard. The fact that the aging Lakers will never be a contender again in the Western Conference. LOLOLOL

  35. Steve says:

    No worries I respect that decision at the end of the day the rockets are not goin to win a championship and as for my team which is the Lakers we will save our cap space for 2014 and will get sum great players not good but great players players that want to continue winning championships Dwight was just not ready to take on the challenge

  36. Jeremy says:

    Haters gonna hate

  37. Joe says:

    Statistically, Dwight is Great, statistically….

  38. Kal says:

    Houston has developed a great big man tradition now too. Moses Malone, Olajuwon, Yao and now Dwight.

    i like this because i like watching James Harden play with his skippy way of driving to the rim with the ball in his hands seeming like a yo-yo… him, Lin and Dwight make the Rockets a fun team.

    not sure they can knock off top West teams but they will have a shot.

    Lakers… it just didn’t work out, time to rebuild…

  39. Kamil says:

    The Warriors are idiots for signing Andre instead of Dwight.

    First of all, your supposed to sign Howard and just resign Jarret Jack. SIMPLE. KEEP YOUR TEAM.

    Curry, Thompson, Barnes, Lee, Bogut, Howard……

    And he choose the Rockets? Cause of James Harden!!!???

  40. Happy says:

    I am so glad Dwight Howard left the silly Lakers franchise. With Parsons, Harden, Lin and company as teammates, Dwight will thrive in Houston, not to mention all the free food for life he will be getting. Indeed, Dwight will be well fed. I heard everything is big in Texas, including the servings. Go Rockets go!!!

  41. Marc says:

    top 5 in the west

    1. thunder
    2. spurs
    3. Clippers
    4. Warriors
    5. Nuggets

    Rockets will not make it past second round, need one more piece. ryan anderson is not that piece.

    • Reppin The H says:

      Rockets are gonna be better than both the Warriors and Nuggets. Nuggets just lost their best player and Gallinari will be recovering from an ACL tear. Warriors lost both Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry and getting Iggy is only gonna help so much.

    • Malachi Cook says:

      2. OKC (lost alot in lossing kevin martin, need help off the bench)
      3.Warriors (got A.I in free agency, they’re a young team whos improving)
      4. Clippers
      5. Rockets (still got a ways to go
      6. nuggets (lost A.I, and Danillo will be recovering from Acl…and lost their great coach smh But this will be great to watch

  42. Nick says:

    Bad move on Dwight’s part. He’s in Houston because he can’t stand the pressure of playing with champions.

  43. lakersfan4ever says:

    We need to Move on he made his mind already, lets get Kareem Abdul Jabar to teach Sacre how to play until next season and go after a big Center, Plus we have Gasol that he can play center, but also Mike D’Antoni needs to Go, I think he was the reason Howard didn’t resign with the Lakers. Bynum Still Available maybe he’s in much better shape and his knees are better. We won championships without DH12. Go Lakers.

    • Malachi Cook says:

      bynum not comming back to the lakers.. shutup yall did him dirty… (think realistic).. smh non-basketball fans

  44. ken says:

    Dwight is a sell out the Lakers mess with there team chemistry to get him in and he booted them… good lesson for the Lakers, you had a great team before Howard, you tried to send Odom and Gasal out of town and traded Bynum for Howard which was a stupid move from day one. Howard needs to be mature, he is looking for the easier way out. He saw Harden and as usual knows he cant carry a team as the main guy and flip the switch…. Lakers better now than July 10th..

    • NabsSTFU says:

      Stop it. He left as a FREE AGENT. That’s well within his right. He gave up a lot to be a Rocket. It goes to show how much he hated playing alongside Kobe and for Mitch. It’s not a rocket science why he didn’t like it there. You just look at their relationship. Wasn’t the best nor they tried to be nice to Dwight. Because Kobe is too precious you forget to treat anyone else nicely especially that someone’s better than Kobe. Look what happened with Shaq, Bynum, and now Dwight. Gasol is soft character so was willing to give all the credits to Kobe, yet he still has a history with Kobe.

  45. Gee says:

    Now if they get Josh smith on board that will be a Scary front court ,two of the best shot blockers in today’s league..Rockets possibly a top 3 team if they get JS

    • Malachi Cook says:

      shutup, the Rockets have the talent yes, but they cant beat OKC (team), and Spurs (experience and great coaching), they’ll bring this team back to reality, Dont forget about the speed and quick pace of the Nuggets, and the 3point barrage from the Warriors… The Rockets can do it but their gonna have their work cut out for them, this isnt their year, they gotta learn to play with each other and gain more experince first.

      • Its funny how you say they need experience their two best players been to the finals. Their backup center been to the eastern conference finals and a coach with a few rings. I do agree that the spurs will be a hard team to beat but OKC is now behind the spurs rockets and clips. You will see and everyone stop hoping on that okc band wagon kd doesn’t play d, Russel at times becomes turn over happy, against big men that can run the floor or can roll quickly after picks Kendrick struggles, no bench, and they have problems scoring in half court in big games ex in the finals versus the heat, mavericks playoff series when they had homecourt and lost.

  46. Justin says:

    Also, every Laker game I watched last season, not ONE TIME did I see Dwight box out to get a rebound. He lacks the fundamentals to be a “great” Laker center.