New Factors Emerge In Dwight Race


From staff reports

The list of favorites, in the minds of those closely following the Dwight Howard free-agency saga, had the Rockets and Lakers at the head of the pack with the Warriors, Mavs and Hawks (in an order of your choosing) behind them. Yet the Dwight situation remains as fluid as ever and scenarios and teams are leapfrogging each other as we speak.

According to a report from’s Marc Stein and Brian Windhorst, Golden State has put on a frantic late press to try and pick up Howard by attempting to jettison bulky contracts and clearing cap space for him. In order to afford such a deal, the Warriors have been calling teams with cap space to try and work out trades for the large, expiring deals of Andrew Bogut ($14 million), Andris Biedrins ($9 million) and Richard Jefferson ($11 million):

The Golden State Warriors, increasingly convinced they have a legitimate shot at winning the Dwight Howard sweepstakes, have begun aggressively attempting to trade away players to clear the requisite salary-cap space to sign the All-Star center, according to sources with knowledge of the team’s thinking.

The Warriors were one of five teams granted the opportunity to recruit Howard in an in-person meeting this week. reported Wednesday that, in perhaps the first surprising development in the wake of those meetings, Warriors officials “made an impression” on Howard to the point that they had gained ground on the two teams — the Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks — widely presumed to have the only legitimate shot at stealing Howard away from the Lakers.

The Lakers have been adamant for weeks they would prefer to let Howard leave for nothing and bank the resultant salary-cap space in the summer of 2014, with many rival executives likewise convinced that L.A. would have real reservations about helping Howard land with a division rival. So sources say that the Warriors, in an effort to manufacture some financial flexibility to help their chances, have begun calling teams with salary-cap space to try to entice them to take expiring contracts off their books so they can clear a $20 million hole for Howard.

The Warriors have three huge expiring contracts … According to sources, they have tried to unload all three players this week to teams with cap room. Yet, Golden State likely would have to be willing to add assets to any potential deals to get teams interested. Sources say the Warriors have been willing to attach a future first-round pick to move one of their bad contracts since last February’s trade deadline, but potential partners tend to ask for prized youngsters such as Harrison Barnes or Klay Thompson — two of the more attractive young players in the league — when the subject of absorbing one of the Warriors’ big contracts is broached.

So Dwight may end up in Golden State (maybe) if the Warriors can clear enough cap space … no big deal. At least the Lakers are holding fast to their stance that sign-and-trade offers for Howard won’t be accepted … right? According to Stein and’s Ramona Shelbourne, that thinking is changing as well as the Lakers are perhaps more open to sign-and-trade deals than ever before:

For months, Lakers officials have privately indicated they have no interest in taking back long-term contracts in a sign-and-trade for Howard, preferring to preserve their salary-cap space for the summer of 2014 and focus on slashing their luxury-tax bill for the coming season.

The Lakers’ ultimate preference, of course, remains to re-sign Howard. Yet, after team sources initially indicated the Lakers were feeling better about their chances after their face-to-face meeting with Howard on Tuesday than they did coming into it, pessimism began to creep back in Thursday, stemming mostly from ongoing questions outside and inside team headquarters about Howard’s ability and willingness to co-exist alongside Kobe Bryant and play for coach Mike D’Antoni.

Three executives with rival teams, furthermore, told on Thursday that they likewise see Golden State as capable of trading away Bogut, Jefferson and Biedrins, if necessary, as long as the Warriors are willing to attach assets to the respective deals that help the cap-room teams taking on those three contracts to either come away with good young talent or improve their prospects for the 2014 NBA draft that has teams leaguewide so excited.

If Howard were to choose Houston or Golden State, sign-and-trade discussions inevitably will be proposed by the team that lands Howard. And there were signals Thursday night that, in the case of Golden State, L.A. would have to at least consider a swap if either Harrison Barnes or Klay Thompson is added to the proposal along with Bogut.

Before Golden State fans get too excited about the possibility of “Superman” soaring around The Oracle next season, it’s important to note that the favorites in this race — Houston and the Lakers — still remain at the front of the pack:

Sources say the bigger threats to the Lakers, though, still appear to be Houston and Dallas unless Golden State can address its financial limitations. The Rockets offer the immediate lure of playing alongside James Harden and a promise from Houston’s front office to keep adding championship-level talent, whereas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is urging Howard to join proven ring winners in Dirk Nowitzki and coach Rick Carlisle — with Nowitzki also vowing to take a significant pay cut in the summer of 2014 that creates the needed salary-cap space for the Mavs to sign another star.

And as Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times wisely points out, whoever Howard doesn’t choose — be it the Lakers, Hawks, Mavs, Warriors or Rockets — will have some tough decisions to make this summer:

If Howard turns his back on the Lakers, next season is punted into the abyss. Pau Gasol gets a reprieve for the umpteenth time, but Metta World Peace probably is waived via the amnesty provision, and the Lakers’ opening-night lineup looks something like Gasol, Jordan Hill, Steve Nash and Steve Blake.

If Howard bolts, the Lakers are seriously considering a clampdown on spending in order to get under the luxury tax next season and also avoid the dreaded “repeater tax,” which heavily penalizes teams if they are over the tax threshold three times in a five-year span, starting next season.

The repeater tax would be on top of the soon-to-be-more-severe luxury tax, which kicks into effect next season.

If the Dallas Mavericks don’t get Howard, they’re floating in a boat somewhere near the Lakers. They also have an aging roster but, unlike the Lakers, are far enough under the salary cap to pursue whatever big-ticket names are left in this summer’s free-agent pond.

Houston doesn’t have to change much if it loses out on Howard, but the Rockets would look a little foolish for waiving serviceable veterans Carlos Delfino and Aaron Brooks, not to mention trading young forward Thomas Robinson, all to make room for Howard.

Ditto for Golden State, which is reportedly trying to unload veterans Andrew Bogut, Richard Jefferson and Andris Biedrins to clear cap space and sign Howard. If they can’t find any takers, they’ll have to do a sign-and-trade with the Lakers for Howard, an unlikely event because the Lakers don’t want to take back any salaries in exchange for Howard.

More than half of Atlanta’s team became free agents July 1, so the Hawks will have to hustle when Howard doesn’t pick them.


  1. Tony says:

    I undertand Atlanta is a long shot, but have they been officially told they are out of the chase for D12?

  2. Jay C says:

    Brazil, excuse the bad English.

    If the Center Steven Adams play what you know, OKC final conference along with Spurs, and then do not care where the DH12 will.

    Now that the Warriors signed with Iguodala, I send Klay Thompson + Andrew Bogut for the Lakers to get Dwight. For the Lakers, it would be a good deal, since it is very promising Thompson, Bogut and no compromises. Moreover, to give chase to a good SF instead of MWP, maybe even Josh Smith.



    But whatever happens, D’Antoni resign, too bad = /

  3. krunal says:

    I agree with these people. He is a averge player. lakers don’d need him..

  4. Ladyshakalaka says:

    Dwight Howard is going to Houston Rockets, Josh Smith will not resign with Atlanta and will sign with whoever gives him the most money! Monta Ellis will go with a contending team that will pay him! Nobody is beating the Heat! It will be a threepeat THE END!

  5. Dew says:

    Best situation for Dwight Howard is Houston. He would have the best coaching staff for ‘him’ with McHale and Olajuwon there. I think even Dikembe was around Houston to help their big guys out as well. He would get to play with James Harden (probably top 10 or maybe top 5 players in the league). Starting lineup would probably look like Howard, Asik, Parsons, Harden, Lin. Not bad if you ask me. Easily puts them in place top 5 in the West along with Spurs, OKC, Clips and Golden State (not in any particular order). Golden State makes a great fit for him as well as Mark Jackson knows how to use big men…especially since he played with Ewing. Howard would thrive with Steph Curry, Thompson & Lee. Those two teams make them a contender the minute he signs with them. If he stays in LA, they will still need to add pieces around him and change their team. Dallas is in the same boat as they would not be championship material right away. Do the right thing Howard…Houston or Golden State! No matter where he goes…he needs to improve the free throw game.

  6. tarunreddyva says:

    Now that the Warriors have a tentative deal with Iguodala, they are out of the race. I think Howard signs with Houston because James Harden gives him the best chance to win a title.

  7. joe says:

    Any trade that doesn’t involve LeBron, Wade, and Bosh is just futile. Trade around, move “big name” players, whatever. Unless there’s a superteam the magnitude of Miami’s, there’s not going to be a new champion for the next few years.

  8. And1 says:

    If Warriors don’t get Howard they will still be contenders. That’s the big difference for this team. We played without Bogut for much of the year and they have a deal with Jazz to get Millsap and Iguadala in a sign and trade. So look out, they’re gonna be favorites either way.

  9. laker fan says:

    Leave already please, sick and tired of him, he knows he is not staying, he just want the attention.

  10. jamal says:

    if its about the money howard will sign in LA. And as for the state taxes it simple he can avoid the California high state tax by using another state with low state tax as his primary residence and California as his work residence. Thus the 5 year max contract that the Lakers can offer will net him the most dollars. Every other team can only offer the 4 year max. And for Howard that might be the deall breaker as the bills of having 6 kids with 6 differ woman could add up along with his 20 million dollar home in Orange County.

  11. Glenrice says:

    I’m tired of this darn story… just get him the **** out of Los Angeles, and bring a guy who wants to play for the franchise!

  12. 614grind says:

    Dwight needs to workout with Shaq

  13. drago says:

    I don’t see why is Howard even considering leaving Hollywood the Lakers are a great wining organization that always makes the playoffs.If he would sign with them I’m pretty sure team management will make a great team around them like they did last year.The team may have been a bust but they had a great line up that just did not mesh as well as expected.Every player on that team knew pain and fought for the team even Howard.They just need some young blood like the Spurs have around their old core.Brayant with reduced minutes can be effective for many more years just like Dunkan is.He can take over just like Parker did in San Antonio over time.

  14. I hope he goes to the Rockets, they would be a title contender with the star duo of Howard and Harden.

  15. can thought says:

    bogut can be a good addition to Mavs though if he’s healthy.

  16. F1G says:

    LA Lakers – Get Carmello Anthony (SF). And then watch him and Kobe give LBJ and DWade a headache.

  17. bigmac says:

    Seriously a sign and trade dwight for bogut and thompson (warriors should keep barnes higher long term ceiling particularly on defense as an on the ball stopper and rebounder) is a great deal for both teams. Lakers get a year of Bogut who can be a centre on a deep run playoff team especially in d’antoni’s system, he’d be perfect with gasol and nash, thompson might lead the league in 3 point attempts and if he can make them will be a superstar in LA with his fathers lineage.. kobe would work hard to come back sooner…as long as everyone stays healthy…if they don’t or it doesn’t work then Boguts contract is up..that’s $13mil off the books and you still have klay thompson as a reward for dealing with dwight for a year, a klay thompson who will at least get you 15 and 5 for his career, shoot 40% from 3 and has the ability to develop as a defender, not a bad Kobe replacement…imagine the son of Mychal Thompson becomes the 2017 face of franchise??

    For the Warriors, eff, if Dwight stays healthy they’re a championship contender, dwight and curry are an upgraded dwight and jameer..then you throw a perfect fit for david lee, now you don’t have to worry about his defense with dwight to protect the rim, he can just get buckets, with Barnes as a developing perimeter scorer and defender…the pieces fit nicely…then you should be able to turn biedrins-jeffersons expiring $20mil + a first round pick into whatever you decide you need, I mean I like Ezeli as your backup centre, you keep jarrett jack, love his game, his toughness and his fit with the warriors…maybe another rebounder/rim defender at the 4…or maybe you keep biedrins and jefferson at least to start the season, maybe move them at the deadline or just let their contracts expire, for this season they can be 9 and 10th man on a good team, they each bring something on the defensive end and they can be hidden offensively athough RJ could still show up with points on some nights…either way Warriors are in a great position and should do that trade…so should the Lakers

  18. ADblurrr says:

    Dwight should go to gsw and take less money starting 5 steph,tompsin,barnes,lee,and howard!!! Thats a killer starting!! And they have great fans and coach. Unlike lakers with sht coach and ageing players. Dont forget gsw could have gone to game 7 if spurs didint steal the first game and is a team tht were blowing out the spurs in some games. But if its money and not winning tht matters then he will stay in LA.who knows if kobe will come back the same he tore his achilles at age 34. I say sign howard then trade bogut for a sixth man jr smith and they have everthing they need a killer starting 5 with sixth man of the year jr smith also landry and get rid of bad contracts like jefferson and beiedren.

    • screw howard says:

      why would GSW want to sign howard when they have an up and coming superstar in Curry?

  19. Ruffa Kate? says:

    I love Ruffa

  20. Roy says:

    Howard is a bust….all of this drama for a player that is not what he used to be…he needs to grow up mentally. When he does finally grow up his body won’t be there to support him. All teams should move on…..

  21. Howard will be dum to do not sign with the lakers, when it comes to making deals, the lakers are the best at it. They stole Pau and no body called the police on them lol. they won few rings there, The made another steal but the nba stopped them when they made a deal for CP3, they was about to clear cap space, save money and get cp3 to be ready for dowight, with that said, it may take 2 year but after that he will get at least back to bak rings or something like that. But for now we the clippers we will role LA, in your face lakers fans

  22. marty says:

    It would be foolish to resign in LA , didn’t appreciate him last year and that ship is sinking fast.

  23. NyK says:

    1 Curry
    2 Thompson
    3 Barnes
    4 Lee
    5 Howard

    Not a bad looking starting 5 (I would go as far to say championship caliber) if they can manage to make a deal while keep those guys.

  24. jimmy says:

    D’antony + Howard = 0 rings!
    GS + Howard = 2nd round in PO’s
    Mavs + Howard = 1st round in PO’s
    Rockets + Howard= Western Finals
    Hawks + Howard= 2nd round in PO’s

    *Conclusion, no combination will result in Championship with Dwightmare while Spurs are around.

  25. NyK says:

    It’ll be interesting to see Mr. Howard play with the Splash bros. On the other hand if he ruins the good thing they’ve got going over there he might soon run out of excuses.

  26. Clippers says:

    Lakers are over.

  27. Krader says:

    All this talk about free agents and yet the team that will dominate the next 5 to 6 years is partying it up in Miami.

  28. jason says:

    I am a Big Hawks Fan and my Father and Danny Ferry is Reall really close. This is what i over heard Danny say to my dad over a text. that he told dwight that if he came to Atlanta that he will let him be the Temp Gm until the Roster is filled with the guys that Dwight Wants also include bring josh smith back.

  29. Warriors Fan says:

    the warriors should not give up klay or harrion for howard bogut is doing exelent

  30. Pau says:

    Everyone keep saying Dwight to Houston make them contenders, but last year final game Dwight without Kobe beat the Rockets alone. Why is people saying Dwight to Houston will make them contenders. Dwight to Mavericks is dumb too since they didnt even make it to the playoffs and with Dwight alone they are instant contenders? Now Dwight to Golden State that is pretty good but he might cry because Stephen Curry and Klay might have the ball too much.

    Best thing for Dwight to do is play with Lakers who has won before and Kobe can show how to win it all and there cap space next year is whiped out except for Steve Nash they can sign a Top star plus Kobe and Gasol for lower prices and have a great team for many years to come,

    • so dumb says:

      You’re logic doesn’t make sense. Howard should go to Lakers because Lakers has won before and Kobe can show how to win it all? Mavericks also won before and Dirk and Rick can show how to win it all as well. Yes, Mavericks didn’t make it to playoffs but Lakers sure wasn’t ANY BETTER THAN MAVS EVEN WITH Dwight. Lakers had like 1 or 2 game difference and Lakers was 8th seed barely with Howard. If Dwight joins Mavs, Mavs will change roster accordingly. Who said Mavs will be instant contender by adding only Dwight?

  31. theholyspectator says:

    even if howard was to stay in LA, would that really help the lakers win a title? the west is such a competitive conference, east is coming up though. still i don think lakers can pull it got teams like OKC/SPURS/CLIPPS/GRIZZ…these are not easy teams to beat..with an aging kobe, who knows how he will be when hes back, nash is on the downturn, his best years are long gone..and is dwights ego willing to submit to kobes? can he really be kobes shadow? no way hes first option in that offense when u got kobe be extremely surprised if he stays in LA…i truly feel hes going to the rockets. LA needs some young scorers/defenders..use that money wisely and get you some key pieces and build around kobe not dwight..and another thing, when is dwight gonna get some more offensive moves? apart from dunks and alley oops…what else does he have? and that no free throw hitting durin crunch time skill of his is not gonna help his team win down the stretch…dwight more than anything needs to build his game instead of worryin about the money and being the star…..

  32. since93 says:

    every championship team needs a goto move or two that is impossible to guard however, if lakers is to resign d12, i dont know if they will have any unguardable offensive move. so we should look into sign and trade and boldly let dwight howard walk away.

  33. mario says:

    D12 should take a pay cut and go to Miami. Howard, Bosh, James, Wade and Allen the BIG 5. Unbeatable.

  34. hibbs says:

    The Warriors should sign Smith and Iggy

  35. sid says:

    I do not get it! Pls someone explain why the Lakers won’t put the amnesty Thing on Kobe? He will highly likely anyway not Play next season?
    Pls Dwight go Dallas (and I am a Laker guy) – I believe in a 2014/15 Team that can win it all. Enough Talent out there on the draft and free agency.

  36. amir says:

    after 1 yera???oh com on…wee need him to stay in lakers…wee need young players….like irving or george…..

  37. migsrocks says:

    howard stays in L.A. for the money and the to play with a caliber team like the Lakers. best chance of wining again and again is with Lakers.

  38. James baker says:

    I think the mavs should get rondo because all they really need is a point or if they can’t get hiward at least get josh smith to play at center and tell him to stop shooting yhree and attack the paint and if that doesn’t work use monta Ellis he is a great scorer and can play defense and that’s a championship team right there so Dwight should pick the mavs they are a better fit for him

  39. notafanofdrama says:

    Gsw need to keep out. It seems naive for them to think that getting howard would make them legitimate contenders let alone nba champs. If howard goes to gs it will be orl all over agian. Dwight will be a great player stuck on a team going nowhere but fishing come playoff time.

  40. Juice says:

    Oh God please let this dwightmare stop. Please its atkeast 1 year overdue

  41. Stu says:

    Bogut would be a good fit for the Lakers and D’Antoni’s offense. Can score in the low block but very happy to be a facilitator or decoy, will rebound and play defense, Add Barnes to that trade and the Lakers should not be that upset over losing Dwight

  42. Unkle Daddy says:

    I wouldn’t let Harrison Barnes or Klay Thompson go just to get Howard, losing a good SG or SF is not worth it. Run CTB!

  43. germany says:

    Howard does not stay in LA, bet…………´Does anybody know what are the bet offices saying?

  44. Nick says:

    If Dwight’s main goal is truly to win a championship, then the only viable choices are LA or Dallas. Dallas has Nowitzki, and LA has Kobe, Pau and Metta, all of which have won championships. If he can’t hang with the likes of Nowitzki and Kobe in terms of their mental toughness and demanding attitudes, he will prove himself not to be championship material. Dallas and LA are the only teams in the mix that – REGARDLESS OF ALL THE MEDIA BABBLE ABOUT WHERE THEY ARE RIGHT NOW – have the best ability to bring in other players if necessary to make the team one of championship caliber.

  45. ATLienC4 says:

    I think Atlanta will get him and keep Josh Smith…Danny please dont let Houston take our TEAM… the media makes me sick to my stomach…

  46. SYDALE says:

    Since my Sixers plan on stinking it up… we might as well trade Evan Turner and Kwame Brown to the Warriors for Biedrins and Jefferson… and the Warriors 2014 1st Rd pick…

  47. seanMoney19 says:

    these ppl talking bout dwight being over rated r killing me. this dude in a down year still avaged a double double. if u dont like him as a person thats 1 thing but # dont lie. i’m not a fan of dwight but i am a fan of the game anybody who watches the game should know demarcus is to enmatcheur to be a leader he wont be the center piece until he grows up. dwight is a instant upgrade for any team and though im hoping houston gets him but gs is so much better and ready and would be a serious threat to the league flat out cuz with that 5 only if they dont have to loose young players and they can just loose draft pics GS NO WORRIES!

  48. thunderup says:

    the warriors should keep the young core

  49. matthew mathis says:

    Dwight plays too many games. It took the chris no time to say he will remain a clipper. Just leave Dwight.

  50. I HAVE JUST only one request:

  51. keigz says:

    Warriors and Lakers, sign and trade Bogut for Sacre and Jamison. Then Dwight can do what he wants. Bogut is a solid no fuss big man that wouldn’t take the ball away from Kobe or Nash. This would also leave the Lakers enough money to chase Josh Smith!!!

  52. B Radd says:

    Well, since your such an expert, name another player who would get suspended after a standoff with his coach, be reinstated and score a tripple double that very night. Now thats talent… I don’t see D’Antoni coaching come 2014-2015 season. I’d take a really good look at Patrick Patterson before going after Rudy Gay. Gay Wouldn’t compliment Cousins’s Game, I see Rudy playing for the Pelican’s or the Bulls.

  53. Luke says:

    Howard is waaaaaay over rated and unreliable. The lakers should let him go and pursue a solid centre who’s also a team player

  54. read me luck says:

    i think golden state must let go bogut together with barnes or thompson for them to easily grab Dwightmare. If that happens then lakers will be a contender once again. Kobe, pau, nash, mwp, jamison, blake , barnes/thompson and bogut makes sense… only if D’Antoni will use their talents on the court not on the bench.

  55. davidcberry says:

    Here’s the deal. If it’s about the money, the state of California is out of the race. The only contenders in the money race are Dallas and Houston. When you account for all taxes and expenses, Dallas and Houston can tender an offier of approximately $88 million as opposed to a Lakers Maxout offer. Any offer that comes from a California team will result in Howard making over a half million per year less than Texas teams.

    • rtwisted says:

      what are you talking abourt, the lakers have ten year, one billion dollar contract with a tv company, so the lakers could give dwight the biggest contract to him out of all the teams, he could get up to 20-30 million more

    • AHAHAHAHAHA says:

      Some smart guys have already crunched the numbers and no matter how u put it Dwight will make more money in Cali than anywhere else. Property taxes, state taxes, taxes they pay to play games in other states, all that matters. It’s more complicated than ‘this state has no state tax’.

    • Tom says:


    • Guest says:

      If you think that NBA players make most of their money with contracts then you’re delusional.

      En-mother-freakin’-dorsements BABY!

      Doesn’t matter about what state doesn’t have Taxes or not, IF I were making millions, I would “give up” 500k to be in Cali instead of Texas.

  56. Vlad says:

    Maybe if the Lakers get a decent center, willing to adapt in a coaching system and a young scorer, like Nick Young, they could a have a good shot for a deep playoff run.

    • J-Short37 says:

      Like your idea, it is no mistake the Lakers went 28-12 despite what people think they did it and made the playoffs and that was a fact.

  57. Lover of the game/ Knick fan since Ewing says:

    if its not about da money then dwightmare will be in houston, mavs want him to com eplay wit dirk but still need to fill da roster, he would throw golden state backwards so they should hope he dont come there, lakers wit him aint going nowhere cause kobe wont be 100% by da time he plays next yr. not to mention they lost clark so they look like a senior rec league team. so a roster ready to go is the rockets, but if its bout da extra money then he will be a laker and really once this pay day he will whine bout not being da face and kobe not giving the team over to him and all dat. smith might be back wit da hawks but they really need to try something new, and monta fits well in dallas.

    • big time says:

      I hate it when people type like this. The word THE is not spelled da, and THAT is not dat. Please don’t comment if you can’t put an effort into what you are trying to say.

      • lucasmolina says:

        what da hell are you babling about?

      • Bespoken says:

        Pretty sure he’s those Y2K babies. Seems like they all failed in school and started made up words. da, dat, wut, wit etc or only use phrases like “epic” “swag” . Probably never saw a thesaurus or a dictionary in their life. I just hope I can still understand them when they said “do ya wat fries wit dat?”

  58. B Radd says:

    Word of advise for the LA Lakers, forget about Dwight, go for DeMarcus Cousins and John Wall! Kobe can pitch how to be a winner to a pair of winners! Wilcats Baby.. maybe, just maybe you can recruit John Calipari as head coach…

    • Peter says:

      Let D’Antoni talk DeMarcus Cousins into shooting more three pointers! Sounds like a great idea!!…Not!

    • Real Spitttt says:

      I like your thinking. Dwight is over-rated DeMarcus Cousins can get the job done………….John Wall will attract other players to join and you can get him at a good price……………Calipari can join a Winning Team w Potential to get to the Finals……..John Wall…Rudy Gay…..Kobe Bryant…..Pau Gasol…..and DeMarcus Cousins as a Potential 2014 Lineup bc they will have money to bring in Rudy Gay!!

  59. celtics1 says:

    to me it doesn’t make much difference where Howard lands, because his never going to win a ring.His best chance of ever getting to an nba finals again will be Houston or golden state. Howard is so over hyped ,just stick to a team and stop this nonsence

    • Pau says:

      Howard alone without Kobe beat Houston final season game last year if you add Dwight to Houston what makes you think they will ever win a ring

  60. dqqdqqs says:

    bet that smith resigns with hawks, howard stays in LA, monta ends up in dallas.

    • hahaha ok…I bet that dwight goes to houston, smith goes to dallas and monta may end up with the knicks, the kings or charlotte…well i’m not sure about monta lol

      • mark says:

        The Dwightmare will continue. Howard will sign a one year extention (like he did with Orlando) to give the Lakers one more chance. Houston will sign Josh Smith (a perfect fit for them). The Lakers, Mavericks, Hawks and the Warriors will have tons of cap room next year and this soap opera will continue. Both Asik and Lin (as a back-up to Beverly) will have improved. Lin wins 6th man and the Rockets beat Miami in the Finals, so Houston won’t need Howard. However, Houston will go after Gortat with the mid-level exception.

      • aaaaaaaaaaa says:

        its impossible for the knicks to sign monta.

      • Dennis says:

        Knicks don’t need monta anymore.