Report: Iguodala Agrees To $48 Million Deal With Warriors

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Free agent swingman Andre Iguodala‘s is moving to Northern California after all. Days after having a $56 million offer from the Sacramento Kings snatched off the table, Iguodala has agreed to a four-year, $48 million deal with the Golden State Warriors, per Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

This wraps up a wild week for Iguodala, who was considering his options with several different teams during the first week of free agency. In Iguodala, the Warriors get a versatile and veteran performer capable of playing multiple positions and defending at the highest level. Iguodala was a stalwart on a Denver Nuggets team that lost to the Warriors in the first round of the Western Conference playoff this season.

He was targeted by the Kings, Detroit Pistons, Atlanta Hawks, Nuggets and Warriors, among others. The Warriors grabbing him forces all of those other teams to move on in their pursuit of other free agent swingmen on the market.

It is unclear what this move does to the Warriors’ pursuit of Dwight Howard, the top free agent prize on the market this summer. They would have had to execute a number of sign-and-trade deals to clear the way for Howard to join a fantastic young core of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes and All-Star power forward David Lee.

The Houston Rockets are considered the frontrunner for Howard, but there has been no indication that he has narrowed his list from the five teams — Rockets, Warriors, Dallas Mavericks, Atlanta Hawks and the incumbent Los Angeles Lakers — that made formal presentations to Howard this week in Los Angeles.

If the Warriors are Howard’s choice, they will have one significant chip to play in an potential sign-and-trade scenarios in the $14 million expiring contract of center Andrew Bogut. His expiring deal withe either Thompson or Barnes thrown in to sweeten the deal would certainly appeal to a Lakers tam that need to find its way in the event that Howard departs.


  1. jwb_grdi says:

    Iggy should have joined the mavs. Warriors has too many guards. He’s only going to create problems on the rotation and chemistry. They needed a defensive stopper.

  2. JBR says:

    Hopefully there can be a sign-and-trade and the Nuggets can land Bogut out of this.

    Huge shame if Iggy leaves without compensation for the Nuggets.

  3. […] Andre Iguodala is the newest member of the Golden State Warriors, according to; he signed on the dotted line for four years and $48 million. Excellent move […]

  4. Michael Peloton says:

    Iguodala is not a max player. He still hasn’t proven his worth. He should hone his dribbling and shooting skills. His game is not fundamentally sound.

  5. dday22 says:

    he got 4 more years guaranteed and he gets a supporting cast that allows him to play three different positions without sacrificing any team chemistry. its funny to hear people complain who obviously should be nba gms and coaches. do you realize how many minutes there are to go around to an eight player rotation with a player this versatile. this will be the most impossible team to match up with on any given night. now throw in a big strong wing defender that can guard three positions on d and play three positions on offense. whats not to like. lol

  6. Dubs up! says:

    Starting lineup : Curry , Iggy , Barnes , Lee , Bogut depending if the go big .
    Or Curry , Klay , Iggy , Lee , Bogut .

  7. Wes says:

    Iggy was way over rated to begin with, Don’t have a problem with him signing with GSW or anywhere else for that matter. Probably didn’t re-sign with Denver because of the Karl firing. He must not be to bright he opted out of his contract with Denver at 15.9M per year.

  8. bfG says:

    As a Nuggets can’t feel anything else than betrayed by Iguodala …

  9. fhsambuichi says:

    gotta love this warriors team…

  10. basketball genius says:

    Starting lineup with Curry, Thompson, Iguodala, Lee, Howard
    This is a team that I will chose to come out the west if Howard mind is in the right spot. He will be playing one on one in the post since you can’t leave any one of these players open and Iguodala will give them a player who can defend any one from a PG-SF. This team can be holding up the finals trophy come next year

  11. Johnnie Mangum says:

    Monta Ellis to ATL they need a shooting guard

  12. asdfghjkl says:

    Do warriors really need Iguodala having Barnes in the SF position? Hmmmmmmm.

  13. tsk says:

    too disappointed in iggy. why leave denver? you guys were 3 games away from a 60 win season and you choose to go with the warriors. thanks for making me waste 60$ on a jersey i probably wont wear as much anymore, psh good luck

  14. Unkle Daddy says:

    I like this pick up good job Golden State. Why, does people hate on Iggy does anybody notice the 76ers fell out of the playoffs once he left, and Denver improved once he got there. This team as is built with Andre, doesn’t need Howard, but if they can land him, and keep Lee they’ll own the west. Run CTB+I!!

  15. Rob Mc says:

    The west is going to be tough. The Wolves are going to push for a playoff spot this year. I know…I drank the kool-aid again. Although, the rest of the west better not sit back and relax. It is going to be a great year…unless you are a Laker fan! 😛

  16. pokie says:

    They would probably have to do a sign and trade with the Lakers for Bogut and or Biedriens and Jefferson’s expiring contracts plus throw in Lee ( if LA is interested) to counterbalance Howard’s enormous salary and probably throw in either Thompson or Barnes to sweeten the deal. That would leave the Warriors with a Bogut (or Biedriens), Howard, Thompson (or Barnes), Iguodala, and Curry starting five. Not bad. With the clock ticking on Nash and Bryant I do not see this happening. Now. if the Lakers could convince the Warriors to take Nash as well as Howard, that would put LA on a much clearer path moving forward. The Lakers could use that available cap space to pull together the role players they would need to strengthen their position in the 2014 free agent hunt (Lebron, Carmelo, Bosh, ect…). Either way I think this whole scene means a long season for the purple and gold.

  17. Bones says:

    Wow, great start for GSW, only thing we lost to get iggy was just two scrubs in beidriens and Richardson and a draft pick oh and rush isn’t a scrub but who knows how he comes back after tearing his acl..but, not bad.. we still got the core together.. now if we can get Howard in a sign in trade we will be able to compete with the heat, even tho we beat them last year already so i think Howard will smarten up and choose the warriors of the rockets, jeremy lin? as a point guard is suppose to lead u to championships? i cant see that happening sorry..

  18. just think about it says:

    Dont be judging on what you think the warriors should do.. its like the monta for bogut trade again.. ride it out let the season takes its course and then we can judge whether its a good move or not

  19. Skolimowski says:

    Mark Jackson won’t let go of Thompson, he has said Curry and Thompson will be the best backcourt in the NBA. With Iguodala, Lee and Bogut they’ll surely make the playoffs again. If Howard signs for them, they’ll be though to beat.

  20. Drezzy161 says:

    D12 is over rated hes a big baby he needs to man up. But its a great look so far for the warriors they can get a cheaper big man then what Howard wants

  21. Mathieu says:

    or may be just may be Dwight’s thing about Boston with Rondo ok please

  22. nejko says:

    this is interesting if the lakers do the sign and trade and get harrison barnes that would be a steal for them, he could learn a lot from nash, kobe etc. Would rather trade thompson if I were GSW.

  23. mickael slatts says:

    Miami 3p3atin so it doesn’t matter 2 much on how the west teams are shapin up rememBer teams have 2 Build a chemistry looks good on papers isn’t always good on court we (miami just need 2 resign Birdman n proBaBly add oden 4 minimum n have a real tough shot at 3peat)

  24. Mathieu says:

    well,My comment is to Dwight’s 2 stail 2 LaL please

  25. codyfunk764 says:

    there’s no way i would get rid of barnes for howard now…..but thompson, i’m still not sold on him. agree with dan, was also wondering where rush fit into this. with our scoring, would much rather have a healthy bogut than howard, who’s a hot mess.

    hell, let’s be honest – as soon as i saw biedrins and thompson were traded, i could not continue to read who we traded for through my tears of joy. good luck to them, but welcome iguadala.

  26. cheesedub says:

    horrible move for the warriors. Either klay or harriosn is leaving because of this scrub. Im a warriors fan, and we were on the right path to winning, but we didn’t need Andre. Warriors had one good playoff run, and now they think they are an elite team. SMH. If they keep this up, they might as well get howard, change back to their old jerseys, and re-hire don nelson.

  27. tv63 says:

    Idk Ridding Bogut seems to be a mistake with an aging Iguodala.

  28. mickael slatts says:

    That don’t mean nuttin 4 gsw yet cauz they would have 2 sign n trade 2 get howard which would give the Lakers barnes or Thompson n that would hurt gsw chances of being a contender

  29. Dan says:

    I’m wondering why the Warriors need Howard now?

    I like the sound of their lineup if Bogut can play healthy for a season.

    As Barnes and Thompson mature I expect them to add some inside toughness and physicality. Iguodala brings a lot of that and Bogut isn’t a pushover so pretty soon the warriors could have an inside game to match the outside and they don’t have to sacrifice a rising star to get there.

    It’s too bad I won’t get to see Rush play as a warrior but I’m fine with everything else.

    I hope the Warriors don’t take a step back to get Howard because as much as he seems to help on the court, he seems to hurt in the locker room.

  30. McFlyHigh says:

    Big trade. Without Iggy, 2nd round team, with Iggy, a healthy Lee and Howard? Sounds like a championship caliber team to me. If anyone can make Dwight act like a grown up its Mark Jackson.

    I have it Rockets, Warriors, Lakers, Mavs, Hawks, in the pursuit of Howard standings.

  31. Al says:

    would Howard take less money to be with a squad like this?

  32. Nuggets 4 Life says:

    Couldn’t beat them so you joined them?? Man Andre that is a Lebron move if I ever seen one, too bad you won’t be seeing the playoffs again, get comfy.

    • lol says:

      lol umad nuggets fan? blame your organization for letting go the gm of the year and the coach of the year

    • eric says:

      Your just bitter. There’s no way the warriors miss the playoffs

  33. Mr.Chips says:

    Why you take away the best shooting backcourt to put Igoudala in the starting lineup? Easy, you don’t. Thompson starts, Barnes go to the bench, and Igoudala takes starting SF

  34. Common Sense says:

    They should leave it at that. Leave howard out of the picture. The genetic make up of the warriors is a strong underdog. f they get howard, not only do they have to get rid of Clay or someone that helped make them who they are, but they also are no longer and underdog and now will be expected to do well. They should simply take the Iguodala addition and get ready to shock the world next year with their new playoff experience!

  35. UncleDrew2 says:

    well the west got even tougher now gsw will be joining the contender group of OKC, SA, LAC, MEM, DEN, and HOU or LAL depending on D Howard

  36. Sixers Fan says:

    Wow. I’m happy for Iguodala, and this might be the key to the Warriors landing Howard.

  37. Andris says:

    Curry, Iguodala, Barnes, Lee, Howard – that’s the starting five of next year’s contenders

    • NBA Fan says:

      Lol stop dreaming. They don’t have the cap space to make that type of deal for Dwight Howard.

    • Peso says:

      if they get Howard then Barrnes is gone cause they now have Iggy…I like Barnes and he’s going to be a very solid player in this league and he’s still very young. Bogut and that 14 mil got to go

      more like Curry, Klay, Iggy, Lee and Howard with mark jackson coaching…hopefully for the BAY this comes to fruition