Howard To Houston Is A Two-Fisted Gut Punch For Mavs

HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — If the Los Angeles Lakers recoiled at the sobering prospect of dealing Dwight Howard to an already rising divisional foe, imagine the steam clouds that spewed from the ears of Mark Cuban as if his head was an erupting Mount Vesuvius when he learned the big man had agreed to join the aspiring Houston Rockets.

Cuban seemed to take the news in stride Friday afternoon when the Dallas Mavericks’ owner was notified that his team was out of the running for the summer’s most coveted free agent. At the time, he said he was not told with which team Howard would sign.

“Got word we are out of the DH sweepstakes,” Cuban wrote in an email to various media outlets. “We gave it a shot and it didn’t work out. It was truly an experience. At some point I will post our video and presentation we made.”

The Rockets, Golden State Warriors and the incumbent Los Angeles Lakers remained in play. But only a short time later, USA Today, followed by TNT’s David Aldridge confirmed that Howard will leave the Lakers and join the Mavs’ Southwest division rival.

This one will deeply burn the Mavs, now two-time losers trying to lure a big-name free agent to pair with a now 35-year-old Dirk Nowitzki.

All the while Cuban controversially, yet strategically was dismantling his 2011 championship club in anticipation of re-building a contender by creating cap space to lure a superstar (or two) under the guidelines of the new collective bargaining agreement, his in-division, in-state rival in southeast Texas was scheming just the same.

Daryl Morey, the gambling Houston Rockets’ general manager, set in motion a number of trades and transactions over the last two years to ultimately acquire players, cap space and other assets that would position the Rockets to strike when opportunities arose, to swing for the fences through both trades and free agency.

The Rockets should give Oklahoma City Thunder general manager Sam Presti a tip of the cap for making this behemoth agreement possible. Before the start of last season, the Thunder’s salary-cap-strapped GM dealt rising star James Harden to Houston as Morey dipped into his collection of assets. Harden became an All-Star and delivered the Rockets back into the playoffs. Now Morey has Howard, too, his longtime target.

Aside from the Lakers, who practically begged Howard to re-sign, no team will find this harder to swallow than Dallas. The scenario of Howard to Houston was always the Mavs’ worst nightmare, leaving the franchise third in pecking order in its own state behind the Rockets and the ever-resilient San Antonio Spurs.

The Warriors cleared out cap space Friday and added another top-flight free agent in Andre Iguodala — a Mavs target in the case they whiffed on Howard — to a young and talented roster that challenged the Spurs in the second round. Golden State won’t be too disappointed in not landing Howard. They were always a long-shot in this race and even without Howard they look to be putting together something special.

The Atlanta Hawks, flush with cap space, never seemed to elevate their hopes too high that Howard would reverse his long-held thinking and decide to play in his hometown. General manager Danny Ferry will now attempt to piece together the best team he possibly can for new coach Mike Budenholzer.

This was Strike Two for Dallas. A year ago, it chased native son Deron Williams, but was rebuffed. It signed a slew of players to one-year deals to keep their free-agent “powder dry” — as president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson is fond of saying — and to go after Howard or Chris Paul this summer.

Williams’ Nets now have the look of a contender after general manager Billy King pulled off the stunning trade that brings Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to Brooklyn. CP3 got Doc Rivers and is staying put and now the Rockets with Howard will vault into the top four or five in the West with Warriors, CP3’s Clippers, the Thunder and the reigning West champion Spurs.

And Houston might not be done. They have long been reported to seek Atlanta free agent power forward Josh Smith, a childhood buddy of Howard, who’s reluctance to join the Mavs leaves the franchise reeling. Two seasons ago they were swept out of the first round by the Thunder and this season failed to make the playoffs for the first time in 13 seasons.

Nowitzki, understanding his years are numbered, has repeatedly called this a “big offseason for us.”

Yet on the roster at this moment with him is Shawn Marion, 35, Vince Carter, 36, two 2012 second-round draft picks Jae Crowder and Bernard James, plus 2013 first-round pick Shane Larkin and newly signed Israeli guard Gal Mekel. 

As Howard’s drama dragged on, Dallas missed out on other free-agent targets, most notable Iguodala. The Clippers re-signed role player Matt Barnes and on Thursday center Al Jefferson signed a lucrative deal with the Charlotte Bobcats.

So where do Cuban and the Mavs go from here?

Dallas, 41-41 last season with Nowitzki playing in only 53 games after preseason knee surgery, has glaring holes at point guard, shooting guard and center. They can seek a trade but possess few assets to entice a team into dealing a player of stature. They learned that quickly in reported talks with Boston for Rajon Rondo.

Cuban said after the season that he doesn’t want to go through another year of one-year contracts, preferring to find players that are core-worthy. Now he and Nelson must decide if, for instance, still available guards Monta Ellis, Mo Williams or Jarrett Jack are building-block players they want to commit years and dollars to at the risk of cutting into cap space for next summer. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant and Zach Randolph, among others, could be on the market.

But the Mavs have twice seen what a crapshoot that strategy can be.


  1. Bob says:

    Poor Mavs and Mark Cuban. He needs some insider trader information!! The cupboard is drying up fast and I don’t see any moves in Dallas.

  2. jwb_grdi says:

    Mavsare running out of options, Iggy signed with warriors. Other prospects:

    shooting guards/forwards:
    Smith, Josh
    Nick Young
    Delfino, Carlos
    Wesley Johnson

    for center/forwards quite limited:
    Carl Landry
    Kirilenko, Andrei
    Hickson, J.J.
    Pachulia, Zaza

  3. pritong galunggong says:

    I think they should amnistied Cuban this owner have an attitude problem thats why none of this top rate players want to play for Dallas

  4. Rico says:

    Asik for Josh Smith

  5. theholyspectator says:

    FIrst RIP celtics, then Lakers and now RIP Mavs..oh boy..even with all these new rules in place, players are teaming up to win it all. Oh well…to every beginning comes an end.

  6. Unkle Daddy says:

    Real simple Dirk needs to asked to be moved someplace like (San Antonio, Minnesota or OKC if he ever even wants to sniff the playoffs again, yes he would have to take a major pay cut, or Dallas would have to get a lot put on their table) but Dallas is done. If the C’s can move Pierce and ruin his career as a Celtic, Dirk can be moved too.

    • NWAHS says:

      good point man being a mavs fan I would hateto lose Dirk but if we could land a James/ or a KD and good center in place I could live with that but I don’t see Cuban doing anything like that

  7. Bird33 says:

    Amen to my fellow basketball fans. Don’t even think the name Bynum….he’ll take you down.

  8. 123germany says:

    mavs definetely out of playoffs this year.
    honestly cant see them as contenders for at least the next 3-4years

  9. drago says:

    Just don’t touch Bynum or you are dead

  10. J says:

    poor mavs
    dare I say it………………………….the dirk nowitzki era is…………………… officially over……………..rebuild…………………..*tears*

  11. their biggest mistake was letting go of Chandler

    • Dieter says:

      No, their biggest mistake was probably not dealing Dirk, Marion and Carter. Their second biggest mistake was getting Kaman and Brand.
      When you break down a championship team with old players, you should really break it down. Dallas just lost 2 rebuilding years, and I think they’ll lose another next year.

      • MrNBA says:

        Do you really want to see Dirk (the Mavs version of MJ, Bird, Magic, Duncan, Kobe, Stockton) dealt? Ya, that’s going to attract even more free agents. The other guy was right, letting go of Chandler was a monumental mistake because it sent all kinds of wrong messages to all the players in the league. By letting Chandler walk, Cuban undermined the vital role Tyson played. I dare say Chandler was the best center to put on a Mavs jersey. I can understand letting Barea and Stevenson walk but not Chandler.

  12. Shawn K says:

    I know nobody will agree with me, but I think the Mavs should have amnestied Dirk before the free agency period started to have 25m+ in cap space to sign a lot of talent. If they had done that, with a few trades, they could of had Howard and Smith in their frontcourt. But, they decided to keep Dirk and to put every ounce of effort into signing Dwight, and look what happened. Dwight signed with a better Rockets team. All I can really say is good luck Mavericks, and no matter what, DON’T SIGN BYNUM!!!!!

    • Dieter says:

      I don’t believe they could’ve landed Dwight in any scenario. Amnesty Dirk would’ve been a gamble, he still is a good player, and if he takes a 5m deal next season, they can rebuild fast… I hope for the Mavericks that a paycut doesn’t mean 14m. I don’t get all the talk about money, Howard leaves 30m on the table? And everyone is saying it’s alot of money, yeah 2 people with normal salaries. A guy that gets 5m a year x 10 years, seems like that’s more than enough to do anything you want. If u have 90m, what is the added value of the other 30m -> yes, none.

      • Bruce says:

        Correction… He leaves behind under 10 Million…. 10% state tax on 118 mil for CA and 0 state taxes on 89 mil for TX, difference of 11.8 Million . Also the federal taxes on the additional 29 mil (approx. 39%) = 11.3 Million.

        Lakers … $118M – $11.8M – $11.3M = $94.9M
        Houston … $89M

        Take home difference of around $6M

      • Shawn K says:

        I see your point. I guess the Mavericks will have to wait until next year to have a complete rebuild when they have a lot more cap space then they currently do. But it was just my opinion, even if they had no shot at getting Howard. They should of tried to (possibly) get Josh Smith, Andre Igoudala, maybe Al Jefferson (and I don’t mean try to get ALL of them. maybe 1 or 2). And I also think they should’ve re-signed O.J Mayo. O.J really upped his game this season and grew as a player. But, Should of, would of, could of, didn’t. Best of luck to the Mavericks on their rebuilding

    • MrNBA says:

      Except for DON’T SIGN BYNUM, you got everything wrong. The amnesty clause could only be used once and they used it on Haywood. They put all their eggs in one basket by going all out on Howard, which was a longshot to begin with. They have an aging core and they can’t offer him a max contract. Why would Howard sign with them? The Lakers had a better chance of re-signing him.
      And Josh Smith can’t compete against the PF’s in the West.

    • kang says:

      Couldnt use the amnesty because used it on brendan haywood the year before…