Ellis Quietly Waits For Next Team


HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — Waiting and watching the free-agent landscape unfold is high-volume shooter and scorer Monta Ellis.

J.R. Smith became the latest shooting guard to take himself off the market Thursday morning when he agreed to re-up with the New York Knicks for four years and $24.7 million.

Others who have reached similar agreements (contracts can’t be signed until Wednesday) include Kyle Korver with Atlanta (four years, $24 million) and J.J. Redick with the Los Angeles Clippers (four years, $27 million).

Those players are known quantities. Teams know what they’re getting and their salaries are slotted as such. O.J. Mayo apparently remains in discussions with the Milwaukee Bucks on a multiyear deal. He’s younger than the others and more of a mystery in terms of unlocking his potential.

One mystery man who will cash in on upside is Tyreke Evans. The New Orleans Pelicans made a surprising bid for the Sacramento Kings guard and Evans was prepared to sign a four-year, $44-million offer sheet. On Friday, the Pelicans, Kings and Portland Trail Blazers completed a three-way trade that gives the fourth overall pick in the 2009 draft a fresh start with the feisty Pelicans.

That leaves Ellis as the most intriguing and most dangerous shooting guard still available. The eight-year vet hasn’t had much headline buzz during this first week of free agency. Ellis chose to become a free agent when he opted out of the final year of his deal that would have paid him $11 million. He signed a six-year, $66 million deal with the Golden State Warriors as a 22-year-old.

Any day now, perhaps soon after Dwight Howard finally makes his decision, we’ll find out the rate for a streaky scorer who averaged 19.2 ppg and 6.0 apg last season, but who connected on just 41.6 percent of his overall shot attempts and 28.7 percent from beyond the arc.

Only Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook attempted more shots than Ellis’ 1,436 field-goal attempts last season. Among the top 10 in total points (Ellis finished eighth), Ellis made more field goals than only rookie Damian Lillard, and Ellis and Westbrook (plus LaMarcus Aldridge) were the only ones not to make at least 100 3-pointers.

Still, Ellis (a career 31.8-percent 3-point shooter) can light it up on any given night and that type of scoring prowess is enticing. He is reportedly more interested in signing with a team with a fighting chance than one that will pay him the most money. Now 27, Ellis is smack in his prime and could be a valuable piece on a good team, but will he get paid prime-time money?

There is also another factor regarding Ellis: He’s largely untested as a prime-time player. He has just 15 playoff games under his belt in eight seasons. This year’s first-round sweep to the eventual repeat champion Heat didn’t go well. Ellis averaged 14.3 ppg and shot 15.8 percent from 3-point land. In 2007 when the Warriors upset the No. 1-seeded Dallas Mavericks, a young Ellis saw his 16.5 ppg in the regular season shrink to half that in the playoffs and he shot 11.1 percent from beyond the arc.

The teams that lose out on Howard will have money to spend and needs to fill such as the Mavericks, whose backcourt at the moment consists of draft pick Shane Larkin and a graying Vince Carter.

So where will Ellis land and how much will he get paid?


  1. jquik says:

    Since d12 left La monta could fit in the lakers system as a starting shooting kobe is out until February just remember that and move kobe to small foward i would also sign andrew bynum again bc nash to bynum all day

  2. kingvonta123 says:

    Monta To The Bulls!!!

  3. lamont davis says:

    I think Ellis should go to OKC with Durant and Westbrook and start a big 3

  4. Disgruted SPURS fan says:

    I would say the Spurs, but they already WASTED all their money.

  5. caloyski says:


  6. O'Brian Hargrave says:

    I think that Ellis should come to the Bulls because they need a second scorer and someone who can create their own shot.and Thibodeau can take his game to the all star level like he did for luol Deng.

  7. THILMANN says:


  8. Eric says:

    The thunder should sign him and use him as a sixth man. He is a upgrade from kevin martin because he can create his own shot. Even though he wouldnt get the money he wants he would win instead

    • THILMANN says:


  9. Zohan says:

    Why not go to the pistons? They just picked up josh smith and will most likely aquire billups as well.

    Bench: kentavious knight stuckey singler

  10. real090009642 says:

    Lakers should go after Brandon Jennings JJ Hickson Steven Jackson Nate Robinson Monta Ellis Antwan Jamison Trevor Ariza and O.J Mayo let go of Steve Blake or trade him and Put Kobe on the SF position til he fully recovers

  11. Demetrious says:

    The bulls starting lineup would be Derrick Rose/ monta Ellis/ loul Deng/ Carlos boozer/ jokim Noah

    bench are Kirk hincih/ Jimmy Bulter/ taj Gibson/ Tony Snell/ erick\ Mike dunleavy/ and Nazr Mohammed

    Championship /rings

  12. BullsFan says:

    I think eliis should go to Houston , Dallas , or , maybe even the bobcats

  13. Jay Serrano says:

    OKC would be my choice for ellis
    If Lakers amnesty metta i can see them attempt too
    Phx most likel destination

  14. Mike says:

    It would be

  15. RICHARD says:

    I would like to see Ellis in one of these teams,

    1. BULLS (if possible, but don’t trade Boozer, a lot of people want him to be amnesty but he’s good for 2-3 more years)…back court will be a nightmare to defend….i think

    4. JAZZ ( he gets paid and gets to play with a young talented group of guys)

    2. DENVER ( with gallinari out with injury and Iggy to golden state the need boring scorer high tempo team can get him open shots in the fast break)

    3. BOBCATS (with AL Jerfferson at the 5 and Cody zeller at 4 strong front court and back)

  16. jwb_grdi says:

    How about this line-up:

    Jose Calderon
    Monte Ellis
    Josh Smith
    Andre Kirilenko
    Dirk Nowitski

    Pachulia, Zaza, Jarrett Jack, Carl Landry, Nick Young, Wesley Johnson, Carlos Delfino,

  17. jwb_grdi says:

    Sign with Mavs long term even without Howard.

  18. Trey says:

    Yeah I believe Lakers should take Ellis and Bynum,Denver and Memphis would b a good fit also. Okc wouldn’t b bad,but I think they need a better inside presence for offense.

  19. jdub says:

    Monta come to the lakers

    • Dan says:

      Everyone knows the Lakers are victimized by themselves with that large market pressure. They should just resign Bynum, (he never should have left), then go after Ellis or Nick Young. They should also decide on what they’re going to do with Devin Ewbanks.

  20. jdub says:

    Montana come to the Lakers

  21. Unkle Daddy says:

    I say Dallas or Denver, but if he’s looking to make title run and not as worried about his income he needs to stay in the east, (maybe) team up with Kyrie Irving in Cleveland.

  22. I Love Basketball says:

    Well, I think M.Ellis should sign with the Denver Nuggets after watching A.Iguodala leaving them and joining the GS Warriors.


    Starting line up:

    PG T.Lawson
    SG M.Ellis
    SF D.Gallinari
    PF K.Faried
    C J.McGee

    Reserve/ Backup:

    PG A.Miller
    SG Corey Brewer (resigned back with the team)
    SF W.Chandler
    PF A.Randolph/ D.Arthur
    C T.Mozgov (resigned back with the team)

  23. Steffon says:

    When Monta Ellis Turn down that new contract from the Milwaukee Bucks I think that brushed off bad with other teams Because I think that was a good deal the Milwaukee Bucks presented to monta Ellis So I think that will be a good fit the Oklahoma city coming off the bench For less money

  24. knicksfan33 says:

    stoudimire should be traded

  25. knicksfan33 says:

    Monta to Knicks!

  26. Steve says:

    Monta going to the Thunder would be a good fit… but he would have to accept something like a 3 year 18 mill deal to do so. Can’t see Monta being okay with that.

  27. Fran says:

    Monta Should sign with the thunder take on the james harden role. He will win 6th man and possibly a ring!!!!

  28. rabags says:

    If Ellis wants to win now while still in his prime, he should go to the Lakers (if they want him). He could be the scoring punch the Lakers need to back-up Kobe. By the end of 2013-2014 season, he will have his championship ring plus the sixth man of the year award.

  29. IG says:

    Not sure where he will end up, but if I were a GM there’s no way I’d pay more than $13 million per season for him. Yes, he can light it up on any given night, but he needs a lot of shots to get his 20 points per game, he is turnover prone, undersized, and a nonexistent defender. Any more than $13 million per season and we’re talking albatross territory with his contract.

  30. ellistricity says:

    Ellis should go to GRIZZLIES because they need a scorer star to make the FINAL.

    • ELLISTRICITY says:


  31. Shawn K says:

    It’s a scary thought to think that if the Mavericks don’t get Howard, Mark Cuban might pull a risky move and turn to Andrew Bynum to fill the center position… But as far as Monta Ellis goes, I think he will sign with either the Mavericks(depending on Howard), Hawks, Suns or the Bobcats. At this point, I think Ellis should sign with the Bobcats(I cant believe I just said that…). The Bobcats just signed Al Jefferson and they have Walker and Kidd-Gilchrist and they need a scoring SG. So I think Monta will be a good fit for the Bobcats.