Cast Your Vote: ‘The Decision’ Or ‘The Dwightmare?’

At least with The Dwightmare, we didn’t have Jim Gray stalling for a half hour with questions about biting fingernails.

That was one of several things that made The Decision – LeBron James‘ ill-advised, prime-time, tin-ear, vanity TV production – such a monumental gaffe and something that, two NBA championships and Finals MVP trophies later, the league’s best player still hasn’t completely lived down.

There are those who may never forgive that hour of hubris, punctuated by James’ somewhat clumsy “taking my talents to South Beach” phrasing when he finally announced his free-agent choice back in July 2010. Many still are more rankled by the ESPN-aired reveal than by what the All-Star forward’s departure meant to the Cleveland Cavaliers, how it signaled the AAU-ificiation of NBA roster-building or any of the other nits that get picked over that decision.

On balance, though, Dwight Howard‘s Dwightmare has been plenty bad. Worse, it says here at HTB.

Left up to Howard, any TV show dedicated to his free-agent choice would have ended like “The Sopranos” finale. Before anyone learned anything.

Look, we were in the gym that night in Greenwich, Conn., when James and his advisors used a background of kids at the Boys & Girls Club as background props. That organization benefited greatly – commercial fees from The Decision show generated an estimated $2.5 million that went to the charity – but the whole event was off-key. It landed with a thud.

Frankly, only a heroic return to the Cavs, with the kids rushing to encircle and embrace James, could have salvaged the thing. He was uncharacteristically self-conscious that night, visibly uncomfortable sitting across from Gray on-camera, hyper off it as he dashed quickly to a rest room afterward.

As for the process itself, James went through the whole courting game, with six teams (Heat, Knicks, Nets, Clippers, Bulls and Cavs) pitching him in a downtown Cleveland office building. That took three days. One bogus report said James would make up his mind by July 5 but it wasn’t until July 8 that The Decision actually aired. So five days passed while everyone waited … and twisted in the wind.

Howard? He took just two days to hear out five teams (Rockets, Mavericks, Warriors, Hawks and Lakers). By Wednesday, he was in Aspen, Colo., weighing factors, eliminating suitors. And then it was done, Friday afternoon,  no manufactured suspense, no hokey Q&A with a hand-picked interviewer. He fast-tracked James’ timetable by three full days.

Except for … Twitter. Which changed everything.

Three years ago, the social networking behemoth was in its relative infancy, still a toy for the public, a new tool for the media. In June 2010, for instance, Twitter management estimated that it saw about 65 million Tweets per day, up from 2 million just 18 months earlier but a fraction of what it processes now. Are you sitting down? By March 2013, on its seventh “birthday,” Twitter reported an average of 400 million Tweets per day.

Put another way, that’s 1 billion Tweets every 2.5 days.

No more than half of which were dedicated to NBA free agency this week.

Factor in all those Tweets with what seems to be, given the number of Web sites, blogs and old-fashioned print outlets, a sports media “bubble” these days and it’s safe to say that no NBA superstar’s impending free agency ever got the amount of coverage that Howard’s did. That’s especially true since his has gone on for essentially 19 months; from the start of the 2011-12 post-lockout season to this terrain-altering Houston Rockets development, Howard has been way more a free agent-to-be than an All-Star center.

His final season in Orlando was marred by the rumors and speculation of “What will Dwight do?” until he finally waived his opt-out. Last August, the blockbuster trade that convulsed four franchises was followed not by the Lakers’ giddy march to The Finals but by a horrid start, a revolving door of coaches and a scramble just to make the playoffs. And then this, the vigil, chronicled not 24/7 like the old “new” media but 60/60 by the newest, minutes and seconds taking over for hours and days.

But wait, there was more: With James, there was the sense that the payoff, ultimately, would be supreme. He was on his way to greatness, with a championship very likely to follow. At 25, he already was a two-time Most Valuable Player by July 2010 and was hitting his prime, heading into a grand experiment with two other All-Stars and a leader, in Pat Riley, who ranked as one of the most decorated and competitive in league annals.

Howard, at 27, has back surgery on his medical charts and something less than a fire-breathing reputation as a competitor. His game has plateaued and the Rockets’ last NBA championship came when their new centerpiece was in fourth grade. Kevin McHale should be able to give Howard the best big-man mentoring he’s ever had but James Harden has only one year as a No. 1 option behind him and the pecking order in Houston is very much in flux again.

Howard’s selection of the Rockets seems more basketball-driven than if he’d re-upped in Los Angeles for its show-biz proximity, nightlife diversions and endorsements upside. But we won’t know that for a while.

The curious thing is, Howard’s reputation for clowning and indecisiveness might improve by what flows from The Dwightmare, whereas James’ reputation – pretty solid and, if not liked, at least appreciated – went south overnight for so many with The Decision. Still, Howard’s went on too long and, until there’s some hardware in Houston, will not have the gravity that James’ switch of teams produced.

So which was worse for you: The Decision or The Dwightmare?


  1. Cripple Rapist says:

    It doesn’t matter who’s decision is worst…. Just be happy for them… LBJ left Cavs because they can’t even provide him much better help… Look at the HEAT now… 2 titles in 3 finals appearance, LBJ won 2 season MVP’s 2 Finals MVP’s with much better team mates Dwade Bosh Shane Miller Haslem Allen… In 3 years span, the HEAT gave LBJ tons of help… Even Dwade handed James the KEY to the franchise… In which the Cavs didn’t provide in 7 years….

    Howard,joined the lakers for believing that kobe might share key to the franchise future, But that didn’t happen either, Kobe doesn’t even share the ball, What is the point on acquiring Nash if the ball will end most likely to kobe’s hands… even a D-league point guard can do that… Lakers Organization was too lenient to their darling black mama bryant… He can now held the ball as much as he wants…. Howard ave. 8-9 shots a game… When they’re losing kobe plays wear big boy pants card… He didn’t want to take a pay cut either… Ball hog ON and OFF the court… As for Howard this is your last chance to regain your status… Most of us didn’t expect you to win a title , At least bring back those ORL Magic dominating games…

  2. Joe 1 says:

    I remember last year when The Beard joined Houston everybody on here was hating and he became the 5th best scorer in the league and led us to a playoff war with OKC. Rockets always get hated on, its like 93 and before with a bunch of Bill Waltons on the internet lately. Stop hating and see how it plays out first

  3. Joe 1 says:

    1, Hakeem Olajuwon did it on his own in 1994… 2 Don’t hate Howard for leaving a team where he was treated like a stepson when compared to the Lakers “firstborn” on the roster to come to a team with a bright future and a Superstar in Harden who is down to share the luv. Chandler Parsons is just in his third year and while it hasn’t shown yet we already have a big 3 now. This is nothing like the Decision, LeBron lost respect that day and Howard gained respect, from anybody not a Laker, Laker fan or an idiot.

  4. eagleman says:

    All of you, what if LBJ choose your team? are still going to say that decision is worse????? I don’t think so.

  5. what the hell did dwight howard ever do wrong??? just because there are WAY WAY WAY too many people trying to profit off of “News” so they spend 24 hours a day wondering what people MAYdo after their contract is up. He has EVERY right to be a free agent on his own damn terms. when he makes a decision he announces it…just because you shove a microphone and camera in his face it doesnt mean he has to tell you anything. Report the news dont try and make it your damn self.

  6. LA-AllTheWay@Manila says:

    Good luck DC.. Thanks for the great games you have given LA.. It’s a sad event that you are leaving but we can;t do anything about it now.. It will be a good game if LA and Houston meet in playoffs.. For LA fans.. Just stick to our team.. We are still competing.. LA needs support and this we will give.. GO LA!! GO Lakers!! Go for the 17th crown..

  7. big mike says:

    glad d12 landed in a la laker fan of 30 years I have never been so frustrated with1 player.todays nba player is so soft and whinny,,la is la they always rebuild…my only hope is that the nba as a whole puts a better product on the floor…

  8. Brandon says:

    Imo Lebron was a lot more arrogant, having a TV special announcement and bragging about how many rings he’ll make.
    I find Dwight a lot more immature and selfish, insulting his former Orlando team, then going to the Lakers and creating a giant load of chemistry problems, and doesn’t want to wait until Kobe retires to be the alpha male.
    All Dwight cares about is being THE MAN and a free championship, and slapping a ridiculous smile on his face all the time.

  9. WhateverD12_heCantWin says:

    Where ever D12 goes, he will not win…thats the truth.

  10. Steve says:

    Kobe did it without another superstar, pau ain’t a superstar, dirk did it without superstar help. Everyone has help but when you join 2 superstars (wade n bosh) I’m from Toronto and bosh was a superstar down here, it’s a lot different than winning a ring with just a bunch of good players

  11. celentano says:

    No matter wich decision was the worse one,they’re all media hyped each in his own way! Anybody who’s talking about Lechump is the best player in the world or “all time best”must be trippin , heat bandwagoners are a wast of space on each blog when they posting something!Remember one thing about game 6 when Lechump & Dwayne where missing lay ups + shooting bricks it was his teammates picking up the slack like Chalmers,Bosh and Ray forcing for overtime.
    Even that famous saving shot from Allen was a travel move not wisthlet by the ref’s.That’s was the only way for the Heat to secure the title because they’re “best friend’s the ref’s!It was destiny contoled by Stern, the Nba is a tralalala show today.What a joke!!!

  12. Gabe says:

    Lebron let cleveland team alone and got to a better team knowing that he will have the big trio. Dwight after a disappointed season in LA goes to Huston. I can’t see how it is worse for Dwight’s reputation than it was for Lebron’s decision.

    Or do you say that it is beter for Lebron becouse he had a better deal than Howard? Howard had like no other better opportunity.

  13. theholyspectator says:

    i feel dwightmare was worse, lets weigh all the things out here…for the decision, the only really bad thing you saw with that whole thing was the fact that lbj waited that long and to tell everyone in that fashion that hes leaving the cavs…thats really it lol. that program produced a ton of money which he raised for one of his charitable causes..dont see anything wrong with that, he was a free agent, had the option to go anywhere and he chose a place where hed team up with a lot of talent thus increasing his chances of winning a title, dont see whats wrong with that? the cavs did nothing to build around lbj, you really think he woulda left if he knew he had a legit shot at winning a title there? so nothing lbj did wrong there…

    now you have dwightmare, guy makes it to the finals, you think ok hes gonna get better and better from here on out, he never does, doesnt improve his game, blames and ultimately get his coach fired..even tries to play cool around him in front of media, that backfired…he then goes to LA..the mecca of basketball world..does horrible..and yes hes coming off an injury and no real training camp with dantoni…but still decides to leave go to houston, leave more money on the table and runs away from being cemented in laker legacy. and whose to say if this guy has actually matured now? hes 27 and once his athleticism and talent starts winding down, what will he have left to go to? he gets banged up so much in the post cuz hes a terrible foul shooter that his body cant keep takin that..dwightmare last for what almost 2+ years? lebron did his decision came to miami went to the finals 3 times and own two titles, and 2 back to back mvps/finals mvp..dwight..well me its not even close..most of the people up here say decision cuz they just hate lebron for some odd reason? i still have no idea why..its been 3 years people get over it! dwight still has to win a title…if rockets make it to the finals next year in my opinion thats the only way dwight will change his will 3 peat

  14. Yo Momma says:

    Decision was worse… how can you make that a 30 minute sports center special?! just rubbing Cleveland fans face in the dirt

  15. Whatever... says:

    At least Lebron never actively tried to fire his coach…

  16. TheBasketballNerd says:

    The Decision was entirely worst. Whose ego is so big that he required a 30 minute special just to announce what he had planned to do all along? I remember when basketball players were so talented that their game spoke for itself. Now the talent pool is so low that NBA players are resorting to publicity stunts to get people excited about them. Think about it: Would Dwight Howard or LeBron James dominate Larry Bird, Jordan, Ewing, Hakeem, Sir Charles, Karl Malone or Shaq in their prime? Scottie Pippen’s defense alone would have contained LeBron. I enjoy watching the NBA but the real fans of the sport would love to see athletes that don’t think they are above the game. Right now, I’ll take a good middle school contest over watching LeBron or Dwight.

  17. jeffrey dreezy kark says:

    the decision was great.that was a great work done

  18. Andrea says:

    LeBron made a bad move with ‘the decision’, but what happened next? 2 mvp 2 titles 2 mvp of the finals. LeBron proved the world he’s THE best player (and the best all around player this game has ever seen). And he regret that, he apologised, and realised he should have done something else instead. Dwight did that in Orlando, now in LA. And he will probably do that again if he doesn’t like Houston. He’s like a kid who cries cause he wants more, but doesn’t even know what he wants. I am 100% sure Dwight will never win a ring. He can’t do what LeBron did just cause he is not that good of a player. People won’t talk about Dwight Howard in 20 years… but they will talk about that Game 6 in Boston, that game 4 in Indiana, that 5 threes in Game 7 with the Spurs… They will talk about the way LeBron made his ‘decision’ the right decision. They will talk ’bout Wade being done, and James stepping up. Howard is just something to keep us busy this Summer.

  19. Paul says:

    Lebron is definately the better player and has accomplished much more as an individual player than Dwight. Dwight has shown twice in the last 2 years that when the situation is tough, he leaves. The Decision was just handled terribly with too much media attention and blown up into the biggest thing the NBA has ever seen. This was kept somewhat quiet in comparison with no big press conference, or interview when Dwight reached a decision. Even though he raised a lot of money for that club it was in poor taste to hold the announcement broadcast there if he wasn’t coming back. Dwight wants to be the go to guy, but I don’t think he has what it take to really be the leader and bring home a championship.

  20. OP123 says:

    I honestly think that The Decision wasn’t that bad! I think it was only truly suffering towards the Cavaliers’ fans, but everybody else just likes to make a big deal over it just to hate on LeBron! He obviously could have done it better and not had a TV segment on ESPN just to say where he was going to sign, but I blame ESPN and his crew more for even planning it! He should have thought better and knew that it wasn’t going to be a good idea, but at least he made a couple million dollars for the boys and girls club! I’m pretty sure most of the people hating on him actually watched the thing, so it served its purpose! We’re living in a time where media’s doing everything it can to get in people’s faces, so why do people still make a big deal out of it? Worse things are yet to come, so get ready for it!

  21. MACKY says:

    LBJ is intelligent, he realized that Championship ring is the complete success in nba. Look at those players who stayed for money… until death critiscm w/o ring… LBJ is right in his decision period

  22. Cal says:

    The Decision w/o a doubt. D12 didn’t offend a whole city with his decision unlike Lebron who not only made a whole city mad but also changed his public image. Before that, Kobe was the most-hated player in the NBA and after that, it was Lebron.

    • Whatever... says:

      He certainly did change his image…he went from LeChoke to two-time Finals MVP…

  23. Tim blad says:

    Howard / Coward. There is a reason that sounds so good.

  24. MACKY says:

    stop talking about LBJ why went to Miami. He already proved 3 championship battle consecutive, 2 was successful, what else. he will make 3 rings again next season. Big 3 are destined to get not 1, not 2, not 3… not 7…

  25. CoryJ says:

    Lebrons was worse. Both were bad but LeBron held so many teams hostage until the last moment. That is what upsets Cleveland fans the most. If Lebron was going to leave he should have just left like Dwight did. Labrons decision impacted a pretty good free agency period which left a lot of teams signing players for insurance. It had a league wide effect on teams and players. Dwights decision is not effecting the league that much. Teams still have a few more days to build their roster. So my decision is Lebrons is worse

  26. MACKY says:

    what !? stupid idea!!!!!! how will LeBron will win alone??

  27. 007 says:

    The decision was not all that bad….it was pretty bad but all you had to do WAS NOT WATCH!!!….like I did……once I saw how long it was on my TV guide the channel was changed.

    On the other hand with the Dwightmare all my favorite channels covered it for the whole 19 months making me grow so tired with Mr. Howard to the point I am not a fan anymore b/c I would expect this from early 20’s young man getting adjusted to the NBA but a man in his late 20’s with more kids than MJ got rings….C’MON SON!!!!!!!

  28. NATHAN says:

    Clubs in Cleveland, Akron and Elyria report receiving a total of more than $480,000, part of about $2 million that James has distributed nationwide since the July broadcast, billed as “The Decision.”


  29. Doug says:

    The decision gave Cleveland no free agency time. Fan were burning jerseys in the streets! Cleveland was also a very good team better then the lakers and Magic. Lebron wanted crazy star power (two 20+ scores). Dwight’s getting James harden. The lakers are done, way too old and fragile. I do thinkDwight should have stayed with the Magic, but keep getting old expiring players instead of a great free agent…

  30. W/E says:

    BOth good decisions, Cleveland was awfull at that time and so are the Lakers now,would be stupid to stay and keep failing

  31. et725 says:

    Are you kidding me The Decision was way worse and the Dwightmare doesn’t even come close. Lebron never gave his team a heads up to let them know he was leaving so they could sign or trade for someone else and he aired himself live smacking Cleveland fans in the face.

  32. Miami Heat back2back says:

    Dwightmare went to 3 teams already magic… Lakers and now rockets … Anyway james got his 2 rings and some accolades its about time dwightmare do the same in which i highly doubt it

  33. Bring Allen Iverson to Miami. We will get another championship.

  34. crispin says:

    Lebron Decision Produced $3 millions to the Boys and Girls Club. He fulfilled his contract and decided to play with 2 of his friends. What is wrong with that? In the last 3 years, he made it to 3 championship games and 2 NBA titles. What is wrong with that?And there will be more championships coming his way. Blame Dan Gilbert for Lebron leaving Cleveland. He was too busy making money off Lebron to put the pieces around him to win anything. D Howard is a clown. He held Orlando hostage, Had a coach and a GM fired. Lied to everyone. Houston will be the 3rd team that he will play in 3 years. At the end of the first year, he will be looking for a trade.

  35. dwight has a simple reason of leaving the lakers… because kobe and the lakers suucks!

  36. Back2back says:

    Dwight is worse because he hasn’t proved anything to garnish all this attention. He is an average player. At least lebron was and still is the best player. Everybody knew he would make a difference on their team. Dwight will never win a championship. He is not a player who you can’t count on to close it out for you. Lebron had delivered back to back rings with Miami. He has 4 mvps, and 2 finals mvps. What has Dwight done to garnish such attention?!?

  37. Paul says:

    The decision was worse because it was drawn out and turned into a tv spectacle. Dwight seems worse because in the last few years he’s become more of a baby it seems with leaving Orlando when they started to get worse and lakers last year didn’t work out. At the same time lebron has repaired his image to a certain degree with becoming abetted player each year and winning 2 titles. If the dwightmare would’ve happened a year or two ago The Decision would’ve been voted much worse than dwight. Lebron also left and more or less admitted he didn’t want to carry the load and teamed up with two all stars to win a title while dwight is leaving to be the main star on the team. I will say that I don’t think that dwight can handle the pressure of being the number one guy when things god bad which is why he left Orlando in the first place. All in all I still think the way the decision was handled was worse than the dwightmare.

  38. Andylx says:

    Dwight Howard never talked about himself as the third person.

  39. MasterG says:

    LeBron completely disrespected the Cleveland organization and fans by not informing them before. Dwight had the sense to inform the Lakers organization before publicly announcing his decision to leave.

  40. NBA Fans says:

    Kevin Garnett said before: ” Loyalty hurts”.

  41. Brain32 says:

    You know who is to blame for star-mares?
    Fans that demand even silly details about their favorite players and media that goes after that, the thing is, there is a DEMAND for such stuff, regardless of the fact that nobody will admit it but people WANT the drama not just on the basketball court but off it too.
    Back in the 90’s the off-court thing you knew about the NBA stars were quite reasonable, for example I knew Jordan has a Ferrari and likes golfing, maybe some tiny detail about some other players, these days we know when some bench-warmer farts in public…silly but all because of demand, as at the end of the day money dictates the flow of information too.
    LeBrons Decision had how many viewers? Over 10 MILLION! Yeah right nobody likes the drama huh?

  42. mikmaks says:

    can’t you write anything that’s not anti lebron?

  43. euro says:

    lebron made his decision and that’s it ; I’m not sure dwight will ever choose team for longer; one year-one team
    it seems that NBA doesn’t have a team good enough for howard

  44. Dan the Man says:

    The Decision was far worse, if only for the fact that everyone knew LeBron was eventually going to deliver Championships to any of the six franchises. So more of us were paying attention with more interest and a more over-the-top “show” was inflicted on us. If you wanted to stay off Twitter you could. But what Sports fan can stay away from ESPN?

  45. ALLDAY says:

    How is this even close in the votes THE DECISION HAD A HOUR SPECIAL.. WITH CONCERT later on. Even people how didn’t watch basketball knew what was going on. Also every team if the thought they had a chance would call Lebron up privately of course even if they knew they had no chance, Especially with the Wiggins lotto tanking season coming up done by teams.

  46. isiah_thomas says:

    Please add Melodrama to the voting as well.But I’d pick Dwightmare any day

  47. Deluxx says:

    U guys just doing what he take to put food on the table for your family and keep your journalist job.

  48. J says:

    the decision but the dwightmare was really annoying

  49. William says:

    The decision vs. the indecision. The decision was far worse but it depends on who you ask. Miami, Lakers, Rockets, Cleveland?

  50. Mladen says:

    Hey, leave Howard alone. I don’t like his prima donna stance in this, but only few hours after he signed with the Rockets, for less money than Lakers offered, you are describing this whole issue as bad. Worse than Decision. Now, this is the case of journalists making their money on stories that actually don’t exist. Howard is in the Rockets. Good luck to him, the Rockets and the Lakers. Stop making these stupid Dwightmare stories any more. Give a man a break. It’s over.

  51. mikosgi says:

    Dwight Howard is weighing his decision before making move and that is the best decision he made with harden, parson in Houston they could be champion next year. Lakers are no longer championship team coz kobe , pau and nash are to old to compete to young team they should retire and spend more time to family especially for there kids.

  52. d12 says:

    Dwightmare is the worst. At least the Decision has decision came out….Dwightmare NOT

  53. As a Lakers fan, you hate to see him leave. But you cannot blame him, the. Lakers bench and coach are GARBAGE. .. The Decision was a joke , a bad one with a clown taking center stage. .. Wish D-12 the best.

  54. dreadyjun says:

    Who cares dwight and lebron are both douche bags.

  55. tv63 says:

    Howard at least let the teams know in advance he wasn’t signing up AND he faced LA in a press conference ( forthcoming) unlike Lebron who bolted. Also, he didn’t wait until the last minute of free agency and royally screw the home team. Magic had a trade agreement to get some players to rebuild on. Howard did not mislead Lakers he was signing with them all along. Lebron did. Also, Lakers ahve plenty of time in free agency to get some more players. The Cavs didn’t even have a day. Howard dragged this out longer an extra year but there is no way in hell he screwed the Lakers like Lebron did in Cleveland, To this day everyone in the NBA learned from “The Decision” and push for trades in advance than lose everything like the Cavs did.

  56. SjSharksFan408 says:

    Loyalty has died in the NBA

    • GangstaP says:

      When you have a big 3 in Miami with a stacked bench, you have to switch teams and create your own super-team if you want to win. David Stern shouldn’t have let the big three happen. It could have been LeBron and D-Wade in Miami, Bosh somewhere else. Now you will see more people trying to make super-teams like the Brooklyn Nets.

  57. Todd Schweich says:

    There is no comparison, The Decision (LeBron James) was far worse than The Dwightmare (Dwight Howard). Dwight did not have an exclusive broadcast announcing his decision and did not get up on dance stage with his teammates (Dwayne Wade & Chris Bosh) like a “punk” (per Charles Barkley’s quote). Hang Time Blog/ you just lost my respect for even having such a poll because you couldn’t come up with some better content than this.

  58. Luke says:

    Good for the Lakers, they don’t need Dwight coz He’s nothing but an ordinary player. He’s got only the hieght, talent? a big question mark to that. LOts of good players and good centers who has complete package, can shoot free throws at high percentage, permiter, low post. What D howards got? His name? his wants for money? Come on, he is not enough as a legitemate center. His price and attitude doesnt match to his worth. We will see the next season howards wants a trade….

  59. Obviously Dwight Howard’s decision making and selfishness is bloody worse. What seperates Dwight from Lebron is that Dwight only wants free championship, meaning he will take the easy way out by only going to the team that has the best possible chance to win it all and if that team screws up, he will change to another one. Unlike Lebron, he stayed with miami heat to the very end and look where that got him, 2 championships in 3 years. PS i am not a lebron fan or heat bandwagon. I only go for Lakers. I am merely stating my opinion

  60. Coby says:

    the decision, why, because at least with the decision you didn’t have bozo the clown, chris broussard trying to make-up a story saying james was 50-50, because oh my god he got on a plane with dan gilbert headed back to cleveland, just to find out it was james telling gilbert i’m not coming back, which is what bozo did with howard

  61. Kiko says:

    The Dwightmare has been worse but only because the media has made it worse, you have to get readers right? The decision on the other hand was issued by the player. Lebron James made his bed, Dwight Howard was shoved into his bed, held down and then pelted with pillows.

    • the Decision was way worse…proves to show that LBJ will never win by his own

      • patrick says:

        How can you say “this proves LBJ cant do it by himself”. I cant remember the last person to do it by themselves. duncan had alot of help, so did kobe, pierce, jordan, magic, bird, russel, wilt, Dr. J, Thomas, Karreem,

      • S3S says:

        No one has ever and will never win on their own. “The Decision” was the only bad decision made by LeBron. Coming to Miami was a GREAT decision. Cavs showed no signs of ever giving him the type of help other superstars have gotten and NEED in order to win. Not one player on the Cavs was as good as Pippen, Rodman, Pau, McHale, Tony Parker, Jason Kidd (When helping Nowitzki) to help LeBron. Not to mention he’s not the first superstar to change teams. Wilt, Shaq, Kareem, Charles Barkley and many more all did it. In fact even Kobe was demanding that he get traded until they got Pau to help him out.

      • SMH says:

        how can you keep saying this? LBJ has wade and bosh. Bird had McHale and parish. Jordan had pippen and rodman. Do all these other people get criticized for switching teams to give themselves a better chance at a championship? No, but LBJ does. The way he did the decision was wrong, but the decision itself wasn’t. People just have to move on. Accept the fact he moved teams. It turned out to be the right decision because he is now a back to back champion. People have got to stop hating lebron. Its not funny or cool anymore. Just admit he is the best player in the nba and that his team is better than the other 29 in the league. Hands down. No arguments, its true, you all know it…

      • bheliom says:

        Well noone has ever won by his own.. we call it a team sport.

      • michael haywood says:

        nobody has done it on there own

      • lol says:

        but the way lebron did it it was worse but nobody cares cause hes lebron the suposed best player in the world when kobe is stil around

      • jay says:

        Really? if you know Dwight did the same thing LBJ did when he was in Orlando. He couldn’t win a title so he went to another team he thought would win a title. He only gave the Lakers 1 chance then he left to play for Houston. At least LeBron didn’t give up on Cleveland in his first season with them

      • Rockets says:

        Dwight, please do not bring any drama to the Rockets. We don’t need any of your baby whine. Just do your part and stay out of James Harden way. He is far more skillful and should be the main focal, not you!

      • Howard is the problem says:

        No one has ever one on his own but lebron cried his way out of Cleveland to Miami did Kobe or Michael ever have to change teams?