Reports: Knicks, J.R. Smith Reach Deal

From staff reports

The reigning Sixth Man of the Year is sticking with the Knicks.

J.R. Smith, who proved to be a valuable asset for New York as it won its first Atlantic Division crown in 19 seasons, will sign a four-year deal with the Knicks once the free-agent moratorium is lifted in July 10.

The New York Daily NewsFrank Isola was first with the news, which the New York Post’s Marc Berman and New York Times‘ Howard Beck also are reporting:


  1. Pher says:

    I have always felt that the lack of a true 2 guard has hurt the Knicks. I hope that JR can hear the footsteps of Hardaway Jr behind him!

  2. Liam craig says:

    We can have a good season and challenge for the title if we trade out Stoudemire. We need to trade him for someone like Josh Smith!

  3. Amare says:

    Amare was actually doing well his first year prior to Carmelo joining the team that’s when the struggles really began they didn’t gel too well then he’s had injuries issues both self inflicted and otherwise.

    It’s unfortunate, but oh well there is still hope he can turn it around, but it’s gotta be a team effort to get him healthy and more involved he’s a good offensive player at his position.

    It’s mostly on Carmelo to figure out how to get Amare’s offense going alongside his own better from a team standpoint because frankly the ball is going to be in Melo’s hand more often then not.

    NY could also try to figure out a trade deal with GSW for Bogut and Amare perhaps and something to sweeten the deal up a bit I think it would work favorably for both teams.

  4. john says:

    ok I know J.R smith was bad in the second round of the playoffs but you have to give the guy a chance because this is kind of like the first time he has been relied on to be a big part of the team offense. it also wasn’t all his fault because Potato head woodson should have put Copeland in seeing how J.R was missing everything and made Shumpert keep getting more of those corner threes cause he was knocking those down. But the Knicks are lucky to get him back because im pretty sure next year J.R smith is going to be a all star candidate because during the summer players get better he might even become a more consistent player. Plus next year bench is look pretty good J.r Smith, Andre Bargani, Chris Copeland and tim hardaway a good offensive bench to give us points when melo shumpert and felton is on the bench

  5. B Radd says:

    Bad move for J.R Smith. NY Knick will always represent “Team Disarray”, no offense??! J.R. Smith should of gone to play fora team with a traditional pointguard. Someone like CP3 or Derron Williams. But maybe NY can pickup Jose Calderon for some balance at least. Trade Amar’e to fit Calderon under the salary cap. My advice to NY, smarten up I’m tired seeing Carmelo lose. He will flourish only with a Superstar pointguard and that goes hand in hand with J.R. As well. Rondo, I think can do that for you!

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  7. Pops says:

    J.R wants to keep playing with Melo that’s why

  8. J says:

    good jr smith suits the knicks

  9. KB says:

    If Laundry fields can get 6.2M/year to do nothing the Sixth-man of the year desserves atleast $6.1M/year.. He could have gotten more if he didnt want to stay home in New York. Snith will help/play on anyteam.. Knicks got a bargain here, for someone of his talent.

  10. SanderG says:

    Knicks should keep STAT; if those knees can make it through the preseason, and maintain healthy during the season he could be valuable for the team. Certainly after another summer camp with Olajuwon, he would be the part we missed these series against Indiana to be tough on the opponent’s big man.

  11. Dennis says:

    The Knicks are better with him. Just gotta tell him to take good shots. Make him more consistent and he’s an all star

  12. Me says:


  13. Keith says:

    (First point).Forget all the junk mail and realize that the Knicks will be the Knicks period. I am a diehard Knick fan and will continue to be till I fly the friendly skies. Re-signing J.R isn’t that bad of a deal, and if anyone knows anything about continuity it’s appropriate to keep chemistry going. (Second point). Amare will be better and starting the year without Injury so we don’t have to wait for him to come back since he’s already there. (3rd point). Copeland should be back as well chemistry familiar with the system. We don’t need Brand even though he is a Duke product which is my team. I must say the intensity that Kenyon brings is good and remember he wants to show the world he is not washed up. Man on a mission. Furthermore I blame coaching for the result of a second round exit last year, and the under utilization of Camby. I would have rode him till he couldn’t go anymore. Chandler please stand up! Bargnani Get a backbone and post don’t always hang around the three point perimeter

  14. harry says:

    Lol Knicks will be bad either way. No defense. @Jxz, You need Rudy Gay, but that will never happen. Gay + Melo would never work out.

  15. vern says:

    If JR had gone somewhere else there’s not another 2 guard out there we could’ve got with the same amount of talent for what we would’ve had to spend. He’s inconsistent yes but everyone left out there is inconsistent or less talent. I think he’ll be better behavior wise this season since everyone blamed him for our playoff failure

    • Dieter says:

      Yes there is… K-Mart. Ok, that’s 1m a year more but it’s close enough, and he’s a better player for sure.

  16. Betty says:

    This is great news for the Knicks as well as J.R. I was thinking about this the other day and couldn’t really come up with a team that handle JR the way NY did. He should just focus on his game now and forget about the outside world.

  17. vern says:

    Last night I watched an old game when Stoudemire first came to NY and he was a beast. If he can give us half of what he had on a consistent basis I say keep him for atleast this upcoming season.No need to kick him to the curb because of two bad seasons due to injury. Along with his bad knees he just has some bad luck which seems to go along with the organization. If JR keeps his head on and a few of our pickups surprise us plus Felton and the rest of the team learns to say no to Melo here and there I think we’ll be fine or at the least out of panic mode. With Amares’ crazy contract and constant injuries, getting rid of him would only mean getting another player with less talent. No team is gonna pick up a non-insured contract of someone whose been hurt every season since he signed that contract without giving us garbage in return.

    • Rocket33 says:

      Yeah that Amare was good and the Knicks were playing well as a team with him, Felton, Chandler and Gallinari. But the Carmelo trade changed things. Amare and Carmelo may have been friends that wanted to play together but they don’t work on the same team. Unlike the Miami super friends that actually play off each other well. And I’m not a Miami fan, don’t like the way they came together so don’t anyone start with the “bandwagoner” or “hater” or whatever the kids are saying these days. Back to the point… The Carmelo thing is done, it’s his team now. Amare should be traded for pieces that fit with Carmelo. Lakers – Gasol? Atlanta with a sign and trade deal for Josh Smith? Or just a bunch of players on short deals to make up the salary he’s getting. Depends on his knees as to what his value is. When healthy and in a system with a point guard looking to get him the ball he’s still a good player.

  18. c'mon now says:

    kicks should amnest amare stoudimire so they get rid of an overpaid 18 million a year. then they should try to sign josh smith.
    anyone agree?

    • no thanks says:

      Yeah one injury prone but dominant big man for a healthy underachieving one…. Stat might not be a key cog on this team anymore but josh smith is garbage, the numbers dont do it justice

    • Prime says:

      The knicks used their amnesty cut on chauncey billups two seasons ago. They have to live with that contract. And its 21 mil on the books for this season. If they still had that amnesty option, he would been gone in 2012. I hope the knicks re-sign copeland and give him minutes but, it looks like he is likely to not return.

  19. Another great mistake made by the Knicks administration. JR is a professional choker, and he has proved in every playoff his being par off. Now they are going after an over the hill underside power forward, it takes a genius to be that stupid! A mediocre coach, a super star that don’t play defense wile being a black hole on offence, a second start that choke in every important game, and small frontcourt players to compete with Indiana, wooooo.

  20. Lakers4life says:

    Anyways does smith get high alot? Cause in videos I see him in he’s always wearing shades.

  21. Jay Mello says:

    Wish he would have gotten an opportunity to start elsewhere so we could see what he could do as a starter but we all know he could not leave the NY lifestyle alone.

  22. WTF says:

    WHY? WHY? WHY? JR Smith is krap! he is completely useless! we dont need his points, WHY? 24m?!! hes not worth 10m for God’s sake!

    • Shawn K says:

      its roughly 6.1m/year deal. He’s a good enough player to deserve that amount. A 10m/year deal is insane, but a 6-even8m/year is right for him in my opinion.

    • Lakers4life says:

      Without Smith you guys wouldn’t have even made the playoffs… And if you guys did you’d problably have lost in the first round. Anyways are you a bandwagoner? I doubt you’re a loyal fan of the Knicks.

      • KunJay says:

        Just because he doesn’t like JR smith he is a bandwagoner and not a loyal fan? Everyone knows JR is a liability as it was proven in the playoffs. Yes he’s capable of great shots and clutch shots but all that comes with his other inconsistencies. Conclusion, he’s a gamble you never know what you gonna get from him and $24 mill is no small price to pay.

      • Shawn K says:

        I’m not a Knicks fan, I’m a Pacers/Clippers fan(and yes, I did like the Clippers before Blake and Paul were there because they were always the underdog to the Lakers, and the first basketball game I ever seen was (I’m not sure what year it was) but it was game 6 Pacers vs. Knicks(irony cause we are talking about the Knicks) and ever since that game I’ve been a Pacers fan).. But I think J.R Smith is a great player with a lot of potential. I’m happy he got a good contract on the team he wanted to play for.

  23. Jacob says:

    pretty small amount of cash for a reigning sixth man, he definitely would have gotten atleast 12 mil a year somewhere else considering he averaged almost 18 a game playing along side melo

  24. Spire says:

    He is easy to shut down. Will be another mediocre season for the Knicks. Have fun.

  25. Simon Crow says:

    I thought he can make more money than that.

  26. basketball intelligence says:

    J.r got the right deal. he will be relied on even more heavily this season without jason kidd and the possible move of other guards

  27. jul3z says:

    hell yeah! lets go knicks 2013/14 is looking good pick up elton brand or kmart and we are sorted