Report: Spurs Bring In Belinelli

HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — The San Antonio Spurs have added yet another 3-point shooter to their arsenal, agreeing to a two-year deal with Marco Belinelli, according to reports.

Yahoo! Sports reports the deal is worth $6 million.

So the team with more international players than any other adds the Italian Belinelli, who averaged 9.6 ppg and made 35.7 percent of his 3-point attempts last season playing for the Chicago Bulls. The 6-foot-5 Belinelli will begin his seventh NBA season with his fifth team.

The Spurs already have agreed to terms with restricted free-agent center Tiago Splitter on a four-year, $36 million deal and on a two-year, $14 million deal to keep 35-year-old Manu Ginobili. With Danny Green under contract, the odd man out might be restricted free agent Gary Neal. Neal had an up-and-down season and lost minutes to Cory Joseph, but Neal could be in line to cash in on a more lucrative deal elsewhere after his performance off the bench in The Finals against the Miami Heat.

The Spurs made a qualifying offer to the restricted free agent, but by agreeing to a deal with Belinelli, 27, it could signal that San Antonio believes Neal will receive an offer from another team that they are unwilling to match. Neal, 28, played the last three seasons with the Spurs, who plucked the all-time leading scorer at Towson University out of Europe.

Belinelli gives the Spurs additional size on the perimeter and is a 38.7 percent career shooter from beyond the arc. Last season was his first shooting below 37.7 percent from deep. He averaged 11.1 ppg and 2.6 apg during the Bulls’ gutsy playoff run that ended in the second round to the Heat.


  1. daniel s. says:

    spurs fan til im dead and gone. Splitter with that contract?? Strange. Letting go of Gary Neal, not strange…DUMB. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.


    All I know is that Spurs its a great team and no matter who is in and how is out… no wonder why Pop is one of the best couch in NBA, won the title last year.. I seen Manu isn’t playing well but he is the one keeps the team in track making shoots in last seconds and moving up the team to playoffs every year….About Spletter no one impress in the firs two years… Spurs is a machine that make players and I still waiting the best from Spletter…

  3. lordkgm says:

    Great pickup. Gary Neal was too short (no raps intended)

  4. DRob50 says:

    Great singing!!! I knew they would target him or Delfino. People forget these international players are the best in their countries, they understand pressure and the pressure of being the best. Playing in a smaller market like SA is a walk in the park to them. It’s why they all do so well. Marco will play great in SA, his offense is good enough to replace Green, so it’s an upgrade over Neal. His ball handling is good and will drive to the basket and can play a bit of the point but lets see his defense. Coming form the bulls it will be decent but good enough for 20 plus mins in SA is hard to do…..Paying 36mil for Splitter was not a good signing. I understand it but it’s going to hurt us. Strange SA over pay a guy. Maybe they think he has value in a trade cos he is no way good enough to command that kind of money. No player playing just over 20mins a game is worth that. Heck K-mart at minimum would replace his production.

  5. knicksfan33 says:

    people are forgetting the fact that russell westbrook was injured. if he was healthy, it would be another thunder\heat matchup

  6. Rhomeos says:


  7. crispin says:

    Spurs don’t have a chance. Rather than replacing Manu and Tiago with better players, they gave these 2 jokers $16 millions. I can see the Heat repeating again.

    • The Truth says:

      Haven’t we heard this before? If it were another organization making these moves, then I’d have half a mind to question it.


  8. Davie says:

    Splitter re-signing will only be a good move if he can work on going to his left. He’s be 3 times as good if he would just do that! Otherwise, we’ll may see the Splitter who got shut down in the finals cuz he only goes to his right.

  9. praice says:

    Any chance they ll bring back McGrady?!

  10. Laker Fan says:

    Great Move

  11. Tom says:

    Heat won by luck last playoffs. Won Chicago because Deng was sick, won Indiana because of Refs, and won Spurs because of Manu in game 6

    • Nate says:

      What’s your point? Their championship is not valid? Should there be an asterisk – won by luck?

  12. Roy says:

    Why don’t Spurs sign with Carlos Delfino???

  13. Greg says:

    I think this is a shrewd signing. The Spurs were going to have to give Neal at least $3M to keep him, and with Marco’s size and consistency, he’s ultimately a better player.

    I think Spurs are only 1 for 3 though this off-season. I appreciate that they are the most loyal and best run franchise in the league, but Manu at $7M and Tiago at $9M seriously hampered their ability to sign a free agent that could fill a more pressing need. I’m not at all against either of them being back, but at the money they spent, it does take them out of a possible Al Jefferson or Paul Millsap sweepstakes. Letting the Red Rocket leave by buying out his non-guaranteed contract would save a couple of million, but they only have the mid-level exception ($5M) and the additional $3M if they do indeed get rid of Bonner. They’re not going to add another top end free agent with that money.

  14. Rocket33 says:

    Time to play Patty Mills!!!

  15. Marco29 says:

    If Neal leaves in free agency, Belinelli is a good replacement but Spurs already have some good 3pt shooters. I guess it is more important for them to get deeper on positions 4 and 5 with guys like Jefferson (who is going to Charlotte), Milsap or David West.

  16. J says:

    good good good

  17. Correct punctuation and grammar says:

    Hi Aquilas George! Please try to use me every once in a while instead of lower case letters at the beginning of every sentence, an ellipsis in between every group of words, all capital letters sometimes, all lower case other times, commas in the ellipsis instead of periods, multiple exclamation points, etc. It makes reading much easier for others. You can use me any time you’d like. I have no problem with it. Thanks!

  18. looks like another spurs vs heat again in the finals

  19. FL says:

    wow..they have lot’s of 3 pointers now.. and if leonard also improved his will be heck of the team…but they need bigmen backup.. diaw is to soft…

  20. Aquilas George says:

    nice hiring…. way to go Spurs always making the right moves budgeting money…… great replacement for Neal with another 3 pt arsenal in Marco…. wow nice structure they have there in San Antonio to keep competing ….. The ideal franchise other teams dream of becoming but will never be…Ha Ha way to go… Keep not making the headlines and being one of the better teams year- in and year-out…. one can guarantee another superb season from the Spurs… BECAUSE THEY DO EVERY THING RIGHT to combat with the other teams of the NBA.,,, stay on top!!!!!!!