Howard Deep In Thought — Wherever He Is


From staff reports

Depending on who you listen to, Howard and his contingent have been in either Colorado or Montana since sometime yesterday while the big man ponders his future. One of Howard’s agents tweeted the following yesterday as the Howard throng made its way to the mountains of somewhere:

Where Howard and Co. are now is almost irrelevant as what all most folks (and most non-Howard free agents) care about is where he’ll play the next few seasons: Golden State, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston or in Los Angeles with the incumbent Lakers.

According to, Howard may reveal his choice as soon as Friday and — not surprising to anyone who knows anything about Howard — he’s “totally up in the air” about where to choose:

Perhaps the most surprising development of the week, sources briefed on the meetings told’s Marc Stein, is the strong impression that the Warriors made in their presentation to Howard on Monday.

The Rockets and Mavericks are widely considered the only teams capable of stealing Howard from the Lakers — and Golden State would need to construct a complicated sign-and-trade deal to have any shot at actually acquiring the center — but sources say that the Warriors indeed got his attention with their pitch.

The Warriors would have to find a way to shed some salaries to accommodate Howard in a sign-and-trade and likely would be restricted in whom they could add to the roster after completing that transaction, but sources say that Golden State is factoring into the center’s thinking.

The Lakers have thus far shown no inclination to participate in any sign-and-trades for Howard, according to sources with knowledge of their thinking. The team’s long-honed plan remains to preserve financial flexibility for the summer of 2014, when only Steve Nash is under contract and a bevy of top free agents could become available.

Howard also got a little message from the Lakers’ former legendary coach, Phil Jackson, via Twitter:

Some interesting post-meeting tales are surfacing, especially after Howard heard the Lakers’ sales pitch on Tuesday after hearing ones from the aforementioned four squads between Monday and Tuesday. According to Yahoo!Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, Kobe Bryant had some pointed words for Howard in the Tuesday night meeting that included Bryant, Howard, Nash and several other Lakers decision-makers:

When Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant spoke to Dwight Howard on Tuesday, his words to the free-agent center resounded an unmistakable and unflinching message: Let me teach you how to be a champion.

“You need to learn how it’s done first, and I can teach you here,” Bryant told Howard during the Lakers’ presentation, witnesses in the room described to Yahoo! Sports.

 Bryant didn’t come to Howard’s recruitment meeting in Beverly Hills to appease him, but to challenge Howard to stay and embrace the burden of the franchise’s culture and embrace Bryant’s demanding disposition. Bryant invoked Michael Jordan’s hard-driving ways as his blueprint, and how it pushed the Chicago Bulls to six titles.

 Bryant, a five-time NBA champion, insisted he wouldn’t retreat in pushing Howard every day, that as much as the Lakers needed Howard, Howard needed Bryant and the Lakers, too.

“You have to learn how it’s done,” Bryant told Howard, witnesses described. “I know how to do it and I’ve learned from the best – players who have won multiple times over and over.”

“Instead of trying to do things your way, just listen and learn and tweak it, so it fits you,” Bryant told him.

Howard has retreated to Colorado for a few days, surrounded by representatives, to make a decision on his future. The Lakers are fighting frontrunner Houston, Dallas, Atlanta and Golden State to sign him.’s Ken Berger also has a little insight into how Howard may reveal his decision (note: it won’t be a LeBron James‘ style TV special):

Only one thing is clear: Howard won’t be announcing his free-agent decision in a nationally televised marketing disaster, as LeBron James did in 2010. Twitter is believed to be one option, but given Howard’s personality and camera presence, my money’s on a tweet linking to a YouTube video.

The possible locations for Howard’s decision-making summit are, in some ways, just as interesting as the decision itself. If Howard chooses to retreat to Montana with his advisers for the July 4 weekend, league sources say he’ll be hunkered down not far from where former Lakers coach Phil Jackson finds his inner Zen. If it’s Colorado, Howard will have plenty of company. Half of LA’s rich and famous — and a good portion of its rich and not-so-famous — vacation in Aspen for the holiday weekend.

Either way, the courtship is over. Now, it’s Howard’s show and we’re all just waiting for the curtain to rise.

It’ll be at least another day of waiting on Superman. We just hope he comes out of the mountains with a clear mind, a clear decision and a clear end to this drama.


  1. rabags says:

    D12 will stay with the Lake show. He likes attention & drama and L.A. is the place to be. Don’t you be fooled by the pondering or contemplating of which team he would like to choose by July10 because it’s already been fixed on his mind that L.A. is his best option to play until he retires. Plus the big money the Lakers can offer to him that no other team can match. Then the Lakers can trade D’antoni to young teams for future draft picks (like Doc) & bring back the Zen Master who can utilize Howard’s strength under the paint. The new Big3: Phil, Kobe, & D:12. How’s that sounds?

  2. JWest PA says:

    yooo your crazy to say bosh=rodman… you must be young. Im only 24 and I know Rodman is wayyy better than Bosh. Defense wins championships and he is among the greatest defensive players and greatest rebounders to ever play in the nba.

  3. ed estrelon says:

    warriors ,that would make curry, tthompson, jack the most deadliest shooters in the leage…

  4. ed estrelon says:

    warriors warriors warriors d-12

  5. RFMR says:

    !!Oh my God!! How that con is sure, Lebrun better player than Jordan and Kobe, my friend you are comparing different legacy of player each of them are greatest player, but the thing is that Howard and the lakes need a coach can make stars shine and play together . The Heats win championships because they have 3 superstars not because the coach he can’t get together a few extra players to get in the cloche with the 3 “amigos”, that’s happened in the Lakes!!!!! and that’s is one of Howard thinking.

  6. not a hater says:

    lebron is a better all around player than both jordan and kobe

  7. Kevin Wang says:

    I say dump the cry-baby and use the money and effort to find a younger Kobe #2 that is as loyal to the Lakers as Kobe. #2 doesn’t have to be as good as Kobe, but anyone that can put together the team chemistry is enough for the Lakers team. Nash needs someone to play the pick-and-roll and I believe Gasol can do a very good job, Howard was just a excessive piece of meat in the paint that’s blocking the flow of the Laker’s team. Only if he was as effective as O’Neal… nah, the cry-baby will never reach the same level~ Ever~

  8. andrew m m says:

    I think ESPN should do a special

    Starring Dwight Howard

    That would be The Decision worked out for Lebron James.

    I hope Dwight heads to ATL.
    D12 is the kind of center that can carry ATL to the Finals.
    D12 in ATL and Miami and ATL that would make a great play off series

    come on D12 go to ATL
    that franchise has never even been to the finals or past the second round.
    D12 has the biggest challenge in ATl, and D12 is from ATL

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    ESPN Special brings you

    The Decision 2

    Dwight Howard is going to reveal to the world
    going to sign with ATL !!!

  9. J says:

    come on tell everybody
    Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston

  10. chard says:

    D.Howard, I don’t understand why teams want him so much as his performance from last season…..he is not willing to compete at all …….

  11. Steffen says:

    Pls stop mentioning Lebron, MJ and Kobe in Howards threads. Dwight is forgotten in 10 years, they’ll be praised for the next 50 as some of the greats.
    Dwight has shown talent, unforfilled talent, that’s it and he’s been on the decline for years due to injuries and his selfinflicted scandals.

  12. JONES says:

    Sekou, how do you still have a job, and who proof reads your work?

  13. Howard is not worth anyone’s time. That man will never win a title. He should have already made up his decision. Lakers can pay him more, and they have a better shot at getting more talent in the coming years to get a title. He isn’t patient enough, isn’t loyal enough, too scared, likes to be noticed and paid attention too. He likes this attention, but too scared to be the main man in such a championship environment as in LA! Just wants to play his game, his way, and no one else’s – he will never win if it’s always like that. Just a baby who needs a bottle. Like Shaq said, he should have already made up his decision at the end of the season. If he is like this in LA, and was like that in Orlando, he will be the same wherever he goes. Just a loser, not a champion. LA shouldn’t want something like that anyway… let him go.

  14. La guys says:

    D12- if you want to get a ring Lakers is the team where you can get , …… Not…… Houston or other team. Good luck

  15. GoMavs says:

    Howard sign here $130 million xDate Dallas Mavericks 5 years


    • Shawn K says:

      Mavericks don’t have the cap space to offer him $130m on a 4/5 year deal. Dallas can probably offer either a 4 year, $88m or a 5 year, probably $108m(close to Chris Paul’s deal), give or take a little more or less.

  16. jamal says:

    i personally dont think he is even worth a max contract. He cant hit free throws, not very good low post game, and brings drama to the team. He doesnt have the killer instinct to be a champion. The lakers be better off to let him walk and reload in next season or do a sign n trade on their terms. Example if GS want howard then they would have to give up both thompson and barnes with Boguts expiring contract.

  17. Anonymous says:

    It would be funny if he had a secret meeting with another team instead of being on this “trip” and he ends up signing with some other random team….like the raptors! LOL

  18. Inamo says:

    Kobe: “Let me teach you to be a champion”

    Translates into: “You don’t have to leave your team. Just whine a lot, go to radio stations. Tell the team’s management to get you All-Star team mates, and Phil Jackson… or else you’ll go to another team. Orlando can’t do much that’s why you have to leave, but you’re in LALA-land… we have the money and the influence to make deals that screw the league’s balance. You can be a DIVA here and fans would still see you as one of the greatest of all time. See my rings? I played well. Miami has Stern’s love for now, but he’ll be out and we’ll be the most loved team once again. “

  19. marty says:

    KB recruiting is a joke.Must have forgotten he never welcomed DH from day 1.It would be foolish in my opinion to return to LA and be blamed for their misfortune again.

  20. NBA Fan says:

    A comment about questioning the article’s reference to Phil Jackson as “the Lakers’ former legendary coach”.

    First off, the article is not discounting his legendary status as the Bulls’ former coach. We all know he went 6 for 6 as coach in terms of reaching the NBA Finals and winning it all with essentially two different Bulls teams (with only Jordan and Pippen being common to both sets of three-peats).

    But let’s not discount what he also did with the Lakers. Shaq was winless in terms of NBA championships prior to Jackson arriving as the Lakers’ coach. He first went 3 for 3 as coach in terms of reaching the NBA Finals and winning it all with the dynamic duo of Batman (Shaq) and Robin (Kobe). The 2003-04 team with new additions of Malone and Payton was good enough to reach the Finals, but obviously fell fairly easily in 5 games to a very well oiled team oriented Pistons team in the 2004 NBA. Fast forward four years, the new dynamic duo of Batman (Kobe) and Robin (Pau) went 2 for 3 in terms of reaching the NBA Finals and winning it all.

    So I think one can easily argue that Jackson’s 6 for 6 as coach with the Bulls (with essentially two different Bulls teams with only Jordan and Pippen being the common threads) is not that far ahead of Jackson’s 5 for 7as coach with the Lakers (with essentially three different Lakers teams with only Kobe being the common thread).

  21. Versace757 says:

    some of you have short memories aside from the joking aspect him and kobe are alot alike kobe had teamate trust issues 2 once he can def teach him patience and better teamwork i hate that people call every one legend then diss kobe u gotta realise he matched magic hes better than bird drexler wilkins all these hall of famers he would smash and u guys still compare him 2 lebron lebrons mom bought him nba courtside in 96 while he was playin driveway ball show respect jordan played 13 full kobe is on what 18 yrs now and u keep calling him old only time he slowed down this year was acl compare paul pierce and vince carters depretiation 2 kobe’s and they came in after him cmon we will see if dwade still startin after 18 yrs or even walking 4 that matter

  22. M. Dalgart says:

    Dwight Howard is definitely doing the right thing, getting away for a few days, before making his decision, of which Team
    he will pursue. The HOUSTON ROCKETS still seems to fit his Style and personality. Perhaps if they also pursue one more talent to add to the mix at HOUSTON, like either Josh Smith or Andre Iguodala, that Team without a doubt, could very well be one of the more exciting Teams to watch. They are young, talented, and will have many years of Fan excitement to watch.
    THE LAKERS, MAVS are getting older, and with Long Term Contract to decide, THE HOUSTON ROCKETS are far superior
    for a Potential Long Term Career for Dwight Howard.

  23. JerrellJohnson says:

    Hawks is destination Dwight Howard

  24. Betty says:

    I find it funny how Howard doing the same thing as LBJ yet fans hate LBJ the most.What people gotta realize is that these guys do need to think of their futures. I mean its all about branding.

    • Janice says:

      I agree. I am glad Lebron did what he did because i finally got to understand and appreciate him. He cares a lot about others and not what other people think.

    • not a hater says:

      seriously if you didnt like a place you were working at, you would quit and find a better job…this situation is that plus the media and all the other stuff that goes with it

  25. RJ says:

    Mr. Howard, have this in your thoughts making? You’re not getting younger, your a professional and you have alot of fans as well. I like NBA basketball, if you’re after money and make your mark on the game at the same time? The Lakers can give you the money and that a large market with great fans! I pray you reach deep inside yourself and play the big man game and look at the example of good NBA big man who played the same position? The end of your goal should be Championships and the Hall of Fame?
    just a fan of the game opinion.


  26. Demitrie says:

    We Need you Howard Stay in LA #D12

    • Dan'o says:

      Don’t worry, if he leaves Lakeshow will just make big moves in 2014 with all that extra $$. Some serious players will be free agents…

  27. theholyspectator says:

    rockets is by far the best place..a team he can build around, all these guys are young, you got mchale who was one of the best bigs in the nba, he can learn a lot from kevin. i dont feel harden is worried about being the top scorer, but rather wants to win..dallas..hmm they are still rebuilding, dwight wants to get things goin even if he goes there itll be a couple of seasons before the right pieces are put around him, now if mavs went out and got rondo…no hesitation dwight has to go to the mavs at that point…and oh ya no state tax..d12 would save a ton of money just from that bonus alone! lakers..i dont think he can handle that, hes still kobes shadow..he wouldnt be the man, can dantoni really change up his entire coaching scheme and have d12 be the main option? doubt it..if it was phil jackson, totally different story.! so in the end you go where it has the most benefits …and thats houston…they have all of their pieces set for him..perfect place to do it, global market which can only help d12 even more…houston is the best bet…rip Lakers tho…i dont think they have enough to actually contend anymore

  28. Rico Marquez says:

    1 – 2 – 3 LETS GO! Dwight Howard, Josh Smith, Andre Igudala Big 3 ATLANTA 2013!

  29. LB6 says:


  30. Lakerfansince2010 says:

    Dwight should just stay in LA if there weren’t so many injuries and chemistry issues who knows what they could have done.

  31. JuneBuggaU says:

    I hope he goes to Dallas, Dirk needs some help there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope he does make a decision on National TV, look where it got Lebron, 2 Championships. What was really stupid was when Dan Gilbert said “Cleveland will land a championship before the self proclaimed KIng”. A free agent should cleraly speak his mind in any fashion, this person is not committed to any organization. In my opinion he didn’t perform well in LA not just due to injuries but also lack of interest in the team due to the system being utilized icing him out of his game whch is understandable. Lamar Odom didn’t perfom well in Dallas due to he didn’t want to be there.

  32. mortimer says:

    drama, drama, drama … a drama is something like the boston marathon guys !

    usa is supposed to an ultraliberalistic heaven where the free market and deals are stepping stones but when it comes to sport … i mean it’s back in the ussr !!! … funny to compare with the way trades are freely made in european soccer for example ! paradoxical

  33. Timothy Strowbridge says:

    I’m a long time Bulls fan but a D12 supporter and I think what’s best for Howard is for him to stay in L.A because Kobe can teach Howard how to be mature and how to support his Team mates and Coaches and not bash them.

    • Jojo Lecitona says:

      How and what can kobe teach howard? Name some.

      • Dan'o says:

        All about how he got 5 rings. How to be one of the greatest basketball players of all time. How to play in the post. How to be ruthlessly competitive and will wins. How to deal with dimwitted critics like…

  34. skrutz says:

    I think the Bobcats have the best chance of signing him. It’s perfect!

  35. JAMES YAP says:

    just go with the rockets..

    • Lakerfansince2010 says:

      To join a team that’s 2guard isn’t as good and that already has a good center

  36. Shawn K says:

    Honestly, I think they Lakers are beginning to annoy Dwight with all their ploys. But even through all the teams that are pursuing him, I think its very mature of Dwight to take a break from everything and to get away to think about his decision instead of crying to the press like he did last year. I’m still a believer that he should sign with the Rockets. the Rockets have a younger, more athletics roster that (obviously as I said before) is a younger team and isn’t always dealing with injuries(while I’m sure a few will occur). In Houston, Dwight will be “The Man”, playing with a star like James Harden to get Dwight open in the post, and the same thing goes for Jeremy Lin, who has star potential, and even Thomas Robinson. Whether the Rockets decide to trade him or not(I don’t think they should) Robinson is a good PF, very athletic, good rebounder(although Dwight will probably do most of the rebounding is he signs there) and he has a decent post game. A little work with Robinson and he’ll be a really good PF that could play alongside Dwight. I know the Rockets are trying to get Howard AND Josh Smith and become a defensive machine of a team, if they just get Howard and keep Robinson, they’ll still be a playoff team that could atleast make it to the conference finals. I know Howard is also thinking about signing with the Mavs, Warriors AND debating whether to re-sign with the Lakers, I just think Houston is his best destination. The Mavs are still rebuilding and have an aging(but still talented) Dirk and they haven’t been consistent with their PG and they also need a better SG with Mayo leaving. Honestly the Mavs are another aging team like the Lakers. Then there is the Warriors. A young roster that made a good playoff run this past season and have a solid roster. While I think Dwight would fit in there, I think he might clash with Steph Curry or David Lee(if they keep him) every now-and-then on who is “The Man” of the team. So sum up everything I said(and to repeat myself), I think Houston is the best place for Howard professionally, and personally. The Rockets offer him a great team to play on that could be a championship, and Houston offers him a place to raise his young family and to settle down for a while after 3-4 years of uncertainty about where he’ll play/live. But, it’s Dwight’s decision. I’m just one fan so it’s not like I can make the decision for him haha.

  37. ATLienC4 says:

    ATL is about to get him… and shock the world

    • Jether9 says:

      THANK YOU!!!…I don’t know why no one else sees that. In Atl he doesn’t have to wait for someone to leave before it becomes his team. He doesn’t have to follow in another center footsteps. Atl is the only place where he could start over, start his own legacy, and bring more players to play with him due to our cap space. The only thing we got against us is…his family hounding him for tickets…easy fix…We got the money, we can pay the stars to play with him, it will be his team instantly and it’s his home town…DONT COUNT OUT ATLANTA PEOPLE, THE MEDIA HAS BEEN WRONG SEVERAL TIMES!!!…

  38. pacquiaoverated says:

    whatever what Howard did to magic is far worse than what lebron did he played with that organization for 1 whole season, I hope Howard stays with the Lakers I can’t wait for the Lakers drama season starts again lol and to Dwight as long as that ball hog exists in Lakers say farewell to your championship dreams okc Durant and clippers will give you no chances. heck even spurs will beat the lakers

  39. Be Humble says:

    i just think bryant is so full of himself.. he’s just scared because dwight might leave and he’s torn Achilles ain’t gonna heal as fast as what he thinks.. come on kobe, just be humble enough u didn’t win championship all by your self alone!

    • Rushton says:

      I challenge you to name someone who has won a championship alone. Kobe is one of the all time greats. He’s a five time champ with unmatched competiive drive. He’s smart enough to know that losing a defensive player of Dwight’s magnitude is certainly not a good thing, but scared? He’s most defiinitely not that.

  40. Lakers4life says:

    Phil Jackson pretty much gave him the best advice he could ever get.

  41. Rushton says:

    For the life of me I can’t understand why Dwight would not want to stay in LA. Mitch has basically told him it will be his team after Kobe’s done. It’s LA!! Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of his but he is an amazing athlete and a dominate force in the NBA. Not sure why he chose to come to LA last year if he wasn’t planning on staying. Yes, Mike D. was not the best choice to coach but considering all the drama and injuries of last year it was an impossible situation. Man, bring the core back together healthy with a proper training camp and pre-season and everything will fall into place. Kobe will be back in December with unmatched focus and determination. Dwight? Is there really anything to think about?

    • Snats23 says:

      Yeah, I hope Dwight will stay in LA but you need to build a championship caliber team, LA should get rid of D’Antoni that’s the best thing to do, Also get a real 3 point shooter and get rid of the old and slowtime guys…

    • TJ902 says:

      He was traded to LA, wasn’t his choice. LA knew he might not resign, they took that chance.

    • Awesomeo says:

      He never chose to come to LA, he was traded smart one

  42. Snats23 says:

    I am a huge Laker fan but If Dwight would leave LA he should join Dallas to be with one of the best coach in the league right now , And Mark Cuban should get Rondo in a trade I would love to see Rondo and Dwight together…..Plus Dirk of course….

    • sid says:

      Well said!
      Only real scary outcome of this free agency! A possible title contender would be Born! I have no worries on Clippers or Rockets, but that Scenario is Hugh!

    • Dennis W says:

      Go back too Orlando they have more weapons now !!! Than anybody and years and most of all its like a better new start God bless.

      • Dennis W says:

        Orlando makes the most sence now than any team out there.Superman needs a sequel they everything he needs now and too come.laugh but its true;)

      • Dennis W says:

        Draft picks,and a New coach and real fans who know he started from the bottom now your here anthem,where your real fans at.

  43. AEG12 says:

    Quote “from the Lakers’ legendary coach, Phil Jackson, via Twitter:”

    This can´t be true, Phil Jackson is the legendary Chicago Bulls Coach in the first place. He has repeated the threepeat in Chicago, only on threepeat in LA.

  44. OctoPPus says:

    Better go to Clippers – more chances )))

    • sid says:

      Clippers? Hah – they be the lakers of old – a lot of potential a great Coach and no rings – cause there is always Boston – in their case there is Miami, Lakers (wait after 2014), OKC, …. – Dude: dream on.

  45. Bossy says:

    Walang kwenta si Howard, kahit siguro sa palarong-barangay hindi ko to kukunin..

  46. Jojo Lecitona says:

    WHAT? Bryant to teach d12 how to be a champion? Your kidding me. Lakers won’t be a champion again as long as bryant is there. Why? He’s not ready yet to admit he’s done. He is just after personal records. So dwight leave LA do not believe kobe. You can wun in in your own way

    • JonP says:

      “Lakers wont be champion again as long as bryant is there”
      Thats probably what u were saying when Shaq left, or when he won the first ring w/o him

  47. Bill says:

    ““Instead of trying to do things your way, just listen and learn and tweak it, so it fits you,” Bryant told him.”

    Well, that’s an entirely sensible and mature way to think.

    Whiiiiich means, I’m be hesitant about Dwight listening -_-

    • Pakyaw says:

      Howard and Kobe combo, might work, if Kobe step back and be a “robin” again..lets be honest here and stop living on the past, Kobe is not getting any younger and he’s gonna come back from a serious injury…

    • Dan'o says:

      Good point Bill. I was excited when D12 came to LA, but was concerned that his very likable personality lacked the championship fervor that we saw in #’s 23 and 24. If he walks away, it will in my mind prove this to be the case,

  48. AL says:

    Howard played 8 years for Orlando then got traded to L.A!!! Thats the facts…..then theres MEDIA!!!!

  49. Ace83 says:

    Despite all his existing talent and the potential for improvement in his game, I could care less where he ends up playing. He’s an immature drama queen whose behaviour in recent seasons has left him with the image of a man who cannot be trusted to show any commitment to whichever team he plays for. It’s a shame because he is an incredibly gifted player, especially defensively. Whoever he signs with, what are they going to get from him? One good season before he starts looking elsewhere again? How could anyone reasonably expect more than that given his past indecisiveness?

  50. Georgia boy says:

    I agree, Dwight hasn;t tease anybody to make them feel he is going to sign with them. Well said haha. Lebron went with Dwade and Bosh. Jordan won with what he had. He didn;t go team with Majic, Bird to win six titles. All those titles came with low draft picks as each one was won

    • NBAfan says:

      No but he did have pippen and rodman aroumd to help him

    • MIAMI!!!!! says:

      And either way you put it Michael had great players around him in Rodman and Scottie Pippen, Mike didn’t do it all himself.

      • Dan'o says:

        Wade>Pippen. Proved beyond contention after we saw Scottie play in Portland. Bosh=Rodman. James had wayyy more help than MJ.

    • not a hater says:

      man what about kukoc, kerr, horace grant, pj armstrong, and lets not forget the greatest coach ever phil jackson…lbj went to the finals without anyone if anything, at a younger age…he also never had the type of direction jordan had in college with dean smith..he was just a kid coming into the NBA. He never whined or bitched about that cleveland team and took them to their first finals appearance ever, they should feel blessed!!..then he realized wtf this team isnt going anywhere and i cant do EVERYTHING by myself (even though clearly he pretty much can) so he went on TV and said he’s taking his talents to miami, GUESS WHO ELSE DID THAT? KOBE! go watch the video its like word for word..

  51. Steve says:

    Howard sign here Laker contract $130 Million x Date:
    ———————————————————- _________________________
    No trade 5year $130 million contract

  52. another lbj hater writer says:

    “Howard won’t be announcing his free-agent decision in a nationally televised marketing disaster, as LeBron James did in 2010.” Wow, showing objectivity aren’t we. How can something that had great ratings and raised millions for a good cause be a disaster? It was something that we can even say made LeBron what he is today, a better man, and of course a back to back champion. In my opinion, what Howard did to Orlando, and may do to LA, is worse and more detrimental to his former teams. Double standars anyone?

    • jeremiah says:

      Very Well said!

    • haha says:

      BAHAHAHA… how is making your team think you are resigning with them only to tell them at the last minute that you arent, so that they dont have time to sign someone else, better than what howard did?!? Man you Lebron lovers crack me up

      • ko0kiE says:

        poor cleveland fan is still sad about LeBron leaving? QQ

        you really must be from cleveland if you thought LeBron would be staying.. and I don’t think cleveland will ever win a championship as long as dan gilbert is their owner.. they have just plain luck in getting 3 (!!) No. 1 picks in 10 years..

      • Emmanuel from Montreal says:

        very sorry for this drama again, if i were the lakers management, i would kiss d-12 good bye, its like a parent begging for an adult kid to stay home, you dont show commitment to stay and play for us, just go. when a player is not happy to stay with a team, do not force him, if he stays , not for the proud of the uniform, but for the money you gave him. get the stat D-12 provided, you could get the same stat or more by adding two or three other player for a cheap price and the will be happy to play for the lakers.

    • Dave says:

      Disaster in that he became one of the most hated athletes in the world. No you can’t say it made Lebron a better man. All it did is prove he how big of a deuche he is.

      • skrutz says:

        Most hated? Hated for sure, but equally/more loved. No different than the love/hate towards Kobe.

        And I think it worked out pretty damn well for LeBron….

    • ranfan says:

      Not really. He means disaster as in the way he handled it. Even lebron said he would handle it differently

    • Chris says:

      Lebron didn’t do it in order to raise money for charity. The charity part was added so it didn’t seem completely self absorbed. Make no mistake, he did it for himself.

    • Dan'o says:

      Glad it benefited someone. His image certainly wasn’t