Did Tyreke Evans Go Backward Again?


HANG TIME WEST – At least he’ll get big money. That is what Tyreke Evans stares at — $44 million over four years from the Pelicans in a sign-and-trade involving the Kings and Trail Blazers that will become official July 10.

This settles nothing, though. Evans has a running start at lifetime financial security, but no clear path to a career fulfilled in a destination he chose. He needed solid ground after three years of constant shifting in position and importance in Sacramento. Instead, he got overpaid to become more marginalized than before.

It wouldn’t have been just a Pelicans thing either. If Sacramento had matched, the Kings had already hit Draft-night jackpots by having Ben McLemoreshooting guard Ben McLemore – fall in their lap. So wanting the money and the chance at a new start somewhere else is understandable. (On the other hand, Evans could have had a new start by standing still. This isn’t the same Sacramento organization he grew up with.)

By going to New Orleans in a three-team trade that also sends Greivis Vasquez to Sacramento and Robin Lopez to Portland, Evans will be on the same team, and possibly in the same backcourt, as All-Star Jrue Holiday and Eric Gordon. If the Pelicans see him at small forward, Evans is still trying to fit in an offense that also includes Anthony Davis and Ryan Anderson, while they’re still working to find room for Austin Rivers.

The Pelicans also need to find help inside after trading their only true center, Lopez. While Davis may be able to play there some day, he’s still at about 220 pounds and team officials are not anxious to have him turned into an accordion. That leaves Jason Smith as the best center option.

Evans’ first season, 2009-10, was dynamic — Rookie of the Year, 20.1 points, 5.8 assists, 5.3 boards and signs he could become a good defender. Then it became apparent he would not develop the distributing skills to become a permanent point guard. Defenses, predictably, took away the lanes to the basket. He went from that very promising start to three consecutive seasons of a decline in shots and average minutes.

His promise earned him a salary of $11 million annually. But his future is still yet to be determined.


  1. wuffe says:

    Wouldn’t you keep Eric Gordon over Rivers?

  2. Drew Nola 9 says:

    Hopefully Eric Gordon will be gone, SOON… That will clear up a lot of the logjam.

  3. Andre says:

    The Pelicans were looking to trade Eric Gordon anyway. This gives them the oppurtunity to do that. Now all they need is a trade partner. Maybe the Bobcats. Gerald Henderson doesn’t look like someone who will score 20 a night.

  4. Sad day in Sacramento says:

    Kings FO must really expect a lot from the young Benny Mac. I hope he’s ready to play better than he did in Kansas.

  5. SYDALE says:

    I think that Tyreke will end up as the Pelicans (hate that name btw) 6th man… I know it’s crazy to pay a backup that much money… but… he can back up 3 positions… so he’ll see starter’s minutes… maybe average 15 pts, 5 rbs, 5 asts…

    Now, I expect the Pelicans to go for a Center to replace Lopez… or if they want to do the small ball thing, a PF or SF that can start…

  6. pelican for life says:

    What really is going to happen is the pelicans are going to trade away Gordan for a draft pick and to get cap space then sign iggy so the line up would go like this.
    With a bench of players that where developing last year so u have Rivers and Anderson coming off the bench to hold down there positions, and you still may see a move for a better center come in to play they may make the conference finals if everyone buys into and listens to coach Williams else he may be replaced

  7. No Regrets says:

    “On the other hand, Evans could have had a new start by standing still”, yes, sure if you say so
    He probably made the right choice for him, given all the parameters, financial included. As for the Pelicans’ plan and roster, it’s apparent you have no clue what it might be. I’m sure Tyreke is more up to date, so let’s just wait and see. But hey, you have to write something , right?

  8. Kamote says:

    OKC should make a run at Tyreke. He could fill-in Harden’s role. New Orleans might need a defensive center in Perk, for the improvement of Davis.

  9. cpthinde says:

    This trade doesn’t affect Portland in any negative way and the Pelicans sort of win in this trade. But I really feel bad for Vasquez, he proved himself to be a starting point guard, being 3rd in APG, and for some reason he is now on a Kings team where he will struggle for minutes…..

    • nba fan says:

      Are you sure he’s gonna struggle on a team that hasn’t found it’s point guard of choice for some years now? I think that’s why why Kings wanted to receive him, so that they finally get a true point guard.

  10. Dbest says:

    He still got potential, give him some more time to develop that J and he gon be unstapable. Plus Eric Gordon dont want to play for the pelicans so future is bright for Tyreke!!!

  11. Nick Jones says:

    He’s still a very good talent with bags of potential. He should be able to improve his jumper like Jason Kidd, Tony Parker and CP3 have done since entering the league. It just depends how much he wants it and how hard he works.

    He also needs to be on a team that’s not going to play him at SF.

  12. J says:

    good acquisition
    pelicans are gonna be great next season
    jrue, the point droppin dimes and scoring
    gordan 2guard scoring
    evans SF bit of everything
    ryan Anderson PF shooting 3s rebounding
    davis C defending blocking shots rebounding
    just need depth

  13. B Radd says:

    I don’t like this move. Tyreke is a starter and should have gone to Detroit where he could use his “post up move against little guards”. I think the Lakers should have gone after him since they had a big pointguard (Magic) in the past. He would have flourished with the # of hall of famers and maybe a little secet guidance councilolr (Magic) would really set him up with success.

    • Wesley Broadbent says:

      The Lakers are clearing cap space for the 2014 free agency. The 2014 free agency is gonna be one of the best there has ever been. Look up who’s in it and you’ll se why.

  14. JAMES YAP says:

    he will be a good fit with the pelicans, i will surely draft him together with jrue on my fantasy team.

  15. Banananana says:

    “That is what Tyreke Evans stares at $44 million over four years from the Pelicans in a sign-and-trade involving the Kings and Trail Blazers that will become official July 10.”

  16. He definitely has the skills….I hope he can showcase it in his new team