Rose Talks, Offers Overdue Rehab Update


CHICAGO — Derrick Rose, the Chicago Bulls star whose voice has been as muted during his 14-month rehab from knee surgery as his absence has been glaring and chronicled, knows there is a difference between talking the talk and walking the walk.

Sprinting the sprint, cutting the cut and leaping the leap are all better still in gauging how successful Rose and the team’s medical staff were in getting him back on the court by training camp this fall.

“Me saying it is something totally different,” the Bulls point guard said in a video interview newly posted on the team Web site. “I think me going on the court and showing ’em will let ’em know it was the right decision.”

Rose’s decision not to return for any portion of the 2012-13 schedule was the headline of the Bulls’ season. It defined who and what they were, as well as how far an undermanned, underdog squad could go against the likes of the Nets and the Heat in the playoffs.

It led to an emerging class of Rose critics, too, something new for the Chicago kid who previously had delivered more, sooner, than most expected. Once Rose’s rehab dragged into and through the 8-to-12-month estimate offered in May 2012, questions and even suspicions began to pop up: Is it Rose’s knee or his heart? Doesn’t he see his teammates gutting out huge upsets despite injuries of their own? How much influence does brother Reggie Rose, the player’s agent, and a fleet of adidas marketers have over the kid?

Rose’s presence in Bulls pregame warm-ups, working on his jump shot and moves to the rim, looking pretty healthy, only made people wonder more. And his near-blackout of the media – endorsed or at least tolerated by Chicago management — exacerbated the situation, because in place of Rose’s words, critics reached their own conclusions.

This sitdown with BullsTV might be a reach for the reset button.

“I didn’t want to do anything, to tell you the truth,” Rose said of media interviews in general during his layoff. “I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I just wanted to rebuild my leg and be around my son [P.J.]. That was time where, me having a son, is huge. … My father wasn’t ever in my life, so he’s first now with anything.”

Scheduling sitdowns with reporters once a month to track his rehab progress wouldn’t have tampered with either his focus or his Dad time, and would have shown respect for the media that otherwise respected Rose’s challenge/ordeal. More so, it would have been good for the fan base that kept buying tickets.

If a little more accountability sapped any drama from adidas’ series of shoe commercials (“The Return”), too bad — Rose didn’t make good on that script anyway. And the Bulls’ media relations experts, working up through vice president John Paxson and chairman Jerry Reinsdorf, if necessary, should have spelled that out to Rose.

But this BullsTV interview offers a fresh start. Now, instead of some random sessions with USA Today or furtive Q&A grabs in the postgame locker room in Boston, Rose needs to make himself available to reporters on an occasional basis.

Not every question got asked or answered by, such as:

  • How will you simulate game conditions over the summer, when you’re in Chicago, in Los Angeles or on the adidas tour through Serbia and other European destinations?
  • Did the criticism of you, your family and your business partners surprise you? Bother you? Change your view of Bulls fans?
  • When will you know you can trust — really trust — that left knee?
  • How will you cope with what most medical folks say will be ups and downs, good nights and bad, as you work your way back?
  • Specifically, how do you think the layoff has benefited your game?
  • What adjustments do you plan to make in how you play — or at least, what are you prepared to do if your explosiveness isn’t what it was?

And about a dozen more, ranging from Rose’s views on the Bulls’ draft and free-agent acquisitions to lead assistant coach Ron Adams‘ departure.

Among the questions that did get answered? Here are the highlights:

On missing the entire season: “It was hard. One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through in my life. After surgery, when you start runnin’, when you have an injury like this, it’s phases you have to go through. I’m still going through my phases. I’m not done yet. But I think this is the most I’ve ever worked on my craft and the most focused I’ve ever been in my NBA career.”

On not coming back: “I’m not a selfish guy at all, but having this injury and knowing what I had to go through, and being smart, this is something that I had to be selfish with. I couldn’t worry about anyone else but myself and my health.”

On reports that he was “dominant” in practices: “When you’re in practice, of course it’s not like game-like speed unless it’s training camp. Game-like experience is totally different. Where you’ve got strategies, you’ve got this-or-that double-teams – when I play I get double-teamed a lot. We [practice] the same defense that we play in the game, so there wasn’t that many double-teams. So I was able to go around freely. In the game, I wasn’t able to take on that double-team yet.”

On his knee’s progress: “Every day I was working out like my leg is going to feel better. I was pushing myself every day. And trying to take care of my body to be out there as soon as possible. But it didn’t happen.”

On the Bulls’ season without him: “I was very, very impressed. It seemed like they were fighting for me. They saw how hard I was working at practice, just trying to rebuild my leg. All my teammates that were going through injuries, they used to tell me, ‘Don’t rush back’ just because they were going through stuff. So just to hear them say that, they knew I was trying to get back on the court as quickly as possible. They made a good run of it. When they were playing, I would tell them some things that I saw if they didn’t see. I was working with them just to show that I really cared about the team.”

On his close relationship with coach Tom Thibodeau: “With Thibs, we’re super-cool right now. We talk at least a couple times through the week. I missed his call a couple times – he hates when I do that – I’ve got to call him back. But he’s someone who loves the game almost as much as me and that’s pretty hard. If you love basketball more than I do, I have to take off my hat to you.”

On his personal goals for 2013-14: “There’s only one goal and that’s to win a championship.”

It’s good for Rose, for the Bulls and for the fans to have the team’s star and leader accessible again. He needs to stay that way.


  1. B Radd says:

    Derrick! Don’t recruit LaMarcus Aldridge! Your set on the front line, go for Monta Ellis. you’ve seen what he could do with Steph Curry and Brandon Jennings! Imagine you and Monta at both guard positions! Man In, Out, from both sides on my goodness! i don’t think no one could contain you with Jimmy at Small Forward and Taj Gibson at Power Forward. It would be Mike D’antoni’s Phoenix style run and gun all over again. Monta to the windy city guys get it done!

  2. Jay says:

    I wish all these Drose haters would stfu. He tore his acl it doesnt matter when he got cleared by docors it doesnt matter if others have recovered faster none of that matters. The doctors can only do so much. Only Drose knows when he is ready. If he wouldve returned this year an then hurt his leg again all of you guys would be talking more trash. Jus look at Brandon Roy. The bulls an all of his teammates were okay with him sitting out. The bulls destroyed one of the best benches in the nba because they knew rose wouldnt come back. Why should rose be pressured to play when the Bulls signed players like Nate an Marco ? Yes they played good but the bulls were definiatley surprised by it. Why do you think they were only signed to one year deals. Rose never closed the door on returning because he didnt feel he was ready but he did feel that he could be ready. So Drose haters STFU an let the humble man do his thing.

  3. JBoogie says:

    Bottom line if you are medically clear to play then you should be playing. He let his dumb a@& brother run his mouth and tell the real reason. He didnt see the bulls winning a championship with the squad they had. Plus as usual there is money involved in him playing or not. So yall can save me the BS Rose lost my respect because he sold out his teammates and let his fans down. And im talking about the fans that paid money just to see him play. A whold year for an ACL when you can run and jump in practice give me a break.

  4. hopeman1 says:

    nba nowadays have a lot of troubles with this kind of unprofessional athletes.

  5. youshouldknow says:

    the reason rose didnt play was simple. If he had played just ONE game, the bulls would have had to pay him his entire salary of 24million or whatever. The bulls have what you call player insurance, so if rose doesnt play, the insurance pays his salary. the nba is a business anyway you look at it

  6. RMR says:

    DR dedicated to his team, to his rehab, and to his son. How can anyone criticize him?

  7. MyOwnDamnSelf says:

    I don’t give a damn about what the media says. Wrong or right. Should he have had return last season or not, it doesn’t matter. What I believe is that this guy is a winner and he’ll become a legend when his career ends.

    You can think I’m saying BS but you’re just like all of em haters who think their intuition is so fking great yet they can’t feel an ounce of truth from which this guy speaks. How many players would’ve returned last season just becoz of the pressure and criticism that you a holes put out there? How many players have had their career ruined by an injury?

    Well guess what you morons, true heroes don’t sail with the wind formed by whispers of false promises. They create their own fking storms along the path of which they believe in. I believe in Derrick Rose becoz I see in him a heart of a basketball fan that’s as big as

  8. Ricky V says:

    Take it from a Portland fan, you don’t want your No. 1 star to come back too early from any serious injury. For further reading, see: Brandon Roy.

  9. outspoken says:

    this is the thing, for US to dethrone the heat we have to make a change d-rose needs real help!noah, gibson,butler keepers! boozer has to go ! every game a rebound bounce off of his hands out of bounds or he throw the ball away we need to get aldrige back and get deng healthy or put a deng ,boozer package together for aldrige then we have a chance with this current bulls roster adding rose we lose to indiana or new york before reaching the heat not to mention the nets are stacked

  10. Miami Heat Fan says:

    I like Rose but he handled the situation poorly. I don’t care about the media but they ask the questions that we can’t ask. If you can’t come back and play a regular season game why would you act like there’s a possibility you can come back against the heat in the play-offs as intense as that series was. If he came back, the heat would’ve put that boy on the floor as soon as he drove to the basket and he know it. His brother (manager) had already said he might not come back because they didn’t put enough talent around him, which seems true due to the fact he didn’t come back. He could have easily dismissed those comments made by his brother but he didn’t. The bulls organization could have shut him down for the rest of the regular season & post season but they choose to leave everything on him, knowing the fans were starting to turn on him. why would you want your star player to come back in the middle of the play-offs when he haven’t played a game all season. They threw Rose under the bus cause they didn’t like the way he was handling the situation. I would’ve had way more respect for Rose if he flat out said he wasn’t coming back.

  11. two says:

    so is ur face heat fan he is one of the best players there is in the NBA right now

  12. Humdrum says:

    If you look at the history of D.Rose’s growth as a player with the Bulls, Derrick has taken on the role of providing most of the offense for the team. The team in the past has been very dependent on him for the majority of its’ offense. I know that the Bulls players realize that. He carried them on his back in the first two years. When the ACL injury occurred, it just highlighted how much the team depended on him. The team realized in the intervening year (last year) that they had to step up and cut Derrick some slack. Along with supporting Derrick they worked to polish their offense. You never heard a negative word from his teammates. they realized they had to let him come back on his own terms. It speaks to the closeness of this team. I don’t begrudge Derrick for not rushing his comeback, if that is what it takes for the team to grow and to build a championship team. The organization did the right thing not to cave in to the media and the fans who are shortsighted. Go Bulls. Go Chicago!

  13. El Ueapo says:

    people lik,e Rose make me sick.. how dare he repress the elephants. Those chinese people will laugh laugh all the way to the bank… and mr Giancarlo Esposito, stop telling Derek those secret rituals he will be back in time to play against the Lakers, genitals or not!!!

  14. lalalalal says:

    Rose did the right thing sitting out the season, what if he rushed his comeback before he fully recovered, and his knee popped again, what would the bulls fans say then? they would say, he shouldnt have rushed it, a top athlete like rose have to treat a injury like this very seriusly. now he will be fully recovered when the season starts, and hopefully have an amazing year.

  15. maw says:

    Lol i think fans are trying to defend Rose saying his decision not to play for one whole year even when he was 100% because they’re afreaid Drose will lose his global “integrity” he will be known as the most scared player in the world and rose does not yet have a ring to ocmpensate but if LBJ did what Drose did, they will bash him to death all the hate in the world will be on him even with his 2 championships. lolll

  16. maw says:

    Lol i think fans are trying to defend Rose saying his decision not to play for one whole year even when he was 100% because they’re afreaid Drose will lose his global “integrity” he will be known as the most scared player in the world and rose does not yet have a ring to ocmpensate but if LBJ did what Drose did, they will bash him to death all the hate in the world will be on him even with his 2 championships. lolll i

  17. MackDaddy says:

    Good on him!!!

    He’s got nothing to prove by getting injured by coming back too soon.
    He hurts himself coming back too soon and its all over.

    Take the time, get yourself perfect and good to go, and then come back and dominate.

    Miami is going to find it very hard to get past a full strength Bulls squad… especially if Wade keeps playing like he has been.

  18. MackDaddy says:

    I reckon its fine he sat out… why push too early to gain ‘maybe’ a few months, but lose millions and the chance of something really great if he gets injured coming back soon.

    Good on him, looking forward to seeing Bulls give Miami big headaches next year.

  19. J says:

    rose and bulls prob wont win a championship in Chicago the way the team is now why? well…
    1 reason…
    they couldn’t get in done when rose was healthy against heat so how are they suppose to do it when he is coming of acl tear (I know he’ll be healthy but an acl tear will change him in some way for eg. he might not attack more or be explosive or not finish around rim anymore or even have dramatic drops in his numbers)
    but no matter what the bulls will be a contender 1 way or another

  20. Steven says:

    the intelligence of 90% of nba fans is ridiculous. Its a bit different shooting a ball around pre-game than playing an actual game. If you thought that meant he was going to play, that’s your own fault.

  21. OD says:

    He is the main reason Miami won back to back. And the main reason Lebron will have to wait for a 3peat.

    • lolatBulls says:

      Again, another idiotic comment. Heat beat Rose last time they met. Just shut up and stop posting, until DRose beats the Heat out of the playoffs, those comments have 0 validity. And Rose coming back doesnt mean the bulls will have the same results from the supporting cast and bench. As his numbers go up the others WILL GO DOWN (PPG) I love how hating the Heat makes bulls fans illogical.

  22. Brian walsh says:

    I think he will be consistently injured from now on.. I think it is a sickness and a pressure release

  23. Heat Fan says:

    He is OVERRATED and SOFT!!!!!!

    • Lakers4life says:

      You think Rose is overrated? I guess thats why you’re a Heat fan… Personally I think Westbrook is overrated.

  24. mataio says:

    Reading all this “hate” kinda puts him on a level with lebron and the whole “decision” thing. It’s not the same thing obviously but the response seems at least comparable.

    Players don’t have obligations with their fans to keep us “in the know” etc but of course it is probably a good idea if you don’t want to alienate people. My guess is that D.Rose was so disconnected with reaction towards him and his mindset was such that he was focused on himself and his family that it probably didnt bother him at all what was being said about him. and fair enough too. We know his temperament and we love him for it, we can’t accuse him now and make presumptions that he is leading us on in such and such a way.

  25. T-Money says:

    I’m ok with Rose wanting to sit out because he felt he wasn’t ready. Considering the way he plays, he needs to be “110%” My one and only problem is that if he knew that he wasn’t ready and wouldn’t play, he should’ve just said that instead of dragging everyone along in suspense. I figured that he knew that he wasn’t going to play and his interview suggests that.

  26. Cuban Miami Connection Stinger says:

    Do not worry fellas: Miami Heat is to repeat again Viva Miami Heat and the Tres Amigos

  27. hopeman1 says:

    pfff who ? that guy could play at 100% 2 weeks before the playoffs, he just let them die, modern guys lol. dramaticly egocentred. there is no teams any more for them, just their salary and their queeny drama

  28. twda1 says:

    I tore my ACL and meniscus and rushed back and trust me, it was the wrong thing to do……Tore it again…..Rose went through hell (trust me I know), and I’m impressed that he had the balls to take his time and be smart about it……People that haven’t suffered the injury will never understand the psychological impact it has on a person…..forget the physical pain and rehab you have to go through (which is intense as anything), but the psychological barrier that you have to overcome to trust that knee again…..that’s the hardest part! It can happen on the most innocent of plays, or the most gruesome……I commend Rose for using his brain!

  29. Jerry says:

    Derrick Rose can play.Why isn’t he playing.He is 100% healthy.JUST PLAY.HAVE FUN.

  30. cp3 epic basketball says:

    people reply this comment, when andrew Bynum got injury in some stupid bowling game did he got paid

  31. Jonathan says:

    He’s not done… taking it easy.

    • Bulls2014 says:

      Jonathan, I never suggested that rose was done. His taking it easy time is way over. His glorious team mates dang near played themselves to death during the playoffs. And all we got of Rose were shots of him sitting on the side line smiling like he owned the place. He just needs to shut up, get out there on day one and prove he deserves our respect. The other Bulls earned it.

  32. Bulls2014 says:

    I am and want to continue to be a Rose supporter. However, i’m not hearing or seeing much that convinces me that he he will be there for the team from day one. i don’t want to hear that he tweeked this or that and can’t play for another 10 games. I want t see him on day one and show us that he’s the super player that we all thought he was. His rehab time is over. Time to play ball and lead us from day one to the championship.

  33. Bird33 says:

    I’ve always admired D Rose especially his humility and dedication. However I have to admit – I was starting to waiver with his no show/no talk to the media. Regardless of whether he wanted to or not, someone should have advised him to talk to the media occasionally last season – if for no other reason, to get his views and his side of the story in the press. His advisors really blew last season, and let his reputation take a hit, by not advising him to keep in touch with the media occasionally.

    Perhaps he has the same advisors as Lebron (“the decision” TV show)?? 🙂

    Good to have you back Derek. Please stay in touch/be accessible to the media – if not for your fans, then at least for your image and marketability.

  34. mark ty says:

    he’s a g00d basketball player but a coward

  35. realist2013 says:

    Not an injury you want to rush back from. People think these guys are everlasting. Let you who has far less conditioning go through a torn acl then talk. I rather have a player take his time rehabbing and truly being healed rather than just ok. Just for him to reinjure himself for a few games of the season especially with Deng and Hinrich out.

  36. Anonymous says:

    People complain about Bynum who wasted away an entire season while earning millions of $$, rose essentially did the same thing, the difference is it was his decision. He’s not ready for the spotlight

    • Milan Lucic says:

      Excuse me? Do you think tearing ACL in the NBA playoffs and having a knee bruise while bowling is the same thing? Put it this way: Rose got seriously injured while doing his job (play a NBA game) while Bynum for some odd reason had the bad knee first place when he was traded to philly and while on comeback trail injured his other knee playing recreational game (bowling). Now tell me what’s same here

    • Inamo says:

      Bynum, in recent memory, isn’t able to complete a season. And even if he’s on the court, he does a lot of immature moves despite the potential he has. An yeah, I guess he didn’t decide to play bowling (and cancel his surgery to watch the World Cup two years prior to that).

      Rose, on the other hand, carries a team on his back when he was healthy. At a young age, bagged the MVP and lead his team deep in the playoffs. He will still be a franchise player of the Bulls for more years to come. It would be better for the whole organization to have him fully healed.

      Are you sure about what you’ve said? Moron.

  37. samgold35 says:

    Bulls are 2 years away from a Final’s appearance. They need more front court dept & maturity from Snell & Butler. If Butler improves, they will probably trade Deng for a PF or C. Maybe even annex Boozer and get close to an all-star caliber PF.

  38. caloh says:

    I’m cool with Rose. He got hurt and has been bustin his hump to get back better than before. I’m glad he is on the Bulls and all the haters out there wish he was on their team.

  39. Dewey Houston says:

    What I like to see as a Derrick Rose fan , is for Derrick to have a swimming coach , and for Derrick to swim at least 3 or 4 times a week , this exercise in water will help him physical and mental , in water their is no strain on the leg or knee muscles , after each exercise those area gets stronger each time , its very fast recovery , without pain , now if Derrick Rose take my advice to swim and exercise every 3 days a week he will be not only back in shape but much better in shape than he was in the beginning , before he was hurt , this info is coming from a swimming expert , example first run in water from side to side as fast as you can when tired stop then swim , make sure you kick your legs and knees together , do this over and over. This recipe is for the fastest and strongest knees in the NBA try it you will like it. by D.H.

  40. Inamo says:

    Actually, its just been the media and the trolls (LOL) who’ve made a big deal about his rehab. As for the Bulls’ faithful and those who understand basketball and the injuries it involves, D. Rose did the right thing. He did get all the support from the team’s organization and all his team mates, soooooo there are just those people who have a lot on time in their hands to juice something out of this.

    Hopefully, aside from Rose getting healthy, the Bulls should do some moves to make this team better than it was before Rose’s injury. Coming from an anti-Heat spectator… they haven’t gone past the Heat yet even when they are all healthy, and Miami right now has gone better than their last championship run. Its not a fluke to beat a team like the Spurs, so winning the East against the Heat would need more than a healthy Rose (and even if he’s on steroids, LOL).

  41. Kwame says:

    Derrick has been as loyal as there can be to the fans. Rehabbing for a year so he can come back and put on a show. That’s true loyalty I guess

  42. c'mon now says:

    i say it as smart for him to sit out.there was the chance of re-injuring his knee

  43. James says:

    We need u back to stop heat

    • lolatBulls says:

      this comment makes 0 sense. When has he “stopped the heat” or even “help stop the heat.” Last time there was no injury involved, this time the is the coming back from an injury and a better more confident heat team. All the facts point to the same thing, Heat bounce the bulls in the playoffs (if not the Pacers or the Nets) Im glad Rose is back, but he is not going to be the diffrence maker in advancing to the finals. Hate all you want, it just makes no sense.

  44. DINKO says:

    I kno I understand your argument that he shouldn’t have come back not being ready jumping on to a moving train etc etc. But when the bulls took that 1 – 0 series lead against Miami , rose should’ve said you know what im gonna shock the world and rattle Miami here by coming back and playing . say the bulls make it to the finals rose has to play a max of about 18 – 20 games , would that have been that bad , that would’ve been to perfect time for him to come back .

    • Lakers4life says:

      And risk getting injured again? Did you even watch the series? Both teams were playing with ALOT of PHISICALITY. People think he’s being a coward but he’s doing it for himself and his LOYAL fans. Imagine if he got injured again. His fans would just go crazy and hate him when they wanted him to join in the midst of the series.

  45. I'll believe it when I see it says:

    It’s possible he’s just saying all this to avoid being criticized when he doesn’t play again next season. I just wonder how long the Bulls’ management will take to realize they have to do something about it.

  46. RollerXTitans says:

    A lot of the media and some bulls fans that lost respect for him has to understand that when it comes to injuries like that its hard to know when your actually ready its one of the scariest things to go through. Yeah he might be healthy and the doctors say he can return to the game but at the same time you yourself need to know if your ready to come back instead of just rushing it through so you can play ball again. Like Rose said its a decision he had to make. I mean if you were in that situation unless u get injured you would probably know how Rose feels about it. It all depends if your ready or not. I’m a bulls fan too and i respect his decision and waits patiently for next season. Yeah even though other stars were injured still you can’t rush something that you have gone through bad. Lets let Rose do his thing and his healthy by next season.

  47. Tony D. says:

    Rose, dose not owe the media anything. Because he won’t skip to the media’s drum beat he all of sudden is a bad guy, please. I will be happy when he returns and yes, return at 110%. You don’t want set backs or more days off because he came back to soon. If he was not going to return the way he left which was electrifying, then take your time. I want to see the Rose of before the knee injury. I am not stupid, if your not on the floor then it is obvious your not ready. I don’t the need the media telling me that every day and asking him his opinion of how the team is doing without him. All you will get is the politically correct answer.

  48. Fabian Jennings says:

    No real sense of a player’s reality among sports writers; just their demands for you to live up to their uncaring macho demands. They are asking players to risk their career and livelihood by complying to a “tough guy” image being pedalled by media and team management – people that don’t really give a damn about the players and have absolutely no sense of loyalty to them. That being so, it is ludicrous that they could ask so much of them. Take all the time you need Mr. Rose, and good for you not to be taken in.

  49. sp says:

    I do not get how other players with ACL play in the top level in 6 months and rose and granger tokk the full year.

    • Huh..? says:

      Not everyone’s body is the same, some people recover faster than others and some people are more injury prone. Why is Greg Oden always injured and LBJ has yet to have a serious injury? Duh…

    • makesense says:

      Everybody’s different, NBA players are human not robots, so CHiiilllllllll out!

      • Bo says:

        Not only are the players’ bodies different. They also have different expectations placed upon them in terms of performance. Granger & Rose do the majority of the heavy lifting offensively. Iman Shumpert on the other hand doesn’t have the same weight on his shoulders so he can rush back sooner. I want my franchise player to take his time & fully recover.

  50. Gustavo P. says:

    The only way for Rose to get back to his elite status and repair his future legacy is to at least take the Bulls to the finals…which is a hard task considering they would have to go through the back to back champs; good luck with that one. He better give his fans a hell of a season that’s all I know, I’m not a fan but even I was disappointing.

  51. bulls nation says:

    music to the ears to hear rose voice cant wait until next season to see him play he is my favorite player to watch he is so exclusive $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  52. Huh..? says:

    I can’t wait to see D-Rose in the upcoming season. People compare him to Adrian Peterson and Iman Shumpert when it came to coming back from the same injuries; however it’s somewhat unfair. Adrian Peterson is just from another planet and Iman Shumpert doesn’t have to spend as much energy on offense like Rose would. Either way, it’s good to have him back.

  53. Michael says:

    Honestly he shouldn’t have said anything about coming back instead of the “I’m not 110%” bs, what is 110% really? It was upsetting to see rose stringing us along for the publicity ride. I’m a bit tired of him and lost respect for him.

    • Will says:

      You most likely didn’t have respect for him in the first place. Most Bulls fans were fine with the way he hendled things and are excited to see him back on the court in Oct.

      • Huh..? says:

        Exactly. I’m not a Bulls fan, but I’m a D-Rose fan and honestly it doesn’t matter to me that he wanted to wait till he’s 110% to return to the hardwood. The type of injury he sustained is one that can reoccur again easily if he doesn’t properly recover from it and if he feels like he’s not at that point in his rehab, then good for him for sitting out and looking at his/the franchise’s best interest in the future.

      • TEE says:

        I was in Chicago during the Nets series, and it seemed like half of them were okay with him rehabbing, and the other half were upset with him. Soooo.

      • Michael says:

        @huh.? It’s not about being 110% or not. It’s not about how long he needs to recover, it’s about how he handled the situation. During games he would, practice in front of everyone, running, shooting and even dunking. How about how he handled the media, saying maybe next game, maybe this game not being clear, it’s better not to say anything. Another thing is having his manager (aka brother) complain about not having the solid supporting cast to help him win a championship. It’s clear he could’ve played but didn’t, I though maybe why Chicago did much better than people expected was they probably heard this from Rose and wanted to prove him wrong. Prove that they are a good supporting cast and could’ve won if it hadn’t been for his selfishness.

      • he wants to make sure that he will dominate as soon as he gets back in the game

    • Will says:

      How he treated the media? Are you serious? Are you in the media? Why do you care about that? As a Bulls fan I could care less. It’s his body and only he knows if he’s ok and ready to play. I’m ok with it. His teammates were ok with it. That’s all that matters.

    • Jay says:

      D Rose is one of the most humble superstars you will find. I think publicity is the last thing a former league MVP was looking for. He gives his heart & soul every time he steps onto the court so for him to want to be fully comfortable before he returns is completely understandable. It is greedy of us as fans to try and rush him back. If he gets hurt again trying to rush things, his career could’ve been over…we as fans lives go on with our lives and simply root for the next man.