Report: Kings Offer Iguodala $56 Million … Then Pull Deal Off The Table?


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — This is a bit of an odd one.

The Sacramento Kings threw a big wrinkle into the Andre Iguodala free-agent sweepstakes with a four-year, $56 million offer to the veteran swingman, an offer first reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports early Wednesday morning.

Then, hours later, the Kings pulled the deal.

The Nuggets were apparently unwilling to match the Kings’ offer … but Iguodala was also reluctant to accept the offer, which led to Sacramento pulling the deal off the table.

This all means Denver is still very much alive in its hopes to re-sign the small forward who helped them to 57 wins and a franchise-best 38-3 home record, writes Wojnarowski:

After the Denver Nuggets expressed an unwillingness to match the Sacramento Kings’ $14 million-a-year proposal to free-agent forward Andre Iguodala, Iguodala’s reluctance to immediately accept the four-year, $56 million offer caused the Kings to withdraw the deal late Tuesday, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

With no major offers elsewhere, Iguodala could return to talks with the Nuggets on a five-year contract extension. Denver wants to keep Iguodala as part of its core, but has shown restraint in formulating potentially salary-cap crippling offers to re-sign him to a long-term deal, sources said.

When the Kings demanded an answer for their offer on Tuesday night, Iguodala’s desire to take more time to consider the deal signaled to Sacramento management that perhaps the free agent wasn’t eager to leave a Western Conference contender for the rebuilding project.

Nuggets general manager Tim Connelly and coach Brian Shaw presented Iguodala with a five-year contract offer and a pitch to convince him to re-sign at a meeting on Monday in Los Angeles. It is unclear if the Nuggets raised their initial offer on Tuesday night, but they clearly didn’t match the Kings’ surprisingly aggressive $14 million-per-season offer.

Iguodala was also one of the top targets of the Detroit Pistons, Atlanta Hawks, New Orleans Pelicans, Golden State Warriors and the incumbent Nuggets in the initial stages of free agency.

Sacramento’s pulling of the offer on Iguodala may well change how the Kings approach the $44 million offer sheet the New Orleans Pelicans offered former Rookie of the Year winner Tyreke Evans, too.

Kings GM Pete D’Alessandro recently left the Nuggets’ front office to become’ the Kings top executive and had been pushing hard to convince Iguodala to be a cornerstone for his franchise. Without Iguodala in the Kings plans, the organization could reconsider how it feels about matching the four-year, $44 million offer sheet that restricted free agent guard Tyreke Evans could soon sign with the New Orleans Pelicans.


  1. Rico says:

    Spurs should consider Iguodala

  2. caloyski says:

    Igoudola is one Lucky Guy if The KIngs Pay Him that Huge Amount– a lot of Better Players in his position could be acquired at a more reasonable price

  3. klolll says:

    LOL I think iggy should go to Miami get a ring and have a better carrer with LEbron Wade and chalmers cmon iggy

    • TheMadHAtter says:

      Yes!!! why only Iggy? why not Dwight and also Smith? Stay tuned with reality man, Miami has NO salary space…soon they’ll have to choose between Bosh-Lebron and Wade…

  4. MACKY says:

    hahaha! die hard fan??????????? what a crazy men.. be practical, to me I just want to enjoy watching every season.. why do I need to stay fan of a team that is already struggling evryseason??? Go to latest exciting team and enjoy watching, not getting head ache every loss of your favorate team!? You will be RIP wi/o enjoying your life… cammon”!

  5. don says:

    I’m not so sure kings pulled the offer off the table , i think this article has their facts wrong i think iggy rejected this offer

  6. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    Join the Thunder for 8-12 Million per year. Do it, Igoudala. Do it!!

  7. ken says:

    If he can’t give an answer for $14 mil a year then get lost we will get someone let tyreke go dude misses more layups in a season than guards miss in a career. Look out nba Kings of early 2000s gona make a comeback even if it is #8 spot in playoffs. And for those who say kings fanbase are the worse look what we just did we saved our team from moving NO other fanbase can say the same

  8. Michael Stoll says:

    I feel that the Bulls should really make a push for Iggy

  9. rod says:

    iggy.. his game is so ugly to watch,i mean so awkward.. there is no thrills in his game.. he is not fan to watch.. FANS feel boring!

  10. Spire says:

    As someone who watched every Nuggets game this year…Iggy is garbage. So overrated it’s not even funny. Playing offense with him is like 5-4 advantage for the other team. Sure, he is an athletic defender, but there aren’t many 2 guard threats in the league anymore who are hard to defend. He is too weak and small to guard the 3 spot also. He has 0 jump shooting capabilities, shoots like Shaq from the line, can’t score unless it’s fast break…he isn’t worth much money.

  11. Zubu123 says:

    I bhelive this was a hoax deal, pretty much saying that you take Tyreke and we (Kings) will have plent of cap room and will take Iggy…. Your move Denver.

  12. Larry says:

    trade him for world peace . they’re both good defenders, but iggy can drive n score.

  13. Kareem Reid says:

    Super teams run the league since forever… A.I if he wants the big pay day should go to the kings… hes no franchise guy tho… he needs to go to a contender like team…

  14. steve says:

    Janice, your big three isn’t. Bosh got schooled and exposed the entire series. Wade stepped up and Lebron was himself. SA lost that series in game six. Had nothing to do with Miami. SA lost, Miami did not win. Big difference!

    • Kei says:

      Haha! Yes SA lost and Miami didn’t win? Then who won? Ah, I know! In your alternate reality spurs won! Congrats!

  15. Click this name if you want to be totally awesome says:

    Everyone should play for the same amount of money. Scalibrine on a $20m deal!!!

  16. Avarra says:

    I’m very happy that the Kings pulled their offer – for whatever reason. This means that Denver can hopefully re-sign him to a 5-year deal. We absolutely want him and I’m really hoping that he wants to stay with us. With him on our team we have a chance to continue making big noise and with B Shaw as our coach we’ll be able to go deep into the playoffs in a year or two.

    By the way – as far as AI not rushing into any decisions – that’s the smart thing to do. They gave him, what – and hour or two to make a decision? That’s kind of ridiculous. It’s really not his fault that they’re so impatient. Considering the state of the Kings, I would think that they’d give quality players more time to consider their generous offers to play in a town that needs a TON of help. No disrespect to Kings fans for sure, but your FO could stand to have a little more patience.

  17. Rudolph James Patten says:

    Pelicans are waiting for u Iggy!!!


    I think houston maybe trying to get iggy to form yet another super team of dwight josh smith and iggy and harden. They will move asik and Lin let harden run the point iggy run the sg parson sf josh at pf and dwight at center. Should be crazy not houston fan but i bet it would be fun to watch huh??

  19. Erock says:

    I would not sign iguodala to that contract. He seems to disapear for long streaches during important games. Thats not a player you pay 14 mill a year to. He is a good overall player tho, just not quite worth that much coin.

    • Vlad says:

      The Kings need him!!! He plays great defense which the Kings need and he will help Ben McLemore develop into a All-Star and with him, the Kings have a great chance of making the Playoffs!!!

  20. OctoPPus says:

    Attractive contract – BUT – Kings will barely get to playoffs – Andre sholud better ask himself – is it all just about the money?
    A ring wouldn’t be interesting?

    • lilrocket2 says:

      And you thought somehow he’d get this ring in Denver? Please.

      • Huh..? says:

        In comparison, will Iggy have a higher chance to win a ring in Denver or with the Kings? Please.

    • Vlad says:

      With the Kings because they have a lot of young talent and all they need is a All-Star like Andre Iguodala!! Their chemistry is Great already
      They are on the rise and they will make the playoffs this year and next year pick up more All-Stars and the Rookies will also develop and be All-Stars and the Heat will can’t keep all their Superstars for long and the Kings will win the Championship in under 5 years if Andre Iguodala signed with the GREAT Sacramento Kings!!!!

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      This is why Igoudala needs to join the Thunder. OKC has tons of cap space to sign him, if they want him. He has played lots with KD and Russ in summer international play. It would fit perfectly, chemistry-wise.

  21. Obz says:

    they dont need iguodala man you already have future star Ben McLemore

    • Vlad says:

      Yeah, but Ben McLemore needs a role model like All-Star Andre Iguodala
      Andre Iguodala can help Ben McLemore develop and become an All-Star

  22. No Regrets says:

    Iggy will never be a bigtime scorer, but he does look slightly under-utilized in Denver – The money the Kings offered him, he’s worth it for a team that’s got a role for him
    but then again, the Kings don’t look very appealing right now

    • Vlad says:

      The Kings look very appealing right now!!
      They have a lot of young talent and all they need is an All-Star like Andre Iguodala!!
      With him, Ben McLemore can learn from him and the Kings would most likely make the playoffs next year if not this year!!!

      • TheMadHAtter says:

        Hey man, please stop to post the same reply to everyone who think that you’re Kings aren’t so shiny looking as you do. The fact is that, even if you seems to think it different, Iguodala is a glue-guy but not a go-to-guy. You’re team, in my opinion, need someone more clutch, or a best inside defende…maybe J-Smooth.But I wanna ask you, who are the players that makes SAcramento so good? Cousins and is not exisisting defensive attitude and is kindness? The undersized Thomas? The mysteriuos McLemore? Thorton or Salmons? come on, if iggy wants to win SAC is NOT the right place!

  23. lkmlkm2 says:

    Players want to win. Anyone who’s played the game know that. The Kings aren’t going to win. Anyone who’s played the game know that. lol

    • Vlad says:

      The Kings have a lot of young good pieces and they need one All-Star like Andre Iguodala!! If they got him, they would start winning and make the playoffs next year if not this year!!

  24. better pay Evans 11 than iggy 14 says:

    Keep Tyreke in Sacto.

  25. Matthew says:

    Superteams are silly but lets not pretend its something new…. have you seen the banners in L.A. They were no accident.

  26. Romeo says:

    What a moron, the Kings were giving him a hell of a deal and with that roster; easily could have pushed for the playoffs. I bet his agent told him to bluff, obviously the Kings weren’t bluffing. He made a big mistake, bet hes back at home mad at himself for not taking such a tremendous offer.

    • Kei says:

      ah, Another sour KIngs fans. Seriously, what good free agents went to Kings recently? You guys were good with Cwebb and JW/bibby though, a big fan.

    • Vlad says:

      I agree, why wouldn’t he take the contract right away but why were the Kings so impatient?? All they needed to do is wait like 1 more day and he would have signed but no they pull the offer

  27. Chompz says:

    Iggy to T-wolves

  28. Janice says:

    We don’t need Him in Miami. Not tired of the superteams. If some of the players would play basketball like they get paid, then all of them would be superteams.

    • DINKO says:

      your comment is confusing to say the least and of course your not tired of the superteams , do any of you know what the integrity of the game means ?

  29. makran says:

    @DInko, LOL so you’re sick of NBA your whole life, then why watching? ahh okay go ahead and watch a lot of Bobcats, Kings, Magic, Suns and other lowly teams game this season…NBA is composed of SUPERTEAMS since then,and they just made this League so exciting to watch, deny the fact? ohh it really hurts specially the one you are rooting is simply not 1 of those SUPER…

    • Lakers4life says:

      Um, Suns have been good except these few seasons. Back then they had Charles Barkley, and Kevin Johnson. Just because they lost Nash and Amar’e Stoudemire doesn’t mean they wont bounce back. They also had Shaq.

    • DINKO says:

      ahh yaawwnn yup , just another wagon jumpin heat fan who knows nothing about basketball and who could give two hoots about the integrity of the game , great fair weather fans you heat fans are

    • Lakers4life says:

      Andre Iguodola should stay with Denver. On the other hand it would be nice if he was on the Kings.

  30. Vlad says:

    They canceled the offer

  31. Vlad says:

    I would be so happy if the Kings got A.I
    He is a great all-around player and has pretty good leadership skills
    He will be a great role model for Ben McLemore so he can become an All-Star in this league and hopefully a Rookie of the Year
    also the Kings would probably make the PLAYOFFS!!!

  32. Take the deal Andre & finish ur career there! Just ask where to sign!

    • Huh..? says:

      Did you even read the article, no, the title at all? The Kings PULLED their offer off the table.

  33. APHX10 says:

    I’d buy that jersey in Sac King purple!

  34. Eli Odell J. says:

    Looks like their fixin to keep cousins don’t it?

  35. Vlad says:

    If he signs with the Kings, I will be so happy!!!
    The Kings need a player like him that can play good defense shoot the ball and dunk so the momentum changes!! And if he signs with the Kings, he can be a great role model for Ben McLemore and the Kings need some leadership!!
    If he signs, I think that means playoffs for the Sacramento Kings!!! (:

  36. josh says:

    Yes it is a fair bit of money but for me he is worth every cent of that contract. He plays effective defence and is a team player who, wherever, he goes makes the team he plays on better. That cannot be said of many of the other players in this free agency!

  37. Michael says:

    Iggy barely edged 13.0 ppg and shot a horrendous 57.4% from the free-throw line (terrible numbers by ANY position). He’s an above average defender at best. I don’t really see the point here. With that offer, they were better off going for the likes of Josh Smith.

    • Vlad says:

      because he wasnt the main player on the nuggests
      if he signs with the Kings, then he will be the leader and the star of the team and he will be averaging 20+ and lead the Kings to the playoffs!!

      • efe says:

        wake up you are daydreaming

      • Pops says:

        Lol Playoffs? I don’t think so

      • evang says:

        have you ever heard of the sixers? He could not be the leader of the sixers because he is not confident enough in his game. He is not confident in his shot and no matter how good of a dunker he is, he WILL NOT DRIVE. the only time he will dunk is if he is in the open court. He is short with the fans and the media. HE IS NOT AND WILL NEVER BE A STAR. He will only be good if he is surrounded by 3 or 4 great players because then he will only have to score 11 or 12 points/game because thats all he can do. He will not help your community. Ok im from philly and i know what the world thinks about philly fans. How would you feel if you were disappointed year in and year out by players that you know have talent? We expect our teams play hard. As long as you play hard, you are ok…Iggy does not play hard. Just ask Denver, Kings, you just made the best decision by pulling out that offer. If you Kings fans don’t believe me, as the fans of the team he ends up with. I gi you a dolla if he proves me wrong.

      • Matthew says:

        Iggy does not play hard?? Above average perimeter defender at best? Not sure about those statements but I do believe that Iggy could not lead a team to a championship. He is a glue-guy. Doing things that do not really show up on stats every night. And every now and then he does blow up and has a big game. Add that guy to any team and that team will surely be better… but not necessarily champions.

    • the hidden truth says:

      Ty Lawson was the leader that s why he was so bad

  38. Jimmy Jazz says:

    This is the kind of move the Kings need to make. They should do a sign and trade with the pelicans with Evans for G.A

  39. DINKO says:

    Just as long as he doesn’t go to the heat it’s all good . I would like to see this . Sick of all this superteam garbage .

    • IM back bro says:

      Bad move for iguana. Kings have a horrible fanbase and yet they scream and moan about how they want their team to stay yet only less than 40% attend the game. HYPOCRITES!!! iguana this will be his last big contract before retirement so to you i say take ALL their money and rack up!!! good luck BRO!!!!

      • Smith says:

        Horrible fan base? Are you kidding me? The same fans who are leading the league in season ticket sales right now? The fans were held back from TERRIBLE ownership for 7 years.

      • lilrocket2 says:

        You obviously know nothing about Kings fans, so STFU.

      • IM back bro says:

        @ smith are u sure? Um who’s has the best fans and the best PG in the league right now? look at this!

      • Huh..? says:

        LOL@Smith & lilrocket2: Y’all just got pwned by those statistics that IM back bro provided. Those Kings fans were great back when they had a great team, but look at that decline in ticket sales as they get worse. If you REALLY want to see a true fan base, check out the numbers for the Trailblazers. Only 1-2 years out of the last 13 have they been in the bottom 10 in ticket sales.

      • Matthew says:

        You gotta love stats!!! Enough with the baseless arguing and claims of people with nothing to back it up. Seriously… if the Kings fan base was so awesome, no one would even think to sell the team. Who sales something that generates millions of dollars annually. You only sell a sports team if it’s starting to lose money. There will be exceptions to that rule but name a recent big market franchise that was sold while making millions off of loyal fans? And don’t say the Thunder because the Sonics were on the decline for a while before it was sold. There fans were loyal but from their couches at home.

      • mak says:

        all teams have loyal fans just a team playing well will draw the majority of them to the games its not fun watching a team loose all the time

      • SSO says:

        You must be a former Seattle Supersonics fan who is pouting because the city lost it’s team and still doesn’t own a franchise.

    • I agree…but it would be interesting to see him in a team with already good players

      • IM back bro says:

        @dont ever click my name. THanks for agreeing with me

      • Matthew says:

        I think every free agent needs sign with a contender. That way the system still evens out in the long run. Just give the small market terrible teams even more draft picks. Honestly these guys make too much money already so why chase more. Get a ring, Iggy!! Sign with the Warriors!!! Go to Cali and not be in LA. Win-Win. Or go to Miami because you are guaranteed a ring then. All the free agents really should just wait and see where Dwight signs then follow him haha.

    • Gene says:

      The NBA has ALWAYS had what could be called super teams, beginning with Russell’s Celtics in the sixties and through the years; apparently the team that you like is not among the supers, otherwise you wouldn’t have a problem. Super-Fake!!!!!!!

      • the hidden truth says:

        I agree with you,in the past the Celtics were the best team, but now they dont have Doc Rivers or KG or Pierce in a few years they will be worse than CHARLOTTE

      • DINKO says:

        Sorry there gene I just don’t start jumping ship ( ala LeBron ) and start cheering for a new team when they get an all star team , your obviously an educated heat fairweather heat fan who knows nothing about the game and proably switches his team everyother year who was your fav team pre 2010 boston or la , just think before you call someone super fake that’s laughable coming from a heat fan .