It’s Decision Time Now For Dwight


From staff reports

Two days, five teams, five meetings and lots of information to parse. And that’s just for those of us who are following this where-will-Dwight-Howard-land saga.

After the last two potential suitors (the Dallas Mavericks and the incumbent L.A. Lakers) made their sales pitches to the free-agent center yesterday, it’s now up to Howard to sit back, think over the options — Lakers, Mavs, Houston Rockets, Atlanta Hawks and Golden State Warriors — and reveal his decision (hopefully by July 10).

As with any free agent (and especially so with Dwight), what he does affects more than just him and his current team. Our David Aldridge reports that Howard’s next move is shaping much of what might happen to his childhood friend and former AAU teammate, Hawks star Josh Smith:

Howard completed his meetings with the Mavericks and Lakers Tuesday, the fourth and fifth teams he was scheduled to see before deciding where he will play next season.

Kobe Bryant, according to a source, pointed out that while the Rockets brought Hall of Fame center Hakeem Olajuwon with them to their meeting with Howard Sunday night, and that Yao Ming made a pitch on Houston’s behalf via Skype, “there wasn’t a room big enough” to hold all of the great players who had worn the Lakers’ uniform.

Meanwhile, Smith also finished his meetings with his perspective suitors — most of whom are the same teams that are going after Howard. The Pistons have made a strong impression on Smith, according to a source, but he is still open to several other teams — including Houston and Atlanta. He is less interested in the Sacramento Kings, who made their own move Tuesday night toward securing a forward by making a four-year, $56 million offer to Denver All-Star Andre Iguodala.

Iguodala is contemplating the Kings’ offer after having, according to a source, “great meetings” with the Hawks, Rockets, Warriors and Pistons.

The Rockets want both Howard and Smith, who played together in Atlanta for the AAU Atlanta Celtics and have remained friends. However, Smith will not necessarily wait for Howard’s decision before he makes up his own mind.

And what of Howard’s fateful meetings yesterday with the Mavs and Lakers? Dave McMenamin from has details on what happened in Lakerland yesterday, where Howard and his agents, Dan Fegan and Happy Walters, met with several Lakers big shots (including VP of business operations Tim Harris, GM Mitch Kupchak, executive vice president of player personnel Jim Buss, Bryant, Steve Nash and coach Mike D’Antoni):

The Lakers met in separate groups with Howard: Harris and the representatives from Time Warner Cable and AEG; Kupchak and Buss; and Nash, D’Antoni and Bryant.

The coach and players met with him together and had an “honest” discussion about several issues the team dealt with last season. Their message to him was simple: If you want to win championships, stay in L.A. and try to win with players like us who have won before. Let’s try it again when all of us — including Howard, who was recovering from back surgery most of the season — are healthier.

Howard repeatedly stressed that all he cares about is winning, and that would be the chief factor in his decision.

A separate source close to Howard with knowledge of the meeting said “the Lakers were good.”

Some of the Lakers that were doing the pitching had more to say.

“I thought it was a very productive meeting,” Nash told reporters, including’s Ramona Shelburne after the sit-down had adjourned. “We talked about last year and how it can be built on. I think a lot of the excitement of last year never came true, so it was unfinished. We want to find a way to get him back, regroup, retool and make it happen.”

According to a source familiar with the Lakers, their strategy was, “focusing on the present and the future.”

There was also a video element to the presentation that included cameos by various Hollywood celebrities and entertainers and the Lakers also presented Howard with an iPad featuring images of him wearing purple and gold, for good measure.

“We’ve been working on this presentation for dozens and dozens of hours over the course of weeks,” said a team source. “We prepared for it in depth.”

D’Antoni had a positive outlook.

“Yes, I’m hopeful,” D’Antoni told ESPN’s Shelley Smith as he exited with Nash. “We all are. We made our presentation. Dwight has to make his choice and we just hope it’s us.”

Added D’Antoni: “Dwight will make his decision, but hopefully it’s the Lakers.”

As for the Howard-Mavs meeting, Dallas remains hopeful. The Mavs are considered to be longshots (like the Hawks and Warriors) at landing Howard. But Dwain Price of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that Mavs owner Mark Cuban is banking on his relationship with Fegan to give him an edge in any deal for Howard:

The Dallas Mavericks were all giddy Tuesday and bracing for some good news after completing their presentation to Los Angeles Lakers free agent center Dwight Howard in Beverly Hills.

Owner Mark Cuban, coach Rick Carlisle, forward Dirk Nowitzki, president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson, head athletic trainer Casey Smith and director of analytics Roland Beech all attended the meeting. The contingent was hoping to show Howard all the reasons why he should continue his basketball career in Dallas and sign a four-year, maxed-out $88 million contract with the Mavs.

The Mavs believe Howard, 27, is the one player who can quickly get them back in the NBA championship picture and help them win another title or two before the 35-year old Nowitzki retires. Howard has struggled with shoulder injuries the past two seasons but has proved that he’s the game’s best big man when he’s healthy.

That’s why Howard is the key to what can be a very successful off-season for the Mavs. His acquisition would have some extreme long-term positive ramifications.

While reports consistently have indicated that the Rockets and Lakers have a better chance at landing Howard than the Mavs, it must be remembered that Cuban has a close and friendly relationship with Dan Fegan, Howard’s agent. The Mavs are counting on that relationship being the tipping point that will land Howard in Dallas.

Much like the Superman moniker he has been given, Howard is flying off to his own Fortress of Solitude for the Fourth of July to ponder this information (and more) to come up with a long-awaited decision. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reports that Howard could reveal his choice as soon as Friday … or it could be next week, too:

In the hours after Dwight Howard listened to the final pledges and pitches out of Kobe Bryant and Mitch Kupchak, Dirk Nowitzki and Mark Cuban, the most recruited basketball star on the planet promises to be 30,000 feet in the air, flying to a retreat outside California to consider the possibilities of his free-agent decision.

The Rockets remain frontrunners for Howard, but Howard is still giving consideration to remaining with the Los Angeles Lakers, sources said.

 “The Rockets have put themselves in position to pull this off,” one source with knowledge of Howard’s decision-making process said. “If he wants to win right now – and be set up to keep winning – it’s hard to make a case for anyone but Houston.”

Howard planned to climb aboard a private plane with his representatives in the Relativity Sports Group – Dan Fegan and Happy Walters – and leave Los Angeles for the solitude of the outdoors these next few days, sources told Y! Sports.

 There could be a decision by Friday, or perhaps Howard could let it bleed into the weekend. Whatever he chooses promises to have an immense impact on the NBA – from the glorious Lakers franchise, to the final years of Kobe Bryant’s career, to the transformation of the Rockets into an NBA power again.

The meetings are over and the sales pitches are done. Now it’s up to Howard to think things through, make his decision and move along.


  1. Blue Apple says:

    If LA makes some changes, by all means D12 should stay in LA.
    If they don’t make any changes, he should go to Dallas and play with Dirk.
    Last but not least, with the Rockets, but not contending for a championship because Harden and parsons CANNOT win a championship with D12. The Lakers and the Mavs have the best shot foe D12.

  2. Rico Marquez says:

    1 – 2 – 3 LETS GO! Dwight Howard, Josh Smith, Andre Igudala Big 3 ATLANTA 2013!

  3. Big Swole says:

    D12 is a solid center but he is not all of that; at least not right now. Freakish size and body composition but it’s his will and desire that concerns me. LA is his best and worst shot. Kobe is a ball hog but he is a winner with a currently unmatched will and determination. If Dwight wants to be the man, he needs to learn from the man; and Kobe is the man for LA. Age is the main concern in Laker land. From a youth perspective, Houston makes a lot of sense. James Hardin is a really good player and Jeremy Lin is a solid PG who can get the ball to Howard. McHale can show D12 what it takes to be a champion. The one team that should have gone after him was OKC. Kendrick Perkins is not the answer. They should have shipped Perkins and both of their draft picks from this year and their No. 1 from next year to get D12. Durant, Westbrook, Howard, and Ibaka, all under 30. That’s a formidable lineup.

  4. axel says:

    i think a good move for him is dallas. because in bigD he will be THE big man and also mar has enough cap space to make antoher good trades/moves so that the rooster is gonna be fighting for the championship

  5. qdqdqq says:

    houston have a good and young team, but dont think its good enough to win in next 2 years, so Howard got to be pationed

  6. He will not win in Houston. James Harden is not Kobe Bryant, Lebron James or Kevin Durant or other stars in the NBA. I think if he goes to Houston the Clippers and Warriors are more better team than they are. San Antonio and Oklahoma Thunder are a good team as well too. I think with D12 in Houston they can’t beat Miami Heat team. The three superstars there are very good and thier role players. If the game is on the line just foul D12!!! That’s good defense take to the expert from coach Popovich!!!

  7. J says:

    great article!!!
    hawks aren’t gonna get him
    lakers no way aging
    warriors should get him but they prob wont
    rockets yes for sure he is going to Houston………………………or GS

  8. Juandag23 says:

    D12 should definitely go to the rockets they have the youngest team in the league with a rising superstar still not at his prime named (James harden) a future all star player that doesn’t shy away from big games (chandler parsons)and with a coach (Kevin mechael) that knows the game very well and can better devolep a D12

  9. SB31 says:

    Dwight should go to the Warriors. The starting lineup would be Curry, Thompson, Barnes, Lee and Howard and if they resign Landry and Jack they’ll have a bench with those two and Bogut. They should use Biedrens as trade bait for a backup swingman that’s young. If they had this young and a coach like Jackson they’ll have a championship in the next 5 years.

  10. Jonas says:

    DH12 is not as good as Saq.. He will never never have a ring until his last play in NBA.. Sorry Guys.. DH is not a legitimate player to handle a team to be a champ..

  11. Davao says:

    Dwight Howard… well I think this guy is over rated heheh .. well that’s what I think.

  12. Lakers4life says:

    Drop Howard!!! He’s a huge waste of money.

  13. sanjay says:

    the only way dwight gonna stay in la is if phil jackson gets on board( he almost did last time). Mike does not not have the coaching style to use not one but 2 big guys in the post! The way they are with nothing changing they wont get past again by spurs,okc,memphis, gs and clippers this time. Their role players are not in the league of spurs youngs like green,leonard n gary! looks like it will be spurs vs okc/clippers again in wcf!

  14. Tonix says:

    DH12 its time to make decision , LA is best place for you and you can win some rings with LA but its yours to chose .

  15. Bird33 says:

    2008-09 Orlando Magic key stats

    Howard had 1624 pts, Rashard Lewis had 1401 pts and Hedo had 1294 pts.

    Nelson and Lee both shot in the 40’s for 3’s – Lee was .404 and Nelson shot a scary .453

    So..contrary to some fans hope and desire for it to be true….the stats prove it is not…Dwight DID have some talent on his team…he didn’t do it alone in 2009.

    And he’s still a diva 🙂

  16. Kobe@Manila says:

    Let us just see where he goes.. It is really up to him.. Get Smith and Igoudala if DH12 goes out.. GO LA.. We support you all the way!!

  17. squeezyd says:

    No doubt D12 and his buddy JSmoove have been on the phone already. Smith and Howard to Houston with the Beard?
    Thats a ticket straight to the finals.

  18. Bones says:

    Why Is everyone sleeping on golden state? They have the best roster for D12, and coach who actually cares about his players. And if he ends up in Houston that doesn’t make them the champs already lol, i can’t picture Houston ever winning another championship in my opinion.. If D12 wants championships then he needs to stay in LA or To GSW.. The warriors are one all star center away from being champions just watch..

    • Daboss says:

      I dont think golden state ever one a ring..why u think golden state aint even mentioned in any of these posts i dont ever c yall wining one …..Sorry but he’s comin to Htown…

  19. Jackson Phil says:

    DH has no choice but to leave LA. He became an ordinary player or part of the supporting crews.

  20. chip Boles says:

    Dwight was set on playing out his contract in Orlando until Van Gundy called him out on national TV. He was in a no win situation, he did not want to go to LA, that’s why he signed up for the next year. Yes he wanted to be a free agent and get out of Orlando because of their salary cp problems brought on by Otis Smith.
    For those that say he has no talent he brought 4 division championships and 1 finals to Orlando . Who were his teammates . Hedo , J, nelson, a rookie who played good defense and a 3 point shooter. No lock down defensive guard play and yet they where a top 5 defensive team. Then Otis trades the rookie and brings in Vince carter.
    I thank Shaq and Howard for playing in Orlando as long as they did. We have 2 visits in the last 20 years to the finals .There are about 20 teams who have none.

  21. CAMMACK says:

    If Howard is Lakers’ future, why bother keeping the coach he doesn’t like?

  22. Bird33 says:

    I’m glad to hear he told the Celtics “no thanks” when Danny made the mandatory call. I’d burn all my green clothing if he had landed in Boston. What a diva. TO whoever lands him – remember….you asked for this misery of team chemistry called Dwight. No whining later when get gets the coach fired and then causes your playoff team to implode.

    He should have a “BEWARE – NBA team demolition expert” warning sign tattooed on his forehead to warn unsuspecting teams LOL

  23. Kimmy says:

    I think you all would just love to be Dwight right now, in the limelight..everyone’s waiting for him to make a decision. He know’s where he is going… But you don’t. And he’s gonna make you wait until the very last minute. And we keep posting blogs with every possible outcome and then some….July 10th come quick!

  24. Bob says:

    All Dwight has to do is look at the history. Everybody keeps saying, Lakers are going to have to go to re-build mode and it’s going to take time to win…I say BS – Lakers have a long and storied tradition of rebuilding and challenging for Championships. Houston got 8th seed in the west last season, Lakers (with all of the dramas) got 7th seed. If they manage to make a few minor moves (and they will), get Nash and Kobe back fit and tweak their offense a bit they will challenge. Hey Dwight, my only questions to you is have you looked up in the rafters at Staples centre? Have you looked in the rafters at Houston? Count the banners in the last 30 odd years and tell me the difference. What is it? Something like 10-2 isn’t it. Now tell me, who’s the better franchise at getting championships?????

  25. PaulGeorge2014 says:

    Again, this Dwight Howard thing has become another talk-of-the-town in NBA. I don’t really like this and I don’t care what team will he choose to play.

  26. dreday says:

    If he leaves the lakers the only thing he is going to have is a better season then the lakers had last year….kobe was in the same position when they had smush parker and q. brown…lakers may have a few bad seasons but they’ll up and ready to go.. I cant wait for lakers to be back at their full potential….. we all know houston, dallas, worriors, hawks will never be as great as lakers… one laker hall of famer who doesnt have a ring?

  27. Vince says:

    Dallas destination are you kdiing @JOEL? u must be a mavs fan. He will Resign with the lakers. rockets wont be a treat with Harden and Parson. Kobe’s been there and wo championship. Lakers is ur place Dwight

  28. Yuann says:

    LA if dwight leaves get josh smith

  29. joel says:

    My view on the whole dwight howard situation is He should defiantly go to the dallas organisation because of the following.
    1) The Coach is one of the top 10 coaches in the league
    2) A great owner Mark Cubin
    3) The best 7 ft shooter in the league (Dirk)
    4) Championship Experience/ Background.
    5) The team plays together (unselfishness)
    6) Just picture the starting line up
    7) Just picture the new twin towers of the league previous (David Robinson & Tim Duncan)

  30. pogi2 says:

    NBA ? bussness… GO ! away ! Dwight, go any team…. don’t stay here LA.

  31. Dan Singh says:

    Lol, whoever thinks he is going to choose Dallas, reevaluate. Dallas has got nothing major to appeal to him. He has got more of a chance to make it far or win a championship with either the Lakers or Rockets. No way he is choosing any other team and it’d be pretty dumb on his part if he did. Lakers have the market in which they are able to recruit players because of their history and lets be real it is LA! @D-Luver Yeah my bad I forgot all about the remaining balance they owe to Brown. Guess they have no choice in regards of coach. I wouldn’t say they don’t have the pieces to trade. Guarantee a lot of teams will take a Gasol or a World Peace just to add a veteran or in World peaces case a defensive stopper. Uh yeah Josh Smith to the Lakers will be a big addition but I don’t think the Lakers are after him which kind of confuses me. I’d see him enjoying playing in L.A over the other teams interested in him.

  32. Sam says:

    Let us see where this DRAMA QUEEN would land?

  33. Miami Heat Fan says:

    if he want money, go to LAKERS. if he want Ring/s go to ROCKETS…and i think 90% he will re-sign.

  34. Vince says:

    I believe Dwight will Remain a Laker. If he wants to win now. Kobe is a proven champion. Lakers just need some young players. Maybe Josh Smith for Gasol. its kinda funny when Rocket says with Harden and Parson they will go all the way?? yeah right! not a chance. maybe with Kobe Dwight would have a chance to compete for a championship next season. Lakers just need some Young Players. Lakers bigs are way better than Rockets bigs.
    Lakers- Rockets-
    Jabbar Hakeem
    Magic Yao
    Wilt Clyde

    No comparison

    • lol says:


      Rick Barry, Elvin Hayes, Calvin Murphy, Moses Malone, and Charles Barkley said hi

    • witzki says:

      Kobe is a proven ballhogger

    • rey says:

      This post is about DH`s present and future, not to compare the bigs each team have had. He shouldnt make his decision based on who played in each team in he past. They are not on he court anymore. It`s all about what`s better for him.

    • Lakers4life says:

      I agree I don’t hate the Rockets but Wilt-West,Kobe-Shaq have won alot of championships compared to the Rockets. Not to mention Magic too (:

  35. howard be howard says:

    what if the heat offered howard a good chance to have a ring? by age 27/28 he would have completed one of his dream in the NBA.. see norris cole 2nd year a sophomore in the NBA has 2 rings. see how ray allen joined the heat.. he wanted another ring. but howard is not looking yet for that avenue.. its all about the money for him.. so i think the best team that can offer him the best salary and security to it would have him.

  36. Vince says:

    Dwight should resign with the Lakers. if he wants to win now Lakers is the place to be. Kobe is still playing on an elite level. Rockets maybe younger but you think you will win a championship with Harden and Parson?? thats funny . Best thing for dwight is Resign with Lakers and lakers should try to get Josh Smith for Gasol. its funny how Rockets brought Hakeem and Yao via Skype but come on you cant compare that to Lakers Bigs. Jabbar, Magic, Shaq . get out of here Rocket fans your team wont even compete with Harden and parson over Kobe bryant and Gasol who already won championships. Funny Rockets fans

    • witzki says:

      Kobe playing in elite level? Maybe last year, nobody knows how will he play after the injury and it’s a serious injury. Please respect Gasol, he gave you two championship.

  37. cw15 says:

    D12 will most certainly be coming to the big D. First and foremost lets not forget that Dallas has not had a major Center in team history play for them. The Rockets history at that position will most certainly put D12 in a shadowing position, which he doesnt want to be compared to the centers of the great Rockets “PAST….., NOT FUTURE OR PRESENT.” With the position being open for “HIM” to have the first option and a team built around him. not mentioning having one the greatest shooting PF in “DIRK” to spread the floor. With the possibilities to add more key players including “RONDO” and being “MAYO” is still there. The fan base in the “THE BIG D” will back D12 to their fulest of there capabilities knowing the center has a chance to write his name in the history books.

  38. Jordan says:

    I had never seen Houston fans on until now… Interesting…

  39. D-Luver says:

    @Dan Singh, you made some real good points. I agree with most of what you said. The only thing is that L.A. is NOT in a position to make these things happen… NUMBER 1, and MOST IMPORTANT, if the Lakers fire Mike D., they will be paying THREE coaches. They’re already paying Brown for his contract and Mike D. for his too! they would have to then pay the new coach as well!
    Also, the Lakers have an OLD team with problems already, so they don’t have anywhere near the pieces to trade.

    I think they need to move on completely… and let D12 move on!

  40. joe says:

    Howard should go to houston for many reasons, first he will play with very talented players like harden and parsons, lin and if they get smith too, damn….that’s the best starters team in the nba, they could take anyboby, they will be more athletic than anybody. They could take the heat and do the same thing pacers did with them with a true center and a great power forward smith…they have great chemistry, they played and won together before.
    Howard will have a much better chemistry with those players, and chemistry is the key to win championships.

    Besides, Kevin McHale /Olajuwon will be better suited to develop him to become the best big man in the nba.

    Howard should not worry about the extra $30 for a 5 year deal, he’s still young and can get another mega deal next time, especially after probably winning a few rings with the rockets.

    The heat and the rest of the nba are praying that this situation does not happen, i hope Howard that he will do the right choice. If it happen, they will be the team to beat next year.

    • GamesmasterKush says:

      Howard might have a chance in Houston. But I would like to point out that the lakers had Bryant and nash and gasol and howard, but lets face it. Fail. It might be a repeat in Houston. MIGHT. But then again that’s the best option for him now. BUT, if the clippers can also be an option. I mean Paul, Griffin, Howard, Rivers + new lineup changes. Attracting. It is a possibility. But it’s Howard’s decision. Destiny and fate has spoken. Only Howard knows.

  41. TL says:

    If Dwight Howard is smart, he will re-sign with the Lakers. If he wants a championship that is. Kobe and Gasol only have a few years tops at perhaps winning one more maybe and they’re not getting any younger. Dwight should sign with the Lakers one more time to try to squeeze out a championship or a Finals appearance, then ditch the Lakers for another big name team at the time. He’s in his prime so he can play around with different teams and he knows he’s the most sought after player in the league making him that much more valuable.

  42. Dan Singh says:

    Lakers really need to make some moves right now. You can’t wait for Howard to make his decision and let all the players you want, to sign/ get signed with another team. Now that you’ve waived Duhon, make a push for a point guard like Aaron Brooks to back up Nash. Brooks with add that youth explosiveness to the team and give you quality minutes off the bench. Attempt a Sign&Trade for Josh Smith giving up Gasol and World Peace. The Sign&Trade is unlikely to work but if you attempt too D12 sees your attempting to build a stronger team around him and will be another reason why he should stay in L.A. Although I agree right now Houston is the place for him I think if the Lakers get some younger talent and waive some of the useless players he’ll stay. You need to pick up someone like Trevor Ariza or Marvin Williams to fill the 3. Bring back Earl Clark, he will develop. You need a back up plan if Dwight leaves. If you have already picked up Aaron Brooks and Trevor Ariza it wouldn’t be hard to find a solid center. I would like to see this lineup next season: Nash, Kobe, Ariza,Smith,D12. Far fetched I know but I can see L.A pulling some strings to make it happen. Oh yeah, fire D’Antoni most of the time I never think its the coaches fault but in this case it most certainly is. Hes a Run N’ Gun kind of coach his teams strive off fast break and that is not L.A right now. Try getting Phil Jackson back or Jerry Sloan. I know I wrote alot but needed to vent this.

  43. B Radd says:

    The best thing for D12 to do is to go where the best or 2nd best PG in the League is at. Someone who can simply get him going. So Houston should look to send Jeremy Lin, Omer Asik and Chandler Parsons for Rajon Rondo or Ricky Rubio and move Kevin Mchale for Stan Van Gundy.

  44. Darius27 says:

    I could not agree more for D12 to be with the Rockets. He will grow as a player, as a person and as a Legit BIG Hall of Famer in the Houston. He’s best fitted with Houston.

  45. OctoPPus says:

    Dwight should go to Houston – LA – R DEAD Dwight !!!! Don’t get fooled

    Don’t forget Smith olso – that would be interesting )) ……

  46. TTKIN says:

    What Kobe Bryant said to him…..Hilarious haha.

    You cant even fit all the stars in one room, so true and so funny hahaha.

  47. bouncy sessioner says:

    wish he would make his mind up about where he wants to go, sick of hearing the same thing everytime…

  48. lakers #24 says:

    oil no they couldn’t rockets don’t got too much money.

    Dwight will be great in LA and he will stay
    I believe in Dwight howard

    • Bayaraa says:

      Better to stay in LA. but they need faster player at least two or three like a westbrook.

    • theking0522 says:

      LOL…Dumb Lakers fans. Now you believe in Howard? You attacked him for every Lakers lost last season, as if he was the only player in the team. Now look at you. Begging for the man to stay. Ohhh…Typical Lakers fans

      • bandwagonerkiller says:

        and i bet this guy is a Lebron lover who has nothing better to do with him time.


      • J-Short37 says:

        We in Laker nation look at it as 50-50 if he stays cool I guess but to make franchise money he has to play to the level of a franchise player even in Orlando he was not a guaranteed 25-10 guy and had to be and still had to be taken out of clutch situations due to FT shooting. If he goes we will move on, don’t make it seem as though the entire Laker nation “world wide” is begging or something, yes the team put a bill board up and yes the team would like for him to stay but just like other teams will move on to plan B.

  49. D-Luver says:

    I definitely agree with Steve Smith, that Howard needs to be in a 2nd tier market like Houston, at this point in his career. He seems to not really care for Kobe and I think Kobe [being the amazing player that he is] may be expecting too much composure and ‘grit” from this young guy. I don’t think he is “there” yet! And [to me] it seems like Dwight resents him a little.
    Also, D12’s relationship with Coach D’Antoni is obviously dysfunctional. The RIGHT coach can take a player from being a great player, to being a Super-Star Player. We’ve seen this with Phil Jackson & Jordan, Phil & Kobe/Shaq, Auerbach & Russell, Rudy T. & Hakeem, Pat Riley & D. Wade, etc… If the Lakers could or would get Phil Jackson back, I think he would know how to more effectively use Howard in his offense. Also he would turn this youngster into a “man” by teaching him to: 1.get in touch with his spiritual side, 2.not to talk [to the media] so much, and 3.take responsibility for any failure, stop complaining and improve his own game. Kevin McHale [being a champion and a solid, pragmatic player in his time] just may have what D12 needs. I would give him the benefit of the doubt!
    D12 needs a brand new start. He also needs to be the head of a franchise, one that is not as demanding as the Lakers organization, who [even though it’s unspoken] seem to expect instant championships, because they have so many of them. Finally, Dwight’s relationship with L.A. fans is totally tainted… and filled with “DRAMA!” Even this “drama” over his decision is ticking a lot of people off.

    Go on and fly, D12. Be free…

  50. oli says:

    could Dwight and Josh end up both in Houston without moving harden and parsons? (talking about salary cap) maybe a sign-and-trade for Josh with Asik?

    • Badgers says:

      I wonder if Howard and Smith would take slightly lower deals to end up together in Houston? Would love to see that

    • jonno386k says:

      Chandler Parsons is the best value contract in the NBA. He is on such stupidly low money it is unbelievable. He is captain of the team and a potential future all-star if he carries on progressing like he has been. He isn’t going anywhere.

  51. I still think the Houston Rockets is the best team for dwight

    • crefflo says:

      Agree! L.A fans and players like Kobe, Nash and even the coach (including formers like Fox and Shaq) shows no respect to the guy anyway. All of them think he is “lucky” to be playing for L.A. Just like Cleveland took James for granted.

      And he was the black goat for last year. He was blamed for all of L.A failure when Kobe’s ball hogging, D’Antoni’s stubborness and ego, Steve Nash’s poor playing (as much turnover as D12) and Jim Buss’ poor decision making where hidden behind D12. Now Vitti try to preach to everyone that Dwight was amazing playing on those kind of injuries. Where was he when Kobe and D’Antoni where doubting D12 from not wanting to play.

      D12 is better off playing for Championship in Houston where he will be respected than for past glory in L.A that keep shouting that great players where there. I hope D12 will base his decision on fit and championship instead of past glory. L.A needs him more than he needs L.A. I love L.A and supports them but the way they’ve treated players like FIsher, Odom, the treatment the reserved to Phil Jackson, Brian Shaw and even Dwight himself has spoken majorly about the values that run this organisation now. As much as I love L.A. Dwight is better off in Houston

      • Kei says:

        I wouldn’t blame Nash since came back from injury last season same as D12. Can’t say much about Kobe, remember he told D12 to put on the big boy pants and everyone’s dealing with injury? Now who’s injured and cannot make the playoffs? Man up Kobe! put your big boy pants on!

      • bballjunkie1 says:

        I agree, as a old school laker fan I still can’t believe it took this long for Caps (Kareem) statue. I’m still fuming at Mitch of all former Lakers as GM thats another story. Run DH and play for a coach that will develop, and further enhance your talents because you certainly didn’t get it in Orlando, and you won’t get it in LA as long as Kobe is chasing MJ records.

      • Lakersfanforlife says:

        I agree with you on the fact that LA has taken people for granted, like Fisher, Odom, Phil Jackson, and Brian Shaw, but there is no way that I agree that Dwight deserves any respect. Dwight doesn’t want to win championships. He just wants to play around and at the end of the day get a paycheck. That’s not what being a Laker is about. Kobe may be a ball hog (can’t really argue against that), but he has the will power and determination. He knows what it takes to take a team to the next level. Clearly Dwight doesn’t. If Dwight doesn’t want to play for LA, we don’t want him anyway.
        I personally think both D’Antoni and Howard need to go. D’Antoni’s system was probably the cause of all the injuries, but he wasn’t the only problem. Dwight played terribly last season, just look at the numbers.

      • Lakersfanforlife says:

        and as for Kei, you try playing with a torn Achilles. I agree Dwight was dealing with injuries, but he could have tried a little harder. At least show that he cared. Kobe this season and many seasons past has played through tough injuries. He was playing with a broken finger for crying out loud. A Torn Achilles is something even the great Kobe Bryant can’t handle, but who cares. He was the sole reason that the Lakers got into the playoffs. Its one thing to hate Kobe, but its another to completely make up some random thing to make him look bad. #kobefanforlife

      • Lakers4life says:

        I,disagree sure the Cavaliers took Lebron for granted. But Howard IS lucky to be playing for the Lakers. Although I do hate how they treated Fisher and Odom. Anyways comparing Lebron when he was a Cavalier and Howard right now is stupid. Lebron PROVED he was a really good player, Howard on the other hand hasn’t proved anything YET. Personally I think Howard MIGHT unveil himself and be like Shaq but not right now.

      • Parks says:

        Cleveland didn’t take Lebron James for granted. I understand that they didn’t bring other all stars or future Hall of famers to Cleveland but I don’t think that means they took him for granted. I think they believed in him to much that he didn’t need all stars to win a ring which I still don’t think that he needs all stars to win championships. He just wanted it to come easy. Also Dwight Howard didn’t play up to to expectations, understanding he came off of back surgery but even later in the season he didn’t play very well and regardless of where he goes he’s going to be criticized if he doesn’t play as expected. Thats any NBA Super star who doesn’t play as good as there expected. If he goes to Houston that will be a dumb move. Honestly neither teams has a chance making it past OKC in the west with a healthy Russell Westbrooke but with some minor adjustment L.A has the better shot. If he was to leave and his decision is based on winning, I would say Golden State. They are a young team and they showed they can play this season.

    • alf says:

      he;s going back with the lakers.

      • Big Kev says:

        How is Howard lucky to be in LA?

        What have they given him? A playoff berth?

        The Lakers won’t land Howard because, and I’ve said it previously, professional basketball players will get paid, well, anywhere they play. The difference is being on a championship contending team.

        There are some great teams out there right now. Miami are going to be hard to beat right away so his decision needs to be long term. The Lakers don’t offer that. Houston do.

        You Lakers fans are in for a rough trot VERY soon.

  52. one says:

    Did they talk about a possible Pau Gasol/Josh Smith trade? 😀

    • My Info says:

      Josh Smith is a free agent….

      • one says:

        via a sign and trade with the Hawks. If Atlanta fail to get DH and Smith, they’ll probably not be reluctant to an opportunity like that.. Pau is better then Asik or Lin or draft picks they’ll get from Houston

      • justin k says:

        Lakers can not receive players through sign and trade because they are a tax team.

      • Peter Perfect says:

        And how did Nash came to L.A.? Wasn’t by a sing and trade?